How to look 10 years younger naturally

How To Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally (Skincare Routine For Aging Skin)

How To Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally (Skincare Routine For Aging Skin)8 Feb. 2019
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How to look younger than

How to look younger than your age naturally ➡️a skincare routine for aging skin! **Join my facebook community**

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****About This Video****

"How to look younger than your age naturally." - I feel like that's a question we are ALL asking. I get asked all of the time about what my skincare routine for aging skin is, and how I am able to look 10 years younger than what I am... (Okay, maybe not 10 - but I do get told all of the time I look like I am in my mid 20's - WINNING! LOL!) I have found some of the best anti aging eye products, best anti aging serum (Vitamin C!) and some of the best anti aging cream for 30s. My whole goal is to age with grace and I wanted to answer some common questions I get on skincare. I hope this anti aging beauty tips and skincare options are helpful for you! If you are looking for a skincare routine for dry skin or a skincare routine for combination skin, or an anti aging skincare routine for oily skin - all of these products will definitely work for you. These are some of my favorite products and some of the best skincare for 30s (so far) that I have found and that work well with my skin.

My whole goal is to continue to as with grace, and continually get asked how to look younger than your age naturally... I feel like if I can stave off the aging process by a 5 or so years with each passing year, I'll always look great even as I grow old. I truly believe the key to look 10 years younger is to make sure you are following some type of skincare routine for aging skin, and that those products combat the things you are trying to prevent. Some of the best anti aging products 30s don't have to be insanely expensive either... I am always looking for quality products that are going to break my bank. I hope this anti aging skincare routine 30s helps you so much! And.... If you don't currently have an aging skin care routine that has the best anti aging eye serum, the best anti aging creams for 30, the best anti aging eye products, then perhaps my video for a an aging skin care routine might help solve a those things for you!

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Sarah Toma

Hi I need to have both eye creams?
Thank u

Carlene Burridge

Love it! Great tips-- I still use Arbonne Anti-Aging Skin Care-- I love the products but I have deviated some to the eye serum you recommended and love it-- I like what you recommend because these products are not expensive-.. Keep it up! Your skin looks amazing!

Jen M

I just use an everyday moisturizer by Luma Lisse. I should check out the vitamin c.

shari jordan

Lauren hi I'm your long distant relative Shari. My mother Linda is your mothers first cousin. Anyway you are so pretty like your mom & your skin looks beautiful. After many years of searching for a night Cream I found a couple that I love. I alternate between Laneige water sleeping mask and IT Confidence in a Cream moisturizer. They're wonderful for hydration. Try the small jar of IT confidence sample from ulta or Sephora so if it isn't what you're looking for , you will not have wasted much money! Great video! ?

Charlsie Miller

Hey can you tell me what shade of lipstick you have on here? Love it!


Love that Vitamin C serum! I need a good eye cream but I’ve tried that Neutrogena one and it dried out my under eyes.

bambi beach

aveeno protect&hydrate spf 30 :) many good reviews

Casey Evans

ROC daily moisturizer has spf and I used it for 2 years. I paired it with the night time anti wrinkle cream. I LOVED it but I started Dave Ramsey (debt snowball) and cut my budget for....everything lol

Sarah Stroud

I use Curology for my acne, drunk elephant TLC serum, and I love that vitamin c serum you use!! I also use Truth Treatment retinol peeling gel! It is amazing ?

Lauren Caron

Do you have any favorite skincare products that you use for keeping yourself looking young? If so, drop them below and tell me why!

Christian Bennett

Just watched and I’m gonna try both!! My eye cream just isn’t doing the job anymore!! I’m turning 46 on Sunday and I need something different

Younger Every Day - RV Living Tips & Adventures

Thanks for the great tips! I don’t have much of a skincare routine and definitely need one, so I’ll have to try these out.

samantha siguencia

do you do this everyday

Christian Bennett

I have been using Drunk Elephant and am loving it!! I use cetaphil to wash with.

Casey Evans

I LOVE PONDS cold cream cleanser. I've been using the PONDS anti wrinkle moisturizer (grey container) paired with ROC retinol eye cream. I also use Olay toner. Everything except the retinol eye cream is under $10 each and PONDS and Olay are holy grail brands that are so tried and true!

5 Secrets To Look 10 Years Younger | Anti-Aging Tips | Slow Down Aging Process

5 Secrets To Look 10 Years Younger | Anti-Aging Tips | Slow Down Aging Process23 Jun. 2016
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Video Summary:

1:36 - Have A Purpose In Your Life

2:30 - Take Care Of Your Skin

4:57 - Throw Out Clothes You Don't Love

6:11 - Take Care Of Your Teeth

7:20 - Bring New Colors Into Your Wardrobe

Bonus - Take Care Of Your Body

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would women be attracted to a guy who pays 200 dollars a month to get facial skin treatment at a spa? Doesnt seem like that would be their fantasy of a real man

ronel amable

Im 29 but i introduce myself 22 when dating 18 year old or lower girls.. i shave and drink a lot of water.. after taking a bath put a lil powder on face to look fresher, and dont frown to much or stretch you skin when taking a batch... if you want to see my face just add me on fb. marc requintina

Alex Tavis


lola van

There is nothing wrong with being or looking 40. You're in your prime. However if you're 40 and look 60 then maybe start to worry.

Big Flat

This guy could be 43 ,

Dr.Abdi Guled

I wouldn't waste my time if I knew you were selling some thing.

Lauren Delane speaks

The best way not to age is to have melanin that's why black people age slowly because full of melanin and Colour.

Yashpal Chouhan

But he looks 40... Or maybe 35..

Gl Gl

I think you look 40. That's exactly the age would have guessed you out. But you look very put together, you're handsome, and I can tell you take care of yourself. Good for you you look very good


Dude u look over 40, what u talking about

Tyler Tustin

what are your thoughts on hair coloring as we get older?

No One

I last went to dentist almost 7 years agi

Pretty Boy

I honestly think you are 45sh.

Healthy and Beauty

Hi guys !

Carla Caires

You gave some very good tips for males.

I think it's nice of you to encourage men to take care of themselves.

I liked to hear you say right at the beginning that nothing makes someone look older than having given up on life, or believing that one's best years in life are behind them.

Oh, and you're mostly right.

We are going to live longer than generations before us, and so we should better take good care of their bodies in order to enjoy those years.

While I'm a woman, I have subscribed to your channel, as you are someone very nice to hear.


I really enjoyed it

Tom George

You say in ten minutes what most people take one minute to say. Sorry, I got so bored I couldn't finish your video.

adam collins

Companies do not need to ask your age. They would have seen your CV.

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Video Summary:
1:36 - Have A Purpose In Your Life
2:30 - Take Care Of Your Skin
4:57 - Throw Out Clothes You Don't Love
6:11 - Take Care Of Your Teeth
7:20 - Bring New Colors Into Your Wardrobe
Bonus - Take Care Of Your Body

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Tresa Will



rollo Vikings

Douglas Vancier

Yes, he looks about 40. A healthy 40, but 40 yes.


I'm 10
How do I look like an empty void?¿

Sumida Ryogoku

Nobody's surprise that he's 40


Don't really understand since when 40 is an age you look old.

Elijas Šležas

I never saw better commercials speak - best influencer. Haha...

Victor Sahni

I am going to take good care of myself as I age

1. Control my attitude and feelings
2. Take care of my skin
3. Eat and Drink some healthy stuff like eating apples, bananas and drinking apple juice for example
4. Never smoke cigarettes and never drink alcohol
5. Control stress and relax
6. Exercise my body by riding my bike and taking walks outdoors

Khan Info

I am 28 but looks like 35! lol

vinit mathur

Great, thanks.


Treat your body as a temple like it says in the Bible. Most humans treat their body like a smoke stack and as a garbage disposal because they are of weak flesh. Look at me. I'am 33 and feel vigorous.

Irwan Setiawan

I'm 26, but people thought that I'm 40 or something. Help?

Henry Astudillo

Who are u ?? Try to sell stuff like always ,

No One

I'm 9 years old I want to be 10 years younger?

Lasia Fred



I’ve been to the dentist once in 12 years. Before that, right after I graduated HS. It was 15yrs, then 7yrs. No cavities after 15yrs. I’m going in a month from now. Gums are good and no pain. I brush 3 times, don’t eat junk, and use dental tools when needing to clean my teeth. Don’t ask me about a doctor. Ive only seen three doctors since graduating. All health was good and all was good after bloodwork. I eat right, hike, bike, and always moving around. Little sit time. I know that all will change. Seeing a doctor in 2 months for check up. In my late 40s now. Take care of yourself like you’re that shiny new corvette.

Mehari Siyum

Thanks much

FUNNY ANIMALS,lustige Tiervideos Try not to lough

Secret for free,look 20 years younger
Watch us,everyone who we meet,can't belive our age..

Nicole Bakoussis

I always take care of my skin

k h

Hidden infomercial? Interested till I heard you push a product. Lol

Job Fredy

How old are you?

James Wallace

Rock-On!!!!! I'm 66 years of age and feel like I'm 25. Becoming a surfer and ocean diver in 1968 I took an interest in health, fitness, and wellness, and wanted to maintain my health and youthfulness for the following decades to come. So I start reading up on these topic and incorporating them into my lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet, exercising at the gym, living an active lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle. I started using sunblock 365 days a year sun or clouds, winter and summer. By the time I was 19 years of age I got into big wave surfing in Hawaii and Mavericks during the winter times, and surfing Puerto Escondido in the summer time. My lifestyle is the same as. I still have pretty, pretty women between the ages of 18 -60+ throwing me unsolicited, smiles, greetings, flirtations, and smoke-signals-of-interest. Many times their eyes will travel down and up my body. Many times they start up conversations with me and offer their cell phone numbers. I simply tell them thanks but I'm happily married. Start taking care of your body, the earlier in life the better.

Captain Daniel

Run at least 2-3 times per week. You will feel great

Niko Maartfald

Nice that you're giving advise but use it for yourself in the 1st place (and not just for finding a woman).

Bloody Attack


It's Dawson

Shave, haircut, moisturise

David Knutt

If you think this man looks 30 then you need to start to mingle more. If you need someone thats on a sale pitch here to tell you basic common sense life lessons then I'm afraid you are quite thoughtless to your own self worth.... A sports jacket, that's not a sports jacket it's an old man's jacket. This man's just a salesman and you fell for his snake oil man's pitch....
He even admitted to having a dirty mouth with gingivitis....... urrrrgh

Straight Mind.

In the tlme of no respect , I perfer to look as I am white beard man.

John Matarazzo

Man talk about a ego
Tip number one date women 10 years younger

Learn More

Bra you do look like a healthy 40 year old

noori media and Entertainment

Love frm us

wonding yanon

Love it...perfect.


Great tips. The thumbs down are from the lazy middle aged men who haven't outgrown X-Box.

stuart silman

How about telling us something that isn’t so painfully obvious .’

Margaret Maggie

I Enjoy this Video keep up the good work

Long T. Tang

1. Change attitude about yourself 2. Be confident in life
3. Be well groomed
4. Eat food that you know where they come from.
5. Dress your age

Harbang Tipra

I have seen a Chinese guy age 50 but look like 30..

He's unmarried, always exercise.

John Matarazzo

Real men don't do facial treatments have their nails done or have female tendencies

Makayla Hollywood

I care about Great Hygiene, Vibrant, Smart, clean and smelling good trumps younger. Have interests and good values;-)

Tìm Lavender-tim tím

Doings all men .beautiful .

Kalpna Ozmi

A pilot business man,wanted to date me he revealed he smokes I refused saved myself. He also tried to demotivate me I decided not to wasted my time on this person. Who doesn't guarantee a future

innocent ndikumana

Eat organic food daily

Lasia Fred


594 -Ankush Rohilla

Sir I am 17 and I am looking like a 23 man what should I do

Shashank Sirsat

Am I the only one who thought this guy was in his 50s

Noob Poop

just no fap greatest secret of all time

Hassan Ali

Some purpose & Gym, it's enough...!

Big Flat

My secret binge drink for 30 years eat mostly junk ,but be conscious of weight ,mm I have lost my way ,a lot of it is genetics

Pat S

Genetics, no sun, no stress, good diet, moderate exercise. As for no.2 look at the skin on your bum. Teeth, yeah, that's a problem; not because your teeth blacken, plenty of people with blackened teeth look quite young, look a Tia Dalma, but your gums recede with missing teeth.

leila bagheri


A. M

I'm 37 and thank God people think I'm 28 and the secret is diet and gym.

Geeta Singh

Oh I love that you are amazing


If i would do all the steps i would be around 3 years old ?


I'm I th only in 16?


Hi I'm 9. Looking forward to being born again.

Linda Zeisky

Great advice! Totally agree. Men and women can get a lot from those advice. Applies for both sexes. ???

Michael Ehlert

He looks over 40 but that’s ok

Provia Annah sissy


John Matarazzo

I would be concerned that this guy knows so much men

Bonnie Angelic Rose

Don't get into terrible relationships, prevent your own heartbreak, don't have children...have a career you love and not be a night owl, eat homemade or different types of foods but not junk food...stop being lazy and move and don't let no one put you down.

Nick Field

If that woman didn’t think you were 40+ she needs her eyes testing or a new guide dog... maybe it’s the comb down hair do

Chris V

Indeed you look 10 years younger. Bravo. ???


He does look really young i thank however the way he dresses and presents himself makes him give the older look

John Knight

Good word!

Bonnie Angelic Rose

Genetics play a role and Antonio. You do look 40. ?


this guy is full of shit,


Love the way you present?

Good Fortune

I was looking for the video that is "how to deal with people who treat you like a teenager because you have a youthful appearance in your late 30s" They often say "Omg, are you serious I thought you were 19" as if their lack of knowing a persons age is an excuse to treat someone badly


They didn't believe I was 7

Larry Brigs

Haters hate lovers love thanks for your work man love it


I love your thinking

Bobby Wall

I just turned 54... Water, Water, Water & speak awesome words daily.
#1...Seek the lord?

peter palashevky

When you are 52 and get to to date 25 year-old, remember what comes with that beautful 25-year-old body: a 25 year old mind.

Lasia Fred


Thatti Kootty

What if a guy less than 10 years old do these things

Shaggy Rogers

Coloring your hair cannot be good for your skin

Gantumur Yadmaa

You look over the age of 50 dude

Stax of Funk

so the guy in the video is 40 and looks 50

Kevin San Mateo

You do look younger than 40 but the way you talk and move your hands just adds another 20 years to your age

Shut up your mouth

im 10 and this didnt work, what a waste of time

Kay KW

I am 33 and looks 23. Secret? Genetics, eat healthy, workouts, and more importantly balance mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

How To Look 10 Years younger |Dr. Vivek Joshi

How To Look 10 Years younger |Dr. Vivek Joshi21 Dec. 2019
423 635
Dr. Vivek JoshiSubscribe 438 721

How To Look 10 Years

How To Look 10 Years younger

How to look younger

How to look younger for women

How to look younger for men

tips for healthy and younger skin

1 eat healthy fats we have to know that not all fat is the same means not all are bad.

we have Bad” fats, such as artificial trans fats and saturated fats


Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are known as the “good fats” because they are good for your heart, your cholesterol, and your overall health.

there you should include

avocado, cheese, flaxseeds, walnuts, nuts,olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower seeds chia seeds

2 eat more fruits and vegetables

include lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet take different colors fruits to get different types of nutrients

3 Reduce sugar level

diets high in sugar may accelerate skin aging Excess sugar can aggravate skin conditions such as acne and eczema

It results in the three signs of ageing that we don’t want – wrinkles, lines and discolouration

4 food rich in vitamin E

Vitamin E is most commonly known for its benefits for skin health and appearance

it can be very helpful [for] a range of skin disorders, as well as skin repair

food rich in vitamin E are almonds, sunflower seeds sunflower oil, olives, olive oil, avocado

5 vitamin A rich food___ vitamin A EVENS SKIN TONE AND GIVES YOU A GLOW. it cleans up acne, encourage healthy skin production,

fodd rich in vitamin A are

orange and yellow vegetables and fruits, broccoli, Spanish, green leafy vegetables

My Hindi channel

Follow me on Instagram-


#youngerskin #youthfulskin #foodforyoungerskin #healthyfatsforskin #beautifulskin #reducesugarforhealtyskin

#5yearyounger #healthyskin

Comments (100)
Shiva Yogini

Omg!what a speech

Neeta Jambigi

Thank you so much sir keep motivating us. I see all your vdos gr8 job and very glad to see you

Henrik Jonsson

Is the raisin full of bad sugar or is the natural sugar good for you?

reshmi lahiri

Doc i am going throgh a very tough problem ..i cant wake up before 11 at morning...plz help me what can i do plz suggest me somthing...always feeling tired very tired

Hanna Ruhomally

No secrets on u tube

Shreen lotus

Dr ji I love your smile.

Alpha Fé


Blessed Soul.!!!

Dr. Are there no fruits n seeds indian. The list provided for Vit E. doesn't grow in India. Specially olives n olive oil. Why promoting foreign goods.

Avril Haynes

Thankyou for sharing???

A Patil

I love ur all video dr tq so much

Joane Quitazol

always thankful Dr.Vivek for all sharing,,,i have this stubborn acne and pigmentation which makes me stress everyday to be honest,,,again thnx and be safe always

Prema Somu

Good morning Dr.I’m so glad that I found ur channel.I thank u very much for being so informative and useful.??????

Ramesh Babu

Dr,it's really good,tq

Jayasri M

how to eat chia seed is it good to take chia seed daily womens

Rose Roshini

Wow awesome doctor

Rosalinda Dela Rosa

Thks Dok???

Chitra M

Very use full message,,,thank u sir

Nenita Casilla

Gd morning Dr vivek I thank u for ur sharing for all people needs keep smile God blessed Annie from Philippines

Gm Verma

Limcee 500gm chewable tablet how is this to take??

Adapa ramasurekha

sir rice brand oil is good or bad pls telme sir

Shakuntala S. Raghuvanshi

Dr, plz sepak in hindi

Jeevani Anumola

Thank you so much ?

Uma Praksh

Sir i have gall bladder so pls sshare me to cure which food i have to take to receive

Amma Badi అమ్మ బడి

Dr... please send your number.... I want to take fibroid treatment sir...or 0ps please cal me sir ? 9550644999

Carol Benson

Such great simple information! Really appreciate your videos!!

Yashoda Murthy

Dr. Your explanation with pleasent smile is nice. Its really very informative.

Reshma shah

Hello doctor ? thank you for your very knowledgeable video, just love it, thank you ?

Tanuja Mishra

My 11 years old daughter have some tiny bump on her arms legs and forehead, on last year I noticed on her arms only and just apply some cream and ignore but now this is on her legs also. Plz suggest is anything serious. Waiting for ur reply Dr.

Taslim Arif

Very nice doctor.

Shifa Anam

Thank you Doctor, for sharing informative vlog

Sithy Rafeek

Thank you Dr Vivesh I will follow this video we don’t need to go to doctors but follow all your videos they are so good god bless you ????????

Suman Rawat

Thank you for information. Sir you have very charming personality

Nitu Kaushal

Thanks for this info. Which foods or remedy for acne scars etc ? By the way it’s spinach not Spanish

Rowshon Ara

Thanks Dr from Bangaldesh

Seema Singh

U have a positive vibes ....ur videos r stress bruster fr me

nisha kollanoor


Vimala Mala

Tq very much doctor....Nice to watch ur video ...... doctor with
smiling face ❤️

Shaik Waseem

Keep it up Dr.VJ⚘

Innocent Mlng

I like your videos ??

Zeenat Mohammed


Jahnavi Singupuram

Thank you so much sir ????????

Seetharama Rao

Ur looking handsome sir

Subramanya Nk

Sir please make a video of which cooking oil to use, we are using refined oil

Kuch Hatke with Shilpa

Great informative video ??I have recently started my youtube channel "kuch hatke with Shilpa" so you can watch easy tips for a healthy lifestyle videos there, and I hope you like and support as well :)

Nina -

You lost me at calling saturated fat bad?

Triveni Ch

Good messages


As days go, you are becoming more smart:)

Reena Sidhu

You very sweet

Aar sharma

pls make video on white eye discharge

Crazy Palz

Very genuine dr.. i hv ever seen.. god bless u sir...
N pl make.. vdeo on chemical peel

Pankaj Jain

I feed my birds water soaked grains. Pigeons, crows and birds are my morning friends.

I go for walk and suggest public to save water.

Qaiser Aqeel

Urdu me bhi thora Bata dia kare plese

Ayesha Nikhath

Thank you always best .

Vandana Mehta

Hello Dr.
I have taken lots of coffee wat is side effect plz guide how bad for health

Uroosa Khalid

Very nice

Anugowda anu

Dr your smile and energetic amajing talking suparrrrrrrrr ????????????pls telme side fat burnig tips?

Meenakshi Patel

Thanks sir please give solution for pigmentation

principal zee


Jacintha Fernandes

Dr. Vivek, your beautiful smile itself inspires, God bless you ?


ProBreast Plus is the optimum set for breast enhancement consisting of a food supplement and cream.The product contains high-quality ingredients that guarantee maximum effects. The set is designed for women who want a natural and safe way to enlarge the size of their breasts up to 3 sizes.

Link below

Vandana Mehta

Plz reply

umee nagaraju

Hi doc...I watch and use all ur remedies which I require...pls send a remedy for dropping eyelids...I am 50 yrs and have small eyes..

Nanda Sookdeo

Thank u doctor. U are amazing

Paullette White

Dr I'm 63 years old what can I used to take off the age spot from my face


How can I get rid of baby face? I want to look older and mature. I'm 20 and many people think I'm a middle school student.

Ruby Sharma

Hi ,thanks for the information..god bless you .I have just completed 49. I had a baby face and good skin .Since past 8 months ,personal stress has detiriorated my skin condition. Can my skin of neck and face be tightened at this age ,if I follow your tips .Already taking healthy diet .

M S, Colombo.

Hi Dr.,
I really appreciate your service for the people. You are having a very pleasant appearance.
Since you are very popular why don't you consider to contest in election. You definitely will get the majority votes (specifically from female voters).
Love from Srilanka.

Lata Shinde

Thanks sir for sharing information

FUNNY ANIMALS,lustige Tiervideos Try not to lough

NOW,20 years younger, free input,

neelam khetan

Hello sir...very good info...can I mix herbs powder trifala plus bramhmi plus bhringraaj?


Dr I'm 10 years old.

keesnowtee Seebooa

And on top of all these have a ten minutes meditation. Be yourself. The soul matters also

Minah Durai

What food is suitable for a cancer patient who s undergoing chemo
Tq in advance

Sunny Yadav

How to make knees and ankles bone strong in age of 30's Pls reply

Shreen lotus

Dr ji plz make a video on sleeping disorders. INSOMNIA

Jennifer Campbell

Dear doctor could u prescribe something for wrinkle hands and spots like mole I need your help

Tabzkie Stemonal

Thanks Doc...

Kirti Bucha

Plse tell for hyperpigmentation and unwanted facial hair treatment plse plse ppse

Vimala Mala

Tq very much doctor ?♥️?

Bayamma TK

Dr.your smile is amazing

Dina Subrastas

Thanks doc...amazing will happen to ure body...if you try to follow what to eat to feel much healthier in you...more videos to watch!!!

Sriyanjani Muthulinham

Dr: Vivek,you are awesome, your explanation is very a blessing to us and stay blessed.God bless

Prachi Behere

फळे खाऊन सर्दी होते. काय करणार?

sumathi krishnan

Thanks for the awesome tips doctor

Avani Jagat

Dr please make a video which fruits take together and thank. U so much for a wonderful knowledge

vijay shankar shrivastava

Ur way of explaining everything is very nice

Leena Joseph

Hi Dr Joshi are you related to Dr Prashant Joshi

Hannah Denson

Dr.pls where are you pls if you don't mind can you give us a number if some of us can contact you for one or two items.Thank u

Punitha Rajesh

Does jaggery has the same effect as sugar?

Soma Bhattacharjee

Sir Good Evening .... Do video on Sunburn kindly

Savitri Rajaram

Thank you so much your smile show the person you are. ????

Sultan OFhearts

Dear Doctor thank you very much understandable explanation? Love from AZERBAIJAN ??

Julie Peter

I love yr smile

Poonam Grandom Tamang

Thank you Doc Vivek,God bless you.

sai chandrasekhar

Hai sir you have mentioned that sugar can cause wrinkles and ageing .....what about jaggery and dates ?? Are they good for skin ??


Sir, do celibacy also help in looking young

P. K. Divya

Charming face, smilling, energetic you were blessed Dr. Keep it up.

Chella Bharathi

Thank you sir

Dulam Pavani

Am a new subscriber.. I just addicted to ur voice nd smile.. N Thq sir for the informative videos?