How do you know if it's time to break up

What Are The Signs That It's Time To Break Up

What Are The Signs That It's Time To Break Up17 Aug. 2020





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Monica Foster

You guys are an amazing couple... subscribed!

Tamika Potts

Great examples...

Felicia C. Ali

That end tho ?

Tamika Potts



I love you guys?

Amanda Whitley

Oooh Alis. Real talk, real life. This is why I love you. ?

NeverNumber2 AlwaysNo1

Time to break up when (married)
1. Partner begins to lie trust is broken
2. Both no longer put effort
3. Secrecy
4. Cheating
5. Removal of wedding rings


Y'all are so raw I love it. Yes please release the raw video but as always with solutions and advice for us.

risthania latouche

I think you guys are raw authentic mature. Seeing an honest vulnerable conversation display only reassured viewers that you too have gotten your own " issues " relationships arent all pink and sweet thank you for this video

risthania latouche

I love how felicia has a mind of her own and she speaks her emotions properly and clearly i strive to be that way.

I'm Leaving Her. (Knowing it's Time to Breakup)

I'm Leaving Her. (Knowing it's Time to Breakup)26 Jul. 2020
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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY

Relationships are hard and take a lot of work, even good relationships. Of course, there are times when the writing's on the wall. So here are the signs that it's time to end your relationship:

1. You don't trust each other-- trust is incredibly hard to rebuild.

2. If you have different values -- and little differences become gigantic differences that you can start resenting.

3. You don't act like yourself around them -- this is not referring to bettering yourself with grooming, lifestyle, and more in order to improve the savage you are. It's having to change who you are and how you think to be somebody you're not.

4. They make you feel badly and treat you like sh!t -- this includes mental and emotional abuse, not just physical abuse. We teach people how they can treat us. Don't let your relationship beat you down.

5. You're cheating or thinking of cheating -- if you want to go out and sow wild oats, do it honestly. Don't not mess around on anyone!

6. They prevent you from seeing your friends and family -- your friends and family have been there before the relationship and will be there after the relationship.

Alpha's last thoughts are about happiness. If you are not happy in your relationship, it's time to go. But if you're not happy with yourself (work, career, body, etc), find out why you're not happy and work at it. You need to fix you, because until you do, you won't be right for anyone.

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Rauof Altrabelsi

I broke up with the girl I used to love
And I kept questioning myself
But after watching this I just know I made the right decision
I fucking love you brother
You're awesome

_tHE Enabler?

My girlfriend after a year of being together broke up with me. After a month of reflection I'm glad she did and wouldn't get back with her if she came back and wanted to get back together, she was a mental wreck and it was exhausting to say the least.


then clearly your doing something wrong for her not to trust you.. but this also goes for her too, if your both doing something wrong then it's ok not to trust one another... obviously do NOT send a IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S ME text message that there shouts out COWARD as you'd rather end the relationship via text. and also saying ''Piece'' at the end just makes you sound ridiculous.. Just saying, if you can't be MAN ENOUGH to tell her ''I'm leaving you'' face to face... then clearly it's you and not her!!!
and you're leaving her cause of the way she smells???? and again, if your being Abused by your partner, again, your doing something wrong!! clearly you cheated on your GF for you to make that statement... so if that's the case, it shouldn't be You leaving her, but her leaving YOU!! - MORAL OF THIS STORY - DON'T BE A CHEATING, LYING SACK OF SHIT AND CHANGE FOR A BETTER YOU Yea.. that pretty much sums it up!!


I thought were tlkn about dating not Cologne



Alexander Lerikos

The fact ur doing this, the fact ur doin this vid, nay
Are u saying if ur gf was some yt star and u broke up with her, u wud act the same. Alphas dont publicize their breakups for some views

lee Hwak

Bro... Imma be real honest with you... Some topics can do without promotion. This one is a SERIOUS topic, and the fragrance plug was really misplaced.
The rest was great, thanks for the advice. Im going through that and it helped me

Cristurean Bogdan

Another reason that I should add is when the significant other has not cut the "cord" with his/her parents and is not capable of taking responsibility for it's actions


My 18 year old girlfriend went to college' I'll be 66 or olde4r if she ever come back. Maybe she'll drop out and we can torture each mentally again. She better hurry up again cause the late seventies are back in in full force but with todays lax morality and I'"m happening again. She may have to turn to bisexuality to have the privilege of knowing me again carnally.. Gwen I don't make the rules. I just go with the flow., She was a heartbreaker though. We have similar spirits but 44 years apart. Forget weird Uncle Barrry. He only exists in Alpha M's mind. immagination of how things are. Weird Uncle Barry is bad advertising. Alpha try to guess what's happening cause the pulse say's your out of the loop. I'm, just trying to open your closed mind. You and the other fashion bloggers. Your past might let it happen till it happens. Example was today I made eye contact with a girl wearing no bra and dressing like she's from the seventies. This goes with that.

Denzil Britz

Thanks Alpha?

Jimbob Of Alto

I wish i saw this video 3 years ago

Geo Godley

Aaron: we pee on the floor
Me: this man deserves to be in a zoo or something, I mean who does this thing

Amol Bhagat

How could I buy Rebel in India ? Please make it available here in India. Regards, Your admirer from India.

The Truth Hurts

People actually watch this nerd? LOL

Yousif Hamdy

Guys she said I’m mentally abusing her due to me pointing out the differences between us .. is that’s even mental abuse ?

Kevin Reynolds

Colonge gives me a headache... ?

Rauof Altrabelsi

I fucking love you brother
You're the best

High Life


Ryan Williams

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Matt Porter

My girlfriend of two years broke up with me almost 2 weeks ago and I didn’t find this video until a couple days ago so I didn’t immediately give her space. The week after we broke up we still texted and I sent the begging to get back text too before I watched these videos. Since I have watched these videos i have been following the steps to get over her and make her regret loosing me. Because i already sent the please get back with me text and didn’t immediately give her space is it to late to think we could end up back together?


3:52 sexyaaay ?

Faisel Mahmud

Bro I don’t want your advice, give me your workout routine

Basheer Suliman

Been together for 4 years but she cheated on me once...and i broke up with here after watching this video and it makes feel that i did the right thing ..thx alpha m

sourav goswami

?you deserve a heart men, I got all I needed


My cat breaks up with me everyday

Dylan Sheehy

Where was this video when I needed it

GQReviews & Style

Remember boys....your Ps4 will never get up one day and say it wants to leave you.

Kamarov V. Dimitri

Hey man thanks for this.. i came out of a controlling and toxic relationship

Tony Hawke

Thank you, I needed this so bad

Lion hearted

I needed this vid... thanks bigbro.

Mpumelelo Cele

I have a problem. I'm constantly chasing people and when I find myself dating them, I'm never satisfied, I look for every excuse I can get to call the relationship off. At first I thought it was the people that I dated till I dated this girl who basically ticked all my boxes. I don't know what to do anymore

Hannibal Madd Connek Records

I have said and even admitted everything you have said. All you have done is confirm my thoughts

The Truth Hurts

She watched your videos and realized what a tool you are?


That Pete and Pedro value crack me up, nice one, bien bajado ese balon Alpha!

Steve kroeber

Thank you , I just left a relationship after 7 years , an you hit the nail on the head on a number of categories . Your a good shit and I love your advise . ? cheers from Vancouver Canada

Prateek Dasgupta

Love you man ❤

Hamed M

That was honest...

Abraham Smith

"When someone is treating you like shit its time to leave" that hit hard

carol muir

this is unless you are hurting others [possible her] and she is trying to stop you. then you need to change.

baasith saleem

Duuuude I got scared man

sourav goswami

This video I have watched multiple times ? but it helps a lot


Just broke up with my ex monday

Constance Atakpu

I suspected my wife of cheating on me but I never had any proof. This went on for months, I didn't know what to do. i was so paranoid and decided to find a solution, i saw a recommendation about a PI/Hacker and decided to contact him. I explained the situation about my wife to him and he said he was going to help me.I gave him all the informations he required and afterwards i received all my wife’s phones Text messages and calls, I was hurt when i saw a picture of my wife and her lover. I feel so bad about infidelity. but i am glad Mr james was able to help me get all this information, you can contact him through Gmail : Worldcyberhackers or WhatsApp: ‪+1 (267) 877‑3020‬, infidelity hurts.

Hannibal Madd Connek Records

I do t want to cheat I just want peace. If this ends I will never be in a relationship again. Date go home die alone happy.

Leonardo Mendoza

honesty all over the video. tumbs up. wish you succeed bro.!

Timothy Thomas

See cuttin the corner of her eyes -every time she see yo face. & Her Trust is out the Door She don't want you no more-- Used to tell the Boys not me & she would always be there for ya....-.When a Women's Fed Up --- There ain't nothing you can do about it.

Christian Rowbotham

I'll be honest, everytime when alpha interrups the video with his advertising it gets really annoying

João Henrique Mestre Conceição Inácio

when it doesn`t have that intro, you know it`s serious

James Miller

Great video. Excellent advice

AJS 960

I tried him but he left me he was a p he had no balls to love me so he left, that girl who hates your smart moves

Michael Hernandez

I just started 3 months ago with a girl and now I'm considering breaking up with her. She is colder than I thought and I don't feel really appreciated by her, she says that that takes time for her, I try to make things working but when I don't see reactions or the same responses from her I become cold as well, and then it's worst. She can easily don't reply to a message in a whole day, only at the end of the day, which I don't get it because it shows she doesn't care about me, and I know she has time to reply, her excuse is that sometimes she forgets it. So all these things combined make me feel not really happy when I'm with her and we already had some fights because of it. I am not sure what is the limit between trying to continue or beaking the relationship. What do you think guys? Thanks!

Tommy V

Clickbait af... you know what you did


Where the fuck was this video six months ago when I needed it??? its funny?? Every thing he explained, well… It happened.


I respect you alpha. Very well said

Zack Reyna

I unfortunately had to break up with my girlfriend about a week ago now. She kept pushing me away by putting me down, disrespecting me. It’s my fault for showing her she could treat me that way. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I finally left. She blocked me from everything and a part of me wishes I could have her back because I really didn’t want to end the relationship but for my emotional sanity I couldn’t take it. Granted this was also a 2 month relationship so idk if that’s saying something. Thank you for this video it really helped me today and I know I’ll be okay. Best of luck to the rest of you guys. Know your worth.

J Kozak

I know this is a serious video but I gotta tell ya after watching some of you video I started to see you look like Frank Grillo

Anthuan Juarez

Alpha M! ⭐️

César L.

I broke up with someone. This video is really helpful. It reminds me why I did it.

Eric Soto

I just broke up with my GF of 3 years last night. I was a horrible human being and cheated on her on multiple occasions. I never got caught, but the guilt ate at me and drove me crazy. I finally came to an understanding that I was cheating based off of my own insecurities in which I needed to be validated by other women. And I stuck around with her for 3 years because I was afraid to let go cause she was my security blanket. But I finally matured and realized I was being selfish and using her at my own expense. I realized that i needed to work on myself for a while and become whole as a person before I even consider giving myself completely to another woman. I saw this video a little while back when I was still considering it. And it helped me get the balls to do what needed to be done. Thanks Alpha!

Chris Wolf

Being man would be not cheating period.

Matthew Loller

Alpha is actually a pretty quality dude

Juan Pesqueda

Alphas ability to plug his products regardless of topic is top notch lmao

The Chosen One

Love your content!! Btw, what mic do you use for your desktop?

Ali Rizvi

Scared the living shit out of me thinking you were leaving your wife!

Ali Ejaz



I haven't even watched the video yet and I already know he's not leaving his spicy seniorita ?


clever marketing, you lure us in and then we don't mind you promoting products haha Jedi Alpha mind tricks ?


Men can also become murders when they menstruate? Your relationship became more like as movie "The Shinning" 1980?

The Kiwi Russian

Nooo as soon as I’m kinda dating a girl this vid pops up

Jørgen Zamora

Holy shit. I'm so glad I saw this right now.

Raw Review

Wow you are Catholic

Gabriel Jimenez

This is such a great video Alpha!. Greetings from Mexico


The greatest love of all comes from within.
Love and peace to all.

jane doe

You get 100%

Hannibal Madd Connek Records

20 years w her and I'm done

Michael M

Man, I’m sorry..How long were you together? Have you ever tried being with a guy. After 36 years of two marriages, Two divorces..
My best friend spent the night and in the middle of the night while sleeping we unknowingly spooned.
best friends for 14 years. Things got hot, and and round two happened when we woke up.. together three years now..we always got along. Friends couldnt believe it.. No gay bars, porn or gay parades.... We just love each other.

High Life



Who’s also a female
that just watches alpha because he’s a pretty awesome guy?

Akash Dsouza

No one does CLICKBAIT like Alpha M

Lukáš Ševc

He got us in the first half, not gonna lie.

Nikki Sumesh

Who thought that he broke up with his wife... ?

Arte com Arthur

You’re fucking awesome dude!! Love you, thanks... will meditate on this for a bit after using on my situation right now...

Dj Raj

Damn you deserve a million likes.. I must say your videos are worth watching..! ?✨

Äķhtâř S


Oli Murray

Heard a great quote from Lucifer the other day, 'no one has power over us, we give it to them'. Thought that was worth repeating here. TAKE your power back guys and girls, whether a relationship is good or bad.


I'm seeing week old comments here. How the hell did I not see this video in my feed??

Arian Taheri

I used to love Aaron but You insult your followers by using these shitty methods just to have more views

Stay genuine and honest please

Nathan / 8-bit

???I relate to all but 2


8:04 minutes in and he finally talks about what I thought the brick wall and title was implying and why I clicked...

Leonardo Gastmann

5:10 on SOOOOO F***ING TRUEEEE!!! I am done...

Armin Pretorius

I'm willing to keep on fighting for her I don't know what to do ?

Kameron Little

The last one got to me

Insanity Prevails

I haven't checked your channel in a while, and honestly, I think you actually posted this on the day that my girlfriend broke up with me after 2 and a half years.

Ulises Rios

What a great video!!!

Christian Ortiz

Arms looking jacked as hell

Iqtedar Khan

I just found out today that ✌️the love of my life✌️ was cheating on me. Its just numbing! Thankyou alpha for being there.
Trying really hard not to loose my shit. Love from Pakistan.

Chilly & Chips

I have been avoiding watching this because I was afraid of like scary news

Young Eddy

love u

Daniel Hughes

Mate, i have know idea why. But ive come to see if youve made a video like this after me and my wife have split up after 11 years. Thank you


Who came straight to the comments to see

How to Know when its Time to Break Up

How to Know when its Time to Break Up5 Dec. 2019
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How to Know when its Time

How to Know when its Time to Break Up //FREE Mp4 Download: 3 Must-Know Keys To Happiness! Click here ➨

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So, if you have already really been in an emotional divorce, this might be repetitive for you, because you have learned. Well, think about! Many people DO NOT learn from an experience even as shocking as a divorce.

Whether it’s a long distance break up or you are living together and it’s time to move on, how do you know if he wants to break up? How do you know if SHE wants to break up?

So, what to do if your boyfriend wants a break? And what if YOU want a break. There are some things that I have learned that I am sharing in the video with you that I believe will be helpful.

Our minds might immediately plan for getting back together after a breakup, but if you are asking should I break up with my girlfriend?, then my free relationship advice would be to experience the breakup pain from the troubled relationship and not to try to plan things out too far in advance. This is where many people miss the learning - the actual presence of being in the experience of the breakup.

And remember that people move on! Asking will he break up with me or looking for signs he wants to break up is a sign of relationship breakdown. The best way to break up with a girl is to just be honest – that’s relationship advice chat. How to save my relationship is another story!!

What up everyone!

In this video, I discuss How to Know when its Time to Break Up.


Comments (10)
Caitlin Mayhew

Thank you for this video it was helpful to me.

Delliana's Auguries

Yes! I So Agree, on Every Level!
We Must Be Nourished and Be Able To Be Nourishing!

We are all here to Heal, Learn, and Grow from Each Other ~
In Healthy Ways! Thank You for another Awesome Video, Patrick! ~ღ~


I like the time frame to track progress idea along with plotting the trajectory of daily recorded support... although all the numeric quantification with something as complex as love is a little obscure - but i get it. Thank you again. I am about to start promoting some of your videos on a couple other platforms. Working on getting on Patreon too.

Marcus Heier

Heavy wisdom brother ❤? thanks for sharing your insights!

Crewel Perle

Do you believe that all relationships must have an end? Also, have you done a video on how to avoid those who are deceptive and work by hiding the ill intentions they had from the beginning? There are narcissistic-sociopaths who appear like angels to others with whom they work, or otherwise interact, but covertly tear their romantic partners down.

Jack Rabit

There are always some golden nuggets that makes me feel, ahhhh I see! - Thank you for your insights <3

Bianca S

I love the notion of conscious communication. Definitely on my list of aspirations!

Autumn Cadenbach

Thank you so much for always answering me. I love you.

Bianca S

I wonder if there are grades of being nourished..If you have been deprived from interaction some form of experience with relationships can feel beneficial eventhoug maybe not sustainable long term. Just because you learn a lot about yourself in the proces.

James Trevor Holden