How to punish your girlfriend

Silence Is How You P*nish Women

Silence Is How You P*nish Women25 Mar. 2020
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Alexander GraceSubscribe 438 721

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Comments (100)

Must’ve been nice to interview Rachel McAdams.

Mohamed Hatem

Such an empowering video!

James Hanson

I enjoyed this video. I really think that the object to achieve is not to punish the woman but to preserve your own self respect and dignity while at the same time gracefully getting out of a problematical relationship. There is a saying that sums it up: "You broke it; you bought it." Just leave and wish the other poor devil well.

James D3

Excellent advice. There's nothing that puts a ring in a woman's ear like silence.


ANY guy that seeks to PUNISH women is NOT the kind of guy to have. Bye..........

3331CUR4ntSaturnVI E. Javier

"enjoy the silence" shhh ;)


A tip every man should know and practice. When starting a relationship with a woman, after a few weeks mentally dump her and get yourself into a state of mind as if she did cheat on you or wrong you somehow and mentally break up with her, that way when she actually does do it you won’t feel as hard of a sting from the shock and you can move on quicker and healthier in my opinion...

THABO Golden Peace

Lessons taken


Amazing analysis and amazing advice, thank you for this video!

Mr. Beats Pt.2

A man who doesn’t give a f*ck is a woman’s worst nightmare.


This is a gold level tip! Thanks.

Scott Kirk

men need to learn and digest ... "beta-for the bucks....alpha for the fks"

Aitor Navarro

Personally I believe nowadays women are just as likely to cheat on men as men are on women than 20-30-50 yrs ago. But I also think it depends on the culture and how you were brought up.

Ko Hakan Hanan

Don't ever speak to her after leaving her


Silence is how you Penish women


Silence is actually most devastating for them. My ex told me that she would rather have me to hit her than give silent treatment. Well unfortunately for her, I don't hit women. But take advice guys, punish with silence but never stick with woman like that. Woman like that never deserves a loyal man.


How bout leave her alone...n move on..feel then move along

PIEPIE dont check in. She will not be honest with you. Just observe and evaluate what happened.

Alan Robertson

What I don't get about this is why would you even stay together if someone cheats on you. Don't stay silent just go.


Stew in the juice of her own moral decay. You have a gift my friend?


Just be silent and walk off in the sunset.

Leon Kane

Alex I think you recommendation to go back @ some point to an ex girlfriend to try & learn what went wrong is flawed. Especially if she did cheat in the relationship.

Why? Because cheaters are liar & often delusional, so you can't really be certain of the quality of that data.

She is a cheater, there is nothing more you need to know. Do not revisit that kind of pain on yourself & ask her to help push the knives in that you brought along with you in the name of data collection.

It is not worth it, I have been there & done that. Move on & do not look back. Going back is you give her the opportunity to try & get some sort of control over you, if only in that conversation

I do agree that silence & non engagement is useful in dealing with women's shitty behavior, in particular walking away, abandonment. I am not saying to do this is situations that have serious consequences for women's safety. So all of this should be done with care.

I do not hate women, just their shitty behavior. I love & miss them & I truly want what is best for them in balance.

In how I decided to deal with women (I am not saying its perfect, I am always looking for a better way). There are no instant solutions with this mess.

It is a bit like a zombie apocalypses movie where the will be no cure found any time soon so it is the question of "What is the best I can do with what I have post apocalypses?"

However I do not recommend anything involving crossbows', cutting their heads off with axes or locking them up, though I know the zombie scenario & solutions sounds so much easier to deal with.

Евгений Филатов

Immediate disqualification is the only one punishment she deserves. But you’ve got to think for yourself - why, how that happened that she came to your life, what did you do wrong during your relationship that she venture to cheat on you.


8:16 she's the one who made a mistake.


No man can steal your woman, they’ll just steal your problem. Real women can’t be stolen, so worry less. Only b*tches get stolen.

Hugh Jarse

‘ stew in the juices of her own moral decay ‘ ... ??

Nick Korkodylas

Eerie global silence after all life is extinguished by third impact.

Women most affected!


So I'm supposed to ask my ex what happened and why she cheated ?

the crazy world of T.P.

C'mon this IS cruel, and Nobody wins, a real man speaks Up , silence isnt good for Nobody, and ITS way to cruel for Simeone WHO Loved you

rick couture

stay silent, let it burn.....

Rafael Vaz

I used that today.
Now, actually.
It worked like a charm ??

Guatemalan Dude 69

it's like in football when a team goes for it on 4th down and they get bailed off by a pass interference call that gives them a full set of downs. never give them an easy out


This is 100% true. It's not just for cheating either. My wife ALWAYS ends up coming to me if I am mad at her because I just stop go to my room and say nothing. Usually it doesn't even take her 10 minutes to come up and apologize or try to get me to talk.

Brianna Laola

Yes, men need to communicate even less than they already do!



Qi Ne

Dump or talk. Dont manipulate.

Olia Topanteleeva

There is no reason to punish no one, if she cheat on u, probably u cheat on her first, and some ppl no matter the gender they payback, or simply fall out of love and that may happened becouse of both did not made it work at first place, so when she decide to go with someone else the guy definitely had already stop being affective, and stop respecting her, so remain silence wont be a punishment when a relationship was over already, no body "cheats" on someone who is there giving the best of himself, when that happened that relationship had gone on different stages and was even practicaly over before that happened, I would not cheat for real to no one, but if that person demostrates no longer value me, need me or love me, there is no reason to stay, and move on it is not cheating, lots of guys do not even accept your right to after some time continue with Ur life, and may call you names for that reason, but there is no cheating if you clearly demostrates her actually you no longer love her...

Abhay Syngh

Even if you treat a women having more than 700 insta followers with silence or stoicism, she's gonna get that validation from other sources.

Chris A

What Should I text my ex? I've been in no contact for almost two months. She is seeing someone else but she doesn't know that I know. I think that her rebound is gone to S**t now. She wants me to text her but I don't know the right thing to say. She contacted me in the middle and wrote me an apology, wished me for my birthday and left again.


I wish I could have a beer with you, mate

Dave Nonyabiz

Whenever I go silent they just go silent too and it becomes a test of wills.

Leafke FN

and then theres me, a young adult male, who only had a gf once when he was 16 years of age... and never had any GF anymore because i recently find out i have personal disorder :( very light but still..... i hate life sometimes EDIT: Personality disorder*


If your girl cheats on you and you find out, why are you even concerned about having a conversation. You break up with her and you both go your own way. Leave it at that.


This works perfectly.

Wanna know HOW I know that?

God has been silent to us for CENTURIES!

Only those who seek God in love, humility, patience and honest repentance will find him, to finally gain peace, joy and understanding about themselves, about others and about the mysteries of the universe. And believe me, when you've done that, the REVELATIONS OF TRUTH THAT YOU ARE GIVEN ARE POWERFUL BEYOND COMPARE!!! And you will love it!

Vaughn Jackson

blink once in a while Alexander


Silence is golden man this video is clear and honest and transparent

Justin Patterson

Never been cheated on. But was accused of it so much. And so often. I eventually said "fk it. You think I'm cheating? So be it". 2 whole years of defending myself from accusations of infidelity. The last 6 months were me trying to get out of that reltionshyte. With her threatening self deletion every damn time. And me finally cracking and hooking up with someone else- to get the message across. I cannot be with someone who is so emotionally unstable and insecure.


It really feels like you're subtly missing the point of why a man would try to convince a woman that what she did was wrong. Personally, I've never been cheated on, but if I were cheated on, I would agree that it would be pointless to convince her that what she did was wrong, but the same thing happens for smaller infractions all the time, and generally speaking, I would believe that it's important that the woman be able to recognize and admit to her mistakes, because it signals an important step towards changing her behavior. A person who cannot understand that they did something wrong when they hurt you through some overt or negligent act, is a person who is going to keep hurting you. A woman who is a slob will not improve herself if she is making excuses for her slovenliness. A woman who puts you down in front of friends and family will not improve herself if she is making excuses. A woman who breaks dishes when she's angry will not improve herself if she is making excuses.

A woman who cheats on you will probably cheat again, but it is an absolute certainty if she can't even admit that she did something wrong. If one is inclined to salvage the relationship, then ensuring that she understands that what she did is wrong, is essential. Maybe some people need their victimhood validated, but even reasonably self-assured people who are desperate to save a failing relationship will try to convince their partner that they have done wrong. (Even if one has given up on the relationship, one might still try; like arguing with the universe. If she can't see that she's done something wrong, then will anyone? I don't think that's a healthy motive, but I think it's one that happens.)

Of course, pleading with such a woman, and begging to salvage the relationship is disgusting, but I've certainly been there with lesser crimes. I've learned that it's not really worthwhile for the lesser crimes either. I can communicate my disappointment, but when I'm begging, them I'm not acting in a healthy way and I need to course correct.

Hello Galaxy

Logic from movies about love has screwed up our brains big time.

Pro Style

Even a fool is counted as wise when he holds his tongue.

Horvath Richard

can I hit the beeach silently?


There is only one appropriate response to cheating. You say nothing, walk away, and never, ever look back. You literally disappear from her life forever. No contact ever again.

eric omondi

I love your point bro but, for how long should I remain silent.... cause eventualy we have to talk, this weapon doesn't work on certain breeds of women, some will simply ignore your silence while some will see it as a weakness....., while you're suffering in silent with a heavy heart.

Mike L

God I’m moving to Eastern Europe. Girls are so sweet and hot!

Austrin Alick

Thanks for that useful advice Alex. God bless.

Marcus Jones

pretty spot on, if someone betrays you you gotta cut em off completely. not even to punish her, just to get you out of the situation and not let yourself get dragged back into their bs

Alexander Grace

BONUS VIDEO How To Communicate Your Needs Without Being Needy

Valentin Reghina

Imagin she is silent too, and act like shes not care.

Christopher Compagnon

Probably the best advice of this entire year.

Abdel Driou


Garcia's Lofi

my girlfriend cheated on me with her dog named browny. She said that the dog was on top of her and now I'm embarrassed

dad dada

Somehow there is wisdom in his ideas.


wish I would know this years ago... thanks man, love your work and information you provide. thanks

Apex Joe

The girl in the beginning is a cutie. I wouldn't cheat on her !

Ravi Andola

No men can explain women in simple words

Wild Rain

Salient treatment I called it. Very useful for women who always want to argue even over these tiny things in marriage. Recommended


A female friend at uni once told me something that upset me a lot, and I immediately stepped away from her and ignored her all day. By the time we got to the last lecture of the day she was wracked with guilt, fighting to get my attention back.

Another time, my ex refused sex when we were in bed and started complaining about something; I just turned away from her and she immediately panicked and got on top of me.

Another time, a female friend in class who'd just gotten a new boyfriend was making me uncomfortable by continuing to act very touchy with me as she used to do when single, so I sat further away and put my bag between us. When she realized I was pulling away on purpose she looked so insecure I even felt a little bit guilty.

Ignoring a woman who expects your attention is 100% the best way to handle behavior you don't like. And if your woman is being good, make sure you give her enough attention, because it's kind of shitty to let her feel insecure for no reason - many relationships were ruined when the man took his woman for granted.

Joel McKaig

Obviously they have a hard time taking No for an answer


This is so much the video i wanted to hear. M doing exactly this. Enough of being taken for granted.

Brian J. Wood

"Stew in the juice of her own moral decay."

b gatty

Good video. Only thing I disagree with is you saying a person is morally bankrupt because they cheated. That’s a very bad thing to do in a committed relationship, obviously, but that’s a reach. You’re crossing into the territory of just saying stuff to make yourself feel better about the situation. He/She made mistakes and did wrong. Sometimes people learn and change for the better though. For example, perhaps the girl in this situation learned her lesson the hard way, lost her man who was probably her best option and has to live with the consequences for the rest of her life. Chances are, she’ll never find someone that will love her like her last man again. After awhile, she is going to realize this. It could go 50/50. She could either just keep being a shitty person or realize that she’s flawed, she needs to value people in her life more and vow to never make the same mistakes again. People really do need to learn things the hard way sometimes in order for them to truly change. I’ve cheated in past relationships, but I 100% learned my lesson. I don’t want to be a selfish, lying, manipulative asshole to the people I’m closet with and I know for a fact I would never cheat on someone I’m committed to again. Just my 2 cents

Alpha Xensei

Love the comments. Some people agree with silence others want to speak up. Have you guys notice that speaking up might have same out come as silence? You tell her how bad of a person she is, she’s gonna cry say sorry. Then go back to the other mans bed. Stay silent, she might go back into his bed but I’m sure she will have you in her head wondering what you’re thinking, if she ever mattered to you ...etc . Don’t give your energy and time to people who will just throw it away. It might be a few words, but words are just that. Actions speak louder

fit billionaire

na i am not talking to her again man. that is the advice i am not gonna take. except if we are together

Mad Dad Lad

Three and a half years meant nothing to my ex fiancé. Weren't even broken up two weeks and there was already another guy ok the scene. Mental and emotional isolation backfired on her when I told her I had enough and walked away. Only communication we have now is in regards to our daughter and nothing else and she doesn't hear a peep out of me outside of that. I'll make sure my daughter understands the value of being a good person in body and mind and to also understand the value of bearing strong bonds and not undermining them. If I can do that much I'll have succeeded in some way as a father.

Dominic Frost


George Betrian

I think it's more easy move on and don't look back.

Alun Gray

That first woman has narcissism oozing from every pore.

Royale Meister

The first girl looks like rachel adams


Silence is golden.

stultus es

Old saying: Speech is silver, silence is golden

uri vc

Women hate thinking good one

Leon Kane

Alexander how often do you think women come to grips with there own moral conscience?


You can't get cheated on if you never go on a date.
Life has more than enough entertainments to skip relationship all together.

billy 9

Why do i feel like i saw that girl somewhere before?

Lex L

You are right mate, the best thing to do is just simply to walk away with a smile and a goodbye. I walked away from women completely about 15 years ago, it is amazing how much clearer I see things now. A relationship for a woman is almost like signing off on a contract that she is materially satisfied with, a man just wants to be loved but it is simply not enough for a woman to feel loved, she wants all the bells and whistles as well. If you are rich, are ripped, have a strong jaw line and hump her like a pirate then she may decide to love you.

Ko Hakan Hanan

Not the worst punishment

brian b

Silence is key. Once you walk away NEVER call back, they take it as you still need them, weakness,ect... If you need an explanation dig deep inside yourself you will find the answer.


Silence is the way. But will she feel guilty? I doubt it. If there is one thing I'm confident women can do in any situation... it's make whatever problem they face in relationship man's fault. You might as well just save yourself some energy tho.


I had a woman at work who had a partner give me her number without asking. I threw it away.

Leon Kane

Humans are always trying to give or deny permission for all kinds of things, not just women.

Just Looking

I always thought leather whip and hot wax is the go to torture instruments


He is right. They always want a big drama and a big fight.
If you just leave she wont get sleep for days.


So in other words. Become a passive aggressive woman gentleman.

I. S

When it comes to this point you do have to tell her something: "I am leaving".

Zachary Miles

Wish I'd have found this a year ago

Domingo De Anda

12,-29-2020, happy new year to all of us

George Blue Kelly

Just stay S.T.O.I.C

Laurence A

I'd only disagree in this. Talk to a therapist rather than talking to an ex. If you pulled off the silence treatment, don't break it - ever. All you'll succeed in doing is giving her some power to blame everything on you.

Kilo Whiskey

To do this at a societal level, just stop engaging with women. Stop looking at them, stop talking unless absolutely necessary, stop arguing with the oppositemale-ists about anything.
Let the women have their simps. Real men can start another society in the background, underneath all this crazy behaviour.


"Stew in the juice of her own moral decay" such a savage ?

How To Train Your Girlfriend

How To Train Your Girlfriend27 May. 2014
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Comments (100)
Yasmin Godinez

Hey didn't he just use Olivia not whoever this is????

Petar Ivanovic

2:29 I love girls that know where they belong.

Jesus Valdez


becky rafferty

I don't think people understand that this video is 2 years old hahaha shut up with 'where's chachi' he obviously had girlfriends before her?

Storm Bunny

his ex's name is Suzie (or how ever u spell it)

shook lizard

I want to see how to train your bf lol

Adyan Al

Is this supposed to be chachi

Hanan Abdi

wheres chachi

dulce maria valero gallegos

how to be a fuck girl


kinda weird that his ex and his currents name is olivia

tatianna jaiprashad


Sickly Smiles

This is soooooo petty I love it




I think this was before him and chachi started dating it said it was uploaded in may 2014. He has more videos of him and chachi since then he has a recent one in december 2015 with her. Unless the girl is supposed to be chachi cus chachi's real name is olivia as well.

Rai Reacts

when she asks him "youre insecure?" em like
"youre insecure dont know what for" ONE DIRECTION fever


That girl isnt hes girl.... Right?

kutis bayag

Paid actor and actress. Nice acting .Lol

misbah hussain

Waaaatttt that is not Olivia. That should've been Chachi?

Phila Le

Direct Attetion elsewhere" lol


..... I saw Stacy to let her know to never contact me again.... And I banged her really hard to make her never forget about me.... Haaaaa

Nikki Clark

Only a lot?

Bilbo Swaggins

Your hair looks like someone let their dog shit on your head.

Danuwa Antoinette Otero González

did they break up

Abia McFarland

I don't think chachi wanted to be treated like a dog by being trained I wouldn't blame her

Mireya Vargas

I love that move 1 and 2 but it's true 2 is

Kate Pacursa


Jul Marchiani

So funny but at the end WTF man?? Too funny!

Danuwa Antoinette Otero González

did they break up

It be like that sometimes

Lowkey the argue method works.

Ben Beckman

Wait what ? Olivia changed a lot


I loved the end!!!!!!!!!!
so awesome!

Danuwa Antoinette Otero González

what about chachi

Martha Hernandez

Josh I hope that you win


The one he would always call
"Little Dude."
Cause he looked like a-
" Little Dude. "

Kyla N'Cole

He's dated 2 Olivia's?


Ur ar amazing man! And very handsome tooo. I can't believe I'm saying this hahaha. Good luck upload more!

Jamal Jimenez

thats not olivia

noor stars

josh i know that your girlfriend is chache

Pramod Dilshan

I've seen this type of video somewhere BTW :/

Jessebell Rubio

Where is chachiiiiii???????

prime rose life

Where is chachiiiiiiiii

Flah Falah

they haven't made a video together for a year they don't even post about eachother did they break up? and im talking about chichi don't know how 2 spell her name still

Fathi Ismail

did he broke his girlfriend


I searched this up, as a joke.

K Clarke

Chachi Dumped Him When He Tried 2 Train Her ?

Nelly Candelas

I like chachi better .


Thank you.

jonajayra bustos

where is chacha

Isaac Awungshi

I hate this video... Nobody can be Olivia other Chachi... Heart breaks wen i heard him call her olivia

Josie B

Was she your actual girlfriend?

Jacob Marmar

Bby Pink


Mister King

Wait she had a girlfriend before chachi?

martha ruiz

I don't think it was a coincidence that her name was Olivia ??

Harry Morey

i bet someone broke up over this

Pu Kin Sui Dun

did u 2 brake up because ur bf and gf with chachi!

Jordan Brookins

No ChaChi, No Likey

tika Little

at the party

buttgoo magoo

Only works when the puss is young and tight,,after about 30 a butches meat goes bad and they cant get you to do shit

Rey Tut


rosebell sanson

im inlove wd ds video ???


this seems legit

Silvia Rosas

damnnn hes good

Just Watch


Ishan Tripathi

A lot Out of Context, nice plot.

Lauren B


Jerome Gregoire

What is the music at the end?

Evie Aguilar

was kristalized your ex

Mashal AMV

How to train your girlfriend but your girlfriend tricked you lol

Joselin Diaz

June 3 is my bday

Alondra Ramos

Joooooosssssssshhhhhh where is chachi

Nikki Starla

He kinda looks like the buff version of Carli Bybel's boyfriend Brett.

Jameya Washington

nooooo chachi

Cristina Cast

Josh , you are a very good smooth talker..:-)

the amazing world of jaeden

I love how to train your dragon 2


couldn't stop lashing

Anything 4 you

Omg too cute

the amazing world of jaeden

my dad should use the tricks on my mom


This was nearly 2 yr's ago but I'm still gonna make a - " How to train your ______" video.


Anyone else notice attetion

Mariane Mae Enriquez

when does josh and chachi got together?

Emily Price

Wow I feel like I understand girls better now

vic bruzz

holy fucking SHIT she's hot.

Mad Blue

+Josh Leyva WHO IS SHE?!! Sry..I like Gachi better ?

Rob Sanchez

I thought chachi was your girlfriend ?


hey please say...where is he's old\new girlfriend cachi

Ranti Nur

hahahaha .. great idea! :D such a great liar hahahha

Chirayu Bimali

who is real girlfriend ??

Isabel Ovalle

Where's chachi

Joe Procter

I like ur new girlfriend more than this one

illee ille

Josh where is chachi

Brianna Oxelgren

this isnt chachi and im PIIIISSSSED.

Tanya Mubvuma

ummmm where is chach


Great . now i only need to find a girlfriend to train

Bryan Schmidt

This shit is stupid LOL

Miss Interesting

Josh u should hv taken Chachi she is more better than Olivia....?????

Samantha Bartra

Is she a dog? Like what


Who is she? Did you guys break up? Does Chachi know about this? Why do you call her Olivia too??

Yasmeen Pulido

If it involved another girl then there is no way averting my attention will work because I get jelous really easily and won't let it go so quickly. :)

Tetet Shimray

i dont wanna see u with other girls.... wheres chachi

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Comments (5)
EARTH IS seriously FLAT

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.?

Fredo Hill

If you’re fighting with your girlfriend (and losing miserably)... then you’ll want to watch this video before your next fight !For more mind control techniques that help you win, click here:

Xchano Suico

Hello fredo thanks


Yo, I love your content soon much Fredo. Can't wait to get the package

D'Andre Robinson

What if this doesn't work on her?