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Performance Anxiety Sexually – Top 5 SIMPLE SECRETS TO BEAT PERFORMANCE ANXIETY (MY SECRET TIPS)10 Dec. 2019
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Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety Sexually – Top 5 SIMPLE SECRETS TO BEAT PERFORMANCE ANXIETY (Unconventional Truths)

Today I will teach you how to beat performance anxiety. This will cure your performance anxiety sexually as a man. This will also be an ED Cure. I will show you how to get better at sex by beating performance anxiety and by beating premature ejaculation. These are my top 5 Simple steps to cure performance anxiety in the bedroom.









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Cassandra Bissett

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Vedank Kumar

Hey.. why do you call yourself an uncle?

Bruce Lee



Lol lebron still scared of the FT line but I get what you mean

The Younger

Casey do you still think it’s possible to find the right girl and be in a relationship that can last a lifetime? All these red pill vids I’m watching making seem like that doesn’t exist. Do you think marriage is pointless?

Chambles Moore III

Bro this IS SUPREMELY PRACTICAL and I can RESONATE with this. I’m glad I found your channel.


Should we un-addict from porn? And if yes, could you please make video how...?


“I ain’t squeezing shit” ???

expanse ek24

Do you have a sex Ed course

Shreyas Jaguar


Cody Williams

Sometimes I’ll be talking to a girl and she has I “have no game” but I wasn’t like really going for that level yet. Am I just missing cues and what do you do when a girl says that?

Christopher Cunha

Uncle C what if I’m a virgin

ramnarine taki

You are on point.. the best and true advice I’ve come across in years surfing the internet... better than all these advice from doctors and sex gurus.. your the Boss

Ben Ken

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Carey Hensley

Does Erectodom Secrets really work? I see many people keep on speaking about Erectodom Secrets. But Im uncertain if it's good enough to achieve total control over your erectile dysfunction.


Man you are the channel I needed so badly. Top tier content

A N T I Everything

How old are you bro? I’m considering doing work with you and filling out an application. But for business and money sentiment. Let me know bro.

Ally Biggs

Tips that work for me you may disagree if you retain seed.

To last longer empty the pipes a hour before any action

More importantly go hard mode for a while and watch the increase animal inside come out you are more intense, stronger and can go more times not to mention errections are like concrete sometimes it hurts getting hard haha

Matthew Fontaine

Casey have you ever listened to Andy Frisella ? great podcast

Regő Rajczi

Wise words, you really on fleek man ty?

Ayong Kao

Casey done done it again! I just started, but can you do a video on "condom collapse syndrome"? A n&*$$ can be hard as bricks, but if you throw a condom in the room, meat withers like a dead rose lol

yung mozart

You are a real one

Lord Nelson Mc.Billionberg

You did not earned your testo.
Thats where all that uncle C and office BS is coming from I think.

Julio Vargas

Do you have a video on male and female dynamic?I can’t find it

Maxwell Hernandez

Dope hair in this video.

Aubrie Wilkerson

කුඩාම හා බොහෝමයක්, සමහර විට

djihad mohammedi

I am just so relieved man ... I thought I was the only one

A. P.

Good tips and very well explained - especially the snuggle up part was charming, haha, but very true!
Since you have mentioned semen retention in that matter: what is your opinion on dry orgasms? Meaning, having intercourse with an orgasm, yet without shooting your load - due to a tantric technique which prevents this while still having the ability to orgasm. Don't get me wrong: I also think it is totally fine to ejaculate once in a while - but why not containing it, too, now and then if you have the chance and still have sex with orgasm? This requires lots of practice beforehand, of course.

Casey Zander

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bigJigsaw12 97

awesome vid!!

Gewish Worm

porn is probably gonna give you more anxiety when in bed, for both man and women. Men are worried they don't have that magnum dong and women are worried they don't got that smooth round tight ass. Stop thinking about what they are surface level and start trying to connect with them on a deeper playing field, when you finally do decide to go under the sheets with a woman, have the confidence to know that the emotional connection you've developed with her will be enough to fulfil her. Exercise and working out also help you out sexually, it allows blood to flow better, your breathing is deeper and more calm which can help you last longer, and when females are around a strong Masculine presence they tend to get a little more wet.

personal anecdote, cunnilingus is actually pretty good too

Andrei Z.

Hey Casey. Idk why but I had to resubscribe twice to your channel. I dont mean to worry you in any way but youtube is acting stupid. Anyway, I'll come back and do whatever I need to stay updated

Roy Tindall

Dude, you are wise beyond your years

Lord Nelson Mc.Billionberg

Stfu with 'uncle C'... R you dumb ????

Kenabi San

True shit.

Erick P.

Hey, this is very useful... thanks a lot. Defeating ED isn't confusing right? When all has been said and done this info properly supplements Mario Volpstein's method (look for him over the internet), and yes, you can actually learn to get hard all day as an extra bonus.

Thomas Cogger

7.9k subs?? Yeah, this channel bout to blow up

Pit Marassi

Dude WTF dude!
whatsup with this guy chilling and saying the truth staight to your face. Pure wisdom


only you tip you need:


and stop being a pussy

Mohamed Mohamed

Best video ever ???

Olamilekan Nuru

Uncle C can you please make a video on how to be calm and collected? Since I began retaining I've been more observant and realised many things, one of which are my tendencies of doing everything too fast - basically, I've got a feminine frame.
You're a genius and a great inspiration.

Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety: How To Get Erect And Stay Erect (Alex Allman Interview)

Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety: How To Get Erect And Stay Erect (Alex Allman Interview)21 Apr. 2016
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How to overcome sexual

How to overcome sexual performance anxiety. Once you learn how to get erect and stay erect as long as you want, you'll rock any woman's world over and over...


FREE Gift - Click The Link Below For Access!

Simply Follow These Proven Step-By-Step Video Tutorials and You WILL Be Able To Give ANY Woman A Mind-Blowing Orgasm!



There are two times when men experience performance anxiety and suddenly realise they can’t get an erection.

1) When they’re pretty inexperienced and they’re with a hot woman. It’s so exciting, they start to worry: “Oh my God this could be leading to sex,” “Am I going to satisfy her?”, "Does she like me?” “Is sex gonna happen?”

In that case you don't need an aphrodisiac, but you need to get out of your head. It’s fascinating how human psychology works sometimes.

2) Men who are in their late 30s or early 40s: they get erections more slowly. It just takes longer to get hard. And they go right down that little nervous dialogue “Am I going to get hard?” Maybe I can’t get hard. They totally lose the thread of the fact that they're in this lovemaking session. They’re inside their head, instead of outside, in this beautiful lovemaking that could happen.

Medical footnote: if you have a really low libido and you can't get an erection when you are alone masturbating and you're not getting erections when you wake up in the morning you could have a medical condition, not a psychological condition and you have to see your doctor because it could be an indicator of a potentially serious issue with your circulatory system, easily resolved with medication.

But I assume this only happens when there's another human in the room. If that's the case then this video will be a treatment for erectile dysfunction for you.

So here's a couple of tips that might help you out:

1. Talk about it. It's really helpful if you feel like you're not going to get an erection to get it out into the open so that you can stop cycling on your own shame. Do it with a bit of humour so that it’s not a big deal. And try not to treat her like mommy because that's a real, real buzz kill for her.

And if that's who you show up as, she has a pretty good reason to say “I broke up with that guy because he couldn't get it up.” Was it really because you can get it up? No, it was because you made her feel terrible.

2) Don't make her feel unattractive. Some guys do this: they get really douche and go “Yeah, it’s your fault, I don't know why I can’t get it up, must be you.” She’s probably thinking that anyway. So, reassure her that you think she is beautiful, tell her that “It's not a big deal, that it’s happened to you before and that regardless of what your penis is or isn't going to the two of you are good have a great night."

3) And then go ahead and start some hot love making without your penis. If the penis doesn't want to show up, it doesn't want to come to the party, fine, you can party without and then it will realise that you’re having so much fun over there that it’ll will maybe go.

And then go to work with oral sex and digital sex and if you're not an expert at those things go get “Revolutionary Sex”, in this sex ebook you'll learn:

- genius foreplay tips

- oral sex tips for men

- how to give a woman an orgasm

- how to finger a girl properly

If you've been looking for the best sex book online, then this is my strongest recommendation. You'll never have an issue with how to give her an orgasm again. You'll not just get a technique on how to perform cunnilingus or how to finger a woman. You'll learn the real secrets!

Now, there's one more issue that comes up and it's worth discussing when we're talking about ed solutions, which is vitamin V: generic Viagra, herbal viagra, sildenafil citrate, Cialis or any of the generics out there and for most men with performance anxiety. They will very likely work for you. Should you take them to chemically boost your sexual stamina? Maybe for a lot of men taking it supplies them with the confidence they need to successfully have great sex a couple of times and then they can wear themselves off of it and eventually probably not need it. But you do need to watch it because, like anything, like any crutch, if you use it enough eventually you will never be able to have sex without it. You could also search some natural aphrodisiacs and see if they work for you.

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Dunnaine Baker

Love it!!!!



kahhan okkar

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Ricky Pomero

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Positively Negative

5:06! xD I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe! Thank you though, in all seriousness. This helps a lot of us guys out here.

Raul V

Making her crazy-orgasm in bed sounds great doesn't it? Now then... if you want to make her have multiple orgasms and have her going for as long as you want (she'll be out of her mind), google Merle Winestol's website. You'll have her flowing with electric pulses of deep pleasure at will.

Expert Sex Tips For Men

Hope this video helped you out! If you have any further questions, just ask me here...

Andrew J.

Thanks for the tips. So, did you finally read the new stuff on Mario Volpstein's website? Thunderous and pulsating erections, I know! Plus, you'll learn how to "refill" in record time if you know what I mean.

Ανηξερος Τρικερατοπας

What a cool guy. So nice, so helpful.

How To Overcome Performance Anxiety In The Bedroom

How To Overcome Performance Anxiety In The Bedroom1 Feb. 2019
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This video is inspired by

This video is inspired by a question I received from a guy who has performance anxiety in the bedroom and often loses his erection because of it. He says he doesn't have the problem when he's by himself, however his mind seems to be sabotaging him when he's with his partner. Because I'm answering this man's question this video focuses on male performance anxiety and how you should treat it, however the same concepts can be used by women.

In this video I go deeper into some concepts about the mind to help you understand why you might have performance anxiety, not only in the bedroom, but any time that you try to do something big. There's a part of your mind that acts similar to a governor in your car where it tries to hold you back because it's trying to keep you safe. This part of the mind is often referred to as the ego and it's job is to keep you consistent with the made up story you have in your mind about who you are and what you believe to be a threat to that.

When you start to get anxiety during sex, it's important to realize where that is coming from. Often times it stems from a belief about the meaning of what we believe is failure in that situation. Our mind is designed to give us the emotion of fear if it feels threatened, and when you think of something like losing your erection as being so embarrassing or that you're going to lose love, your ego will trigger fear because it wants to protect you from that pain.

What's the solution for sexual performance anxiety? Recognize that your state is just a pattern of your physiology, what you focus on, and the meaning you're creating. If we tune in and shift those 3 things we can change our state. In fact, changing your state is the best way to get out of performance anxiety. When the muscles of your body are relaxed it's impossible to feel anxiety. Shift your focus to your breathing and relaxing your muscles and also get back to focusing on what's sexy about this moment. Change the meaning from caring so much about losing your erection, to just "I just need a second" to calm that saboteur ego down.

Understanding the mind in this way is not only important for overcoming performance anxiety during sex, but it also give you a lot of insights about the mind so that you can understand where your partner's mind is at. Giving women orgasms requires guiding her mind into the present, helping her escape this same ego protector saboteur of the mind, so she can let go and orgasm.

I know this is a little deeper of a topic, but I think it's so important to understand how the mind works. If you want to practice meditation to further understand the concepts of this video I recommend checking out the Wake Up app by Sam Harris. For more content from me check out my blog at

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mike Abrahams

what an amazing video


Awesome vid Jason! Thank you!

G Holland

Great video, u hit the nail on the head


Thank you for the video. Funnily enough i've practised this with actually getting rejected by women, allowing me to get over them much quicker by not being hard on myself. Now i have to do it with sex. Im here as this happened to me very recently, and i was terrified, as we're only just at early stages of dating.



mike Abrahams

this frees my mind

Eve of Spring

Going limp
"Oh I love this"

Peter Pan

But I can get off by myself just fine



Leonardo Moscoso

Wow man... what a great video !!!! Thank you so much

Malcolm Taylor

The more you know, the more you have to worry about. With sex, to a certain extent, ignorance is bliss and you just get on with it driven by your hormones.

micheal doph

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José Beastavo

Thinking about being punished by God for having sex when I’m not even religious is the most stupid thing to happen to me and yet it happens to me every time

Martin Stiles

Great video

אליאור אורן

I like it because it's more then a single solution for a single problem. What you said right here, I hope take it on everywhere man

Rafael Tapia

100% true

Phil Vincent

First time I've seen this articulated so well. Good job mate ?

Gareth Bale

Men sorry but honestly, though i believe youre nice, you video was totally useless. I mean, meditate and count 5 seconds... jajajj


Dang man you hit me in the heart when you were talking about the protecter/ego. And made me think about anxiety with why I think I would not be able to find anyone and feel the same way with anyone else that I use to feel with my ex before and would have anxiety to feel loved and loving with anyone. But I don’t trust myself to be with anyone no more, I use to think I found the one, but ended. And so it caused me anxiety and voices saying that “I can’t” and “will not” just negative things to myself. So now it’s hard for me to try being in a relationship and giving the same energy of me to someone else, how I use to with my ex

Alex B

Thanks Jason , your video was very helpful in overcoming my performance anxiety

Kevin Khemap

will purchasing your Rock Hard Code help with this?

C n

Good talk. Thanks for the personal share. I've also heard that some guys who are addicted to porn have a difficult time relating to a real woman, but there is a relatively simple "cure". Best to you Jason. Loved the kitty!! Carol 12-2019.

twinkletoes mum

lmao i was looking for performance anxiety on the stage ???

Blackjack Mania

It’s all about sexual acceptance

B. Rx

I’ve never thought about it from this angle before (the universe delivering you to to a higher consciousness) your POV is hella dope & for that, thanks brodie. ??

Meditation IS the key to death the ego


If having sex boosts your ego, why does your ego cockblock itself?

Hayden Morgan

Pleas help,

I have used your program for PE and have also been seeing a therapist. I am in a relationship but my issue has put a serious strain on it. On my own I have made pretty good progress but when I’m with my girl i still struggle. Besides the PE I’m having issues with initiating in a way that works. I am not nearly as experienced as my partner and I am sure it’s adding to the anxiety. It feels like all I can do is disappoint. If there was some advice for setting the right tone for sex and moving the progress from practicing on my own to the real thing I could really use that right now. Thanks


I have OCD and when u said "learn to love it", it brought me back to when I was younger and how I tackled my OCD. Seems pretty synonymous with performance anxiety and will try to love this as well lol thanks man!!

Mahmurd Sahara

Thing is i got the same shit but it all started when i got my last ex gf. She was judging me so hard when we didnt get it on the third time of the day and she was like 'oh woah i have some experience but this never happened to me before'. Bcuz of she didnt feel sexy for 2 miliseconds I, a sensitive guy needs to carry this shit in bed all time since then. I have had sex after this around 500 times but every time i had this voice in my head. Now i got a new girl i really like, and i am afraid to fail.

Asaiah Siggers

Thank you for your advice

random name

The problem for me is that i can getit hard but last time i had sex it died instantly when i putted it in. And now i dont dare to have sex even doe im rock hard just because i would be to ashamed if it dies like last time.


Thanks bro this is some rs im dealing with so close yet so far lol thx


Dude! The cheating scenario you described is exactly what happened to me. Still struggling years later.

Edit: clearly this is a “me” problem, though. Obviously I’m not the first person who has been cheated on and most people are able to move past it. Truthfully performance anxiety has always been there but the cheating exacerbated it tenfold.


Does anyone eles just constant squeeze it and then it works ?


As a woman I So thoroughly enjoyed what you had to say and how you explained this self saboteur ego. I clicked on every level with this guy. We checked every box and yet when he couldn't get an erection it was fight or flight and he told me he was too in his head to continue with me. I was completely blindsided and am still hurt 5 weeks later. I still don't know if he's so embarrassed that we're really done. We are in our 50's and both successful, athletic, fun people! It wasn't a big deal to me whatsoever. Our night was still so smoking' hot and no matter how many times I told him this he still ran. Thank you for such a great video and you're an amazing speaker!

Chris George

I feel alot better after watching this thank you for this video I was depressed for a bit


Use viagra for first few times

Lou Stap

This is so good, needed to hear this, thanks for your honesty , love the part of changing the meaning of it and that even if it happens the universe or whatever higher power you may believe in has a good reason for it to happen . Don’t let EGO rule your life

Roseller Simbulan

How to meditate tho?


You are amazing .... It's really a relief to hear you ..

Sebastian Sanchez

Thank you, it helped

Mars Rover

Its not the's the sub consciousness

Joshua Colome

Amazing video

Julian Ryner

Man I swear if this isn’t the’s like I’m having trouble staying up when my woman gets me hard at first then the whole timing issue is a big deal with me..I’m really in love with woman and i alps want to marry her one day but I don’t want a situation like this to affect our relationship... I need help man because this is embarrassing as hell

Whoop De Whoop

I can get it up without porn & just thinking bout my woman.. but it's not as strong as it was before i think.. i tried to have sex with a girl was rock hard, she didn't give oral & just laid there so i went limp & didn't want to do it nomo.. now i'm always thinking like what if i cant get it up for the next one smh

Donna X

Trying to help my man. It’s hard not to take it personally. I have tried everything I can think of...perhaps this video?

Animesh Acharjee

24:09 all you need?! awesome

Juan Hernandez

Thank you

Sid Bakshi

India gave the world meditation and yoga. Those are the only truths that work.

Luca D

It’s simple guys. If you’re calm and present, you’ll get it up. Think about your partner and enjoying yourself, you can’t enjoy yourself if you’re in your head. We all gonna make it BDOs!

Tommy S

To last longer I tried a delay spray called Promescent that my urologist recommended. I have been able to last a lot longer than usual, a lot longer!.. My lady has been pretty happy with my performance! I practice edging and kegels, edging is helpful but takes time to master. Kegels help as well, but you gotta keep at it. I've had pe since I was younger, and sometimes I just want to just feel free to enjoy the moment and not worry too much about when I will come but rather enjoy the intimacy with my lady, so that’s where the delay spray is useful, you just need to apply and follow instructions.

samuel cabral

Very informative thank you.


Here is another pro tip: stop watching porn. Stop jerking off. For 30 days. Garuntee when u see a hot girl anywhere you wont be thinking about not getting hard. Also drink more water everyday. Diet is important as well.

Tee Gee

Next time I'm just going to LAUGH at that little voice in my head. Thanks bro. A weight has been lifted of my shoulders.

Moor Confidence

Great video?

Angel Smoke

I think loving it instead of hating that part of yourself must be the hardest part!
My bf isn't great at English so I want to bring up the key points of this great video ,any suggestions?

Aaron Fotso

JASON I NEEDED THIS SO MUCH THANK YOU. This helped me more than just with performance anxiety but my anxiety all together. I tried to fight it but now I’m thinking of it as an overprotective parent that just wants the best for me. So now I’m going to hug it and let it know that I’ll be fine, and thank it for it’s concern.


Mate that was killa and a great start for me ✌?

Aarav Sanford

Do anybody know about Erectodom Secrets? Does it really work? I hear many individuals achieve total control over their erectile dysfunction with this popular erectile dysfunction natural treatment.

Jack Campbell

I thought for sure i cured this with my ex girlfriend years ago...... i recently started talking to this new girl who’s incredibly attractive and i haven’t gotten an erection since i started talking to her just even over text for like a week now...... im losing it!!!

Jay Z

Idk if it’s performance anxiety or my depression that’s affecting my libido


Just hold your seed stop jacking it?


Jason, I first experienced ED at like age 21. I was so nervous with the hottest girl in a tub and nothing. I'm v. well hung and yet I still have that issue, you'd think I wouldn't! :-/ and now I'm 54. I started taking a daily Cialis 2.5mg. It's nice it's easy and there's no side effects as my body is used to it now. My testosterone is over 650 and I'm in VERY good shape... so there is really no reason I should have ED. It's not until you just explained about the ego I had no idea WHY (and I'm a very insightful person). I know that what it is that it's I'm afraid of my girl leaving me. So my ego is interrupting my big dick getting from hard to protect me from losing love because it's saying, "if you get sexual you're going to be IN IT. You are going to be vulnerable and you remember how you got hurt when you were a child. You don't wanna get hurt again, so let's keep you out of sex." And then it happens... I won't get hard. The PED5 inhibitor from Cialis has helped, but I can feel the ego trying to fight through it. Trying to interrupt and instead of going,'bwahaha you're a gas!' I'm thinking, "uh oh no no no not now, she just said how big it is,' and then the battle ensues with me on the losing, or semi-losing end. I never knew this....after 30 fuckin years and now....a lightbulb moment. Thank you!!!!

Babak Bandpey

Subscribe button hit ?


Thank you!!! Best video ever about this issue, making me feel a lot better and understanding what is going on


I notice this performance anxiety from guys and i think best way is to take the presure off the guy eather they could not get hard or cum extremely fast. I would make him comfortable by not presuring him and tell him anything that happens is ok. specially first times. I think im the best to make someone comfortable cus i really dont judge like that.

Samuel Vicuña

Thanks man <3 !

Shawn Veillon

A lot of people have all manner of psychological issues as a result of being cheated on or even just breakups. This is something I struggled with for a long time too, especially the cheating thing. But as Jason says about those voices in your head, those things or events are not YOU. YOU need to be the foundation of your own happiness. It's well known how important it is to love yourself before you can love others. To get there, you need to be the person you want to be, do things you are passionate about, and learn to just enjoy all experiences. You know, I was married 15 years. I spent way too long in a bad marriage because I liked just not being alone. When I wasn't married I dated A LOT and got into relationships quickly if I thought things were lined up well enough. I found that as long as I maintain my own life (even living with a partner) and accepting when we realize the relationship isn't what we want, to just let them go, I didn't suffer much. Cheating is a more complex issue, but you can't blame yourself. You didn't do it to them, they did it to you. And the reason isn't that you weren't good enough. It could be many different things - one of which is just character weakness. And the reality is, they just aren't good enough for you - and the relationship wasn't good enough to keep anyway. The only thing you might be guilty of is not seeing the reality of the relationship clearly enough or being too weak to end it if/when you did realize it.
Here's my take-away tip for psychological ED in general: It's just sex. The point of sex is pleasure, and with or without an erection you can give and receive sexual pleasure. When you stop focusing on intercourse and whether or not you are capable, it'll work. Just enjoy it.
Also, +1 on the importance of meditation. If you're not doing it at least every morning when you wake up and every night before bed you are not your best you.

Uchiha Itachi

This was so useful! Thank you so much. Subscribed!

Fl studio mobile remake.

I cant orgasm well ??

Angelique Esprit

Usually men with a small penis or lack of experience have this issue.

Chris DuPrey

I take quetapine for sleep which is also an antipsychotic. Can that also play a factor in erectile dysfunction?

Marko Dadic

Amazing Jason ?

Gabe Bustos

There needs to me more places like this channel where men and be more vulnerable to other men. Respekt jason julius

Sasha Kashtan

Thank you very much ! Sexual education is soooooooo important ! You do amazing job to help a lot of people to save relationships !
You really deserving to have at least a million subscribers !


This guy makes a lot of sense. But, the best solution especially if you are single and have performance anxiety...stay single and avoid the stress that will kill you anyway. Women don't understand and they will never let you forget it. I guess if you can handle the stress, go ahead and try to work it out. But if you can't handle the stress, just stay single and find other hobbies.

Inc Jundai

I’ll watch this video many times

תמיר פרוידנט

Dude your are human bryan from family guy. You are awesome!

Be A Star Entertainment

For some reason only usually happens when I use a condom

Anna Surf

Thanks for opening up and bringing some psychology/eastern tradition back. Very worthwile video.

Ryan Melville

Great video and timely for me.

Ty Shaffer

Whose watching right after choking in the bedroom lol

Rick Rose

It's not always us guys either. If your woman is not completely present, connected or turned on, then that will greatly influence our feelings,and thoughts. It is definitely a mutual interaction all the way.

Bryan Pineda Pichardo

i just want to fuck..

Hm Comps

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I love this Video ?

thanQ so much man
I'm Unlocked ✓

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Avoidant Attachment Disorder which causes intimacy anxiety which in turn shuts down a man's ability to ejaculate or get and keep an erection is one of the leading causes of the sexually dysfunctional marriage often leading to long term sexless marriages and fertility issues. Very often the man only experiences these dysfunctions when in an emotionally intimate relationship but his sexual functioning is fine when he is having paid sex, sex with strangers/one night stands and when masturbating alone. Look to the man's childhood and family of origin for clues to the causes of his Attachment Disorder/Intimacy Anxiety.

David Neiman

Thank you!

Connor Riccilli

My best experience of sex personally was my first time having it. Full caveman mindset, woman hot, me want to smash, me smash, me go with it. No wondering about what she’s thinking or if I’m doing well enough, just primal instinct and I feel like that’s the best mindset to have. Action controlling thought, not thought controlling action.

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Ok I’m not gonna lie I’m not gonna lie fr I thought this video was gonna be BS because I watch a lot of videos and it’s just bs but this makes sense to me


I am dealing with this issue after I went out of a ten year relationship. It is like I can't enjoy sex anymore and when I am about to do it, I become really anxious and stressed. I feel I am going to fail..

Peter Pan

I can get an erection but my problem is I can’t get off even after having sex for 3 hours or a 45 minute BJ


this video brought me to tears, lost countless girlfriends due to this problem after getting cheated on by a girlfriend before that. i finally feel in control of something, instead of just praying everything goes right. going into the situation knowing that something bad might happen was the scariest part for me. thank you for this.

Michael Johnson

Thank you for this - I have been dealing with this anxiety for 3 months and this is exactly what I have been dealing with


such a great video! THanks man!

mike Abrahams

very spiritual

Kaleo Aga

So basically i just needa stop giving a fuck

Nicolas Rosario

My thing is my experience with female bodies. I've only had sex 2 times ?

1st time went like shyt. Super nerouvs couldnt not get up 2nd time wasn't that bad actually i got semi up. Was able to have successful sex. Going for my 3rd time if i can jus get going i know il be good for my girlfriend

Okan Boz

really helpful!

Gina C

Thank for this. I hope it does create a vulnerable moment to discuss because if not, the woman can take it as something being wrong with her and not being desirable. I know I did. So this is helpful to know it's within him and it just happens. It's really no big deal.