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Take Perfect Outfit Photos FROM HOME — Instagram Pictures (Advanced Selfies)

Take Perfect Outfit Photos FROM HOME — Instagram Pictures (Advanced Selfies)23 Apr. 2020
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Take Perfect Outfit

Take Perfect Outfit Photos From Home

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Video Topic: At Home Advanced Selfies

In this men’s fashion x tech video, I’m teaching you simple ways to take fire outfit pics from your room, apartment, or house! This is the only video you need for self portraits from your phone, especially if you’re in to fashion! Watch till the end and let me know what you think :)



How To Take Photos By Yourself ⇨ http://bit.ly/FitPicsPt2

Make Photos More Interesting ⇨ https://bit.ly/2VUcNXR

How To Pose In Outfit Pics ⇨ http://bit.ly/OutfitPics

How I Edit My Photos ⇨ https://bit.ly/3a7U7IZ

REFLECTOR ⇨ https://bit.ly/3ati7GH

STUDIO LIGHTS ⇨ sold out

Alternative ⇨ https://bit.ly/3eJm7WW

Cheaper Alternative ⇨ https://bit.ly/34XaCa5

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DaHunters Trophy

You the REAL MVP. I’m about to use these tips and see if I can get my ig going. How did you do this 6:08

Maliq Hall

I just found you through your apartment tour and decided to check out another video. How genuine you are and how natural your personality is feels so refreshing! I had no choice BUT to subscribe to you. Keep it up Devan ??

Nooa Vehkaoja

These are quality videos

Charlene Harris

i liked this video in 3 seconds just bc he called the plant charles and made sure he was in the frame

Ali Tawfik

Aren’t you that bleep from TikTok?




For the IG stories massive idea buddy

shaba LASKAR

interesting thing if you wanna click such blowing photos you must have a beautiful mirror,sneaker and an iphone pro like he has???

The Delaya B.

lol give Charles his spotlight. This video was helpful. I need ideas on how to shoe variety of photos while in the same location.

Karen Taylor

You are so right, not everyone is experiencing the same things right now - you are the real guy Devon, so relate-able - as well as being aspirational big time? hope you and your girl are doing great, really nice to see a new video from you?

Lawi Fowora

Great tips. I just discovered your page on a random search. Love the content. Subbed

Shagith shagithyan

yes thank you

Carl Richards Sambo III

love your work!

Anshu Wadhwa

Perfect men ?

Mirendah Mabotha

I’ve always used just my ring light but it doesn’t do much justice cause my finances house is so small and little to no natural lighting comes in it’s terrible but I bought extra lighting Incase my ring light failed I should use them. Do you recommend shooting in a dark room with the lights on or must I let the natural light in plus the extra lighting ?

Roger Caughell

Dammit, Devan, your kick-ass character comes right through the camera!



Dheeraj Kumar

Love from india????

23 cent

What are those AF1, are they custom?

Ync Prydo

What are the white shoes

Eyimofe Ayo Pinnick

Hey Devan what's the name of your hairstyle in this video

Chrysler Ignatius

You are such a great YouTuber. Not annoying and your advice is so good.

Krisztofer Horváth

You bought me with this video, man! I live in Ireland and the weather is always rainy so i have stick for indoor photos. Great tips, thank you ??

boy from graveyard

ചേട്ടന്റെ പേര് ദേവന്‍നാണ് ല്ലെ.. നല്ല പേരാട്ടാ.. ?

Geetha ShreeN

this was very helpful;...

Stahn Latcheemoonah

I had a question, looking at your camera (selfie mode) then shooting it - it gives two different persons. What I mean is that what I think I look like is one thing and how the picture comes out is another and it kinda leaves me disgusted to be honest and drops my confidence in taking pictures. What do you suggest me to do?


this is so helpful

Chris Hutcherson

What products do you put in your hair??

Henry Taylor

Appreciate you

Pranav Ajgaonkar

Man the video is too good. Following you on insta for those photo tricks. Love from india.♥️

Shayan Anjum

Love the Style Peace ✌

Sabari Sivakumar

Main thing that you need good camera or high quality camera mobile (truth gonna hurt)

Sreehari Vinayak

I'm watching your video for the first time. But you made an impression. You owe a subscription from me. Me and my homies are going to be a regular viewer of your channel.


Thnx for ur suggestions ?

Antquan Smith

I REALLLLYYYYY like your channel.

Sahil Ahmadi

does anyone know what his mirror is called????


Hello, I am new to your channel and I just watched 3 of your videos back to back and I must say your content is FIRE! I had to subscribe. Keep up the good work! Loved this video especially.

Lucas DBT

My fucking salvatore

suren Sherlin

Bro white shoes shopping link send me please


New sub. Hopefully this channel would help my photography

Janete Tramutola

Wow. You are the best. I stared to follow you. And watching all your videos. Gratitude ❤️



Mathieu Preuss


Arsh _

I discovered your channel yesterday and i think i finally find what i was looking for from months now m gonna watch and analyse all of your videos and you insta posts.m also starting my journey to become a fashion influencer Wish me luck ?


Awesome video and content Devan! Thanks for the advice, inspo and motivation to create

ShuBham BanSal

You wife is too fatty ???

Youraj Baraily

Where’d you get the mirror??

Pushkar Nandanwar

Man I've been searching for you since tiktok got banned in India?


Thanks for the game my man!


dont you have a tiktok?

Sarosh Edits

Tip no 1 : Get a good Camera...

Marcel Brown

Great tip about sitting down!


This man named a plant. I have a 11 year old goldfish and I still haven’t given it a name. ?


Where'd you get the tripod?

Su Bin

What homeless people do?

Mykeal Jackson

Randomly found this channel and literally appreciate all the content I’ve come across so far. ? definitely deserves more attention

DirtyBoy Beatz

Amazing video??

Lil Xo

Only one problem...

I don’t have a beautiful wife to help me out

Chirag Jauhary

Dude!! damn that white sneakers ❤❤

Can anyone tell me the name and model number of that white dope ass sneaker and where can I get one of those?

Ignacio Aguilar

Thanks from Argentina


Step 1 have a nice looking house

Sidney Sizy

I just got this recommended... tt.. yas

Thrill Original

Where did he get that nice mirror

Ben Caelers

What white sneakers are those

нема кво кво нема

@2:19 can someone tell me what are those shoes?

Akshay Pradhan

Viewing first video of you it’s an life saving


My house looks like shit, all your backgrounds in your photos look expensive as fuck

Rahul Arora - Strike With Style

Vr nicely done


bro im just starting out how do you buy outfits ? like u buy it then return it? keep it up!!


I like ur smiley face bro ?

Naturally Sky

Awesome day ?ING!! Your videos are ??!! I love your editing videos... I have downloaded so many apps you have suggested on your channel!! Much success to you!

Daniel Z

first step:you need a home


"Brand new" got me a lot?

corey Hart

Perfection my Brother...??????


Are you the guy that does the “?☝?☝?☝?☝?☝?☝?☝?☝?” on tiktok? ?

Ziyanda Cele

I am a lady and I would like to say THANK YOU ??? for the advice


Where is the mini tripod from?


Damn u on my fyp in tiktok and on recommendations in yt ?

Harry Luke

What a genius! Keep that hard work man, peace !

Teddy X

Underrated channel

Touradou Ba

The thing that I like the most about Devan besides his great style and amazing content is that he still watches Dragon Ball??

chagan lal ninama

India se kon kon hi hit the like


U really Dope ?

Team sgb


Joseph Sb

Bro you're genius

505 -Calsias Carvalho

Ayy I watch ur videos on tik tok finally found u ???


are u the guy from tiktok

Rodrigo Garcia

Where do I get a mirror like that!

Just a User

xbox gang

Vic Alejandro

Perfect broo


This video gave me a Lot ❤️

King Vibez

I didnt know selfies have degrees of experience?

Murilo Rocha

What is your iphone?

Sayeed Anwar

What iPhone are you using to capture these pictures?

Emily Elizabeth

I've been searching for a video with content that is actually helpful and you're the first video in a long while that's actually shown exactly how you achieve the photos you take and post. Thanks!

Shayan Anjum

You Boom man ?

Devin khedekar

It really helped me, bro, thank you ?

Max Mattsson

XBOX issa geiii


You name you plants too?!?!

Adina Cantor

I love your channel! Thanks Devan

7 Steps For Taking Awesome Selfies | Eric Bandholz

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Everyone takes selfies, but not everyone knows how to take a good selfie. There's way more information with good photography than I listed, but these 7 steps should get you on your way to taking some great selfies that are engaging, appropriate, and high quality.

Comments (18)

Eric and team, can you please look into your camera's auto focusing lock. My Panasonic camcorder has a manual focus ring that I can set the focus range and leave it there. I find your current setup has, in and out of focus moments that make it distracting to watch your videos. Just some constructive feedback. I love your message and I love your products. Beard On!

Bearded Piper

thanks for advice Eric ... it looks like you changed your cheek line to a gradual sloping one? did you do that or have the barber? i'm just curious if i should "try that at home" or not ...lol

Mo Muzzammil

Dude whyyy did u cut ur hairr?????

Alex Beltrán

Great video as always eric, looking forward to implement those tips on my future selfies.??


I've already been doing the mirror trick. It only makes sense, because, in general, your rear cam is better and it has flash for those times that you aren't able to arrange your lighting.

Andrei Isler

Im no beardsman,heck I cant even grow a beard, but you inspire me. You have helped change my image, the way I carry myself and even my views on life. Your videos seem to always make my day. Thankyou.

Ross The Bearded Scotsman

another good vid as always Bud... I like to tilt the head back ever so slightly when I flex my beard...really shows off the neck beard

Corbin Warren

3 point lighting. can make anything look great. but for sure the best light. love beard brand and urban beardman!

billy sherrill

Eric, I've just got one question for you. What's it like being so freakin awesome all the time? lol I love your beard and your videos, you don't know what you've done for my confidence. Thank you for all your help and advice my bearded friend.


True first world problems...doesn't make it better being presented by a male...

Kaloqn Georgiev

Great video, Eric! May the no shame selfie taking begin! :D

Rohit Varma

i am 18 now so when should i start shaving so that i can grow beard

Xario Withoutalastname

Nice vid as usual, however... have you considered turning off the autofocus? Especially with your gesturing, it was so distracting, watching the letters on the poster shift in and out of focus. And you don't need it in these vids, since you are basically standing still.

Anthony Guevara

I love the quality of the videos for sure

Ilpo Surokivi

Men, remember, just be yourself! I am not as old as some of you guys but people appreciate being honest and really the person you are! Just a note: remember manners. Be yourself man! If you like a beard just embrace it. Embrace the person you are! Love yourself! Just not too much.

Carlos Villegas Carlos Villegas

It's a good video. I really think that your point of view of different topics it's great. Very useful and simple to apply by everyone. For this one I have a photo album of my beard growth of every month...


Loving that outfit man

Ruudsch Ma' Hinda

Here's a question, because this happens more and more often:
How not to be identified as a "hipster"? First off, I don't know hat a hipster actually is or does, and second off, am I a hipster without knowing?

Beard on!

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