Hottest women in hollywood

The Eight Hottest Women In Hollywood

The Eight Hottest Women In Hollywood3 Jul. 2015
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There’s no shortage of

There’s no shortage of beautiful women in Hollywood, but not all makeup and style teams are created equally. HipHollywood has combed through hours and hours of our pictures, red carpet videos, interviews and film clips to determine the eight hottest women in Hollywood.

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EST Dec2

I'm sure this is a BREAK OUT list. Like 8 hottest people emerging in Hollywood. To which I say ?? Good List. #PeopleLoveToReach ?

deanna n. young

okay where's BEYONCE'!

Mariam Mwiso

Riri ?



Julia Grey

You guys forgot about NICOLE ARI PARKER

darrien powell

draya :)

Immelda Alouption

I'm happy Khloe is on this list instead of Kim. Khloe is my favorite Kardashian

Crystal Jones

where tf is Beyonce no way

3rd Level Intellect

Khloe, Nicki & Draya have fake body parts so they should be off the list just for that.

William speller

Where's Megan Goode

Wynton Mohorn

All light skinned women. Hiphollywood sucks.

Jorn Pura

I actually think that Rita Ora may be there in the list


?? ?This list is what I would expect from ''White Media's" take on what's beautiful in Black Hollywood.. We come in so many different hues and tones of Beautiful. I was hoping WE could get it right for our own people. Beyond disgusted with this site. Hitting my UNSUBCRIBE Button!!!!!! ✌

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Úrusla Corberó is number 1 ?

Msb Top 10

Nice Video
Btw which video editing software you use??

Ralf Allen

where's ester exposito???

Anaëlle Sia

First I Know Elizabeth Lail from OUAT ???? She played Anna, the sister of Elsa ♥️ Je suis choquée de son évolution depuis OUAT ????? Who's like me ? ?

Dubon Gros

Where is Anya Taylor-Joy of the Queens Gambit ? Nothing sexy about a girl playing chess so you can imagine how sexy one has to be to beat the odds !