How sex is done

Intercourse Trailer

Intercourse Trailer29 May. 2018
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Bawor Sihombing


Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.lwlwk

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Viola Putri agustin

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop pres
l'un de l'autre.

Anget Mandal

Intercourse Korar parJonir maddhya jala kora Karon?

Quensa Joker

Watch or download
»»» ⚡❤️ ?????

I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirli
Ši traka filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeid????❤️

Why Do We Have Sex?

Why Do We Have Sex?22 Feb. 2015
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There's sexual

There's sexual reproduction, and there's asexual reproduction. Which one is more beneficial, and why?

Read More:

Sexual reproduction has another benefit: It makes humans less prone to disease over time

"For decades, theories on the genetic advantage of sexual reproduction had been put forward, but none had ever been proven in humans, until now. Researchers have just shown how humanity's predispositions to disease gradually decrease the more we mix our genetic material together. This discovery was finally made possible by the availability in recent years of repositories of biological samples and genetic data from different populations around the globe."

The Pros And Cons Of Asexual Reproduction

"Making babies requires a male and a female, a sperm and an egg, right? Well, the wild world of animals is often more creative than the lot of us humans when it comes to making whoopee. In fact, some animals don't have sex at all, thank you very much."

The Advantage of Sex

"Why does sex -- that is, sexual reproduction -- exist?"


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Enforcement Droid Series 209

Why Do We Have Sex? Well the last time I checked we cant have a population without it. So that's probably why. Just a hunch though.

mr.dragon emperor

Not because genetic but because it feels good

Shahwaiz Ali


bangin tune

This guy is a syintist

Glen dave Laspona

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Roi Dun

0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.

Md Josim



Cause it's Fun ?

Deal Done


puja kumari



I don't understand why humans lick each other's excretory organs.. That's sickening?

Arif nokramadian


Useful Eater

What a bunch of bulllshit

Athuman Twaa


Tranvo Longchau

esti geloasă pagubă in ciuperci love

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Deborah Rawlings

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Night Love

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Arif nokramadian

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Google User

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Mikołaj K

Answer: we don't. At least I don't. xD

Marissa Lester

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Shoqat Shoqat


Shajan Shajan


Vijay Garashe


Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo

This couldn't have been more vague & tangential!

Vop Xui


Maurice Brown


james ohara

The case for Mycocepurus smithii sexuallity has not been proven.

A Li


Night Love

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ابراهيم العبدالله

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Night Girl

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Nita Amel ⇦ ???? ??? ❤️

I loro stati di salute❤️
rispettivi prevenirli
per avvicinarsi troppo
Mensile Cabal? Al giorno d'oggi, tuttavia, si e olturasizbi?
Быйылкы трандинг тасмасын өткөрүп жибербеңиз!
кайда гана болбосун, сиз андан ырахат алсаңыз болот.r

Mackayah Sterling

Sex is definitely fun

Tired sleeper

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Gabriel Gonzales


Ra Huy

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Thi Quoc

When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

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Brady Schauer

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Jeremy Dabal

No please, people should not be doing this, because i believe that it's too dangerous and being neglected and being lonely too and It can have people pstd and can leave people traumatized and can leave people devastated and heartbroken and fearing that you'll lose someone and the people that is closest to you too forever and it can leave people emotionally hurt too, that the people you love and care about can turn into anxiety and loneliness and despair and sadness and anger and depression and betrayal and hatred and hate and painful and pain and distrust and suffering and fear and the love connection of the person and the family that you love too is shattered forever too??????????

Ponsel Masuka


Mdahadrifat Islam



Interesting. That's a head scratcher, lol lets see what sex develops faster. What a time to be alive. Science is wild

whats App

7983342853oooooooo9 and the other one was the best I could


I don’t know what is sex

Rajneesh Rajneesh

RaJnish Kumar

Md Sharif


Vysian Kelly


Ajay Agarwal


Kukkala Srikhanth


Christopher De Tar

Leave it up to a fruitcake to make a video like this.................


take a shot everytime he says sex

Hot Love

Superb ?❤?

farangis ehsani

The number of the viewers of this video shows millions of people who still can't figure out what sex is made for

Jack Morpurgo

Sex is acctuly so sexy and fun trust me

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Lil Pressure

wtf dude

Jorge Solis

Other way of making some money for the weeek...

Sudeep Ambati

but wouldn't it make more sense if everyone has two sets of genitalia, so they can simply exchange genetic info. Then they could produce two offspring at a time. If the reason was more strain on parents to provide for both offspring, aren't there many solitary creatures which don't put effort in raising their young ? Like tigers...

RM Space

This is the most popular video on seeker...


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Ji Dane


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Fluwid_Cat 64

I was delivered by a stork actually

Nagina Devi

Why asexual, bisexual

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Force and call of reunion

Evanplayer 01

I'm 14 damn I shoulden't wactch this channel uhh screw it

Shahzad jan Shahzad jan


Enrique Torres

You have no idea what you have started.

"Why do you think biologically we humans are not asexual? Get down there and talk it out?"

We don't talk any more. One side interprets and doesn't seek a middle ground while the other screams and doesn't want to listen.

Richard Stubbs

Nature made it feel really good to have sex so that we would make more people. Duh.

AJ Santhosh gaming FF


Lom Fuy


Jyoti Hande


Chaminda Manoj


Vikhyat JJN

Anybody knows the Previous Name of Seeker was D News

Pakestan Pakestan



Wow not sure why this popped up after a video on $893 freeze dried urine but gosh I miss Dnews glory days.

Satish Todase



Answer: Because your body makes you horny in hopes of reproducing itself.

Mohammadasam Mohammadasam


i think im done

i think im done24 Jan. 2021
100 905
Rostok KSubscribe 438 721

maybe you will like the

maybe you will like the mod but i can't


Comments (100)

Maybe the Enclave deploying FEV Curling-13 wasn't a bad idea after all.

Lua van Zanten

I can't believe a mod dev for this said they should of made this with a price tag and tried to make fun of fallout fans when the voice acting is this bad, the story seems like absolute trash, and they ruined the woman member of the Legion by not making her have a massive story for why she was taken on. Like, I used to love being a woman member of the Legion bc you can single handedly prove Caesar and the Legion wrong on his out-dated view of gender roles, and prove his view of hegalian dialectics right if you believe that he is okay with the Legion eventually falling, by being the only reason he won the battle of hoover dam and the war for the west, but this bitch sounds like she just joined the legion and that was that, as if the Legion will take on women recruits out of nowhere when they only accept you as a member of the Legion if you're a woman in NV bc you have direct contact with Mr. House and can be used for Caesar's goals just like all the tribes that came before you. Jesus christ this mod looks so fucking terrible.

Day ghjfnnakninjui

1:19 missed opportunity


I love it because the rabbit hole never ends. It starts bad and just gets worse in ways that can only be experienced.

Johnny Cheddar

She looks like she stuffed her cheeks with marshmallows.


are we sure buzzfeed didnt create this mod?


Good god it’s worse than I’ve heard

Krusty Bunion

I think the voice actor for Delilah is pretty good. She has the Fallout NPC cadence down. When they talk their voice goes up and down in tone

tin butts

Win98tech support was not fucking kidding

John Homa

...and the worst part is how the characters talk. They just spit on the futuristic cold war era of the game.

Irate Crusader

This mod was absolute ass, technical marvel in some ways but the writing, bugs, and pedophiles on staff are all ass


The funny thing is the female legionnaire is the best out of the voice actors lmao

Bock Smeef

Anyone who managed to download the mod should get rid of all this retarded shit and reupload it, they cant do anything about it cuz it aint their game lmao

Saúl Fuentes

The legate: hey I will put this black woman in charge so the NCR stop calling me bigot

The legion, the NCR, the rangers, jacobstown, prim, good springs, the whole strip, freeside, westside, the whole crimson caravan company, Mr. House, the securitrons, and the courier:

The Naughty Man



Remember when the legion in the base game says to you if you’re female to “know your place women” because these “writers” dont

A guy that watches youtube videos

"I have a gravely voice and say fuck alot. That makes me a cool character" Tycho

ty o

What was the problem with the NCR armor dude? He looks like an enclave type of man, at least give him points for that.


Is this real lmfao


If there’s an emoji of me pinching the bridge of my nose out of frustration, I’d be spamming tf outta it.

Spartan 053

7 years

Pentti Koivuniemi

I was expecting Tycho's farewell line to be "Fuck!"

I just don't get how every single video I see of this damn mod makes its writing and directing seem worse and worse... You'd think somebody would have pointed out that the writing absolutely sucks over the 7 year development time and fixed it. And apparently it's not even by one person? So somehow a group of fools with no writing skills ended up banding together to excrete out this garbage and circle jerk over it. Pretty impressive in a way.

Um cara qualquer

This mod is just one gigantic bruh momento


That transition back to the conversation at 4:38 was god-tier

Michael Y

Doesn't the Legate also have a sex dungeon? But yea he's progressive I guess

videogames 1000

death comes to all

Amrare Toshak

Legion Officer.
Named Deliah.
Legion Officer.

.....that is so wrong it fucks hurts my soul.

Johnny Topside

Can somebody tell me what the fuck I’m looking at?

raptorboy100 / Samantha

Thousands of years of evolution.....

Alexander Pabon

How does a respirator mask help Tycho breathe, if he had half of his face blown off? ? Do the writers not know a respirator mask works?


I feel like I lost karma irl playing this

Lewis Smith

I feel bad for the voice actors

Wilhelm II

Quoting Tks Mantis: "it has a nice fallout skin on top of everything that's going on".

the devs put more time into making it like cod and adding sex options than the actual story. there are more sex dialogue options than in base fallout NV.

Crabini Jig

Granted, ceasar wants the legion to eventually become more inclusive, but no way in hell would it be this soon. An ultra ideologically bent legion is only in the frontier because of how strongly they feel about caesars claim to the wasteland. Too soon to feel the consequences of being spread thin. if an initiate found out she was a girl, she would have realistically been lashed to a cross or savagely beaten and raped. she would have had much better chances of surviving if she murdered him. any chance the legion can take to ensure their personnel don't fall for ncr ideaology, the faster they can extinguish it. ceasar literally encourages every single opposite. gay relationships, unequal rights, mighty over intelligence, zero space for negotiation, destruction of old world weaponry. Its good enough to appeal to wasteland men, different enough to make them feel alienated by the ncr.

danial lagrowsy

“Have drugs and do sex”

Shouldn’t that be the other way around

Nelson Sham

wait a fk moment... Woman as Legionary? The crak is the Dev smocking? lmao

Facundo Barbagallo

THE LEGION BEGIN THE GOOD GUY FOR ONCE??!! This mod is garbage. Everybody know the legion are the most bad thing that hapen to Mojave in a loooong time

Carl Stratton

I started a playthrough because I wanted to play this and to play TTW for the first time. I ended up getting into playing 3 and New Vegas again so I'm in no rush to head to Portland. That NCR asshole who just wondered into my Goodsprings home while I was sleeping can just wait forever for me to show up.

Darius Carbon

My problem with Deliah is that she just gets her job? What, she doesn't even earn her spot someway or another?


People are surprised that a mod has cringe writing and was made by virgins?

Robert Smith

Wait the first one is basically a worse version of Max from Life Is Strange.

Plague Doctor James Painshe

The Legion is a fascistic and misogynist faction that want everyone that isn't part of the Legion Dead
The Enclave is the same but they don't hate women basically

TheBandit inTheOBJ

Glory to the Seedclave!


I get the wasteland can make you desperate, but I think I'mma stick with frisko

Mythical Neffy

You are the ninth fucking person who asked

Omar Hussein

God we need FEV


Every video of this mod showcasing dialogue sounds/reads like it was written by someone who thought more swearing means more mature.

Kim Jong-Un

7 years....

The Meme Machine

What the hell are these "women" people keep going on about?
I've never heard of them before.

If you'll excuse me, I have 7 years of mod development to get to.

Philipp Louis Stedtler

Oh no Fallout New Vegas what have they done to you D:

lo ko

That first one was bad, but the rest were just ok

Phil Dog

If they made her an old lady with a granny voice this would have been funny as fuck.


??? Incels so made this mod


The fact that there's a black woman in the legion in this mod hurts my soul dude, I mean come on, imagine if a Jew was with Nazis in a game, like what?

Guinea Fig

You know it's a dangerous fucking sign when there' s a name very scarily similar to catcher in the rye. Probably what the writers read instead of the actual lore.

Arzt Schwanzfurz

This mod is awful.


Liberty Prime ain't got enough nukes to destroy this abomination.


Whats a female?

Nathan Levesque

The Fo2 image on the thumbnail is a fake screepcap until proven otherwise. I personally checked for it and got nothing.

Low-fat Milk Love

So is this better or worse than the New California Mod?


Why try to make the legion moral???? The point of the entire faction is that they're a bunch of imperialist fascists who love the idea of rome. What part of that is moral? If you wanted to make every faction moral, then either create a new one or don't make a mod. How does conflict arise between two morally good factions???????? But no, shoehorning the enclave in and not make them a playable faction because they also arent morally good is what they did

I swear it's impossible for anyone to create a normal non-political decent story these days.


This is just disturbing

noname 1379

This is just edgy 15 year old fan fiction

Arthur Holiday

And yet, my biggest annoyance is the fact that Tycho should technically be wearing a Desert Rangers coat, not a NCR coat.

Siggy Blues

Yeah I think I'm going back into Big MT, to hide into the Sink until the next set of bombs drop, ta-ta!

Nick Reiger

That one guy says "fucking" way too much.


Me when watching the Delilah part: "Mate, I have no idea why this is in the video, it is quite interesting to see a woman in the legion who is not a slave. There must be an equally interesting reasOOOOOOOOOOH I SEE"

Penzor Phallos

Btw wtf is wrong with her eyes?

Captain Reily

Really? Mae Caulfield? Best friend named Chloe? Fuck off mod writers, references are one thing blatantly and lazily ripping things off because you’re horny is another

Zedbags jr

seven years.

2,555 total days.

1,834 business days.



Yes we support slavery.
Yes, we suppor genocide.
Yes, we support imperialism.


Rafael Geraldo

Fallout: Life Is Strange

Asexually Reproducible Jellyfish

I feel like the VAs are taking the piss, and I don't blame them


2:10 goes to show the writers have no fucking clue about the lore

Tatís Acuña Jr.

"All them years Dutch..."

Vladimer K.

Who wrote these shits, imma cut off they hands

cosmo mari

this puts hunt down the freeman to shame

Commander Beepo

No you didn't have a stroke. This is the actual mod.

Contra Machina

The voice acting is so bad I can't stand it

helljumper 256

After witnessing this I now believe that the legion and the enclave did nothing wrong

Ludvig McRotten

Reminds me of Fusion City Rising and Project Valkyrie for Fallout 4. I wouldn't be surprised if the same people worked on this, some group of braindead antifa hipsters.


Most nsfw artists started while being teenagers

Empress Of Light

The dialogue in this sounds like something out of postal 2

Maleek Joseph

I like this this shit kinda funny???fire as hell


Tycho kinda based? 0_0


why is there a woman in the legion. I'm saying this as a the most leftist trans girl ever. like it literally doesn't fit the lore lmao stop pushing politics in fallout it's a parody of 1950s politics???? a meta take, just because YOU don't agree with someone doesn't mean you can't implement it?!?!? especially if it's established in lore. cough cough the enclave. but minor sex and furry shit is okay. God no wonder people hate the left and us lgbt folk ? this is undefendable

Ubernym Deluxe

Wasn’t the point of New Vegas’s Wild Card ending to show just how awful both the NCR and Legion were? Your not supposed to like the legion, but you might agree with some of Caesar’s goals. That’s what made him such a good antagonist. So these devs broke the lore, hard. So sad.

Caleb Kennedy

Wtf is this? Why was this recommended to me



Ashlynn P.

>Mae Caulfield.
...Life really is strange.


The main shit people keep bringing up is honestly laughably bad, the rest is just shit. Like a whipped cream shit sundae with a cherry on top.

Komrade Kommodore

This is what happens when you let Leftists write a plot.

They always destroy, twist, or water down pre-established Factions or Groups and fill them with their shitty world views.

"You can't play the Enclave cause muh fascist." Who genuinely cares? Why not include a path to play as the Enclave for Evil Characters? Why does a game based around roleplay have to be limited by dumb people with dumb ideas of how they think the world should work?

TL;DR: I'm tired of Lib-Lefties destroying games they touch over real life political crap that doesn't matter in context of the game.

The Jaded Warlock

Lanius letting a woman serve the Legion and trying to make it an actual nation.
I'm glad this mod was pulled for this level of asshattery.

LB 23

I love how the writers had Tycho say fuck in every sentence


Before i was mad when matn removed it off the channel but now I'm ENRAGED, THIS IS WTF

kubon 16.6

Luckily Sneedclave took care of this..


Tutorial on how to make a "badass" character:
>make him say fuck in every sentence
that's it

Arthur Staufackar

Thank God I've killed the entire legion on my game.


so, ya'll are forgetting Courier 6 can be female and join the Legion?