Girl questions

Asking a GIRL questions GUYS are too afraid to ask...

Asking a GIRL questions GUYS are too afraid to ask...8 Jan. 2020
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Today I asked my

Today I asked my girlfriend questions guys are too afraid to ask guys. She explained EVERYTHING!




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Maddie and Elijah


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Comments (99)
Alyssa Walters

I only have 7 pair of shoes

Vicky Thomas

13:52 is not true! My mum and me have, like, 2 pairs each. My dad on the other hand, has at least 20, and they all look practically the same!

Hannah Bottum

I go to the bthroom with friends because im scared to be alone lol


i have had a wire poke out of my bra before it hurts but it didn't do any serious damage. we go to bathroom ingroups so that we can talk about stuff that we dont want boys to hear and safety reasons.

Brianna Evans

My bra wire often snaps and begins to dig into either my boob or armpit, depending on where it came out.

Kathlyn Lester

Аdult Оnlу 18+ !!!

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent.... Felícito

Disha Sarkar

Maddie is so me

Eva Moise Hanover

leggings are confy and fills slim .

Drishti Sehra

he is sooo cuteee❤?

Eva Moise Hanover

its stupid how bra how they make.

Vicky Thomas

But I love this vid!

Eva Moise Hanover

as size matter well mmn. if its wide or bended makes women come and well hehe gspot. but should not matter . men should know how to oleasure a lady. not wried way in mind to say. but honesty way of mind. yes personality inteligent mature mind pleasent talk first respectful gentlemen style . then looks . oo braa can be uncoftable .

Kisara Edirisinghe

it got me thinking, am I weird for carrying my water battle everywhere?
I always use a bigger bag coz I need water.

Emma Isaac

My grandma carries a water bottle in her purse

Sophie Flintoff

WhY cAnT GiRlS dRiVeeEeEeEE

Emmmm exqueese mee, in 14 and I backed my mum’s Ute and trailer into the car park for herrrr lmao

Charis Umeasiegbu

Who else could see Hua at the back trying to eat it off Elijah’s pocket.


The real reason why guys are better drives than girls is cuz guys are more into cars than girls ?


14:47 to look tall ??

Mark Rugman

I have done it my notifications are on I love you both ?

Mark Rugman

I'm the same way as your Girlfriend Maddy I don't like inappropriate pictures or language coming from any girl. That's why I look for girls that don't do immoral things.

Esidar Blade

I hate having anything on my face so makeup is out of the question ?

Michael DelVecchio

I have one question that I'm too shy to ask:

Does the menstrual cycle cause the female any physical pain??

Anonym 63 years old

My sleepover w girl
Cry together
Stay up all night and sleep on the day
Talk about crushes
Look at movie or videos
Making tiktoks
Take pics
Fake fights
How we would do if we saw someone hurting out crushes
Talk shit about jerks
Go to bathroom together
Shop together
Do our hair
Clean up every mess we done and pretend we slept all night
Competing in singing and dancing
Making outfits to each other
Try funny diy hacks to see if it works
Spray perfume on the whole room
Pretending we are super models
That’s about it in 1-2 nights

Len Gurts

girls just get Starbucks instead of water

lil_sushi fn

I may be ugly and I may be nice but I'm not as ugly as the kids who vape and they get girls wtf

Callista Lazarus

I have all your notification's on love you guys especially love you Maddie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and love your dog ❤️ BIG FAN OF YOU GUYS!!!!!

Caleb Giampa

4:18 whoever asked that question, idk how you gotten get a girl

Sara Al.rshadi

5:58 you literally said what I want to say ??????

Victor Morales Blanco

Girl shoes are made to be more specialized than men shoes. A guy's shoes are made to be more practical and go with almost any outfit. Girl shoes are mostly for show and tend to be tailored to go with certain selections of outfits.

Eva Moise Hanover

make out is different way ladys like. can be kissing cadle or doing it lol. periods are different filings.

Telia Gilbert

I have bad anxiety when I drive I get really nervous and scared that why I don’t drive?

Cianna Coleman

Facial hair is highly dependent on how much testosterone they have in their system

Jean Shelton

මේ ක්‍රේක්ලින්යැයි ඔහු කීවේය

Chloé Labrie

"Are period really that bad"
YESSSS it's like being punched in the stomach all day longggggg ???

Mia Katelenn

A lot of girls go to the bathroom together because they feel more comfortable in a group rather than alone and they like to talk a lot

Eva Moise Hanover

we play hard to get to see how a men will act make him chase get more interest . like in flirty way to. the more not into a guy . he likes you he will try to get the lady to like him . its called to be obbsesive. but not a anyoing way .

jcca c

thats a lot of information to take it all at once.. thanks guys!!

Skyler Hamlyn

I feel like most girls like cuddles and making out but it really depends on their mood

Infinity Life

11:49 that question annoyed me and is sexist. Most girls are great at driving actually. It’s probably just me who thought this.

Mugdha Patnaik

I'm in my freshmen year n not even a single guy has ever had a crush on me!!

David Peterson

It help!!!!!!!!

Treyton Fields

I never missed a single one of your videos


Period prepare the body for labor the same as brixton hicks I'll leave it at that.

Eva Moise Hanover

as a lady need to shave we not men

Girly Girly

I always carry water bottle and my other girl friends too

A Bottiglieri

You don’t like water? U need it to survive

Avacodo YOLO

Why can guys just go to the bathroom I’m with it down? Like can’t you just aim

Builds Doer

Wtf why is this video not age restricted


i carry waterbottles haha

Jacob Hughes

Maddies personality is cute I can probably see why they’re together

Evan Davis

5:57 ? Elijah had me dead

Aaliyah M

period cramps can get as painful as a heart attack... yeeshh

sherlyn Afonso

Thus is how many times Elijah licked his lips???

Somitmie 64

Hua means "f#ck" in my native language , man that dog has such an interesting name ....

Dini Cheese

the sleepovers that I go- basically we go crazy

Riley Hall

Her and I see eye to eye on so many female topics and it's so refreshing


cring just cring

Elle Tipton

The fact you can see him get happier each time she mentions what she likes about guys, cause he knows he's most of the things she said, is hilarious?.

Aundra Doten

Cuddling is the best it just makes you feel so safe and warm


your whole but will not go into the toilet. Just use ur legs as leverage to keep yourself from falling. No im not saying girl should use the toilet with the seat up but im just saying what she said was wrong. When I use public restroom, the toilet seat is either broken off or dirtier than the toilet base. Obviously I use the paper to sit down but I don't fall in. Im not fat either, just use your legs.

June Carver

Somebody: Are periods bad?

Nancy Melton

මම බ්ලිත්ව ාතනය කර අවුරුදු දෙකකට පසු මම මගේ බාල සොහොයුරා වූ පෝල්ව

Laura F

I do carry water bottles, hydration is key!

random kid

what scares you the most about men?
"everything,to be honest"

Glady Foreva

Elijah y so handsome man?!?❤️ Maddieee u blessed gal ?✨

Mariel Almeida

Girls like to play hard to get because they like to see the boy trying hard ??

Jenifer rachel

Elijah is so osm and gorgeous ?✨❤in this hair style and love u Maddie bae

Ekatarina Vinić

7:47 some girls ? including me

Me Ü

Girls go to the bathroom in pairs because from my experience it feel a bit awkward if u don’t have ur full squad with them ahahaha x


When he said why are girls bar at driving I am 11 and have been in 4 car wrecks none our fault but a majority were girls who hit us but I am a good driver drive golf carts all the time and I am again 11 my parents trust me enough to drive to 6 year olds around and their parents trust me to drive them around also.

Eva Moise Hanover

well high hill can have problem wirh feet. better have shoes wirh no high hill. can be middum hills.

Eva Moise Hanover

true some bra ok

Dreams Floor

for the sleepover one, some doesn't stand true for me lol. Me and my friends usually go mudridding on our fourwheelers, gossip one is true, movies is true, and we bake and eat.

Eva Moise Hanover

i hate rude no respect or anyoing obbsesive like he fills to own her (me).

Sweet clouds

11:50 ??? women are bad at driving???IVE NEVER! heard this lol

Cianna Coleman

As a girl who grew up in Scouting and is a bibliophile I carry a reusable water bottle and at least one book at all times. Also toilets should always be closed before flushing: scientific fact

niffy akorah

I go to the bathroom with my friends cuz I just want to be talking to someone I don't know if that's weird but......???

Hailey Stilling

What scares me the most about men is being abandoned by them. Cause I was abandoned by my father in 2018

Matilde Novo

To dudes out there. I'm going to explain period cramps to you.
Imagine getting kicked in the balls. Now make that feeling go on and on troughout the whole day. It's a mix of annoying and hurtfull

SARAH GQ2018SA02464

I throw up in my periods

Raelynn Nykole

Any time me and my sister are out in public we feel safer in numbers than alone so if one of us has to go to the bathroom we both go to feel safe.

The thing I fear about men is their anger, even with family members that are men when they get mad it makes me feel unsafe.

Katie's Blue World

Guys: periods aren't that bad
Me: so you have chosen death?

Yala Laleye

I carry water though

Laxmi Savdkar

Their relationship looks absolutely great.

Beatriz Gomes

I do carry water

Shelby Carter

If I did spend a lot of money it would definitely be on food.

ali thompson

Did they delete that video where Maddie said she wanted to separate and Elijah said yeah me too but I want my bracelet back????

Martina Scott

ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ

I lo stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirlii

I lo stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlii

Brianna Evans

I think that girls going to the toilet together is sometimes a security thing, like not wanting to be left alone, especially in a public setting.

Shawna Anderson

im a girl and my mom drives very well?

Maude Rogers

ර සහ ඒ ආකාරයේ කුණු නිසැකවම නැත ඒ සියල්ල පදනම් වී ඇත්තේ ලෝකය ම

Ruth D'urban Jackson

Yes it hurts like hell

Lucille Misiaszek

Elijah just like: you guys coming up with all these evil plans ??

Eva Moise Hanover

me food or beauty stuff then closes or shoes .


When Maddie like enlarged her eye???? that was soooo funny????

Erin cool

his eyes are matching with his shirt lol

niffy akorah

Not ALL girls are bad at driving....

Shadowbreaker 111

Really I had a sleep over where we were planning pranks on our future boyfriends

Karli Correia

Me - I would wear makeup bcs I’m uglyyyy but I hate makeup

Answering ALL Your Girl Talk Questions! *Tommi Teas*

Answering ALL Your Girl Talk Questions! *Tommi Teas*28 Jan. 2021
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Comments (100)
s e n n y a

yess a surprise post thought i had to wait till sundayyy

Shay Ward

I definitely think every two weeks or once a month this will be fun (every week puts Tommi back on posting twice a week which I think with all her endeavors is too much)❤️❤️❤️

Kayla Ta’Liah

Do it every month so we’ll have time to ask different questions ! This was a good video too ?

Paris Jenee

I love love loveee your vibe ur such a chill person

Tracy Saint far

What camera do you use to film your vidoes?

Azzura Ballard

we got the same birthday tooooooo

naidollazz ___

i loved this. ? i’m thinking once a month ..

Nariyaa !

I’m late but yes???!

Madyson Hayes

Yessss I love these!

janiya campbell

i love you sm tommi that’s it’s that’s all❤️

Indya Gregory-Jerome

I loved this video ? it’s giving weekly tommi teas .. period!

imani Da ghee

can you do a storytime on something you been through that your comfortable sharing with us? ?maybe it can help someone else going through it or something similar. but girl talks is definitely a must?

Reese Riding

This vid will do good sis ?? and one love this way ??❤?

Dyn 1

I loved this chat really helpful ???

Nesa West

All i kept saying in my head is how lucky key is honestly

Dearia Jarmon

ouu yes baby biology
me 2

It’s Nevaehh

I was waiting for one of these.i really needed this


use honeypot pads i use them and its worth it!!!

Mellanie A

i love everything about this video, the vibes everything… you should do more of these


What bank did you apply to get your credit card?

PriNcess ZarIa


Destiny Montoya

I need more of these vids love ya tommi ❤

Shiree Asia

Came in clutch?

Ayo Indigo

Girl talk every month please?✨

Imani Mcallister

Yesss I needed this

haley rodriguez

Girllll do more of theseeee ?I literally love it?


Back with another video!!!??

Life With Legend

Miss gurl had to add in she was gonna be 19 ??

Itss Kaitlynn

My bday feb 2nd?

Madison Friday

Can I ask u something about one of the question

Dearia Jarmon

i was the one who said every single month

Wineysha Sanson

omg tommie I love having girl talks with my friends and I just love that you are doing it... I really enjoyed watching this?? luv ya girl❤️

Theyknown_erica !

girl talks every thursday pwease!

Niylah Vloggsss

Not me getting my question answered. I love you Tommi?

Life With Rhiana !

yeah I would really like the tommi teas every thursday

Tamara Valentine

Can we do it once a month or every two week s

Tyeise Janae

I'm young and this one girl talk really changed how i look at things . Thank you tommi !!! <3

Mikayla Unique


sisters world of joy girls rule

I Birthday coming up next Wednesday


not really used to her acting like this I miss the old tommi

Nandi Sikhonde

Tommi tea once a week would be great !!!?❤

Cedia Lewis

Like your hair princess tommi ❤️❤️❤️?????

C a f f e i n e . Q u e e n

A freaking queen

Keniah Thompson

Thanks for all the great advice??!

Jasmine Ellison

I get gel on both my feet and nails . I get gel because it last longer

My World

Girl talks one a week on Thursday will be great


you may or may not see this but i honestly loved this! i felt so comfortable and safe when you talked to us not bashing anyone but being honest and supportive at the same time.. please continue doing these i think it’ll really help females a lot and keep going so proud of you, love you ❤️

M. Byrd

You doing a lot.. you not stressed ???

Imani Mcallister

Had to watch this while doing homework it was calming

Chaniece Mukasa

These girl talks once a month would be great, it was amazing?

My World

Yesssssss.... we love tommi tea. You should keep doing these girl talks?

MorganAlexiis !

Yesss Tommi???? we need these every week! Also could you do more beginner friendly college videos i start school in the fall.

Jordayn Hampton

I got me a face mask on too ?? Aztec clay mask with apple cider vinegar

Amie Tulay

Fav video so far and ive been her for quite some time ☺️☺️☺️ love u Tommi ?

Ky Monaee

Yessss seamoss is so good me and my family drinks seasmoss smoothies every morning ?! And yes girl make this a Thursday talk every week

Aniyah Lynn



Tommi Teas every week?❤️

Jordayn Hampton

Don’t use tampons! I’ve seen sooo many girls get hospitalized from using tampons

Diamond Bryant

every month!!!?

moniebabyyy !!

you should definitely do more of these i love them soo much and also you should do a zoom once a month check in with your ladies...i also think you should help us set goals for the months..that’s what the zoom calls should be about it should be wrapping up one month and elaborating on it then also setting new goals for the next month...i love watching your videos

Kyerah J.

Plzzz keep doing girl talks I really loveee it???

Nia Thomas

yes more girl talk videos

daye li gaming

Of course I had to get me my tea ?

All About Amirah

personally ithink that if you and your ex was friends before yall were together then its ok to be cool with each other after the fact and yea you should respect your new partner so you shouldnt be too friendly with your ex regardless of yall friendship. and you cant really say well their your ex for a reason so you shouldnt be communicating with them because maybe yall was friends and yall thought it was more then that and yall decided to try a relationship and it just didnt work out its ok to still have that person in your life even if its your ex the friendship just wouldnt be the same as before.

Tracy Saint far

Heyy, I specialize in sweets too. @sweett.tease on Ig.

Jakhia Young

Not me rewinding the video so I can toast with her

s tvstuff

girl talks! please! ily sis

Wineysha Sanson

And I really think you should do it at least every months or so☺️❤️


Awe I’m late , but I’m here . ??

Amiyah Pulchan

tommi talkssss❤️❤️

Dejanay Cochran

yes i’m feeling them

Manaa 2

Every week or month idm I enjoyed this ?.

Aniyah Marc13

This a vibe ??

Tweety Luv

This video was a vibe you most def need to make Tommi Teas a weekly vid ??!

Dearia Jarmon

cause us female be stressed once a month

Jayla Rodri

Which rapper is your boyfriend
Btw not trying to be in your Business but just curious

Kai Obichere

i would love if you posted girl talks every week!! your like our big sis lol❤️


I get gel on both too Nd I am cheap that’s why I don’t get my nails Nd stuff done frequently it be months apart.... also saw u Nd key at Arundel in the croc store ? ain’t wanna say anything cuz it looked like y’all was vlogging Nd it was unexpected fr but I love watching ur vids ❤️

ayanna Davis

i have ah question... where do yu get yah seamoss from and what brand do yu use

lamya de’coria

tommi i love this?. every Thursday?

Ioniss World

yes, once a month ?!!!!!

Lisa Chang lee

I wants to b a actor how and where I start?

Brazyy Lyfe


nya indiyae

lmaooo “#1 ur pregnant” ???

Keniah Thompson

Yesssss I loved this video?! It felt like we were actually talking lol??... definitely need these videos weekly?! Your such an inspiration??!!


Let’s do it once a week?

Ariele Lewis

32:26 facts
Love you sis

Keep striving and keep talking facts ?

Aveena Black

"Tommi Tea" weekly INDEED‼️‼️?

Onika Castillo

Oouuu a surprise video during the week! ❤️❤️

Supreme Jai

once a week

Zatara Frank

I know somebody that sells seamoss and your body is made up of 102 minerals the lady i know can put addins in it and make it all of the minerals she also has great seamoss face mask


If you think he or she cheating most likely he or she is cheating :)


Yessss Tommi do this once a week please! I went and got my tea and all that! I dont have Insta tho? but I'll listen to you answer everybody else's questions lmaooo. Can you make a thing where you help us with situations we are having?? Also LOVE YOUUUU??❤

Tyrianna Nyasiaa

Tommi tea’s Tuesday or Thursday ?..?

TheReal Rhonda


It’s yanna

Ouuu I love these girl talks???.

Shaneke Nicole

Need More Girl Talks More Often. Love them ❤️❤️❤️?

Amirah Taliaferro-Brunn

Most definitely want more videos like this!!!!

Life As Trin

Ofc we want a tommie teas every week?

Jordayn Hampton

Lol Tommi be cussing fr???

♡ GIRL TALK: Answering Your Awkward TMI Questions...

♡ GIRL TALK: Answering Your Awkward TMI Questions...27 Jan. 2021
176 809
LuhhsettySubscribe 438 721

♡ I N S T A G R A M:

♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette

♡ T I K T O K: @Luhhsetty

This is a PART 2 to my original GIRL TALK: Answering Your TMI Questions! Give this video a thumbs up if you want more girl talks! ???✨


F A Q:

Name- Lisette

Race- Black & White

Height- 5'3

Location- LA

Age- 24


My favorite exfoliator from @Dermalogica:

Not sponsored.



Comments (100)
Aorass Hasen

اريد علاج لسواد الاكواع

vanexxaolivia_ _

My first time was an Sexual Abuse...
My second abuse was with a Couple who gave me drugs to not think about it..... :) i hope that's okay when i talk about it. I have an trauma since that.....

Jaylie Goodfellow

Ok so this is not in a rude way but you know how like kids/teens watch your videos? Will I kinda think this all this girl talk stuff should like maybe be on a different channel because like for example I am 9 years old. I started watching you for like the hair stuff. But whenever I showed my mom of what you where because you are a really good YouTuber and when my mom saw that the girl talk things she sadly told me to unsubscribe :( so yay this is not in a rude way just a suggestion!! ❤️❤️ ya please answer I wanna see what you might do

Pastel Stars

Who else wants to do a lazer hair removal but is too scared.??

Elizabeth Kitchener

I love these videos.

Syeda Jeelani

I just love ur hair❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Girls inform yourself well when you start with birth control. There are way more options out there than the pill and IUD. Those 2 are the most famous but also the most dangerous ones.
I use the Nuvaring and am honestly so happy with it. Less hormons and less sideffects than the pill. I also recommend it for people who are too forgetful for the pill ?
There are also natural methods but I only recommend them for adults in relationships

Malaika Geffi

Your hair is growing and flourishing? can we get a curly hair routine 2021?

April Chow-chee

I find that using Olay or Dove ? soap instead of shaving cream works wonders for your lady bits and reducing ingrown also use a moisturizing cream or after shave gel and then baby oil works wonders. I shave and it has helped me so much.

TaChey Sandoval

I love girl talk videos!! I recently started on birth control pills. I’m super nervous about it but also excited what it can do for my acne.

Seher Yıldız

I NEED ADVICE so I have realized that I always seek some form of male attention and whenever I don't get any attention from the guys I talk to I feel really insecure and down about myself. ı feel like my validation depends on the attention that I am getting from other people... I know it is not a healthy mindset to feel worthless whenever I am not getting attention but ı cannot help it....

Kelley Espinosa

Ugh I love your videos so much

Ivana Rajić

Girl, you speak the truth!

Maria Williams

I actually found that a helpful way to shave down there without razor bumps is shaving from side to side not up and down!? and don’t lose your v card until you 100 sure and have no doubt in ur mind!

Chief Convos

Not all, some people are genuine


My first making out what 15 ? nearly 16

Teyah Christine

But if you have 2 left feet ? we getting all the advice with this one love you girl thank you! ♥️?

Carmyn Black

Your confidence is growing so much!

tae-sii bebe

An older sister I don't have.

Queens Daensa

My younger sister, she is a real teenager now and has a lot of questions but she was embarrassed to ask me or my other sister so last week I found out she is always watching your vids and your tips lol? thanks for helping her xd

Davina Liston

Your so gorgeous ??

Nicole Kelly

If you shave and immediately after use the noxzema anti blemish pads on your mons pubis(the top of the coochie) you won’t get bumps/they will go away

kate iioan


Jenna L

? love when you do these vids

briana oseguera

for anyone still shaving with razors & can’t afford laser:

use NEW razor heads on the ?, use about two thick layers of conditioner or a lotion-like shaving cream NOT those drying ass venus or skintimate “shaving creams.” you want something to keep the area soft & moisturized. use exfoliating gloves to clean your entire body + the bikini area. no sugars or scrubs AT ALL. when you get out of the shower/bath, the first thing to do is LATHER that bikini area in NON SCENTED lotion, something very moisturizing and gentle but won’t irritate skin.

some razor bumps happen inevitably but these steps reduce it SO MUCH, (knocking on wood now) but I’ve never had bad razor bumps or ingrowns in my bikini area while doing these steps + exfoliating gloves help with ANY discoloration down there. hope this helps anyone xoxo!

shafiek adams

3 years ago she had 18k subs

Rima Kells

She is very sweet and nice and she knows how to talk like wow

kinza jafry

Finally ❤️

Jenny Cela

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i love how these girls are asking questions like lisette is a fricken doctor lmao


It’s so nice to hear you speak again ?

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My smear test didn’t hurt at all ??‍♀️ it’s different for everyone.

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i love you but girl you scare me when you say things like “it will hurt” “it did hurt” ??????

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You are adorable


Broooo shes much more confident in her youtube videos now!!! You go girllllll ??


Love how natural you talk about all of it! ???✨

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I think I have a problem with my cookie...the skin area around it gets flakey and it peels almost everyday...should I be worried ?

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Another thing that offsets your cycle is stress. When you are stressed, not realizing you are, your body does recognize it.

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thank you for this video ?? .. you are soo beautiful ? and where did you get your case from ?

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some razor bump tips!!!!!!
-GENTLY exfoliate the outside area. dove’s body exfoliating cream is very gentle and hydrating.
-use sensitive products
-replace your razor frequently
-shave, then let your hair grow out, then shave again. if you shave stubble, it’ll HURT and tug your skin and cause irritation. letting it grow out first will reduce irritation
-don’t go over the same area excessively. the shave may not be perfect but its less likely to irritate
-go with the hair not against
-after shaving, use gentle hydrating products. baby oil,
fragrance free lotion, etc. keep it hydrated after shaving for a few days. it’ll keep the skin calm and prevent tugging or chafing from underwear.

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Share your routine plzzz

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?? Does anyone else worry that they’ll be infertile from being on birth control for so long? ?

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Girl, who you been chilling with though, your accents got new inflictions ?

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"If I can smell my downstairs, can others smell it too?"
Think about this: have you ever smelt someone else's discharge or period? Because I personally haven't, my friends haven't, I know a lot of YouTubers who make these kinds of videos and say that they haven't experienced smelling someone else's downstairs. Chances are that nobody except you can smell your discharge or period, unless, you're having some infection which causes the odor to be abnormal.


Is it normal to have discharge everyday ?

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A pap smear really doesn't hurt, it's a very soft "scratchy" feeling. Don't worry about it :)

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5:11 that white thing is vaginal discharge

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maybe your boyfriend can record a video how he cooks, because his meat always looks very tender

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As weird as this is, my dermatologist recommended a body wash to get rid of or at least help razor bumps. It’s called Panoxyl and it’s sold in most drug stores for about $10. It’s lasted me almost 2 months and I shave really frequently. As long as you don’t go against the grain too much and you’re gentle with yourself it always does the trick!


Why no frequent vdos ?

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My birth control stops my period all together

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removing hair from your nippels actualy does not hurt at all. Wax or laser hair removal. It's one of the few places on a women's body where you have little to no feeling when removing hair. You can also just take a tweezer and pluck it like you do with eyebrow hair. Try it,you will thank me later ?

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GURL!!!Totally irrelevant but your hair is highkey it's soo healthy

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To answer the question about having inconsistent periods- there is a disorder called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) that can cause irregular or absent cycles due to excess androgens and/or insulin resistance. If your periods are irregular, you need to go to a gynecologist just to be safe

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A IUD also increases the chance of having a miscarriage it happened to my mom and she refuses me to get it but to be honest after hearing everything it causes i don’t want it. ❤️

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