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Friends - Chandler and Monica "Adult Relationship" - Joey finds out

Friends - Chandler and Monica "Adult Relationship" - Joey finds out10 Sep. 2016
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Friends Season 5 Episode 5

Friends Season 5 Episode 5 "The One with the Kips"

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Kim Milliner

No one knows...

S.L. Mughundhun

Joey processed the thoughts faster than the speed of light

Saar Koene

Monica was extremely mature. Especially when you compare her to her brother, it is amazing how she deals with her relationship. Not just in this situation but in many more over the years. I'm thinking about Chandler moving to Tulsa for example or when he "freaks out" about Monica jokingly booking the plaza for their wedding. She really never let's her own emotions control her reactions.

Patriotic Justice

I laughed so hard at Joey's expression when he put two and two together that I had tears in my eyes. XD

Akash Bhartiya

"In Looondonnnn" cracks me up everytime ?

Mohmmad Ashayn

Correction Joey didn’t find out like the group he figured it out


1:47 Phoebe teleports from next to the fridge to sitting on the sofa.

Wallflowers :

can anyone tell me how Joey found out about the relationship between Monican and Chandler?
I have no idea:(

Nijimura Okuyasu

Chandler: A hot girl's at stake, and all of a sudden he's Rain Man.

Asha Limbu

2:19 the sound that Chandler made ?????
Matthew Perry is so good

Prabakaran R

that one friend who finds out everything ?


“We are in relationship?”
Next question should be
“Are we adults?”

Eben Diendoh

Man I wish I had a friend like joey

Bobby Chris

I fucking lovee joey! He’s like the best!! ❤️??


ladies and gents Donald Trump was mentioned in this episode grr


"If you give up every time you had a fight with someone, then you'd never be with anyone longer than..."



I've said it before and I'll say it again: Monica and Chandler had a much more adorable relationship than Ross and Rachel. They should have been the focus of the show, dammit.

Shot in the Heart

He’s so cute in this sceneeee

sanika dixit

"if you give up every time you have a fight with someone you won't be with anyone longer than....??

Shafin Aymaan Fahmi

i dont get it how did joey find out?


chandler has really self-destructive behaviours and he's never been with someone who picks up on them early or cares enough to stop them.

Keren B.V


Hannah Fortenberry

aw he's so cute


I dont get how he found out here lol even yho its the best show ever

Angus Z

I don't get the Donald Trump joke, can anyone explain it to me thanks

Matt Parker

The smartest Joey has ever been about anything lol

Juan Fernando Castilla

"You deal with it and move on". How many women do you hear saying that? Monica truly loves Chandler.

linksgrünversiffter grumpy old man

One of the very best moments in the entire series.


The "IN LONDOOON!" is just typical Joey

Dp Decim

Courtney cox is so pretty


1:49 Watch the wall in Monica's room! It's decorated as Chandler grabs Joey, then blank as they all run through the door!

Helena Durst

one of the best scenes of the whole series

Rich Small

Joey finding out was one of the few BEST moments in the entire series!

Александра Багдасарова



dude it's so weird how frequently the laugh track is used

Joseph Harris

Two things that make this scene so great (a) Joey's reaction and (b) how Joey actually connected the dots and figured it out in good time!

Kannan SS

Chandler is the best

Chandler Bing {king of sarcasm}

In London???


Am I the only one who thinks that part of the reason joey freaked out is because he kind of liked monica

Abhilasha Yadav

Wow ,if not for what a truly mature woman monica is , Chandler would be forever single .
Chandler is great ,perfect in fact but he was always filled with doubt and insecurities with relationships and girls .


Even if she didn't look like Courteney Cox, I honestly think I'd be blessed being married to Monica Geller. A kind, forgiving woman who didn't give up on me, but also pushed me to be my best.

ekinsu puyan

Just want to say that chandler is too cute this scene omg❤

I'm Unknown

This doesn't seem like a 90's show!!

Apoorva Sharma

Please give me a chandler?

Melissa Vitória

“IN LONDON?” ????

Steven Barry

chandler: Japanese gibberish

Jaseem Kappothummal

I always jumped when joey says 'iiinn Londoonn' ?


Why is everyone replying to this in 3,2years seriously am i that young????

Vince Barry

Rules help control the fun!

Cat Whatever

I loved it when Joey said “In London ”

Pradeep Dev

Joey’s red t-shirt is amazing. The styling is unbelievably Brilliant.

Roy Melhado

Chandler come on really you are having a fight please and kiss him to adult relationship they also have a talk to Joey in London


0:50 sweetest Monica ever

Richy N

And that’s how Joey tribiani was mugged and killed in Monica’s room??????

Kanika Vyas

How exactly does Joey find out about the realtionship....i'm confused...can somebody explain

Sheikh Suleiman

Monica is GORGEOUS in this clip. Just so gorgeous

Thinking Rational

I need a monica for my life

shayaan mannan

chandler becomes japanese 2:18

Suhita Sharmin

Joey is such a baby❤️

Pradeep Dev

Joey’s attire in this episode is out of the world. Love that red tee.


They were the best together and they were so adorable

Rowaifa Rauf

I can't believe Joey , "Joey" Took in all that from Trump in elevator and Eye Lash Curler , ALthough He gives out late reaction


I really love how monica beautifully explained relationships to chandler without making him feel low??


All my life, i simp for Matthew Perry

Sanjay Rohra

We are so stupid

Kahakashan Choudhary


Jonathan Pierre

Couldn't get that past The Baby Kangaroo!


I think here Matthew looked at his best ???
Look at his charming smile 2:50

Jonathan Watson

If im Joey, im thinking like seriously, seriously, youre asking me to keep a secret like this, come on, then i relent and agree. Thats what makes tbis comical

Al not big gay tho

Chandler is basicly me

Chandler Bing {king of sarcasm}

I had to tell someone???

Rick S

1:47 Phoebe is standing behind Monica
1:48 Phoebe is on the couch

Shankar MK

2:50 OMG That Damned Smile ?? He Looks So Handsome!!

Kaitlynn McQueen

Joey finding out is probably one of the best scenes ever!!

Hannah Fortenberry

I love it when they give joey smart moments

Rhea Muppane

i love chandler's face when joey was like "it's great"

luke ketchum

When Joey's eyes wide, that's when the laughter begins!!????????????????????

Meenal Sharan

I absolutely love joey?❤️

zenobia stevenson

Joey’s and Phoebe’s were the best and funniest reactions of all the friends ?

Maryam Kamal

this is the best relationship in the whole show ?

luke ketchum

Monica: Guys! Rules are good! Rules help control the fun!
Me: Monica you ruin everyone's fun!?????????


Wait, Chandler said that happened at his, that dude's everywhere, it could've been a coincidence...BUT THAT'S NOT A COINCIDENCE!!!

Kavita Jaiswal

Howwww when ???

Sam Sticka

After Joey says "IN LONDON?!?", Monica should have gone "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"


God, I just can't stand how cute Chandler is. Omg!!! They were really in love, the way Monica says "I know it's great" and then kisses him. It's like when you just can't enough of the other person. Oh loveeee. I love Monica and Chandler

Александра Багдасарова


Genevieve Monk

"so... this isn't over?"
"you are so CUTEEEE" ✨??

Sione Fatai

Can you explain to me how Joey figured it out I don't get it

Hannah Fortenberry

0:46 aw that was cute

Kim Milliner

Welcome to an adult relationship and he is cute ...

Wallflowers :

Joey:IN LONDEN? ??

Wanderer in the Dust

"IN LONDON!?" --- I laugh so hard every time.

romi natt


Petulant Pet Cat

They're trying to take Joey ????????????

luke ketchum

Hey! They left out the part where Joey says "It is! It hurts!"


I almost cried when she said, "I'm afraid so" and he said, "okay" with a smile. ❤️

Byanjona Nath

Oh, I love Mondler ❤️❤️ they understand each other so well, makes my heart melt ?

Sonal Shah

Really okay great ????


What do they realise at 0.42 pls someone tell me??

Katarina Knezevic

2:18 the way he said in London just cracks me up???????