Freaky would you rather

BTS - Would You Rather 18+ [Dirty Version] 600+ subs special //Read Description// ????????

BTS - Would You Rather 18+ [Dirty Version] 600+ subs special //Read Description// ????????13 Jul. 2020
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Jeon TaeparnaSubscribe 438 721

♥*♡∞:。.。Hey guys....

♥*♡∞:。.。Hey guys.... 。.。:∞♡*♥

◍Taeparna is back....

◍With her promise of Another BTS Would You Rather Video!

◍Thanks for showing soooooo much love to my previous BTS Would You Rather Video!

I'll share the link of that video for the ones who haven't seen it yet.


◍And this video is mainly a gift to my 600+ new friends who supported me through my channel all this while... I also tried to correct a few mistakes I did in my previous video as some of you suggested in the comments section...

Hope I satisfied you all . Enjoy!

◍And of course don't forget to like, share and comment your choices!!


❖THIS IS 18+ (adult) video! Those who are uncomfortable, please don't watch. Just skip the video but don't report please! The link shared above is For soft stans!

Comments (100)
Jimin Park

Umm can anyone pls tell me what is 69 ?

just ur local kpop stan :P


History Mystery Time

This video is literally amazing ..... but hard to choose as said in titles.....

Pia Rodrigues

Trust me when I say that I didn't choose Namjoon at all because I'm scared him that he's gonna break people!!! Really tho I am really scared of him in real.

Sakura Animation and gamings

Who is 18- in 18+ content????

Jeon Jungkook

I literally screamed when akh lad jaave came on

Carmen Lopez

15th was hardest for me, bc Jimin is my bias wrecker but just imagine licking ice cream from Jk’s abs ?

Dipti Bangtan

I know half army's here are kids who make accounts of 18+ age
Admit it army??

Marian Cosio

To all the people who LOVE BTS raise your hands.
To all the people who HATE BTS raise your standards.


im 11 oop

Ayanda Madondo

me being an OT7: welp-

Baby Mochiii

Namjoon- I'm scared

Kyzyl Nillo

Get to f*** your bias only vs. Get to f*** all members except your bias

Me as an Ot7:ohlalaa~

Cniya Franklin


Nik Azyati Ahhyat

I'm 8...

Sanity Yang

Okay is any body 12 here? Cause I'm right here reading comments that they are 11 and younger. lol

jimin u got jams

Who was born with out inocent

Oshioze Ahme

Lord forgive me-

Madi _

Ahhhhh this intro


“Get to fuck all members except bias” ....but I have more than one bias ... ?????

Rowena Carpio

Whenever Yoongi pops up i keep on picking him because i keep on saying "Im gonna pick yoongi because yoongi's my bias" ???

Surendra Chitnawis

Hold on....AKH LAD JAAVE!!?? Are u indiaannnnn??????✌️?✨Mai bhi

Dana Almahfoodh, Grönkullaskolan, 7A

I am 13 why do i watch this fuk it all imma watch anyways

JuSt CaLl mE Koo

Part 2....

Vaishnavi Tiwari

What if bts watches this vid

Alura Hardy

Hi! I love your videos, thank you for making this. It was so much fun!! Congrats on 900 subs!!!!!! I LOVE BTS!!!

Rosey Lee

Oh god this is winter still I am burning so hard ??

Bascos ,Adrienne.I

Sad life OT7s for the first one

Yzabelle Kristín Úlfarsdóttir

Y does everything have to do with the dirty


Imagine bts seeing this..

milky jeonッ

Lol the number 3 question is hard because I love Jikook too but I choosed vkook

Too Poppin

Why do I always keep having to choose between jungkook and tae ?

Hope Bowers

Omg number 19... the first thing that came to my head was “~stepbro~”

Nero Flower


Honxy._ Bee

lmao, glad to know im not the only one with wild imaginations about bts-

Janavi Dalvi

Well......... I............ Need..........h-h-hobi water andn-n-nam-namjesus too

Tutorials by Cailey

3:46 how dare you put them against each other they are both my ultimate bias’s

Kim Sarang

Question number 1 - what if I told u all of them are my bias ??

Fvanzix X

No ❤️

Zoe A. Rivera

I couldn’t even get through the intro ?

Mistériogirl Love&Army

Sub pt-br
I'm Speak português BR.

Holli Gomes Vieira


Big Babie Energy

I am the softest of soft stans for BTS and Namjoon is my bias but this video just made me realise that I would most definitely and truthfully risk it all anytime and anywhere for him???? and istg Yoongi is very close in second place God help me????


I was like---
"Why am I still here
just to suffer..."


The first one I choose 2 because my bias is ot7?

softex kook

this is where the thirsty armys go?

Kim Dahyun

Ahh how could u make these good videos.

Gauri Metri

Why do I always have to choose between VMINKOOK??

Kim Taehyung

Most fav part Akha ladh jave

riya bhagat

I think 22 was hard ???


OT7 bias, like me, be like: 1:57

bangtan edits

when this video starts and ends with your fav songs:)


wanting to do both

II Kennedy Carmon II

Bruh you already got me screaming on the first one

Sweetbangtan fanfics

1:54 I have no bias ???

Levi Tha Losrr

Yall hard stans scare me sometimes ..


Me: I prétend I didn’t saw that

Shubhangi Sahotra


Rin Okumra

S o this first part is me before I watch this video- I might diE--

I died :")


I'm almost 14 and I'm watching ? well time to go clear my search history, camera roll and my brain sooooo bye?✌?
Also( ??? )✌?

Jeon Bunny

Okay I’m not 18 but let’s be honest here

Who really is

J0hnny's Banana

But seriously, who here is actually older than 18.
I mean...

Taehyungs lost gucci shoe

First one is easy ? I don't have bias bc i am ot7 stan so it's pretty hard to choose

Kpop Potato Official

You should've played house of cards???

Kibi Hanabi

1. 1st
2. 1st
3. 1st
4. 2nd
5. 2nd
6. 1st
7. 1st
8. 1st
9. 2nd
10. 2nd
11. 1st
12. 2nd
13. 1st
14. 2nd
15. 2nd
16. 2nd
17. 2nd
18. 1st
19. 2nd
20. 1st
21. 1st
22. 2nd
23. 1st
24. 1st
25. 2nd

Park Ana

Where is the "Under 18" squad at


Jennifer Sanders JK

What’s the instrumental at 1:39?

Era Sohoie

No one:
Video: says 18+*
Most viewers: WELL JOKES ON YA IM NOT 18
(neither am I ?)

c h a e k o o k i e

I'm just looking for writing inspo

Vintage Memories

The intro was so long gosh


why is foreplay cringe for me LMAOO

Ash21 Army

We know why safari is intro


See y'all in hell ?

Jeon Jungguk imnida onionhaesayo

why cant questions like these be in my exams?

Cutie Pie

Ik people here are under 18?

TigerInASuit Aka Tyler

I shouldn't be here~
Fanboy noises

Jimin Park

Umm can anyone pls tell me what is 69 ?


Wht if jimin seen this bcz I guess he know bout ff and this.....??

Meredith Rogers

1:1 2:1 3:2 4:2 5:2 (my boys are maknae) 6:2 7:2 8:1 9:2 10:2 11:2 12:2 13:2 14:2 15:1 16:1 17:1 18:2 19:1 20:2 21:2 22:2 23:1 24:2 25:2

Apa maumu

Woahhh we are really innocent more than babiess

Kim Sarang

Question number 1 - what if I told u all of them are my bias ??


It's takes a hot hot hot minute for the intro to end.

l want some SUGAr KOOKIEs with some TAE

I am 10-

Why am I even watching this..
No probs l was never innocent ?

Jahnaiya Bobb

Who else is under 21+? Yup me

tae is watching you

The intro tho??

ac quintela

Me being 6 uhhhhh



Kyzyl Nillo

I died in the second one ?


there was an indian song right? main bawli hun teri, tu jaan hai na meri (from love yatri movie)~~ one I forgot its real name and idk if this was the real name itna acha video kaiseee banate hoo?~

Harley Gay

ok uh. why did u make it. make more but even harder


U started with my favourite song «Safari»


*Soft Stans has left the chat*

binika das

The second one is what the f***??????

Flash Girl

What do they mean about 69?

Sunlight Shadow

i am totally fine ?

Ximena Contreras Rodriguez

soft stans be like O_O and hard stans be like
idk what a hard stan would bc I am soft stan soo I have left the chat

Ana R.

this is definitely not haram

Lizzo Lisa

So...the hardest ones for me were


Like uffffff?????

Kokichi's stale Panta

I'd like to formally apologize to my FBI agent


Marian Cosio

1:27 starts there.

Luna Angel

that moment when you can’t chose a bias

Would You Rather [Obey Me] ? Dirty Version #4

Would You Rather [Obey Me] ? Dirty Version #410 Jan. 2021
20 927
LeviachanSubscribe 438 721

Hello Obey Me lovers...

Hello Obey Me lovers... How have you been?

First I want to Thank you because I reached 4K Subscribers, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤️ I LOVE YOU ALL ❤️

likewise Thank you for all the LOVE and SUPPORT you have given to my videos and my Instagram account!

That's why today I bring you a new Would You Rather Dirty Version video I hope you enjoy and like it, don't forget to tell me your choices in the comments ???

Follow me on my Instagram account for more Obey Me content:

Comments (100)
Sammy Mukami

MC (Us): *chooses the most unholy one*

Luke and Simeon: *grabs da bleach, bible, and cross*

Tam tam

AHAHA I love this!! Its soo fun please do more! The door games are also cute!(hehe dirty version lmao)

LilyMystic uwu


boo boo

Just... L E V I A T H A N. ?

Also, here my answers:
1.- Belphegor
2.- Mammon
3.- Satan
4.- no, thx.
5.- Leviathan
6.- Satan
7.- Solomon
8.- Mammon
9.- Leviathan
10.- Asmo
11.- IDkdkJWKNDKWI i like both ?
12.- Leviathan
13.- iDKKK >:'v
14.- Mammon/Asmo/Beelz
15.- L e v i a t h a n

Mîđnîght Fîrę•

1:13 that’s very hard... I’d like to dominate Levi but I like Simeon tooooo ;(

Tsukki's glasses

Everytime I see asmo I pick him without even reading the description-

(1:07 I'm used to calling barbatos 'barbie' and I said it out loud and now my mother is looking at me like ???)

Dara Doodlebug

Round 8:
My mind: How DARE you make me choose one and not both of those!! ?

Glitch Bahle

Me tired to sleep

My brain be like ? ? ? ?

Kira Jieun Lee

Yay! Lots of Luci in this one!

Crystal Lewis

Roleplay with belphegor

Pøtatø Animatiøns

I have been waiting for sooo long for this ???

Crystal Lewis

Lick ice cream of asmo

Selene Ackerman

Me: Sees 7 minutes in heaven
Also me: musky vanilla scent with a little bit of weed?

If you know, you know ?

Yazzy The Catty Weirdo!

Me: sees title oh! Pffff... can't be that bad, right?
3 mins later...
Me: hyperventilates I WILL NOT gasp ANSWER THESE gasp QUESTIONS AT ALL! malfunctions @[email protected]

Grecios Osaogieva

Be dominated by Simeon - hear Simeon loud moans

ME:*bloody nose* I WANT THAT!!!!

system choose one of them
ME: choose all of the choices

omg is so dark is night my sister is sleeping i hope she doesn't wake up i need some luck ?



1:00 Both please—

Sondos El-Hajj

lol I saw your Instagram story and i was like yoooooo i better watch it

Kristen Swanepoel

1:02 I have no idea what 69 is also the Diavolo option sounds painful ...

the real sangwoo

wish me luck my parents can come in at any moment

Judy Imohi

A threesome with Lucifer and Satan ?✨


1:06 doggy, i can officially say “I did the devil dirty.”


I went the heaven to hell in seconds... Thanks


I don't know why but I watch it when my mom is in my room ?

Eixela Werd


Shoto Sunflower

I did a thing and I was going to see who had the most points and uhhhh
Beel: 4 points
Belphie: 4 points
Lucifer: 3 points
Mammon: 3 points
Dia: 1 point
Simoen says: 1 point (I don’t know how to spell his name)
Amsodeus: 1 point
Leviathan: 1 point
Well I got Beel and Belphie.... I’m screwed...


1. Asmo
2. Mammon
3. Beel
4. Diavolo (omfg these have been so damn hard so far)
5. Simeon
6. Lucifer
7. Both (I literally can’t choose)
8. Mammon
9. Levi
10. Lucifer
11. Satan
12. Both (omfg please)
13. Belphie
14. Foursome because ?
15. Both....
This was one of hardest ones. I get hornier each day ? Thank you for making another one of these <333

farah otaku

wtf it's my 18 birthay i was thinking that i can watch that kind of videows but ... this is lvl max

Nicole Repp

0:49 wow wow wow wow wow!!!oh,my goooooodddddd!!!!!!!
? ? ?
? ? ? ???????
??? ???

Hiyori Rurikawa



So Sinful Indulgence or Celestial Ray. Either way, you having sex while listening to Asmo sing. Seems like a win-win to me. Although, Sinful Indulgence definitely sounds like a better rhythm for that kind of activity.

Ariyuannah brooks

When your on round five and your a switch

Pink Lemonade

Guess I ain’t sleepin tonight ??????

• Kimmy •

*Innocence has left the server*

*Horny has joined the server*

Catherine Isabella

I'm really going to be screaming once I watch this ?

Sleepy Tv

Im a simple person

I see obey me and 18+ in the same sentence

I clicc

Tuan Ksor

Me:"I am relly going to play this game" after the game me:dead because it was too much for me ?

Rogue x Gambit

2:19 I had to go back and listen to the songs because I forgotten them. But I'd prefer Asmo fuck me to sinful indulgence ?

Adam Choi

I'm fucking simp for Levi lolol. . . also I've noticed I really don't like Asmo. Don't know why tho ?‍♂️

Amora Williams-Edmunds

Round 5: Dominated by Simeon


Round 5: or Dominate Leviathan


(I wanna choose one but my horny ass said nO gEt DaT aSs OvEr HeRe BoYs!!!! cause i want both literaly crying in class

kai !

its 5am and my moms asleep?

Altea Bradiani

I am such a top.... And a pervert apparently

•Pear Child•

I want to like this video but it has 666 likes ;-;

Americandy 4

I started hacking on my water on a bus full of basketball boys while watching this video cause it was hot and now they want to know what I was hacking at— uhmmm (female manager isn’t telling this bus full of straight boys)

jed abantao echague

Me: treesome.......or foursome.......





Babyg Bey

Belphegor's s3xual fantasy would be MC as a pillow I'm just saying.....

Galaxy Love

I was waiting for this?

My imagination is going-


Luna-Luka The twins Luanna

'Have Asmo f u to the rhythm of Sinful Indulgence' it took my brain a moment to process that.... THAT'S FAST!


My nose would be bleeding like hell.
I actually can’t even feel it rn aswell


I tried to be pure.....

But my head was under Obey me..

Sonia Nevermind

The First question tho ??? Sh*t Asmodeus You really are Pervent

the ultimate husbando collector

"Lick ice cream off of asmo's abs"

I'm getting boku no pico vibes-?

KISSy Halik

Me: "I will make a decision that is perfect for me."
Also me: Picks a choice that makes me a top.

Miray Topaloğlu

Where did you get that Leviathan pic from its so beautiful :'D

Moon Up

Good as always ♥( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Kristen Swanepoel

Every choice I read my hair is standing more on end ?

Olivia M.

I just can't

Yuri Ayato

I’m so gay for asmodeus ??

Demon Lullaby

1:50 what abs Asmo?


i’m just gonna save this for...uh, science


I swear half of these options want the characters to literally break me ✋?


2:15 was probably the hardest part

Kira Uchiha

I am the 1k like

Desereigh Millwood

My answers: round one: 2 round two: 2 round three: 2. round four: 1. round five: 2 round six: 1. round sevin: 2 round eight: 1 round nine: 1 round ten: both round eleven: none round twelve: 1 round thirteen: 2 round fourteen: 1 round fifteen: 1

(My fingers hurt from typing all this so plz like this comment?)

Boogie Woogie Doll

Threesome with Lucifer and Satan??? Can my FBI agent see my thoughts now?? cause thats exactly i am thinking about sometimes.. Oh my im a tomato

Ada Wajnert

Choice: Dominate Levi or be dominated by Simeon

My switch ass: ?️??️


For reasons I didn’t see anything. ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Sassy unicorn gagster From the hood

1) both
2) both
3) both
4 ) doggy
5) both
7) both
8) abs
9) both
10) mammon
11) face
12) both ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
13) foursome
14) both


2:49 / 2:45
sorry but...why not both?

Zoey Cringey

Video: Including Threesome with demon bois

Me: sweats.. ?incest?

Kate Williams

I would choose icecream other tongue kissing ??

Rurokawa Shiro

HoRnY I wANt bOtH foR eVeRYthIng


I was literally just thinking hoping you would make a new video of “would you rather ? version”

Kow kow !

Dominate Leviathan, DOMINATE LEVIATHAN, sir i'm a dominatrix, this is eAsY ?????????

꧁Eisen ꧂

I must say, you have a wild imagination.

Elle Can

“Be dominated by Simeon.”

Oh yes—yeah, sure I’d, um, I’d like that


Diavolo pops up
Me: yes boi finally

Sofia Simone Tabangin

Ohh gosh good thing my mom already went to work so that she wouldn't see me watching this oof-


After I watched this I keep on listening to anime ASMR--- Don't judge meeee

Babyg Bey

On round 12 beel's face is accurate 2:42 me when I see 2:56:.................

The Stabby Bitch Toga

... I clicked on this- and the first thing I got was an add that sai: “DiD YOu KnOW SOmE PeOpLE hAvE pOoPiNg HaBitS ThAT MaKEs YOu LoOsE FAt?!”

... hhhhhhhhhh


New sub here. Your videos are so fun. Can't wait for more. Especially the would you rather? vids.

•Lyanna Sama•

Time for me to die again XD


Me: This is easy

and Like I said it was.


because I only Chose two people when they appear.

I either choose Lucifer or Diavolo they mah Daddy ??

Nothing HereUwU

I swear I'm holy I swear ?

Rosie Dysaki

Honestly my face was turning so red that my mom asked if I'm fine and all I said was "I'm thinking of something heheheh"

Cookie Werewolf

Honestly the amount of times I had to tell my mum I was doing a test to see what animal or superpower I have after I had just screamed both

ImmaCute Pika

Im such a simp for Luci, Diavolo, and Beel????

and the have sex with the rhythm of celestial ray oh god I wont be able to walk for a month??

Buréku Shao

Gonna have some ✨ nice ✨ dreams tonight.


I was eating spaghetti while watching this....

Twisted Angel

everything with lucifer and asmos and diavolo


Okay, as much as I simp over every man-

I simp over Lucifer the most, no doubt-

Like, rail me into the mattress please sir-


Well then....??????


1. belphegor
2. lucifer
3. beelzebub
4. diavolo
5. simeon
6. satan
7. beelzebub
8. asmodeus
9. belphegor
10. asmodeus
11. satan
12. beelzebub
13. belphegor
14. mammon | asmodeus | beelzebub
15. leviathan

Keario Cabinet


Kill Me

Part 5?

Ung Le Yee

Rhythm of sinful indulgence
Rhythm of celestial ray

Which 1 is faster


I'll vote Leviachan as a president of OM fandom.

Hanabi Hyuga

I almost fall from my chair when I saw Someone??

Scarlet 101

Ah yes (Chef's kiss)
Both! Both! BOTH! BOTH~!

hdjdjejsjs ndndjdjdje

i just started playing obey me ?️??️ not complaining tho

Dirty Would You Rather with FRIENDS ????

Dirty Would You Rather with FRIENDS ????13 Jan. 2020
15 107
DESI DESSubscribe 438 721

Thank you for watching! I

Thank you for watching! I Love you guys so so much and I hope everyone enjoyed my video!!!! don't forget to LIKE ,COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!







Comments (22)

Dmmmm y’all ganna do us like dat?!!!

Alicia Renee

Lame as hell ? y’all should’ve answered

Marcus Ivory

Desi des u beautiful ? baby keep pushing boo

Maya Marie

desi des a different breed


Lol I think that darkskin nigga likes Jase

Certified Banga

Desi ngl u fya no cap

frmAngel wthLove

Hes right, I'm soooo sickened that you didnt answer

Wayne Jackson

Everyone is stressing about the last question but won't admit that this has been the funniest "WOULD YOU RATHER" you've ever seen.

Alaya Baker

funny asfffff?

Coby Arthur

Bruvh we still gotta know y’all answers???

frmAngel wthLove

Yo Asha is WILD hahaha

Chantel Kwakye

Omgosh bruh she really left us ??


? man why ain’t y’all answer the last question ....

Lauren K

lmfaoo y'all are hilarious bro

Brooke Simone

yall corny for not answering the last one????

Amiya Gabriel

Part 2

Isabelle L.

Woooow so y'all really not gon answer the question lol

Kira Daniels

“Shitty mouth ass” sent me???

Vincent Hannah

WHAT ?? Desi, did you actually just say that, "9 times out of 10 the gay dude has an STD." Do you know how ignorant and offensive that is. Sorry just un subbed you.

Marie Millsap

I honestly think asha woulda said ify

colieth lewis

We wanna knw the answer though ?

Amiya Gabriel

PART 2 and the answer to the last question