Getting over a player

How To Stop Getting Played By Guys

How To Stop Getting Played By Guys4 May. 2020
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In this video, dating coach Ryan Patrick lays out 8 ways you can protect yourself in how to stop getting played by guys.

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Nat Schn

I just wonder when I should have dates, have my own stuff to do and keep my private life going in general. It is quite hard to date more than one or two men if you are a working mom with a social life.


My question is.. I spoke w this guy, who is attracted to me (to be honest, I am attracted to him as well) but he's turns out kinda like a player. We never really met, we started talking online, when the first quarantine hit. I've known him from school, and I know he's friends, they are nice. Actually he's friend told me, when we lost connection, that he hoped I will be the girl who changes me, cuz he had a sparkle for me, but a week later he started talking about anothee girl to him.
We decided to be friends because I felt like he was ONLY this wishy-washy guy, and also it would be a bit difficult because he will start university in half a year and both of us are not really up for long distance relationship, bc we start our relationship, and then a few months later it becomes a "ldr". We started talking in the begging of 2020 March. We talked a few months but got separated slowly. He's a guy who seems very interesting and fun to be with but the first time we wanted to hang out he immediately wanted to get me to his place. Like... Dude.. I told him, that's too fast for me.
Then yesterday, he texted me on my birthday, wished me happy bday and we started talking. He told me he's sad we lost connection bc I seem like a cool chick and we had a great connection. Then he asked me... I'm not sure a 100% if asked me for THAT but he invited me to he's home.
Of course I feel like he's a player kind.
He told me he respect my decision (that I don't wanna start anything w him) and we started talking about our lifes. We started talking about human connection, and what I understood from it, that he just can't find a true partner and relationship which is not all about sexual connection, but about emotional. I know it's hard to add any kind kind of advice to this, but I am curious... Anybody ever made a guy realize he can Be a player or a cheat for them? I like this guy, which I'm not proud of according to the situation. I just wanna really know that, is there a point when a player can find true love? I'm just asking for bc of this guy. I will adventually lose connection w him if he can not accept in the future, us, being friends. This guy made a mess in my head, and it's not good if he continues doing this to me.
So, anybody knows..
Can wishy washy guys turn into a loyal, loving man?
(he started he's 20s by the way, we have 3 years of age difference)

kay Dykes

Remember there are billions of people in the world, millions of people in your state, thousands of people in your town… There is going to be someone for you, but you have to keep looking. Dating can be exhausting, but I’m looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with so it’s worth the work

Lucy Herrera

This guy is so good. His advise is right on the mark and super entertainment. I love him!!

random thoughts

Its really exhausting ?. Thanks for these


Im just wondering why men playing all the time? just...why? Dont they want love as well?

Aana Clarke

Thanks Ryan. Learned today the guy I was seeing had a girlfriend all along. I felt awful, I had no idea, I had to do the right thing, I told his girlfriend everything. I have morals and conscience xx

Cindy Thomassen

Learning a lot. Thanks.

Guadalupe Cristina

Thank u for this video

Lynette Mcgrann

I was played by a guy once but it's been so long I can hardly remember the details. I dont even remember his name. I remember his face though.

Piano Diva

This happens to me all the time. My family says I'm too friendly, and guys take it as interest and try to lead me on. That's what you get for trying to be friends ?


I have no expectations from men .

Genevieve Jones

Thanks for this!!! I could have used sooner LOL I’ve been played online for over two months, learned all about his life met(virtually) his family we made plans for the rest of the year. Turns out it was all fake even his name , he doesn’t exist and his life doesn’t exist sad part is I know better then to trust people and was open and honest with him , if he is a him? I thought I was playing it safe but now I don’t want to talk to anyone I hate that he used my emotions against me and my belief and trust in other people are now broken I don’t want to be one of those people. How do I get over this in one piece? I don’t even know why he did it , what could he have possibly gotten out of making this all up? Attention is the only thing I can think of? Are people this bored In Quarantine to do this to people? Thanks for your post I love your channel.


Great advice! Especially #8 ;)

Christina Darelli

I've been talking to a guy for over a month now who would tell me what I wanted to hear, but yet his words never matched his actions and I fell for it thinking that he really was into me only to find out that he was completely emotionally unavailable from being hurt in the past and I guess he never got over it, but yet basically only told me this after I had fallen for him...So yes I feel that was completely played by this guy who already knew that he had no intention on pursuing anything real and now I feel very violated and stupid for thinking that I could have been something special to him....?

mallika kadam

According to me intuition gives you message time and again if something is not right. Never ignore that...

random thoughts

Yeah I feel like being played right now and thanks for these. Its helping a lot ?

Rosalia Rojas

First i have to say, Ryan you are a genius!! I wish I had known all this earlier. I pray that what you are doing keep helping a lot more people and may God bless you and keep you for been such a knowledgeable man, and not only that but also for using this gift in a positive manner to help others.
THANK YOU! For helping me realize when someone is just not ready for a committed relationship, and to gather information to help me have more discernment.


I love it that he says for us to say, "I have shit to do!!!" Omg I say that every day just about!!! ???

Sonia Indigo

Another one too good. Thank you.

Carlett Walker

Great video this helped alot. Thanks Ryan

Angie24 M

Guys who aren’t serious or are just plain players
1. Usually hits you up with “Hey cutie/ Hey mommy”
2. Texting is very limited to basic one liners or it’s pretty good back and forth until after about a week... where you still end up getting one liners from him.
3. RARELY calls or FaceTimes or just doesn’t do it at all.
4. Quick to try and get you to his place in the first two weeks
5. No dates only at his place or yours.
6. Doesn’t really compliment you or only compliments your body and looks,
7. Calls your sexy or hot. Never beautiful, gorgeous, pretty
8. The conversations you have are boring and or you always have to start the convo up.
9. Never meet his friends or family.
10. Says he likes you and that’s as far as you get in the what are we talks.
11. Is VERY quick to have his hands on your body. (Ugh annoying)
12. Will try and lure you back whenever you stop texting or calling for a bit, but then will continue the same exact boring nothingness pattern as before.

Ladies please don’t fall for it or try to make it work, or try and convince yourself it’s YOU. Because it’s not, know your worth and dip. ? ✌?

Promise 333

I expanded to Texas since that's where I am moving


Trying to cut it off with my partner of 5 years. He's a drunk, verbally abusive, and doesn't pull his weight. It's been this way for a while but thanks to the pandemic I can't evict him from my house. I'm trying to make his life miserable until he just leaves. ? But then I feel bad because he's got nowhere to go. But I also know that's NOT MY PROBLEM. I'm conflicted on my next move. I'm at the point where I'm literally trying to make him hit me so I can have him arrested. That sucks that it's boiled down to that, but I've been given no choice. He refuses to leave and laughs at me (literally) everytime I bring it up. Saying "evict me, good luck"

Tina Sharinna

I am. Right now

Lora Rooks

I took notes ?

Julie Devaux

Thank you SO MUCH! Your channel really saved me!!!! Continue your hard work. It's really working and you are giving amazing tips.

JoAnn Espiritu

I really enjoy the advice you give. Practical and logical? Thank you Ryan

Ann Buckalew

What if I was hurt so bad by this guy that I'm to scared to even let anyone else get close enough to think about love again he left three different times and came back like nothing happened and like a fool I let him now I'm so scared everyone is going to be the same

Thelma Minoru Yokoyama Kunhardt

I can't say enough good things about this video. I really can't. I've been there a few times. I was either too young or too lonely. Is great to hear a guy telling it like it is.


Yep. U so right about everything. Don't be afraid to tell him , sorry I have a date tomorrow I can't make it.

peta williams

I spoke to a guy I met on Zoosk, for one week agreed to meet him he turned up drunk

Stephanie Parrett

I hate to admit it, but I’m getting played right now. It seems that I’m attracted to narcissist. I can’t believe I let this happen again! What is wrong with me? I see the best in people and love easily. It’s a character flaw. How do I attract the right man?

Helene Levesque

I've been listening...
Great to hear the male perspective. I get msgs morning and night...good morning and.good nights. As you said I am just a check mark. Playing my cards differently as in...NO not acceptable. Thank you

ThrillsnFrills Co.

Cut them off ✂️✂️

Lisa Holte, Your Access To The Red Carpet!

What if it’s just sex and no strings attached games. Keep it simple folks! I don’t waste time figuring out men. I just go with flow. If he’s seeing others that’s fine but be confident in who you are is key. Don’t worry if he likes you more or less than others. At the end of the day, there will be someone who will be invested in you. That’s when you know and follow the lead accordingly.

Zo é

So if he says I wanna be exclusive, does he MEAN it? Or is he playing on the fact that I obviously like him?
A guy just told me that... But I have trouble believing him because of low self esteem and I don't trust people in general...

Roy Mayh

Love that you always give multiple points, that's so helpful. Great stuff

Tracee Farrington

Yeah I’m totally being played. I’m new to dating after being married 34 years. I thought I could Willy nilly date because I’m an intelligent woman. Yeah no. I stopped feeling humiliated and stupid for having that happen to me after binge watching your channel. I LET THAT HAPPEN TO ME! I absolutely did not know how to date. Thank you for empowering me to not give up hope of finding the great man I deserve!!!!

Stephanie M

Date. The. Short. Guys. 
They are an untapped resource hahahaha

Anonymous Lee

I like the point about actions. Applicable to both men and women, they definitely speak a lot louder than words

Melissa C.

Hi Ryan , I am in this weird , I really need your help.. is there anyway we can chat one on one privately please

Gloria Mondragon

Wow! I’m sooooo happy I watched this video..Everything Ryan said , was a wake up call to me . I didn’t respond to his text all nite & realized I deserve better ! He can text his 5 other girls ?? Thank you ?? Ryan

Ingrid Ferreira

I recently went on a date with this guy from my past, we dated for 5 months back in 2011 (I ended it because it wasn't going anywhere, and when I did he said he was about to ask me to be his girlfriend but it was too late for me...). We recently found each other again and started talking. He invited me over to his place and I suggested we should go to a restaurant (even if to sit outside, socially distanced from others) but he found every possible excuse and I ended up going to his place. Big mistake. Yes, I had a good time. It was really nice seeing him after so long. He cooked for me and I brought wine. At one point he kissed me and took me to his bedroom (and the fool here, instead of saying "no", I just let him bring me there). I noticed that right after "the happening" he seemed instantly colder and more distant. I ended up staying over because it was really late and I had a bit of driving to do, but he was acting so different from the night before that I wanted to leave as soon as possible in the morning (and so I did) without making it too obvious.

After that, I didn't hear from him for A WEEK. Actually, 9 days to be exact. He just asked how I was doing. I was so upset and didn't know what to say that I took 3 days to respond. Not with the intention of playing games at all, I just wanted to cool off before responding. Then, didn't hear a thing from him again for another 2 weeks (I was already moving on) and then he texted me again two days ago saying "Dear Ingrid, how are you?" ??‍♀️. I don't understand why he bothers texting every 9 days or 2 weeks.

Maia Toscanini

Online dating is bogus! Second guy I made my intensions known and yet again, they asked for money with in two weeks same like the first guy. I am so tired of games!!!! Too many scammers and so done!!!


You've really helped me out so much. I'm an empath that was dating a narcissist, he always told me I was toxic cause I didn't want to cuss, or be mean. He always told me to stop acting like a girl and more like a woman. He said I was moody and wasn't fair that a man couldn't act the same way and get away with what is woman do. He also said I had a new catastrophe everyday, when all he did was complain of a cold or flu every week.

Vivian Ringera

Where were you with great advice in my twenties

Tara H

Low income health programs???

Eva Salomon



Excellent advise I love it, I will use your advise to any women I knew so they will be alarmed to these men. Yes I am sharing your link as well. Thanks so much?

geri mitchell

I played the player. When I found out he was talking to other people I didn't get him know I knew. Then when I was to send an email to someone. I didn't send it but got an answer from this person. Lol anyone can write an email take a screenshot send it to them. Then I resting though

Dani Reese

haha this is gold ur genius, thank you


Think you:)

Simply Tomas: The Collection

GREAT information ‼️


Low Income and Health Issues ? Really Ryan? A woman under those two categories can still be confident and independent and not have losers step all over them.

Aylin Bustamante

i had a "boyfriend for 3 months he was awesome at his game telling me and making effort and the 3rd month he changed completely I stooped talking to him all together

Analise Zagar

Very Helpful!!!! I wish I would’ve stumbled across this much sooner !!! I’ve gotten so much stronger and I’ve really become my own best friend and I think that’s what’s attracting this guy that I met so far has checked off alit of boxes of what I’m looking for in a guy . I’ve been burned alit this year and I’ve experienced a few wushu washy guys . I just delete there numbers and then when they text me I recognize there number then I block it after I tell them off first !!! And sometimes I’ve had to ask fir there name cause they just expect me to remember them . I’m Done with being Disrespected I have zero trust or patience !!! So so far this new guy I met has alit of potential for something long term !!! I’m so excited but also staying realistic about things !!! Thank you soo much for your videos !!!


Please more videos like this !! It’s life changing! ??

Elizabeth Jones

Every single woman in the world needs to see this video. You nailed it. Drop the ?. I saved it just to watch before every date.

Egyptian Queen

I love tip #4. I need to be more cautious.

Sabrina S

This is an awesome video. Completely on point.


I just love your videos so much! Full of information.

kay Dykes

I’ve been “seeing “this guy for about two months and when I’m with him he’s wonderful. Polite, respectful, we talk and snuggle. However, he claims he has a crappy phone that dies all the time so I don’t hear from him much when we are apart. A couple texts a day, no phone calls. When I brought it up in a face-to-face conversation I calmly expressed that while I would be hurt if he didn’t want to pursue a relationship with me, I wouldn’t be mad at him. I just want honesty. We’ve already been physical and it’s great! I even asked him if he would rather a friends with benefits situation? I explained that for me that would mean it’s not just sex, but it’s not a committed relationship either. He said no, that’s not what he wants. So I’ve been confused for the past few weeks because his actions are kind of not matching his words. I do feel like he’s dealing with depression and stress because his ex is making it difficult for him to see his son. I get all that, but The lack of attention is frustrating. And you would think someone would make sure they have a properly working phone if they have a child. I know he’s on a budget, but I’m sure he could figure something out

Amelia Rose

So love this video ?

Rittika Walia

Wow.. that's powerful

Cynthia Leonards

One guy i was talking to earlier this summer started off strong for the first couple weeks. Everything was good. He was making plans, setting up dates, offered to replace a pool part on my pool for me to save me money. Then all of a sudden about 3.5 weeks in, he quit talking and engaging in convos, and then ultimately evaded any questions I had of what’s up, what’s going on, what happened. And then more or less ghosted. He currently attends the same gym as me and we see each other occasionally to this day and it’s awkward as ever. He’ll nod at me in acknowledgment but won’t stop and talk. I learned a hard lesson.

Shari Chambers

My thinking is this: Insult my intelligence and your butt is getting punted out of my life! I'd rather be alone than be with a dill weed who is trying to pull a fast one on me! Real good way to lose me fast and I won't have any issue from walking away from a numbnut like a self serving manipulator!

Kata H. Jancsó

Thank you for this ❤️

Faith Sandstrom

Love this thank u?

Jenny Watts

What to do when a man wants money from you all of the time ?

Jessica Flores

I got bread crumbed and played. Unfortunately I work with this guy, he stood me up then told me he felt he couldn’t give me enough of his time. Gave him a second chance and then Had the nerve to tell me he felt he was the only putting in effort.. how do I get the power back cause he thinks he did nothing wrong and now we pretty much have stopped talking. Instead of talking to me like an adult he just let it die off on its on. I feel lost at what to do

Karen Marshall

I just walked away from a bread crumber...came on really strong in the beginning: very charming, great communication, fun first date, then....gifs and watch this video (love songs) texts instead of phone calls and setting up the next date. He got two short texts and didn’t step up, so I stepped away. Other options mean I don’t need to settle! Ladies, I’m 67! This doesn’t stop with older guys! I love having boundaries!

Maria Vila Verde

I found this video so useful....i had to watch it twice! Thank you, Ryan....You never disappoint.

Marta Mejia

Just got played. He has a girlfriend. I totally failed to listen to my intuition. I knew he was a baby boy and emotionally immature. The worst part, we work together. I hate that now, he wants to come and give me the feel sorry for him trip. He keeps coming to ask for forgiveness. After I told him, he needs to back off, O dont respect him anymore. I just dont get, why he couldn't just be honest from the beginning. He told me, that he isn't getting the attention from his girlfriend, so he thought we could have some fun. I told him, had I known he had a girlfriend, I would have never, I dont have fun, at the expense of hurting others. Ugh. I am just so mad at myself. I suppose live and learn, next time I shouldn't get caught up in the heat of the moment.

Ms. Jazzy

Thank you Rayan!!!!❤️????

peta williams

Yes since divorce

Crystal C

Having your own stuff going on is great but also keep in mind, if you are interested in the guy, make time for him too in your busy-ness. Had a guy tell me I was too busy and he felt bad asking me out because he didn’t want to interrupt my busy life ? I was like oh crap lol

peta williams

Answer too many questions and I should be asking the questions


Hi Ryan

I just met a guy. He was doing everything right so far (initiating texts and such). But as we were trying to finalise details for our first date I made a little mistake by texting him the phrase ‘impress me’ I thought I was kinda flirting ( meaning well arouse my curiosity more and bring on the fun) but English isn’t his first language( I so wish I had watched your videos before this). He then text me that I’ve picked the wrong guy and that he is not looking for anything serious right now. And that I should like him for who he is even if it’s a temporary relationship. So we have since cleared up the misunderstanding. He apologised and said sorry if he had hurt me and still was eager to meet up with me on the day we had agreed to meet up with prior to the misunderstanding. I told him I accepted the apology but I couldn’t meet up with him then but maybe another time. Do you think he is worth going on a date with? What should I do?

Buwan Araw

When I was younger, I was always afraid of increasing my options. I realized it's very helpful. I've had my fair share of relationship failure. I used to insist on something even if I feel that it's not doing well. Also I easily fell for someone before. Now, even if it's tiring to filter men, I have to do it because I know someone out there is the guy for me. Love takes so much patience.

Kira Koltsova

“And we don’t like wishy-washy guys “. Feels good to know someone’s on your side who also understands all the dynamics, thanks for the video Ryan.

Christina Collins

The part where he says “hey I wanna be exclusive with you” had me hysterically laughing.

JaQuita Barnes

I got played with him saying" I dont want to be in a relationship because they dont work" and i spent to much time trying to change his mind. never again

Sabrina S

This is another on point video. You're nailing it, again?

Vicki Karavas

Easy, block em, or just walk away.


#4 amazing yes. cures the cinderella complex quick

Shoutin OutNext!

Expand your search. Date guys you don’t normally date. Assume he’s dating someone else already. Walk away from men that don’t respect your boundaries. Constantly check in with yourself. Invest in men who invest in you. Never settle for less. I hope I got them all I probably ably didn’t ...want the video :)

Ryan Patrick

Enrollment is now OPEN for The Boyfriend Blueprint until Friday, Feb. 5th at 11:59pm EST! Watch my 20-minute video explaining exactly what comes with my advanced, 8-week program so we can get you enrolled before the cart closes!! ??? ???

Terri Smith

Hi. Ryan. Im going through this right now with someone. The things you talked about. I feel like im being played & lied to.

Sonia Hussain

He keep on saying I will leave you

Marswmn whoever

Commitment isn't something to be argued about. If they love you commitment will come naturally in the acceptable amount of time... lesson I've learned that I bet that the commentator never knew. Person I was with doesn't want to live with anyone anymore because WHEN someone is in your life consistently its much easier to know when something's up. Women he was with before he lived with and I suspect when he started running around she knew for sure had something concrete and was like " OUT" ( or Im out) when you don't have that its much easier to string several along because if you are good at it you won't get caught or no one will know. He figured out living separately makes all of that way of being much easier. Im willing to bet that I have been the longest string along for that reason and that reason alone.

Pretty Natural


Rebecca Jones

I just dumped a player. I was seeing bad behaviours similar to those of my ex boyfriends who were turds. It made me very happy to break it off. But 2 weeks later I miss him....why?? He was breadcrumbing me with little in person contact and texts/calls. He gaslit me and even criticized me harshly for no good reason. Now that I think about it, I did great dumping his dumb ass.


Great advice!! Very healthy and realistic.

Jessica Hills

Go watch Sheraseven1: That will be the antidote to the games men play, stop getting used and desposed off like a glove. Is Psychological warfare my friends. Thank me later...

Gyöngyvér Tamás

Just knowing who you are, connecting people only based on what it makes you feel like just plain falling in love with yourself are huge game changers!


Great video ??‍♀️

Angel Teale

I told someone I don't want to wait for a few months to see him after he said in a few months. I don't wait for anyone if I was basically saying I'm moving forward toward you or away. I guess he pushed me too far. It's quarantine time but we still have phones and things to plan or book or laughter to share etc. So I told him I'm out. Still miss him and that is on me but it will go. Better to know now he is a liar than further ahead. Sadly I can't even have him as a friend because he omitted stuff which to me is deceptive and lying. I'll get on the wheel again and basically date every person I'm interested in. No settling, yes I have sH!t to do. Ill just follow the actions of a guy.

Naomi Ohayon

Tip 6 really spoke to me. A few years ago I was in a relationship that lasted over a year. In the beginning he was great wanting to spend time with me even going out of his way to make sure he was spending time with me. But after a few months and "miscommunication" (I use that word losely, he just didn't like I said no to him) he stopped. Even though i'd bring it up to him that I needed to see those actions, he never followed through. He even said once that he believed actions spoke louder than words but he never gave me that either. He was basically contradicting himself.

Amanda Weir

love it !!

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Comments (100)
Sonia Watkins

After you do the friend thing then what

Stephanie Bracey

1. The sex is not working just like you...
C. get a job

Purple girl

This shit will actually work ?


man when am i gonna find a MATURE guy ???

Krisi Alayna

Players = Narcissists

Patricia Earley

Haha yes in the friend zone he goes!??

Amina Be'Smilin

I’m going to try this! Lmaoooo

Itzel Estevez

Thank you ☺️

Nikac Zivac

What a fucking asshole betraying his own brothers

Faye Crawley

Show him the thigh
Watch the phone ring off the hook.
Dont answer..3 months later whike hes still calling move on..

Bregette Washington

Dont like to be control at all,you are so much on point and I can show you then tell you


great video, pls do more on this topic!

Autumn Rose

Thank you for explaining this. Giving the girls a solid. XOXO. You rock!

Fariha Mohamed Hilmy

Thank you! I feel a lot better hearing this from you Chazz

Kayla C.

1:55 took me out???

abc defg

Omg for real it is too much

Strictly Business

Just block their number and don’t deal with their narcissistic tendencies. Never answer the phone. Ever.

Zen Life

Thank You!

tahani khalid

Hello . Iam suspecting my boyfriend is playing with me or cheating but even though we are in long distance relationship and we dont speak the same language. We still together for 9 months. Please answer me


Chazz your on point with this one!!! Thank you!!

Jillian John

You are so correct


Best insight ever. Doing a player that way now.

LBC Ulrica

This is great advice. I have a guy that's trying to play me, we met a work a couple of years ago, and I just keep treating him like a friend, ignoring him when he goes ghost, not taking the bait when he tries to pick a fight after ghosting, etc. I'm actually amused and turned off. I am about to tel him straight up that I just want to be friends so as not to ruin my good opinion of him. That's how I truly feel.


When you hear we’re just talking .. ruuuun


So basically we should act like we don't care

A Lambert

I like this, thanks alot. Appreciate it.

Joanna MoniqueTM*

I think like 10% of players are on that boderline of could be a good person if they were motivated to. The rest of them though will just leave your boundary having ass and go find a weaker minded person to prey on. I tend to have a bit of a big head myself so if I'm into someone with a big ego I'll subtly check them a few times but if they don't sober up in about a month I dont waste my time. For some people the player facade is just a defense mechanism that they can pretty easily let go of if they feel secure, but most people need years of therapy and a couple doses of their own medicine before they learn. Not worth it 90% of the time. Ladies and fellas, it is NOT your job to heal someone else's trauma. You have every right to not be willing to deal with it.

Jennifer Agnes Lee

Lol! U tell it like it is! Love it!

Luna Sky

I disagree with the first minute and 20 seconds of this video. The guy who hurt me for example, has never been treated badly by girls. He admits to breaking hearts to good women, and they never deserved it. He just gets a twisted kick out of trauma bonding, and keeping someone hanging only to toy with them like a game. Not all people are bad because of being hurt or played... some are just sick in the mind.

Luna Sky

The guy who played me has never been played. All his exes and fwb were nice, trusting people. Also I prefer not to apologise for not getting in touch. It's giving my power away

About Business

During sex say "deeper" when you know there's no more ? left. Ego go boom!???‍♀️

Luvlie Lewi

No need to come on screaming... calm down a lil.

Deanna B.

You said it control and ego !! ( in both genders ) but a players etc needs to get past past traumas so they can learn how to treat someone right ! I had ego trip, narrisitics ,and players before in life but hell no anymore i learned my lessons . Yes everyone has issues but if we learn our lessons , grow , not keep the same patterns or rub that on others, thats half the battle! IT doesnt have to be a war, whats the point , you should speak like a grown up and rational yet be a kid and have fun . Everything is a balance within 1st !.


I LOVE that! A Huge Thank You for the video!

Jane d’Arc

I would go further:”we are just acquaintance”

Krisi Alayna

Do player's go to hell?

Tee Hee

I love this guy...♥️♥️♥️♥️..The way he is saying...Is just so good ..I feel powerfull ?

Krisi Alayna

"No guy is used to being put in the friend zone, especially after sex."

So, when I guy puts a woman in the friend zone after sex (don't judge saying you should have had a commitment) then that's all fine, dandy, and what a woman should expect? Like if I happen to sleep with a guy that hasn't mentioned commitment then I should expect to be dumped into the friendzone? No matter what? Just cause I'm a woman and he isn't? So women should expect their self esteem and self worth to be diminished if they sleep with a guy that seems to like them?


See all of this advice is silly cuz people also do legitimately get busy and don't want too sit on the phone and text all day every day lol some times you just gotta give people some breathing room

Kasey Conahan

I thought this guy liked me then last night after I thought he wasn’t really talking to me when I was around him because he was “shy around girls” I walked into the bar to see him talking to a girl when he was done he gave me a hug he squeezed me tight around the neck and I think he kissed me on the top of the head but then a half hour later I watched him kiss this gir he was talking to earlier but when I walked up he made space for me to stand next to him and continued to go from kissing this girl who told him to “be nice” to giving me hugs I’m not sure what to think


Oh thank you so much - I feel better now by hearing this! But this player I fell for at my gym a few years back is showing his true gigolo self - “training “ the new women at the gym in front of me - it’s apparent they are smitten with him as I have been - I can’t say I’m not jealous and it hurts a lot - I’ve become a weekend time slot for him and it needs to stop - but I don’t want it to be with my tail between my legs running away - I do feel like he is trying to get a rise out of me - and is succeeding but I’m not showing it as far as I can tell......I hope

T Faith

Wheeew when I tell you he's right with the friend zoning..
This guy exploded on me when I said we should be friends ?

Candy Parker

This the kind of thing I can't understand darn I feel bad

Amber L

This was great and funny. This man is alright.??

Kreately Arts

I Love it "Assholes beget more Assholes!"

L/Crochet love child

Its still just a excuse you dont do it to the next person

Jennifer Jones

Omg...I love this! I cant wait to use this.❤

GLOW.SALUTE Beckytrends

he was like hey what's up long time did not hear from you I was like did I stop you to hear from me he was like what?

Curious Lady Bug


Shannon Emscross

Honestly, don't waste your time with a player. They're a head fuck, toxic & they don't treat you right.


I subscribed to you dude, and I'm not too busy to to do it


Such a nice way to offend them without being rude ?. Healthy person won't be offended if you tell them they are friends. They can be sad, only if they have romantic feelings for you. But guys are so pissed off by this cause they don't treat women equal. Women are not offended by being friends with men, in fact we want that.

S. Dawson

As a guy I will say the effectiveness of the “we’re just friends” line depends on how much we like the girl and if we got what we wanted already. If I don’t really like her that much plus already smashed and I’m just coming back to get some more, a guy considered who is considered a player won’t lose too much sleep lol. It won’t “hurt our ego” as you say it will. the we’re just friend line mostly works on a guy who is highly interested and didn’t get all that he wanted already

Bregette Washington

Hi thanks for the information, karma is a bitch it will come back to them

peta williams


mpabaisi mercy

Give a hundred percent n Dnt entertain anyone dt gives u less!

Louisa klimentos

This is so funny but so true

Toni Roberts

Omg. I’m such a fucking retard.

Bangtan Girl

If you treat me like a game , I will show you how it's played ??

peta williams

That was funny lol


Hey I like you. Got a question. I just got on a dating site and answered an ad. A message or two small talk and then he talked about his foot fetish. I responded, why not just put that on your profile. His response, I did but edited/deleted it from his profile and then he offered a foot message. My response, He was 6" too short of a foot message since I am only 5'6" and even if he was at my feet that is less than the 6' pandemic required distance. His response, Can I articulate how I would give you a foot message? My response, Why elaborate further when we can't act on it and talking about it would be frustrating. And maybe talking about it may have been your intention from the get-go. His response, Hmmmm... Am I playing the player? That's my goal.

Yoginizing Supporting Your Healing Journey

I do that naturally cos I am actually busy in real life & if I see player ish I don't get involved past friends.

I'm finding that its true, it tends to make them chase you more because it's the challenge & intrigue tryna work out why it ain't working on you.

If you are genuinely busy and take your time with intimacy you genuinely won't be bothered.

I have noticed they do tryna to plant seeds in you mind about getting together officially but without the intimacy it's easier to puck sense from nonsense & see clearly who needs to stay in the friends zone.

Best thing is DON'T RUSH INTIMACY!

Royal Michaels

Gold! Thanks so much!

Akansha Tiwari

I agree with you I definitely try this on player guys who always shows fake priority.
Thanks you dear ??from India i like your video very much

Fish stick Bio

This is DSM behavior .... and I rather the single than “deal” with bullshit .......

star Myshiningstar

play them at there level always...

Allie Chass

I think your genius!! Thank you!!!!

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Kizzy Brown

I am the QUEEN of friend zoning a man. WINNING!!!! LOL!

Cassandra Robins

Hey Chazz, what about the guy that claims he doesn't want anything but friendship and tells you that they blocked and deleted a girl for saying she wanted more than friendship. Do you think he would care about these two phrases?

Brenda Breslin

Got played by a Sagittarius Man. I use the Zodiac as a guideline. He has no remorse. He texted inappropriate pics. I fell for s**t. I feel humiliated right now. Karma would be nice


End all this by going no contact on all levels.

Zeyuana Lewis

You just put me on game frfr thank you ?

Gleck O. Dunn

1:40 the people thinking men (especially black) just want to get in some pants and don't want to get to know people. People need to stop talking like their experts in psychology.

Oscar Com

GTFOH, don't listen to this guy

Origami Air


“we’re just friends.”

TheQueen Ki

This is the approach I’ve been taking this entire time, and I’ve been single for some time now.... ???‍♀️?

Roselyn Thomas

It works tho


Giving you an applause because this is top tier game advice.

Folx are gonna be mad at you. The reality of dating is it is totally a game. This really works. ??

Ladies listen to him. The over emotional game gets us nowhere. Have feelings and empathy yes. But being reactionary is a lose lose always.

Shannon Gallien

Haha,Great video!!! ?❤? I definitely got to try this out..!!

peta williams


Dejiye Gargar

Ur awesome

Shantele Russell

Thank you for your information. It helps


Players are so sad. I had one where we didnt get to the sex phase thank god. Love bombed me and gave me the illusion we were soul mate after a long time of courting and chasing me and stalking me. As soon as he found out i reciprocated and i liked him, he immediately started laughing and turned to his friends boasting how he played me. The thing that bothers me is if i see him out in public i keep my distance and turn away from him but he's still all up in my face about how he played me. So now, after the damage is done, how do i restore the power struggle?


It works...I did that to a couple of guys and some of them were chasing me over a year...and I fucked with them but told them we are just friends or I have a boyfriend or I dont wanna be with wasn't bc i didn't care i played games and wanted to protect myself from getting hurt...every relationship I had i cut it off so i have no sadness i made the decision the sadness is with the guy...and yeah every ex is still trying to get with me...even them from 6 y. ago...they try from time to time but I moved on...I know don't hate on me it's terrible behavior

Gabriela Raimondo

Hahaha you're a genius! ??? This is what I've done with my boyfriend the last few months! Yessss it does work! He now is eating from my hand! Lol! ???????

Kamal Preet

It hurts when u said .. Prince charming do not exist

Sharmaine Scott

I love the friend zone comment! ? I'm going to use that with a guy I work with. I thinks he's insecure and wanting his ego stroked. I can do it with a straight face.

Mary Richard

Dr Madida from YouTube helped I and my ex husband cured our human Papilomavirus after uniting me and my husband. he is great herbalist.

Stella Slay

My friend said that if he asks if you like it straight up say no ??

Dawn Marie

Just seen this video and my ex said he WANTS to be friends!! Wtf?? This didnt work.

Nakita Anderson

This works, I’m proof now he’s catching feelings
He’s sexy successful and got women but I pulled back after he told me to just have fun with him after I told him how I felt
Now that I call Jim a friend he is acting more caring but he been there when I was 320 lbs and I’ve lost 80 lbs and he still my fwb mind you we known each other since 16 we are in our 40s
He’s met his match?
You confirmed lol I been doing it right

Karla Shmeeda Vlasta

I am stuck with a monster...this is why I watch this videos now.

Bregette Washington

I have 2 sons and see their attitude


Wow! This is like one of the better videos out there! Thank you so much! U r soooooo helpful!!!

Lucía Iglesias Rodrigo

fcking on point

Tung Pu

Guys really like it when you really are busy and don't care... please believe me ???

Keita Hentleigh

... Dude, please... A true player will welcome you calling him "just a friend"... That's actually their line... The very thing they want is a "friend" with benefits... Your better off acting psycho/cray cray or super clingy always talking about getting married... A playa will leave skid marks trying to get away from you...?

Charmekia White

I've had a player approach me and he dropped some lame player line "drop that bologna and get with a real tenderoni " and that's when I knew he was a player. A tenderoni is a girl.....bruh!

Brandi Hunt

Love this video bro!! Str8 facts


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