First time having sex after baby

First Time Sex & Pregnancy - Episode 6

First Time Sex & Pregnancy - Episode 622 Nov. 2012
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Manraj answers the chance

Manraj answers the chance of getting pregnant from having sex for the first time. Are STIs and pregnancy even a risk if you are losing your virginity? Find out!

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mr devil A A

Sir I had sex with my girlfriend without protection for first time n I don't want that she get pregnant so what u suggest to do


sir plez relpy me my gf had not sex with anyone till now but once in her bathroom i mastrubate near the tap and forget to flush water over it them immediately sje gets in bathroom for urination near the tap i ejaculayed my sperm and on the tap and my semen are just under the tap and she on the tap...can sperm from them semen can bounce when she on the tap and enter the vagina iam afraid plez help me sir

Krishnan Kittu

In periods for the 1st sex in 5 mints can any problem sir

Munmun Singh

One time sex korle Ki pregnant hoy kau.

Teach Boss

can a girl get pregnant by one time sex

Raina Mehta

Many female wonder whether she can get pregnant at first time sex or not? The answer is -YES! it is totally true! Yes, you read it right, first time sex can cause pregnancy. Any young lady having first time unprotected sex can get pregnant. For more information about first time sex can cause pregnancy read at:

SonyStar Games kadapa

Bro. I have a question. If having the sex without any safe. But when the sperm releases. We took out the penis from vegina. It causes pregnant or not.


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Jennifer Stephan

Thanks for being open and honest amen


Lmao. You always have me rolling girl

Marina Losoya

This is exactly what I think when my 6 weeks is up and you just confirmed it ?

PiscesTV ??

Aww I'm March 14 ???? #PISCESGANG ?????

Marqueisha loving

Girl i love you... u make my day

Kharissa Rae

I'm literally crying ??

Vegas Voss

I'm so glad I clicked urs from the start. Hii grl ? I love your name.

Lady ZaZa

Omg I'm horrified. My due date is march 1st ? me and my man are very sexually active so im real nervous to have to wait 6 weeks that's a longgg time ?

Chels Smith

Omg , I am dying laughing ??? too funny

Love Love

Im subscribed cus you funny ass hell???

Finesse The Ringmaster

your problem was the stitches u got after the tear at birth. Probably shouldve started off with toys and lube to get the kitty up and goin again.

Vegas Voss

Ohh noo grl I'm thirty nine weeks rn. Thanks for the vlog

Tana Clymer

When were you able to have sex again? I’m having the same problem

Kehlanie's Rosé

I needed to hear this cuz I was thinking otherwise ??

Kara Davis



Lmfaoooo nooo not the coochie lips flapping tho ? G you funny as hell

Marina Losoya


Azora Smith

Your coochie is trying to find you lol I'm scared lawd be with me when that time comes sighhhhh "The Lord has provided you with a new coochie" lol lol girl thank you for that info.

Boss Girl

You are too funny ??

A Woods

Lol def gained a new subscriber

Dae’Ja Skyy


Senses N Savagery LLC

Girl I just love you lol


Lol born again virgin thank u and when she hit her hand on the wall

Trena Parker

Couchie lips just a flappin.. LMAO!! Yep subscribed! haha can't resist that!

Destiny Jawns

Girl you just gained a fan??? Man U funny!


Welcome back, welcome back, welcome backkk I love that ? I sing it every time!

Amberlynn and Mom

Did u bleed

davine holsey

Mm mmm no no .. no ????? I’m criennn ?? we would be the best of friends !

Gladys Henry

New cuchi

Nins Asmr

Aye! We got the same birthday! March 13th babys

Shorty Mendoza

I know how u feel u know what u call that naked an afraid bruh when. U said i was a virgin again I felt that u blessed me ???

Maine Money

I gotta wait 4 more weeks till I get sum mo ?

Snail Wigz

Thank you so much for sharing! ?

Evryting Kriss

Girl!!!! I know what you mean. I waited 4 months with my first child and it still hurt. This was funny AF!

Harmony Joanna

Lol you're funny

Daviene Escourse

Nah this video was too funny ???


I swear i can never drink anything while watching your vids. I spit my shit out every damn time. ??

grandson fa president

“Jus flapping li- hits her hand onna wall ?


I knew I subscribed to you for a reason. Girl you are too funny ?? Coochie lips just flapping

Eboni Thomas

I fucking looovveeee your channel! I'm gone start a channel soon & I swear I want to be as real as your ass!!! OMG I be so weak but at the same time I can relate!!!

rubi mar

does sex fell good??

Kyawnna Rash

"Coochie lips just flappin like dis"??

Shug Avery

Lol i waited a year! I had so bad tearing bc of the vacuum which i had so many stitches.


?? this was soo hilarious girl ??

Shannon Downer

Girl..i love when you be real

Amberlynn and Mom

Your first time after 6weeks

Ritchy Alvarez

Women from Haiti wait for 6 months after birth to have sex. That’s what my wife did when we had our child, that was the longest 6 months ?. You look like Ruth Negga by the way.

Iyanna Alexander

??? you have a new subscriber, “Nobody know your coochie like you know your coochie”

Gracious B

First video I've watched of you and i already love you ?? Youre my new fav youtuber

Go back to sleep and starve

I felt that pain in my coochie just listening to this story.????

Jasmine Love

Omggg I'm sorry u had to go through that ??he wanted coochie badly hahaha


Yooooooo I'm weakk ????

Micah Denise

@8:34 ??omfg


I think I'll wait another 6 weeks?

Osa's Bella

I started after 11 days of cerserean delivery.

vanessa Knight

It felt like this thang ⛺, was coming into my coochie ????????

Baby SlothAwful

Omg she’s funny

Bobbi Jo

I’m soooo horny but at the same time I’m scared AF. Six weeks postpartum and it still doesn’t feel right down there. I’m not sore but I’m sore at the same time ?. It’s hard to explain, lol. I’m dyingggg from this video though, lol ???????!!! Forreal, lol. I’m waiting atleast 90 days.

WavyyGamer Dayy

"Uh uh no no uh uh" ?????????

Harmony Joanna

I'm getting scared ?
I'll wait 3 months. Although its gonna be hard for me

Kaydi Hale

I waited 6 months to have sex with my husband after birth. He got used to masturbating. I waited until it felt good for me down there.


Yeah 7 months later I still ain't ready

Shania Randal

Omg I love her ?????

Shara Nichole

Hillarious?? You my dear, just Gained another subscriber?

sahara games101

I’m sorry?? but when she hit her elbow, her face ??????

Lg gg


It'stheAlia Rose

Your funny as hell yo

Makahla Wiggins

Well damn, I thought my situation was bad. Hell my baby didn't even enter this world from my vagina, I had an emergency C-Section and baby let me tell you!!! I waited 8 weeks and tried some shit solo to see how it would feel!!! Ooh hell to the no no... uh uh!! I wasn't ready. Talking about some pain!!! I waited 3 months to even experience a solo orgasm.. PSA to my ladies!! Y'all wait and let that thang heal!!! Hell we grown, if your man is horny, give him the wettest sloppiest head you can give and put his ass to sleep.. you better make love to his penis with your mouth and tongue until your kitty Kat is back to normal.

shakita ferguson

You are FUNNNNY❗️❗️❗️

Eboni P. Jones

Dying you know ur cochie ????

Jasmine Love

Coochie lips just flapping ????

Princess Ki

"Get ya coochie rejuvenated"?


Bahaha omg this is great

unique storytimes

Your couchie is somebody else right now , your couchie trying to find you again " ??

phenomenally sexy #

Thank you my princess is 5 months old & my boo is home & I'm afraid

Porsha Promise



Omg this is soooo funny

leeza turney

You baby and I have the same birthday!!! ?

Smiley Smiley

Crying ???? Love your channel!


This video is hilarious ?????

O’Manie I’Janique P.


Asha May

Mannn I love you Man ????????? team new coochie ??

Shannon Downer

Mi fraid

Torrin Harvey

You kept it real and I love it

Lisatiny Videos Cooper

same here but I went celibate after my baby nope to much pain

B Danielle

My 6 weeks is up today after delivering my third child naturally & I'm fuckin terrified ???‍♀️?


I feelllllll you girlllll???

Life with Lorisa

Your mannerisms ? I can't deal


Im dying!!! I was scared but you got me laughing ??


Subscribed after 5 seconds ?

Asia Williams

“It’s just wiiiiide and biiiiig! Coochie lips just flapping like this!” ???

Teddy The Rottweiler

xD giirl you funny

Cryssy Sunshine

Everyone's body is different. Just because is usually takes 6 weeks to heal doesn't mean that reign true for everyone, you probably just needed more time. Or maybe you just needed to be broke in again.Those stitches is like coochie rejuvenation ??I was split from the front all the way to the back ? I had a lot of pain too and I waited a lot longer then 6 weeks because I was single for awhile. But when i finally did I literally felt like it was my first time again so I get it. lol


You got me rolling...I can definitely relate. Love u girl! Keep doing your thing.??


Lol I thought when women have babies they have very loose walls after. Very informative lol learn something new every day.

Stjepan Palinic

I don't have a dam couchie nor is this relevant to anything in my life but yet I sat here listening to this woman

Nyaaa K

I thought the total opposite too.

Miss K


Jai Adams

It feels like u a virgin all over again

Several Piece

This is not true for many women. I hope everyone understands this.