Full penetration

Dyem: Full Penetration 2016

Dyem: Full Penetration 201630 Nov. 2016
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Mig welding 1G position full penetration (mig welding challenge n°2)

Mig welding 1G position full penetration (mig welding challenge n°2)19 Jan. 2018
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Hi guys in this video you

Hi guys in this video you can watch a 1G position full penetration with 1mm wire on mig procedure.

The setting are written inside the movie ... so stop the video for have better look.

The gas I use for this video is argon 25% and CO2 75%

The plate test are bevel at 45°

MANDI from friul :-)

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Zoltán Makra

Hmm... where I'm coming from we call that lack of fusion on your root, (all the way, you can see how its just barely pushed through, not fused to the parent metals at all) our inspectors wouldn't even test that. Its not allowed to grind and weld the backside .. btw do I see undercut on the back? ;)

snid 7

Definitely no full pen on the root pass

Владимир Владимирович Путин


S. H.

No way that passes without grinding out the back side of the plate, in my experience wouldn't that fail with just laying down a pass over the back side without grinding or gouging out down to at least half way or at least until you can't see any lines?

I'm curious why you only used 18v on the root pass and then went up to 28v for the rest of your passes? A 10v difference is pretty big especially on the size plate you're using (looks like 3/8") and when I do full penetration welds I wouldn't do my root pass 10v cooler than the cap passes. I would probably do my root pass at around 25-27v, sometimes I've even done my root pass hotter than my cap passes.

I'm pretty sure that you would almost always fail an ultrasound or xray test when you don't grind or gouge out down into the back side of the plate, in all of my full pen welds I always do that and I've always passed, and with the handful of repairs I've had to do on full pen welds they are always small repairs (maybe no less than 6" long, and depending on the plate size no more than half of the plate thickness).

Also I'm curious, I know it's probably just reflex but why use a wire brush after running a wire wheel over your welds? LOL.

But other than that, good video. Did you ever get it tested? I'd like to know how it did.

korey gregory

Annnd you failed. Butter luck next time

Justin Martin

Wrong settings an messy

darryl wharam

No way is that enough penetration and as for back grinding that would definitely fail you can’t do that in my experience that’s cheating and your only cheating yourself my inspector would not put that through for testing atall I would get laughed at

Mustafa Serbest


Sonnet of the wretched

Well this dude only replies to positive comments ... And ignores the constructive criticism ... Look at other videos guys , all I have to say

christian rettig

I can see the edge all through out your root. This would fail a structural bend test.


Why do your welds look flat and concave? As a novice mine keep popping out too much.

True Gee

Finally a real video with REAL PROPER WELD process with the real thickness of metal,AND runoff tabs. Plus u tack it up exactly how it's supposed to b..thanks bro..

Augustine Avila


Umam Syaiful

Ra tembos lol


5.28 FAIL!! Lack of penetration! Both edges missed!

Trevell Jones

2G next time

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