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HOME AB ROUTINE - Staple Core Exercises

HOME AB ROUTINE - Staple Core Exercises9 Mar. 2019
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Exercises mentioned are listed at the end of each video (:


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homie G

Thank you Jade ??

Candric Wallace

Can send me that play list good vibes...??????


??? Thank you


My goodness where have you been all my life!! Fantastic

Kristelyn Joie Maralit

i like her programs and i like the way she dress during workout.

Myriam JK

I really like your videos thanks for posting good fitness content - I am watching from France and I reproduce your exercices at gym ???


How many times a week would you recommend this for a beginner?

Shari GetzFit

all abs. i love this video


Great video!
What kind of sneakers are you wearing??


I’m literally using this as workout right now at home and I feel it in my abs so much! Really good workout! ?

Virgin Berry

This was a good ab workout.. I’m just getting back to my workout life.. I was like ?...

did HIT outside then did the ab workout at home... great job!

Black Phoenix

Her posture is prefect

Ruth L

Thank you for this video

Rose Jackson

My fitness rolemodel ????????

Etta James

I just did this on my bed!

Alice Belikova

What app are you using for the intervals?

Sis Tasha

Hi, do you recommend doing ab exercises with your sweat belt on?

Jovi Wife

NICE!?...U GO GIRL!!!?...? IT?

twayna thomas

Do you have an alternative to the v-ups?


Hey boo. You are always awesome!!!

breen vf

mi favorita! ?

Deitre rogers

Really enjoy your videos. I did 2 rounds?? thanks for the work?

Kenya Zeigler

Love your videos!❤❤❤❤

Can you break down how you stretch? Do you ever work on flexibility?

R Gro

Buena rutina Jade, la haré ??
Algún día tendré mi trasero como el tuyo??????.
Saludos desde México

Isadora B.

Your videos are the best!! Straight forward and nice music too. I can just do it with you because of the beeping


Love your channel ❤️ Thank you!

Jessica Herrera

These abs works r always killing me girl ?❤️


My new fave fitness girl ?

feli mart

Do more home workouts your amazing


I love your videos. Straight to the point. Great music. It’s a whole vibe❤️

Janette Marlyn Williams

You inspire. Today I’m going to work out at home. Thx

Dark Knight

You have great taste in music.

Janat Khatoon

Her form is So beautiful and she is crusing through this like a champ... I mean nm I would be having an asthma attack by now ?

Jasmine Olveda

This is an awesome routine to killer abs ??

kim jenkins

Loving this...right to the point with some good music at that!

P. Wates-Blount

Thank you for this! It was just want i needed!❤❤❤

Neada George

Do you know how rare it is to have many likes and views yet still maintain a LOW dislike count??? That means you doing something right ❤️❤️❤️??????

Keep it up ???

Tiffany Green

Love your workout great routine ?️

MrsPJay S

Thank you for these incredible workout videos; I’m getting back into the workout mode and you’ve help so much! ❤️❤️✊?

Rau R

wow... Vups are so hard to do for me?

Zama Lindi

Now this is the kind of content that I need?big ups to you Jade


Absolutely love your workouts! If i'm in the mood (like today), I can bust out two or three videos for an intense session

Fit_Warrior_Over 40

Love this video, I love to watch other fitness YouTubers and combine their workouts with mine. Keep up the good work. I ❤️ a good ab ?️‍♀️

Jennifer Trevino

Jade you make it look so easy. But your my number 1 fitness girl. I follow your videos all the time. Thank you for helping me get back in shape?

black cottoncandy

Listen I did a butt workout from her 3 days ago And I still cannot sit, stand, walk properly. I ducked up lol but I will definitely want results So I will keep up but why is it so painful


How you do these floor workouts without hurting your butt bone and lower back? It hurts lol

Crista Lavine

I am so glad I found your channel ! It has really help me so much I love that I can do my workouts with you ?

Chad McLeod

Hey I'm a guy, and yes my wife knows that I watch your videos.? But like someone else said, no talking and straight to it. A lot of the guys talk more than the law allow and I'm like "dude, show me what to do!" But...now I'm talking a lot now. Yo Great job.??


How do you prevent back pain when trying this?

Katherine's Channel

I love how you edit your videos. And how do you lose love handles by the way. Keep the good work.??????????????????

Toni P

This workout is great! I travel for work every week and I do this 3 times a week in my hotel room along with cardio and it definitely works! It's great for when I'm too exhausted to even put on workout gear to go to the hotel gym ?.

Gladys Estrada

Hola cuantas veces por semana se debe hacer saludos?


Ohh yess I just decided to start working on my abs the other day. Now I can just workout with you.

Puddin Pop

I really like this. No talking just straight to the point and nothing is fast forward so I can do them with you

Ajah McCullough

Yess girl! Thank you so much!

Ms.lovely Angela

Been watching you’re videos they are intense to do but I am determined girl I wanna my body to be like yours lol

Amelia Etienne

You make it look so easy


how many rounds of this would you recommend? 2 or 3?


I’ve been watching your videos for workouts, I like the videos with the tests in between so I know when to take them. A bit advanced for me, I haven’t worked out in ages but it motivates me more cause I used to be able to do these lol ?

milly Andrade


Fanya Tandu

Always straight to the point, love it ?

Diana T

Omg!!!! Yas boo, I’ve been slacking but will need to get back on track with your vids ❤️ Do you have a snapchat?

Ameera Chyy

I love a good ab burn workout!!


Doing this now and I’m dying ?

ummu Hafsa wa Fatima

Hey any tips for being patient for result ? Love ur videos such a help

Tehsa C

This has me dying! Thank you! ???

Necole Settles

?JADE.... your workout swag is on some "THIS IS WHAT I DO" ish!!! I'm trying to stick with it by keeping my goal in mind. But i must say I've never been this constant with anything. Thank you for the vids, motivation

Vrenaly Cortez

Hey babes, your video is on point...
I love it ??


Thank you ❤☺


I love being able to workout at the same time while watching and enjoying these tunes

Angel Buchanan

I know one thing! I'm about to be SNATCHED! Absolutely love this routine. Good Job!?

Bella J

Wish the rest time was a lil shorter

alexis mattox

How long did it take you to build abs

Leslie Coronado

That was an awesome intense ab workout before my lunch! Thank you!! I’ve been enjoying and doing all your workouts ,before the quarantine and now!! Love you chika!!! Keep up the great work! Kisses from New Orleans ?? .. BODYGOALLSSS !!

Diana Ruiz

How many days at week do you recomend to do this exercise lose fat?