My orgasm

♥️ My Orgasm Flows Through My Whole Body - SUBLIMINAL - The ONE Affirmation - M/F ♥️

♥️ My Orgasm Flows Through My Whole Body - SUBLIMINAL - The ONE Affirmation - M/F ♥️19 Dec. 2020

#orgasm #wholebodyorgasm

#orgasm #wholebodyorgasm #subliminal

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The affirmation is: ♥️ My Orgasm Flows Through My Whole Body - SUBLIMINAL - The ONE Affirmation - M/F ♥️

Welcome to my new series. It’s called THE ONE series. I’ve been in the affirmations business for years and over that time I have come to realise that there are many affirmations and variations, all saying the same thing. There is often one affirmation that encompasses everything a person is working in attracting to themselves. THE ONE series features a ? affirmation that will assist you in your attracting abilities. It is the same affirmation repeated for the duration of the track. In this case it’s subliminal. This chosen affirmation is a key sentence towards your manifesting, you might choose to say it when you’re not listening to the track too and it’s EASY to remember. Please share in the comments all the money magnet blessings you have received? Listen to on a daily basis, it takes absolutely NO EFFORT on your part.

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?? DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ: My work DOES NOT replace the care of a trained health professional. By making your mind up to listen to my creations you are choosing of your own free will. If you are suffering from physical, mental or environmental issues and ailments, it is YOUR responsibility to seek professional help. Please do not listen to whilst operating machinery or driving. You are in control. I wish you the very best ??

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Erin Wright

Your uploads just keep getting better!! I wish I could subscribe twice! I will share :)

Allen Dixon

Oh yeah now I'm lit up Walk the Moon. How about that I really like it really like at the audio's cool to just started listening to Hey I mean it's up to rock and roll right rock and roll or you know something like that

relaxing Time

Like 2♥️
Beautiful upload ♥️
Blessings and happy Christmas ?
Hope to see you ?

Married Woman Of 10 Years Never Had An Orgasm! "Think My Husband Has The Smallest D*ck In The World"

Married Woman Of 10 Years Never Had An Orgasm! "Think My Husband Has The Smallest D*ck In The World"19 Feb. 2018
11 503

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Strengthen Your Sex Life:

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Jada Symone



u need a yoga coach

Joseph Stotts

If he is a good man keep him don't be a fool

Tyga Rucker

He give you everything but that dick lmao

C Connon

Yeah complete bullshit.

อธิคม ภูวนาถ

“I don’t know what to do”
Answer here: Find new husband!

Daves Gaming

tell him go get some pills

Shanicki Coley Coley

Just go to the sex store

Scott Johnson

This is poison.Hatefull.pointless.Well maybe she is proud of herself. why does she feel the need to proclaim this information to people who have no knowledge of her.Karma sad.hope she is not a mom

Justo Moro


Gloria Regali

Boi clearly doesn't know about his tongue and fingers.

Tom Sc

Can always use his tongue. Me personally, I olve to do that.

kirstie linton

You are a hell of an actress


you are wrong for exposeing him like that u wrong

Jermaine Wallace

Are you serious??? You out your man on blast to the entire world wooooow!!!!

Jonah Austin

Solve it with ur husband not on ur the fullished woman in the world bitch??

Rebecca Trenorden

Not the dick size Sweety. Find what it takes on your own! Ppl don't usually get there with a dick alone, can get close and that's prolly where you want to stop, keep going and you'll get close again, keep going. This is by yourself. Your orgasm is your responsibility as is his. Get some different types of toys, vibrators, use them by yourself and use with him. There has to be some foreplay, starting with the morning, romance all day and then at least half an hour or more of physical stimulation from him or you. Dick size is not the reason.

Kailani James

You should have thought of that in the beginning, deal with it how.

Natanoel de Oliveira Junior

you don't talk with your husband about that, but talk to everybody on the internet... #cowardbitch

Cynthia Lester

Just talk to him and be happy u got a man that worships u n the friend that told u to get a side nigga leave her alone that's not a friend she just wants Wat u have be happy communication is key in a relationship. There's other ways u can satisfy urself W him in the bed room they have toys etc and u supposed to make love n if u love him lk u say u do don't put so much on his dick size teach him wat u want to satisfy u to get that orgasm u need.

Smoking Demons

hit me up ill be ur side dude and help u out alot beautiful lol real talk and be good u every day

Brandon Massingale

That fucked up you blast him on the internet instead of keeping things to yourself with him by talking to him about it first

Matheus Ribeiro Marinho

use ur finger


You need to tell him and see specialist in that "department".

Joe Hunter

i think the problem is in you since you already have kids !!!! the man did his job lol


Damnit boy

Adil D

So he the greatest dude but you airing him out on youtube? I refuse to believe that hoes like this exist... this is a joke. It has to be.

Moritz .M

Damn women really aint shit. She really gonna leave him or cheat on him just because his penis isnt that big. I wouldn‘t care if a women had wack pussy or is flat af

Madhossh Khan

If she never had orgasm how she became pragnent


Definitely a woman would put herself out there like she did..sorry not buying it.?

Inpolite ROBLOX

Lmao what a story

Son Goku

Guys just wait till the end of this video. It's not a true story it's just an advertising.


I feel sorry for this girl...

b c

Embarrassing fake ass shit... Take this down.

You look dumb and stupid.

So obvious that you are pretending to act and BTW you suck at it.

Bruce MacInnis

This is just advertising... and a very poor job at it.

vlog | makeup routine & working

vlog | makeup routine & working30 Jan. 2021
5 141
nycbambiSubscribe 438 721

will be showing my

will be showing my morning skincare in my next vlog :) LOVE YOU!

makeup products...

-chanel SPF (uv essentiel)

-cerave sunscreen

-nars concealer (shade creme brûlée)

-dior eyeshadow palette

-nars laguna bronzer

-chanel eyebrow gel

-chanel highlighter (in shade sculpting)

-vaseline for lips

-nars blush (in orgasm lol)

-chanel mascara

-giorgio armani lip maestro (in 213)

any more questions leave below and I will answer xx

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LeAnna Richards

love how much you and your blogs have grown - you're always stay real and true to you, and are so relatable

love the behind the scenes shots and a glimpse into how you do your work!

Kelly Kapoor

Love your vlogs ❤️❤️❤️ happy Saturday ???

Harley Biala

You’re not boring. You’re just chill, queen! ?

Jess Molina

Your vlogs always make me so happy! You have that beautiful, radiant, and positive energy that is just so genuine. I always feel motivated to get creative after watching your vlogs because you are so inspiring xx

Deborah Peter

fave part when showing the blush :')

Shujing Chen

May I ask where is your couch from? I love the simplicity of the it and the color is beautiful ?


love your makeup routine xx thanks for dropping another vid xx

Alicia Waid

Your home is goals in every way ?

Nicole Palmer vlogs

You are the aesthetic thumbnail queen !!!

Olga Starzyńska

love you girl, you're my unknown long-distance best friend haha love your vibe, the Chanel show looked amazing

Karo Karo

You need to record once how your fiancé is doing cappuccino ☕?

Aurora Binder

Your vlogs make me so happy, the vibe??

Giovana Lopes

Your vlogs are not boring AT ALL! I love seeing the behind the scenes of your work and get inspired by the whole aesthetics of it! And also you go from Chanel to Vaseline, which is something we all like about you ? genuine content

Raquel Cruz

Loved the vlog and the makeup!!???✨

Nayara Martins

your aesthetics ???

Maria Pulido

I really loved this vlog very much, Christie! :)


What brand is your juicer? xx

Kiran Atwal

Would love to know what eye shadow you’re wearing in the second half of the vlog, it’s so lovely and natural looking

Katy Von Grimm

I love your vlogs so much. This vibe.... one of a kind.

Sabina Pucarevic

Can you share the song that plays at 6:50?


Please don’t stop doing theseee ?????

Chancee Rin

Hi Christie! How'd you get your egg to look like that for your avocado toast?

Camila Valentina

0:29 wow wow I swear when I saw your Insta Story about this video I wanted to talk about this! A sign of the universe hahaha
I just wanted to let you know that I love your vlogs. I know that sometimes you might feel like the most boring person ever (which happens to a lot of vlogers and content creators) but they entertain me so much and I enjoy watching your day to day a lot (even if it’s only what you eat, what you wear or the small things you do).
I hope when things get better in New York (and warmer hahaha) you can start taking us around the city. I’d love that ?❤️
Hugs to you (and anyone reading this) from Argentina ?

Kaitlyn Byarugaba

My FAVOURITE content creator


i LOOOVE your vlogs they are like my whole vision/mood board!!! They are not boring at ALL <3 <3


You always say your life and videos are boring but I love them! They’re relaxing and calm but still make me feel inspired. I love seeing behind the scenes of your work and shoots and your routines / cooking etc, these quiet day to day videos are honestly my favorite!

Nabila Azzahra

i love love your vlogs its not boring at all i always feel such great genuine energy from you and its so calm and relaxing, love u and take care xo

delilah gray

yay!!!!! new vlog!!! <3


This was such a calming vlog! I am literally in bed recovering from my second vaccine shot and will probably spend rest of my day rewatching your old vlogs ?


Also those Chanel photos you took turned out so well with the ramen! And I love The Intouchables, such a great film

audrey& maya

The Chanel show had no inclusion!!! It was so sad to watch!

Nettie Solon

Rosie is so cute!!!


Thank you for making vlogs you have no idea how motivating while we wait for lockdown to be over xx