How to deal with a breakup when you live together


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DATING IN A VAN & BREAKING UP WHILE TRAVELING // Things to Think About Before YOU Date on the Road - This is a hard one to talk about. Scott and I broke up. Dating in a van, dating on the road, and traveling is already difficult and then when you break up...well at least you can move away from each other quickly. There's also some things to think about before you start dating on the road...I list them all at for you.

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Hi, I'm Amber and in May 2017 I started full time RV living. I started this nomadic journey after selling my house and all my belongings to pursue this crazy dream of traveling full time in an RV and creating incredible memories.

After 1 year of traveling, I sold my 26 foot Winnebago Class C RV for a more nimble Class B van on a Promaster 2500 chassis. Now in my 4th year of RVing in my camper van, I'm still loving this RV lifestyle and being a digital nomad. I almost always boondock in nature and really enjoy that off grid living.


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Comments (100)
Hall Margaret

HI Amber just found your channel, and heard your story ,and i hope things get better for you. praying for you ,God bless..

FlaxedWrist McMerkin

There's a huge part in your man that says God damn it I'm so glad I'm past that Karen


Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing. Great advice too!❤️

Larry Tan

I think if you feel "good"after you broke up, it is a good decision. Best wishes.

Sunni Ross

You know this is going to sound funny, but thank you for talking about crying...I also am an empath. Cry easily for a rainbow of reasons... used to get yelled at by mom and partners for crying so much... plan to go nomadic soon. I also don't like big crowds (malls, etc) cuz I pick up on chaotic emotions of the pack. I am the animal whisperer, in fact my biggest challenge is how to travel with a many fur babies as I have, and who will feed the ferals. Yes, Amber, you will meet the one when it's time.

Angie Gracie

More likely you are a Highly Sensitive Person who is also an Empath. Good for you that you are willing to even have a relationship. ? come to the east coast ... I have a place you can park.

Susan Crowley

Awhhh I'm so sorry but your living your dream. You will meet the right person. Someone with the same dream. Have a good cry... Wipe your tears and get out and start living. Live for you. Hugs

Juan Vazquez

A door closes, and another one opens. Stay strong. You will find that someone special.


Tears are water ? and water is life. Crying ? is our bodies way of healing. Let them flow ??

Jane Wolfe

Cry, don’t suppress, go through it, breathe. You are wise to recognize when the negatives outweigh the positives and you must make changes. I stayed stuck for 25 years....I regret, but lacked the trust in myself... Take good care of yourself & look for the small & satisfying joys. You will grow & be healthier. ?

Passin.Time in TX


Karree Vaughan

Like the song says " It's okay not to be okay". I related to a lot of what you said about two RVs traveling together not always wanting to go the same directions really learning quickly who someone is on the road. I have been there done that h&r own RVs. On my own again since last April and I'm happy to say I have no regrets. Here's to you finding your happiness again soon! ??


glad you are doing well, and good the two of you can stay friends .......they say time heals all least it softens the pain......wishing you the best

Tara P

So sorry about the breakup. Big hugs. Just keep trekking, let yourself heal at your own will find you!!!

Dona Harrell

This too shall pass.


Keep chasing your dreams baby girl you'll be all right you little cutie pie...? you have fun do you!!!!!!???

Janina Carter

So out of curiosity where’s he at now that he is single? Joking just trying to make ya laugh! Out of curiosity how many times did people say how sweet your traveling with your Dad? Joking again ? go to schoolie palooza thats a good time and Bus people know how to have fun!

C Cantu

Hi there am new I was looking around and I came across your videos so we will see you seem a very special person ?

Gregory Swanson

Amber on road can be a lot of fun for dating , as long as you can get along, you are a great person, the right guy will come along. Great channel

Skylar Kenwood

Were you traveling and using your things? Sounds like a user! Good to get away from that!

jai wilson

Story Chasing sorry to hear that about your life with him, You such a beautiful women and you can have any body you want in your life , keep your head up and follow your dreams you have one life to live enjoy it why you can, Stay safe and bless....Peace

Jay's Cast

i had been watching many videos of this lady and most of then its complains about everything ,this lady its so picky..

Robin Thiessen

I’m so sorry. God has someone better for you, so hugs to you

Shred Trails

Let me know if you're ever in wilmington nc area!!!

Andre Noble

A middle aged and older women's home is her fortress and protection. I don't support at all giving up your home to buy an RV, unless you have a huge pension coming or massive 401k savings.

Carl J. Brooke

I think the thing I love most about YouTube is that it's a safe space for profoundly dysfunctional people to ventilate their delusions for as broad an audience as possible. There's nothing quite like watching a frumpy dingbat share her last break-up story.

You go, girl!


You are just a sad person. Get yourself some therapy @Story Chasing Stop acting like a 14 year old kid.


Hi lady..I see your videos and for me you look strong...ok be strong every morning is more and more wonderful...

Dee A

Why the video but tell nothing? I am not being hard, I am not nosy but what does the "we had different dreams" mean.? It made no sense.

Joe Morris

No one cares.

Candy Alexander

This brings back memories of my first breakup. I did not know my heart could actually hurt to the point of exploding.. I thought all the air had been sucked out the room. Yet we survive. And soon something makes 7s Smile .. Gods blessing to U
One day at a time. Greetings from NC

Donna K

Give yourself time, you will feel better. ; )

Linda Willis

It’s going to be okay. Such is life and relationships, ups and downs happen when you put your heart out there. Praying for your peace and safety.


Most women give up more for others

Ems San Diego

That I really I wanna do but I’m not sure if I can do it by myself

Lola Lee

I’m so sorry to hear about your breakup, Amber!
I think you’re doing the right thing, taking time alone for yourself to heal. Wishing you strength, insight and enlightenment!

C Cantu

Hi I already said hello to you I am new and I just wanted to say to you watching your 1st video that you were very sad Sometimes we fall and we have to get up and shake ourselves up and go forward and not look back we live and learn I myself have gone through a Break up Just be strong prayers It's a new Start for you it's a new start for me watching your videos

Juliette R

Seems more to this story like he wanted out. What bothers me about ur not statement of not wanting to sacrifice anything suggests u r not willing to do what everyone in relationships do which is to sacrifice at times, meet ur partner half way. Compromise!Thats fundamental in relations.
So yeah i think he probably left u a d ur not being honest. U protest too much. U over explained 'we just wanted diff things' thats code for he dumped me but i'm in denial. Good luck.

Kara Nadal

Wish I could give you a big understanding hug. It sounds like you are in a good place to curl up and start the healing there in Kona. Nothing but good thoughts and prayers for you, and Scott. (I imagine he's hurting in his own way also) xoxo

Shirley Murphy

Relationships have a cost . We must understand it and be willing too pay the price. So the separation can be like an operation and take time too heal. I am sure he feeling the loss too. True love over looks self .

Bill McIntyre

U r a beautiful women,it will all work out,it always does

Rodney Miller

Wow stay strong girl I’m single

Candise Adkins

Love seems to always come when you least expect it. Just remember when meeting someone new you're really meeting their representative, takes some time to know who they really are and know their hearts intentions.
Compromise 9a needed on both parts.

Jenn S

Introvert empath who gives too much over here too. ??‍♀️ Thats all we can do is learn. Kudos for choosing YOU. ?

Linda Golden

Stay focused on your goals and dreams. Eventually the right soulmate will cross your path if it’s meant to be. Happy travels. ?

Nature Girl Danielle

Oh I'm so sorry . Self care self care right now

Belltown Daisy

Definitely continue traveling. Terrible advice to get off the road just for a relationship. Heck no! Live your own life, for you. If someone fits in, great.

FlaxedWrist McMerkin

7mum. Minute into this Holy faak completely understand

Morgan More

Now you get to be with yourself its the best give it time i know the feeling


???Aaawwww Amber - sending hugs & positive energy. I understand exactly what you mean. What will be, will be / Que Será, Será.???

Nature Girl Danielle

I feel for animals to. I feel your pain with tears running down my face . It so difficult to feel so many emotions

P-LO 420

Mi amor

benny simpson

What was the age difference between you and Scott?

Diane Schultz

I understand you. I'm an empath also. My heart is with you. Love Quartzsite. I traveled in a small car and tent for 6 years. It had some great moments. If I get a chance to travel again, I defiantly want more than a small car and tent. I am glad to hear that you are listening to yourself. I've given all to men all my life. AT 66 I am just now learning to hold my own a bit. You are amazing. You are enough. Chase your dreams. God will give you people to grow your life. You can do this. Hugs and love

Louis Guthrie

Very emotional reality. But, at least you will still be able to be free to go where you want to go . Finances are important. Very important points for every relationship. Time ,hopefully will heal your heart.

Dona Harrell

I always told my girls growing up( I've been a single mom since they were 2 and 3 when their cheating dad left) that there is nothing better than a good marriage but nothing worse than a bad one.

Linda Harris

If I may ask how do you support yourself? It's it very expensive? ,I'm 65 and would love to do this on SS only I'm not sure if I could make it

Monica G. Davis

The shorter the relationship. The greater the comeback!
Its dangerous out here be very careful. You may have dodged a bullet.

Strada View

In a nation suffering from empathy deficits, your storytelling and willingness to share your vulnerability is a refreshing recharge. You will do well - good things come to good people, Amber~

Hope Will Never Disappoint

Don't sacrifice but compromise. Big difference :) Enjoy those sunrises and sunsets :)

Sunni Ross

At the dream ending... anger is part of grieving. Just because it's somewhat of a relief, and understandable, it's still loss. Feel it all out and you will be clearer and stronger!

joyce cruz


Dave Gibbs

oatmeal, coffee and a dog...that's living large!

Don Duke

Hi Amber, I can tell that you are very Sensitive and a real Sweet Person. You will overcome any and all Doubts about what could or didn't happen. I wish I could tell you something that would make you feel better but like you mentioned, this is one of those times when only you can pull yourself up

robert middleton

You seem like a really nice person I've been trying to get into travelling but with my medication stuff I got to take makes it hard

P-LO 420

I want to date you baby

Don Page

Mate for life ? maybe not . Try being true to yourself and only yourself 100% of the time and you will be alone most of that time.

Ken Huth

So sorry to see you in emotional pain. My last breakup was 44 years ago but I can still remember how it felt. As The Carrie Underwood song goes... the more boys I meet the more I love my dog. Take care

Onefastdak 47

You are such a sweet person ❤️

M Ildiko Mester

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it's never easy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it will all be ok, trust source to help you heal. come join Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes to meet some like minds ❤️ (curious....was he a narcissist? empaths usually attract them) soul mates come into our lives for just a short time & a learning experience. It will all be ok! Your soul will guide you to continue on your path. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lori W

I’m a 59 y/o female and I’ve been single for 22 years. I absolutely love it. I too lose myself in relationships and I’ve learned that my self esteem still needs a lot of work. My “picker” is off when it comes to relationships. After a while of being single I found that I really enjoy the space. It sounds selfish but now I don’t have to think of someone else’s feelings, what they want to do and even something as simple as watching what I want to on TV. I don’t worry about if someone else wants to watch it too. Now that I’m happy with myself, I don’t NEED anyone else. It’s amazing!! I wish you well!

Patricia Burr

I had someone in my life for 10 years. Lost my family over him and my bad choices but I finally got out and am close now with what's left of my family. Lost my brother in 2013 and my eldest sister in 2016. Dad lost in 2006. There is just my other sister in germany. Sorry I digress. People come in and out of our lives. Nowadays I just enjoy them while I have them. Time really does heal and you will too. Just don't shut down your heart. Bless you know you have your fans support

Faye Carmichael-Calder

Be Strong and know you are loved by many who would drop things and be there for you dear one.
MommaFaye ?

Ms Gazelle

How exciting to be able to travel you have been to some beautiful places.

Mikey M.

if your dreams don't align or aren't compatible its difficult to make something work long term. Wishing you the best ! Hugs.


Tough breaks! But such is life. Enjoy yourself before the next love pops up!

Helen Florentino

I am so sorry! Sending you a warm hug. Stay safe!

Juan Vazquez

I’ll travel with you.

Tees carta Studio

Amber, you did the right thing. You need to live your you want to. Obviously you both had different ideas, and that’s ok. When your heart hurts it’s hard, boy do I know this. Your soulmate is out just haven’t found him yet. Hugs ? ??

Nomadic Fanatic

Sorry it didn't work out. It's funny how we live this open life and share SO MUCH of our private lives with strangers and they just can't ever understand the realness that affects our "REAL LIFE". I've been thru what you're going thru (publicly) and please ignore the hate. I know you feel obligated to share this major change with your viewers, but you don't owe us anything - just be you. Enjoy life your own way, and ignore the crap. As a nomad who has struggled to "compromise" with a partner, I have to say you were SO right to choose freedom over sacrificing your dreams, goals and desired direction. I know relationships demand compromise, but there is a limit to that compromise. Best of luck to you. Keep on sharing, please. :) Embrace the single life and smile while you can!

Ivan Poohbear

I remember this song from the 1970's that said.
" If half of all of you....... then ..... I'd rather be whole."
A codependent Empath is unhealthy and it leads to too much sacrafice and I find it to be too...... expensive.


Stay positive!

eddy brown II

I want to join full time van life but can't seem to find a viable income stream.

Didi Bagallon

You are in a great spot, you're free! Many kill themselves for getting stuck and not be able to redeem themselves. I admire everything that you have decided on for yourself. You Rock!! <3 <3 <3

Hybrid Life

This is your first video I've seen, and it was a humdinger. I'm a 63yo guy who has had 3 relationships I was convinced would last forever (30 years total between the 3), and more relationships than that which were more experimental/speculative, which I wasn't surprised didn't last more than 6-18 months. Each woman, each relationship, and each breakup was different in many ways. Only 2 breakups were very disturbing to me, and like you, I turned inward to resolve them. I was born an introvert, but became extroverted in my teens. Yet, for any big decisions, trauma, or healing, no support group is required.

I see some wisdom in your thinking. Namely the acceptance of what won't work for you. And I see some lack of wisdom in it, too. Namely, confusing happy brain chemistry for the sort of love which is true and worth doing whatever's needed to make it last.

This may sound harsh, but if you truly loved the guy, and truly thought your future belonged together, you would not have considered it a sacrifice to go to Canada instead of Mexico. "We" never became more valuable to you than "I", much less "he". I won't go back through the video and count how many times each of those words were used as what matters, but I know for sure which one won by a mile. You viewed it mostly as a conflict between "he" and "I" as far as goals, rather than an opportunity to both toss a lot of that out (but not all of it, certainly you want some individual goals/time/interests/etc) and create new goals as a couple.

Any couple where either one thinks they're giving up too much individually, shouldn't be a couple. Most couples have to be more selfless than that. Some lucky couples don't have to, because they just naturally love heading in the same direction about 100 different things. The lucky ones are the exceptions to the rule. Lasting couples generally at some point start thinking as a couple to a large extent. You two apparently never did.

I'm sure that as a brand new viewer, I'm missing out on a lot of back story, understanding of you, understanding of him, and so forth. Yet, you and I both came to the same conclusion, that you and he don't belong together, just from your own words. So, breaking up is only a loss of the brain chemistry, a loss of more good times, and a loss of the fantasy that you belonged together for reasons beyond that.

It looks to me like you're blaming yourself at least 80/20, because you saw a path to making it work, and you chose not to take that path. This is not a criticism of you for not taking that path, at all. I think you did the right thing. Hopefully you'll each become a true couple with someone else. The world has enough couples staying together for the chemistry and convenience already. Aspire to more.


The right person for you would be going in the same direction as you whether you are there or not, so to speak. The right person won't be a clone, but pretty close as far as goals and preferences

Tonia Anderson

I'm so sorry.....I hurt for you...

Euan Webster

Ohh sweetheart,,,just popped up on my YouTube,,one of those posts when you dont know if its appropriate to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down....hope things brighten for you,,,imagine a year down the line in your mind and then urge the heart with heavy emotions to catch the f*** up.?,,its helped a little for me in the past.....take care.x

Industrial Exit Strategist 2020

I truly enjoy hearing your tender genuine heart. Be happy being you. Let someone chase you for you. Not sacrificing thus settling. We love the RV Nomad lifestyle. You be you. Live your life for you.

Wandering Nature

Thank God you have a dog? they are so so amazing, you will heal please just know you will be ok,,,you will be ok!!! It takes time. Sending hugs from Canada??

Colin Gough

Really, spare us the details. Thats life, get your head up and shoulder back and move on.

FlaxedWrist McMerkin

Early thirties , I don't know why I'm here nor do I want to be . Good luck Nancy . I'm a 90s child I think it's Karen Now

Renea Trotter

You really touched my heart with your story. Hang in there girl you are so powerful to recognize so much about yourself you should be so proud ...I'm proud of you. I love you channel and I wish I had a friend like seem so honest and true

Ethel Perry


Limited Edition Beings

You are strong, you will get through this. Very beautiful place camera is so clear.

Jane Liedtke

Hugs! Be safe. Take care of you! Better days ahead.

Industrial Exit Strategist 2020

Im a 2x divorcee....solo empty nester....i have purchased 3 engagement rings. Engagement broke in between marriage 1 and 2. Keep your chin up. I want to reach out and give you virtual hug. Keep your chin up.

C. White

I'm an Empath as well, so i can feel your pain. Be kind, loving, and caring to yourself during this time. Grieve the loss in the way that you need to, and don't let anyone dictate how you should do this. You are a beautiful lady, and i do believe that in time, love will find you.

Allen Watkins

Follow your heart and dreams with or without company

joyce cruz


Dealing With A Breakup, Living With An EX and Entering A New Beginning

Dealing With A Breakup, Living With An EX and Entering A New Beginning24 Jul. 2018
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My relationship is

My relationship is killing me. I'm mentally, physically, and spiritually ready to enter a new phase. I've been telling myself "You’re coming out on top. All the mental and emotional challenges can’t stop your spirit. You have a greater purpose." So right now my main goal is to be very patient right now and be celebratory about what's happening. All that is surfacing in your life is another way for you to face yourself and clear out everything that needs to go.

Videos like these make me feel like this platform and community should be about.. which is sharing real, authentic moments off-script live and in color as it happens. I dont want this channel to be over produced and I want it to be raw and as organic as possible.

Thanks for watching this update on my life,



Comments (8)
Kevin Bailey

Here for the positivity

MrBrosKing Cayanong



I needed this video. ?

- Mack

i am enjoying your channel so much! such a great find! please keep at this, i'm rooting for you

The Barclay16

Going through a breakup myself now, looking forward to coming out the other side.

Warren Hinson

Great Vid n Congrats on Finding U Again So Vital n just Happy 4 u??


What is your zodiac sign?

Jordan Reed

Congrats, man. Thanks for sharing your happiness.

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