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How to use Google Jamboard - 2019 Updates

How to use Google Jamboard - 2019 Updates29 Jan. 2019
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Google's New student in

Google's New student in class is Jamboard! Check out this amazing collaborative app that is available to everyone online.

Create Post-it notes, share ideas, brainstorm and work on a plan. Jamboard allows you to work as a team and stay organised. New features are constantly being added as more and more people use it.

We love it! Let us know what you think about it!

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Comments (100)
Oreita Daley

This is awesome. I've never used Google Jamboard before. I didn't even know it existed. This is such a BIG DEAL because now I can easily and without stress collaborate with others to help the students we support in Rural Portland. Yes! Thank so much.

Sonia Castro

The taskbar became very big; I can hardly see the pen and pointer. How do I return it to its original size?

Dr. Srivani Koduri

Thank u

Ara Corn

How do I copy someone else's jam board???

Padmaja Pal

However l find it difficult to write with amouse. What can I do about it?


Can I incorporate it with Google Classroom ?

Patricia Keppler

Please work on adding Google Slides into Jam Board. I had difficulty downloading my JB as a PDF and inserting it into my Google Slide.


Thank you so much for sharing jamboard

ardy agacite

Thank you for sharing this!

smansa purwakarta

Thanks, it's so helpful, but how can I start recording? Any button on jumpboatd to star presentation and recording?

Lisa Esparza

Great video!

H Kaur

Is there no subscription?
It's wonderful it is free of cost.

Janet Mickish - CDHS

Your tutorial was good. How do I get the features described in

Miss Graff's Title 1 Math treats

Is there a way to make anonymous posting sticky notes without seeing students names or see who is posting what? Is there an option or setting to turn this off? Thanks :D

tiong ah

the sticky note is probably the dumbest thing, it's 2020 October and when you want to insert a new line, do you know what you have to do? the solution is you have to type lots of spaces until the cursor goes all the way to the right, ctrl+enter or shift+enter won't work

light sail

Mathematics related tools would be good

hiral dave

Students can't able to fine sticky note vth my Jamboard so they can't able to take part in collaborative Discuss. What to do to solve this issue? Few students require Jam code, how I find the same?

Linda Braniff

I am excited about Jamboard, but I only heard you mention android and PC devices. Do you know how well it work with Apple devices?


I appreciate your pace! So many are soooo slow and boring, and forget that we have the ability to pause and replay. Great job!

Wendy Trager

Can you crop pictures on Jamboard?

ISCC Limuel Dolorico

Can ypu upload lets say a diagram that students can put a label on it? Example is when i will be having a anatomy class then i will upload or paste a certain body parts then the students can put or label the different parts of that body parts.

Maria Dones

Hi, is there a maximum number or participants that can view the Jamboard. I get stuck at 25 participants viewing, although I looked around and heard 50 was the maximum.

Katherine Gagnon

How do you connect your Zoom participants to Jamboard so they can add sticky notes?

Patricia Curin

Could it be posible to download it as a PPT? It would be great !!

Holly Olmstead

Great explanation! Thank you.

Hanan Shawky

Thanks for this. I was just wondering if there can be a button on the Jamboard frame page that takes us back to the main page that has all the other saved frames where we can navigate through?!

Dare 2 Share

How do I share jamboard with a code, where do I get the code?thank you

Dhruva Madapati


H Kaur

Anyway, your tutorial was good enough to understand jamboard in a quick move.

Patricia Curin

I love Google Jamboard. Very clear tutorial and easy to use finally.

Anjula Awasthi

Looks great, I'm going to use it tomorrow with my team for collaboration and sharing ideas. Thanks for the video.

Tapas Kumar Behera

What is the use of this jamboard after your video


This is a good tool. I am also using LinoIT which is similar to this but a bit more flexible. (at the moment anyway). Thanks for the video though.

skylardawn fortuna

thanks for the update

Tengi George-Ikoli

Very helpful, thank you. Just came across Jamboard.

Christine Cousineau

This is great. I would love it if students had the ability to talk to each other (so use just their microphone- and have the ability to mute it!) while working in the same file. Right now I have the students open up a google meet tab as well but there are two main problems with this: 1. the students are on chromebooks and some of their chromebooks can not handle running the meet and doing other stuff at the same time 2. if I want to break the students into groups (and give each group their own Jamboard and have the ability to talk while working) I would need to create multiple google meets and be in all of them at the same time to monitor them, which currently MY school issued chromebook can not handle. Just being able to have them talk (no video) through the file would be amazing.

Ingenia TICs

Me, using jamboard:

Mr. Clean

I can't draw in jamboard i need help


Hello. thank you for the useful information could you please highlight on this question.
If I want my student's to draw whatever they want on the Jamboard how can i check each child's work?

Marielena Nuñez

Great explanation as usual. Thank you!


Maria Cristina U.Avellaneda

AG amogh

I have a dout the how text in gambord with out drawing

بإسلامي أرتقي

What is the reason when Jambord was grey and the buttons Dont work??

Valerie Sanchez

There's a new feature called OPEN ON A JAMBOARD. I've clicked on that but it asks me to search Jams. I tried to add my file name but I'm not sure if that's the correct way of using this feature. Is there an additional video or tutorial I can view to learn how to use this feature?

Malati Choudhury

Thanks. Can I download it in mobile

Audrey Rosenthal

How do we access a keyboard to type on the Jamboard?

Bernina Minneaux

lovely explanation. Thank you

nafize civi

I want to duplicate a frame but my duplicate button is not lit

Leo SC

Thanks. But I’d rather use Pear Deck and Screencastify.

Kye-Anne Wilborn

OK so first of all THANK YOU for this tutorial video! I was in a meeting today and the coordinator could not give any direction on how to use or start my own :~(
I cannot wait to use this in my next Team Meeting, Committee Meeting, Board Meeting, everything! Thanks a ton!

jeya kumar


Sandy Bootz

A co-worker uses PowerPoint animation to make flash cards for interactive lessons. We are looking for software that is free that would enable us to make interactive lessons easier. do you have any ideas? For example: a getting to know you activity where a student can click on an image and have a question be revealed. Thank you!!

Sharmila Ghose

Great Fun to do Trigonometry !!


What do you use for screen recording?

Robert Williams

Great video! Thank you

car enthusiast

Thanks ,used it to make collage of newspaper images

Yasmin Shahid

You have made a very helpful video. Can you tell me how many participants can join in while using jam board



Tricia Brown

I love the flexibility and flow of jamboard. Can you say more about sharing specifically what can I ask my students to do while on the jamboard in Meet. I’m sorry if I missed this information but can I actually share with a student/s

Bharti Kamani

Great Explaination

Adriana Holman

Hi! My students keep getting an unsupported file message. Do you know how to correct the problem? The majority of the kids have DOE devices. I teach in Bronx, NY. Thanks.

Supriya Nutan

thank you for explaining the it well , this really perfect and helpful for me making notes .

Charlotte Weston-Horsmann

Can I type titles and such within the frame not on a sticky note?

Karen Paynter

Hello Thank you for the video which show me a tool I plan to use with my online teaching/lessons for my 2nd graders to share ideas, for brainstorming, collaboration etc... A GREAT FREE TOOL!

Amit Kumar Jena

I can't listen sound when someone is teaching In jambord please help ???


It is my fav!! Esp sticky note feature and how easy it is!

Megan Bryant

Super cool tool. I look forward to using this when I need a virtual collaborative board.

Owen Keating

It’s fine

Nisha Abdul Ghani

Thank you so much. Very clear information and steps. I'm going to ask my pupils to brainstorm the ideas for their essay using the special features in Jamboard. ??

Akshita Srivastava

How to save

Jude Norman

Would appreciate a similar video specifically for Android

Sangeeta Malik

M9re features required in jam board...thicker marker which are smoother and with easy curves to enhance the writing... Shapes, math tools

ala' Arabyat

Thanks ? please how to write a text

Anna Anka

Great tool! Couldn't find jamboard in play market. What is the name of the app?

Scott Howard

Hello, Google Ed people well done on a useful whiteboard that links into other google features. The sticky notes are swell but it would be helpful if the sticky note functioned as a mini google document allowing the writer to use the return key, numbering and bullet points in addition to change in font size and style.

Ed Alvord

Is Jamboard compatible with ZOOM?

Belinda David

Hi I am a fashion Design Teacher and would like to use Jam board in teaching students pattern making skills. When you insert an image and draw onto the image is there any way to group or anchor the drawing with the image? Also I would like to insert a black and white image and make it transparent so that I can see the graph dotted lines under it in order to modify a pattern. Lastly, will you be incorporating linear and curve drawing lines similar to that of Adobe illustrator? I can be reached at [email protected] and would love to use Jamboard for virtual collaborative instructions.

Aiden Thomas-Mcmanus (Student)

anyone else here from Mr Martinez?

solomon sahu

Do we have assistive drawing tool for PC in jamboard now?

Paul Selcke

Can I use some type of stylus or writing application with an Apple desktop computer and Jamboard? It would be nice to just write by hand on my screen while I'm presenting in Google Meet. Thanks.

Taranjit Bamrah - Homestead PS (1511)

Thanks for sharing

Ione Barros

Thanks a lot ?

Senco senco

It would be great to have a better range of non-white/black (visual stress friendly) backgrounds available.

Jane Whalen

Thank you - so helpful - I now feel confident to create an interactive training session

Pratima Gurung

Just saw this tutorial for the first time and I am happy that I discovered it.

Joseph Slewoo

How do I turn in work?

Vixii écrivaillon

I would love tl have the possibility to include a sound/mp3 file to a board, when working in oral understanding . Should be more convenient that a gDocs or gSlides file. (Still working on this)

Jay Wing

Does JamBoard allow users to add links? (Links to each board, like a slide presentation, and links to external sites?)


pangit bulok

Beena Khan

Can we add it to teams

Joan Lattie

found this very informative as was able to follow along to create a jamboard to be used to brainstorm ideas prior to a meeting. Thanks I look forward to continuing to learn from these videos.

Culinary Belle

Hello! Thanks for posting this! I want to use this. I'm seeing similarities in this with Padlet. Can we use this as a google doc so all I need to do is provide my students with the link to the Jamboard so that they can use it while in a zoom meeting? (we prefer zoom because google meet is shaky and keeps disconnecting in our location--but our school has purchased GSuite for us)

Thanks! Will appreciate a response :)

Padmaja Pal

The jamboard seems to be very useful for teaching.

Corban Ebenezer


Easylearn365 by Tony Mathew

can i add input devices like pen tablet to jam board?

Maristela Real

Hi, how can I use Jamboard during a live session in Google Teams, zoom, or another platform? Can we share the adress/link of Jamboard to enable the cooperation?


adding text would be great

Kanae Kuwahara

Thank you! It is very helpful! Do you know how many people can edit the jamborad together at the same time? I am planning to have online class for 70 people and wandering if it is possible all participants can use 10 boards and write.

Celia Muñoz Martín


Maximillan Moses Kawotjo

thank you


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Comments (100)
Manish Solanki

MD Highy hone se bill jyada kam ka solution lane. Me kya kare..

pardeep soni

Pawer factor mein garbar ho to bijali ke bill mein koi farak prega sir. Ya bijali ka bill jyada ane se ham iska pta kaise karein.

KAM KI English

Kwh1 kwh2 kwh 3 Kya hota

Krishna Pardeshi

1:11 what kind of load is in your house on a single-phase supply reaching up to 850 KW? ? Are you supplying to the whole town from your meter???

parth Yadav

Reply plzz

Sumeet Kumar

Power factor kya batata hai

Anurag Varshney

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Riya Nagar

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Lita Raita

Thank you sir

parth Yadav

Bhai mera meter reading kuch din Baad 0 hojata h automatic.. kyu plz batao

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electric metre mein in wire rong hone se kya hota

mohd. Sanjeel

"Cum" ka kya matlab hota hai meter reading kae sath jo likha hota hai.

Keshav Gupta

Sir meter mein top left corner mein Arrow icon aata hai.

Kya meter se electricity chori ho raha hai?


Bro mera merer abhi new lga he but date 1 saal pehle ki a rha he to kya change kese hogi

Bhim rajak Reena creations

Single phase meter me kitna ct hota h

Dhrubajyoti Haloi

848watt not kilowatt

Roma Sharma

How to calculate meter reading to pay electricity bill?


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shaikh imran

sir. mera gar me 11.7.2020 naya mitar laga he mere pas ac nahi he 000017 disple me dikhata he to kita unit us huwa sir plies

dev singh

Bice indo..thanks

Aditya Pratap Singh

Sir meter ka push button khrab ho gya hai press krney pr kuch dusra nhi show kr rha yeh sahi kaise hoga

Wesley Virgin

All thanks to jaidhack on Instagram who helped me bypass my meter and now I can use my electricity freely.

chandan mishra

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A Boy And His DREAM

Sir ap jo button push kar rehe ho Mene apna meter ma push button dabaya koi problem hoga kya sir

umasankar swain

What is pf

Shaurya sharma

bill mein agar recorded demand badha de bill wala toh bill par kya asar padega

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Lift ke meter ki readind kese le agar seal lagi ho

Pepe Mumu

I dont understand anything

Ashu Tour & Travel's

Digital meter ko reset kaise kerte hai


Nice sir

Kaushik Ranjan Rajkumar

Bina current kai eh miter date kaise count karta h??


Push button ke bagal me kaale colour ka jisme flash likha hain . Whai is that

Mustaf Hafizur Rahman

Previous reading meter se liya jata hai ya pichhle mahine ke bill se

Ashad Ali

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Divine Spirite

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Ramu yadav

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Iss main reding num khonsa hai

TP Arora

Very good information thanks

Sujata Parab

Agar date galat dikha raha hai meter me

Dambaru Majhi

Wi-Fi network use

Amit good Pal ok

Reading nahin kar raha hai to kya bhi Latika aaega


Me working at electricity dept didnt know all the facts bout the energy meter...only knew some basics...even my higher authorities dont have all the knowledge.... but today i learnt all the digestive system of the energy meter...thanks to u sir...

Jhakaas Zindagi

C open kya matlab hai

sarika jeswal

Meter के internal part का vdo बनाईये और समझाईये भी

Ashok Kumar Singh

What is fc dc charges in electric bill

the nights dev

Good explanation ?

Akash Jadhav

Wo 850kw nahi bhai 850 watt hai....ghar chala raha hai ya factory jo 850 Kw ka load bata raha hai


Sir hamko 3phas ka unit hamko samajhana hai

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Big Smile

Nice video,
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Kiran Thapa

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Rohan Tiwari

kya meter change hone pr purani units chali jati hai?

Amit Srivastav

Sir mere me 23 dika raha hai to kya isme 23kg ka load hai mere ghar 2a.c lekin ek ek karke chalta hai

Lita Raita

Thank so much sir

raju tiwari

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Abu Horairah

Thank you very nice your video

Niraj Nishad

Good knowledge

DC yadav

Sir main e new meter liya hai Kuchh jankari dena

Ramdulare Singh Parmar

Me sikhne ki koshish kar raha hoon yah vidio bar bar dekhta rahunga thankyou

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