How to build back muscle at home

Build Arm, Chest & Back Muscle at Home - Day 12 Bodyweight Beast 2.0

Build Arm, Chest & Back Muscle at Home - Day 12 Bodyweight Beast 2.024 Jun. 2020
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I do day 12 of Bodyweight

I do day 12 of Bodyweight Beast 2.0 and try to hit the intermediate reps.

Own the complete 12-week Bodyweight Beast 2.0 -

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Joshua Whitney

Like the facial hair!

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Manav Verma

nice workouts
i am your new suscriber


time to ffffffooooooooocuuuuuuuusssssssssssss

The_ L0ST

Thank you so much for doing this!!
I tried doing dips instead of bench dips. Was a mistake :D Got like 2 or 3 reps in the first set! ^^

How to strengthen your middle back muscles at home - for perfect posture

How to strengthen your middle back muscles at home - for perfect posture30 Jul. 2012
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This is one of six short

This is one of six short YouTube videos which make up a simple home program to pull you out of a painful, hunched upper back and neck and back towards perfect posture. The program consists of one muscle stretch, two support strengthening exercises, two home massages and practical posture.

This home program and a spinal fulcrum called the Backpod were developed in New Zealand specifically to counter the iHunch. This is the hunched upper back driving most neck pain and headache which is now the commonest upper spinal problem in the computer-savvy world. Everyone knows someone who is hunched and in pain.

This isn’t unusual or mysterious - why lots of bending causes problems is well understood. What has exploded the numbers are laptops, tablets and smartphones. These are not like desk top computers - they cannot be set up ergonomically correctly, because you can’t separate their screens from their keyboards. You need to hunch to use them.

So ergonomics, standing desks, etc. don’t help much with this problem. What you can do is treat and look after your spine so it’ll actually handle lots of hunching - over phones or computers or anything else. That’s what the Backpod and its home programme of stretching, strengthening, massage and posture are for.

Most other treatment approaches don’t cover all the bases. Gyms strengthen muscles; yoga stretches them, massage massages them; chiropractors and osteopaths click the joints free temporarily; medications and acupuncture try to suppress the pain but don’t treat the problems causing it. They’re all useful, but they all cover just one part of the problem, so you usually get results that are incomplete and don’t last.

You need to deal to each part of the problem - it’s the collection that works. The simple home programme is in the Backpod’s user guide, available free for anyone to view or download on the Backpod’s website The full six short YouTube videos (of which this is one) are listed on the iHunch page.

The Backpod and its home programme were developed from New Zealand physiotherapy expertise specifically to counter the iHunch. They are equally as effective for other hunching sub-groups, e.g. dentists, hairdressers, chefs, teachers, cyclists, surgeons, nurses, scientists, dairy farmers, assembly line and garment industry workers, nursing mothers, slouching adolescents, gamers, etc.

It's not just the neck pain and headache. Posture is important - if you want to be noticed when you walk into a room, do it with perfect posture. A hunching posture indicates submission, a lack or self-confidence, not so much worth being listened to. Perfect posture gets attention. (For an inspiring explanation of this, see Dr Amy Cuddy's YouTube TED talk on posture and body language with over 40 million views.)

This collection of six short videos is designed from 30 years of New Zealand physiotherapy expertise to give you the basic building blocks needed to get back towards pain-free perfect posture - and stay there. Good luck with the work.

Steve August (B.A.,Dip.Physio.).

The six anti-iHunch YouTube videos, as listed on the 'Hunch page of the Backpod's website (link is

(1) The best quick daily stretch for your neck

(2) Home strengthening exercise (1) - for the middle back muscles

(3) Home strengthening exercise (2) - to stop the chin poking out

(4) Neck posture made really simple

(5) Home massage (1) - for neck pain, headache and the iHunch

(6) Home massage (2) - for sore hunching shoulders

Specific comment about this video: There are lots of ways of strengthening these muscles. I like this one because it's hard to get wrong, and you can progress it easily. No single home exercise can be as good as a full, regular gym session, but if you don't have time for that, this one will give you the greatest benefits for the shortest effort. Stick with it - it's worth it.

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Tony Ferber

He only specific one of the muscle groups.

The Matt

Would a reverse plank work the back muscles? This looks pretty ez.

Luke D.

Phew.. Shes not dead.

Michael Brown

Is there an easier variation or progression to this. I can’t even get my hands off the ground let alone 10 second holds


How do we find the other 5 videos? I can't find them easily, even by going to where all the videos are.


wow! like that. thank you for uploading.


Thanks for sharing!

Rachid Haddad

Hello,Do you know simple exercice or a video or anything without painful to release neck trigger point (left side) ,i can move my neck laterally to the right side but it is hard to the left side.
Thank you

Kimberly Francis

OMG!..... I know this is exactly what I was looking for and needed... my shoulders and neck have been aching and burning because my horrible posture has paid me back.... and when I sit up straight and tuck my chin it subsides ... I thought to my self maybe I need to strengthen my mid back... thank you so much for this ... looking forward to much pain relief ❤️

betsa macias

What about if you have costochondritis?

Viran Chana - Original Box

Hi guys, I recently bought your back pod from amazon and it seems to be getting better, just done 1 weeks so far, I was wondering how do we fit these exercises and stretched into the routine? Do we do these exercises before or after the backpod? The same time ? Or wait for the backpod to loosen things up first. Thank you for all your amazing videos .

Joel Wallenius

Should I push my shoulders up or down while I squeeze them together?

Josh Croce

Isn’t that Charlie from Peaky Blinders

Diddy Doodat

She's straight up planking lol


This is one of the most understated channels on YouTube.

George’s Journal

Would bodyweight rows (I’ve seen them called Australian pull-ups also) do the same thing?

Sarah Silberman

This is so great! I've struggled with poor posture my whole life and am noticing significant improvement after just a few days of doing this exercise. :) I'm curious why you recommend doing it in the evening. Thanks so much!!
Oh and thanks for the suggestion to use one liter bottles as weights--brilliant!


This looks more like upper back. How would you strengthen mid-back?

Gabriel Daneault

This video only says that upper back exercises benefit to posture.... I wanna know how a muscled upper back can affect posture


Thanks for sharing this video. I suffer from hunch back and consequent forward head posture. I'll do this every day . Hope this helps me to straighten up.


This really makes an incredible amount of sense. How come nobody shows us this stuff when we’re younger? And instead we have to learn all the crap they make you study in k-12. ?. How bout something useful. ?. Thank you so much!

Doug Hawkes

When I try to do this exercise, once I bring the shoulders back, I am resting all my upper body weight on my lower ribs and forehead, because I can't touch the floor with my chest at that point. Am I doing it wrong, or do I need to tuck my chin way more?

How To Build A Big Back At Home (NO WEIGHTS & NO PULL-UP BAR)

How To Build A Big Back At Home (NO WEIGHTS & NO PULL-UP BAR)5 Apr. 2020
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Jeremy EthierSubscribe 438 721

If you’re familiar with

If you’re familiar with home workouts, you already know that the back is probably the most difficult muscle to adequately train at home without equipment and especially when there’s no pullup bar available. Admittedly, there are plenty of home workouts for back out there that do “target” the back muscles to a certain degree. But they either fail to actually work your back muscles through their full range of motion or they just don’t provide enough load or resistance to enable you to build back muscle without equipment. In this video though, I’ll go through the best back workout at home that avoids those two common pitfalls and will instead enable you to target and build back muscles at home.

The first exercise that’ll help you build back muscles at home is the bodyweight lat pulldowns, which will be a replacement for the pull-ups or lat pulldowns that you’d typically perform in the gym to target the lats. To do so most effectively, you ideally want to use the bed sheet setup I’ve presented in my other home workouts. If these are too difficult, you can regress them by bending your knees like so and then using your legs to help push you up during each rep. And if you aren’t using the bed sheet set up, an alternative is something I’ve shown in my past home workout video, the sliding lat pulldown.

Next, we’re going to move onto a bodyweight row to now shift a little more emphasis to our mid-back musculature like the mid-traps and rhomboids for more back thickness. For the easiest modification, you can perform these with a split stance and use your back leg to help raise your body up during each rep. If you’re not using the sheets though, then ideally you’ll want to find a table sturdy and long enough to safely perform your row, which can be made easier by bending your knees and using your legs for assistance.

Next, we’re going to use an exercise that’ll help you target the lats for more back width (no pullup bar needed). And we’ll use the sheets here again in order to best simulate a dumbbell pullover or straight arm pulldown that we’d typically perform in the gym to target the lats. To start out, I’d recommend doing these with your feet further away from the door. An alternative if you’re not using sheets though are to perform a sliding version of these on the ground. Next, we’re going to use the sheets to now perform face pulls to target the mid and lower traps as well as the various rotator cuff muscles that are all important muscles for postural improvements and overall scapula and shoulder stability. And if you aren’t using the sheet setup, to hit some of these important muscles you can perform wall slides instead.

Next, we’re going to finish the workout that’ll help you build back muscle without equipment off with the prone arm circles (legs elevated) that’ll enable us to not only work all of our upper back muscles but will now target and strengthen the lower back through hip extension as well. If this is initially too difficult for you though, I’d recommend raising your legs and upper body to a lesser degree, and performing the arm circle movement faster. Over time, you can progress by raising your legs and upper body a little more while slowing down the tempo of your arm circles.

So, to sum everything up, here’s the best back workout at home you can do:

Bodyweight Lat Pulldowns: 3 sets

Bodyweight Inverted Row: 3 sets

Straight Arm Pulldown: 3 sets

Bed Sheet Face Pulls: 3 sets

Prone Arm Circles: 3 sets

I’d recommend instead splitting it up into at least 2 days throughout the week by using an upper/lower split for example to better manage the training volume and frequency. And ideally you want to use a rep range of roughly 10-15 reps per set for your home workouts for back, but you should worry less about the rep range and instead focus on taking each set of the workout either to failure or within a rep or two short of failure in order to maximize growth despite having access to heavy weights.

But by executing and progressing this workout properly overtime as you get stronger, you’ll be able to build your back in the comfort of your own home without the need for heavy weights. Just keep in mind though that that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Because pairing your workouts with the right nutrition plan is essential when it comes to seeing results and packing on size. And for a step-by-step science-based program that takes care of all the guesswork for you by showing you both how to workout AND what to eat week after week in order to build muscle as efficiently as possible with science, simply take the analysis quiz to discover which science-based program would be best for you and where your body is currently at below:

Subscribe to my channel here:

Filmed by: Bruno Martin Del Campo


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lyn stephen

how to tackle back fat for women

Crystal P

Scrawny man.

Ryan Delaney

Interesting workouts. Nice change of pace. Will watch more videos for other parts.

Jack Sawatzky

lmao give me a break dude

Uchiha Madara

Hmmm your back sucks

Swapnil Karmakar

Will I be finally be able to do pull ups if I do this back workout for a month currently I can do 0

Amanullah Khan

Please give diet for making lean body

Kai Vogel

My hands hurt really badly during the lay pull downs with the bed sheets. Does anyone know any fixes for the pain that will allow me to go to failure

Aaron Morales

Thanks bro, this was hella helpful ?

Anthony Thompson

Dude thank you alot of useless shit on you tube finally I found my home


I can’t do the sheet technique and all of my flooring is carpet ???

pink Impostor

Chest plates please


Thanks .. Subscribed and liked

Saqib Khan


Lisa Quintanilla

Thank you jeremy! You are a lifesaver. Or should i say gain saver lol love your channel & looking forward to purchasing your program as soon as finances line up!????

Kalev Elken

I liked the idea with the bed sheet (Y)
Could you offer references for studies which suggest 30 rep count/time range for hypertrophy?
Also, the prone position with elevated arms and legs, what is your take on the high compressive forces in the lumbar region?

Omniscient BRO'S

Wow wow wow wow... What a great way to build back completely.

Hennie Jo

Hi, just wanted to say that your videos help me a lot as a woman even you didn't intend to with all those scientific backgrounds! I wonder which videos have more workouts with the bed sheets since I love them in this COVID situation! Thanks for your help :)

Paul Miazga

Simply brilliant. Cheers!


The towel lat pulldowns will only work if you have a very thick and sturdy door (like a fire door), and a very sturdy door frame. Otherwise the door would get warped after a few days. I don't recommend doing the pulldowns on your bedroom door (especially if the surrounding wall is drywall).


Got another reason to make my mom kick me off

Eduardo Brito

0:50 Pulldowns
2:20 Bodyweight Row
3:30 Straight Arm Pulldown
5:00 Bed Sheet Face Pulls
6:16 Prone Arm Circle

Salman deeb

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Binayak Bishnu

How do I prevent my shoulders from getting too "involved"? When I am doing the exercises, I feel a lot of the force coming from my muscles and not the back/lats. How do I create better activation of my back muscles?

Ashlesh Krishna K

I'm afraid that my sheets will rip and my head will bang on the floor

time to time

Thanks bro

Tommy Boyce

I just tried the sheet in the door thing and sheet slipped out and I flew backwards onto my coccyx bone on the hard tiled floor. It hurt so much.


Ugh my hands give out before the muscle does. Any tips?

Jeremy Ethier

What home workout would you like to see next? Comment below! Hope you’re all doing well during this crazy time. Please do let me know how else I can help you out and what else you’re struggling with and I’ll try my best to cater future videos towards that. Keep on pushing everyone, I’m here for you and with you!

Jethro Sutter

Great video with very helpful exercises, i'm happy to see other home exercises for your back than just superman variations

Tridip Das

Fantastic replacements ??loved this

Vince Yutuc

Those floor slides have no eccentric

smooth m

I wish I can use bed sheets my wife she will kill me ?

foogang scriptures

Quick question bro. For any back movement, do you initiate the pull by retracting your scapula then driving with the elbows?

Khee Tamz

mate ive never seen anyone provide homeworks that are so good thanks

Brett Lester

Ngl this is extremely helpful. Unfortunately I live in a four room house where the only door except the entrance is my bathroom.. & the toilet is in the way. So my neighbors are about to get quite a show!

Bhavin Soni

Last week I broke my bedroom's dor while doing this ?

HighBrass 777

Great, definitely some stuff I never thought of!

Verci !

[00:41] Bodyweight Lat Pulldowns

Silvano Snyderz


Brian Wesolowski

its so funny how you tubers that have money always say "you can do any of these at home". well some of us aren't rich and don't have door that shut tight like those

joseph-mario pelerin

you know what... a basic weight kit, 200$ maybe, much easier lol


Big? You're tiny lol.

Satkaran Dhillon

This is a very well made video


looooooool they had to film this using certain angles because this guy is such a manlet

P Dev

Sexy voice. Hot body.


My dude must be 5 feet tall, tbh i didn't like that door either

Ahmed The Stoic

Laughs in home gym ?

Bellus Junior

The prone arm circles is like bitterfly swimming

John Kulas

Awesome home workout!!! More please


On sliding pulldowns, you can also use the workout bench instead of floor. Also, some people get orgasms by doing that exercise called coregasms. LOL!!!

Arif Fajar Ahadian

i broke my door when i do this

Juicy J

How to build a big back. Brought to you by a guy, without a big back..

Angie Angel

This is amazing ? this guy makes you want to work out. No excuse period!!! Thanks


5:19 always tension in the sheets tho ??


What if the door breaks?

YS_ Awarevening

Quarantine Muscle Growth

Resistance bands

For anyone who’s only got resistance bands, you can still bulk up and build a significant amount of muscle. If you can do 20+ reps with the resistance bands then just maintain because you aren’t going to reach muscle hypertrophy. But if you have at least 3 different resistance bands, and you can do 15- reps, then you will different reach muscle hypertrophy. Just make sure you have good form, slow your tempo down, and aim for 8-15 reps, usually 2 reps behind failure for the first set, 1 rep behind failure for the second set, and failure for the last set. I know a lot of people say this but it’s true, ‘Resistance is resistance and your muscles can’t tell the difference. If you still have doubt that resistance bands build bustle, and you want to know how resistances bands compare to free weights and how you can build muscle with them, watch this:

Pull up bar

I would recommend buying a pull up bar because it would make your back and bicep development to the next level. If you don’t have a pull up bar you can still attach the resistances bands to a door anchor.


Chest: Bench Press = Push Ups with added resistance (Very similar in muscle growth, almost identical.)

Shoulder: Lateral and Front Raises = Banded Lateral and Front Raises

Triceps: Close Grip Bench Press, Dips, Tricep Extensions = Diamond Push Ups, Chair Dips, Banded Tricep Extensions

Back: Pull ups, Rows = Pull ups, Banded Rows

Biceps: Chin ups, Bicep Curls = Chin ups, Banded Bicep Curls

Legs: Squats, Lunges, Calf Raises = Squats, Lunges, Calf Raises with added resistance

Core: Sit ups = Sit ups with added resistance

Training split

2 days a week: Full body, full body
3 days a week: Upper, lower, full body
4 days a week: Upper, lower, upper, lower
5 days a week: Push, pull, leg, upper, lower
6 days a week: Push, pull, leg, push, pull, leg

If you do everything correct and continue what you were doing at the gym the the replacement exercises, you should see similar muscle growth.

Took me ages to get the info and write this, hope it helps.


I’m scared I’m gonna fall on the back of my head, my floor is basically stone in the area I’m doing this


Does anyone else’s hands hurt during the lat pulldowns and rows

Leigh Watson

My mums not impressed

time to time

Best video

Kingsley’s Fitness Empire

Nice improvising but not as intense

svoboda simon

this TRX thing works well for my legs training less for my upper body. using sheets or trx often causes tensions and pain in my shoulders and neck


buy a bedsheet pulls and get wrist pain free!!


Visit Agoge Diet and make your own body transfromation!!! I LOST 18kg. Unbelievable! :D

seanwinter sax

Pretty darn sure you can't change the width of your back............


Can you do legs next?

Snow Shoe

Excellent ideas. Have you been to jail? Ha hah, joking.

Captain A

Great video. I'm just amazed that 282 people didn't like it - why on earth not? He is knowledgeable, charming and instructive without being bossy or condescending - what's not to like? Still there are always idiots around..... Thank you for the video, Jeremy.

Tushar Jathar

i am 64 years old

Curtis and Jasmin Foster

Have a question about the straight arm pulldown. Are my shoulder's supposed to hurt? It feels like most the weight is on my shoulders while going down and making sure my arms and body is straight. I just concerned when I do this I'm afraid of injuring myself.


Neighbor comes out into the hallway to see you doing door sheet work out. Neighbor goes back inside and calls the cops.


thanks for sharing man. however at 3:19 that scares me lol broken glass or something man

Tushar Jathar

i want to see pokemon videos from you


Been trying to find a chin up bar that's not 1000 bucks for months. This guy is my guy.


Perfect build to carry even the worst teammates

操just for SB

It won’t work cuz u just pomp ur muscles

Damica Hill

Wow this video was very well done I’m impressed


Brilliant! Thanks, mate.

Reprogramming Mind

Super clever!


I mean, thanks for making these videos. I know some people specifically ask for these things, but I dont think you can build muscle by just laying down and raising your arms and legs into the air...

I just came here to see how I can replace the pull up, as I dont have a door and gyms are closed (yet again). Guess I just do these body rows with a rope on a tree somewhere outside until Im strong enough for pull ups, and then just do pull ups somewhere.


I stole my grandpa chest expanders and put in on the top edge of the door and now I gave him my bathroom towel.

Leslie Wood

Thank you.


Maybe for a beginner can be effective.

Hemanth immanuel

I'm confused, I don't see how #1 and #2 in this are different. Position of the arms looks exactly the same, how is it different ?


my hands get all achy with these exercises, any tips


Good trick to try.

Claire Divas

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footgood trolled

Why no pdf this time

Gabriel Franco

This is so complete and professional, great work dude, thank you!

Needa elasar


Trey Sandness

At home ab workout next?

Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus

Charlie Brown: Linus how you get so ripped?
Linus: Using my blanket ;p

Jack Bloomer

Its factual entertaining and easy to mimic good video


The power of prison workouts

Shinrin Yoku

Can I do this with kyphosis?


I am not sure would I would rather NOT do.

1. Set up the bed sheets properly so I don't fall on my ass or have to order new ones on amazon
2. Vacuum the floor so I am not inhaling last month's Cheetos dust

galen mullins

I found these exercises to be very effective and tiring. I do want to mention though that it put a lot of stress on my hands as there is a lot of force and pressure on them, like someone squeezing your hand super tight. Use caution.

Osama Abu-Hassna

Osama Abu-Hassna


Who else watches this thinking that if he uses the table and some sheets his mom will kill him?