Father died

A very truth story of a little girl dad that died in 9/11

A very truth story of a little girl dad that died in 9/1115 Mar. 2017
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Very sad a little girl dad

Very sad a little girl dad that died in 9/11

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Hunter Dobson

I cried because I love my dad so much and if he does die
I will be torn to peices

O wolf :P Stackhouse

?? waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Georgie Renner

You can hear her get more and more sad as the video goes on, shes staring to understand it more and more

Melvin Azor

Reminds me of Bindi Irwin and Steve Irwin. ?

chad stinky

I cry each time because my dad died 2 years ago, almost 3

Sandy Cheeks

I can’t live without my Daddy??

Undertalefrisk1 1

Dad's are the best they play with you, when your mom's mad your dad cheers you up, they will always be the best but my grandma has cancer, and i try not to be sad. My dad's mom died and i didn't get to play with her ever. Be happy with what you have cause they won't be with you always


This keeps getting sadder, 9/11 has lasting affects and will always be a scar :(

Fatima Vasquez

Sadly my father died when I am in kindergarden I miss my father I really ² miss him


big dude besent know how to grammer

Samatha Nicole

I cried very hard :( ?????

Lunar Gacha Studios

9/11 hurt so many people. I’m so sorry to everyone who lost someone in that awful attack. My heart goes out to all of you ?

Ahaha U uglyyy

I wonder what happened to the girl now in 2020? I feel so bad

Rere Taylor

Is this really the same girl?

Rek Thered

Theis is strong i whs depreesd for 3 yers


This is soooooooooooooooooooo sad

Jolo Jarobel


Sierra Adams

I just got out of basic training for the navy and my petty officer played this when my division wasn’t listening one day and all I could think of was my mom and her father. Appreciate every moment in life because anything can happen to change everything ❤️❤️

Jordan Gay

I lost my dad in a
mortycycle crash and you know I think about him everyday and I just can't crying when I think off him you know people plzzzzz appreciate what dad you have cause sometimes you might not ever see him and you know I might either but I know he watching when I need him the most

big dude

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Alexis Lennon

Dads are someone we can turn to
They are their, through all the break ups
They are always their ?

Modesto Villarreal

This is hard because not only my dad but also my mom died so I have two other parents I'm adopted so it's really hard my dad died from cancer and my mom died from a gun shot•

Caleb Baker

I’m gonna be a dad April 15th I’m 20 years old stuff like this really messes with me

Throwaway Account

Sorry to be disrespectful, but this message sounds too robotic to be real. Is this fake?


rip to her dad but i literally just lost $25k on bustadice so

Ashyera_ naomi

Today was sadness day for me ☹️ I can't stop crying ? everyday i cry ?? it's hurt ???????????????


I watched this since I was 8

Ava marian carbaquil

I lost my father when I was 1 year's old?

Isabella Briones

She has to lose your dad


If you have something important never let go of it even if you need to never do it because if you let go of it you may not get it again for me i still have them but they will eventually vanish just like them (My Granfathers)

Mike Schmidt

My dad passed away

kuhween ess

Awww this is so cute

Raven Anthonette PELAYO

I cried because i know what it feels,my dad died 2 yrs ago ?

Alexis Lennon

This is the only video I cry on ?

Samatha Nicole

Well I'm mean he broke with mom and this video remembers evrything

Andre' Galloway

This is so sad :( I cried bc of this

Romina Talledo Gomez

thats sad i was almost going to cry and i also show ths vid to my dad

O wolf :P Stackhouse



My dad didn't pass away.
But, im thinking about my grandpa, he died before I was even born, and its sad cause I never even got a chance. I dont even know how he sounds, how he looks..its sad cause I never got a chance to say goodbye.

SupėrDörk Īs MÅD SŪS

The word “can you see me?, can you see me?” ITS HITS MY HEART SO HARD!.....so hard.

Alberte Platz

Oh is MAKE me to cry

Isabella Briones



Man this hits hard

Isabella Briones

I miss my dad to win this song made me smile and cry and think about the good times that me and my dad

Sophia Miller

I was balling my eyes out?

Jimenez Ciriaco

My dad he not dead but he not even there for me ?

Jad Aoun

Well it's been 16 years and I'm 17, and I hate him, he preferred smoking his fucking cigarettes instead of trying to live with his kids and walk with them when we needed, i hate him so much but it hurts that i can't even throw his picture away.
And i hate the pitty i get from people, my childhood was shit because of him, my teen years are shit because of him, he ruined all our lives for smoking.
And the worse part is i know i shouldn't.

PFatima Rehman

This tells how dad's are really important Ur are important I cried ??? so Hart brokeing and sweet too




This child is too precious for this world. Like if you agree.

Breonna Gilbert

i miss my dad its been 10 years with out him

Bailey Geyer

??? I cried

Joshua Gadwala

I feel so bad

Soda Pop

d u d e s t o p m a k i n g m y e y e s s w e a t
I had my great grandfather die 5 years ago.
And I could not stop thinking about that while listening to this.
and I'm doing schoolwork-
Like d u d e
I'm now forever stressed-

Samatha Nicole

I cry I remember my sad memories to I'd been bulled and my cousin too my sweet cousin the best

CoolGamer Jr

00:20 ??

Salwa Jk

My father death when I was just 6 months and I even don’t know his birthday or his favorite song


Sub when we hit 100 subs i will do a discord nitro gif



Wahaj Haider

Me crying every single second os this vid?????

Sarah Rodriguez

omg this is so sad i feel so bad for those who lost their father

Jess Jezz

This made me had a anxyaty attack

addy gang and nya gang

This made me cry ? ? awww that's so cute that's how I felt about my grandfather my grandfather died ??????

Gacha Girl 1477_Rblx Numberfnfblocks

soooooooooooooo.. the backstory of joseph?

Alberte Platz


Algien Arean

It's been 15 years, daddy. Things are so hard rn;(( i have no one. No one.

Fatima Gamino

Why is the girl calling him daddy ?

Undertalefrisk1 1

So emotional

Savannah Vineyard

aww man???

Shayla M

This is fucking sad i can’t


The dislikes are from heartless bitches...

Derrikah Lowery

This hit hard love u dad

Hinda Leaf

this made me cry sobbing this remined me of my unti she passed when she was a babby my mom said that that was her favoite sister the moment you knew she passed

Isabella Rivera

I miss my dad he passed away when I was 2 monthes

•Dylāñ kūñ•

My dad died


I can relate to this ?? rip dad

Nakeii Epperson

Actually burst out crying Because my dad is a New York and him and my mom divorce And I really miss him

Kiran FF

you lost father I lost an older sister

Vinod kumar battu


Samatha Nicole

I font have a father



Im just 12 years old and my dad got sick... I just spoke to him last morning and he was speaking weird ...we put him to the hospital when my mom and brother returns home my mom suddenly cried i asked my mom why she cried . She said . Your dad is gone... She cried and said DAADDY cause thats what we call him and now... His just gone i wish he has a good afterlife in heaven ...i wish when i pray i can speak to him ... I wish i should have not been mean to him i wish i would have hugged him more...so for those people who still have a dad hug them cause you'll never know when there going to die...

Pam Siewert

My dad died to i miss my dad so much

Maaida Arbab

this is why u never take ur parents or any1 u love for granted

Tackybubbles 447

Our rdc played this for us to express how our actions in the fleet can cause other people’s deaths. To show us that we need to be better or we could end up causing this to other people’s kids.

Alberte Platz


Hinda Leaf

who would dislke this video


I still have my dad but he’s never with me and it hurts ?


I watched this video a lot and cried

Pam Siewert

When I was 5 months old

Ava Rose Richards

In a BUTIFUL place call heven

Little Mermaid



this really made me cry

Samatha Nicole

This make me cry and my cousin

O wolf :P Stackhouse


kanchana krishnan

I lost my father before 2 months... I am 26 now... I miss him a lot... I feel like my life is incomplete

Dina Moyong

I really miss you daddy❤️I hope you know that you are my hero❤️

O wolf :P Stackhouse


KrisAndrie_ Gaming

Im sad cry my lolo dead ??????

Lasanee Vang

My dad cheated on my mom and he died in a car accident and this video made me cry hard

CoolGamer Jr

Its so emotional