He hasn't texted me in 3 days should i text him

Why Is He Not Texting Me: 3 Reasons & 3 Solutions!

Why Is He Not Texting Me: 3 Reasons & 3 Solutions!21 Apr. 2019
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Are you wondering if,

Are you wondering if, “Why is he not texting me?” Do you want to know what's going on and what you can do about it?

I know that right now you are wondering why this guy is not as involved in this relationship as much as you would like to be. So let's take a look at the three main reasons why he is not texting you and how you can change this…

1. He's not that interested

Maybe in the beginning of the relationship he was more interested, but his interest has decreased.

2. You gave him all the power

If this guy has understood that you are chasing him, then he knows that you will make the first move. Why should he go out of his way to do it when he knows that you will do the work for him?

3. He is not obsessed with his phone

This is a good thing. Sometimes a person just isn't glued to their phone and that is why they don't text you.

So here are the remedies:

1. Make sure that he is into you

Every time you speak or meet, Focus on building attraction. Use eye contact, Touch an interesting questions, this will make him crazy about you and wants to know more.

2. Become a challenge again

He has to make the first move, so don't text him. Focus your attention on your own life: your friends, your hobbies, your work and your passions. Don't focus on him and you can rebuild the balance of power.

3. Propose doing things together

Do something special and take leadership. Now is the time to be the one planning your dates. If you can be proactive and tell him what do you want to do, then things will shift and he will text you. You just have to make sure that you are not and the position of weaker power.



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Comments (37)
Kara Patty

I really love your accent ? This is also one of the reason why I’m watching your you tube it’s make me smile and energy ?please don’t change your French accent !

Gokce Akbulut

Hi Alex , this guy that I was dating said he has never fall in love . He had 2 long term relationships with ladies who have mental disorder. I don’t think he likes normal women??? Ahh so difficult because I like him

Maria Sagesaka

I can feel your sincerity the way you talk I like this advice.thank you for helping me .

Silver Mont

My guy texted me sometimes while he was in paradise his ex he came back to, and for whom he left me after 2 yrs of great relationship. The ex of one year b4 he met me. So she looked for him 2 yrs later after she had left him. Now my ex went back to her. Ghosted on me said wanted space . I let him go . 6 months passed we met N confessed he isn’t too happy w her but he still likes her. I didn’t give in.. obviously that’s what he wanted. Anyway he stop texting me 10 days ago . Told him I was traveling he was curious to know my whereabouts. I m not texting back. He wants me. He will search for me! Final

Anna Buhagiar

Why it's always about men. Becouse men are always the problem

Neena Issar

My boyfriend blocked me on watsapp and calling on 11feb
I Called him from another number
He said who i am
Please tell me what to do

Free spirit

I have been in a ldr with a guy for 1 yr and a half. He visited me it was great but now he's left he's changed and it's turning into a slow fade on his part. He used to video call me ever night but now I feel like I'm doing all the communication. I really like him he said he was going to come in June but I think he won't should I just have the what's happening conversation? How do I word it without coming over and all needy?? Should I write a letter?

Eman Tades Eman


Maria Psarrou

Hi Alex, I broke up with my ex 1 ago and this past August we went on a date he couldn't take his eyes off me and he even insisted on taking me home which he never did while dating. Eversince we talk but he never initiates and sometimes ghosts on me, on December 10 is his birthday and he hasn't read my 2 messages so far what do I do?

david rule

I stoped txting mine whin I decovered she was a looser.

Agnès de Reulle - Récits de vie

Why Is He Not Texting me ? I often asked me this sentence because I love so much receive messages and write my feelings... Thank you for sharing these 3 reasons and 3 solutions. Have a good day coach.

Mimi Baguio

Love this

Gillian Sanderson

Hey Alex I dont do fb WhatsApp etc.. But you sure as hell can text me lol...
Keep up the good work you talk a lot of sense because relationships are about human psychology.
Thank you for choosing a caring career assisting and hopefully helping people..... :)

Angelita Balanquit Mendoza

French accent always sexy ??


I agree with your reasons but it could be a lot of reasons. If I am into the woman I will not ignore her. But if I see her slowing down or notice that am always the one who initiates I will stop texting.

Alice Krizman

Your voice Is so reassuring ? keep on

Bianca Angelina

Your so good ❤️??

intuitive self-love

He forgot me, I forgot him! ??

Aries Chic

Man those eyes, kill me??

Meli El

Two days, no call. No text. Goodbye ? honey !

Sun Shine

REASON NUMBER 4 .. coaches who are helping men , how to make her fall in love etc etc videos ??

Hassan Eldaly

Thanks Sir alex my idol for advice about love

جين ناتيجوكا

Hellooo Alex,
I nid private coaching wi you, how do I do it??

Cassy J

A guy im seeing told me i need to relax and just go with the flow ...let it happen naturally .....basically he is not into it like i am ( my words not his) im always the one texting first Trying to see hin trying to get him to invest in the relationship....but at this point i think he is really not into me anymore ....so im gonna move on ...its been 2 yrd and a lot has happened and im tired

Blanca Rosas

I think the guy I was talking with he told me he was busy with his work, life, but I just don't understand why he can't make time for me just like I make time for him. I text him back.. omg

Ro Mii

That's a really good video , thank you Alex ?

Bibiana Syiem

Alex,please read my message, my boyfriend doesn't text or call me almost 2months ,it's really hurt me,so what i'll do I'm like crazy girl.

patricia vittini

How long do I have to wait to text him back?

sis Lotty bless

Alex i text him but he doesn't Tex me back at all


Hi Alex sir.. Should I let my boyfriend ALWAYS text me first or should I also sometimes take the initiative? After about how many days should I also take the initiative and text him first? Won’t he feel bad if I never take an initiative? He might think that I have lost interest in him?

Alex Cormont - The French Relationship Expert

Do you have a man that you wish would text you? Tell me about it below and why you think he is not texting you back.

salsa sweet

He was interested I dont know whether it's my intuition or not but after having a video call one day he stopped msging but he used to call me n said I luv u but it's been couple of days he said he ll call but did not call... Please adv

Aderlyn Low Li Hung

Hi, Alex..
Morning from here..
My question is....
Why he can like others women instagram post but never my post. As he said he love me.
He always viewed my whatsapp status, but never commented or like..
I really need your advice Sir.
Thank you

Manisha Sihra

my ex bf does not call and msg me and ignore for other girls and it's drives me crazy..wht should I need to do.?plz help..

Betty Q

Hi Alex, he has been initiating all the texts not me. I haven’t heard from him in 2 days. Do I still wait for him to text me first? Or is it okay for me to text him first now?

alma rodriguez

Hey! If hes asking to go out, can i say yes right away? Im afraid that if i say no, he wont ask me again in the future or stop communicating.

Priyansha Mohan

Umm Earlier everythin was okay.. He restricted me from using social media i agreed.. Coz he wanted me to stay away from bad.. And contentrate on my studies... But now its almost a year.. He did wrong once.. Now again.. He tells he is busy.. Hasnt met like.. Been 3 mths.. And flirting wid other girls on fb.. I saw on comments from my friends profile.. What do do..
I turn out weak for him

Why Hasn't He Texted You For A Week

Why Hasn't He Texted You For A Week20 Sep. 2013
127 961
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Comments (54)

Kidnap him and steal him from this greedy world

Cee Mee

This guy I was talking to for 4 months still isn't ready to date me but wants to stay friends for a little while longer. He's annoying to put it lightly.

ripple M

maybe it just takes a few second to send a text, but the mental disturbance it causes are very distracting when you are really into someone, so that explains things too.


Got it.?

Ayu Siti Nur Hidayah

yeah that's ehat i fell now


He said he's busy but he keeps watching my stories lol what a lie

Briana meeks

If he has lost interest in me why am I still his profile pic on instagram?


Great video

Caroline O Malley

Move on ladies don't wait around for these men being there and we got back together and he ghost me again when a guy hasn't text you in a week just run because if he does come back he won't be back for long before he ghost you again move on and be with someone who respect you good luck everyone.x


I love your videos! I love the clarity and to the point kind of advice. However, I really do not agree with you here. Men who are interested (NO MATTER HOW BUSY or impossible his time seems to be) will get back to you… NO MATTER WHAT.

Army Ricia

Mines situation is different I need your help


IDK if I'm over thinking this, but my BF of only a month stop texti/calling me as much as he did before we started the relationship. I started to noticed that I was the one who did the calling and the checking up and asking him to hang out. So just to test this out I haven't seen him for 5 days and he haven't called nor text me in 3 days to check on me. So idk what to make of this. I already said to myself if he doesn't call/text me or make anytime to hangout by the end of the week then it's clear that we're over.

Sounds about right?


He texted me asking how are you then ignore my response ? Second time he did that but WHY ? Plz do a video on that

Nicole Green

Stop giving a shit and find someone else to play with. His loss. Fuck him.


They expect you will get the hint and move on bcs they are not going to try explaining why they don't like you anymore then have to listening to you scream and cry.


He was texting me every other day then this week he stopped. Maybe he got busy for christmas?? ??‍♀️ but then Friday afternoon he texts me hi. Said he was sick all week. But he was active on snap though??. ? He is a shy guy with few words so it’s either because of that or he only texts me when he’s bored.

Daniella Dedvukaj

What happens if he texts / calls after a week of no communication ?

Eve Heart

Mentally friendzoned him


Disagree. I'm a guy. Its not uncommon for me to take 2-3 days to respond to a girl sometimes. Why? Because it shows high value, and that im busy with other things. Also girls always to this to guys to Shit test them so I do it back? But only if I know I'm highly leveraged in that specific conversation situation!!

ut li

It's kinda obvious that he lost interest. But ya, I still search for this video to confirm myself. Thinking about him sometimes. It likes you only want something you don't have even though you know it doesn't work out. He texted me back a week after come back in town but I didn't reply. Let's disappear on each other.

Eve Heart

A whole week is a red flag fr


I need advice one minute my boyfriend texted me good morning and saying how much he love and care about me. Then all of a sudden he ignore me for a couple days and when I text him back asking if everything ok he text back quick saying yea  and apologizes and then I text him back saying be honest is everything ok. No replied so then two days later I called him didn't answer the first time but answer the second time when I called but said he would called me back never did, Then I text him how I feel saying I feel like u don't care about this relationship and communication is key in the relationship I know something is up but wont tell me have a nice life and ever since then I havnt heard from him. What is going on ? Is it my fault he wont talk to me?

Stacey M

It'[s been a week, he said he was sick, dunno what sort of sick. But he's been active on the app we were talking on cause I can see it, it says, like this morning it says "Active Now" sick of this bull** getting ghosted by guys all the time

Cup Cake

Last year I watched this video woow a year without texting him lol

Sally Boss Madam

I listen to u to remind myself how I already lost the guy?

Roberta B

He's not interested

Elissa R

yes true


Heres the thing, and its very true: a guy can make up soo many different ways to be with you if he likes you But he has millions of excuses not to be with you if he doesn't like you. Simple as that!


What can I do about it? Is it too late at this point when his interest is so low to sparkle the flame again?

No shit

GUYS PLS HELP So everything was great we were both in love and then he decided to go to navy..I know that is really serious and I understand that is important and on his mind but I miss him....we didn't talk for month cause they took their phones..Still tbh I think no meter what if a boy likes u he should find a way to text u,,I cry everynight..when he is online thats is for a minute or two..he can still text me tho..I FEEL LIKE HE FORGOT ME WHAT TO DO GUYS?


Wat if u get a reply only when u txt frst?


Connect With Me On Facebook - https://www.messenger.com/t/DatingLogic

Poohbear Linares

real talk son

Rehema Zakari

I had this issue with a guy who only texted me six days at a time! I continously felt and asked him if he really liked me at all, and finally he got tired of it and ended things with me on the basis he was done trying to convince me he was "real" bullshit!

Mi Feke

Nope. I was very interested in a girl and did not text her after it was clear she wasn't making a clear effort. I decided there is no point playing some stupid game, Found out later she was following these ridiculous "The Rules" to try and snare me, If only she was just herself the whole time instead of playing a stupid game, I really liked her.

Ally Tv

It's good to know that my last chance of happiness might very well be more interested in doing other things besides talk to me.(Good Video tho)

Araceli Aguirre

I have a big question I was texting with this guy ok then we just stopped texting we didn't text anymore he has not texted me in two weeks

Rehema Zakari

I had this issue with a guy who only texted me six days at a time! I continously felt and asked him if he really liked me at all, and finally he got tired of it and ended things with me on the basis he was done trying to convince me he was "real" bullshit!

Rain Clouds

You are so on point with this video...actions speak louder than words!!!

Catherine Ryan

my boyfriend and I were fighting 10 days ago and i was last to reply saying i wanted it to work..i havnt had a call or text since dont know what to do


It's been 3 weeks since our last conversation, and yet I'm still waiting for him. It's time for me to move on.

Claire Smith

happened to me, moving on....

Rita P

In 1988 my then so called partner said he was going to the shop to buy some nappies for our baby. Its now 2020, still waiting for those nappies.


its been 3 weeks since he talked to me... :(

Loco Logos

Maybe he also doesn't want a distraction because he's focused on school like a nerd

Taylor Fulton

Thank you. I'm gonna give this guy a few more days but I'm already getting anxious; especially since, though we'd been friends for a while before he told me he liked me and vice versa, it's always uncomfortable to have to wait a while for someone because I'm trying to get a feel of where I stand with that person. It's for this reason that I'm not really thinking in terms of "I'm not interested in talking to someone this little," rather "I don't know if this is too long or not. I'm just really nervous," you know?? So it helps to be able to give him a set number of days, since I'm not thinking clearly otherwise.
Everyone else was like "give him some more time" when I looked up similar situations. I understand guys' minds work differently, but COME ON. How long would they need - a month!? At some point, it's got to be excessive. So thank YOU for drawing a line :) Likewise I don't get what the big deal is. You can't even text me once in a day to ask me how I'm doing?

mel sdfghjk

So there is this guy with whom I have been texting for the past few months... We both know that we like each other.
Lately he hasn't texted me at all and I'm just wondering is it something I said or I did or is it just bcz he's actually busy with his exams or did he actually lose interest ? 

A Williams

Not always the case. Mine does it if he thinks I've lost interest. trying to prove a point.

K W.

He came on hot and heavy and then he randomly bounced. He said his grandfather is dying but I know he’s been in tinder. Like okay, I’ll just bless another man w my presence since he doesn’t appreciate it


Your videos are too short

Tianna Jones

What if his phone is off

Timothy Price

What if this person doesn't text you and then text you ... I miss you after like 4-5days later with out texting ? You respond back saying i miss you too. and than no response.. .. very confusing there.. help!

Sara a


martha wanja

good work.

Ten Days Without Texting - Does It Mean That He's Not Interested?

Ten Days Without Texting - Does It Mean That He's Not Interested?14 Jul. 2015
93 819
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Book A Consultation - https://datinglogic.net/consultation/

Comments (82)

what about when he's going out of town and does not tell you when he will be back (long distance relationship) x,x lack of consideration and the already feeling of isolation increases


If dude can't be bothered to answer my text the same day.... #byefelicia . It means you rly aren't making an effort so why the hell should I? Everyone has 5 minutes to at least say a hello or be courteous and make contact. On to the next! Why waste your time?

Ace Report

I'd say no. I'll make a girl wait forever, even, if I like her. The reason I do this is because it makes them wonder. I had an awesome date with a girl once who had a party line for a phone. I thought I had the wrong number because the person who answered the phone told me I had the wrong number. I put the number in my drawer and forgot about it for a couple of weeks or more before trying again. When I called back the second time she answered and wanted to see me immediately. I went to see her and she was already in love with me. She told me that she couldn't figure out why she fell so hard for me but I think it had something to do with not contacting her. After I realized that this would work I started doing it on purpose.

Amanda Smith

Move on

Dezza __

HAHAHAH love your direct approach


Love the short to the point to the outcome video! Keep up the style

Christian Credentials

Wait wait.. what if u text her and she don't freaken respond, and u need to hold out to show that you have real balls. See women have problems, they want u to text, then ignore you, then get worried when your man enough to let DAYS go by without checking up on them.


The guy I've been seeing for a year hasn't texted back in a week. My heart is so broken. We were doing so well and then suddenly this. Three days to go I guess...

Eliyah Rivas

“Yeah yeah “ ahaha thanks


This one is the obvious!✅


Connect With Me On Facebook - https://www.messenger.com/t/DatingLogic

Dmitrii Zholud

I stopped texting the girl I really felt in love with because she did not show the same level of interest in me as I did in her. 4 days later she texted me and invited for a lunch. I accepted because I really missed her, but then called off - I did not want lunch with her. I asked if she wants to meet in the evening but she said she does not know when she finishes work and that she might see her friends then - I though fuck it I don't want to be a second choice. She is too proud to text me second time, or she doesn't care. In any case I won't text even though it is really painful and I think about her a lot.


If he goes 10 days without texting then move on.  
If he hasn't seen you in 2 weeks move on.
Find someone who will make you a priority.


speaking the TRUTH

tori lynn

I think my heart just broke

Lizzy Green

It could also mean that he's shy and doesn't know how to start conversation

George Hoffman

What if a guys parents, grandparents, siblings, or pets passed away what if he just had surgery. I don't think 10 days without texting doesn't mean he is not interested. If that's how you word it


That's hilarious, I beat everybody to the "DELETE HIS NUMBER ON YOUR PHONE" issue already.
All these women HE'S BEEN WITH somehow have contacted me and told me to delete his number, he's a liar and a fucker.


He has nothing to say or doesn't feel like texting happens to me all the time. I'm moody...hang in there while finding a replacement lol

Mónica Play Productions

Veryyyy Right !!:))

Luther Park

How do I ask her out what words should I say to asks her to be my girlfriend without being weird or confusing of what I want


As man I must comment on this. This is not always the case. If I don't text her in a week it is not because I am not interested. It's mainly something to do with the woman. I'ld show my interest in her and pursue and once I get the impression she is hiding her interest/unsure/not texting first. Ild just assume she is not attracted to me enough. So ild give her space to see if she'll contact me first.

If she doesn't then I'll continue dating other women who will be interested in me. It is not that complicated. She is not worth pursuing if she is not puting effort.

Arkacia Money

he doesn't text first but sends me hearts & if I don't text first he won't text me but then I'll text & he responds in less then a minute?? I am soooo confused, can someone plz give me advice


I needed to hear this.


I do this to my friends sometimes. I'm out of the house from 7am and I return home after 10pm (full time job plus school). If i have a text from a friend and I'm busy or really tired I usually respond a few days later when I have the time to talk. My friends know my busy schedule and I know theirs so we don't get in our feelings about it. I think the longest I took to reply was about a week tbh. But everytime I text back late I apologize. ??

Luxury Queen

I wouldn't settle for a guy who doesn't know how to communicate. Cuz when you're in a relationship, contact communication is pertinent.

Doble A

Nahh I don’t agree


I can't even believe this is a question.


Why is this happening. How can I hihten his interest for me so that he text me every other day ???


Mine has PTSD and lives 3 hrs away. He would often behave this way and I would worry so I ended the relationship.

Latoya Fits

?????now who asked this

Patricia Staub

Wow, you're totally right. I have someone that isn't trying really. I know I am not in the forefront of his mind, he doesn't think about me. 1) he won't answer my calls, emails, and text messages, I get ignored 2) They are asking for space all the time. He doesn't reach out to me first. 3) Definitely less affection. I am usually the one to initiate. Also only nice to me when we are about to have sex 4) avoiding commitment conversations, big time. Doesn't want to solidify anything. 5) doesn't say I love you much and I usually have to say it first. Am I a fool to stay in this relationship? We have been doing this for 5.5 years and I am starting to wonder if I am just a fool.


Either he is not interested or is in coma. Move on and be with someone who cares about you.

Con C

Damn the same situation exactly happened to me. A guy I'm interested in had stopped texting me for 10 days. And then, on the 11th day, he texted me back with "how are you~?" I guess I'm not important to him at all. I'm more like a pastime activity to him lolll

meyaw Abdulaziz

or she scared him away and he decided not to engage anymore...because she revealed so much of her self that is not desirable and he didnt even mention


If you ain't trying fuck then forget about it


Havn't heard from him for 5 weeks(((9


If he didn’t get into jail or on a deserted island he’s not I Gersten in u

JoJo hanna

And what about 7 days? :D

Abel Tesfaye

Love your videos! No bullshit, no side stepping the point, just quick, honest, and to the point! As a side note, I love your bluntness and literally laughed out loud when you were all, "Yeah" ?

Vona West


Quarantined Pancake

This is a bit misleading. Relationships aren't at the top of my priority list because I'm more focused on my career. Doesnt mean I'm not interested in people because I havent texted them in a while

Baby S

what if it's a guy you were almost in a relationship with

COD Gameplay



mines 6 days still waiting if it's gonna reach 10its fine I let him go and move on I will always treasure the past moments

Leah L.

What if I live in Boston and he lives in New york. close, but still far.

Rona Bell


Dominic Rasmussen

or we think the girl is not interested and back off

Koko S


Yang Yul

I once stopped texting him and he suddenly texted me first, but soon we started to not talk for a week


Ironic I'm back here two years later different guy. So over it and I'm also over it.

Ladenna Young

Very much so not interested. Lol.


Good video! But I do have a question because I'm stumped. Sometimes I just can't reply. Just the conversation is not going anywhere but I don't want to end it by replying. The Sparks and ideas about the topic just came to an end. What do you think you be the best way to try and keep it going? Thank you :)


does this apply if I have a person on skype/long-distance/online friendship? He's always "online" even when he isn't... He video calls me mostly and rather that then skype messaging. He's older than me with a full time job so I try to be understanding about time... He mostly videocalls me between 5pm - 11pm

barbara wright

He's uninterested

Cassaendra Cassiopeia

I totally agree with you, but I've learned that you can't say that EVERY guy is not interested if he does this. Some guys are unexperienced. Other guys are afraid to come over as clingy. Some of them play games. And others are afraid to move too fast. But yes I agree, if a guy likes you enough, he WILL make it obvious.


my heart just broke into million pieces...

Jerome ASF

I'm sorry to say but this is very inaccurate. There this girl who likes me and I haven't been texting for 10 days bc my phone number isn't working

Teonna Dorsey

Doesn't apply to shy guys. Not every man is onto text.

shaimaa Hegazy

What if I asked him to postpone our communication some how till I see him ( coz he is in another country , and I just know him from facebook, ) so I asked to decrease our communication , but u know what I missed him so much
I think he got upset from my request specially I limited & restricted his profile on fb which cause him to be angry


This can be wrong. I've waited 10 days to text a girl I like.

Marie Khela



Lol after 10 days I disappear

Shedrick Wallace

Could also mean he doesn’t want to appear too eager. I’ve recently learned that eager men are a turnoff to women

Liza Gonzalez

Hahaha! How you say it..but love your honesty..


And if its a guy ive dated 12 times 4 months? =(

deas vearest

Thanks to Dr oniha who helped me bring back my ex boyfriend with his spell, you can also reach him on his email: [email protected]yahoo.com


I made this mistake with the first girl I was in love with.   I was trying not to text her too much and needy/desperate with her time.  But, ending up the texting/contacting her enough.  How ironic!  Definitely learned from that blunder.  I was such an idiot.

Eli Pollo

Wee were talkinng onnthe phone n texting .. I havent texted in a month i think i was getting overwhelmes should i text her ???? Help !!

Chyna Barnes

Lol...he said quite low...that's me I am on the bottom of his and I don't care neither anymore i.have three kids to focus on

Sara a

Thanks for being so straight forward and direct to the point! Appreciate that!!! ❤️?

Sauron Ikov

Ok, ill stop texting this girl for 10 days so she stops texting me.. jeez shes so annoying

Alfonso Pallan

It’s been 84 years...

Connie Jizzle

Nice one

Jose Antonio Martinez

Some say that if a girl is loosing interest in you you (guy) should not text her in 10 days cause 3 won’t do nothing, my question is, how many days is it okay to get back a her after not speaking to her? All of this in relation to her speaking to one every 3-5 hours, texting twice a day.


For all the other videos about problems similar to texting etc you have the most sincere upfront answers and it shows its coming from your heart truly i enjoy watching your vids but it's disappointing that its All short! Lol

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My observations of men have taught me one thing, when a guy is really interested in you,  he'll prefer to call you than to text you, he'll make a move towards you no matter how tired he is!  Men in general, are natural go getters and they'll pursue a girl they really want.

Texts are nice once you're in a solid relationship with a guy but, if it starts out that way, it usually isn't a good sign. There are good men out there who sincerely want a relationship and want to get to know someone.  Look for a man who makes the time to talk to you over the phone AND who spends time with you in person.

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It would be a good idea to change the topic if it is coming to an end before it actually comes to an end. This way, you don't get that awkward moment of silence or a lull in communication which will make you even more uneasy. At this point, you can text him about a new topic. It could be something that someone said that caught your attention recently or something someone did and you want to get his reaction or opinion. If you still can't come up with something, you can use your environment to help you. If you are at home, you could start texting him about what he does to keep himself from getting bored when he is at home. If you are with friends, you could text him about what his friends are like and then try to relate to him by drawing parallels with your own friends who happen to be with you at that very moment. There is so much you can do to keep the conversation going. You just need to avoid being so nervous about running out of things to text each other about and allow yourself to flow from topic to topic.

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He didn't text me about weak my heart is broken ???


Personally I don't want to come off as clingy. I want to give her space so I don't text her for a few days.