Going bald young

GOING BALD YOUNG *inspirational* - Baldcafe podcast Episode 2

GOING BALD YOUNG *inspirational* - Baldcafe podcast Episode 211 Aug. 2018
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I started the Baldcafe

I started the Baldcafe movement and the Baldcafe podcast to help guys around the world go bald bravely and confidently. Talking about baldness is a must if you want to get through it confidently. Listening to the experiences of other guys who have been through the difficult process of going bald is one of the best ways to help you deal with your own journey. In This, the second episode of the Baldcafe podcast we feature Dan. Dan is 26 and started going bald at the young age of 16.

Any questions DM me on Instagram @Baldcafe.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-320770839/going-bald-young-an-interview-with-dan

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Comments (90)
Eddie Gamez

I turned 30 this year and have accepted the fact that I am thinning and receding on my hairline and balding in the crown area of my head.

It's not the most noticeable especially if I keep a short, high and tight look, but I recently just went the route of shaving my head bald. It first started as a buzzcut from a 1 and then a zero no guard shortly after...then the full razor shave.

Honestly it's the best decision I've made. Not because I'm drastically losing my hair or anything, but it teaches you that we live so much in the confines of hair. People link hair so heavily to their identity and it's really a testament to shave it off and not have it be part of you anymore. I also realized my level of vanity and that it's not that high. Yeah, I have some level of vanity, but not so much where it'd turn into me fighting to keep my hair and embarrassing myself along the way. I'm just not willing to do that.

It's so much simpler living life and not worrying about the hair. You can't stop it, no matter what you do. Maybe it can be delayed but it'll just catch up with you. IF you're balding just cut your losses and get rid of it. you'll be much happier in the end.

RJ Carter

Awesome...I'm a huge fan of bald heads.

Martin Lyons

I hundred percent agree with you. I think more men should In brace their ballenss


I want to shave my head, but what if you have an unusual skull shape and a bald head can look bad ? Any advices ???

Silver Hawk

I’ve started to seriously go bald now, but my head is a weird shape and starting to panic ?

Pedro De Ordimalas

Great video man. I've tried to let go. But I just cant. I started balding in my early 20s. Im 35 now. I have never shaved but I've buzzed it down to a zero with the clipper. I've done that on and off. I wear hair fibers right now and that makes me somewhat satisfied but im always subconcious weather people can tell or not. And that really bothers me...

Fernando Ubarr

He is 25 but thinks he looks 45????? What a low self esteem he has! He should take pictures at 25 y/o and wait until he turns 45 and compare how did he look at 25

Chris F

Thanks for your channel. I love my bald head. Embrace it men.

Devin Shaw

21 and have gone trekked a strangely similar road as Dan. You guys saved me, didn't know how badly I needed to watch this

y om

Honestly just hearing someone elses story, as simple as it is, helps out so much


Hey guys thanks for your video.

I'm a 20 years old almost completely bald on the top of my head. I just shaved it last week. It feels good.

I just need some time to get used to it, I don't even recognize myself in the mirror for now.

My main issue is that I can't grow a proper beard. Beard actually helps a lot to embrace this new look, I wish I had one. Cause I feel a bit naked without anything on.

Love from France!

Glenn Stephenson

Would love to see an episode on the genetic aspect of pattern baldness. Is it always from the male lineage or can it come from anywhere...? Oh yeah... need to hear more about the 'comb over' as well- I hear it's terrifying in a tornado ;)

VM Varga

@Baldcafe You look like a famous pro surfer called Dion Agius


Awesome beards and awesome haircuts you both!


Scalp Micropigmentation is a great option. Better than hair transplants as it’s non-surgical. Check us out for some great transformations www.aheadink.com

Also great video!!!

Breaking Bad95

I love all your videos and after watching loads of em and going through hair loss myself the biggest thing Iv taken from your videos is to just not give a shit it’s only hair who cares!, I hit the gym, have money in my pocket and look after myself and if that ain’t good enough then who gives a crap ! Hahah


Finasteride works for most to delay or prevent hair loss.

Tyree Glenn Jr.

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Panada Bear

Do you guys live in China? HA! I knew 20 seconds in! The guy's drinking Nongfu springs water! :) :) Hi from Beijing

Justin England

I think this is a great idea for younger (and older) people who has issues with their hair loss! Great work guys :)

Tyler Durden

I'm from Brazil i'm balding since like 16, your video helped me so much to deal with this every question that i had all of you answered, thank you very much bro, it's all about self confidance, we need to accept who we are and thats come the hapiness, focus on our good things about us and who we are, thank you very much again dude, sorry for my bad english haha, peace??

Bryy Herrera

Your videos have seriously helped me. I still have a full head of hair and my hair is in the thinning phase but i have accepted it and have even shaved my head way ahead of time. Im sure i can still milk a year or so out of my hair. Thank you for what u do

steve phillips

Beards looking great at that length dude

Odell G

Thanks man I’m going bald! And u guys are truly inspiring

so fak its funny

Is this Dan from

Felix Park

Great video guys. Just went and shaved my head and it feels great!

Ryan White

His beards looks absolutely awesome!

Fareed9 Badran

Good video you are making the process easy thank u guys


I've just started hormones as I've got low testosterone and I was warned that I may get receding hairline and eventually baldness. Both the male figures on my mum's and dad's side went bald. Now it's just a waiting game and I hope I can grow a beard in time haha

M. S.

Please promote The Rock or Jason Statham Bodytype and success Stories. I Love it when you promote succesful bald guys it gives hope and Inspiration and Motivation. People Love succesful people so please promote The succesful guys Like lets say every week 1x Person ???

Kino Dizzle

Almost every question you asked was the exact same questions I was asking my self. And damn near all the answers he said were mine too. Never met my mom's real father either so i can't base it off my pa

Alien Head

his beard looks so good! but your beard looks sick too! how long did it take you to grow that out?

The Last Comment

I found a bald spot in the front when I enlisted and went through basic training and I started shaving it bald once I was able

Russell Bogrett

In the grand scheme of things, why do we as men have to go ape shit crazy over loosing out hair? Its something we have no control over so whats the point? Lets worry about more important things in this world.

Flavio Sousa

If you really want to help us, tell us about new MPB products and treatments.

Daniel Kirkland

Honest question why didn’t you call the channel:
Egg heads

Luis Kern

when you look at these two guys, sitting next to each other, you can see a prime example of why this ' pro-baldness ' movement is complete bs.
every guy that wears the ' bald head & beard look ' looks just the same as the next guy.
no real difference whatsoever. just a blank bowling ball with fuzz on his face.
deal with it. hair loss makes you look worse.
stop putting up an unrealistic illusion to people that are dealing with hair loss.

Joe Eduardo Reyes_AFC

I’m growing out my beard because I’ve noticed my hair starting to thin. Im getting prepared.


Why do Caucasians become bald at a young age?

Akash Anuj

I started balding at 15 but my hair is so thick and dense that I still have much of it....I'm 22

Eddie Spaghetti

Nice sexy red shorts

Rodrigo Pérez Baselga

Guys I'd be really happy if you help me with this. I would like to shave my head but im 19 and I'm always thinking I'm too young to do it.
My hair started thinning when I was 16 either, but I dont know when should I step forward. Greetings from Spain!!!

sagar Verma

Its quite depressing in the begining brother...

José María Moreno Castro

Hi bald café you asked him if he searched for treatments. I would like to ask you the same, Did you think about getting a hair transplant, or play with your hormones or you just embraced baldness easily? Thanks for your videos anyway.

Panada Bear

My hairline is going, but I'm getting a transplant. Was just in a car accident and now have a 4 inch scar just above my forehead. Plugs in China are generally done really well and are much less money than in the West.


Yeah I am 15 and I have hair loss

Stephen Garner

Bald is sweet - now beards are in fashion it looks decent

Mr Ándres

I'm not balding yet, but I know it's gonna happened, and I would like to go bald, and all the "inspiration" show these people with awesome beards and I grow like 5 hairs in my chin and it's sad ?


I'm 47 and it's still bothersome.


Nice. I'm a black guy I went bald because of medical reasons great stuff you guys. Been meaning to do a video on this and tell my story inspiring.

Ryan Dawson

I'm 20 and I'm currently hide it with a long fringe and my hair looks great honestly buy even if the hair moves from the fringe just a little back it's a disaster

Mora UTD

I have a similar beard to the guy to the right I have hair but I shaved it that’s a bad ass look?

Glenn Stephenson

Would love to have heard him answer in terms of advantages of being bald as opposed to men who have the full stack? Curious on his take.

Madam Madam want not

My dad is 68 years old and he still has a full head of hair, yet I started thinning at 20. Now 22 and my hair is really thin.

Robert Cabudoc

I'm 23 and im quite have this massive hairloss, and it stressed me out and get depressed. How to embrace this and be more confident. Really need someone to talk


I started gong bald at 17... didn't notice until 25....because I had a huge ass forhead after puberty.... When I shaved my head... I looked better....better than when I had that shit hair... my huge ass forehead looked like part of the bald... EVEN with the face..

ezra zubairu

Going bald is genetic. I have chosen just to embrace it because I find women don't care I think men obsess more about other mens hair, body, beard no beard the list goes on. Hopefully guy's will see this video and see it's a natural part ageing for some guys it happens earlier than others.

shohini bhattacharya

Thanks man, I'm 16 and I've noticed my hair receding backwards and taking the M shape which made me depressed for quite a bit lost the will to go outside but your video helped me cheer up everyday and live with who I am and not my hair. Life is so much more than hair...


It's become a competition to see who was the youngest going bald lol. Not a bad trend

D r a m i n

You look like a fucking viking, really fucking cool

glen quagmire

I get what you are saying but one of the most lazy unimaginative comments youll ever hear is "just shave it off"...ummm no not when there are decent transplants on the market or hair systems...why would you go ahead and do that...at least try other ways first


Okay two days ago I shave my hair all off because my hairline wasn’t good anymore and it’s going back n the corner. I’m still nervous of stepping out my house. I’m only 19 and I have anxiety problems. Most of my life I’ve been bullied or have has stuff said about me so stepping out in the same town in a bit of a big step for me. I want to be happy and enjoy being bald well sorta buzz cut without a clipper but it’s getting use to it. I hop people out there can relate to this and the situation I’m in, because not having mates and no confidence is hard but my next step is to lose weight and bulk up but it’s a long process to do but if anyone has stories about them in a similar situation let me know please

JWille Series

You really look alike :D Same hair or rather lack there of XD

Marlou Cadungog

Not a lot of asians go bald at such a young age. It's pretty uncommon here and being one of the chosen few is...... It just feels bad :(


fake tatts?

F desatge

thank you guys! support from south africa

Rob Markus

Get a transplant and move on.

Ali Hassan

Im 16 and luckily I still have a lot of hair but I started to notice that I have a bald spot my hair is getting alot thinner, my hair line going wayyy back, and tbh it's been on mind alot and i know it's gonna take a long time until it reaches a point where I must shave it but till then I feel like it's gonna be on my mind


I think Michael Fabricant has an interesting approach to baldness. His wigs look like they’re polyester or something

Michael Angst

When are bald guys going to admit having a full heard of hair and a awesome beard is much more attractuve sitll than just a bald head and a great beard? You will always look good with a full head of hair with no bald spot showing.. Some beter than others, but still

yazz nazz

He sounds like russel brands bald brother.

kh 88

I'm 32 and thinning at the temples maybe??

I'm a bit self conscious. Can't imagine what it's like to go bald early 20s

Kaleb Schumaker

Honestly really liked this conversation with Dan I think he may have been one of the best interviews you’ve had eve having watched some of the later ones. He just looked at it the right way. Seems like he looks at life the right way too.


What about a Mohawk?

jason e

Im 16 and im balding. I shaved it sophomore year and now im a junior and shaved it again,just rather live my life without the insecuritie. I learned that im more than hair. Im just living my life and you should live yours. I just got over it overtime and im getting more confident.


He does look 45 :)

Alex Belden

I wanna participate in it as a baldshaved beaded guy. ?

max bautista

I’m 21 now and I started balding like in 8th grade at first it wasn’t really a big deal wasn’t noticeable but once I got to high school it started becoming more and more noticeable it’s always been a self conscious thing for me I would alway think to my self I wonder who is making fun of me it’s not cool to be so young and loosing hair it’s a shitty feeling and I’m Mexican so I have a lot of family and friends that really take the jokes to the next level that make you feel like straight shit. Also talking to girls makes me so self Conscious makes me feel like is she going to like me or is my hair going to be the deal breaker it really sucks but I’m getting over it now I don’t care as much so now I just think if you like me you’ll like me for who I am and not for my hair

Patrick Doherty

Have you seen Cesc Fabregas' hair transplant? It looks good, but I've seen him playing and his hair was getting wet because of the rain and it looked a bit weird. Anyway, I wouldn't ever get a hair transplant. It surprises me when rich successful men get one. I see these footballers and think "you have millions in the bank, a beautiful wife, a family...why the fuck do you even care?"

Bebo Gomez

When I started to lose my hair in the crown area I knew that it was time for me to shave my head bald. I was 54 years young and I watched my brother do the comb over and begged him to shave his head and grow a goatee. He wasn't having it, lol! He passed away 2 years ago, God rest his soul. I shaved my head and grew my beard and loved the way it looked and felt! My confidence actually grew stronger and I had many compliments on how I looked and that was definitely a ego boost for me as well. My wife was not happy with it at first but grew to love it and loved my confidence level as well. I like it more when my head has a bit more color because it's more attractive that way. I shave in the shower every morning and my skin is naturally oily so after a shave I apply rubbing alcohol and it equals out and my head has that shine that I love and it's baby butt smooth as my wife calls it. You guys are great and this will do great for others who are going through this transformation.

Keely Mendoza

Would love to recommend this page to anyone struggling with hair loss https://www.youtube.com/williamgaunitztrichologist


I truly don't understand how it's almost 2019 and we still don't have a cure for baldness.

Antony Jacob

this guy NEVER gave a fuck about going bald

Kino Dizzle

Damn. I'm only sixteen

꧁Mike Sully꧂

are you actually bald or are you just BBC? (bald by choice) as you look like you have a lot of hair still. Norwood 2.5 ??


Not trying to be a dick but it’s kind of distracting how you always seem to be looking down rather than talking to “us” as viewers


Bro you look good in that video. You should rock this style again

Bodo L.

damn im 17, started at 16 wth

Stephen Dare

growing a beard when you are bald just makes you look like you have your head on upside down.

Eduardo Freitas

I'm 24 and honestly It took a while for me to notice it lol. Think I'll shave it today. It can look good with spray and stuff but only a bit of wind and it gets stressful I'm getting tired of it.

Balding At A Young Age | A Brief Experience

Balding At A Young Age | A Brief Experience8 Mar. 2019
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Just a small experience

Just a small experience made this for the guys who are going through it like myself.


Comments (100)

I’m 14 and I’m starting to get thin
hair I have accepted the fact I’m going bald I just hope I don’t look the bad

Henrique Ferreira

i started balding when i was 18 and it's been around a year now and i've been trying everything but it's been getting worse. I used to grow an afro really often and i loved it. i have been trying to just shave it slightly shorter but the top is so much thinner than the sides. i've been trying to build courage to fully shave my head but i'm still too attached to the idea of growing my fro cause when i was around 17 i wanted to get dreads lmao. it's tough, man.

joseph assefa

Just wanna say shoutout too you bro?, Im experiencing baldimg myself at the age of 18 and i was/have been looking for ways too grow my hair back.But after watching this video. Fuck it man i think im gonna go clean bald my guy. Just wanna say this video helped alot and this is exactly what i was looking for!!

wee balls big penis

Man I had the exact same drama as you, I even took the plunge of shaving it when I joined the army


you look cool

sajad faghfoor

I am admirer of your bravery and sharing but really man you look handsome.
Keep shaving ;)


I love you for dong this. Thank you!

Complex Ez

No homo but you face genetics helps balance out

Bruh Bruh

Believe me nobody cares if u r bald or not

Brandom Castor

My dad isn’t bald but I’m balding pretty bad at 19

Michael McKay

You look awesome dude. Also, I don’t think there’s any excuse for guys that make fun of other people for their ‘physical flaws’. Those guys are punks. But you look good with a shaved head, so you get the last laugh ?

neck parker

I’m really depressed because my hair is thinning. I shaved it once when I was In High school and I found that I have a defects on the top of my head. Almost every student noticed the defect and started making fun of me. Also, unlike you I’m very unattractive. I’m 21 years old and have never been in a date. It’s just going to be worst for me


I started getting a receding hairline at 17 so like few months back my boy,im just thinking on how to deal with it, probs gonna go full johnny sins tho

Juan Gutierrez

thanks for being someone i can relate to

Carlos El Oso

Imma be honest man, I'm 20 now, and I've been thinking about my hair since like Junior year of highschool. When you pointed out that theres no young people stories in here I realized you were right. I appreciate this, Idk if you'll see this but thank you man and much love your way.

robert alexandru

my only problem with balding is that my head does not really have a great shape


You handsome with the bald head, perfect head shape!


I’m called good looking a lot so if I go bald should I be worried ?


I’m 14 balding and this video really got me thinking I want to shave my head cause I’m tired of the constant stress holding me back from doing things. Anyway thank you

The Last Guitar Hero

Everyman should shave his head ? I've been doing it 11 years now. Best thing I ever did


I am losing hair since I was 15, now I am 18, the situation is kinda noticeable but I am doing a therapy for like 1 year now and I am stable... I can't wait to get older and shave it off because it is too early for me now to go to school like that...

Jack Andante

Are you clunemag?

Frank Lucas

I’m young and I have the Dr . Phil look and idc lol ?

Cosmic Truth

He sounds very genuine ... btw I don’t think you’d have looked any better than now with this bald look ... I am just imagining you with hair ... so I think your balding is a boon in disguise for you .. had you not lost your hair you’d not have donned the bald look ..in which your really rock .. all the best ...

Bhrigu Raj

Feel u bro cause I'm 19 and i think I'll be bald by 23 too. It really takes a toll over your head.✌️ And I can't grow a beard too.

Ernesto Murillo

Damn, I was balding at 16 and thought I was the only one going through this. I was also looking for someone that I could relate to but I found no one. I was really worried about what others would say about my hair at the time. I’m 22 now, and I’ve run out of fucks to give about what people say. There’s always someone talking shit, I thought I’d be better off if I was true to myself if I’m being judged regardless. I’m bald now and I’m happy with it. If you’re reading this and your balding, just cut it off. You’ll never be happier, no joke.

Mario Sahli

the bald look suits you great!

Branson Liimo

You look good mate.
I'm 18 and I'm seriously balding, so you're not alone.

Bri Guy

You're cute man. I was 24 when I started going bald. Stress had a lot to do with it i guess. Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

Ryan de Wit.

Best Solution: @ micro scalp pigmentation!!

Curt F.


Bucck Jones

Well at least u have the head shape for it

Luis Martinez

You look good bro
I'm a 17 year old male and I'm lossing my hair:(

sonofolaf1 1

Get on baldcafe channel he has great motivation and support

Dyno Dyno

I’m a light skin dude mixed 50 white/50 black and I had to go bald at 18, my hair was far gone by then. Been completely bald since then and I’m 23 now. It’s still my biggest insecurity and I always wear hats. I even have problems going to the gym because I don’t like having any girl see me bald tbh. I get told I look good bald and I’m grateful but at the same time I’m like I’m only 23. Once I’m 35 I’ll feel more normal. I don’t think any of the girlfriends I’ve had since I was bald cared. But I still feel like I’m always at a disadvantage with women because I don’t have hair, I feel like I can never look as good as I want to.


Grow out your beard

silver detox

get sum neck tats & possibly a face tat & you'll shut the game down ??

Eva Moni

What can I do? I am getting rejected for balding at a young age. I am broken.


Nice brows bro

Chrissclass on Twitch

Love from norway


You're a handsome kid.... you're lucky. Bald is a good look for you


Just shaved my head today due to so much hair loss. I would see it when I shower or when I wake up. As of now I’m not comfortable so I’m using a beanie. ?

Jake Shaw

Get smp you will love it

Mahit Mehta

I'm starting to bald at 14


Brooooooo you look really good bald. Don’t listen to them haters


nice vid homie. dealing w the same shit here maneee. im boutta shave my shit though fuck it

josie ed

your gorgous ;)

Alessandro Figueroa

I feel you man, you look great and thank you for making this video.

Josh T

You started balding after high school I'm balding my first year.


I'm so amazed by your beauty, not a lot of people can look this good with no hair. I literally can't imagine you with hair, you already look so bomb it's insane. You seem so alpha and hot


Thanks much gee

Carlos Lopez

This really helped me man get over my hair loss man!! I really appreciate you for making this video.

Lmao Greanxl

You look like one punch man

lee leggat

Check out bald cafe bro

Robert Urquiza

Im only 16 and i think the hair around my temples is beggining to go.... I dont know what to do

Morten Bjøntegård

Dude i respect you alot for sharing this, and most of all; not acting like it doesn't bother you. I'm 34 and it freaks me out.

And yeah, you're one of the lucky guys that pulls it off. Stay strong my man.

sonofolaf1 1

You look fantastic bald bro i haven't taken the plunge yet soon tho


This dude must be so kind, I mean your voice is sooo sweet, you look calm, and you look extremely good bald, no worries !


Damn bro, I am 17 almost 18 and my hair is very fine and i can see my scalp. I noticed this when i was 15. I have already accepted that by age 20 I should already be bald.

Johann Jacobsz

You look good bald man ?

Anthony S

im 18 and I dont have much hair. you can see my scalp if you look for it . The hair on the sides and top of my head is thin so im thinking about just buzzing it because my hairline isnt receding. It sucks honestly that all my friends have good hair but im stuck here worrying about how the wind blows or if it gets wet.

Hector Alejandro Vargas

Never to late to shave up some money and do a hair Transplant


You look kick ass man! Big inspiration!

Nathan billson

We have the same age man , but I'm way too bald than you , I'm bald as truth . I just searched for a video of young bald people because I've never taken off my hat in public , but I have to now and I need to adapt with that , next weak I have a big speach in front of a lot of young people , but DAMN this video was harsh LMAO , but it's okay ! I'm gonna do it anyway , I don't care actually I just don't want to be looked down or unprofessional for no reason

No one can feel what we feel about our bald heads , and it's a really hard feeling in so many ways BUT we should get use to it and embrasse it and focus on what's important in life , and we shouldn't complain a bit , I mean .. we didn't lost a leg or an arm after all , and btw shout out to those heros that lost body parts and things more than hair , and they still live the life to its fullest , such an inspiration and reminder and teachers to me every time I feel bad about myself

Isaiah Bih

i fuck with you for this bro. im in the air force as well and i felt everything you talked about

Toevlier Panosh

you look like kevin levrone

Johann Jacobsz

Bro i’m 18 and i have like no hair left.I know how you feel bro.Stay strong❤️


I’m 17 and I’m losing my hair, it kinda sucks tbh

Steph Curry

Bald guys get the freaky girls...

Stevie Nguyen

Goddamn you are boring. I didn’t even know talking about hair loss could be that boring. Explains why this video is over a year old and doesn’t even have 300 views lmao. This was pure cringe man. C R I N G E.


I feel it men i am 16 and bolding it really sucks


You never think about hair systems??

Shamil 05

I'm fucking 17 amf my hairline ist fukking shitty

Azeem Haq

Hello bro i just wanna ask are you the same guy who posted a video on youtube 8 years ago about your hairloss at 17 ?

pl4yd0ugh Mrk22

I'm 13 and I'm balding?


I share with you the same balding experience and I recently shaved my head and I like it. What I learned is to not let other people's judgment and comment discourage you, if someone has something bad to say about it that's their problem only. Greetings from Italy.
P.S. You look great bald!

Keely Mendoza

Nice video. I have also found this page to be extremely helpful to anyone dealing with hair loss https://www.youtube.com/williamgaunitztrichologist

preetha Nair

Brother i am just 16th and is balding


Well, I can say that you have a very GQ style.

Orlando Cartagena

Mann,I am 22 and I noticed my hair was getting a little bit thin on top and receding a bit. It wasn't that bad, but if I didn't keep it cut it would start looking homeless lol. I ended up getting a 0 all around and it was actually better than I thought. Way better than worrying about thinning hair. I got alot of compliments, especially from the ladies. Of course some people still roast me for it but I just laugh about it


I did it and I feel amazing

Miguel Marin

Im going threw what happened to u at 19 at 16


No need to worry man, you're one of the lucky ones. You look great with a shaved head.

George Tadd

I’m 19 with long ringlets, real thick hair, but It’s slipping back in the corners more n more every day n extremely itchy. But you’re lucky you’re definitely rocking it g, I’ve got a huge forehead n once I take the leap gonna be super sad.


You look handsome bro

The Fucking Now Noam

Dude thank you so much for sharing, you're amazing! I wish most of the people had courage like you! I think you look good and I generally think you're a good person for the reason you posted the video!


Can u do an interview with baldcafe?

Aditya Somanchi

You look great. Trust me. ??

dead pool

It hurts so much to see super attractive people bald

Euan Elliott

You look fine shaven headed.
Nothing to worry about.

Juan Gonzalez

Suup buddy

سبتوفيك لعلاج اتساع الخرم

You look great bald , but me don't . I have underdeveloped jaw , double chin and everything bad was mixed and given to me ?.

Sathesh Vecram Addithyen

Hi Michael, There is a help available related to Lifestyle & Epigenetics. Get in touch. [email protected]gmail.com. Complimentary service as part of research in natural methodology.

Dan Dan

Looks good bro! Let go of your insicurity.

TheBrøski Braylan

Thanks man

Saju212 Ali

Cool video bro glad I came across it. Hope u make more videos enjoy your content ?

Darryl Wayne

Well I’m not attractive so I’m fucked. I have shitty hair elsewhere. My eye brows and facial hair are both thin. I’m 20 and my hair is leaving me. My hairline is shit and the top is thin as fuck

Mike Pedroza

How did u go bald at 19?


You look awesome man, really getting some Hollywood vibes from you! ?

Johnny Joestar

im pretty much at the start of it and honestly it sucks so mucj

GOING BALD YOUNG *Bald at 21* The Bald Cafe Podcast Ep 6

GOING BALD YOUNG *Bald at 21* The Bald Cafe Podcast Ep 65 Dec. 2018
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Welcome to the Bald Cafe podcast Episode 6.

In this nice short episode we share the story of Ceaser from France. He lost his hair at just 21 years old. After struggling at first and not wanting the leave the house he managed to beat the hair loss, accept it and is now working on building his happy and successful life free from any hair loss worries.

Please show your support for Ceaser in the comments section below. I hope listening to his story can help you with your own hair loss journey.

Thank you for watching. If you are struggling with hair loss then download my free ebook available at: https://www.baldcafe.com

If you have any questions about hair loss then you can contact me via

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Comments (84)
Cuban T

Since this is a sharing post I'll tell story/dilemma (summarised)

Started losing hair at 21 I was probably losing hair before but it became visible then, just on the sides. I shaved my head to see what I'd look like bald, I never wanted to be the guy that holds on to it for too long and get a desperate. Always thought if you get some muscle and lil facial hair you have the 90s action hero look lool. + I still have enough hair today (25years old) To cover it up where you can't really tell.

What I noticed was the problem, I had minor skin ridges on my right side of the scalp like actor Terry crews ? and when I woke up in the morning I looked like that ufc fighter "big foot Silva" since sleeping on it makes it more visible.

So here is the dilemma.
I don't mind per say being bald but after research and finding out that realistically my only options are to get plastic surgery on my scalp by removing excess skin.
This would mean that my hair pattern will be messed up for ever in a sense.

Therefore since stem cell research apparently my solve the balding issue within the approximate 5 years (maybe), I wouldn't want to mess up my head and go through all thay effort when I could of just waited 5 years.

Atm I'm just longing the bald head to see what I can do however if it gets to the point of no return I'll have to call it a day and just > shave> surgery > light smp treatment to make the scar less visible and give a visible hairline that might have got messed up.

Mr. Indie

My best friend started losing his hair at about 16-17, I was 4 years younger than him. I watched it decimate his self esteem. My youngest brother started losing his hair at about 18-19, and he had a $10,000 transplant that didn’t take... he’s now 29 and still self conscious about it. I feel really bad for the guys that lose their hair, it was actually very much a constant worry for me all through my 20’s, as both my grandfathers were nearly bald by their 30’s. Somehow I was blessed with the genetics to still have a full head of hair into my 40’s... but, in addition to that, I’ve also suffered from debilitating major depressive disorder since I was a teen.... no one is perfect. There’s times that I would easily trade my hair for being able to feel like a normal human being. We’re all damaged in a way. Makes us stronger as people. It’s good to see you using this as a vehicle to help others. Life is short, we need to enjoy it while it’s here. Just remember, there’s always someone way worse off than you.

Fahim K

I'm 18 and my hairline been receding since I was 13. Damn my hairline is so fucked bruh I think I have like another year before I go full bald

Frankish Knight

Both of you have handsome shaved heads. César should do his own video on the topic but in French. There are very few of them on baldness.

La Deuxième Vendée: Beugaloo électrique

Jeez who looks better w/o hair

Let's code

I also loss hair and i m 21

Let's code

You look good bro ?


21 year old dude looks awful. Very scary, can get a job as a monster at a haunted house though.


He's gorgeous. And he'll fit the look even better as he gets older. Very lucky guy ?

Lynn Monkres

You look great, man! Thanks for sharing your story. Even though I shave my head, it helps ultimately hear other people’s csot

Pratik Yadav

I feel depressed when i wash my hair ?

Carlos Cruz

Bro you look like ragnar from the vikings favorite show of all time ??????


It took me 5 years. I was depressed....I felt like I had no future to. I was in denial...it was a crazy experience. Good stuff.

h wood

Here' a main theme of this channel; nobody, including the host knows very much about hair loss itself and the medication to treat it. The education is just so poor it's mind blowing videos are actually being made. Very poor representation of alleged knowledge of androgenic alopecia.

Filip Pejcinovic

I'm not losing my hair yet and maby I won't but my mom's dad was bald since she can remember, so when I heard that I will probably go bald because people get the bald gene from their mothers I was shocked. I wish my parents would have let me know this could happen earler and my dad who has hair wouldent call all bald guys ugly. I would have shaved my head as a kid sometimes for fun. ?

Sakk Polibag

this guy is like rocking the shaved look so damn well. I had the anxiety that with the shaved head someone looks older or not so handsome, but that guy is looking 21 indeed and he's pretty good looking. That gave me courage

Tom Gua

Invite Joe Rogan

Doug Formder

This kid that shaved his head has and extra large cranium. He will probably get a girlfriend when he is in his mid forties. Ugly looking head, can scare old ladies away.


I think he just liked the bald look from the start. But yea the kid suits being bald much better than that mop.

S Taylor

A mud mask may help with the head pimples

M Flem

Killing the shaved head look!
Harry the pictures of him with hair along with the video are a good point I thought I’d mention. Totally made me more engaged ??


Great work harry! Special guest is brave as hell

Michael Way

he looks great really suits him

LovinglyStoned Productions

Thank you for sharing your story Cesar!

Neil Bryan Caoile

I'm not bald but I'm short 5'5 and It is exactly the same feeling what the guy felt. There is realy nothing we can do about it just to accept it and improve the things we can control. That's okay bro just build some muscles and you'll be good!!

Ketchup Rod

Heading there and I'm 24, but I knew about it since a kid. I decided to do something crazy and went blond before I cut it.. well not yet but i will after this summer! lol


Dat jacket is fireeee


@SmokingDead Thank you for sharing your story.
Out of curiosity, would you consider scalp micropigmentation? Some of the results online look pretty decent

Jamie Kerkhof

He looks great without hair! I'm not bald but i always get razorburns when shaving my face, the only thing i can use is aloe vera gel. Maybe he can use that to shave his head as well. Hope this helps!

Errol D'Cruz

Triumph of the human spirit!

Joshua Doyle

He's one of those bald dudes who still looks pretty young without hair. You look way better bald, dude. Keep going.

Things and stuff

Please can you tell me how I can contact César


What are your views on finsateride though ?


I’m 21 years old, and I’m started balding in 19. I’m depressed every time, because I look awful with my amount of hair. Girls don’t have Interest in me, some girls even saying me they don’t like bald guys. self-esteem and confidence is very low, and I have not been with a girl for 2 years. I’m taking pills and do procedures to stop hair loss, but it is not effective. And I’m not confident enough to cut my hair and go bald...

Stephen Tyree

I’m 25 with a receding hairline. I have no loss on my crown at this point, just the hairline falling back into a dramatic widows peak. It’s still fairly thick, but I know from seeing pictures of my dad when he was my age, we have an identical hair loss pattern. My dad just turned 59 and his hair is incredibly thin on the top. You can probably count the hairs if you really want to. I am certain that I will have the same hair when I’m his age, and perhaps even before. I don’t want to let mine just fall out like he did; I want to shave it when the time comes. This video is probably going to help me with that.


I also can't grow a beard
This guy game me motivation

Muhammad Rizwan

you do good work
man you motivated me too bro

p neehar

I am 21 now same thing (its like me before and after lockdown )

Lit man

The guy on the left is level 1

The guy on the right is boss level


He’s handsome. He did the right choice


Honestly, you look good bald. It really suits you. You look like an Olympic gold medalist.

Joey B

Are you still in touch with Cesar? Love to see more videos of him, maybe showing how he shaves his head so good. Can you ask him? Looks great, by the way.

RJ Carter

Very handsome indeed. I view hair loss as a gain...


He really lost his hair so fast!

The Zabaleta Experience

I lost my girlfriend because of my balding and I just turned 20


im not comfortable at all, balding very bad and honestly don't know this is such a hard process I'm 21 too


I love that you have this channel. It might be hard work but I believe it is worth it. So many men are losing their hair and you give them hope. I want to jump through the monitor and give you a hug. Eventually I will need to take the plunge, but until then, please keep making these videos. The work you are doing is helping people and I am truly grateful!

Paul Powers

Yikes. That head is big. Needs hair. Bald looks freakish on him

Joe Crockenberg

If you look up side effects for anything and think you’ll get the worst of them you’re going to freak out lol

H.I.T.B nn

I'm 15 I have a receading hairline

Isabelle blondel

so proud of you César !!

Hendro Van der Merwe

Thank you so much for this channel, it really helps me as a 19-year old to start accept my thinning hair.

aakash soni

I can relate to ceaser as it’s the same condition that everyone on this channel gone through...Have a great new life man...Cheers ??‍♂️

Ryan Turner

I went bald fast right after college. Took about 2 weeks of thinking of what to do. Easily came to the solution to shave my head bald. I love it. People love it. I felt free.

Best decision of my life to shave my head at 24


Many people forget minoxidil causes shedding phases.


Cesar looks so good with the shaved head, that even if he wasn't balding that look would be a great choice. Thanks guys. :)

Yaxye Farah

Man 4 month back i began to loss hair, i could easily pull my hair out, when i wash my hair i had a lot of hair in my hand, also when i drive my fingers through my hair. I start to freak out. I began to search on some methods to stop it. And here is the crazy part it really begin to stop, normal a Day i lost tons of hair, but now im not even kidding or anything i see around 3 hair Daily, this is crazy somehow Im not 100% sure what prevent that from happing. But this is crazy somehow. When i found out what it is i Will come back. And all this began 1 week ago. I also fell bless somehow. And im 17 turn 18


Thank you guys, Plz keep posting man you are helping more people than you realise <3

I Am No One

That must have been a shock... are there any reason for this rapid hairloss? Like annoying girl friend, female boss or not enough testosterone?

Jonathan Craggs

Half an hour before you shave use baby lotion to moisturise the head and use facial scrub on the head . Rinse the head and than go for the wet shave ? against the grain . I stopped getting burns . I shave again the grain and don’t get any razor burns . After, I rinse with warm water and than I use cold water to close the pores. Pat down with a towel and moisturise again and add some sun tan lotion on the noggings to protect your head. Stay safe .

Andrew White

Luckily you two both have a good shaped head , i would be screwed.

Steven Holmes

I am one of the few that absolutely cannot pull off being bald. Ive done it by choice. If I lose my hair I guess I will just had to get real fit. Lol! Should do that anyways.

Vincent Hayes

Although I plan on fighting this hair shedding and will continue to research alternative theories regarding male pattern baldness, I appreciate the work you are doing as it will indeed help many young men in dire need, including myself. There isn't nearly enough resources out there for young men who need help in their mental and emotional state, so helping mitigate the severe underrepresentation of this community is indeed honorable work, keep it up.

Juni Delgado Colon

I just loss hair in the right side in my head in a small area is affected since early by 26 years old, well i have full of hair but only in that right side is missing, i have long hair but im 31 and i don't have hair loss in the left side or the crown, only in the right side, i still don't know.


Is it me or do both of these guys look like they have enough hair to still have hair?

Emon Araya

ok guys....since this is a bald community i have to tell u my experience, im 21 years old my hair start thinning when i was 17-18 i try convinces my self its cuz of diet or depression (i was depressed) but at 19 i end up having a big ass forehead, and my self confidence droped dramatically, for me it was hard to have a real conversation with people cuz they dont make eye contact they just look at ur hair when they talk to u, u can just read their mind ( ow shit this dude is balding as hell. something like that) what i did was i try to roast my self so that i can let people to talk instead of giving me the looks. it help me a lot. when i turn 21 i decided to shave it all and grow a beard ohhh God it felt so good u can fell the wind touching ur head skin like an air-bender. and i got me the sexiest girl in collage everything turned out fine. for those of u dealing with this just roast ur self

cam inglis

Well you look great bald!

Good looking guy

Grow a little facial hair just a tiny bit and you will look like a x-games sportsman really cool man ???

Like Dave Mirra, his look was always fresh as fire ?

Anal Lyons

I didn't expect to lose my hair either at the very least not in my 20s lol cuz my dad still has all is hair so it was quite the shock, tried monoxidil for a bit as well but it's not worth it consider the price, side effects and inconvenience of it all it was just delaying the inevitable at best not even sure it helped that much so I just shaved my head like a man and never looked back, best decision I could make

chris kozub

I don’t think this guy is losing his hair


Great work!


That the number one thing women. Your worried about how people view you, especially women. I never had this issue. I started focusing on developing and graphic design, digital marketing to avoid the problem. Traumatic bro. Keep this going.


Ceasar, you look fantastic with the shaved head. When I first started shaving my head I was using the cheap disposable razors and would get razor burns and cuts. I spent more money and bought a better razor (mach 3) and use a shaving cream (not gel), now I don't have a problem. Love your positive attitude too!

eipi plusone

Handsome fella. He will look even better later when he can grow a goatee and a neat moustache.


Thank you, I've very anxious ... this helps him talking

Raphael Miller

I actually think Cesar is hotter bald than he was with hair.

Fastest Boi

This is happening to me to. Im 18 and my hair is thinning all over my head, and it is happening so fast. Im not confident shaving it of :/

Jake Scott

That guy looks like hitman - game character; I like it.

Carlo Escobar

Mothers father is not your grandfather! Learned something new today?

Omar Aslam

looks like he has NO hair loss on his crown......hmm im confused

Ant B

If the hair got that thin that quickly it’s 100% sign of a metabolic syndrome! A full hormone blood panel and thyroid, parathyroid hormone, vitamin D, prolactin etc..

Mike M

Thank you man,it's nice too see other young people accepting their baldness hope I can do it in the future

Euan Elliott

He looks cool with his head shaved.


Dude! Great show but rid of your Islam beard! Have a kick ass shadow!!

Justanother Dude

You got that Billy Zane look ??