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How To Be More Confident [How To Walk Confidently]

How To Be More Confident [How To Walk Confidently]8 Mar. 2017
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While women love guys who are great at conversations, the content of conversations is only about 10 - 20%.

Everything else is body language and appearance.

That's why this video reveals how to walk with confidence. How to make the first impression on a girl that easily hooks her in a conversation, because she perceives you as an alpha male.

She wants a man who walks with self confidence, because that way she feels more confident as well.

Being playful, charming or naturally charismatic works wonders in attracting gorgeous women.

But for those things to work, you need to already be in a conversation with the girl.

That’s why I’m gonna give you 5 tips to make your WALK high-status:

1. One of the biggest mistakes guys do when they’re walking is they look down all the time…

They’re listening to music and they don’t even notice it, but on a subconscious level, this is saying to people around you that you’re not having your shit straight.

Your life sucks.

It shows that either something really bad happened to you, or you're just generally unhappy, and NO girl wants to deal with that.

So... Look Up

It sounds simple and super easy but you’ll need to unlearn the bad habits and then practice the new habits…

2. Shoulders back: this is like an extension to the previous point. Basically, if you’re walking with your shoulders front, it comes naturally that you walk like an old man and look down all the time.

BUT if you put your shoulders back and you prop up your chest just a little bit as you walk, you get a whole another impression.

Watch the video for more info.

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Comments (100)
Rahul K S

The starting melted my heart ???????????

Might Ahgwai

To have confidence is to not care about how you walk, and to not care about what other people think.

I'm just joking.
The truth is no matter how good you walk, if you are not sure about where you will go after you died, you will never have confidence.
The real confidence is from Jesus Christ.

Ver Dizon

Lmao walk like i always think about something bad all the time lol

jamie reid

I think your telling men to cat walk which is ugly and makes you look insecure, you should note that those movies were written by men. You dont have a clue bud

jamie reid

Confident men walk like drill sargents there is a walk that confident men have specifically when they want love but it doesnt happen all the time, it's not something you can fake you actually have to be fearless to walk like that

Gaurav Patel

Barack Obama has the best walking style.

Aman Goyal

Please Take a minute to watch my short clip
When you can't memorize that you can't memorize

Aman Goyal

PLZ Take a minute to watch my short clip
When you can't memorize that you can't memorize.

Ricardo Florenca

It's ironic how this was on my recommended but I have depression

jamie reid

Your first indication that you lack confidence is that your feet are pointed forward instead of pointing outward in a V if you dont have that you'll never trick any woman into thinking you have confidence so you might as well give up

avanendra dobal

When I am behind the women no powers can make me look down or up just little bit down there

salman khan

Nice ?

Gummy Bear

I prefer a wheelchair.. women will ride me.

Vincent Wolthek

James bond is the epitome of testosterone and confidence


if your unhappy she can make you happy

lord raghuvansi

Am always carrying a briefcase.. Imagine moving hands with that...

utshav thapa

the guys sounds like PUSSY BEHIND THE SCREEN

hirantha 955

Thank you bois

Next Group

If you have a nice body like james bond that would be fine to use your advice.but If you don t have a nice body and try to look up while walking.. You will look like a stupid confident patatos

Biswajyoti Das

God I am sick of girls

Elijah Jean-Leon

This help me get a job, the girl of my dreams and live my best life!! Thank you sm??

Arkush Sangma

So good I like.

Laksh Jadwani

Which movie?

Aarya Gathani



Well, that video can definitely tell me that you in real life situation just act like confi dude, but you aren't


797 Pokémon Go Players disliked this Video...

Kali Moku The Island Eater

Nobody likes a guys with both hands in they pocket. Looking like they playing pocket pool

Volleyball Explained

Who the hell walks with hands in the pockets? I like to put my thumb in the pocket, when standing still, but during walking... very strange.


Who’s here from the Putin meme?

Arnav Gajbhiye

Harvey specter ❤️

Daniyal Mustajab

Watch Walking style of Salman Khan.. Indian Film Hero.. ?

Benny Animations

Who else searched for this video

Syed Afzaal Ali Shah

Be like Putin

When you breath: Everyone: So Manly!

Kaif Khan

You are not confident for your first video


Its also very important to mention that you need to put most of the pressure in the center of the foot, walking with the pressure mostly on your heels is harmful in the long run and could cause physical health problems such as flat feet, slot of people walk with their heels out of habit, make sure you walk with the pressure on the center of the foot.

Richard Roberts

The concerned smash definitely pine because fertilizer thirdly drown from a craven word. truculent, plant stitch

Schul Boi

You dont need all this moves bro...once you've got the cash,you have the world in your wallet

mendy gelly

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Nhat Minh Cao Van

2:05 can I have the movie's name plz?

Joseph Goto

They now call me Joseph Bond?

Abdullah Saleem

I'm on wheelchair

human being s

If u r rich...u r automatically confident....

Kiran .R Pillai

What's the name of the movie on 0:10 second

Nikolas Yiannakou

Thanks i look like a dinosaur now ??

Florence Zoi

" Heaven and earth shall pass awY: but my words shall not pass away. " Jesus in Mark 13:31

Op Awesome Boys

now iam walk like CR7

Léna Lee

I have a confident walk, and confident voice, but the problem is my face, no matter how much I try to look confident and make a good eyecontact there is smth in my face that make me look shy



mr orange

I've been trying to emulate Putin's walking style


i love how the only reason why guys would do it is for the girls


I always look down because I'm down to earth


whats the first movie

Kent Llesol

What is the title of the movie in first video?

Iced Træs

Search up Putin walking

[email protected]

Boys Here in the Cmmt Box Admire

Le Putin :- Hold My Vodka ??

Meanwhile Vincet McMohan :- Here Comes the Money????

Emily Maker

Oh my gosh... this is huge. I am watching all these videos picking out a few that I really think speak to my future audience, and this is awesome! message me about a collaboration? blissed_af on instagram

Baran Hamoglu

Forcing to not look down while walking will make you fall down one day ?

Sнaнrīar Hâqʋe

Meanwhile im watching this video not to get girls but to get a good impression in my issb exam

Huy Mam

I need boy friend

erick sanchez

wxhat's the movie 0:54

Aramusha Meng

Girls at my job make rude comments on how I walk, gonna practice. But if a girl doesn't like a guy, they wouldn't be talking about him. ??

Alpha Soch

Love ? from Nepal ??

James Ohitai

? Society Are So Fucked Up Man Telling Men To Walk Like Other Man To Attract Women.


It's disgusting when I walk without shoulder back


head up looks more like a dick head to me

Krisztian Papp

I'll start walking like an NBA Youngboy fan.


Hi shy walkers are not alone ....if i walk i got shy ,and i really forgot how to walk,my walking is like gay how to change it????


Shoulders back chest up, breathe, hands out, let your arms naturally sway with your body, chin up.

B04 Balongga, Angelo L.

Tbh, I look down because I'm afraid to step on a shit

giuseppe victorino

Do the Putin Walk

Aziz Hamed

I walk like khabib

i swear she was 18


Jonathan T Freeman

So I’m just supposed to not know what’s in front of me when walking?

Parithi Annamalai

What if there is a stone or something else make you fall.

HyPeR Pangebaz

If You want to Walk Confidently
At first be CONFIDENT

Vishwajeet Nand Yaduraj

Most of things we do is to attract women.


They are just playing their role from the Script. Will Smith looks confident in movies but childish withoth scripts

John Mark

In short, walk like James Bond!


This guy is right
Never put your hands in your pockets
ALWAYS look up...
Move slowly but with meaning

It's easy
If you're such a nerd you try it and think "no one will believe I'm like this"
It's cause you're not
and you fake it until you make it
perception is reality

Smol Mishka

I prefer to run on all fours

Arno Eastasian


free lover

I came here because I walk like a ramp model more like a girl ??

Santiago Abell



i put my hands in my pockets to keep them warm outside

Cristhian Saa

Good luck if try to look up when you are walking on latinoamerica

Zaid Belayachi

Nothing can top putin walk

Rowshon Shapu

Have a sunglass that's all

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I have a problem when walking i had my own style for walking back then but people was intimaded and called me arrogant because of how i walk. Now i look down and keep my hand occupied on any objects.

Alex Fr

name of the first film ??

Scott Heath

I walk like Austin powers.

Sonny Cain

I was a cadet and a professional wrestler. I walk down the street like i own it.


Me: Trying to walk confident and cool
Also Me: Forgets how to walk


How authentic is it to assume that those men whom you say confident are actually like that in real-life?

GarenaFF Lover

0:05 which movie ?

Tj Manna

Thanks bro

Tomas Nghiwanwa

Thanks a lot bro, this will be party of my human study insight research , everything we do is link to someone's habits/behaviour/life style and how they think and very important how they spend their money

Zawad Shadman

What is the name of the first movie


I'm afraid I might fall in a hole if I don't look down


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Confident body language or alpha body language is all about dressing as best as you can, opening yourself up and taking space so that you feel comfortable. Also doing slow and controlled motions, non verbally telling people that you have everything under control.

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Comments (50)
It’s Her

It really works in my dream

Weiyi Ye

Good video good tips. Thank you bro??


First, your all of your videos are really great and helpful. Thank you for that. But, I'm quite disturbed by the narrator voice. The words and terms sometimes were not properly or clearly pronounced as the results, i tend to can't really stay focus to finish any of your videos. So, I'm so sorry at first, but can you change the person who in charge to be the narrator? With all of my regard, Thank you.

Roche Lynx

I appreciate that you emphasize actionable, relevant tips in your videos. It makes your advice feel real and achievable.

Thanks to one of your videos, I've been waking up at 5:30 for 4 months now and have been enjoying quiet morning homework and excerise.

Keep it up!

Drakul Gudoldayz

This is what I need CAN U BE MY HELPING BRO


I just used this tips for a phone call and they surprisingly worked

lidko Helis

kids ignore everything in this video - just be rich , that it and they will come


It's hard to slow down your speech if your Northern irisb

mupi antari

thanks for your tips


I don't even look down do to not being confident i look down because the city that i live in has so many dog shits on the floor i have to be looking down at all times?

Cees Timmerman

If i brush against some guy not moving in the left lane of an escalator, they don't tend to move, and if i add some emotion showing my displeasure with their failure to follow the rules, people tend to blame me for that. Perhaps i should grin and ask them to move?


My English is not good but I love your videos

just do it!

imagine ur in a pool, me:
*starts drowning in a middle of conversation


What programs do You use to do this great videos?

ice cream


Look your best - be clean, wear appropriate & well-fitted clothes, smell nice

Power poses- for 2 minutes, watch ted talk in description for those poses

Slow down - your movement, speech, arms, as if you're underwater

Practice smiling and holding eye contact correctly- look at eyebrows if you can't, don't look down, wear a smirk

Stance & Posture

Feet- shoulder width apart, toes outward
Shoulders- first bring them back , then down

Stephen Woolston Coach and Trainer

Great video. People sometimes ask, is it that good body language creates confidence or that confidence creates good body language and I always say, they create each other! I have done some videos on confidence myself and I really like this one.


Finally a video that acually helps and not a vid full of men yelling about vincero watches and shave products

Angelike Agront

Awesome, thanks :)

Jose Bermudez

You forgot to include the " not putting hands behind back like the evil villian bald guy from austin powers"

Julio Chao

100% agree with all of it

Peace Guard

Anyone who brings up the 7-38-55 rule in such a context is extremely unprofessional.
Not that it's not transparent from many other of this channel's videos, but this is the most eye-catching.


Don't slow down. Speed up and show you are in control

Barca Boy

I cant have good straight posture when i walk because i have gyno so they will be more noticeable. I have to slouch almost every time and its sucks it hurts my confidence with girls ?????

Kirito_ Kun

What if you fake the body language but you are still confident.


If you have a smirk it would make you less likeable th

Matthias Joseph

I love your videos but your typos really bother me sometimes. <3

Absolutely true.It works


Crossing your hands isn’t a show of being scared or nervous. It’s a sight of self comforting. It being called a sign of shutting someone out is a farce.


I have been told that I do not look like I am confident, when I do not feel un-confident at all. It is just how I look when I am feeling normal. But I will make sure to work on my body language. Thank you for this video, I am sure that it will help me.?

Headhunter HRStrategyvn Cheryl Nguyen


Viktor KC11

Great video, very very great, I hope you get more views bc you deserve it


What if I dress emo?

A.D. B

Check the tension in your shoulders and make sure your shoulders aren't up but down and relaxed and your neck is aligned properly with your back


I wish this video could be in american accent

Cautious X0

is it boneless Good video great info

Yoga Yely

Where is part 2? Thank you

Bald & Bearded

I don't mean to be rude.. but seriously...!! You should take your own advice and address the tone of your voice buddy haha..

After hearing the first five seconds, I don't want advice from you because of the insecure tone in your voice!

Mr.jakir hosen Ronny Ronny

Thank you!

Darth Coco

Local doctor: Hi there, I've had a look at your blood samples/ x-rays etc and will need to see you as soon as possible
Me: Ok
Doctor: So yeah, we need to talk about body language
Me (in my head): This is gonna be long day

Rajya Lakshmi

With any app


Appreciate Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard about - Mahorrla Increasing Confidence Method (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good exclusive product for getting} Self Confidence without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend Sam after many years got excellent success with it.

Skinny Roy

Power poses research was incorrect. They don't work

Chris P.

It's hard to keep your head up if the person you are talking to is 20cm shorter.

Suspicious Citrus

I've only been communicating 7%. No wonder everyone thinks I'm a robot or an alien. Thank you this is very helpful you saved my life.

Rajya Lakshmi

How do you create the video

Lea Martin

Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Mens Confidence Project on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/mens-confidence-project-review/ Thanks, Roice.

Bella Bonacossa

Thank you very much for these tips! Will definitely keep in mind.

S. H.

1. Look your best .
2. Use power poses .
3. Slow yourself down .
4. Eye contact .
5. Smile .
6. Open body language not crossed .
7. Don't cross arms or hide them .
8. Chest and shoulders should not lean .

The surprising secret to speaking with confidence | Caroline Goyder | TEDxBrixton

The surprising secret to speaking with confidence | Caroline Goyder | TEDxBrixton25 Nov. 2014
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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In this fun and personal talk, Caroline shares a story of moving from stage-paralysis to expressive self. Accompanied by an unusual prop, she encourages us to use our voice as an instrument and really find the confidence within.

Caroline Goyder is an author and voice coach, with a lifelong curiosity in the question of how we find the courage to think for ourselves: aloud. Caroline trained as an actor, and then as a voice coach at Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD), where she worked for ten years. She now runs a business that helps people find confidence and calm in the theatre of life. Caroline is the author of Gravitas: Communicate with Confidence, Influence and Authority (Ebury) and can be found on Twitter @carolinegoyder

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