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The BEST Blow Dry Tips EVER - TheSalonGuy

The BEST Blow Dry Tips EVER - TheSalonGuy22 May. 2019
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#thesalonguy #hairtutorial

#thesalonguy #hairtutorial #hairtips

The best blow dry tip ever is in this video. Over the years as a Stylist, I have seen loads of women have the same issue and and challenge when it comes to their blow dry, they start in the wrong place. This hairstyle and blow dry tip video will be very helpful.


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Comments (29)

hey! can you do the new joe jonas haircut please ?!

Zumer Kadri

cant wait to try this

Gale Jacobson

Yes your tips are great & I am going to be trying them, thank you

R hair styles

Very helpful thank you!

Ryan Koo


Jessica Reeves

I got my chips and beverages ready to watch this video !! ?? You know it’s going to be a good one when you blow dry a whole wig just to help your subscribers !


I have the same hair length right now and I am thinking of cutting myself The Rachel haircut. Your videos are so helpful and inspirational, thank you


Im actually first

Gisele Iwersen

Yes, a very good tip!! Thank you!

Shana h

I like her haircut!, and color too.

Marisol Mendoza

Hmm I barely bought my first hairdryer today and this pops up ???

Pat Griffin

I going to try this method of blow drying even though I have bangs. Thanks for the tips

val *

Great tip! Thank you!!


i wish i could use this trick but my curls in the back of my head and straight at the front would look crazy! ? a rough dry in the beginning always makes my blow drying process 10x faster!

Stagnant Fox

"You ladies" I'm flattered. Seeing as how I'm a guy ??

Donna C

How can an individual make an appointment with The Salon Guy?

Ryan Koo


Oana Irani

Thank you, will try it out.

Mikayla Vourlitis

Is that a pivot point mani?

Jean Keats

Thank you for the tips and the video. Next time, could you not speed up the camera so I can really get a fix on your blow out technique. Thank you. XO

Clifford Little

I love the tip, it makes my hair look amazing!


Hi Steven, is a product such as a clay, a good prestyler to put in your hair before blowdrying it? A very small amount could do the trick or naw, as I have nearly the same haircut as Johnny Depp in "Blow"

Liz K

Ty for this totally makes sense

nithin.k shaji

Can you do a hair tutorial about YouTuber alpham and tmf

Leafs Life

Thats my exact hair color, but im a guy

Katie Koe

this is actually some bomb material i’ll be trying on my clients in the salon today! great info salon guy i hope this is the kinda stuff we see in the future(:

Donna C

Where is The Salon Guy located?

Carrie T

Hello I would like to know what blow drying cream or product you recommend? When I blow dry my sister's hair her hair reverts back to It's normal texture (wavy) ??

Janis Ong

can u take a video like blow curly hair with round comb