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Rob Reiner Guest Stars on "The Odd Couple" - from 1974!!

Rob Reiner Guest Stars on "The Odd Couple" - from 1974!!25 Jul. 2013
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From an "Odd Couple" show

From an "Odd Couple" show from Sept. 12, 1974, here is a guest appearance by Rob Reiner! And they paired him with his then-wife, Penny Marshall!!

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i never liked that meathead....

Sean dineen999

oh meathead!

Paulette Niemiec

When I seen Penny Marshall I cried. Imagine, all three of them in that scene are all dead now. Everyone except Rob Reiner, and a lot of people wish he was dead. LOL!

Russ The Troubadour

12 -18 - 18 Penny Marshall has passed due to complications from diabetes at age 75. RIP She will be missed

M Stephens

Rob Reiner isn’t the best actor but he’s a good director. He’s acting the same as he does with Mike Stivic (or however it’s spelled).

j frame


Helen Grigsby

Penny Marshall's husband.

Michael Powell

Something tells me Sheldon Leonard played a role in the production of this episode of The Odd Couple!!!

Freeman Human

A truly classic TV moment

Mark Richards

That wig a personality on its own.

Farhad Z

a classic!

Zazu Zazz

“Very, very real!!!”

Jeff Saltzman

Here I Am Sheldn!!!

Gabriel Schleifer

Did anyone else think of this joke when The Weeknd first became popular?

Marko Grishan

This is Television Comedy done RIGHT!!

Kenneth Taylor

Hey Meathead!


He ended up divorcing her. Then he could stray, he could stray.


"I strayed. I strayed"

Marlene Villafane

One of the best play adaptations written for television! Used to watch reruns late at night on Ch 11 WPIX at 11pm or 11:30pm years ago.

mark schiavone

what's with the Hebrew accent from meathead

Zazu Zazz

Quirky, funny moving...memorable.

Issues and tissues !

Hey it's the guy from all in the family!


He’s still a dummy to this day!

Bob Tavares

Why is the quality so rotten?

The Writer Speaks: Garry Marshall - PART 2

The Writer Speaks: Garry Marshall - PART 212 May. 2014
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Garry Marshall's credits

Garry Marshall's credits read like a history of television. THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW. THE ODD COUPLE. HAPPY DAYS. LAVERNE & SHIRLEY. And more. Here he talks about his life as a writer with interviewer Barbara Corday. Filmed on April 2, 2009.

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Pontiac GrandPrix73

He was a great personality

Glenn Leahey

Loved this interview. Penny and Garry Marshall grew up...along with the Reiners about 3 blocks from where I'm sitting in the NW Bronx.....and some of my elderly neighbors went to the Miss Marjorie Marshall School of (tap) Dance. Really life-affirming...not so much bout raw success as bout his JOY in creating the work.

red watch

Am I supposed to read this?

Stuart Fitzsimons

Good job Barbara!

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Garry Marshall as Matthew Perry's Father on 'Odd Couple'!

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Garry Marshall as Matthew Perry's Father on 'Odd Couple'!27 Apr. 2016
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The Hollywood legend, who

The Hollywood legend, who also serves as an executive producer, guest stars on the CBS sitcom.

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Salisbury Steak frozen dinner...YES!

timothy flanigan

this version of the odd couple was beyond horrible.the original odd couple was one of the greatest sitcom's in the history of tv. the genius of garry marshall. the incredible talents of jack klugman and tony randall.

Glenn Leahey

...I tried to watch this version of The Odd Couple.....friggin' painful.

Jack Welch

This is disturbingly depressing