How to tell if a stranger is attracted to you

When I was 13, I summoned an ancient spirit..

When I was 13, I summoned an ancient spirit..29 Jan. 2021
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A woman shares her journey in winning her battle with alcohol and substance abuse. Grateful that she is still here, she confesses details of the pivotal moment that led her to 3 years of sobriety. Following this conversation, we meet a girl who tells the story of how she invited an ancient spirit to follow her after experimenting with an ouija board at age 13. She continues to share more revelations involving her connection with the paranormal world, unveiling stories about her dad’s ability to see the ghosts and spirits that her family attracts.

Thank you for everything. I love you all! #BeKind #HeyStrangerPodcast

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Udall Awkard

The imaginary mayonnaise differently fit because run identically seal minus a graceful piccolo. assorted, painstaking encyclopedia


Oh Thoraya I am just obsessed with you. Youre so beautiful! Like, your face is actually so wonderful and when you laugh you emit the biggest energy, i just ???

Et Cetera

Since I was a kid my mom banished me from ever touching ouija boards since they grew up in a third world country and encountering spirits were common.

Abigail Nicole

I absolutely love videos like this thank u for making this

Scarlett solley

The spirit girl : don't mess with spirits

Me: hmm I would love to summon a spirit

Paul Fernhout

I summoned an ancient spirit.. BAD SPIRIT ! CREEPY

Abigail Meighoo

Which craft can really hurt you. Spirits are real but they are bad and you shouldn’t let them in your heart. Only god should be there.

Tinyiko Mildred

Thoraya maronesy we love you very much???

Crazy Domino

I'm imagining the spirit like the birdperson from Rick and Morty

Gelsomina Salvia

Youtube had unsubscribed me from your channel... I just found out, subscribed again but I'm really pissed at them.

Rima Fischer

When the woman with the spirit talked about what her dad said to her about the bird I literally got chills all over my body!!

dat chocolate kid



I imagined the Rito (bird people) from the legend of zelda

Hajar Altiner

Thanks to both guests for sharing. To the second one, I'd like to say: the spirit world is a mirroring world. Our intentions are what determine the kind of experience we have. There is no need to be afraid if our intentions are clear. Just as powerful as you were to summon the spirit, you could tell it to go away any day. Also, we are spirit! We just also happen to have a physical body within the spiritual one. Love, everybody!

Desy Price

I think it's very important to note, either for people who have an interest in spirits and stuff or people that don't know, that there are SOOOO many different branches and practices of paganism that not everyone who practices the same thing, believes in the same thing. Not everyone believes in the threefold rule (whatever you put out into the world will come back to you 3x), not everyone is afraid of spirits or contacting them, not everyone is scared of ouija boards. And most importantly, not all witches/wiccans/pagans are all ~*love and light*~, but that doesn't make them evil.

Franchesca Gordon

I grew up in the area

Eddie Lopez

Is this in balboa park?


am i literally the only one thinking about birdman from rick and morty

Emily Boyer

Thoraya, look up the bird men from Zelda Wind Waker! That's what first came to mind when she said Birdman!

Fatima Asim

One stranger I can never forget are two people who saved my life by taking me to the hospital when I was bleeding and was badly bruised on the street after I met a horrible motorbike accident.


I’m 15 and struggle with depression and this podcast helps me so much, the reviews on apple podcasts makes not feel alone anymore. I have wrote on my 5 star review and shared things about my life some of my closest friends don’t know. It feels so nice to have people to communicate with ??

Mohamed mukthar

JINN !!!
you know if you know ?

Luna Roja

Ouiji boards are nothing to mess with !

Andrew Allen

I like people like Thoraya


hi its me the spirit girl!! its so strange to see people talk about me but for everyone wondering, hes not a demon!! definitely would not let him hang around if he was and my dad would probably banish him, also his name is Ruzos, ive never been able to find anything on it before so good luck haha, thanks for the support


I believe that everyone have their own guardian spirit.
Like mine, it's an old lady, very old lady. Wearing Javanese (Indonesian) traditional clothes. She doesn't do anything to me but always do something to people around me, like if someone did something to me and either I like it or not, she will do the same to them directly or few days later. And the funny thing is my guardian and my dad guardian spirit are not match at all, thats why I always have an argument with him ???


So guys this how you makes friends or a lover?

Athina Papadaki

Can I find this on spotify?

Earvin Rivas

What is max @ though?


What if the spirit girl has MAGICIAN RED and is actually a stand user omgggg I’d love that

Mohamad Baker


Timmy Rome

About that spirit, is anyone thinking of Ryuk from Death Note? ?

Kelsey Rathbun

This is genius! I love you do this at Balboa Park! Definitely going to subscribe! This is an amazing way to see REAL people talking about REAL things and REAL problems and stories! This is what we need in a world of media and reality shows.

federgeist design

When she asked if the spirit wanted to go or chooses to stay, a bird chirped. Probably a coincidence but that was pretty interesting I think.

Zainab slor

So Ryuk is the spirit , huh ?
Btw , great video as usual. The most wholesome channel on YouTube


Hi Thoraya! I’ve been watching your videos for the longest time now and I wanted to tell u that u inspire me as well as many people. So thank you so much❤️ sending much love from Canada❤️❤️

Hân Ngọc

Feel like a therapy whenever i watch your video. Thank you so much for this meaningful channel. Wish all the best things comes to your life ❤️


the music in the back kept distracting me?

Hatts Green

The woman who sumkoned the spirit - I too have seen demons, and I'm not just saying this it's experience, only the name of Jesus will cause it to flee.

Melissa Guzek

Sounds like you’ve connected with a guide?

Refugio Navarrete


Luna Roja

It’s interesting ... the girl with the ancient spirit... the ability to see them must have been passed down from her grandpa to her dad to her. Very cool that she told that story


Wow I was distracted by the beautiful singing

Inel Nafai

Do not I repeat DO NOT fucking summon anything even when you think it's your granny it is not.

Colton King

Put some respec on birdmans name.

Don Chris

Listen to how the crows caw like they are saying something, creepy yet interesting. Saw this on Tiktok & now am a follower

Cass Harris

It is so wonderful to see someone speaking so openly about wicca and paganism! It gets so much bad rep and it is wonderful to see people being open ❤

Lydia Vanderbilt

is it just me or does anyone just want thoraya as a best friend

Lou Pelizzo

I relate so much with the young woman with alcoholism problem and I suffer the same problem and I feel and understand a lot of what she was saying. Being in AA does help and it’s day at a time. I enjoy your podcast and this is why I love your different topics and the depth you go in your podcast is sensational. Thank you for being here for me I get a lot out of your podcast and the young woman is an inspiration

「zero two」

Its Ryuk who's following u.
If u find a death note contact me.

maria hendricks

She should ask her dad to draw the bird man. That would be awesome to see

11 crossty

It would be ysefool to have timecodes under the video



Annette Harris

Love her willingness to share her story.

Efthymios N

she is surpised thoraya is playing along the joke


The only mistake she made was inviting the spirit to stay. Seems like he is harmless which is good but she should release him from duty. Also, Wicca is a religion that is part of Paganism where as Witchcraft is not a religion it is a craft. Yes, Wiccans and Pagans do witchcraft but not all witches are Wiccan and/or Pagan. This was a great episode.


To the First Lady well done you’re an inspiration what an achievement I’m so happy you overcame that dark time in your life.
To the second lady wow what an incredible story very interesting

mary joy Panelo

Hi Thoraya. Ur my Happy Pill.

Ola Coker

She's at Balboa, Man I wish out path's had crossed.

conny rangel

I really think you are saving a lot of people Thoraya. People may be on the edge and they finally have someone to just sit, talk and listen. Thank you ❤️

Sarcastic Bookworm

2:37 Ah, didn’t notice that did ya

Sophia Radix

This reminds me of the Terrible, Thanks For Asking podcast. Very good podcast you all should listen to it. The episode I started with was “Don’t should yourself” very very good

Maria Ines Alves

this podcast was the best thing i've discovered on tiktok. and can we talk about the background music? omg so cool


People like Thoraya change the world.

Maaryx Art

Does anyone else hear singing in the background of this video?

Abigail Meighoo

Which craft is bad.......

Alicia G


Can Kalay

The amount of americans believing in ghosts and bullshit just baffles me.

Abigail Garcia

I stopped watching “YouTubers” a few years back. But now I’m always so excited to watch yours, And anything you post elsewhere.

You have this authenticity, and so much peace about what you do.

You have so much respect and open mindedness and I love that so much.



the stranger I remember is that homeless man with the red jaguar LOL

Ver ča

I LOVE how open you were, no judgement.. as someone who identifies as pagan, i'd love it to have more people like you in the world :D people get really freaked out if i say i'm a spiritual person.

Darth MadV

Hmmm a giant bird man. You know i'm beginning to think there's truth behind the stories of these ancient Egyptian gods. The ancient spirit could be a manifestation of Horus, or Thoth.

Diana Luchka

Giant birdman reminded me of Ruyk from deathnote anime lol

Fatima Ortega


Abigail Meighoo

That spirit is not good

cęo zúl

A stranger I’ll always remember is a girl who sat so contently by herself in this park I was at, she had colored hair and a little sketch book in hand. I was completely enamored by her and her effortless beauty. I took a picture of her because I wanted to draw her. This is one of the key moments where I go back and think “wow, how did you not know you were gay”

Bella. 301

I’m so happy for the first girl her story was great, to the second girl start a yt channel I need to hear more about this spiritual wicca stuff I’m so fascinated and I have soo many questions


Thoraya putting her hands inside her hoodie is so cute ✨?

brenda antelo

Tiktok thank you to introduce me to this beautiful and smart lady. Suscribed

Zeyana Abdullah

Out of topic but her crooked mask gave me such anxiety

Lian loves dogs

love this

Nazek B

This is so creative!


By ancient spirit, how old is ancient? I heard there are souls that are over trillions years old and have spent more time in other universes than this one.

Positive Spirit

I am always so exited when there is a new post. Thoraya you are doing great. You are really inspiring! :-) Greetings from Belgium!

Harry Valiente



Ryuk this you?

Brat :o

I loved this video but the spooky music when Max was talking was uncomfortable for me :(

Fei Chan

11:23 for ancient spirit story

Eztephanie Ramos

Tiktok brought me here and im loving it!

Angeline Lunalo

Hi stranger, you handsome.


As a witch who is all about the ancient ones this bird man character just feels like he’s protecting her because she said she doesn’t like having paranormal experiences Aw idk I get good vibes about it it’s interesting that he shows himself to people around her too


I wish she would have described what the bird man looked like or the name. I've seen two completely different ones. They are very tall. One looked like falcon and the other looked like a raven. Its basically a body of a human but the head of a bird and they were in modern suits.

I didnt summon anything, I used to live in a very evil apartment complex so I saw stuff daily. I'm glad I dont live there anymore ?

just me



You have been my favourite YouTube for years, you talk to people just to hear their stories, to give them an outlet to speak, to listen. I love to listen to peoples life stories and experience, I never knew this format of YouTube videos before you. Thank you for doing this.

Jennifer Marea

I honestly think that if someone keeps their mask on that should be a sign for you to put yours on. You shouldn't ask someone if you can take your mask off or just assume they're okay with it because you're outside. If they were okay with it then they would take their mask off too. When you ask if makes people feel pressured to say yes.

lilia rose

The bird spirit might be one of her spirit guides


you have amazing, gorgeous eyebrows!

Petra Solomayer

You are a great listener Thoraya. Love your videos. Thank you

C'est Moi

I Think that the second girl Contacted Thoth. Seems like he’s Her spirit guide

Emily Marsha

Is it just me but I sense the birdman there with her. And if u listen closely you could hear the birds being so loud

How to Tell That a Guy Finds You Attractive

How to Tell That a Guy Finds You Attractive25 May. 2013
355 185
DatingLogicSubscribe 438 721

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Book A Consultation -

Comments (44)



My crush did all of these signs but he said he doesn’t want a girlfriend


La Papa

He was lifting up his shirt non stop and telling me to touch his abs, he weird

Maysa loves you got em

Yay , like today my crush saw me and scared me from behind then i turned around and he smiled at me and told me to give me hug . What does that mean?

Nesha Britwood

kayden passant

i really like that your videos are short and to the point!!


theres this guy who sits in front of me and he constantly leans back in his chair to the point where his head is touching my desk, he does it all the time and he iS aware of how close he is to me because ill make a noise like tapping my pen or something so he can tell how close he is to me but he stay extremely close, idk now

bernice wallace

I always catch my crush staring at me. And when I look at him he keeps on staring and then smirks. He also relaxes his shoulders and his leg with touch mine and stay there. what does this mean? +DatingLogic

sound wave6

He never adjust hes always neat ?...hmmmm

Cheaffs Death

What if he is like really drunk and stares at u and approaches u ??


I always sliding my hands on my thighs cause when he's around I'm so nervous and my hands get so sweaty haha :D

Jennifer Veleta


Tamyra Kay

Why does my husbands cousin stare at me when we all together


yay he likes me, lol

JaZz Zz

I caught him red handed smiling after I turned away from his gaze, it was creepy but he’s attractive so.... ?



Ismail mail

I'm a guy and what he said his true it happen to me

Matilde Pelayo

I need help? Everyday my crush passes by me before 4 period his class is neighbors to my. During lunch he sits in a group with the popular girls and guys. then his friends and himself walk the cafeteria to buy chips they pass by where at sit during lunch. they see me and they look at me but I  don't know why. I feel likes his shy but at the same time he doesn't know I exist we haven't talked. I follow him on instagram and he requested back but he hasn't liked any of my pictures. I have a feeling he could like me but am not popular and or his type like rich and beautiful.


A line between being very kind and actually being attracted. Could you try and make some points in that?


smile? what if he is just being nice? hard to know isnt it.. :/

tea please

dang I notice guys don't find me attractive. How do you move on if guys don't like you?

Isis Midas Touch

Funny part is that he moved his self to my seat when were doing work all in class (1st hour) then in 3rd hour he moved where I sit with other people so he's like in a vertical angle. He stares at me constantly(I caught him on the second day when I wore this cute outfit Lol) but I wanted see for myself so asked for his pencil he gave it to me to use for a sec I gave it back then he smelt it like omg?? I tried my best not to say anything like seriously,but its cute that he likes me tho, he's a nerdy senior btw but idk if he knows ima sophmore but, idk should I spark up a convo or what? Idek know what his zodiac sign but Ik for sure he's a Scorpio lol

Alexis Monai


M. Gibson

Persistent staring is the only thing I get from the guy I'm wondering about, and I'm talking not even attempting to look away when I catch him doing so. Makes me feel awkward to know he's does this, but never approaches me?


My bus crush always smiles at me and sits next to or around me. But he is also always playing with his phone and we never talked..... is that smile just polite or what


If he’s confident sure, if he’s a socially awkward fucktard like 90% of young men this won’t be the case, and this isn’t even arrogance it’s just life experience, it’s like an unspoken fact that you learn when you get older and I wish people spoke about it more

This is obviously assuming you’re in a sober situation

Melissa Stabler

Can u plz help me. I was at school today and I walked into the clinic and there was this boy and he immediately started staring and smiling at me. Then he went to lay down and he kept looking up at me and smiling. Does he like me??!?


Connect With Me On Facebook -


Concise! Great video!

Lakita Butler

well I'm black and a Asian guy at my old beauty school showed me all the signs he was flirting and found me attractive and I believe
we both was turned on to each other, how ever he also said he had a fiance in his country tiland but he did ask for my business card to keep in touch plus my
last day at school he even told me he would miss me, did my nails plus took a few pictures with me too and I felt he did it to show he does have some feelings more than friends because their was girls who graduated before and after me that he never did any of these things with so plebase let me know what this means and does he plan to call me even though he hasn't yet!

With Expectancy

Good video!!


Honestly, if he asks for your number he 100% sure likes you.

Lizelle Nadiyah

loving all your videos. its so quick and really useful :)

Kathryn Orozco

What if he does all these things except smile and talk to you and then all of a sudden he sees you and your best friend who is in his class all of the sudden tries to talk to her even though he never even bothered talking or looking at her until he saw you with her


You are amazing !

Kristin 12192

Is him biting his lips kinda nervously a lot a sign? And if he talks to you and does the things you said in the video, but he doesn't really acknowledge you in school what could that mean? @DatingLogic 

Esotherwise Otherwise

?, Meh. Its not like that for everybody, as for me I will ignore you and act like you don’t exists. Just remember guys should not have to always be the one to make the first move.

Jennifer Veleta

Omg Everything You've Said Is True As I Was Listening To What You Were Saying It Brought Back Memories Of My Boyfriends (we have 3 years together now) :D And That Is Exactly The Things He Would Do When We Would First Talk.!! He Still Does The Clothe Adjusting And Head Tilt.. Wow(:


I thought this guy liked me because he turned around and looked at me once and also seemed to show an interest in me when we were in close proximity with eye contact. However on nights out I noticed him and he never came up to me or initiated a move although I tried to make myself available. I overhead his friends giving him advice and saying something such as "let them come to you" on a night out haha. He did not make a move on me but actually I saw him kiss a random girl but was not with her later that night. Then I thought- Jesus, I've really misread the situation lol. Because I really sensed that he found me attractive, but obviously he didn't.

Tinesha Robinson

I LOVEEEE his videos!! Short n straight 2 the point? he NEVA lets me down

Elizabeth & maggaroo

What's it mean if a guy smiles and raises his eye brows at you?

Anna McDuffie

I study body language, however I cannot seem to understand this particular gesture. My ex and I broke up. We ran into each other at the supermarket. When he approached me, he puffed his chest out and stood up straight . To me , it seemed slightly aggressive. So (as stupid as this sounds) I held my head up high, flipped my hair and kept going without speaking. I know we looked like idiots lol. A month or so after that he asked a mutual friend about me? What do you think this could have meant based on what have mentioned? @DatingLogic

Savannah 123

All this stuff happens with the guy I like but he has a gf that hates me?

Meggo The Tomato

Mental note taken.

Instant Manifestation Story - Handsome Stranger - Law of Attraction Success Story

Instant Manifestation Story - Handsome Stranger - Law of Attraction Success Story21 Sep. 2016
15 528
VanessaSubscribe 438 721

This fun

This fun manifestation-success story is a lighthearted look at what I attracted when I visualized and felt what it would be like to manifest meeting a handsome stranger.

I used a very short Law Of Attraction (Abraham Hicks) or Feel It Real (Neville Goddard) session to briefly experience the feeling of the wish fulfilled, and then it unfolded effortlessly, almost immediately. I hope you enjoy the story! xoxo : )

Comments (47)
Swapnil Thakare

You are an amazing person. God bless you today and forever.

Honey Beary

Elegance, integrity, generosity, an aura of honesty, sweetness all wrapped up in one :). Such a "Rare" human being on this planet - it would be so nice if you were able to do more videos.

Victoria Chunilal

Lovely story Vanessa, it's less crazy how quickly the Law of Attraction brings things to you. I love watching all of your videos and I'm so grateful that I found this one! Lots of love x


What exactly is Mofedest Miracle? How does this thing really work? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular self-development course that created by famous life coach.

Trinity Bowens

That's so cute

Appetite 4 Chic

All of your manifestation stories are the cutest. I could listen to them everyday

Greater Mark

You see more beautiful women, because that’s what you focus on, look at the pictures on your wall for example :-) just nice ladies

Baraneh Rd

You look like Snow White!

l lucy

youre so lovelyy

Md. Masudur Rahman

What are some ways to knowing the real secrets laws of attraction? I read lots of good reviews on the net about how Mofedest Miracle can help you discover making a difference in your quality life. Has any one tried using this popular law of attraction program that created by popular life coach?

bob bob

our way of expressing these concepts always attracts me, and nothing, but nothing compares with it-- the tone, the depth of spirituality, I can't put it into words. Your Manifesting Manual is something I can read over and over and soak up. I am in process of making the routine a solid part of my life, and it has made a difference! I LOVE your 12 meditations too [ Check Details ]! I know I am a different person after 9 months with Super Manifestor, and in process of continued positive change! You deserve accolades every day of the year! Keep on with everything, and as we say in Spanish, "ANIMO!" Lots of love and every blessing to you both.

Latin Roses

You go girl!!! I'm glad you had a good time. Stay safe and keep sharing


lana. del. rey. <3

Suki Yu

You are super lovely Vanessa! Law of attraction is just so great! it brings positivity in life! We should let more people to know about that! Thanks so much Vanessa!

Sarah Ro

I always manifest things I don't care about so easily! Which means I must be stuck in resistance for the things I really want. What would you say is the best way to let go of things we want to manifest, because why is it so bad to want something ?! It frustrates me that I feel like i have to stop wanting it or caring before it appears... this is where law of attraction always gets me !!

nabila jahan

Do anyone know about Mofedest Miracle? Does it work? I hear many individuals understand the real secrets laws of attraction with this popular law of attraction course that created by well known life coach.

Phil Macha

Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing

J Gamble

This was so sweet. I am happy for you!

Eleasah Chance

So romantic. ? I've been planning to start my YouTube manifestation stories for the past year. Your stories are so amazing!

Sidnei Viana

Has anyone used the Mofedest Miracle to understanding see some improvements in your life especially financially? Just do a google search. On there you'll discover a great suggestions about how exactly you can discover the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it'll work for you too.

Cynthia Ennis

Loved it!

varma rocks

As expert, I think Mofedest Miracle is great way to understanding the real secrets laws of attraction. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it's going to work for you too.

positive ninja

Great video <3

Robyn Cortez

What is the best product or brand to knowing the correct secrets laws of attraction? I read loads of superb reviews on the internet about how Mofedest Miracle will help you knowing the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success. Has anyone tried this popular personal development program that created by popular life coach?

Hog Rider

Has anyone tried Mofedest Miracle? (just google it) I've noticed many awesome things about this popular law of attraction course that created by famous motivator.

Marquis Harmon

As expert, I believe Mofedest Miracle is good way to understanding making a difference in your quality life. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it will work for you too.

Evannia Varela

thank you!!! these really inspire me ❤️

Amina Trujillo

What is Mofedest Miracle? I have heard several awesome things about this popular law of attraction course that created by well known life coach.

Swetha N 4092


Seema Singh

so cute

June Howell

Do natural popular manifesting and law of attraction program that created by popular motivator like Mofedest Miracle really work and if so, how effective are they? I've noticed numerous awesome things about this popular personal development course that designed by popular life coach.


Sweet hot ass...

Moi S

Have you ever manifested a "serious" request? Something life changing or important?

Jill Paul

Is Mofedest Miracle effective to learning see some improvements in your life especially financially? We've read a lot of good things about this popular manifesting and law of attraction techniques that designed by popular motivator.


Where have you been I hope all is well ❤️?

Tina K

Hi Vanessa, I'm sending you greetings from Croatia, I really like your channel :)
If I can just ask one thing, do you meditate? Or you manage to manifest all this things without meditating :/

thank youu

Stéfi belle

Nice story Vanessa :)
Thanks for sharing

Amber Lema


Ethan Reynolds

hi guys, the greatest results that I have ever had was by following the Mikes Brain Waves (i found it on google) without a doubt the best info i've followed.

Faith’s Adventures

What a beautiful story my beautiful sister!! Thanks for always sharing your wonderful uplifting manifestations❤️!!

Anna Drozd

you are so beautiful and lovely! xx

Jade Furuta

Loved your cute little story xx

Akansha Basnet

You are so beautiful!!!

Ramkumar Subramanian

Ha ha ha.... How sweet Vanessa. Interesting manifestation. N it's indeed sounds so effortless. U r quite a powerful manifestor. Cheers!!!


I love your manifestation stories! Thank you!

top taemin

Is that Michael Jackson on your background?

danita powell

i was smiling ear to ear listening to your story. . Thanks for sharing ?