Flirting cheating

Is it OK to flirt with someone else?| What to do when he flirts with someone else #askRenee

Is it OK to flirt with someone else?| What to do when he flirts with someone else #askRenee18 Jan. 2018
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Is it OK to flirt with

Is it OK to flirt with someone else?| What to do when he flirts with someone else #askRenee

Is flirting with someone else ever OK? Is flirting harmless or is it cheating? Here's what to do when he flirts with someone else.

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FLIRTING || It always starts off harmless , yet someone always gets hurt by the action . The thing with flirting is , whilst it may seem like fun or nothing serious at the time , it is never necessary .

Not only that , flirting with someone else is disrespectful to the relationship you are in , it sends mixed messages to all people affected and it doesn't build trust in a relationship.

Sure some habits die hard , but at the same time openly engaging in flirtatious behaviour with someone you shouldn't is something that needs to be addressed before it turns into more than just emotional cheating.


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Comments (24)
Chris Bruce

I have recently had a girl flirt with me. Extreme eye gazing etc. I smelt a rat. She had boyfriend. I pity the men she will emotionally hurt if they fall for her


I don't know if I'm just overthinking or if he's ataully flitting with other girls but my boyfriend has 8 girls on snap that he constantly text. And it probably sounds like I'm exaggerating but I got screen shots of his snap there are litterly 8 girls above my snap name I don't know if I should confront him or just forget about it


I am happy to see a video with the right answers, so many videos put the blame on the girl ie “she’s insecure etc”, lol ? I can see right through this. If you respect yourself, you know what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t. So this video is amazing ?? finally the right things said

Young GuNz

Can u be my girlfriend


I want to thank you for your video , was very helpful in my relationship with my new boyfriend. We sat down and talked about His flirting with his single coworker and how it made me feel Etc and he was surprisingly understanding and he was all apologetic and was thankful that we were able to talk about it.

EmoDere - Edits2.0


Jocelyn Wright

I agree with you, flirting to me is unacceptable. If you love the person that you are with then there is no need to flirt..your eyes should be to the one that you are with only and addressing it is understandable.

Destiny Luke

What if he says he's jokingly flirting- Ion know how to feel about that?...And It's like I'm wrong for saying it's disrespectful?

Nallah Canlas bf flirting to others whenever we broke up..

Frank tank

Flirting is 100% ok. Dating the same women for more than a month is NOT.

sharp mind

My girl was flirting with this other guy

Zumzi Zumza

I have a boyfriend that often flirting with girls, in front of me or where i m not. He says there is no sexual meaning in doing that, he just playing. I dont agree this behaviour. It makes me feel that I m not good enough or he is bored with me. He give compliments another women especially young. He doesnt compliment me at all. I discuss with me in a good way or bad way and the answer is the same. He is not gonna change this behaviour and he accused me that I m crazy and gealous. I agree with socialization but not flirting. I m so sad because of thi, i feel insecure, unwanted, worthless. How can I resolve it ?

Kanah Holliday

Thanks for the video I thought it was really good I had a question if you didn't mind what if you told your boyfriend about his flirting he flirts with this one girl that he likes he really likes her clothes with her but you and him or supposed to dating Jessie was young work with me dating but boys with their rehabs around Facebook even goes to her job and CDs her and you've told him that this makes you uncomfortable and makes you mad and he pays you no mind eBay do not mind you tell him that it's cheating and he tells you that it's not cheating and that you need to get yourself together and then he'll start at what do you think about that Utah Jazz need to get yourself together and then he'll start acting like you have some sense and you talk to him about it almost everyday what's your thoughts on me

Lisa Loveskittycats

Excellent video!! I agree with your view. I have a question if you don’t mind answering. Is it considered cheating if you notice a married man (after being checked out by another woman) display parted lips? I saw a married man trying to hide a very sexual look on his face after being checked out by another woman. I ask because would this be something involuntary a man does automatically if he sees something he likes. It took the man a minute or two for his face to return to normal. He was trying to hide his expression. Thanks!

jumi bharali

What if he doesn't respond to my questions? Just saying sorry and waiting for her to become normal !!!!

Junior Ordel

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Amanda Nicole

For me he flirts with a girl in person & text but when I brought it up like the way you explained. He says he wasn’t flirting. So I don’t know what to do now?


Lol if that happens, for me that’s the end, if I would see my bf actively flirting for me that means he’s not completely in it anymore, so I leave the relationship with my dignity. I would maybe talk about it one time, see how he responds, if the response is not good, I am out.


This helps. Was invited to go out with a guy on a date just for him to allow a girl to flirt/try to kiss him, right in front of me! don’t settle for less ladies and gents lol

Number Eight

No Renee, plenty of men including myself are very friendly with women in conversation. This could be considered flirting by women but I'd say it's not unless it is out of the ordinary. I'd draw the line at anything tactile and getting within another womans personal space zone as that is escalating things.

Villajoe bd

Hi,thanks for the video,if you won't mind me asking a question, what if he doesn't agree to the fact that flirting is in a sort of manner cheating and says it is harmless since he "knows" when to draw the line. And says he had forgotten what he was like once upon a time and wants to feel the same way again,hence started flirting. And refused not to stop flirt since it is not cheating per se according to him.

Bella Rose

Flirting is ok if you’re single & the person you’re flirting with is single.....other than that NOT OK.


Flirting is a clear signal to the other person that you are interested. It's that simple. It's an invitation to the other person that the flirter is attracted to you and is open to sex if the other person wants too.

Anshu Sharma

I hv been in a relationship with such a narcissist who used to flirt with every random girl, used to say Love you to his female friends, used to make new new female friends daily on instagram and got their numbers and flirted online and when i told him about how i felt he accused me of overthinker, old fashioned. He always said its a modern world and all this is normal. Flirt is just fun he said i think unnecessarily.
He always made me feel stupid and never accepted if he was ever wrong . When i broke up, bcz it was out of my threshold limit, he didn't even utter a word jst said ok done. After that when i asked him if he can't see any fault in himself he accused me that i was responsible for brk up whatever be the reason only i m responsible?

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Is Flirting Cheating? - This Is Not A Cult Podcast #0498 Oct. 2020
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Comments (100)
God of goats

I noticed the sweater my guy

Armand Wars

Me and my friends be gambling with Uno

Invested 236

But the mics

florida on top

ngl bruh ion really like how dior talkin in my ear like that on some asmr soundin shit ?

Jeremiah SoundCheck Moore

Thrill. I see the ultimate madness shirt bro! Who’s your favorite battle rapper?


“I’ll kick a kid”


The new setuppp

Ramon Jimenez

Ok fucking love the setup and do you still get the view if I listen to this on Musi? Because it’s the only reason I sleep and I was just thinking if you still get the view lmao????!


My man said we go around the sun every day lol

Jeron Boucher

Thrill took like a solid 2 mins to catch himself after that yell from Don lmaoo


Don peeped ?

Cedric Wilson II

i didn't notice the sweatshirt lol

raynard carthen

Name a better podcast (oh wait you can’t)

Nore Aighewi

Man yall wouldve busted this out On Episode 50

Kynetic king

Technically drawing TD

Agnes Agyiri

dammn there's something about don that makes me wanna ?mm- chile?


1:19:25 Bruh that happened to me. I was dreaming and I needed to pee so I kind of woke up but I was still really sleepy so I got up and thought I walked to the bathroom and was using the toilet, mid piss I wake tf up and realize I haven't left my room and I'm pissing in my laundry basket


100 usd=10000 jmd

cameron wilson

we didnt call it be word, we called it BB Action

Yung KG


Gilbert Ohene

Dammmmmmn the glow up muauad


How does Don get cold with all that fur on his body

Script S

Oh shit big mic now XD


Ngl the setup caught me lacking

Nathan Opoku

y'all don't need to have it close it can be farther down to the side, but you guys will get into the groove eventually.

Johnmichael Ramsay

My g don said T.D stands for technical development ?

Nolan S.

Yes I did notice cuz I had to rewind as soon as the clip changed


Coconut water is nasty I cannot lie.


Got the headphones lmaoo


Young don be drinking cocunut water I tried that shit and its disgusting

Zion Baker

definitely noticed the hoodie

King Bear Of COD

Are you guys gonna stay on the couch?

Young Don and The Thrill

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Sami Kellow

That was so obvious definetly noticed


Nxgga watch BATLLE RAP?!?! Shoutout to the URL Tournament shirt!!!

Monna Gram

Day 18 of celibacy and counting, we keep moving boys

Ashy 54

Yal called it b word
..we called it say a b word every one playing will punch u until you say b-knuckle

Hoodie Queen

Are we gonna avoid how swole Don looks? ?

Niya Burke

Dolly Parton?? ?

tyler, the masterbater

Aye lana Rhodes is fine


"We're professionals"

vegito blue

Anyone who knows a Jamaican word


The heat are not the best bucks all the way

Ryan Passie

Streets needed dior’s voice in the background too???


4 weeks is bad? I had my cast on for months when I was like 7 I broke my arm 3 times. Year after year same exact bone

Leyissa Moise

bro i love them so muchhh they really be making my day

Smash And Crash Gaming

59:35 well he didn’t deny it lol

Medrick Zounlome

I noticed the wardrobe change and thought I was going crazy until Thrill said something

mohamed djane

I noticed

Christian Mikolajczyk

I noticed don got a sweater immediately ✋?


You should do these in time stamps next time so we can see the topics we heading in or go to the topic


My boys on the come up yessirrr


Don TD is technical drawing my g

Eternal Life

ayo i thought don had the sharpest hairline, then i saw his hat

raynard carthen

I noticed u changed before will brought it up cause of the thumbnail

J'vaux Holder

In Trinidad we have sixth form too, so i think its a caribbean thing

Vladimir Makarov

Yo Don, can you add timestamps for all the topics? Some topics in the podcast appeal to some of us more


In Belize it's called B B Bridges and if you say a word that starts with B and you don't say B B Bridges you get punched tf up with no mercy

Josh Morrison

That slap could've been an animation. The game is called "B a Box".


Hahaha “y’all got cowboys in Jamaica ??

Joshua Donatien

I noticed it


The 3 people who disliked ?


it was pretty obvious you put on the jacket don

Todd Hylton

Didn’t notice the sweater ?

s02 Pzychotik


tra star

i noticed the sweater


having to explain the year levels to anyone overseas always ties up my head

Yung KG

I noticed the wardrobe change nigga

Goatdrip Vic

59:32 trill a clown

Mr Gabe

And yes we noticed you put on a sweater

Cedric Wilson II

So is Dior in LA full time now?


"Y'all got cowboys in Jamaica?" I shouldn't have laughed so hard at that ???

Noah A

The "y'all got cowboys in Jamaica" Thrill

Apex MVA

I hope I can catch up

Mr.ZombieRIPper 氏ゾンビリッパー

Why does Don look like fake Columbus Short in this podcast??

Precious Nze

I think we all noticed when he put on a sweater

Noah A

1:04:48 Cleveland Brown enters the chat


?? look 5 years younger without the beards

SW !!

Thrill remind me of Pi’erre Bourne no clue why


This is just a suggestion but one guest you could have on the podcast is longbeachgriffy because I know don messes with him and I think from watching griffy's videos I think his sense of humor matches Wills and I think they would get along if they don't already know each other. I think it would be an entertaining podcast and of course this is a suggestion.

Brayden Cobb

see we professionals professionals now


Lmao 1:37:59

Joey Indica

Just move the mics back a lil bit and edit the sound after

Ruth Wairimu

When you dream with death probably someone ate too much before sleeping

Gavin Wiltshire

You aint never been to an hbcu party

Nehemiah Fields

i didn't know

King Bear Of COD

59:30 “Now youre dating guys”

Chauncey Perkins

I just heard the new song and I'm surpised that you three haven't made a collab mixtape. Shit would sound fire

King Mk

I noticed that Don put a sweater on


Bruh dis dude really didn't know green coconuts exist lmaoo


1:27:30 I noticed, I was fina wear my hoodie too

[uknxwn][y_art] foe now



swear i was the only person to think about kicking kids....good to know the cult is with me lol

Kimone Miller

Ayyyeee come through with the new new. Leveling on up


Don might as well starting skating for fun/hobby on a real skateboard and learn how to do tricks document his journey if he does I would fw it heavy


Is it just me or is don looking a bit pale?


Y’all upper lips so naked

Tony The Tiger

so u got that tactical shit now huh?


I noticed the switch in cloths of don☠️☠️

Ashy 54

The black woman who is carrying the big breast is ..maserratti xxx

Is Flirting Cheating?

Is Flirting Cheating?21 Feb. 2020
59 132

Michael, Sara and Keke

Michael, Sara and Keke share their thoughts.

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#StrahanSaraKeke #MichaelStrahan #SaraHaines #KekePalmer #SSK #Flirting #Cheating

Comments (93)
Sarah D

Flirting lead to cheating so don’t flirt .. periodddddttt


Reminds me of the episode of ' Friends' where Ross thinks he is flirting with the pizza delivery girl? And Chandeler says to Monica:"If this is how all the Gellars flirt we don't have a problem." or something like that?


I'm playful by nature, I flirt and rry to make everyone happy,I'll do it even infront of someone I'm dating!

Jenny Luna

i love Sarah!

Enterprising Entrepreneur

I agree with Michael...but the ladies have a point too. Thirsty dudes be over-reading.


No it’s not cheating but it is inappropriate. And KeKe doesn’t remember that show where Wilson was over the fence. I’m the same age as her and I watched that show it’s not that old

Camille Anzolletti

I’m playful by nature with everyone. I know my limits though and also what my man’s boundaries are

Paulette Hammond-Duerson

It's debatable.

janet coleman

I have never seen you guys before and i must admit you guys are great and would love to know if you have a TV show so I can watch?.. You are all right on the flirting. ?

Lois Banks

If a person is in a committed relationship and they flirt, that is called cheating!

Mr MakeShft

Im Keke 1000# especially when I don’t like you. Everything will be why am I here? Can we never meet again? It was NEVER nice to meet you.

Saint Perth Northcloud

Flirting is a form of cheating. Stupid question

M. H

I'm a libra and I have a flirtatious personality, but I mean NOTHING by it. If I like u, u will know it, trust!!!
Ask my husband?

Bhomja Gaming

3rd point is bullshit?

La' Vy

That communal drink is gross!! They need to stop that sharing crap...share germs, bacteria, viruses.

Loved By You

no i dont think flirting is cheating!!

Omo ‘re b’iyan

I agree with the second quote


Flirting is not cheating but it is the gateway to cheating.


I also believe paying a compliment isn’t flirting or shouldn’t always be treated as such. A man can tell a woman she looks stunning without flirting. In some cases that’s just being nice and considerate. Not every compliment is motivated by ulterior motives.

Vanessa Anderson

Yes and no because some people have a very flirtatious personality

Latoya Craig

I love this show, I love them all ?

Jonny T

Keke what are those shoes??

Linda Anderson

Opposites attract whether intentional or innocent or just being good buddies.

Lamar Clark

Great clip 2:20

M Jennings

Flirting is cheating. There’s a difference in being being super friendly and flirting. Today you need to be very mindful of your signals given

Nolo R

Flirting is cheating, period.

Ruthie Anderson

This is SO OBVIOUS. Keke and Micheal have it for each other. Too many topics on their show about all of this lately. We SEE you! Spill it!!

Dr. Angel

I love Sara’s hair


Thank you Michael for pointing out that all guys are not the same. I'm actually the direct opposite. According to friends I get hit on fairly often and I'm completely oblivious to it. I can't tell the difference between someone just being friendly and flirting. I just assume they are simply being nice and go about my business. I've never once assumed a girl was into me. You have to come out and say it directly before I'll get it.

breathe in positivity

If your partner is not there

Kristie Bach

It’s cheating to me. I can’t be with someone that’s too friendly that’s a dub

Ridwan Ahmed

Jee mä olin eka

Susi Siebert

That’s why Micheals marriages ended

Soleil Honey

0:58..."I never intentionally Flirt with Anybody I DONT LIKE.."....*SMILES BIGGER THAN THE SUN*


Amanda Kyle

Keke always changing the meaning of a word. Stop it. Flirting is not the same as being friendly keke

Kelsey Kel

Them two say that. Let Sara husband go flirting or keke boyfriend flirting (if she had one) with another girl. They will not be happy.



Amber Jayy

Lol listen if you won’t do it in front of my face, then don’t do it behind my back


LOL BLASPHEMY! Keke girl! you don't know what Home Improvement is?? I'm not much older than you I'm 28 that show is awesome!

Jessica Johnson


Gabrielle Desouter

☝? I agree ☝? with Michael! Flirting is not cheating! It’s depends!

Naughty Girlfriend

Flirting isnt cheating

A Sweet Aroma

I’m a big flirt and my boyfriend is aware and it doesn’t bother him. He knows I would never cheat.


Nah, there is difference between flattery/compliments vs flirting in a suggestive way that you want something to happen. I have learnt not to be complimentary because once you compliment the male species they think you wanna be dicked Down and its like nah I'm good.

Audrey Norton

Happy Weekend To You Guys. Especially Michael. May God Continue To Bless You. In Every Steps That You Take. ??????????????

wilfrid fred

Mick loooovvee flirting
Just see how he's kissing(long) and female come in the set...lmao

Meme Bladen

Flirting is the beginning stages of cheating

Moon Moon

Flirting is playing with fire


Omg that puppy face at the end hahahaha you gotta love Sara ?❤️

Love Lee event planning L.L.C.

Sara looks so good in blue! I love those pants girl

anthony whitehead

love sara&LOVE YALL.


Intentionally flirting is flirting.

Unintentionally flirting is not flirting.

if it’s intentional, it’s cheating.

Blue Peter

Me, me, me. People do it all the time. Using people for they're own selfish actions....

Trey Bookhart

I agree flirting isn’t cheating

Andrew Morrissey

Not even worth talking about. Soon looking at another person with be cheating. Pure stupidity.


Technically no, it's not, because cheating is cheating, it's the action of actually doing something that's cheating, but I do believe it to be dangerous, it's that spark that could cause a wildfire....its like window shopping, you only gone walk past that store window seeing those boots you want, so many times before you mess around and go in


Yes it is

Eurovision Battles

If it is, i have cheated so many times. Sorry hun. Please let's stay together for the sake of our kids.


FLIRTING is the gateway TO cheating

BUT if it’s to get yourself out of a ticket or a free drink. I don’t see anything wrong if the intention isn’t sexual from the person who has a partner.

wilfrid fred

WE know Sara and mick "soft flirting "But need be carefull with keke around.


No. Some people is flirtatious by nature, like a part of their personality, in this case that's just someone being theirselves and there is no intention behind it. But, if there is then is a problem to be discussed but is still not cheating

Asquith Watson

How many times will they ask this same question?. ??‍♂️

JoMoe G.

Lol Yes stop flirting with Michael and start acting like a wife to your husband bahhahaha

Juvoisean Mathena

Lol i hate it when someone tells me its WAY before my time lol i be feeling salty ?


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Alexander Hayward

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Divine Rae

Why people keep asking this ridiculous question, of course it's not but its showing some attraction verbally out your mouth or could be physical.. to someone other than your spouse or girlfriend and that's disrespectful period.

Norma Andrianna

Being nice and flirting are two different things lol my boyfriend is nice but I’d never see him flirting with someone.

Dottie Tracy

Flirting is not cheating Michael is right. Again women think that all men are the same. But it is not true. ?

Anndesha Evans

I'm exactly like Sara!

joi jwai

Sara is a cutie and look so wholesome.....


Guys go right to "she likes me" because we are starved for attention 99.9% of the time.

Precious Fashaw

It’s the gateway to cheating lol

Mebeingme Ma


Olive Honey

Yes. Personally i think you should only flirt with the person you're with, but no one has a right to judge. To each their own. Born on a zodiac cusp? Click here:

Karen Love

They only spoke from the perspective of their actions of being flirtatious, they made no mention of how they would feel watching their significant other flirt with someone else. I think that is a whole ‘nuther story.

Ciera Charles

Are they sharing this drink?..... if so, I love their closeness ???


Lol yaaaasss KeKe dayum Wilson Jonathan Taylor Thomas was tha jam on the low ??

wilfrid fred

WE all flirting everytime...but with different level

Dyanni Borjas

Oh hell no, flirting is cheating PERIODTTTTT. Only ppl who flirt would think otherwise.


It is a way around it.

Chrissy Got The Coils

Y'all are talking about personality and not actual cheating

A Bc


Jeannie Fisher

Flirting can lead to an emotional relationship which could then turn physical. And because of that, it’s not worth it. So yes it’s cheating in my eyes ?

Manis Themeasure

If you don’t define “flirting” you can’t know whether it’s cheating or not. What is not cheating is friendliness or over friendliness, which can be part of someone’s personality. If flirting is by intent, only the one flirting can know whether it is or not.

Yah Girl

Flirting is inappropriate PERIOD....Dont be "key keying" in front of or behind my back

joseph robinson

If you're single then it's not but if you're in a relationship than yes it's definitely cheating

April Shabazz

If you're not flirting with your significant other, then yes in my opinion it's cheating.


I’m with Michael on this one !!

Humble Warrior

Whatever you wouldn't do in front of you significant other then yes

Lily G

Depending on what you're saying yikes. It's seriously inappropriate to cheating depending on situation. ?

If it's unintentional then it's not. So all based on intent.


Is cheating say what you think but its makes you a cheater period

Shervyse Smiles

Naw boo, I wish a chick would breathe two words to my Hubby...I'm not made for that kind of life, and if a guy dare try and flirt, knowing I'm married, I shut it completely down. There is a difference in being friendly and being flirty. A chick could say Hi to hubby, but if its a Hi, you looking good....her life is in danger, but its all good cause I'm Christian and will pray for her recovery!