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What to do if a girl ghosts you | She ghosted you #askRenee

What to do if a girl ghosts you | She ghosted you #askRenee14 Jan. 2019
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What to do if a girl

What to do if a girl ghosts you | She ghosted you #askRenee

Want to know what to do when a girl ghosts you? And how to move on after she ghosted you? In this video I give dating advice to men on what to do when a girl ghosts you and how to let go and move on when she ghosted you.




Let me help you maximise your love life in a practical and achievable way:



Let's talk about when a girl ghosts you:

When somebody disappears and doesn't give you any explanation after you have been dating them or even had a relationship with them , you have been ghosted.

It's an awful feeling to never have a clear answer to why they did it , and even more painful and frustrating than a normal break up.

So what should you do when a girl ghosts you? Because statistically speaking women are more likely to ghost then men!

Here are my tips for what to do when a girl ghosts you :

5) Accept her behaviour of ghosting as your answer - don't go looking for her to try and get the real reason. She's not worth your time if you weren't worth her's to give you an answer .

4) Choose closure - choose to move on even without all the answers , don't wait for closure. You got closure the moment she disappeared on you.

3) Redirect your energy - holding onto something painful is pouring energy into something that is going nowhere . Learn to focus your energy and emotions into building the new and into people who value you.

2) Rebuild your confidence - focus on tasks, challenges and people that help you feel secure and good about yourself.

1) Don't punish other women because of this one woman - Not all women are out there to leave you with a broken heart. Choose to let go and see the good in the new women that you date.

Remember that someone else's rejection or approval of you doesn't determine your value, Ghosting has more to do with their issues than yours ( most of the time ) and whilst it hurts , it is not always measure of who you are or who you can be in a relationship.

Love Renee xx

PS : Check out my other video on The Attractive Man channel about what to do when a girl ghosts you .

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Comments (100)
Nick Gunz

Good Video

Pablos Rubenstein

Thing is the next woman will be the same if not worse.


Thank you, I like that, "Don't see it as a rejection, but a re-direction."

Austyn Stewart

We had a up and down relationship . Duration of 4 years . We both have our flaws . Technically been separate since December. We have a baby together. Shit hasn’t been the same for a while now , I was informed she was out with some dude while I had our baby . I tripped out asked her about it . Got no answer on the situation. No answer on our relationship. There is contact, if it is regarding our child. Other than that I feel ghosted ... time to move on huh?

The Honey Guy

I just dont understand why someone would reach out to talk to you , give you their insta and ask to dm later then just ghost you when you send them a message , I am so confused especially when she liked one of my posts the day after...

flame atlas

She used to send me videos and pictures on what she's busy doing and the BAM. Ghosted out of nowhere.


Thank You Mam, for valuable advice. God Bless You and your family.

Nick Goes Crazy

Really needed to hear this message. Perfect. thank you for the video❤️


Didn't know so many get ghosted as well ...

Luis Arias

If she ghosts just move on dont ever beg a girl who goes ghost simple ??


Do nothing, kings. If she’s disrespecting you like that, move on. Let her come back into your orbit on her own time and then if you’re still into her, playfully call her out on it and then make a date.

J j

Recently happened to me ??. We were dating for 2 months known each other for a year did so many things together , met her family, and at the drop of a hat she decided to ghost me, never felt so disrespected in my life. I have no desire in fixing things , but it just hurts that someone could care so little about you when you cared so much ???

Rahib Shaikh

Will ghoster come back?

DasTemplar 96

You know what? After SO many times of being ghosted, I give up. I do. I’m done. I honestly believe girls do it just because they get off on it. And I’m the kind of guy who is respectful of space and boundaries. They don’t even ask you for space, just nothing. I’m just gonna call bullshit when they say ghosting is horrible because I actually now believe they enjoy doing it to mess around with guys. I have yet to have someone prove me wrong. Lol and yet they wonder why men don’t want to marry them anymore or make any commitments.

cameron henson

Renee I need some help. Every girls I match with just ignores/ghosts me. All the time. All the damn time. I feel like social Darwinism/natural selection has played its part and i simply can’t live up to societies standards. I tried working on myself. Like getting a job, losing weight just doing things that I enjoy. But the thought always returns back to haunt me. I’m not depressed or anything dating just feels hopeless. Like being single/virgin is just inevitable. Idk what else to do.


what if i was ask, lest just be friends then i curse the girl out, and then she ghost...but then i am texting apologizing and asking for a proper closure...but she only looks at my profile photos but dont text me back saying she accept my apologies...thats all i want to be free from my guilt.

Rob D

As the saying goes; no answer is an answer


Hello what if she says something happened and be with you? Then simcard disconnected in a different country? She is my everything and she loves me too im just kinda lost.

tapiwa dheka

I got ghosted by a women & I was like ok. That is a sign of immaturity & lack of communication. I was 28 & she was 34 , but lord and behold I started dating younger girls in their early 20’s and hot ones. I was downtown and she saw me with my new ladies and she appeared to text me & I didn’t respond . Men don’t waste your time move on

David Tell

I'm sorry but this is such bullshit. "Just let go! Just redirect your energy". The heart will hurt. It's ok to feel bad for a bit. Let it take its course.

Amritpalh H

I’ll tell u why cuz she’s an asshole


Ghosting is rude, inconsiderate, avoidant, cowardly, and disrespectful. Not to mention immature. These people have no social skills and no consideration for others except how they feel or because they can’t deal with how to properly communicate with someone, therefore their a waste of time. Leave them to their narcissistic selves.

10is C

Fuck em. Move on. It’s their lose in my point of view. And is she wants to get back in touch either ignore her or give her an ultimatum.

George F Herring III

Thanks I have to not let her return

Ibbie Tas

Thank u

Wulf Claw

Thank you for this insight. It is painful and unnecessary disrespect and ducking out is too immature.
Couples that cannot communicate are doomed.

And You Know It


Danyka Smith

I need help, I am a girl and there’s a guy that likes me but I don’t know how to feel we are good friends and I don’t want to change it, so now I feel uncomfortable when he wants to talk, I want to know why I feel this way and why I can’t respond to texts or calls, am I just a bad friend?


Awesome, thanks!!!

Kila Linina

I ghosted Bc he was only interested in having sex and didn’t respect my discussion on not wanting to sleep with him Bc where both minors and keep talking to others girls

Gangland Prod

Thanks ?

Patrick bennett`

I act like i didnt notice when i get ghosted, il text em like a month and a half later like, hey what up hope all is well with you talk to you later. lol i dont even ask em shit.

flame atlas

Why do girls change their mind so much? Damn


This is the best advice I got.

Todd Chase

Thanks for this video. This just happened to me. It was after only 8 days, but those days and and our interactions made me feel like we had something to build on.

Son0ros Beats

We were talking for a long time and I asked if she wanted to take things further and she said yes. Than a day later completely ghosted me out of nowhere and every time we work together we just keep catching eyes. Wish people could change but thank you for helping me realize it’s not worth it


Thank you so Much!

Dhruv Shah

But what if she was the one approaching me in the first place and Suddenly She stops talking?I have no clue what I did wrong.

Robert Stahl

Renee your beautiful and smart good advice......

Alphyz Qrw

Right woman will never ghost you she will make you a priority


I can pay an organization to find missing person but is expensive so ill wait 1 year for that




Its tough for some one such as my self where you come from a smaller town of only 22k people.. Everytime you run into a woman your interested/attracted too the majority of the females or either married or play the "i have a boyfriend" game on you. Its much harder to meet a single girl in my town to just hang out with, take out on dates & just ultimately connect with on a genuine level. Finally mid 30s i found a woman that comes to my job quiet often to have her jobs company cars serviced/worked on & this woman around my age id always chat with her & see how cheerful & joyful she is when id come around to chat with her so i was like wth.. I got her number after casually chatting with her for the past 8 months.. I hot her number on a bases of "we should hang out sometime" so got her number & started texting 20 mins later & we chatted a bit that first day which was really nice for a change i had brought up 3 different activities we could do based off of her interests, she was starting to get into shooting guns tying to get a permit so i offered to help, take her to a drive in movie then offered to get her out of town for a bit & just ho have fun in the big city for the night whichwhen i brought up all 3 ideas she never responded too.. The next day i sent her a goodmorning text for her to bless those around her with her gorgeous smile & bam! Ghosted, i know on my behalf i didnt come on too strong nor said anything to make her uncomfortable, we were not blowing up each other's phones so hell idk what or why but ya.. Ghosting sucks. Its a horrible feeling, for those who have been ghosted no matter what you're age is.. Just let her go... You can attempt or try to contact her to see if she's ok or w/e but just dont do it on a level for which it will make you appear desperate or needy. You tried & she obviously is hiding something from you. You dont want that in your life


When they ghost that’s it I’m out if I’m in the talking stage


So I met her working at a supermarket. We barely worked about three months together. I found another better job. From then on maybe she felt she wasn’t good enough anymore? Anyways she ghosted me and it’s gonna be a bit weird bc I want to go visit my other coworkers. She may or may not be there the time I go. From the beginning she mentioned she was bad at texting and didn’t like to talk on the phone. Kind of weird? If I go visit and by chance she’s there, it be weird if she said she missed me bc im starting to move on from her. Any advice?

Dalton Williams

2 years of getting in great shape, graduated college, moved to a new place and got the job I want. Meet a girl and we go out several times for 3 weeks and everything was great, even met her parents. Then just one day when we had plans that night just boom gone, no contact, no anything just gone... What did I do wrong??

Alex Hernandez

I’ve had this done to me as well. What’s really frustrating is when a woman says let’s chat tomorrow, and you never hear from her again. Or when you do it’s so long that you almost don’t even care. It’s almost like in school when you have a test and you don’t get the grade back for 6 weeks by then your like....we had a test?


What it boils done here in the video is just be & stay positive

Frankie Galiffa

I was talking to this girl, we got very close and she said she could be herself around me and said I was great company. Haven't heard from her in a month so I delivered to her job cause I'm a delivery driver for a wine distribution company and she saw me and hugged me. She said she's working on herself and looking to get a place with a friend. She's want to hang out again but haven't said when


She left me for a year then came back saying she was still my gf she hosted me for a year??? now she's ghosting me again I think she cheated for sure like ezzzz


well all i try and do on dating apps is trying to become friends first untill we meet then 99% of the time the women on the apps dont even respond after they match with you it sucks half the time

Joseph Rogers

I can save you 7 minutes. She doesn't give a single bit of advice on how to end the ghosting.

Stewart C

Guys should strive for being healthy within themselves and understand they dont need a woman to be happy . Likewise women do well by themselves.


How do you let go of someone who was your friend who you think is amazing and She tells you she seeing someone and the you tell her she just broke your heart and then ghosts you ... it fucking sucks

Chris Jones

What if the one who ghosted, for whatever reason, tries to return out of nowhere or hits you up like nothing happened?

Wulf Claw

After warning her about communicating being important several times, she made the decision for me. Then she asked that we take a break. My reply was i don't do breaks. People who want a relationship WORK TOGETHER on them. Splitting it up and working on your own thing means you don't trust me to be there for you and help. So we can take a break, but it will last forever.

Saguntum-Iberian-Greek Konstantinopoli

Why was texting a girl i met on a meeting app
The conversation was fluid, same interests same passions, same everything, we continued to text on cell numbers, she was replying each 1-2 minutes.
Then we called each other on the phone, great laugh
The next day i texted « how are you » nothing
5-6 hours later i texted her again: are you ok, is everything all right? 
She final’y replied me she was videochatting a girl who had her heart broken.

The next day i proposed to go take a coffee, she said not today because she has to choose a halloween costume for halloween. I asked « if u do one, will you invite me? »
She said « dude, you are getting too strong today »
I replied: « ok. Happy halloween »

She never replied to my other textos ever since (i stopped texter her for the rest of saturday and all sunday
Monday i texted « how are you? »
But she doesn’t answer.


Each time there is an excellent connection with a girl it happens

Stephon Tuell

We dated, she ghosted, contacts me 2 months later and speaks of depression. Her inconsideration has kept me guessing all the while. Thanks for the vid.

Chris Mckinney

I just got ghosted and came here ?

Tom Ridd

2 yrs of dating , every girl ghosts me . always sad and depressed ... I think I'm just so ugly

Rogue Five

Oh my goodness your hot! especially when you say 'bitta' its so sexy in that accent.

Dany Boy

I respect women , but when they ghost me I just walk away and never come back . Life is to short to waste it playing mind games .
The game always had been there but the players are new and anyone plays that game always lose .

Gohan Kai

She said she wanted to be single for awhile aand she still loved me and wanted me to be happy and move on and she stressed and confused and said she was a mess up and stuff crying said she was sorry said she didnt want to do it either bc it wasnt easy and then after that she never was seen 5 days later we broke up 5 days ago do you know if shell come back?


I've waited 7months i can wait more ?


I met my childhood friend some days ago we were so happy to see each other we started texting frequently happily after one day I always text first and then she ghosts me

justin beausejour

I'm so depressed now

Hadar Amir

She said for the boys guys u know what to do

Kane К

As a man - just do nothing. Relationship is 100% female gismo. Always. As well as responsibility for this relationship. As a man - don't you ever stick your nose into arranging it, leave it to women.

Phetole Maunatlala

If I ask for your number and you give me with the intent of ignoring don't give me your number

Messi Messi

This video is very helpful


A few weeks ago, a woman ghosted me and i'm very sad and hurt :/ She dissappeared from Whatsapp and Messenger. Her phone is switched off.

After 4 years, she is doing this to me :/
I have never experienced this before. Had bad experiences with women in the past. Why are women so complexed?

Spotify Premium

It happened to almost 3 weeks ago. I thought we were okay but she suddenly change, not responding on my messages. I try to chase her til last night but nothing happen. She's not responding at all. I've to accept the reality. It really hurts but that's it. Life must go on, I'll accept starting now.



Taisen Fjouri

I'll save you lots of time. Move on and don't waste your time in trying to contact.

ray galaxy

I like the interior design of your home, nice style...

Jason Quinones

Real quick.... I need help!! Me and the girl i'm talking to haven't talked in about a week cause i been waiting for her to reach out to me. Should i ignitiate the first text or still wait for her to text me??

FaZe Hello

I might be young but I still feel this f in the chat for all boys left in seen


i can't take this woman seriously knowing that she probably ghosts just like every other woman

Imad Art and Gaming

LD gf ghosted me all the sudden what confused me everything was normal Its has been a week since i Heard from her

Gabe Young

Hello #askRenee I have a question for you....So a common pattern in my dating life is, I swipe right, they swipe right, we go on a first date, it goes well, I get ghosted.....What's frustrating to me is when the date goes SUPER well too. During the initial flirting on the dating app, she compliments my looks, tells me I'm funny and seems interested in going out. At this point I'm wondering what I could possibly be doing to change her opinion about me.
It just doesn't make sense when we seemingly have a connection, I make her laugh, she tells me I'm physically attractive then suddenly changes her mind the next day...
Please help me understand. Thank you!

Xavi Alonso

most women are the same?


actually to all girls whom i chatted with just ghost me just because of their standards ??

Just AFriend

its funny she looks like the girl that ghosted me :(

Robert Love

Hahaha when a women starts to become uninterested. I give it a full day of no contact then I just message her one more time “hope you find what you’re looking for”.

Meli Mel

This is kind of counterintuitive to your other videos as well as others I've seen online. Maybe I'm confused?
What I've learned from dating advice videos, as a women, is to have the men chaise you. Don't initiate conversation. Don't chase. Okay cool, got it.
But on the flip side if, as a women, if we don't continue conversations with the men we're interested in we're now ghosting? I thought we wait for them to reach out to us?
I've been out of the dating game for years and have no clue what to do. Please clarify lol


I was dating an extraordinary girl, one day she told me she wanted to break up with me, and I told her “ok, I’m going to go now” and then she texted me “wait! I still want to talk” so we talked for about 30 minutes and then she said “I have to do something real quick brb” an hour passes, no text, two hours pass, no text, I finally realize that she had been online after I closed the app, then this morning I texted her “good morning” and she straight up went offline, I guarantee you if I open up the app again she’ll be online before she figures out I’m on there

William Jones

Im never dealing with a woman again I have a soft heart and depression its just to risky for me.

Will Jansen

1, Why would u do a video about guys ghosting woman. . . We all know woman do it more 'coz they need validation. And they use guys to feel better about themselfs.
2, Guys, its not your fault.
3, Guys, its not your fault.
4, Guys, its not your fault.
5, Guys, its not your fault.
6, Guys, its not your fault.
7, Guys, its not your fault.
8, Guys, its not your fault.

Rogue Five

Omgoodness love her accent
Especially when she says 'biit-ter'


man, she was my type and she just ghosted me


I just delete them from my contacts I don't get attached anymore and I don't expect anything from them as well.


My personal story: I met a girl in 2015, she was an exchange college student from the US. We met couple of times in the same class and in the college gym once and we spoke a bit, I wanted to ask her on a date, but it was at the end of the semester, she return to the US and I didn't saw her again.
Later, I found her on Instagram and Facebook, I texted her that I wanted to get to know her better, and since I met her till now I'm thinking about her all the time.
Her response was "Hey!", she said nothing more and then she blocked me on fb and Instagram.
The truth is that I'm not a person that falls in love everyday, but this is real. I have a serious crush on her. I can't stop thinking about her.
I'm planning to go to the US for work. But the fact that I cannot reach her again, kills me...


A girl ghosted me so I came here .... “this is for the men...” oh- I- I guess this ain’t for me then


God has always been my help since the past 4 years of marriage but it got to a point and time my husband lost control and started sleeping outside..i have always wanted to open his iPhone but it has a finger print code so i went online to look for a very good hacker to help me access my spouse phone without him noticing then i found this hacker whose Instagram handle is (1hack_smith) whatsapp +1 302 2386817 {[email protected]} who i saw people posting his great works online so i contacted him and he asked for some simple details and i provided it to him under 24 hours i got access to my husbands phone all his applications he uses to chat and his gallery i was able to see all his photos and where he goes to and all then i saw he has a female companion outside who keeps him company and all i also saw her pics but am so happy this hacker could feed me with what i wanted his really great and this hacker also made the finger print to work for my husband and my finger also indeed this hacker deserves more.

Gautham Raj

It sucks to be the Nice Guy

Punisher_ 80

3:35 they don’t exist Lose lose situation

Jedi Lady

I've been friendzoned (he also has a gf) for too long so I just ghosted him! I'm getting my power and self-esteem back!


I don't care who's loss is who's. In the end it boils down to respect. I can't respect you if you don't respect me. That is what SO many females don't get.


I feel sorry for you dudes.. I'm a girl who likes girls and I don't even understand us.
I just got ghosted by a girl who was acting super keen and it sucks, so good luck brothers out there

Thawm Mawia

So depressing

Blocking A Guy Completely....The Harsh Truth

Blocking A Guy Completely....The Harsh Truth20 Dec. 2019
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Elliot ScottSubscribe 438 721


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I cover a lot of the following: How to get a guy to like you, signs a guy likes you, how to get a guy back, how to get your ex back, how to get him to like you again, how to get a guy to text back or text faster, and many more.

I am no way a professional or licensed. This is all just my experience, knowledge, and opinion.

One more thing: I don’t want you to ever think I am trying to blame you or gaslight you into thinking something that isn’t true or actually happening. My intentions are to give you another way of looking at things and to help you question what is actually going on. My intention is to give clarity and insight. You don’t have to agree with that is being said.

Comments (100)
Irish lavigne

I really like this coach

Sam Boriboun

I have a small head,does that mean I have a small brain ?

Oriel Collins

He had to go collect himself hahaha

black beauty

I block because I know stupid people come back, we didn't work out for a reason, once blocked you're irrelevant n I'm not interested.

Sade Walker



Great video

Ankita Joshi

I like how honest you are. No sugar coat no BS @elliottscott. You gave a new perspective to every girl

Jen A


Stefanie Johnson

This video took off me around 3:30!!! I love how you give to us straight and with so much truth. What really touched me was when you mentioned how us women wonder about what the guy is going to think, feel, etc... as you said WHO GIVES A F??? Definitely a new subscriber!

Isabel Cee

You’re right??

Nadine Elizabeth

When you feel confused your going to learn something

Kelly Dorsey

Preach !!! “Who gives a shit” ! A whole word honey


This is exactly what I needed to hear and the way I needed to hear it!! Ladies, he is right!

Taylor Lowe

Can we talk about blocking but not being strong enough to KEEP them blocked? ? it’s so screwed up because you know this person is toxic but can’t let them go?!?


Hey Elliot, I watch this video anytime I consider changing my mind about blocking a guy. It makes me remind myself why I did it & that I did the right thing. Appreciate your no BS stance on things, sometimes it's just as simple as "who gives a sh*t what he thinks". Thanks Elliot.


you have to be a sagittarius or Gemini I just know it lol

Laura Domaradzka

I blocked a guy because he act all the time like asshole with no respect. Normal conversation didnt worked so i had to block him to get back my calm life. He was toxic. Women block because sometimes there is the only way to find peace.

Natasa v



I don’t block them so that they can constantly see what they have missed and if they write me with any hope, it’s fun to crash those hopes

Cassie Jones

I don't like this dating coach. I'm sorry ☹️


Not even going to lie, I was searching for football blocking videos ?

Tharsa K

I love when your content gives such a masculine response to blocking. Soft and comforting advice is nice but your approach in this video is super encouraging ! Like a good kick in the butt

Hollie Ann

I love your videos. You keep it real thanks for the insight to men. I see so many mistakes I've made tho that's on me. Not them. Thank you.

Ladonna Simpson

Boy your Blocked bye ??????


I never laughed so hard in my life “ when he mentioned “afterlife” ?.

marybeth sullivan

haha i love you

M01 01P

Love the rant

Chadia Ab

I am always hundred per cent done with a guy, so I block him, if he comes back around, I block them again, I don't acknowledge it, I block to move on and find a closure

Ps: I Love ur attitude ?❤️

Alana Jones

I needed to hear this!

Deniz Campinar

I needed to hear this... wish i could put this video on repeat! ??❤️


Love this video!

Angeline Williams

Jesus, what's with the rage?

Sam Boriboun

I dont block because I like the fact I can see them reaching out and I see the regret when they played with my head..so I have satisfaction to see them hurt when all u done was care and treated them well..never treat anyone bad just watch them all come back unless u wana teach him a lesson..but after that I reach out and give them closure to say no thanks

Annalise Devereaux

I blocked him after he started show boating acting like he’s so relieved he ghosted me ... I blocked him and all his friends. They are blocked for life!

IG scottzbez

I got blocked??

Hannah Grace Rosas

Today, I blocked him. He cheated and I love him still. However, I want to choose myself and love myself this time.
I am tired to chase someone who wronged me despite my commitment and love for him.
I needed this. I needed the peace of mind and time to move forward by myself.
Sometimes, it's your heart and mind that makes it complicated.

Just choose yourself. Dont need validation from anyone just because I decided to love myself and remove him.

Coreen Kendrick

I just blocked him for good as he was accusing me of things and being a toxic jerk. I've had my fill with those types and life is too short to waste another second with this b.s. You're exactly right Elliott because I gave guys too many chances in the past and now I won't take it anymore.


I blocked and never looked back.

Eliza Shippam

i think this is the best and realist advice video on blocking and bossing up ive ever seen

Jedi Lady

He has been really good to me but I'm in his friendzone for too long and he has a gf for too long, but I want to move on. Should I tell him how I really feel now? Or should I just block and ghost him?

Angela Joves

I want to block him, but I already blocked him once and unblocked him thinking I'd gotten over it ☹️ but I need to block him everywhere for good


Peace of Mind relief!



Milligan’s Island

Blocked 10 today. Flaky, probably had 20 other women. Blocking every damn one of them lol.

Jala Bala

I prefer to not block but just leave them on read if they come back

Zee Loveback

So funny ?

Hawk Eye

This guys a turd. Why don't you just say it's not working. I hope this dude gets hurt for hurting others

Alexandre Roy

What a moron !

Rebecca Jones

It feels great! Finally I kick an asshole to the curb. Hallelujah....

cindy valencia

i blocked him bc i was done with his bs 7 months later he came back , trash

Kristina Jovanoski

Exactly ???

Piper Lunatic

Tourette’s is a hell of a thing

Raheema Johnson

Thank you ?

It's me

Blantantly to the point, but right on, tough love.


I want to block him, but I don't want him to be irrelevant to my life. SOS ?

Gabrielle Gosselin


Chloé G

I watched this video twice hahaaa sooo good!!! ?

Suzanne Ludwig

How 'bout I block him. Entirely.. And message his wife on Facebook. And tell her about our 6.5 years together....

Tanzina Imam

... And i blocked him.. bcz he loves another girl and sees me as an option for his entertainment.. When he broke up with that girl he came to me and than when their relationship is again patch up he start ignoring me and that is the most painful thing bcz i truly love him but thats not enough i have to move on.. I have to control my feelings.. I have to focus on something else.. Thats hard but not impossible.. One day everything will be fine as i always wanted?
And whoever is reading this..plZ pray for me bcz i pray for u that you are going to be fine and happy❤️

Steve Klimentos

Someone was playing mind games with me and because he couldn’t get what he wanted out of me he blocked me

Penny Jane

I finally did it! I blocked his ass and then I found you and you just made me feel even better then what I did before with my decision!! Subscribed and hit the bell.


My girl blocked me for no reason

Sky fall

Blocked. Another one bites the dust.

Nanna Jamal

I just blocked my ex and I feel better now!
He deserves so ! Idc if he is gonna come back or no! I decided to move on and have a brand new fresh start in my life ❤

Dee P

Block his ass!! He is full of it and you know it- so when you block him- YOU WIN by showing that your strong enough to seal that coffin and TRUST that you CAN DO BETTER.... Love yourself more

Natalie Axl

Blocked and deleted him!! Not dealing with fuckery. ALL ABOUT SELF WORTH ?

Zama Maduma

But why block someone who is not trying to contact you? My ex blocked me when I was not even interested in reaching out. Blocked or not, I wasn't going to talk to him

Elizabeth Munroe

Best video ever, I agree totally.


I love this dating coach :) I applied these techniques in 2017 and the man wanted me bad. Just going through a break up now and I blocked again due to his bullshitting behaviour :)

ShVonne Burke

? “who gives a shit”

Lee Grey

I love this. Time to clean out my contact list.

Deep Diver

Can you do a video on how a man feels when he is blocked...it might be interesting to know :)


shave your face.?

Ket-lee Ching-oli

Lmao I literally used to think blocking a guy who played you made you look weak until I saw this video.
You’re so right man! It really doesn’t matter what they think because I’m done with them and I shouldn’t care✊??


Irrelevant love it I!
Who gives a shit???

3027- Lena Tamilvani A

He did say no reason for breaking up ....I blocked him ... But he didn't dooo, what is the reason for this??

Joyce Roa

I blocked my LDR. because he is fond of chatting girls, and he easily get tempted. I am tired of this, anyway if he truly love me and realize his mistakes, he can search me by creating another account.

Dina Barraza


CadDesign Corp

I block ex easy for no reason too ?

Rubab Zehra

So i need advice too, there came a boy in my life through social platform and i am very curious about him as he told me the things that i have not told him, as he knows where i live and about my siblings as well, so i was quite nervous that when i asked he said i am tottaly unknown to you, so i have thought that this is someone who knows me trying to manupulate me & with my feelings and i have decided to block!
So i never unblock people
I have another i'd he pops up there i use that id not very much so i then talked to him, but since he was not telling who was he i blocked him from there, then i blocked him from instagram!
Right after 6 months he just have created another id and messaged me i just came out from that shit he drag me again! So i blocked him from that i'd too because it was quite obvious that he did not specifically create that id for me there must be another girls there it is still going with a lot of followers though! So later on right after 7 months he agains shown up and messaged my sista to discuss something with her, when she replied to him, he start sending him his luxuries! Instead of talking about the matter
That was too frustrating
What should i do coach?
What is this sign of?

SOᑌᒪ ᐯIᗷᖇᗩTIOᑎ

I needed to see this video. Thank you for this message. You kept it all the way real. ??‍♂️?❤️?

Suzanne Figueroa

I saw this one video from SheraSeven1 well I've subscribed to her channel along time ago. Very helpful for women as to leveling up I would recommend. In one of her videos, she discusses blocking someone is just showing sensitivity and weakness to the other person. And giving him power by showing him you had to block him to feel relieved. But on the other hand, what this guy said is true. We should not give a s*** what he thinks of it especially if he's not making no kind of afford to fix or make things work genuinely. It's like taking access away from him to you so I understand where this coach is coming from as well.

Gigi lokheart

I dont block I ignore him until he questions his existence

Boho Witchy

My block list is growing rapidly, I smell an ounce of bullshit the doors slammed shut ?. Block em girls move onto the next guy who deserved your attention and time x

R .x

"irrelevant" ??‍♀️ it's funny how I usually don't block him but his always blocking me after little arguments... But now that I'm really done with him, he unblocked me and kept me unblocked but I'm keeping him blocked...

Re e

Maybe ignore is better

Ms. Morow

I blocked my ex from everything and he started to stalk me in person. Like out of the blue. I confronted him about it in person and he went ape shit and begged me to be his friend. I told him no but then he said “we’re going to be friends” and I’m like “o.O uhhhhhhh...*run away*” ??

Chelsea Fitzpatrick

I have him blocked but I find it so hard to keep him blocked bc I’m still holding onto hope that he will text me things I’d love to hear


Many people think blocking someone is childish. I don't think so, some people you just have to shut the door....period. One time one has to make a decision and walk away. Good one. Thanks

Lynn Huguely

You are dead on. This shit cut deep THIS TIME!!I ended things... Trigger pulled!!!


I blocked him because it hurt to know that he could message me but he wasn't.

Christine Holliday

Hey This was great Advice!!! Thank You!!!

Caroline Kate

I really appreciate the Great Prophet for returning my lover after 8 years of been together, i taught all hope was lost. Thanks to the Great Prophet for making me happy again. You can contact him and he will be of great help because he is a wonderful man? Mail him @ ( [email protected]). or whatsapp @ +1 (706) 871-4571

Stephanie P

The oxytocin withdraw is tough!


I just did this today and I feel better!! I did it so I could move on with life. No time to waste...

Rhonda Jules

Thank you oh man this was soooo good to hear?

Feefs Manuel

It goes both ways, u block them, they go get a fake number and still try to contact you! You’re blocked bc it’s over, just take a hike. That’s the part I don’t get. Why are you still trying to reach out?

Rosanna Miranda

I have lot of assholes on my block list
They stay there and I just keeping moving on :)

mia moutza

omg finally a video that talked to my heart. WHO GIVES A SHIT WHAT HE THINKS?? exactly the point

Lexi Wakefield


Can These Exes Recover From This HUGE Betrayal? | MTV's Ghosted

Can These Exes Recover From This HUGE Betrayal? | MTV's Ghosted24 Sep. 2019
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On this episode of ‘Ghosted: Love Gone Missing,’ Rachel and Travis help aspiring comedian Ross figure out why his girlfriend of 6 months, Jordan, disappeared one day without a trace. Once they come face to face and the truth is revealed, they’ll have to decide if they want to make up or ghost forever.

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Ghosted: Love Gone Missing helps distraught people track down former friends or lovers who suddenly cut off all contact with them. Hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills meet the haunted and come up with theories about the cause behind the ghosting. Then the hosts look for leads in order to track down the ghost. Finally, the truth is revealed during a confrontation between the two parties.

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Comments (100)

11:08 those cross eyes

maddie maryanne

I think she's immature an over reacting

Damien-Kyle Coriza

He looks a skinny Jonah Hill but without the talent or the personality....

Ni’Aijah Jones

They noisy talking about “we coming over we wanna see” ???


By "half a virgin" does he mean he put in just the tip and she was so disgusted she left? What the hell is "half a virgin"?

Puresoul2.0 PUre

Fuk wrong with her neck


I mean... She is for sure acting, isn't she? And she is a bad actress too, I would say

lil king

It's something about the way he speaks and carries himself that really throws me off.. and the episode just started, oh boy.

The Victorious DJS

I'm not condoning his actions by any means. But if there's one thing he was right about it's when he said she could've sat him down and ended things with him in person instead of acting like he didn't exist. Especially if they're in a relationship. At least break up with someone the right way. Like an adult. Honestly if she did that then this could've been avoided and not revealed on national t.v.

Disney girl 45

She right she has right to be pissed that stand up act was not funny at all

Skkyee z

He's not only way uglier than her but he literally, very clearly hurt her and tries to say its just a joke. When someone says they hurt you, you don't get to say you didn't.

Iesha Upshaw

This show seems so fake, but I keep coming back lol.


i think his jokes were funny to me but like when he first met them and said she never had a dad? he already put her on blast, it’s obvious he saw her as an accessory and not a person. and he should have asked her first before making any jokes about her in a public stand up routine.

Beth Rivera

The fact that he even thought that those were jokes

Phoenix Astral

It is not that serious girl cmon

Army SGT Girl

She plays the victim really well. Maybe some point she will grow up.


Open line of communication could lead to asking for permission to talk about personal issues in a public space. He’s slacking.


Both their spin game is strong af!

Puddin Kitty

"The girls I really want"
No woman is a "practice" girl, what he said is deeply disturbing. I feel bad for her....wow....

Latifah Moss

I get that they’re JOKES but if it’s your girlfriend and a “serious” one at that, why wouldn’t you discuss it with her. He knew he was wrong when he excluded her from it and just couldn’t own up to it when he was confronted.


He was already off-putting to me when he said that Tinderrella is a milennials game. Just call it a dating event!

Evelyn's Life And Thoughts

He’s a douche ! She def didn’t deserve this crap

Brooklynite C

I felt her hurt..Sad thing is that he wasn't purposely trying to be malicious...it sounds like they could've been great together if none of that happened.

Bryant Ruiz

What happened to communication within a relationship? Why can't people talk like mature adults when something bothers them? Instead this whole "cancel culture" takes the forefront because what, its easier to ignore? Out of sight out of mind has become the new norm instead of trying to grow as a human being. Not everyone has the same ideologies and beliefs that you do, so maybe you should express them and maybe, just maybe, you can have an actual strong relationship.

J to the O U know it

9:29 if looks can kill she died like 40 times lmao

Makube Gysman

This dude is gonna get a receding hairline

Serena GalbraithHriech

Hes also not funny at all

Maica J

He knew damn well those jokes were not ok. That's the whole reason he never invited her to a show.

Skkyee z

He just disgusts me in so many ways.... He's gross and rude and not funny.

Hej Ericson

Ghosting could be that you know that the relationship has come to a deadend. Some people will invalidate the seriousness of the damage and own responsibilty, yet they will make up excuses. This is exactly why you would ghost - you actually understood that this person will only try gaslight and that is toxic. The sad part is that he did contact the show to further his career. It is what it is. I think there is reason to believe that this guy is insecure and he will continue this grandiose behaviour in stand up. He used stupid, old jokes about relationship and that makes him a cheap act. Grow up Ross.

Simple Ant

Had a girl text me something creepy. When I didn’t respond she replied “ I ruined this one all on my own.” This works here too.

MalawiGold ElephantMarsh

He asked to be on the show.. and he couldn't of gone to a barbershop beforehand.. lol.

K Killa

Wow this guy is such an asshole and an idiot. How did she ever date him...she’s way out of his league. He didn’t deserve her explanation. He’s so gross


Can't believe I fell for his bullshit nice guy act. He deserved to be ghosted. He clearly knew she wouldn't be comfortable with the jokes he was making which is why he was hiding it from her

Marly Mar

not every men think the same point of view of her,most men are nice and even after bad scene.

DIY the Amateur guy

mane i would have laughed in her face

SarahAnn Greenwell

Honestly. She was kinda in the wrong. He's a comedian...it was a joke. She kinda freaked out over nothing. She could have just talked to him about it? Sounds like she wanted an excuse.

Maria Victoria

He sucks. NEXT !!! She deserves wayyyyy better.

jayla's wonderful amazing world tour !!!



He looks like that Son of Sam killer

hailie's bong

At first I felt bad for him.... NVM

slim kenny

These guy need a girl who understands him its comedy thats what the best comedians do

Aislene Shewfelt

This man is trash


She could’ve told him ?

Hazeleyes Green Grey

He's a loser no wonder he don't have a girlfriend.


He was right to ghost her at the end. What he did was wrong, but her ghosting him over that shows immaturity on her part and he can't trust that she wont do something like that again if he pisses her off somehow. That's why he got so confident a soon as it was over and was done with her - her reasoning instantly turned him off, as it should have. He was done with her in that moment.


Jordan deserves better, hes such a creep!

Angelina Ortega

Lmao girl you dated a comedian what did you expect.

Niko Tuttle

The lines of communication have to be open on both sides.

Josue Romero

Bruh this guy seems low key gay ...

Meghan Williams

Pick a struggle...?

Melanie Mendoza

Girl walk away.. he’s just a waste of time with his lame ass excuses

Honestly Marie

Um.....it’s comedy. But I do see why she’d...feel that way...? I guess. I think she should have talked to him about it considering how she said she felt about him. I think he dodged a bullet though lol

Brenen Arcand

LMFAO @ 1:57

Solani Nomusa

Daaaaaaammmmnnn man

Ilijah Quintanilla

If your here saying she was dumb to ghost him, he didn't want her at his shows for a reason, and u can see why, wouldn't be surprised if she asked him not to use her in his material


He’s disgusting I’m happy she ghosted him in this case


Anyone know the name of the song playing

Angel family Dyer

I've watched this on Stan and it's kinda sad

Puresoul2.0 PUre

THEY MESSY!!!! “Yeah I’m your daddy??? the fuck

Morris Rowe

Excellent show. I feel really bad for her. And I really see her point.

Nastassja Jennings

Most of the comments I'm seeing are talking about how shes out of his league, he's a jerk, etc.

BUT LIKE. Is nobody going to address the elephant in the room!?

He literally EMAILED the creator of a DATING game to track her down because he refused to take no for an answer! That's creepy as hell!

YaRona B

This TOTALLY reminds me of that one Spongebob episode when he was doing stand up at The Krusty Krab, ragging on Sandy Cheeks!! ?

Tristan Mireles

Another dude that has a really punchable face


REALLY feel for her .. but then she agreed to the show, so ANYONE who had seen the act, will identify/know who she is now!!! ...

William Chettinger

As a dude who aspires to be a comedian, this is some shit you talk to your girlfriend about BEFORE making jokes at her expense. Like yeah those jokes could be fine in the right context. And he doesn't even want her coming to his show BECAUSE he knew it wouldn't fly. This poor girl. She cute as hell too. Smh man

The Weird Girl

I ghosted a guy for cheating on me. I went to his house one day with breakfast and a new game for him, and I when I opened his bedroom door, I saw him hugged up with his coworker. So I left the breakfast, took the game, wrote a letter and said its over. Then blocked him on everything and asked my family and friends to block him. Packed up all my stuff and moved back in with my family in another state.

Leonna Branch


chi chi chi

i feel bad for her ...he really hurt her

amber levesque

The jokes were stupid but come on it wasnt that bad lmao

Bnessa Williams

The Way He Said Yeah I'm Your Daddy Was Just Awkwardly Weird But Funny ???

Jermainé Loreaux

Freaking man child! This guy got facial hairs as much as my bum. Not sure how this chick was able to hook with that lame guy. My God even Tinder should filter out these ugly ass people out from the app.


You definitely don’t joke about somebody’s insecurities or problems like that in life. He’s an idiot and an insensitive person. That’s what he gets! I felt bad for him at first, but he’s clearly a prick, like most men.

Timothy Crawford

He's deserves what he got, if you love someone you could never laugh about there problems.


Dude gives off major creep vibes. I would ghosted you, too, homie.

micaela ward

She definitely overreacting

Maya S

Jesus, he's fugly.

Susan Kannon

Jordan is such a douche, She was way out league.

Kyra Le Roux

He's a freakin bum. I'm glad she ghosted him.

Rafael Braggs

Dude look like a pervert

King Balla TV

I don't like this female host.. Why is her PIC always in the thumbnail

pepa pig

She should say " his life is a joke"

Puddin Kitty

Hes revolting....

Tiahna Fifield

Reality check in 3..... 2.... 1..... 9:52 ??????


Ok Jonah Hill in Superbad

Kenyatta J

I’m sorry but this guy reminds me of my ex even though I didn’t ghost him I left him ...


his jokes are like middle school locker room talk

Ayesha Ali

I’m insanely weirded out about how he went to the creator of tinderella and got her email, that’s an insane invasion of privacy and immediate red flag.

Melanie D

She's a drama queen and so full of self pity. A lot of kids are raised without dads

Oona Høeg Amundsen

That's a bit beside the point but that Travis guy is pretty hot

Eb Bunny

Was he who Regina George was talking about when she said “he was half a virgin when I met him” ?

CC Paul

Literally none of his jokes were funny

Koury Brown

So um, how do I meet Holly. ??

Serena GalbraithHriech

He seems like one of those "if I cant have you no one can" kind of guys ???

Ken Martin

Dude...leave girls with "daddy issues" alone. They use their daddy issues as a reason to quickly jump into relationships as well as quickly jump out of them. Dramatic as hell too. Everyone can make you look out to be the bad guy, but it's obvious this girl is unhinged. Didn't even tell her best friend about you, and she's blaming it all on a comedy skit. Nah...something is wrong with her. Be glad she ghosted you.

The Tea

These 2 clowns each talking about how they were ready to settle down and be in it for the long haul LOL! At what point... in the couple of months that they hardly knew each other did it seem at all like they were anywhere near settling down. Children.

Sweet T

Yea dude is messed up for that!

tashie's chimchim

Ok. The guy is a douche. An arrogant ignorant douche. He got a taste of affection and it ballooned his confidence to the point where he believed himself to be better than his spouse. As for her actions, yes they were wrong and to those who'd fix their lips or fingers to say otherwise should stay out of relationships. You need to act like an adult and tell ppl WHY your going, if not for them, at least have the common decency to not implant their bullshit on someone else
As for the jokes, she was dating a comedian. It should come as no surprise that she'd end up in his jokes and you shouldn't take them seriously. Comedy is not for the faint of heart/ politically correct. She seems to be the emotional type so it's no wonder he never invited her. He should have been better about writing his jokes, though, because they're not really funny


HE? GHOSTED? HER?Fuck him. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh. My. GOD.

Ava Seleski

He should have asked her first. Plain and simple. Fuckin creep.