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Top 10 Things guys hate! How to lose a guy in 10 ways!

Top 10 Things guys hate! How to lose a guy in 10 ways!21 Dec. 2016
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This video is about the

This video is about the top 10 things guys hate about girls and how to lose a guy in 10 ways. These top 10 bad habits lead to break ups. Avoid these habits in your relationship at all costs.

How to loose a guy in 10 ways. If you don’t want to find yourself single avoid these 10 behaviors.

1. Nagging- If you got a good man show your appreciation by letting the small things go!

If your man provides for you, protects you, makes love to you passionately and treats you with respect, stop complaining about the fact that he doesn’t do the dishes unless you ask him to! Take the good with the bad. Especially if he not a cheater, because he could be NOT DOING somebody else’s dishes.

2. Not Being his partner- Guys love sports partly because of the comradery of a team. Together each achieves more. Your man shouldn’t have to fight the world, and then come home a fight with you as well. Be on his side like a teammate. A best friend. Support him. Never add to his load. A good woman is a good man’s peace. She is his refuge.

3. Not caring about his passions-In being your man teammate or best friend one of your responsibility’s is to encourage him and believe in him. He should be able to share his passions with you. The things that matter to him should matter to you. You don’t get to decide if his passions are stupid or not. Never dismiss his dreams. When you believe in him it helps him believe in himself. If you dismiss his passions he may take that as you dismissing him!

4. Not appreciating him- Actions speak louder than words. Make his life easier with your actions. Reward his good behavior with your actions. Head and a home cooked meal go a lot further than y’all think it does. How about a nice back rub? Care for him in a way that shows him you appreciate him.

5. Down talking him to others- Yall business is yall business. Stop telling people yall problems.or even worse, Don’t get your ass on facebook, talking about how he aint spit and he done pissed you off. For the life of me I don’t understand why people take they relationship problems to facebook. They usually get back together bout the people around them are the ones who truly never forget all that dirty laundry.

6. Bitchy ness- Some women are just plain mean once they get comfortable in a relationships. They are so sweet in the beginning. They use a baby voice ,they kiss they man passionately, they rub his shoulders. After some time goes by they look away when they kiss him and say stuf like rub your own damn shoulders. Remember why you liked him in the first place. A man should never feel rejected by his own woman.

7. Emotional inconsistency- There should be some level of predictability in your moods. People hate walking on egg shells around an emotionally inconsistent people. Volatile irrational women have no problem chasing men away because they are drama queens who over react to everything.

8. Not being direct- You have no right to talk down about your man for not giving you what you want, if you haven’t told him. Men cannot read minds. Don’t act as though he should JUST KNOW. Cut the mind games and just say what it is that you want, whether its more affection, better sex, more help around the house, or more dates. Don’t wait until you’ve fallen out of love, to bring up the things that bother you.

9. Communicating poorly when angry- When your angry you still have to watch what you say. One comment can destroy the respect in your relationship. Exercise restraint while upset. Your man will assume anything you say while angry is how you really feel. Don’t tear him down in an effort to win the argument. Only say things you would be proud to repeat at a calmer time.

10. Letting yourself go! I don’t give a damn what day time tv has taught you. If your man was attracted to a particular thing about you when you met him, keep it up. You don’t get to decide if he should care or not. If you were 130 pounds in the beginning don’t complain that he doesn’t touch you enough at 230. If you cooked for him in the beginning, don’t look at him sideways after a few years when he looks to you for dinner. Be who he fell in love with.

That’s my how to lose a guy in ten ways list. If you want more like this or you have any questions write me at [email protected] Like comment subscribe until next time.

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Miss Sparkle

"Cook your own f**** food" ?

Cassandra Robins

Lmfaoooo that growl when he said "rub your own damn shoulders" ????

Kunihira Anet

But changes are automatic, like when you give birth, the breasts will surely fall


????? the face expression and the respekkkk message has me weak af ...
And the bitchyness part ..omg reminds me of some of these dudes ?? course bitchazzness is another story and another topic ?

Laci Davis

Well after dating a man and he tells me his life goal is to be a professional rapper. I’ll support him as a friend but I can’t take a man like that as a husband

b lindsey

Not the MAN VOICE I am dead!?

Ange awesome

He needs to keep his looks up too. I don't wanna look at a balding head and a pregnant looking man belly and ED from a man in his 20s ???



AlternativeBlackTarot and other Tingz

What happened to the baby voice? Lmfaooo

Destini X Shakur

Omg this was SOOOO FUNNY! Lmaoooo but it's NOT . I'm 9/10 ???? dang I gotta CHANGE! I'm so sorry DG ??????? please forgive me baby ???

Jamessa Mason

Lol the sound you make as a girl is hilarious ??

Mafute Nchinda

??? ???I was in tears by the end of this video. It’s great advice though ??

Ms. Sheik Suzya

I am weak right now... “In Ya Man Voice!” Oh man My ex and I have been talking relearning one another and one A M he called so early I didn’t get to drink My water yet... LoL So Our daughter answered and passed Me the phone... I was so unprepared... LoL... My man voice came out... LoL... That was the 1st time he ever heard My man voice... LoL... So his response was... LoL... Who was that... LoL... I was so embarrassed; that was the 1st time I ever felt embarrassed in My life... LoL #InYaManVoice ?????

Janet Dixon

Kevin, I didn't know that you could be so funny...?

Anne Bos

People gain weight while they age Kev. I sign up for a realistic guy

Art Cheruto

okay he had me rolling on the floor the moment he started that bitchiness point ???????

Iam MamaYa

Where can I find the video on how men don't think spiritual women are sexy?

Marysally Wenani

Oooh my God cook your own fucking food if i tell him that am .............finished

London Werewolf

Danggg I wish I would’ve found your videos YEARS ago! I’ve made so many errors. ? Oh wellllllllll ?‍♀️

Andrene Johnson

you childish?????

Olivia Brewington

Lol very insightful

Ms. Rawkii Joy

2: Not being his partner
3: Not share his passions
4: Not appreciating him
5: Down talking him to others
6: Bitchiness
7: Emotional inconsistency
8: Not being direct
9: Communicating poorly
10: Lettting yourself go


Tbh I'm here to get rid of a guy ?

Sheryl Gething


Dragon Zodiac



Something is wrong with “men” these days Kevin.. There are lots of great women out here, and most of these men are just into sleazy ones. IG is their new strip club. I wish it was just not helping with the dishes ?

glenda peterson

“in their man voice” lmao

Cary Sontag

All loser women on here

Cece Mason

I'm over here dying lol "cook ya own fuckin food" ????


I love this om fucking god. Literally just common sense ????


Omg your tooo funny and aooo real... how old are u. Do u have a gf at the moment ? ?



Jay See

@kev hicks---> what is your horoscope sign?

Maria Coles



Lmao. So funny ?


Lol she probably gained the weight going out eating with him

Karen Davis

No Kev, things change overtime same as him. Things don't be same in the long run

Miriam Mahsas

I’ve been binge watching your videos now because I got to know a guy and I feel like it could become something serious. I always felt relationships to be too much work but now that I listened to all that I feel like it’s worth it for him...let’s hope it’s not one sided haha. Anyways I subscribed!!

Palesa Sengwayo

Now Facebook has a dislike plus angry button ?

Nabam Tina

Not helping
He's not leaving me

Mo Butter

10 should have been #1 and I’m a woman.. I wouldn’t be cool with my guy becoming something I didn’t sign up for.

Kimberly Gaines

Love the voice changes

Gurleen Bindra

He’s so funnyyy! ???

Positively Dreadful

I am literally bingeing your videos Sir, some solid advice.

Amy Xoxo

I'm supposed to be grateful that a guy isn't a cheater? LOL not cheating is the bare minimum.


I do agree with you that a partner (man or woman) should keep the things the other like. But I don't think looks are a good example... Sure, you should always take care of yourself and try to look your best (being the look you choose comfortable for you, and coming from your own taste). But hey, people go through physical changes unavoidably (pregnancy, getting older...). If a partner stops touching you because of a physical change, maybe the relationship was more based on attraction (superficiality) than love. A relationship founded on physical attraction isn't likely to last.

Cecilia & Kerstin

Haha funny guy ???

Sandra Pryce


Paw Paw

hahaha You're so funny


I did all this, but still no dice. But I still like your video!

Vanessa Chambers

Thank Kev much needed to hear this motivation message about relationships ?

Rebecca Piceno

LMBOoooooo, rub your own shoulders.


This advice so true about all relationships / friendships.. 100% .


You speak truth! Thank you!

Prachi Bhattarai

Applies to emotionally healthy men

kristin lee

How to lose a guy in one way: drop him

Divinely Nat

LMAO ??? Love the content. I've seriously watched like 20 videos in 2 days...not one lie yet. Thanks for the info.

roxanne CG

Thick girls! ??

Ange awesome

Thank God for growth! Especially the point you made about the whole Facebook thing

Puica Bebec


Amina D

Lol. What happen to the baby voice. Good information Kev... love you

Tellie Campbell

he is so cute!!!! my gosh ??

Eboni Taggart

F-ing hilarious! ?

Christy Ford

This video is hilarious


What about when he was all sweet and romantic in the beginning but most of that has stopped? I want him to be who I fell in love with too.

Lisa West

Oh My Goodness!!! That man voice had me cracking up!!! Love you Kev!! Thank you so much for all your advice. You are spot on!!

Kimberly Gaines


Paulina Ely

you give REAL advice and you're very handsome lol I love your videos

Nicole Kwenda

Yessss I love this

your mom

But why won't he just do the dishes tho??

Tinashe Sheila

This guy has allanswers about all types of relationships ??????

Angela Jones

Your sense of humor is hilarious, I love ❤️ your channel and all your great advice. Thanks for all you do.


Kev I looooovvvveeee your channel and content. Your videos make it seem like you're one of my guy friends giving me the inside scoop. You seem like a cool guy!

Charlotte Playz

I can't they are all so naughty.

Piscean Dreamer

That "He'll get a job eventually" caption had me dying ?

Jay See

I hate the statement (emotional inconsistency) aka "irrational behavior" and how its always being tied to a WOMAN but NEVER a man. That is some BULL. Rationality is SUBJECTIVE to each person.
He befriends his ex gf on social media while in a relationship. Girlfriend gets upset for him being disrespectful and requests for him to delete her.
^^^^^^THAT could be seen as rational or irrational behavior depending on WHO you ask. So, let's just AGREE that emotional rollercoaster behaviors are hard to handle for both genders but WILL happen on occasion in relationships/marriages. It's just human nature.

black beauty

Godamn I'm happy I don't do that shit. We grown we ain't got time to play games. But you forgot one..... 11. If the female tries to be more dominate than the male (if he's into that then its not a problem)... Some guys don't like it, independence is good n guys enjoy it but if u try n take them off thier throne, they may leave


"Rub your own damn shoulders"?


I wish I would've watched these videos a long time ago


The female "manly voice" was too funny

Shani 2016

I agree that you should keep things consistent in a relationship, but after 5 or 6 years somethings WILL change. And after marriage and children, most definitely. But what brought you together, is what keeps you together.

Alex ME

Are men aware that all of this goes both ways?? Bc if not, I'm out! ?


"In a man Voice what happened to the baby voice - Rub your own back" ☠️????☠️

nimra rashid

i mean all you do is talk common sense stuff which is actually gender neutral relationship advice applying to both genders you will lose anyone if you disrespect hem simple as that no matter a boy or girl.

Karen Davis

Kev you always make me laugh

Ginger Reeds

Gaining weight shouldn’t be viewed as letting yourself go. This way of thinking leads women to obsess over their body’s so as to not run their man away. Women are dying to be thin because of this. ???

Tyra Wideman

Alot of this goes for guys as well us women hate alot of the same things so we can't even be mad

April Chestang

This was too funny

Clarisse Gomez

? ? ? ? ? ?

GlamGirlz Studios

Im lit ? right now. This was my 6th video in. I really just laughed my ass off. He’s funny af so subtle with it. ??

Georgina Abrahams

Grt video ?

Melissa Cali

Hahahahah that damn man voice hahah


I had to pause this to really LOL!!! The part with the man voice: “RUB YOUR OWN SHOULDERS!” ??? You are silly!! BTW I’m a new subscriber checking out your vids! Love a lot of the advice ??

Monica Kuzmicki

Biiiitch don’t give me something to nag about and I won’t nag damn..

Stephanie Rangel

More like 48 hours...I cant keep em intrested ling enough ?

Chikerenma Ndubuka

Oh My Goodness!!!! Kev you are hilarious.?

Rukaiyatu Yukeng

??? that man voice

Vi Vi


Debi O’Neal

I love it. Wisdom .

Allison Anderson

“I have a headache” LMFAOOOOO

British Guy Reacting to Top 10 CREEPIEST Small Towns in The US

British Guy Reacting to Top 10 CREEPIEST Small Towns in The US18 Jan. 2021
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Honestly in Iowa being 30-45 minutes from a store or gas station isn't that uncommon.

Phoebe Branson

We have dollar general


Being from WV, I was waiting to see us show up in one of these vids. They even glossed over us in one of the "every state" videos. Of course we'd show up in this one. Such a spooky place! Not really.


My family is from West Virginia.. very poor state most people can’t move out


I live in a creepy mid-western town. The reason its 'creepy' is because the town is literally dying. The overwhelming majority of people here are over the age of 65. Nobody young ever moves here. The population only ever shrinks. It's projected that by 2100 this place will no longer have a sufficient standing population to be considered an 'inhabited town'.


if you want weird and creepy you should look into Stull, Kansas. The pope will not even fly over the town.

Dolores J. Nurss

When Americans say "Cult" we mean groups that abuse religion to take total control of people in a sinister Reverend Jim Jones's "People's Temple" here everybody died. We don't mean honest religious groups.

FaZe Magician

You should watch the Buzzfeed Mothman episode!

Forever Shewolf

Lol "are there cults in the U.S" I was waiting for him to find Mormonism in his google search.

Brandon Smith

in the mid west, we have "party stores" or "liquor stores" in the east they have like Newyork they have "bogega's"

Missa B

you asked how the people in Colorado City get food, etc... the FLDS (their mormon-offshoot church) is extremely wealthy and basically owns the town, as well as other towns/properties/compounds. 
their leader warren jeffs is a super-creep, and still runs the 'church' from behind bars. i found it extremely interesting to watch interviews with his daughter, rachel jeffs, who escaped polygamy years ago... also i found the show 'Escaping Polygamy' very informative and interesting. (i found most of it on youtube)
i live in the US and find it completely strange to think that this massive cult survives and thrives in present-day America!!


It is beautiful when you drive down roads and it's empty fields of cows but then you have your city's that everything's together

Chloric Acid

If you want a famous United States cult, look up Jonestown. It’s where the phrase “don’t drink the kool-aid” comes from and there’s lots of documentaries on it. It’s fairly recent, being my dad was a part of the people’s temple (the cult’s actual name) for awhile as a kid.

Joshua Workman

If you're weirded out by Antelope, Oregon, look up Rajneeshpuram for the full story. It's a doozy.

May I Trigger You?

Are there cults in the US? Ever heard of Scientology?

Vault Dweller

We have small walmarts in Georgia


Me as an Oregonian: Well to be fair, there's plenty of weirdness IN the cities as well. Basically the entire state has all kinds of weirdness anywhere you go. As soon as he said the word cult, I was like ohhh the Rajneeshies.

makaila laster

I do feel like you should watch the more negative things in America because it’s not always a good place and we have some bad things happening everywhere


No California City?!

mitchell miller

for the corner store thing if you are in bigger cities you will have them small towns usually will just have a gas station and maybe a small grocery shop . at the same time if you live in the country or in small towns to go grocery shopping you will probably drive 10 to 30 min away to shop

Dante F


Along the Journey

The Family is another extreme cult.

Fanatta J

I thought for sure Florida would make the list. But I guess we're not creepy, just mostly dumb ?

Kurt Snyder

Weer weerd ain't we?

gracie !

Utah is filled with LDS supporters, so the thing about Colorado City is absolutely true, there are shows that are dedicated to helping people escape the LDS church

Kevan Savage

Wolf Creek, Oregon should be on this list.


The single building town actually sounds awesome.

Jani Stroud

I love how interested you are in our differences. I equally enjoy hearing about the UK

Caitlin Elizabeth Cushing

There are lots of horrible cults and I mean lots

Miguel Carrasco

our convenience stores are typically the gas stations


Villisca is not that bad. I have had to drive 20 minutes to the grocery in a large city, so it is not that out of the ordinary. We visited some cousins in Villisca (one who maintained the Axe Murder House) and the trip to the grocery store wasn't any more arduous than a regular trip. there are some rural areas where the nearest grocery is over an hour away, especially in mountainous areas.

Dante F

You laugh at mothman but most of the stories have substantial evidence backing it up.

Caldeau Hamlin

Oh my God I was just in Antelope, it actually really is a nice little town but it’s just in the middle of hundreds of miles of sagebrush and nothing. It feels peaceful with a undercurrent of darkness. Let’s just say I was glad I was with other people, and carrying a gun.


Colorado City, is more of a cult compound than an actual town. And no one sends in food, they grow and raise their own food. Shocking concept... I know. If you are curious about creepy towns, check out the history of Texarkana. That is the stuff of nightmares.


Lots of strange cults

Whitney Thatcher

I think you only find the corner shops in low-income areas or in larger city neighborhoods. Otherwise gas station convenience stores probably carry the same things that these small shops do

Austin Carmichael

There are cults all over the world

Sierra Margies

Interested in cults look up Scientology?


Bless your heart man you seem like a good guy. But for goodness sake stop worrying about offending people so much.


If you traveled across the USA you would be amazed at the different eco systems landscapes and definitely a melting pot of different people!!


Yea we have cults, we call them Trump supporters

Sgt Schultz

Learned about this place from Red Dead Redemption 2, but Boston Township in Ohio, aka "Helltown" is perhaps the creepiest place in the States. It's an unincorporated(ie not enough people for a US Post Office) town in Ohio that's got a very unholy history. There's supposedly a massive snake in the area that was mutated by industrial runoff, but what's more disturbing is the story that the town was inhabited by Satan worshipers. One of the few buildings in the town is a church, with no cross on the steeple, thus leading many to believe they worshipped the devil. The town's story was interpreted into RDR2 with the abandoned town that has a giant snake in a tree nearby and a church with no cross on the steeple. There's graffiti on the other buildings warning of a "plague of sin" wherein the player can assume that the town's neighbors killed them to cleanse the area of evil

Debra MacFarland

Colorado City has a dairy/store. It is right off of a highway. The dairy/store sells milk, cheese, squeaky cheese, supplies and seeds. The families will go into the towns near(ish) to go shopping. Most of the families are receiving public assistance.

brandy curry

And they call it Skidmore lmao, the name tells us everything really

William Frohbose

I’ve went through Cairo last year and I was truly disturbed. I didn’t mean to travel through it. I was driving back from Illinois to Tennessee where I was isolating In a rental at the start of the pandemic (before it was mandated). I had just got a new puppy and was driving back along the Ohio River. It was dusk when I entered the town and there wasn’t a person in sight. All the stores were closed but they looked like they had been closed for decades yet all the antiquated items remained Inside. Dust covered the glass and painted signs had chipped away. I wasn’t the only the car on the road though. There were many cars. Each and everyone of them (I mean everyone) was a police patrol car. Not all together but driving independently down every street. Every corner of the town. My husband asked me to pull over to take a picture next to one of the decrepit stores but I refused. He’s not from the US and I don’t think he learned the lesson to not act conspicuous and get pulled over by small town police. We’re gay, one from South America and we have out of state tags. I followed the speed limit to a t. As I was driving out I realIzed 3 patrol cars were following us. I didn’t stop for the rest of the ride back despite needing gas. Driving through that town caused the most uncomfortable and unexpected feeling to take over as if it was all wrong.

Cat3r Grl

it is not uncommon to travel 30 minutes or more to a grocery store in rural U.S A. Many people raise their own food to some degree, so frequent trips to buy groceries is not a thing.


Yea we got the same thing like walmart suoer center then u got smaller Wal Mart a

Kali Alabovitz

I live 30 minutes from Centralia and they took out the huge highway with all the graffiti


Do we have small Targets? No. We have Target, Meijer, Walmart, and Krogers all next to each other.


I'm not even going to lie, I was a little disappointed not to see Salem or Amityville...

I was about to say Sleepy Hollow, but that place is actually a good place to live... and Salem I only said because of it's pagan history (Which I actually find more cool than creepy).

But Amityville though... No thank you ?


There are many cults in the US! I think there are like 10,000 active/existing cults. The most well known active cults are "Eckankar", "Raëlism", and "New Mathura Vrindaban".
I took Anthroplogy and learned a lot abut cults.

Ian-Devon Lewis

Funny that you brought up, 'corner stores'. I remember a buddy talking me into checking out a place in this very, very suburban and as much I liked the place and pricetag. I did not like the fact that there were no convenience stores or gas stations nearby like in the black communities. After 6 or 7, you were just shit out of luck unless you wanted to drive somewhere. Sometimes I stroll through the hood, see some friendly faces, grab something from the shop and head back home.

Alyssa W

Yeah we have a gas station at the corner lol.

Jaime Erives

Comer stores in the way you mean are more common in big cities

Otherwise you'd rely on gas stations or dollar general if you're lucky

Belinda G

You ask a lot of questions, but yes America has small corner stores in heavily populated cities, but America is very big compared to the UK, and if you are not in a city and further out where there is lots of land you should understand that you are getting in your car to drive to the nearest market, Doctor, gas station, restaurant, etc. which could be an hour or more drive away from you depending on where you are living. You can expect to do a lot of driving in America. A day trip to go to a place is quite common and if you are vacationing you are probably in the car driving for days. (with breaks and stayovers) unless you take a plane.

Angie Hemenway

OK so am I the only one who answers him when he asks questions about the US into the camera? Like out loud? LOL Just me?


The rest of the world is sold an image of the US

Lord Vengeance

Holy shit, I live about 15 minutes away from Skidmore. Yeah, the Stinnett thing really freaked a lot of people out. A lot of really small towns around here where nothing like this ever happens, and the Stinnett murder was just so messed up... Still surprised to see it pop up as number 1 on this list.

Gohant123 45

We do have small shops like walmart,McDonald's,etc.


I live in a creepy town. There's an island that coffins fall out of, people were also decapitated there. We have abandoned graves in the woods. The road leads to a dead end... literally, there are one or more graves there. We were one of the first places to pick up the Titanic distress signal. Somebody was murdered in the house next door to mine in the 70's on Halloween. There was a building in the woods here where sick people went to die. A man took his own life here after he crashed his fishing boat into an island and wouldn't abandon ship. A coast guard helicopter crashed killing three people. I'm sure there's probably other stuff too. So basically my town is extra creepy.


I'm not from a creepy town but I lived near the Stanley Hotel growing up, which is the Hotel that the hotel in the Shining is based on. I spent a lot of birthdays there because I really liked Historical things so birthday party in an antique luxury hotel made sense. Never stayed on the fourth floor or in any of the "haunted" rooms but when you're on the third floor you really can hear like kids laughing and people running around above you. And a few years ago they started growing a new hedge maze and i got tangled in the wire string stuff they were using to shape the bushes which might not sound creepy but there were no loose strings as far as the staff could see and about ten people also got tangled in the two days I was there. But once my parents and I went there for a "ghost expirience" and it was the most hokey thing I've ever seen. At least they're embracing their creepy reputation.

jennasaurus rex

Cults in the US.... you mean Scientology?


Cults? Scientology is the biggest one. Just look up peoples stories... cult.

Lostund Gefunden

The Warren Jeffs bit, the guy says possessed by "Sayden" - no it's Satan as in Say Tan. Second it's not "Polyamorous", it's Polygamous.

John King

Wonder why they showed the Moonville tunnel in Ohio at 19:39?

Angie Wan

You seem like such a nice, genuine person so I love watching your videos! Also yes so we have "Super Targets" (which are larger than the regular Target) and "Neighborhood Walmarts" which are mostly for groceries and some toiletries. I didn't even know we had these things until a few years ago lol until I moved.

Selfmade Kayy

The surburbs and cities are most of our states. Me and my dad went to visit my brother at college in Champaign, Illinois it was freaky to drive down the e way and see farms and racists everywhere ?


I know it seems extremely weird to our modern sensibilities, but if you're going to have intermarriage in isolated xenophobic communities with only an extremely small initial population (you need in excess of 14,000 for enough minimal genetic diversity for more than a half-dozen generations before birth defects from inbreeding and genetic drift start to set in and become a serious issue, more if the original population comes from closely related people like all of a particular ethnic group or even worse blood relations like second and third cousins), mating the younger women to the older men in polygamous marriage is a way of putting off the inevitable inbreeding problems for the near term. It's not a permanent solution, only a delaying tactic. Polygamy allows only the most robust males to breed, helping to exclude the less fit male specimens. If the younger women breed with the younger men, they are most likely ( if you exclude marriage to direct shared bloodlines like half-siblings and near cousins) much more closely related than men of a generation or two prior where any potential dangerous recessives are likely less widely shared. I understand many Pakistani communities have this problem. Because, historically, before the age of easy transportation, rural communities were typically only a few hundred people, this is responsible for our current broadly divergent genetic diversity and is a strong contributing factor to the historic extremely high rates of miscarriage, infant and early childhood mortality in geographically isolated small communities.


I just reached the part where you stated that you'd never get that kind of space between houses in the UK, and I burst out laughing. My closest neighbor is about half a mile from me. It used to be a 1/4 mile trek just to water the garden. But as you have stated in so many past videos, the US has such land mass that it is easier to spread out. *Adding on comments about corner stores, most of them have gone out of business in the rural towns. People are willing to drive 10, 20, or even 40 miles to save a few dollars, and it made the small mom-and-pop stores unable to compete with those big box store prices. The closest we have (my town specifically) is a few things at the gas station, but they are so overpriced as to be worth the gas money to drive 10 miles to the next town over. We just had a dollar store open in the middle of nowhere, so we can get some things there and only go 3 miles, but otherwise, you just do without unless you want to drive.


Corner shops? In NYC we call them Bodegas.


The small Wal-Mart or small Target are called Dollar stores here

Shawn Coffey

Wait - that's my city at 2:30! We aren't that creepy - just a little methy.
Also that footage is like 30 yrs old


"DoEs AmErIcA HaVe cUlTs. Literally hundreds. All breeds of crazy


We have big and bigger sizes of targets and walmarts

Unity Diss

I live in Iowa and we and Illinois have a lot of creepy shit, the small city I used to live in at one point had the most unsolved murder cases in the entire U.S. also in a lot of small towns there’s absolutely nothing except maybe 1 gas station that you have to drive 15 minutes to, and then you have to drive sometimes hours just to get anything you need but those are really tiny towns.

Matthew Neff

Cults are very real here I got out of one when I was 19. I was in from age eight. Well my family was.


These aren't the worse haha ?


Didn’t realize my state had the creepiest town... wow

Austin Carmichael

I'm from superior Wisconsin there are tales about things in my small city as well

Jesse Frost

You have to check out “NICK JOHNSON” videos!!! He has like ??‼️ of video ranking US states and cities!! He has a top 10 for everything!!!

Mary M

Yes, we have corner shops.
In NYC it's called a Bodega or Deli.
In other urban areas, they're often called Convenience stores.
In my area, we have gas stations at every mile or less which serve the same purpose.
The further out you go, it's Dollar General or Wal Mart, and ppl do have to travel further the more rural you get.
I lived in an area like that only once, and you just do a big grocery shopping trip once every couple weeks, and then run to the gas station/convenience store for staple items (bread, eggs, milk) in between big shopping trips.

Vaulted Death

The simplest cult is Christianity

Brandy Davis

We do have small shops but yes in the countryside it's not unusual to be aways from groceries. We were about 15 minutes from the grocery. There is some minor shopping depending on the town but we were about 30-45 for most other things.

Sυиѕнуи· ·Яƒƒ

Ok, I am from Missouri, and I couldn't believe I never heard of that town, but when I looked it up it's clear across the state. See Missouri is weird, the two biggest cities are about 5-6 hour drive apart. St. Louis on the eastern side of the state, on the Mississippi River right across from East St. Louis Illinois, separate city, but whole area known as Metropolitan St. Louis Area. Then clear across the state going west, just before hitting Kansas, on the Missouri River, lies KCMO or Kansas City Missouri, and right across the river is a completely different city KCK, Kansas City Kansas, but the whole area is called the Kansas City metropolitan area. The Kansas City Chiefs football team is on MO side, and we St. Louisans used to dislike them, but then some ass hat sold our Rams to to Los Angeles, we jumped on board quick last year when they won the super One of the many things trump did to display his stupidity was after the super bowl is call the Chiefs team in the locker room (which is a tradition for presidents) and congratulated them and the great state of Kansas on a spectacular win. got made fun of. His supporters tried to play it off, but dude, if you're the president of a country, you should probably know where all the states are.


May I suggest watching a video on the blight and abandoned homes of Detroit, Michigan? The neighborhoods are terrifying. You can buy one of these homes for a whole dollar!
Another gem we have here is the Eloise Asylum in Westland. A movie was made about it a few years ago.


Theres this 2014 TV show called Escaping Polygamy which mostly features young American girls who managed to escape US cults. Its literally running away at the first possible chance with nothing but the clothes on their back so they dont get locked up and moved to a secondary (more heavily guarded) location. See Season 4 episode 4 for Colorado City

Stephen Selgrat

Guess I live 20 minutes away from Brodhead lol. Never bothered going there, but damn. Didnt know about all that attached. Sweet. Halloween hot spot.

keel24 Brown

Look up “unboxing America”

DATJ Dave Along The Journey

Cults are extremists groups, they don’t technically have to be religious but lots are, Scientology definitely is a cult,
Cults control how people act and think and the very extreme ones even use all kinds of abuse to control people.
Mormons and Jehovah witnesses, once you get into what they actually believe and do also fall under being cults.
Those definitions for a cult sucks, idky but a lot of definitions suck, like, they don’t describe words we use well, like the word silly, that definition sucks too,
anyways, yeah, there’s definitely cults here and some very famous ones have existed such as the Waco cult, the Jonestown cult, and the kkk, 1West black hebrew israelite cults (which are far different from regular bhi and hebrew movement groups)

Ariel Stewart

I watched a documentary about colorado city, there are people who used to be apart of the cult who actually take them supplies. Ever since their cult leader went to prison they have almost no money so they are taken care of by people who are no longer apart of it but still really love them because they still see them as family.

Michelle Mo

As an Illinois native I feel honor bound to say that it may be spelled like the city in Egypt, but Cairo, IL is pronounced KAY-ROW here...because reasons....

Spider Web

I live where it is common to be 20 mins or more from a grocery store. We do have small shops but fresh produce, and meats are not good. There are several dollar generals but only once carries pitifully small amounts of produce. But I moved out further because bigger cities and just not good living and expensive.


I grew up in the Appalachian mountains of NC, 40 minutes to the grocery store but we had a couple of gas stations in a pinch.

Steven DuCharme

I'm in Wisconsin and had never heard of Broadhead,WI

Johnny Wick

There is a documentary on Skidmore if you are interested in it.

Its called "No One Saw A Thing"

oliver plantagenet

Republicans now are a cult

Jade Henry

The thing about the US is that it’s so big that any random place on the map could be different in every way to any other place.

Funny thing is I’m born and raised in the US and I only heard of one of these towns, every other one made sounded almost alien in nature to me


Bodegas are the smaller corner food stores.


Want a creepy place? Look up Oniontown.


Sometimes Brits and city folk surprise me. I grew up in Kansas, USA (it's the state right in the middle of the country). The nearest grocery store or hospital to my town (60 people) was 30-45 minutes away in any direction. That's just how it is in farm country. Everything is spread out really far. Driving 20 minutes to literally anywhere ain't nothing to us. Plus you have an expanse of gorgeous land in between your destinations unlike the city where its the same skyscraper, urban crap everywhere (I say this as someone who has been living in a large city for the last 5 years. Love the things to do, hate how i can't see the stars or the land anymore, but there are no jobs where i grew up unless I wanted to work in the local factory or farm.)

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Lana Brunello

I had plenty of guys after me But I chose him .... alas another mistake
I need your help ?

Mehrnosh K

Whats that red thing on ur toung?

Debra Ladkin

Feckin love you!!! Only just found you... your fuckin the bollox


I am a man watching this just to make sure I dont fall for any tricks - but he is right an Alpha male will not fall for mind games. Too many beautiful women out here.

Pamela bb

I like the word dweeb. It's fun to watch written.


hahahah!!!!--- 12:23

Trisha Mysliwski

Dude, I think you’re great. Thank you.

Self Care Toolbox

dog shit! lmao omgggg

cindy benson

How to draw bounderies without killing the attracrion?

Victoria Burke

You are the best coach I've listened to. More honest. Not all bullshit.


“Fake it til you make it” solid. I love it. Lol

Madelyne Scholp

thank you so much i did what you said and later that month i asked him what his goals were and he said "my goal in life is to have you" and i was so happy and at that moment we basically started dating so thank you so much

Elliot Scott

Check out my course Attraction Academy and get 20% off with discount code: “20off!”

mkhan khan

Genuinely love this guy. Dude your so fuckin underrated ! Amazing content! More videos on how to expose players ! Xx

Tanya A

great video !!!

Edyta Delfel

Elliot great videos!!!. I would like to see you do a video on "Energy". The energy that we all have/posses. We were given bodies as a temple, but the real deal is the energy that we have.

Naomi g

"Big bellies and small weiners" hahah

Paradox Report

yes lets talk about it!!!! I need him 2 be obsessed with me

des ray

What's up guys?it's your favorite.... ?

Lynda From Paris Athena

? I bought a dating coach guide 4 years ago and it looks like I assimilated part of the lessons since I do the confidence thing naturally and draw men to me (or let’s say a lot of players & fuckboys ?), sometimes even mesmerize handsome ones by playing with your charisma. I became a collectionner of handsome young players (like 10 years younger than me ?) against my will, so I create competition without even having intention to play theses games. I date a guy and other former suitors shows up to interfere in our date. A big part of likes on my profiles pictures are guys, admirers hidden. But what usually happens is my new dates don’t realize I am sought after, nor my value intellectually in terms of skills being smart - that’s what I want to be appreciated for -. All they see as the predators that they are is « oh a pretty woman that’s looks nice so friendly : a perfect victim » , they take me for granted then I leave them high & dry all of the sudden and move on to the next best thing so they most likely realize the competition once it’s too late « oups she ‘s with another guy » and they lost me because I was done with them.

Darlene Holloway

I'm not a normal girl! I'm flipping amazing!!!! These asshole men have no idea nor do you!


I've learned so much from you!!! ?

Trisha Mysliwski

Dating F’n sucks

jin ju

Its so true i like your videos?

Quarantined w /Remy & his sibling Chis

This man speaks straight facts

christi crenshaw

Why care if a guy chases you. The moment you let him catch you. He will just throw you away.

Rebecca Jones

' Big bellies and small weiners' hahahahaha


I hate a guy with muscles, sports cars and money n status, you said a woman with a athletic body was over rated well we think the same way about guys with muscles and sports cars

nofy bn

No woman has nothing to offer. Women do it because of him! Right energies? BS, there is nothing wrong with a woman acting so called "masculine". Such BS. It is NOT wrong energy for a woman to be logical or strong!! I don't get the difference. NOPE, guys are shallow. No, guys want it just for themselves.

PG Productions

You crack me up omg ??????

Shalonda Haynes

I just love you and your videos. You save us women alot of grief in the long run. ?

Alynie 11

Lol! You are so great ?


Another spot on video!

Monica-Women in Insurance

Lol love it

Kulina Zacin

There are several components to how to make a man fall in love with you. One resource I found that successfully combines these is the Maras magic words (check it out on google) definately the most useful guide that I've heard of. Check out the awesome info .


Elliott, I enjoy your videos. you are right on. I like the level of analysis, the interlacing with evolutionary theory, survival of the fittest, why men act the way they do, what they want in a woman. It is quite interesting to note how you said you guys scan the room to see who is checking out your date. The part about how pathetic guys are because they want to impress women. I can understand all of that now, I have a girl-crazy teenage son!! He is so into girls now and his whole outlook is doing things to get girls to look at him. He is a good looking kid, so he is lucky doesn't have to work too hard. Physical attractiveness is a good thing to have. But I tell him: Girls like guys who are smart, have jobs, and men should defend, protect, provide, and fix things around the house! On a few occasions recent summer months, we went to a car dealership to look at cars. On one occasion he was bothered and turned to tell me: Mom, that guy is checking you out whats his problem. He is only 13 but I think its cute how he is protective and watches out who checks out his mom!! Little attitudes like that at a young age, persist into adulthood. I see him as a little kid, because I am his mom, but he is growing into a man.
Again, I enjoy your videos, your insight, and your humor! Great job on the videos, I think that you have a magnetic personality. Take care!

Wendy Z

men put women on a pedestal? I disagree- these days they treat me like dogshit even tho I'm successful, gorgeous, in shape, and not crazy.

Therese Meggitt

Yes I’m exhausted all these men knocking at my door - totally exhausting- lol; ). Everywhere I go some guy talking to me approaching me etc..

Made In Hawaii808

Create value
Build assets not liability
Show you have something to bring to the table
Become elusive
Create competition
Make sure youre important. . .status envy


Slow your speech down ,and stop drifting

Carmen Cales

ROTFLMAO.. Big belly's and little wieners? .. This dude is funny.. But so right

Puppy Cat with the Fuzzy Pants

12:40 I lost it.... I laughed pretty loud, and my family is sleeping.

Elizabeth Seiden

When a man is lying to me about something important, I tell him that my boyfriend just came back from Afghanistan. He’s going to talk to me about decorating my new apartment.

Laura Pug

Elliot you have such a great personality funny and smart

Katrin Eskandary

Right on sir :)))))

Crystal Selah

Elliot - get a dog after you find YOUR woman !

John Moore

There’s a relationship “secret ingredient” that a man craves in order to feel intense, committed love. Without it, he will always keep one foot out the door.

Sansriti Mishra

thanks!! and I thought that piercing is a tic tac u eat all the time ??

Matty the Button

Lol about the dog shit thing! ???

Hilda Pompa

blah blah blah

Marianna P

My bf of 1 year and 6 months knows I am an extremely faithful woman. I don't flirt with other men, he knows this very well. So with that being said, he is not afraid of losing me. Our relationship is getting to the point where I feel he is not trying any more, because he knows I will not walk away with other men, or even entertain another man (since I am in a committed relationship with him). Elliot, how do I get him to know that he could lose me? if he doesn't try in our relationship? our relationship is getting somewhat boring. I love him I really do, but I see he has become complacent, and thinks he can't lose me.

Rose StillARose

This is so true ! Lol

Therese Meggitt

I try & make guys laugh & joke with them- talk about football I watch etc.. might as well have fun. Don’t be overly flirtatious though- or chase I feel -not good I feel . Live life -Don’t seek a guy just have fun.

Think for yourself John 3:16

Hilarious Elliot. You always brighten up my day's. You are like right on it and hilariously funny. God Bless you friend. ?

Elizabeth Seiden

A guy told me that I’m too honest about my past relationship’s. I believe, as a rule not to reveal much about my ex. Especially, on the first date. No kissing until the tenth paid dinner date at a steak house.

Natasa Veljkovska

here's several tips for attracting a man and discovered
be patient
go out by yourself - dont just stay in all the time thinking about this
(I learned about these and more on Avyanna Attract Tactic website )

Elizabeth Seiden

If a man isn’t confident is he a loser?


Omg how does he talk with a straight face? He’s so funny but awesome advice!

lele diamondasmr

Great advice

Loraine Luyun

I love give and take and trustworthy

Therese Meggitt

OMG get a dog please put in the Video. One of The best things I did was get a dog. They are great on down days etc.. like children give you a different way to look at life & others. Have so much to teach us - like have fun & enjoy your life & don’t take yourself so serious. Like wearing nice clothes don’t worry your dog will get mud all over you etc.. lol! ; ).

Janet Shipley

Fantastic viewpoints and advice thank you


You right 100% acting like your hot stuff even if you're not causes guys and girls to see it too!


Im gay, n I will tell u, when u carry ur self with confidence, everyone knows it. I will walk into a restaurant n have to wear sunglasses sometimes because everyone's attention is directed twords me n it make me uncomfortable lol n that's from men n women. I love myself n take care of my self n people can see it n seem to gravitate twords me....but I am a people person n work in hr so that could b y lol

Rachel Perese-king

your so helpful thank you! your the best at what you do.

Miss M A

love your videos keep keeping it real!xx

Jess Dee

You’re so accurate ?

Elizabeth Seiden

Sometimes, if the guy is aggressive or rude, I tell him my ex is back in town and he’s just texted me.

Trisha Mysliwski

Ladies. Elliot is right. I really agree. I’m very rich. I’m come from a very wealthy family. The guy I Was dating had no clue. He owns his own business w/ his ex wife. I’m am a Scorpio. I give very little information about myself. This man, Ghosted me. Came back. Then tried hot and cold bs. It doesn’t matter, if you’re rich,poor or Anything in between. If a man likes you. He will show it. And you will feel it.


This is a lie

Soulfully Naomi

Great video! I love your perspective! Question: So don't necessarily flirt and don't make it seem like it's other guys can get you but show him he's got competition?

Mich Rom

I need your help Elliot!
I'm told that I'm very pretty but guys never choose me, I'm not sure if it's because they are sociopath/narc or if it's me


dog sh*t. ???

Mediterranean Sunset

" My teeth are crooked " ?????

Annette Walker

LMAO! You crack me up!


My guy sees guys want me doesn’t make him any more attached .. he won’t LEAVE but he’s no more affectionate or any of that than he would be

Genevieve Reindl

This guy (my future boyfriend we taking things slow) says if you can't look after a woman then don't date her. But I agree with you. A woman should still work and pull in a income. Cause I feel if he loses his job or something needs to be paid. There is her extra income to cover that. And money is always is a big fight in relationships. So if she can use her money and cover for him till his on his feet. Then I think we become closer.

musicislife77 music77

Hahahha.. searching the floor for dog shit ?

Helmi Ylisirniö

I don't know why, but you remind me so much of pewdiepie? I'm I the only one!?

Zoraida Rodriguez

Thank u for advise I'm learning a lot

Dana Francis

I find you ramble alot before you make some valid points

Samantha Jacks

You cheer me up with your humor. Thank you.

Arlene Portsmouth

?????12:25: YOU ARE A FUCKEN RIOT ! ???

Flor Bela

You are so funny ?

ASMR Barbie

“The day women like big belly’s and small penis’s”? ? ? lmao hey to each there own. You’re the best Elliot, so happy I found you. You have such an awesome personality!!!!

P Girl

You always speak the truth. The guys Ive dated are always on the lookout for guys checking me out or hitting on me. They even ask me when I go places if I got hit on. It really feeds their ego big time!!

Sandra DiBiaso

You sound like an overt narcissist. Lmao!

Pilar Aguilera

Happy I came across you. it is nice hearing a man say this. Love you!

Miss M A

what if the guy your with gets checked out just as much or even more then a female does


How do I ACT like guys want me? i tell the guy stories about all the dudes that want me because I feel like that would come off as being narcissistic.


I have a lot of pets and my main love is my birds. My love life is nonexistent and at the age of 19 I still haven’t been kissed. I want to combine a way to find a guy who is not going to judge me for my thicker size but also to find someone who will accept my love of my pets. Is there a thing I can do for this and where would be a good place to find guys who are likeminded with this....


I just want to let you know i've seen 10 of your videos and liked every one of them. Thumbs up. Keep going.

Jelena Pe

Hey we like guys who eat dog shit LOL ???

Chenoa Auralynn

What if you naturally have that aura and your bf has low self esteem, has been married and the ex wife left him for another man. Now in our relationship when he's depressed (when I didn't do any wrongs) he's tries to "self sacrifice" himself for me to be with more fun dudes... but then I end up just having to stroke his ego because I want us to stay together. But he doesn't express love back the way I want and he's not that romantic. I think he's scared to love hard because I'm pretty and might leave him. How do I fix this cycle of being pushed away from something that is actually really good for me otherwise. He's making me lose motivation


I wish men would put me on a pedestal.. even just for a while lol ?

Kris Nilsson

Does Elliot's dating advice fit into 'older' age range, like above 50 years?


Do you know that every single one of your videos I've watched in the past few days has a Matthew Hussey advert before it? haha

Jessie Wattenhofer

How do you come across the ways you are saying to come across to guys when you are on Tinder or is it a loss cause when you are on that site?

Daria Passarelli

I am not a TROLL, I care about you?


I'm a subscriber. My knowledge about men on how they think/feel and respond to various situation is improving. I'm learning. Thanks to your channel.

Just one thing though. I'm not sure if it's candy or what. . but you always have something in your mouth that gets me out of focus. This thingy on most of your videos is kinda distracting. I love candies too. . just don't eat while filming, okay? ? then I'll love you forever.