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AZ Democrats and Republicans running hard, deadlines coming fast

AZ Democrats and Republicans running hard, deadlines coming fast30 Aug. 2020
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With the major parties'

With the major parties' political conventions over, campaign organizers in Maricopa County are now fully focused on the so-called "ground game." It's the essential and unglamorous work of getting people registered, getting ballots in their hands, and getting them to vote.

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Fear mongering GOP, smfh

Channel 420

Republicans are the STUPIDEST People walking on Earth ?. Vote them all out ??

GAME ON. GAME HARD (Coming Soon...)

GAME ON. GAME HARD (Coming Soon...)17 Oct. 2019
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Game On. Game Hard. is

Game On. Game Hard. is our brand new format coming to our YouTube channel very soon!

Are you a gamer? Do you combine gaming with your love for Hardstyle? Then this is something you don't want to miss!

In the meantime, check out our Gaming playlist on Spotify:

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Dirty Workz is the Worlds leading Hardstyle label. With a broad sound, representing World leading artists, supporting the rising stars in the scene as well as the darker sounds of Raw under the Anarchy imprint to the fresh new combination of sounds which is Wolf Clan and the faster party sounds of Electric Fox - Dirty Workz has it all!

#Hardstyle #music #DirtyWorkz

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Inviting Hardstyle producers to play video games ? sounds interesting :D

Wilbert scherhaufer

its a cod like game with instead of weapons those dubstep weapons but instead of disgust noises dubstep its actual good music: hardstyle

Valentin Meys

Everyday I'm shufflin' HARD

Kevin de Jong

If it is what it sounds like I'm more then happy to try it


cant wait to see what this is

Zane Brannon

That first sound is totally Tekken ??? Amazing ?


Any hardstyle lovers would like to follow me on twitch? I stream radio show, Hardstyle Heaven, once a week on Saturday’s and do gaming and hangout with viewers and friends in between. Check out my YouTube for the mixes from streams!

Galende DGC



Spinnin game room 2.0


im Gamer, i love hardstyle. Game Hard !


playing vs. fans would be funny :-D
Can't wait to destroy some djs in some games!


looks like it was made for playstation fans

Ritvik Upadhyay

Pretty interesting. If it inviting other artists to play games, then will they dirty workz artists only or will other label's artists be also considered

Arnes Julio

Maybe Dirty Workz planning on streaming video games 24/7

Ok my theory doesn't make sense


Tekken 7 OST wtf.

Hardstyle 77

Crystal Lake track

Jesse Jax



This will be very interesting and see what you have plans for?
Own game?
Own PRO team ? (in csgo/lol/dota etc??)


Hope this Track is about the glorious PC Master Race :D

Marius Tiberian

Coming soon like my tshirt?

The Hardstyle Musicz

I wonder what this could be

It's hard to see the economy coming back very quickly from this: Mark Zandi

It's hard to see the economy coming back very quickly from this: Mark Zandi21 Apr. 2020
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Mark Zandi of Moody's

Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics discusses what shape an economic recovery might take, but cautions even when people are able to come back to work, there will be fewer businesses to come back to.

U.S. stocks fell sharply once again on Tuesday as oil prices continued their unprecedented wipeout.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average slid 700 points, or more than 2%. Tuesday’s losses brought the Dow’s two-day decline to nearly 1,300 points. The S&P 500 dropped 3.3% while the Nasdaq Composite fell 3.9%. (Click here for the latest market news.)

Traders were focused on the strange happenings with oil futures once again, which raised concern about deep losses for the energy industry hitting the U.S. economy even further. On Monday, the May contract for oil futures expiring Tuesday fell to zero and then went to an actual negative price, meaning producers would pay for someone to take the oil off their hands. The bizarre move has to do with the fact that because of the coronavirus shutdowns, big buyers of oil like refineries don’t need any more oil because their tanks are nearly filled.

That May contract clawed back into the black in early trading on Tuesday.

“If we ever needed a reminder for the extent of the abrupt decline in global economic activity, it is the fact that WTI oil futures saw a negative price,” said Tom Lee, head of research at Fundstrat Global Adivsors, in a note. “But oil is a residual issue of the broader global “stay at home” and this situation will not change until Western nations and US states begin opening up. And they cannot open up until each jurisdiction feels they have a handle on the healthcare crisis.”

More concerning to traders on Tuesday was the selling now occurring in later month contracts for oil futures. The more actively traded June oil contract was down 35% at $13.27 Tuesday. That contract expires on May 19.

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Gary Davidson

Thanks trump for shutting ?? down because you can't handle a bad case of flu as a government

A. Ali

Economist Big bird says letter - F

Absolute Truth

WARNING ⚠️: Never take vaccines and cures from wealthy people running greedy and pure evil big business! They have no interest in your health! Your life is nothing more than a Guinea Pig ? experiment!

WARNING ⚠️: Never take vaccines and cures from wealthy people running greedy and pure evil big business! They have no interest in your health! Your life is nothing more than a Guinea Pig ? experiment!

WARNING ⚠️: Never take vaccines and cures from wealthy people running greedy and pure evil big business! They have no interest in your health! Your life is nothing more than a Guinea Pig ? experiment!

763 412

As it’s falling lol

Jess Yates

in 2008 we should have done a New Deal type of thing and instead the Fed backed the backed the market, 2020 same thing the Fed jumps in to help the market but the economy is in shambles. A New Deal type investment in this country will put people back to work why not do that oh and while we are at it how about bringing back factory job and farming.



Alvin Fuller

We are in a depression, get used to it.

volkan ozkose

Governments need to understand there is not a thing that called eternal growth. There should be new markets to come existence, may be re new able energy or urban reforestation that can benefit every one financially, physically and mentally for every ones good. Kind of win - win deals. I believe people sick of working for something that they can not reach while trying everything to have it.

Allen Sadicario

U can thank all your rich friends making things in China u guys sold out the American people sad but true

Rob Michaels

Looks like the plan is working to a T. Get to know;

clark kent

It's almost Objective seeing the people not want today

B. Eder

Government officials Ruling class, love power.


corporate media, government, and bankers are the enemy of humanity....all apart of the nwo agenda

Progressive Chiropractic

That number seems low