How to fix grey hair

How to fix over-toned hair! (My hair was GRAY!)

How to fix over-toned hair! (My hair was GRAY!)25 Aug. 2017
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How to fix over-toned

How to fix over-toned hair, Home remedy for toning hair, Using everyday products to fix hair tone/dye.

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hey guys, so basically I

hey guys, so basically I just toned my hair using wella t14 and 050 and I HATED it.

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for some reason the platinum blonde shade I got turned out grey? I'm trying this right now, hope it works out as well as it did for you!

User 190isback

I puted fresh lemon juice (i used 5-6 lemons) on a bowl and conditioner (not as much as the lemon juice) mixed up and with my hand i place it all over my hair hoping it will do something. I was putting and putting after minutes IT DID change my hair colour!!! I putted all my hair in the bowl and the rest juice with my hand on the roots and i massage them all together. GUYS. IT WORKED. IT WAS LIKE A FREAKING MAGIC. the one moment my hair was gray with blonde roots and after a second it washed out!!!

kara nicole

i’m glad we’re all one the same page with this quarantine ?

sanaa Sanaa

thank you for the video, you saved my hair

Nat Mckenzie

Love her lol and wow that worked amazing


My hair was toned a light brown/dirty blonde at the salon ? I was a nice light blonde before I came in to do my roots


Hi! I’m trying to do this but I don’t know if you already added the dawn and the baking soda or baking powder because you mix lemons and then you put in the shampoo and I didn’t see you put the Dawn or the baking powder in. Did you? And did you put that in and just not show it? I was wondering how much you put in how much down and how much baking powder.

cydia enrico

I did the same shit w the same toner and now my hairs green gotta try this ctfu

Emily Watson

Ok lifesaver! Did you apply on wet hair or dry hair??

September Hesbrook

Trying it now

kenna lynn

tried to tone my lavender hair by adding an ash toner that turned my hair green hahahahahah hoping that this helps

melissa court

I used a color remover from sallys

Wonky Donkey

Hey there, my hair looked the same. I researched online how to remove and came up with 3/4 C lemon juice (used bottled) and 1/4 Clarifying shampoo. Mixture was pretty runny. Cover hair and used cling wrap for 2 hrs. Washed out with the same shampoo. My hair was sooooo dry, so I conditioned as usual and blow dried. Came out gorgeous and even with a real softness. Love it and my hair is thankful :)

Angie Fernandez


ella parks

i did the same steps and my hair is now blue ??‍♀️

Kristen Dick

Thanks Taylor White! Your a lifesaver. Out to go buy lemons :)

November 31st

Your overtoned hair is actually the color I’m trying to achieve and my hair is like a golden blonde now ?


Head and shoulders by itself would of worked .

Alexandria White

Did you wash it first before putting the shampoo on??


omg I did the same thing! gotta get this T14 outta my hair!

Marian Zozaya

I'm going to try this today, I hope it works :(

Of Mice and Maegan

You’re dog is sooooo freakin cute!

Blonde Scorpion

Just get lemon juice

melissa court

Yes it worked . Aloha from Hawaii

John Price

I like your videos!! Good luck with growing your channel. By the way, you should use followsm[.]com. It would be the best way for you to reach more viewers.

Jeng Bibal

I’ve already achieved the blonde level that I wanted but it still got some brassy tones and then I toned my hair just now. I hate the results!!! Hope this video would work on my hair.

Julie Mongold

Phineas and Ferb! ?

Dawn H

It’s called chalet, the process of stripping excess color, conditioner, oils from the hair before toning or coloring. To help stubborn overtone to leave porous hair. Of course when you next color it, you should be kind in formulations to provide protein filler inside the mixed color as well as scalp protect, and sensitive scalp additives. After you time your color and remove it before all four quads. Be sure to time before expire leaving you too dark the first time too light the next. You see color lightens, then drops each fifteen minutes so it will end on a lightening lift. When adding tone or a bit more color, sometimes you need to add another application before washing out. Don’t wash with shampoo!

Kathy Vu

i literally did the same thing except i used t18 and 050 LOL

Reem Eissa

That actually workedddd

Ms Mia

Your results has been the best I've seen so far. I have seen other videos where people use store-bought lemon juice in the bottle instead of fresh lemons. Do you know if that makes a difference? Also do you know if this will work if the hair was toned with hair dye instead of toner?

Deanna Epps

Love,love, your vid. Thanks for posting..your super awesome.

Bella Wright

Wella t14!!!! UGH literally here for the same reason


The gray looks really good on you

My Hair Turned Grey - How To Fix It EASY!

My Hair Turned Grey - How To Fix It EASY!16 Feb. 2016
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❤ S U B S C R I B E ❤

Welcome to my channel! Once upon a time I turned my hair grey by accident, the remedy in this video is priceless!

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Aussie 3 Minute Miracle:

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Alisha Santiago

my hair turned grey after washing out a blue/purple, normally this is every hair dyers dream but I was planning on dying my hair yellow, i need this grey out!


Great tips! love your hair!!

Collin Taio

This WORKS! Do it! I have natural brown shoulder length hair that i highlighted blonde then toned it light ashe blond and managed to completely ruin my color. My roots were banana yellow/orange and the rest of my hair was silver / gray. Mixed 3/4 cups of lemon juice (the juice in the plastic container) with 1/4 cup aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner - saturated my hair and left on for about 50 minutes - then rinsed out shampooed and conditioned again.

Will probably do this again tomorrow to see if it lifts out any more, but this turned all of the dark/brassy/orange/yellow tones a light sandy-honey blonde and turned all of the silver gray color into light blonde highlights -- it looks fantastic! No damage. Thank you thank you thank you!! P.S. I did all of this coloring and fixing in the same day.


Do have to shampoo afterwards? Will that effect the fix if I just rinse this stuff out afterward?

Thornbird 67

I’m doing this right now , just dyed my roots and middle lengths , I’m already blonde but couldn’t get my usual colour !! It’s gone grey ??

Adair A.


Alexis Bermudez

This saved my hairs life.. thank you!!! Grey green gone


Would this make my hair brassy?

What Doin

I had pastel pink hair and colour removed it and it turned grey!! Can anyone explain why??

Rosy hdz

I have limes at home only.. will it work the same?


Had natural dark blonde hair went to a professional hair salon, they bleached my hair and it came out an even white however when he applied the toners I ended up with grey and blueish white strands. I had requested a beige buttery blonde... he tried to fix it...his boss tried to fix it, 3 appointments later it’s barely fixed. 390 euros to have destroyed my healthy natural colour. Sometimes even high end salons fail hard!

Barbie Monroe

I always sit on my hair decisions for a week and make sure I really research to make sure I don't make mistakes

Skylar Ayers

my problem is a bit different, i originally dyed my hair a dark purple months ago and my hair slowly faded back to brown. i recently dyed it dark blue and some parts are GRAY! i want to try dying the blue again but i’m not sure if the gray will stay or become blue.


wow thanks you deserve a lot more subscribers

rottweiler Elsa

thank you for this video, it really works! my hair was a grey purple tone from the a toner and this lemon thick worked perfectly. as a matter of fact the blonde looks better than it ever did and my hair is extremely smooth from the deep condition I mixed with it. thanks !

Christina Anastasia

the thing is my hair turned a grey green color
I look like a swamp monster :(

Roxanna Norton

What if I need blonde hair still but I didn't want grey. What remedy would I do then?

Lil_ ayss

After bleaching my hair I gave up on the platinum hair, so I decided to go to Walgreens and get a dark ash blonde and my hair turned into more of a grey color...I was so confused

Maricella A

Thank you so much for posting this video! It worked ?? ?

Thornbird 67

Thank you ?? right back to normal , it actually looks better than it did before I put the colour on that went grey ????

Ahhw E-Any

What about lime juice?


It really worked! Thanks for this advice, I don't have to go to work with silver/purple hair now. my hair is the ash blonde it should have been in the first place ??

Charlotte Lamp Davies

Thanks - this really worked. I panicked beyond words when i saw what had happened initally.. Whilst I can't say he colour is perfect it is a 1000 times better than that rather bizarre dark grey shade it was.. and for those asking the blonde 9 as i was blonde before trying to loose some platinum) returned after treatment .

Steph Kuan

I had bright blonde hair that I needed to color brown. Unfortunately i got a ash beige color hair dye and my hair turned into mud grey (like the mud mask we use on our face ?). I took your advice and grab some of my old (just expired...) red tone hair dye and slab them on my hair, 20 minutes later well...the grey kinda lighten up..i can see a little blonde/ashy blonde.... should I use more red tone hair dye for my 3rd attempt? OR can I go ahead with any light brown without red tone color that I like?

Liz Natapu

Would this work for black hair?

jennifer pinon

can i use lime ?

Glenda Walters

So last week I bought some lemons....I never buy lemons. Then 2 days ago i died my hair (dark ash blonde - over lighter blonde) and it went grey!! then I found your video and knew why i was compelled to buy the lemons. lol. It''s in my hair right now.....let's see how it goes.

Tyler Frederici

This actually works!!!!! Dyed my hair platinum blonde basically white for the summer than tried to go back brown and my hair was grey/silver absolutely saved my hair is like a reallly cool ash blonde now and defiantly wearable thank uuuu!!!!

mary webber

it turned the top of my head strawberry blonde after doing this process? can anyone explain to me why it did that

Luz Figueroa

Good video you remind me of Renee Zelwager.

Taylor Carter

Thank you so much for posting this!!!!! It worked. My hair had multiple processes done at the salon...color to get rid of my grays and then highlights on top. Couldn’t get to the salon of course with the Covid-19 so I tried the store bought dye....all of my highlights turned bluish gray!!!! Your remedy worked so well...!!

rodrtt middle

this worked my hair had blonde highlights the next day it was really really silver/grey I was going to leave it but I like blonde better

Sheryl Elam

Too much story not enough info


school starts tmr lets hope i fix this in time ???