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People Share GUY/GIRL CODE RULES17 Mar. 2019
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People of reddit, what are

People of reddit, what are some of the "guy code" and "girl code" unwritten rules that you always follow?

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3:13 is so accurate like I’m ashamed to say but I’ve definitely done this

Namjoon sold my jams for 3 dollars

I will never, I repeat NEVER date an ex of one of my friends that’s just a no-no

Babarugamu The cat

(Girl code) if a friend is talking to the other friends about a crush, it is your duty to make sure no one can hear/find out. This includes keeping your eye on the door of room if others are in the house, and destroying anything in writing, by shreding, burning etc.

Yū Nishinoya

Girl code:
• We don’t care where we are or what the situation is ( or how stupid your being), we gotchu
• respect at all cost
• something goes with someone the group goes down so we can bring her back up

• Join the stupid

moon head

Girl Code: "you got some?" "Yes"

Cross Fire

2:45 those are the basics

SpilledYew 75

Music name?

the fuck what

Girl code: no matter if that girl is a serial killer, you give her a tampon if she needs it.


If you're relatives or close friends with someone who is trying to distract their child by waving or calling someone who's obviously not there. You stand far off/ go to the next room and impersonate that absent person the BEST you can.

Daively Lopez

I follow them all.

karmen mcbay

why do guys call their friends "bros" and not just friends...?


All code: When a fellow gamer (stranger, friend, noob or pro) is getting bullied by someone, you get everyone else your playing with and you repeatedly spawn kill them until they rage quit. If they start being toxic in the chat, you attack them with knoweledge. Think about how you want the argument to end before it starts. Tell lies to them so you can end up confusing them to the point where their stupidity is higher than anything. And you make sure that the guy getting bullied doesnt leave before the bully does.

Earthworm James N64

When guys cheat we take their secret to the grave. Even if we are better friends with the girl.

Itsyaboi_Petgamer 2.0

never ask a woman if she is pregnant, my father once asked a woman at a chemical plant if she was pregnant and that it’s not healthy for a baby ...... she went ballistic as my dad was apologizing and the rest of the staff laughed hysterically.

Vivian Chen

If I am in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation, I can walk up to any girl and pretend to know them, and they’ll help me.


I still always wonder about makeup though, a classmate had really harsh white contour lines on her cheeks, like they needed to be blended in but weren't. I wasn't sure if I should have told her or if it was rude to tell her because maybe design choice that was genuinely on purpose.

Josiah MacFarlane

Good shit in this post. For sure stuff guys do. Interesting stuff girls do too.


3:55 How to get friendzoned: the comment

Aditya Kulkarni

"Snitches get Stitches"
- Master Oogway

Escobedo Family

When hugging your siblings, hug them as tight as possible. Unless they are younger than 6.

Mr Dood

8:19 2, 5, 6, 7, & 10 are universal, there are a couple you have to consider upon request (bail, funerals) & the rest is entirely southern


Girls rule : if one of your friends is on her phone when she isn't supposed to, you have to cover her up by placing yourself in front of her, so surveillants won't see her using it.

Amanda Ford

Whenever I watch these I realize that I obviously follow the girl code, but I almost more so follow the guy code. XD Likely because I'm in more situations that guy code rules would apply than girl code rules.
I think it just comes down to being a decent person. shrugs

Lit Potat

3:00 bruh this guy just called me Chinese. I'm Canadian, but good guess.

Mary Luzille Mirabiles

Girl code I do that no one knows is.
If I know that my friend has a crush on this guy and that guy flirted with me I will never give him attention and continue teasing my friend to him.
Nobody knows this. But yeah.

Nauticus Jackson

Bro Code

f somebody is dropping obvious hints that your bro isn't getting, tell him

Ask, "Are you sure" only once.

f your friend wants to be left alone, see if they're okay before you think about following.

At least one urinal away, and concentrate on your own stuff.

No serious embarassment; the occasiional joke and classic fooling around is okay, but don't go and mess up your bros chances.

the one super unwritten rule:

t's okay to snitch, but do it extremely confidentially. (example: Leave a note for the teacher)

Stephen Chan

When playing basketball with your friend and your friend's crush show up, let him showcase his skills

Derpy Derp

In Australia these guy codes are so absolute that if you fuck up they will know and all hell will break loose

Riku Yuno

Guy code:Chances of being gay are 99.99999999% if you look at another guy's ass for 0.00001 second.

Bag man

Always greet a close friend with a hard punch to the ribs


rule 16, paragraph 4 of the ol' man code


One time a dude wouldn’t leave my friend alone so she told him she was a lesbian and he asked her to prove it so... we kissed
We haven’t talked about it since

Anna La frog

Hate each other quietly

My hero Academia UwU

Girl code (it can also be a guy code I think) :

If your Best Friend breaks up with their lover you must never talk to them again (even if you had some kind of friendship with them)

Loshini Shankar

3:10 Indians do this all the time ahhhh. The amount of times I've had to run to get my dad's card to the cash counter before my cousin got there with my uncle's.

Ciaran1516 _

What’s the bg music?

Orochi's Life -

If a bro is at the hospital, stay until he dies, so you can pick up his loot, and it doesn't despawn

Erwin's Right Arm

Girl code: 1) when your friend wants to do something that without her parents knowing, hear her out and if what she is doing is okay, help her with the plan.
2) When your friend's period starts, don't make it awkward and definitely do not tell anyone unless she wants you to.


3:13 can confirm I know many things im not supposed to xD

Benji Bandito

There's no such thing as 'guy code' or 'girl code' and its the most retarded thing Ive had the misfortune of hearing about.

Guilherme Kuran

wtf is heart-to-hearts?


guy code: never punch below the waist

Hattrick Stump

7:05 trans guy here. Yes.

N BlueRussianCat

Girl code: Not really a thing, but should be. If you tell your friend you've got something to tell them and to meet you in the bathroom, you better have something to tell them. My friend did this all the time without having anything to say. Kinda more relevant to girls tho, because boys don't really meet in the bathroom to talk.


3:20 shiiiiiiit I am guilty as charged lmaooo

Alexandre Man

Me, who doesn't have friends: visible confusion


If someone commited an easily fixable fuck-up once they've done so never mention it again.

Blanche Everbloom

For me, a female, a head nod means, “I’m too lazy to utter a one syllable hi” or “you get I don’t want to talk, right?” or “I forgot your name and I don’t want to give you enough time to approach me because I don’t want to be part of an awkward conversation”


Girls code : if someone needs something to tie her hair and you have one, you must let her borrow yours. Same for hairbrush, deodorant, sport clothing

Miss Milkshake

Tf I still don’t understand guys

LiterallyJustRowen [ChiliWaffles]

Whats a code i dont have friends

karmen mcbay

girl code: whatever is talked about in the bathroom, locker room, sleepovers ect. stays in there


YO, that upwards nod vs. downwards nod is something I've been fascinated by for so long.

Brian L

Seriously, they should just remove like half the urinals in men's rooms. That or double the size of the men's room and spread out the urinals more.


Not sure if this is still true but when I was in high school you never use the low drinking fountain even if it’s empty and there’s a long line in the high one


Bro code: If your bro gets insulted then you must help your bro and get the other bros in on the insulter

Krish Dutta

TZ Reddit: COW-orker


Girl code: be as nice to everyone

Smug Megumin

Brethren code #218:
If thy brethren refuses to make important improvements after thou have repeatedly advised him to, then constantly bully him about it.
If he complies, he is a worthy member of thy tribe;
If he does not, thou shalt remove him from thy tribe immediately.

Loshini Shankar

lol im a girl who can keep secrets

i think the trick is...... not caring

Angel Mark

My boyfriend and I were talking a while back and apparently one of his friends has a crush on me. I was surprised and asked him who, he said he can't tell me and it's the bro code to keep it under the rug

Izzyyy !

In middle school, I would carry tampons for other people instead of pads, since 98% of middle school girls wear pads. If a girl I hated asked for something, I would give her a tampon. She will be questioned by the teacher for taking so long, but at least she had something.

Baron Loudermilk

If I see a bro, talking with a semi-ugly girl, no offense ladies, then I just pat his back and say “Hey let’s go some beer!” If he looks like, ‘I got this,’ you back off and say, “sorry, wrong guy.”


If a girl asks you if she has a blood stain, the proper response is to look discretely and then respond.
If she hasn't pads or anything, you have to give her one of yours if you have.

X3 m

"Unless ur Chinese or Cantonese" true

Orochi's Life -

Bro code: if you and a bro are racing, at least 2/5 times you have to naruto run

Jamison Chiappa-Davies

if a bro is attacked you fight for him if he doesn't say "leave this bitch to me" or some other variation

Deus ex Mannix

These are rather:
- period codes
- friend codes

Matthew Cooper

Bro code. Shalt thou plan on a date with thine bro's ex, thou shalt consult the bro before scheduling lest thine bro disown you.


Wow. Most of these codes are really very stupid.


when i had friends i remember once a friend had a XX site in the last visited grid in middle of the browser screen
i deleted that crap without saying anything, is my secret, just to cover a friend from family and relatives, it was a shared pc


Guy code: You never NEVER take the urinal next to a man in the bathroom.

Grace Clark

2:39 'Don't try to get with another guy's girl' TELL THAT TO HAE-HYO. SLSJLFAJSDFKSLFDSLDFLK. sorry watching record of youth lmao

sofi chan

Idk if this was in the video because I was distracted by comments but if she hates someone she liked/dated you also have to hate them and make fun of them


The bro nod, even if you don't know the guy give him a nod. There are multiple types for example the downwards nod means respect it is a 2 way thing

Felixx _zr

girls code; Tell her that she has lipstick on her teeth
guys code: Buy him a beer


None of these are unwritten rules because they were written

Jr Gavi

Bro code: if someone talks trash in football go full on tryhard on them

Mary Phillips

0:50 nope... Never
Extremely heavy flow girl here, change every 30 mins... But teachers only let me out of class every hour, and even then for not enough time
Bled out every period, many times, never been notified... Once it was even on the entire back of my shirt (ALL THE WAY ALL THE FUCKING WAY) but nobody bothered to notify me ? (it was enough that it could have been from a WOUND u rly not gonna say shit? Thanks)

IDC if that's tmi, people r shit, most girls don't follow this code, keep tabs on urself, especially if ur heavy


Video : ask
Subtitles : ass


If you see some random guy talking to a girl and she looks visibly unconfortable or you can hear her trying to get the guy to leave her alone, you try to get them out of that whenever posible, you say something like "I'm a little lost, could you get me to X place?" "I need a little help with X thing, could you help me?" Or you just glance at her and when she looks back, you let her know you've got her back and you act like you know her "It's been so long!" Some of that stuff

Bag man

If a another guy who didn't make it to the cafeteria in time to get a sandwich is looking hungry and you have something to eat ALWAYS give it to the homie, even if you're about to die from the hunger.

I have done this many times and i have gained alot of people's respect from this

Blair Assani

Waitttt “when I was in high school...not until years and years later when I learned abt women’s biology” what age did he learn about periods???


Don't make moves on a person you know your friend likes, and if they make moves on you, you decline it.


I’m the situation where you are gaming with a bro, if he needs something,
A spare keyboard
You give him what you can.

Guy Incognito

imagen being in highschool and not knowing what a period is.

Ann-Christin B.

If you're going home on your own at night as a girl, you let your friends know you got home safe before you go to bed.

Melanie Tadlock

if a random girl is pretending to be your bestfrend she is probly trying to shake a creep

Mary Phillips

11:30 this is why I need guy friends :( I'm the weakest person you'll meet and can't seem to gain any muscle no matter what (not just muscle mass, I just can't lift anything), but man c'mon I'm trying don't make fun of me cause I can't carry more than 2 textbooks at once without straining


0:10 if a friend did this to me I’d come back from the dead to strangle him. I don’t want to be the guy that died cuz he was dumb enough to think he could lift that. XD


Human code: when you see someone in need...
HELP THEM, stop walking away thinking someone else will.


The girl code must vary by region or maybe it kicks in after high school.
I was a band nerd for one summer.
It took 2 school busses to get the band, the flag girls and their stuff to any event.
Seating was pretty much random.
Whatever group of girls was on a particular bus were best friends, sisters and whoever was on the other bus was a skanky slut.
Next weekend different random girls on the bus.
They are all best friends and sisters and all those other girls, even the ones that were their "sisters" last week were skanky sluts.
It was strange to watch this all summer.
The band girls didn't do this.
They would try to get to set with their friends and if they couldn't they would try to make the most of it.
There was no exaggerated sisterhood and no intimae knowledge of the deranged sexual practices of the band girls on the other bus.


1:40 in high school and he didn't know about periods...

And he only learned about them years after?

Something's Wrong

Let me tell you something. The genderfluids have a code of their own.
Me and my other gender fluid friend just sit around for hours, talking about how people deny our existence. I'm an aro-ace, and their a heavy romantic and bisexual. So I just let my genderfluid chap know they can technically screw any of our classmates, so they have several options when one doesn't work out.

The Musical Gamer

I see the one about the urinal and think “yes, but the weird thing is some dudes don’t follow that”

Idek Anymore

Girl code thats not written is when we say "i need to go to the bathroom" you usually need to go with them (public bathroom) the stalls are like a safe place if it's dangerous outside and you need to tell your friend that u needa get out of there or if you just need to rant, fix your makeup, etc. the bathroom is seriously a safe place for women and i feel like a lot of girls get this but men dont understand lol


"No he's not at the pub" Got me laughing


I didnt know 90% of these


Girl code:
- help a women in need during her period
- tell her if there's something wrong with her outfit/make-up
- always go to the bathroom with your friends
- if a guy flirt with your friend at a bar/club you watch her and make sure she don't get into trouble
- save them from uncomfortable situation with bf/ gf
- there are no secrets between you and your best friend. It doesn't matter if it's just to tell her what you ate last night or if it's to describe your sexual life. Your best friend knows all

Herpy Depth

If a dude is walking with his arm around a girl, you nod at that guy. Not nodding even if the girl looks like a troll is illegal and you are viable to have your status as a bro taken away

The Blind Auditions: Guy Breaks The Rules And Shuts The Show Down | The Voice Australia 2020

The Blind Auditions: Guy Breaks The Rules And Shuts The Show Down | The Voice Australia 202015 Jun. 2020
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Comments (100)
Pande Yahoet

Ternyata diluar negri ada drama, tp kelas

Mr Man

Why is she barefoot?

Aniket Sinha

Shame on Kelly

the good guy


Małgorzata K

The only skandal I can see here is the behaviour of all three members of jury. They all (besides Guy of course) were so unfriendly and so unpleasant that it was sad to look at it. Gay is a Hero, a real Human with feelings and I liked him so much. For me it was the best version of "The Sound of silence" I have ever heard. Really moving. I thought they would turn around after maximum 30 seconds. Unfortunately I was wrong. I also liked the audience and the executive producer. Best wishes from Poland. ?


I didn’t know Elon Musk was also a singer ?

Jacob Hale

take kelly off the just ruined it

Sizzle X

Wow just wow....she didn't turn because she wanted a female? It's the Voice not the gender. Bet if role was switch all hell breaks loose!


I have totally lost respect for the female judges. They certainly overacted. Bad form ladies.

Medy Pissart

This isn't new. In Belgium it happened multiple times and they did the same, a battle with 3 talents problem solved

Danyon Baldwin


Kayla E

i feel like the better solution was to just add one more person to each team and just let guy know he can’t do that again, not that serious

Ben Wakefield

Looks like Elon Musk

River Beauchamp

Hold on is wolf corpse like his voice

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel

ummm i don't like that girl.......rules,rules go to hell with your rules


I didnt get it

Angelo Salalac

is it just me or is this guy corpse


He sounds like the guy from the “Dark Knight” ?

hp 7

a moment of silence for everyone who thinks this isn’t staged lmao


This is only Drama Lol..

Kou ttarou

Talent vs Rules... Righttttttt

yuan yuan


Bla Bla Bla

There is always a turd in the garden, beware!

ragnarok mobile

His voice has its own life insurance

Jarvis Lazman

I feel so bad for wolf

Jimson Nobleza

The Girls not the Voice ?

Australian Living in the Philippines

They're just making a Drama ??♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Flaca Preciosa

Wtf. This guy's voice sounds like the altered voice of Satan on every movie ever made. It's almost scary! Whaaaat? ??????

Estenelle Peach Que

Kelly the show is all about talent not about gender, the voice australia you need to change kelly she is not a good judges. Judges mindset is always looking for the talent


Imagine for a moment this.
I didn't turn because I wanted a male not female.
I didn't turn because I have enough black/brown/white people in my team.
Would any of that be acceptable? No, and yet when it's a man doesn't matter. It's called The VOICE, just let the judges have as many as they want and do 2/3/4 way battles.

Eros Reich Josephus Omega

Wow these other judges are so disgusting.


It's not fair that the people who audition first have higher chances at getting trough than the people who audition last....

Florian Bischoff

that one guy is clearly his brother

Johnwell Stewart Espiso

This guys name, looks, and voice is like from twilight. Literally a wolf.

Oklahoma southerner

I stop watching the voice for many reasons, and this was one of them. These folks audition for a chance to have their voice heard and learn and grow to make a career in the music industry( I also understand the contestants know their are other shows they can audition for), but these folks adjust their lives, save money and take a very large risk to be on this show, to be pushed away, not because they suck, or maybe need more time to mature their voice, and find who they are as a person,but to be pushed away because he isn't the right gender. The contestant are just ponds to the judges and are out to win at the end. Its different when only the contestant's compete with each other. Idk I maybe wrong but I feel bad for the guy for sure.

Luke Lester

She wanted a female, not the best singer. That makes perfect sense. Cause its supposed to be about equality, not talent. What is wrong with this world we live in. I agree with the other poster who said theres no point in letting guys audition if she ONLY wants a woman. Thats just stupid. But, theres a bigger problem here. If your singing at the end of the auditions when the judges are running out of spots, you have WAY less of a chance of making than those who auditioned on the first day. These shows have become so much about anything BUT talent recently. Its so pointless.

Eli James

They were so salty lol

Kyrpanglang Bamon

Kelly ?

Relatable Content

his voice sounds like Kermit the frog. wth. ?



DJ Avenue

Kelly can literally pick who she wants for her team and it was bullshit what Guy did to him and Kelly.

ADITYA Ghimire

shame on you kelly .all the judges wanted him but had their teams full .but but you only need females

Mary Shoemaker

Don't know why his button allowed him to turn around anyway ? some of the talent shows the button don't do anything ?

Chan Kit

This isn't a competition for the best voice if she's turning down a voice like that just because she want a female

renzo perdez

Rule/s is a Rule/s


Can’t believe she would not turn because she just wants females , I’d turn in a heart heart just like guy did if my team was full , probably would be biaccident but still

Sadie S

Suddenly I've lost respect for Kelly COMPLETELY. She's simply a sexist jack ass.


"This should be an interesting season huh?"

Kelly, you got a storm coming

Sayantani Chowdhury

Isn't this a 'talent' show?

Martina Mastromatteo

I find George really annoying, he first GETS mad at this one contestant who said "no one rlly likes it when i play the guitar", then George storms off, and now he's being dramatic about Guy Sebastian just appreciating this guys voice

Cristian Ramirez

Soy el comentario en español que no entendio nadaaaaa

Dagmar Ašková

Funny is that this thing was prepared xD

Leks Beet

Can somebody explain it to me what had happened? Sorry, I don't speak Australian.

Eric Villanueva

You May Be Eliminated
Just Because
He/She Don't Like Male/Female
On His/Her Group?
Not Worthy To Be One Of
The Judges/Team Mentor


Feel like this all got blown up further than it needed to be


I really wanted a girl on my team...hmm


Wow she wants a female ? Girl you shouldn’t be in the show

Apple Juice

I hate that they always make this show about the competition between the coaches, and not the contestants themselves.

RoRo Habicheula

They should have made him choose one of his others to replace him with if he wanted wolf that bad

ibay egar

"Part" of the show , not shocking.

Krzysztof Czajka

Lmao, this is so staged. I never understood why the simply won't deactivated turning tables until the singing is done? Whoever pressed will be in blue at the end. Thanks to turning after they stop singing, there's no shouting or screaming and contestants don't get distracted by turning chairs


They all be mad because he turned for some actual talent

Jun Mhar Magaddon

Sometimes I just don’t want how. Guys play the rule... remember the guy who did play the guitar and does the whole guitar thing competition in the knockout rounds

Habib Al-Hoque

Why was boy George so salty??

anthony heather

what was anoying was boy george throwing his toys out the cot ,guy made a mistake and should not have turned ,and why have a male on when she said i want a female

Triumph Efe-Ogidi

When the favour if God is upon you!!! ??

Sujal Shrestha ff

This girl called Kelly is just like her skin colour "Black" don't recognize the talent

Micah Fairview

GUY REALLY WANT THIS CONTESTANT. HE HAS A VERY UNIQUE VOICE, if only he came earlier he could just grab him.


This is all so scripted! Hilarious

Taylor Moore

It’s like American elections! Just changing the rules when necessary!

Tjeripo Hipose

What is he's name?

Angelina Rana

I though that the show was to accept the voice not the gender .

Hector Alvarado

Their chairs should be deactivated ?‍♂️??‍♂️

Haris Asif

What's this guy's name?

Rikie D

I love Guy Sebastian, he’s just a genuine kind soul.

Ali Vel

Bueno... alguien que sepa inglés y me traduzca, plis ??‍♀️

Nishaad Bhat

Plot twist : this is corpse husband

Erica G

Cómo se llama el chico es para una tarea


Guy say fuck the rules

King Might

This is stupid

Alexis Ruiz

Oh, she is gonna choose based on gender instead of talent


Kelly was wrong in saying she wanted a female. The show is called the voice not the gender. She needs to get over herself. Maybe she still bhurt that beyonce is more famous than her

Chaileeportraits _

Just fine the guy ???

Karim Naser

KELLY DID NOTHING WRONG she is allowed to look for what she needs,Why all of the people say she should’ve turn and not looked for a female she could appreciate his talent without turning for him she wanted a female artist it is her choice She Knows that a female would be better for her team nobody would know what’s the best for her rather than her of course

Bunly Uk

I think people deserve their talent....judges always give the chance to people...

Malakai Medellin

That’s not breaking rules, it’s all about the talent and the effort you put to it

Randy Lacy

They should've played the whole audition in the beginning. Hear Wolf Winter's audition here:



I'm just Maria ok

We need to cancel kelly because she hurt him and said she didn't want him because she wanted a girl excuse me last time I checked this wasn't about gender but ok

Good Moaning Vietnam

The GIMMIK I hate is the blocking move, as I'm sure the artist will have the judge he really wont's in his head. Blocking that judge makes the person go for second best in their mind.

As for the idea balancing the judges team male or female and ignoring talent is crazy, the judges are not forming a team sport there promoting and tutoring an individual.

Good for Guy bucking the system.


It’s not about good singers it’s all about gender.

Margot Kabela

it's a singing competition....why does it matter male or female?

Aly D

Kelly really shouldn’t be a judge on this show is she’s going to be so closed minded and quite unfair. I understand she may not have that many females but to PURPOSELY narrow her mind to focus on females is fucking unfair to people who don’t have a feminine voice and are incredibly talented. It ruins chances for many others. All she’s doing is wasting the time of other people who don’t have a feminine voice.


Imagine the reaction of feminism if a dude said he wanted more dudes on his team...


Idiots. Gender discrimination. If that was a woman and one judge said "I dont have enough men in my team. I want man." That judge will get heat so much. But it was a man so nothing happened.

the good guy

His voice is deeper than the Mariana trench


Soooooo where can we hear the dude sing?

Sandra Bartlett

Guy shouldn't be allowed back as a judge for the next season. He broke the rules and could have messed it up for the singer, which wouldn't have been fair.

Tomasi Tukana

Guy don't give a fuck. He carried on with the questions as if nothings happening. Yeah bro!!!!


This is totally Guy’s fault I feel bad for Kelly. Such a childish thing to do. Happy for the contestant but just wow, so selfish.

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Comments (100)
Ilovedogs But cats aswell

Bro 50% ad like damn

Totul YT

This dude:you need manscaped Me:I’m 15?

Aly ruiz

I'm 14going through puberty this is so helpful

Jordan Lamb

The second I clicked this video she texted me back!!!!!!

Silk On Top

PTSD, can someone just comment what is stands for


Great advice for before sending pics of oneself, look like a Greek god before u do, and great delivery. I think there's good potential with this subject. To make this better I suggest: don't finesse your product into the video (that's actually cringey) , just be up front from the get go and lay it on the table. Second, like why not offer alternatives to the cringey text, such as do this, not that.

Aum Dangodra

Half the time this guy is busy advertising his brand?


Istg this man has taught me more than this world ever will...

Georgiew BG

well wtf we supposed to do if we don’t start with “hey” or “hello”

Eric Meyer

What if you’re looking for something casual


Wait manscaped is his company?

Nick Butler

I got the 3.0 and i love it


ship to india please

Mark Maina

How I text my crush :
: Elooooooooooooooo

Lindan Jones

Then how do I say goodnight?

vicente ruiz

bro im 14 and i need help bro

JB Dolley

i saw the first part of the video and i litterly was texting my girl the same thing lmao

Karl Ghossein

if the picture was 9/10 what then??

Anony Mous

Bold of you to assume I got a text.

Totul YT

Nah I’ve never asked why she never text back lmao


Bro Jose you makin vídeos showering and posting it on YouTube, why would we listen to you



Roshan Chaudhary

instead of telling guys wht to do or not to do tell them how u got these ideas rather then giving quick fixes....
one advice to guys stay true to ur feelings and have a healthy balance....

Espoir Jr

???? Fishing

It’s always better to call or face time then it is to text if you call they have less time to respond to your question and respond with what they truly want this is basic human nature if you give someone a decision with little time to answer they will answer with what they truly desire but also without thinking about it

Adrian Cloete

I'm because I really like this person and trying to make close friends

Krinkle Shrinkle

As long as she responds I feel like she wants me.

Eli miller

what if you live in the UK and she lives in America

Iann S

Wtf am I watching this I'm 13 lol

Victor Namir

Me who doesn’t have my crushes number or Social ID?

Daniel L

Oh man, hahahahahaha, you at the best. I can't stop. laughing while watching this video because everything you say is true! ???


I always try to tell he a joke first then say wassup
Edit : her im not on dat gay stuff I do have nothing against it but ion go that way
or I sometimes send her something weird like the ice emoji now she will want to talk

Zah S

Do you ship to Bulgaria?


nice im not a simp

Reza M.D

6 mins is just ads

Aditya Vishwanath

Yo tell us what to do and not just what not to do, you’re practically saying there’s nothing that u can say to start a convo

Owen Miller

This actually made my crush Text me more

Joshua Kewley

Expand to the Caribbean

Da Go

Instead of wyd how should we start the convo?

Faze J.S Clips

I do the same shit ?. And then she leaves me on read.

David Carlos

I say goodnight so she can stop texting me??

Playboy Cisco

So i just pimp them out sounds like a bet


Based zeus?

Krinkle Shrinkle

Why do people shave their nut hair. It's itchier when it grows back

Confusion eueue

im smart
everyday i send her the juan meme

abdiwdood abdullahi

i have never told my friend why she not responding me back trust me I have not done that

Becky Lopez


Thought Space

Honestly this is one of the worst relationship advice on YouTube. I wish there was a dislike button for this entire channel.

Omarahmad tv

dude call me old fashioned but i dont text unless its important. I think guys who overtext are beta males

Saksham Bhardwaj 20

I am roasted now....?

ᴍᴇʟᴠɪɴ ᴍᴇssɪ

Wait r u married..?‍♂️

Totul YT

Nah wyd is no bad long as you ask it once or twice

p2 isthegame

Snapchat you can send them gym pics tho as a streak or sum

Jason Cano

I never make mistakes texting my girl

Akram Baig

His promoting his trimmer . If I don't get a girl I sue your ass.

caroline westworld

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Venson Ratanang

If you want to text her with no goal... like just to talk to her how do talk to her


Ay no disrespect homie but your advice got me nowhere dawg gmfu ?

Yash Sharma

I am pretty good at polite flirting wid girls. Bt when they flirt back, I start making grammatical mistakes lol ?


Gota change my texting game thanks for the tips bro

esteroret 1

i think am not Cringey ,, am beyond Cringey


upload original content phony

Mahir Rehman

Asking a girl why she hasn't texted you back honestly sounds likes a form of human trafficking?


Im a 5 in texting a 1.2 irl...

Switch Boy

0:36 this is exactly what a conversation between me and my crush sounds like, now it seems kinda logical why our conversation
"just bored" ?

Artsofly Beatbox


dylan ochoa

Wym Jose? She's just been busy all day

Iker Jachero

My man speaking facts

Karl Ghossein

roast me as much as u want its the first time

Andres Lugo

Ohh ok ok

Faze J.S Clips

The thing is is that she probably doesn't love me because I broke up with her on text. Then I got back with her. I don't know if she just want a boyfriend to show off all of her friends. Cause she said yes to me ?. Wtf I am a f#ckin player

El muchacho Alegre

At 0:06 that is me all the time ?‍♂️

life of Cart3r

the promos are annoying but props because he does it so clean

Roger S

Okay so I will buy the man scape yes that's the only reason to live...... ??im lying no ad will ever make me buy it unless if its free and ill pay for shipping


see my thing my girl wont text back her mom&dad made her block me she unblock me and texted me but tham I said good morning baby she never texted me back what should I do lmk??

Gilldoubleg 855

We’ve known each other for about 6 months because of school but we haven’t really talked to each other yet. I’m a boy btw. “SHE” got my snap from her cousin (my friend) and we’ve sent each other like 4 texts in the past few days until yesterday, I asked her what her name was, and she told me. I complimented her on her name and then after that the power in our city went out... Idk anymore if she’s just ignoring me or if she doesn’t have power so it’s just making me really irritated. Idk what to do anymore. She usually replies within a few hours but it’s been a day and a half now since I complimented her but still no reply. I don’t think i really bugged her bc 1. She wanted my snap 2. She might be playing hard to get. I know she likes me because she is the one who asked for my snap but idk if she just likes me as a friend or as something more. Can somebody help me?

Tyler Goslett

Ok what ever u say

Shashank Kaveti

"Are you even getting my texts lol XD?"

Alan Jagroop

Do u have a budget manscape for poor people.


"no girl wants to see your body or your deck"

Psycho Bitches



Too relatable


Ahhh This video is killing me

Barkot Alebachew

all girls i text always tell me k, okay ,ok


I have a huge bush

MA Studios


Aint that awesome

U better make sure u look like a Greek god???noted I'm gonna work on being kratos

Mr avocado

So it's Valentines day coming up soon and I wanna ask this girl out and I just need some tips on how to talk to her more and how to start good convos.


Why did he go so deep into his brand. He totally switched from the purpose of the video ?

Deepak Kumar

Girl is asking me why I am not replying back... what to do

Cam Day


Red Wolf

I’m fat so I lose

Romario Calliste

Me: wyd?
Girls: lyd
Me: again today ?

Neel Raval

u ask us to text you but what about people at the UK or any other region

Jim Tamim

I have give up my crush bc she got a bf already


Wondering when this guy will get better sound for his videos


The video is boom ??????

Korede Ogundipe

Love the video and the time piece


Yes jose yes preach jose preach