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The Pros and Cons of Dipping Pouches!

The Pros and Cons of Dipping Pouches!14 Jun. 2019
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*Please refrain from

*Please refrain from viewing if you are under the legal age for buying tobacco products*

Hey, everyone! Today I just wanted to touch on some of the pros and cons that I have found when it comes to dipping dip of the pouches variety. I hope you all enjoy this little video, and be sure to check out our shoutouts! Take care and God Bless!

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Thomas Turner

Awesome video dude! I dipped long cut for many years and switched to pouches a while ago. I dipped relatively decent sized pinches, but with pouches I'm satisfied with throwing one in. I feel there are way more pros than cons (in my opinion). A can of pouches lasts me 3-4 days where I would dip a can of long cut in a day, day 1/2. EDD is also Grizzly Dark WG pouches!

Tristan LaMunions Music

Good video man, and good subject to?


I prefer longcut because swallowing spit id disgusting and I hate the feeling. And that’s why I don’t do pouches

Chris Wilson

If you're gonna dip pouches throw one in up top. I dip regular dip church or seminary a pouch does the trick.

Atlantic Hunter

If you're dipping in middleschool that's no bueno ?


When I rip long I don’t get dizzy but when I dip ouches I do why?

realtalkstudios gaming

Good video brotha.. I smashed the like ? button

Dougie H

Ya don’t get as much tobaccy dippin pouches.

Polish Oskar

Is pouches safer then smoking honest answer only ?


Great video I used to dip pouches all the time when I was in high school but now I haven't bought pouches in awhile

Alex Juarez

Great videos man really enjoy em !!!!

Mike Laymon 86

Are usually dip one pouch and I don’t like big ass pinches sorry for cussing but I don’t like big patches are you small patches in fine with me I like a pouch is better anyways less mess

lil kid duh Savage

Nice video man very entertaining ankle how was your day

Shane Cooke

Stopped vaping n started dipping pouches I have only done 1 at a time about 4-5 pouches a day am I doin it wrong? Hahaha

Kurt Ulrich

I have recently switched to pouches got a dip of grizzly dark wg pouches in right now. I love the convenience. Even if fellow dippers give grief to people who dip pouches .

Official JDP

I started with loose cut snoos... I dry heaved ? start with pouches!

Kurt Ulrich

I always keep a can or two of pouches in my bag for work I currently have a can of grizzly straight pouches and Copenhagen wintergreen pouches . I agree with you on the pros and cons

Ethan Yowler

So I'm a new coming to dip I do have Grizzly premium mint in rn the pouches rn, my man concern is oral cancer, am I at a less chance with cancer because it is a pouch?

Good Ol Boy #76

I guess I am one of the hard core dippers you talked about. I go threw 2-3 tubs a month of longhorn or stokers. Their the only ones I have found that have the big tubs.1 tub = 12 cans. I some times get a can or two grizzly if I run out and I'm not home. I have been trying to fine the new paracord can from grizzly but no luck yet. All the stores in NW Arkansas says they have not got them in yet or their sold out.

Rebel Nate

The school told me if I get wrote up for dip again their gonna put me on probation ?

Dirty Pat Walsh

I think you can swallow Pinkerton pouches as they are pasteurized...snubie reviewed some dip pouches and had no problem with it. I love pouches...but ya definitely a lot less in the Canada you can get Skoal straight pouches and Copenhagen natural pouches...they cost around $20 as compared to long cut or snuff for $30 lol. Great video btw and thanks for the shout out!


Great topic man!

Ceven Pentecost

Yeah guy at gas station gave me pouches and I asked for long cut but I never checked. So I'm stuck with a log of pouches at work for the week until I get back into town. I cant dip as much, so it sux

Zac Casey

Dude you’re kinda fuckin up, the wintergreen pouches are way stronger then the dark wintergreen pouches, did you put ten fuckin bags in? ???Jesus try the reg winter green pouches you may not go through a can as fast

Big John's Life

Got some stockers long cut wintergreen packed in now. The only time I have a dip in is when I'm awake lol


I love the texture of cope long cut. I hate grizzly tho. But the pouches of grizzly are much better then copes pouches imo

Wild Bushman

Great video once again mate! As always thank you for the shoutouts, keep up the awesome work!

Gabe Stcyr

Love the video

roki buča

I use pouches when I m in public because where I live there's not so mani people who dip so is weird that you spit all the time and probably grossed to someone

Stop'n Traffic in my RASTA Hat !!

Check out the pouch PH and free nicotine ratings on google. Wikki has a list. Pouches are higher than their loose counterparts it seems. Just FYI.. Great Review. Thanks.

cool beans

Bro i just tried to use a pouch for the first time and i threw up 3 times and no i didnt swallow it i was spitting it just tasted gross as fuck im never doing it again im just gonna keep vaping

How Much Do You DIP a WEEK?

How Much Do You DIP a WEEK?5 Dec. 2019
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My Shop:

My Shop:

*Watch The Dip Run LONG CUT here:

*Get a MudJug at

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Cook Trey


John alexander

Hi crisdips1 I’m huge fan wish I could meet u I’m 22

HawkeyeFan4ever 16

I started and a can would last me a week and as I continue to dip that can lasts shorter and shorter amount of times and I’m now a can in 2 day’s.

Chris Roberts

Because of you I could out about outlaw dip an it has changed my world!

Kyle Roth

That is a sexy jug!!

Jake Ruid

Dudes drinking 900 bucks a month, buddy’s got a problem

Blackie Chan

I really tried to like dip...cant do it, always makes me feel so sick

Notorious Citydiffrerent


Christopher V

I pay 19 to 16. For a role of Copenhagen mint

tommy deely

I love ur content so much. Happy new year cd1


how do you dip all day? like a couple once a hour is ok when your drunk but like all day it would just fell nasty

Rainbow Trout

I use to dip 5 cans a day now im down to 2 lol but trying cold turkey new years

Tjart Steelman

I dip 3 cans

Kage Kosarue

I pour concrete for a livin i dip a quarter a can a day because i need to save cash plus im 16 so its somewhat hard to get but i use my mudjug stealth while i work cause my boss is grossed out by spit and my mudjug classic on my night stand at home love the vids chris


U should play the game jedi the fallen order

phillip flett

Im just like darcy i dip a day if im not doing anything if i was fishing or anything id pack 2 or 3 times a day

Dan Delohery

Enter for the mudjug love the Vids

Pasquale Cangro

When are you making another video we miss them @chrisdips1

Spyman Gamer

This is the best thing to watch while deployed

Rene Hansen

Happy New Year are you shipping to Denmark I am a veteran of war I bought a mud jug when I was in  Afghanistan and now it is gone and would like to buy a dixi mud jug

Jesus Loves You

When I can afford Skoal peach, I'm consistently dipping 2 cans a day, but my usual every day dip is Stoker's long cut straight, and I dip a can a day consistently. I can't ever find Copenhagen black bourbon except during fall, or I would make that my every day dip, instead of Stoker's long cut straight, because it's my all-time favorite dip.

I love your channel, by the way, man. Just found it a few days ago! It was recommended to me while I was watching one of Jared's (Outlaw's), videos, and I subscribed to your channel.

2 Wheels Dipper 98

How much do you want to marry Maggie

Brandon Whitaker

Dig the group discussion. Half can a day.

KoS. diamond

Love the vids man keep up the good work


I dont know how yall dip a can a day. The most ive dipped was a half can in a day and my shit was fucked up (with switching sides). On average ill do 3-4 hefty pinches a day, and substitute the rest of the day with snus and/or nicotine pouches.

Sean Taylor

I dip between 2 and 3 pinches a day but it all depends on what I’m doing


I normally dip like 1 can and some times a 1 can and a half

Jacob Cook

Trump 2020

Tallyn Goldman

I switched from vaping to dipping a couple months ago and a can will last me a day or two depending on what I’m doing, can really dip at work so that makes it last longer.

Koda Reviews and Unboxing

A can last 3-4 days


Can a day

Brently Perigen

Thanks for the videos I was a smoker for 10 years dip helped me quit now I’m just a dipper.


Much love from Hawaii Chrisdips1! Started dipping a year ago and love the videos and the videos you make for @mudjug1! Mahalo for the videos

Nathyus Robinson

I put a dip in when I'm walking with one can for a week or so

mike huynh

Just got out of basic a week ago and I’ve ran thru 3/4th of a can a day

Senpai Panda

first time watching , and im hooked !!


how do you even dip a can let alone 2 a day? my vice is 9 beers a day but i dip 2 to 4 times a day only when i drink usaully. i keep a can for 2 weeks atleast. dips doesnt make you feel to good idk

AcEs Wolf

Hey Chris are u done with YouTube I miss your videos it’s been 3 weeks

Elijah Strait

I’ve always wanted a mud jug that a good lookin mudjug

Preston Vaughn

Dale yeah

James Tv

Dang I dip about a Can in a half each day, but in a week I dip mostly 3 cans?? the money bro. But Tits Money Chris??

Donsters Acoustic

About to cans of the


2 cans a day here . Damn that's a sexy jug

Zach Budnick

Gosh been dipping/snussing about 15 years. I dip more or less depends what I'm doing

Colt Smith

About a can to two a day but around a stokers wintergreen longcut 10 can tub a week

steven clark

I dip about a can every 6-7 days, I just started though and I still have to hide it from my parents

Black Tooth Grin

I actually switched to Outlaw as my EDD, any flavor. Shit lasts so I take my last pinch before bed. So, bout a can a day

Isaiah's Lawn Care

I dip a whole lot more when I'm fishing, hunting, or cutting firewood. A can last me about 2 days


i have canada price but a reserve sells it for 15 99 a

Jack Deacon

I live in canada and we have a reserve 30 minutes away from my house and they are 5-10$ a tin so not at as bad as 25$ per tin

B Whittaker

Try 5 or 6 cans a day

bryson b

Love the vids I need a mudjug ?

Young Double Buck

I dip 4 cans a day and I'm dipping more during the week and why? Cause I'm always busy and it helps me stay focused

Only Chief

Been watching a lot of these types of videos recently and I respect y’all doing y’all’s thing with your own business, keep up the hard work.. be cool if y’all had a roaring lion mud jug.


I go through about a can and a half a day! I have also recently started switched to Outlaw dip exclusively.

Rhett Emerling

I’d go through two cans a day maybe three I’d get three pinches a can and I’ve cut down to four pinches a day now

Kyle jordan

I dip about two and half cans a day I work construction so I'm constantly dipping

Jon App

Sick video why was this never made with these. Especially with these group of guys??

Hunter Carden

A can last me a day

Underland Van

A log a week

Astral Bind

Just started dipping about a week ago

Darrell Kline

I'm definitely a fan of mudjug

Anthony Murray

A can of Kodiak wintergreen a day love the mudjug boys keep up the good videos

jay d

I dip 2 to 3 time a day it's time to slow down

Gordon Banks

Jeff's Mud Jug in this video is freaking awesome!! Is that a retired design? Gotta get my hands on one!!!!


I'm 15. I started dipping more because fuck Donald trump and his tobacco law shit


A can between 1or2 days depends on what I'm doin all day I dip less when I drive cause I leave them in longer

Lucky fishing

Whats up cris love your videos #titsmoney

Peyton Sharp

Doing about a can a day at the moment!

Noah Cundff III

5 dipes a day

Kimberly Marie

Jonesing for another video!!! ???

Josh Dietrich

I just quit smoking and went to dip and I'm dipping about a half can a day I usually throw a dip in whenever I crave a smoke

Bobby Emon

I enjoy your vids and been watching you for years

Eric Brown

Love the videos and that’s one nice looking mudjug.

Thomas Flohr

I one of the best


Should do a video on the cope wintergreen packs look interesting

Cody Oslin

A can will last me 2 days. I use to recycle dips but I always called it re-doggin'. When i was little about 12 or so all my brothers and dad dipped and I'd take a sandwich baggie and steal a pinch from all their cans and I'd re-dog all the time.

Brodi Slater

gums are receding and rotting out... so you quit? Oh nah bro I just switched sides ???

Bud Fry

So far a can a day, but I’m new lol quit smoking so I switched to dip!

Blazin Neon Nugz

I would like the clown mud jug can I be a winner for once

Matt B

I dip a can and a half a week even more if I'm out side

Heather Delude

I’m a veteran and I was hoping I can have a mudjuge

Ryan G

I enjoyed this style of “group discussion” video a lot. Keep up the series with different, ordinary questions to talk about.

Anthony Wuestefeld


Kentucky Beardsman


Beat YorFace

Old video but I dip literally 24 hours a day. I sleep with it in, my wife calls it my pacifier. I got to stop

Anthony siler

You wanted to know how much I dip at least 3 to 5 cans of grizzly wintergreen longcut a week

Darrell Watkins


Alex Davidson

how old are u chris dips 1 the mudjugstie it say u were born in 1943 if u were u be that damn old

Bradley Hargett

It varies. I dip and game constantly. I'm usually a can a day guy on the high end. A can every two days on the loan end.

Jason Lee


Addison Richards

Watched this 3 weeks in a row just to get my Chrisdips1 video in ! Where you beenn?!

Seth Bean

I dip about a half can a day

Daerrick Johnson

I really don’t understand this. I’ll go 4 hours with one pinch, therefore a can will last me a day and half give or take a little. I tend to go through more on the weekends because I’m eating snacks here and there and have to pull a fresh one multiple times a day

Aiden Bailey

2 punches a day

Pfg _ BeastMode

Not the only time I’ve said damn that’s a nice jug

Paul Garcia

Just ordered a Kaga mud jug and blue lives mud jug and I cannot express how excited I am !!

H. Ratcliff nuts

1 tin last me a month, because prices are outrageous in Canada

Silvia Hager

I do a can a day copahagen all the way


Can a week