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COPS - Too Hot For TV 2 (S-VHS Transfer)

COPS - Too Hot For TV 2 (S-VHS Transfer)6 Dec. 2017
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From the producers of the

From the producers of the hit Fox TV Series COPS comes a very unladylike assortment of feisty, foolish female suspects who prove they can be every bit as bad .

A greatest-hits compilation of the best moments from the reality TV series, culled from throughout its eight-year run. It's gritty, graphic, outspoken and outrageous .

See for the first time ever, what the network censors held back from the award-winning fox TV series *COPS* It's gritty, graphic, outspoken and outrageous .

It's gritty, graphic, outspoken and outrageous real-life footage from over seven years of filming the humorous, bizarre, violent and explosive action on the back .

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Wavie Jones

58:44...I mean...if she want to? Aye.


Darn what's wrong with the sound ?

Krysten Greer

Bad girls bad girls, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for youuu?!

Charles Luke Tadare

She just assaulted an officer and she got more Charges.


I love seeing them chase people in those old cars. The tires squealing and the V8's roaring. America was so badass back in the day.


“Did he just assault her? No she just assaulted him” well don’t just do nothing about it get in there and do something!!

Wavie Jones

52:56 "It come back to ya homeboy." This dude is a GOAT is his own right. LOL



Mellie Monroe

This chick never closes her mouth. Her mouth literally just stays hanging open

Even worse ??

Justin Kelley



got damn! right off the bat they show east fort worth


1:50 Cop says "This is a daily occurrence around here?" Well let me get my BAGS,.. I be in Fort Worth by tumarra

Lobo Wynn

Bet the mom with meth is getting welfare,food stamps,wic, day care assistance,utilities assistance,education assistance....ect...all tax payer funded ...sick of trash destroying our country.

Jack Knife


Me at work


When that wig came off - LMAO!!!!!

Charles Luke Tadare

Don't Committed Crime or make False Report to the Police.

Elizabeth F.

The stupidest woman I've EVER seen on cops! Driving with no license plate at all, no driver's license, no insurance, RIDING VERY DIRTY, carrying a piece and a huge amount of dope with four little kids and no seatbelts. Truly the stupidest female EVER!!!

Handcuff Man

Is it me or is the audio not working on this video?

Judy Herman

You have serious audio problems on this one.


This idiot called the police on prostitutes and gets arrested himself? Very smart! Talk about being in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Charles Luke Tadare

That Guy Got a Arrested for Soliciting Prostitution Because he was a making a False Report and Looking For Hookers.


Why did women go from having nice tight asses to having two gelatinous disgusting ass cheeks today???

Jonathan Funnell

I'm looking for the Cops episode where the man tries to pull the female cop off his girlfriend

KrissyRose Animallover2021

Where can I find the sound track for BAd Girls I know they have a few episodes and the soundtrack is bad girls and I think she took a piss behind the Tree

James Jimenez

I love growing up in the 90s

Chester Copperpot

“They harassed me! Cause I’m white!” HAHAHA

Charles Luke Tadare

10:35 You Start Telling The Truth Before I lock You Up.

joshua vargas

OK I understand if that guy had made a false police report but that cop was raising his voice for no reason

Judy Herman

Your audio is a garbled mess. Can't understand any of it


Fuckid jall do too thu sound?

Jonathan Funnell

Love the episode where the trucker tried to selicitate the 2 prostitutes at the hotel in Tennessee

Jack Mehoff

90s porn was the best

Vela Bela


Lobo Wynn

Go easy or go HARD.

Jonathan Funnell

im looking for the cops episode from season 4 where they go to a restaurant and a man is asked to leave and he won't so the cops arrest him and he bites one of the officers as they put him in a paddywagon and when they get to the jail they put chainballs on his feet

the watchcommander

Wow you have Cops videos and Howard Stern?!?! You must be my YouTube soul-mate! Thank you ?

Justin Kelley


Kevin Moore

56:20 the way he turned around lmao

Elizabeth F.

Oh, let's drive around with NO LICENSE PLATE, $3,500.00 in cash, no DL, no registration, no insurance, a few pounds of meth and a gun, scales and kids with no seat belt. She has to be America's dumbest criminal for sure.

Bruce Welham

We need to see more pussy !!

Lobo Wynn

Listen and do what’s told ....Goes a lot easier...people.

William Beazley

27:20 Now that's a damn shame I at first was like wow that cop is being so sarcastic and rude but then it's like bitch you got your kid sitting on a backpack with a loaded gun n meth and then to hear that lil man crying for her it's so sad she deserved every bit of that cops attitude its ashame


Think the cop could have handled this a way better

im replying to this comment

I miss this cops

Right Leg

Your editing sucked but the videos were awesome!

Jonathan Funnell

really am gonna miss this show

Mix Diva420

The cop pissed me tf off in the first one. Like she’s stripping butt naked and he’s questioning him??‍♀️ and on top of that he called the cops

Sweet Success

You can't f*** with the police

Jay Terry

Police department officer cops I good guys

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super video,my friend