How do i ask

How do I ask?

How do I ask?4 Sep. 2019
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Worried about a

Worried about a schoolmate? Follow these four steps and help them talk about what's going on.

Notes for teachers, parents and carers:

After viewing this video we encourage you to speak with young viewers about how they would approach a conversation with a schoolmate they're worried about.

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How do I ask for a Promotion? | Work Differently

How do I ask for a Promotion? | Work Differently18 May. 2016
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How do you ask for a

How do you ask for a promotion? 4 quick ways are covered in this episode:

1) Get your Ammo ready

2) Build your case

3) Create a job description

4) Ask for the promotion!

Go ahead and ask! You deserve it. And guess what? If your boss says no, you can use that ammunition you created on your resume.


Work Differently provides Career Advice and How-To’s to help viewers dare to do work differently. Host Kamara Toffolo challenges old work assumptions, antiquated work norms, and show you how you can go against the grain and still get ahead in your career.

Work Differently is part of The Now Digital Network, produced by Now Creative Group. For more Shows, visit and Follow @NowDigitalNet on Twitter.

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For Marketing, Branding, Design, Social Media and more, visit and Follow @NowCreates and @StartNowSuccess for Tips.

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Thank you for this video, this has given me the confidence to ask my supervisor for a promotion.

Judy Cheng

I really like the last line... of your boss says no, then you can use all that on your resume.


Stellar advice, as usual, Kamara!

How to Ask Questions in English: Top 4 Question Types

How to Ask Questions in English: Top 4 Question Types5 Oct. 2018
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Ye` Htut

Do you like chocolate?
What did you do on Sunday?
You like ice-cream ,right?
This is mango ?

Kaya's Creations

Do You Eat Meat?
What Is Your Name?
You Know Me, Dont You?
You Like Him?

Manohar Singh Sodha

You're so sweet.


its awesome but we need more exambles

Vibhuti Gautam

1) do you like ice cream ?
2)what is your favourite flavour of it?
3)you like ice creams , right ?
4) that's ice cream ????????
Vanessa is the best !?soon I'll come to US

Nilutpal Loying

Do you like Indian dish?
What's your favourite Indian dish?
You like Indian dish, right?
You like Indian dish?

Kin Edwin

Do you like perfume?
What perfume do you like?
You like perfume, right?
You like perfume?
By the way, you eye-catching to me. Your English pronounce and voice impressed me. When i learned felt bored and can not absorb, i will prefer with someone made conversation and watched video.

hind assi


Mosami Dhokiya

You like an INDIAN food? ?

Chee Soo Ling

Do you like Malaysia spicy food?
Have you been Malaysia?
What do you think about Malaysia culture?
You like to eat spicy food, right?

H.a ali

But can you speak slow Please

Sol Okay

Do you like a hambuger? What is your favorite Americian food? You like a candy, right? You like a cheese ?


Do you like mlu5iye?
You like mlu5iye,right?
You like mlu5iye?
What is mlu5iye?

Lakshmi srinivasula reddy Pathakota

What's ur favourite rice dish

Daniel Miguélez

¿Would you like to come with me tonight?
¿What did you choose at the restaurant?
¿You don't like vegetables, don't you?
¿Is your father living abroad at the moment?

gergus tigregaxox

Do you like pupusas?
What is your favorite Salvadorian dish?
You like salvadorian food, Don't you?
You like empanadas?

Kamal Uddin

Do you like Mexican food?
What is Mexican food?
You like Mexican food, right?
You like Mexican food?

ernesto tejeda gomez

Do you have a free ebook?
What's an ebook?
You have an ebook, don't you?
You have an ebook?

لايوجد اسم

Thanks teacher ? ? ? ????????

serma lopez

Would you like to eat barbecue? 2. You eat pork, don't you? 3. What part of the U.S do you live? 4. How did you spend your summer,?

Nisha Moner

She always tell me that she is a good friend to people


You have great teaching skills.?

Ali Harby11

do you like green burger

sachini Ramasinghe

Hello Vanessa , you’re my favorite English teacher. When you teaching I heard them very well. I like u so much. May you do the direct indirect speech later?

Salman Patel

I learnt a lot from you.
When I started to study english,
I felt it's not easy way for me.
One day I was on you tube.
That day I found your channel since that lucky day
My english has been improving...

Dasari Goutham

Thanks madam love u madam

Farha Alam

Do you like sushi?
You like sushi,right?
You like sushi,don't you?
You like sushi?

Ольга Журкина

Does she like ice cream?
What is Italian ice cream?
You like gelato, right?
You don't like Italian food??

Muntader. Aldoki 2012

Thank you so much for the spectacular approach of teaching i real enjoyed i used to watch many kinds of educational videos but I've never seen like your videos form the get go thank you so much ? ? i really appreciate your efforts

Education Tower

Plz don't forget my comment

Otacílio Neto

1. Have you heard about tereré? 2. What do you usually drink when the days are hot? 3. In your country you eat sandwiches for lunch, don't you?

Abdullah Niloy

Do you like pubg?
What is pubg?
Do you like pubg,don't you?
You like pubg??

Farukh Ahmad

???????? ????
I am late, aren't I?
No one would object, would they?
Let's start early, shall we?
No sugar is allowed, is it?
Everyone warned you,didn't they?

You are a student, aren't you? You are not a student, are you? He will go there tomorrow, won't he? You won't tell anyone, will you? We shall see, shan't we?
He wouldn't cheat on the test, would he? You want to come with me, don’t you? I like chocolate, don't I? Rocky lives here, doesn't he? She cooks on Tuesday nights, doesn't she? Leila is coming tomorrow, isn't she? You can swim, can't you? Your brother is a doctor, isn't he? These books are very expensive, aren't they? They like music very much, don't they? We don't have to pay, do we? Your sister lived in England, didn't she? Your mother works for a bank, doesn't she? It's cold today, isn't it? All grass is green, isn't it? That isn't Sabrah, is it? That's the postman, isn't it? That's your brother, isn't it? The programme finishes at 10 (pm), doesn't it? There's a mistake, isn't there? There weren't any problems, were there? You couldn't lend me a pound, could you? The meeting's at ten, isn't it? He does not need to work so late, does he? He needn't work so late, need he? He must start at once, mustn't he? He shouldn’t be so selfish, should he?
We shouldn't be doing this, should we? I am flying to London tomorrow, aren't I?

Let's go, shall we? (After Let's ......., we use 'shall we?')
Let's have a party, shall we?
Let's sit in the garden, shall we?
Let's go for a walk, shall we?
Let's go for a swim, shall we?

Open the door, will you? (After the imperative the tag is usually 'will you?'
Don't forget, will you? (After a negative imperative, we use 'will you?')
Don't be late, will you?
Don't make any noise, will you?

Do sit down, won't you? (After imperatives, we use 'won't you' to invite people to do things)
Open a window, would you? (Will you? would you? can you? can't you? and could you? are used to tell people to do things)
Give me a hand, will you?
Shut up, can't you?

Wait here a moment, can you? (After an order or request with an imperative, we use can you? or could you?
Put it in writing, could you?

Nothing was said, was it?
Nothing can happen, can it?
Not a very good film, was it?
She hardly ever goes to receptions, does she? (Statements containing 'hardly,' 'barely' etc. are in fact negative statements)

Somebody wanted a drink, didn't they? (We use 'they' to refer to somebody, everybody etc.)
Nobody phoned, did they?
I don't suppose anyone will volunteer, will they?
Neither of them complained, did they?
Someone had recognized him, hadn't they?

Please take caution against an ????? : Some people use '???'? ??' as the only tag for all kinds of statements or questions.


Do you like korean food?
What is korean food?
You like korean food, right?
You like korean food?

Lorena S.

Have you done your homework?
Do you likee Nutella?
Who is your mom in this photo?
You ate pizza yesterday, right?

hind assi

Thank you so much
Yes please
can you make tag questions please ?

Mosami Dhokiya

What is your favourite food??

Tony Tommy

I like British food.
Have you ever eaten British food?
What kind of British food do you like?
You like British food, really?
You like British food?

Florame Dandasan

Hi ma'am Vanessa? Good noon .I just down load your English lessons because I have my work as of now.Thank you. GOD BLESS YOUR WORK AND YOUR FAMILY

Neharika Manjil

Great and quick trips
Have ever been to Paris?
Which country do you like visit?
You like to go Hong Kong, right?
You are a doctor!

kelvin tomaszewski

Do you like brazilian food?
When was the last time you been to Brazil?
You don't like argentineans, do you?
You don't eat beans?

Deep Chandra

Hii mam can I get your no.

Kaya's Creations

Do You Eat Meat?
What Is Your Favorite Food?
You Like Pizza, Dont You?
You Like Pizzas?

Sanchi Gaikwad

Do you like cake ?
What you like?
You like cake , right?
You don't like cake, do you?

Education Tower

Hello I just join u and I want to speak American english. Can u help me with a simple video



Nyein Su Su Thwe

Do you know Myanmar?
What is your favourite country?
You know Myanmar, don't you?
You know Myanmar??

Mahen Rawat

You like speaking English, right?
What's your baby name?
You like cooking?
Would you like teach to us?

Rjbn Nr

Do u like pasta? What is your favorite food? You like rise and cChicken right??? You like Broccoli????

S. Daniela Duarte

Do you like South America?
Where is Colombia?
You speak Portuguese, right?
You've never tasted brigadeiro ice cream?


Excellent video n easy to understand

Toussaint Elizé

Do you like rice?

You like the music right?

What is your opinion?

Have you been studied english?

zayya aung

Do you know Myanmar food?
What is Myanmar food?
You like Myanmar food, didn't you?
You know Myanmar food?

Những điều chưa biết !

Do you like to drink some water ?
How is the weather going today ?
How do you feel to day ?
Is it rain today , right ?

Khalid Nami

Do you think this food is tasty?
You like American food, right?

Joana Darc

Do you like meat?
What is tour name?
You is brazilian, right?
You like hot dogs?

Manal Alajmi

have you tried the Arabic food before?
what is your favorite dish?
you don't like bananas, do you?

João Passos

Do u know any brazilian food?
you already have tried feijoada , don't u?
You like to know more about brazil?
what food do u most want to try?

Lakshmi srinivasula reddy Pathakota

You love lemon rice, right?

fatima edris

Do you visit Sudan?
Why did you visit Sudan?
You like Africa, Right?
You visit Sudan?

Nalini Rana

Hi venessa
This is Nalini and here are my 4 questions using all of the ways which you explained.
Using Auxiliary Verb :-
Would you be out of station the next Tuesday?
Using Question word :-
When are you going out of station?
Tag Question:-
You're going out of station next Tuesday, not you?
Intonation Question :-
You're going out of Station on Tuesday?

Sayad Ahmad

Vanessa I want you to make a video on tag questions

Iman Oudah

Thank you Vanessa for doing this video it learned me a lott.

Mosami Dhokiya

You like INDIAN food, right?

prasanth indana

have you ever taste Indian food? if in case yes when did you taste Indian food?
you eat Indian biryani, right?

you like Indian biryani taste?

Sanchi Gaikwad

Thanks for making this video

Rukhsar sheikhsiddiqui

Do you like chinies food?
What is your favorite food?
You like pizza, right?

Ayat Errahmane 31

aux question :
-have you been inside ?
-would you love to share this content
- do you like italien culture
wh question ?
- how many years have you to spend on the army ?
- what is your favrate food ?
-how many countries did you visite and which one did you like the most ?
- where are you living in the est or the west of germany ?
-how is your mama ? is she fine ?


Alguien mas por tarea????

Fahim asif

- Do you speak in English?
- What is your favourite subject?
- You speak Spanish, right?
- You don't eat meat?

Parsram Kadam

Brilliant ??superb.

Dasari Goutham

Do you like biriyani ?
What food do you like?
You eat biriyani right?
You eat fish?

sweetheart fatimazahra

Do you like Moroccan food?
Have you been in morocco ???
You like eat couscous right?

Kornelia M. Midin Sandra

Have you been to Bali?
Do you like Bali?
What do you like about Bali?
You like Bali, right?
You don't like Bali, do you?

Lakshmi srinivasula reddy Pathakota

You do like lemon rice,don't you

Mosami Dhokiya

Do you like Indian food?

Sayad Ahmad

Don’t you hit him’ do you

Hanna Born

Do like falafel?
Have ever been in german?
You eat fruits ,don't you?
You aren't a Brazilian?

Jesus De Los Santos

Do you like french people?

funny channel

*Do you like Vanessa's YouTube channel?
*What is your favourite YouTube channel?
*You like Vanessa's YouTube channel right?
*You like Vanessa's YouTube channel?

Satyaban Malik

Thank you madam.your study is very interesting and amazing.l heartly like your class

Aygun Isazade

I wonder How You could be amazing teacher?! ? Is it depend on your energy?

funny channel

I love your lessons and thank you sooo much

David Huang

Do you like seafood?
What kind of food do you like most?
You don't like oysters, do you?
it's good?

Muntader. Aldoki 2012

Do you like saudi food?
What kind of saudi food you like?
You like the saudi meat right?
You've been in Saudi arabia have you?

Zahraa Hasan

Do you like animals?
What is the best animal you like the most?
You like lions , right?
You like lions , don't you?
You don't like lions, do you?
You like fish!?

Graphic World

thank you

with wafa

Have you been to Sudan before?
What country did you been to last year?
You have been to Sudan last year?
You haven't been to Sudan last year have you?

Khalieda Zia

Do you like traditional food in your country?
What is traditional food in your country?
You like traditional food, right
You like traditional food?
You don't like traditional food, do you?
You like traditional food, don't you?

Abu Azooz Al Baloshi


Arjun Deb

Do you like to eat fish?


Do you like Japanese food?
What is your favorite Japanese food?
You like Sushi, right?
You like Sushi?

ريان هاتف جبر

Do you love vansa
What are you doing
You love vansa, do not?
You love vanas?

Geetha Arjunan

Do you like spicy food?
What is your favourite food?
You like spicy food, right?
You like spicy food?

preethy satheesh

You like broccoli,right.
Do you like broccoli.
What vegetable do you like.

Brandon Chinyati

Do you eat pizza?
You eat pizza?
What is your favourite pizza variety?
You eat pizza right?

adarsh vuppugandla

Do you like Vanessa?
Who is Vanessa?
You like Vanessa, right?
You like Vanessa?


You like sunny days, HUH?

Manohar Singh Sodha

I like travel.
Do you like travel?
What is your favourite food?
You like travel, right?
You like travel?

Lakshmi srinivasula reddy Pathakota

Do u like lemon rice??