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AMAZING HIGH END DIY HACKS you Have to TRY | 2021 Home Decor on a BUDGET

AMAZING HIGH END DIY HACKS you Have to TRY | 2021 Home Decor on a BUDGET31 Jan. 2021
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Hello my loves, Welcome

Hello my loves, Welcome to my channel. Today I will be showing you the 5 High End DIY Hacks\ thrift flips makeovers using old pieces that I already have or that you can get at thrift stores.

Some of these projects are inspired by stores like West Elm, Kirklands, Anthropologie, Pier One, Pottery Barn or Hobby Lobby, and DIYs are perfect for customize it to fit styles like boho, mid century modern, Scandinavian, farmhouse and modern farmhouse on a budget.

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Comments (100)
Brenda Croteau

Jaz I love how crafty you are!! You always use such great items in ur diys!!

Linda Johnston

Absolutely original! I love ALL of the ideas and will surely use some of them! Thank you!


Favorite. Teapot. All good ideas.

Joan Friant

Beautiful work!

Samantha Rivera

love the wicker basket riser. so simple and elegant ?

Melva Avant


Jennifer McIntosh

You are so talented!! Great jobs on all the projects!!

Rita Smith

Hi jaz good to see thrifted items refreshing they look really nice. Have you guys posted any new video on YouTube channel Jazomyhome coz I didn't get any notifications since your video which you guys posted in early December of Christmas decor plz reply regarding this. Stay safe n blessed

Danica Uzelac

Always nice job

Lady Lori

My Favorite was the little pot with the Olive ? branch. That sand textured paint came out amazing!?
TIP: look at the cap on your spray paint (when your at the store) and that will show you what the paint is supposed to dry and look like; so if the cap on the spray paint can feels & looks rough, that’s the way the paint will dry and look. ?
You have amazing ideas and your projects always turn out so darn awesome!! ????

Lady Lori

The first project with the shallow “wicker basket” is actually a paper plate holder... but I love what you did with it and giving it a completely different use!!???

Miriam Dieppa

You make me want to do so much please please do more DIYS...??????❤

Elizabeth Quintanilla

They are all beautiful like very much your videos. Blessings

kathy williams

Looks great with black

Suzanne Deaton

I always love your DIY’s

Seleta Bodine

Love them all. The tea pot is awesome.??

Elizabeth Fisher

Absolutely love the teapot

Linda O

The wicker piece is usually sold in a set because it’s original purpose ...a paper plate holder. Pre- Chinet days, paper plates were made so thin they needed support to put any amount of food on them. They were great for family picnics so kids could carry their own plates.

Carrie White

The Tea pot is my favorite, but love the riser too.

Brenea Ramsey

really love the teapot. great ideas for all!

Phyllis Coffman

Hi, Jaz! Everything turned out so beautiful ?! I love the sconces and the teapot ?♥️

Bonnie Lawson

The basket/wood riser is my favorite! I will make one. Like the pot u sprayed with the textured paint, too! ?

Bobbie Flores

Nice work, my favorites are the sconces and the tray/basket all came out beautiful tfs. Big Thumbs Up. ???


I liked the basket riser best, but all are great!

Lenifa's art

All this while I was trying to rub off the black dot on the top left ?

The Beauty Files

Love these ideas! A good trick when using textured spray paint, is to spray paint your item completely with a non-textured paint and then lightly go over it with the textured spray paint after it’s dried.

Sharon Jansky

Great inspiration ideas. My fav is the teapot.

Dori Nielsen

Love them all of course but the sconces are my favorite and gave me a great idea to refresh a wooden paper towel holder I have

Tricia Neumans

I love the vase. Looks expensive.

Daisy Gonzalez

Beautiful diys! like always ?

patrIcia malone

That basket is a paper plate holder.. i used to have a bunch back in the 80s. Cute craft

Christine Eschelbach

Love the riser. Very clever idea. ?

Angela Strozier

I love them!!!

Misty Cottongame

Love them all, the candle sconces are so awesome!


Whenever I see your channel, I will be inspired by your creativity

Linda Thompson

Hi Jaz I love the way all your projects turned out. God Bless you all.

Nataly’s DIY

Jess me encantan tus ideas???❤️?Y también me encanta tu acento ?

Dolphin Watcher

They are all beautiful! ?????


Whenever I see your channel, I will be inspired by your creativity

Leyda Vazquez

Loved your little teapot idea.

Sabrina Ross Hoover

I love that you use black and do a more modern look.

Andrea Sylve

I love them all but the place setting was my favorite!!!

Jody Mead

That tea pot was super cute! ??

Michelle Wood

I really like the tea pot. How did you make the succulent plant on the white stand?

Lola Most

Great job your channel is the only diy channel that I watch regularly very creative and talented?

Vian Jaf

All nice

Zenaida Rivera


MaryLou Brown

Hi Jaz! I love the all your fines at the Thrift store and the transformations you did with them. ❤️

Teresa Negron

The vases were so cute!!???

kathy williams



Jaz! Sweetheart, you are so talented! I just love watching your DIYs. Thank you so much. xoxo

Emily Fox

Good vids. When is your next Jazomyhome video?

Sandra Buckley

Hi Jaz all great ideas and very pretty ? TFS have a great day stay safe.

Granny C


Brenda Sherman

Always great inspiration!

Carmen Reyes

Hermoso todo.

Marisol Lopez- Caldwell

They all came out so cute ty for sharing ur inspiration love all ur videos

Lesley Osmond

Great job

vonciel burton

The place setting was my favorite. Love them all.

Irma Wan

woven riser and the teapot are my favs

Mary Livingston

I am a big candle person, so the wall sconces were my favorite. I do so love your creativity.

Sherry Lavite

Natural was a good choice. You're the best

Brenda Hyatt

I save spools from the thread to use for the risers and also I save my pill bottles lol

Cynthia Thurston

I agree, the teapot was my favorite! Great job ?

Sudie Hill

I love everything! I'm always so impressed with your creativity!

Little crafts lover

Здравствуйте. Очень интересные и оригинальные идеи, смотрится очень стильно. ???

Estrella Perez

All DIYs are wonderful!!! Love the teapot!!!!

Amy Hurley

Like always love em all❤️

Rosa L Rosa

Hi Jaz I love all those ideas ? you and María do great diys without a theme love then??. I mean other diyes are great too.

Paula Benfield

Love the teapot

Lidia Style

Thank you for the video!!???? Hello from Washington State!!????

Laura Swingle

I just love you're enthusiasm! Love all your ideas!!!

Michele Heinze

Jaz I love how you snap your finger when you say let’s get started, you’re so uplifting and fun. The trays that come with several together, use to be used for paper plates, long time ago and before your time, lol. I love what you’ve come up to use those. Love the riser, love the tea pot, love everything you made today, beautiful decor. Thank you for all the inspiration. Stay well and happy ?

pat ohare

You are fixated on black which is boring, you need to up date your taste

Ivonne Barbot

Amazing love all of them

Amo Nicaragua Libre por siempre

Preciosos como siempre ??

Diver Down under

They all turned out great, I love the riser. The little wood legs were an awesome way to use leftover wood. God Bless

Nati Pena

Buenos días Jaz ☕️ Felíz Domingo. These turned out very nice. Me encantan. The little teapot looks amazing. Hasta pronto ❤️ ? ? ?

Janet M Varela

Very cute!

elise pelletier

Amazing what some paint dots do for the teapot

Cherubs channel

Love them all. My favorites are the riser and tea pot.

Marie Moore

I love all of your projects but that teapot is fabulous. You always do great diys. ❤

Debra Springers

Love all of your gorgeous projects!


Ok i would LOVE to see a home tour and how u display all of your diys!!? i bet your home is so cute and cozy!!!
These all turned out so adorbs Jaz!
I need to go to the thrift store asap! Amazing how you can turn an old inexpensive item into something that looks so high end!!
Tfs Luv?

Brenda Francis

love it

Lisa Bennett

Love the wooden chargers and plates. Love love them

Dellria M Seales

I love the teapot it’s beautiful great projects

Tracy Balcius


Melody Medlock

I always love what you create. The woven basket in the first DIY is a paper plate holder. That’s why they come in a set. I never thought about using them as a tray or riser. So clever! Thank you fir sharing. ?❤️

Staci Bailey

mines tea pot

Kathy Gordon

Great idea , love the tea pot ! Great look !

Mary Rhyner

I love the teapot?❤️❤️

kathy williams

Waste not, want not...GREAT USE OF SCRAP WOOD

Miriam Dieppa


Brenda Hyatt

I love all ur ideas ?

Melinda Kelly

I love the little tea pot!! So precious!!! ❤❤❤

Maureen Davidson

You always have such great projects. Love the tea pot.

Joy Pearson

Love the teapot and vase. The teapot is absolutely adorable.

Rhonda's Craft Obsessions

That teapot came out really cute! <3 I will have to remember that idea.

Sheryl Lemons

All are so beautiful ❤️ loved the wall sconces

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