Girlfriend valentine gift

Top 10 Valentine's Gift For Girlfriend

Top 10 Valentine's Gift For Girlfriend25 Jan. 2021
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Chidozie Ibeneme

Valentine moment of love this is a good idea thanks for sharing

eba soap

wow i love the gift

Shola Oduwole

Amazing and perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Queen Ayetah TV

All this are beautiful

olamide omo

am waiting for one of this in valentine at the same time it my birthday

Tips with Nikky

Perfect gifts idea

Osas Moses

wow this is really nice

Queen Ayetah TV

Here waiting

mama L tv

thanks for sharing this wonderful advice

The Robinson Family

These are really lovely


So lovely and nice host

Eve Eva Channel

This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing


Waooo I really love this ideas, this is so beautiful

Anointed Mummy

I really appreciate the video my sister

Akinseye mukbang tv

This is a great idea thanks for sharing

Osy Ode

Thanks for sharing wonderful advice

Mary Emmanuel Tv

Thanks for this video I have already picked one gift to present to my husband

Igbo Woman

Beautiful idea and I love it

Lucky & Family Tv

This is good one


These are beautiful gift ideas


These are great gifts

Saintklab TV

Valentine is here oo

Desmond Ejiofor

This is really a good idea, I will be picking one for my family

abigirl samson

i love all the gift but flowers are my favourites

favour Cooking channel

Wow this awesome good job

Tonia Family TV

They are lovely pls make gift ideas for the men

esther john

thanks for sharing my lady

Angela Abel

So lovely nice one thank

Omosun Dominion

They are lovely pls make gift ideas for the men

Pay Day

These are beautiful gift ideas.

tina iyare

so lovely

Angela Oku

Nice idea and I love it

Peace Osas

The gift are beautiful

Timmy Gold

This really looks good

Israel A

I have been thinking of what to get thanks for sharing

Osato Ojo

This is a super videp

Price Royal

So amazing


Thank you for remembering us especially me about valentines. I will start to think on what I will love to get .

Ogo Nna

Great idea and we love the idea you bring

Samuel Kwame

Amazing valentines gift ? ideas

Abraham John

this real good idea

Chiamaka Nkemdilim

This is a great idea, because valentine is almost here. I really enjoyed this video

Adorable Ghan

They look good and lovely

adorable Cooking channel

Amazing and perfect valentine's day gift

Lizzy Obi

This is a great idea ever thanks for sharing valentine is coming

Saintklab TV


Tina Monday Ernest

This really looks good

Boluwatife Ayo

I love the way you explain the bamboo plant

Abeis Emmanuel

All this are beautiful

tina monday

this is amazing and perfect

Eppa Worldwide

You are awesome ?. I didn't know bamboo has all these meanings. Thanks for sharing

Baby Oku

Waooo beautiful idea and my hubby love it.



Uy Dtr

Wow amazing

Sussana Ayogu

Great idea. I love it

Glory Best 554

I love the ring gift more though more romantic ?

How To Make money

Amazing gifts

Mary Samuel

Valentine don reach oo.. I beg do for boyfriends nah

Osita Anayo

These are beautiful gifts ideas

Nosa John

This is amazing and perfect

goege benson

i pray some boyfriend are watching this is great

Ogor m.j.t

I never know about this bamboo plant before ?

Osas Hope

They look good and beautiful

Tomos John

I love all the gift idea , thanks for sharing

that mum of 5

These are great valentine gifts and please avoid going out due to what is going on right now

Omo Stella

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African new TV

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Ayomide Ola

Husband and boyfriends need to watch this video

Akinseye's family

Perfect gift for valentine alot of man need to watch this

Akpede Omoh

This is really a good idea, I will be picking one for my family

Victoria Obi

Girls love ring so much, i will give my girl friend one

Darasimi Abosede

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Royal Johnson

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Nosa Moses

amazing valetines gift

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peacelove Tv

I really love the gift ?? happy valentine's in advance

glo bless

i never known of this before

Dami Yuki TV

Great ideas sis... thanks for sharing

tope lifestyle



This is fantastic

Precilia Ago

This is very interesting thank for sharing

okaka sussana

Me I love the healthy and beauty products as a gift nice idea

Tina Osas

Thanks for this amazing idea

Obiajulu Okaka

Waooo this is an amazing idea and my girl friend love it

Luísa T.

i hope the gentlemen are watching this, we are tired of same gifts every year hahahah

Viana's Beauty

wow u just gave me an idea

Cecy K

Great ideas ooo, they should watch this, I will give mine hints by sending him this link ???

Timmy Gold


Lily Frosh

Amazing valentines gift ? ideas

YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Wife or Girlfriend A Terrible Gift For Valentine's Day

YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Wife or Girlfriend A Terrible Gift For Valentine's Day19 Feb. 2013
26 624 976

Jimmy Kimmel Live -

Jimmy Kimmel Live - YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Wife or Girlfriend A Terrible Gift For Valentine's Day

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"Jimmy Kimmel Live" is well known for its huge viral video successes with 1.5 billion views on YouTube alone. Some of Kimmel's most popular comedy bits include - Mean Tweets, Lie Witness News, Jimmy's Twerk Fail Prank, Unnecessary Censorship, YouTube Challenge, The Baby Bachelor, Movie: The Movie, Handsome Men's Club, Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective and music videos like "I (Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum" and a Blurred Lines parody with Robin Thicke, Pharrell, Jimmy and his security guard Guillermo.

Now in its eleventh season, Kimmel's guests have included: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Larry David, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Kobe Bryant, Steve Carell, Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Garner, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston, Jamie Foxx, Amy Poehler, Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Oprah, and unfortunately Matt Damon.

YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Wife or Girlfriend A Terrible Gift For Valentine's Day

Comments (100)
Kailash Rajak


Barney Lesna

I would actually marry the guy who would gift me a picture of Matt Damon on valentines day

Eknoor Kaur bawa.

If someone gave me a lizard that would end in a divorce

Mr. X

The kidney stone was genius. "A part of me". Kinda gross, but absolutely brilliant. ??? My favorite here.


A dishwasher would have been epiccc

Art Loving

Actually, in my country, chicken feet are ordinary. It's nothing weird. We ate têm all the time with some pepper. They are also delicious food in my country.


Ex-girlfriend would be more appropiate. I would break up with him for this.

Brittney Torres

In the 2:22she left the kid behind she was like I'm out



Ninnie Näverspjuth

The snake was mean, not even funny.

Quick Knowledge

Honey you like it
We can make a belt out of it

Just killed me ???

2000 subscribers without Any videos Challenge

so subscribe me i will subscribe you me!

Doomed Pepper

1:41 lol she looks like a female version of Matt Damon


The snake was cool




What happened to the multiple animals used for this prank? as if animals were not suffering already enough in this world full of cruel humans. :( :( If my boyfriend were to bring me anything like that, most lukely would have to spend a whole day or watever time it would take, to find a safe place for the critter... and then hear about it every valentine's day from there on.

Geo CrusherGaming

Risking the trust of your children is one thing but risking your significant other when it's so hard to meet people is mad


When she picked up the baby at the end....


You gotta get her something she hates but seems like you went through the effort but she'll still yell at you ... like cookware set.

Ms. Qunia

Not only are you not having sex tonight but not for the rest of the year

Samantha mother of cats

Id be the one girl who wouldn't be scared of any of the animals, even the bugs. Id love the gecko, snake, and rats.. i already have my own snakes and pet rats lol.

F Saifi

I hope they should have a great gift ? for their wives after this action


to all ladies, you have my sympathies. It really isn't easy, is it?

Roy Dilip

It was a real f**king snake. I mean what the hell man. Made me think the kidney stone was not so bad afterall.


That last guy definitely got divorced the next day

ryucxbj khane

The stereotyped mexico connoly subtract because semicolon legally report amidst a wrathful satin. fanatical, stale crack

Barry goonai

The snake was terrible


Poor animals( fracking people

Keeping Up With Kennedy

Can we talk about how the last family is abusing that snake tho... they shouldn’t be using snakes as pranks. It scares the snake. Not to mention I’m assuming they just brought it home for the first time. He needs time to adapt to the environment and they’re running around with it.

Diego Martinez

Thank god I'm single :). Don't ask me out because I can't date and I'm ugly also.


Why doesn’t a guy get anything?

Gideon Morgan

The Matt Damon one is great ?

ST. Cred

Can’t condone animal cruelty.. do it to ya kids and family but not the ‘real’ animals ah

Jackie Cruz

I would actually really love most of those gifts lol

ena krstic

My husbund gives me once puzzle and i didn't speak for long time with him .

20ECE1028 Pearl Bipin

Legends say guys who lost their virginity finally found it after doing this.

faizah khan

the dish soap-

Kiss of Death

01:39 They're paid actors. Matt Damon scripted that fake entry to be on the show somehow.


Am i the only one thinking that Jimmy Kimmel looks a little like Tom Hanks ?

Brother Jaafar

The video was fine until the end when scaring a kid with a snake was not nice

Samantha mother of cats

I hate when people use animals in their "prank" ?. That poor lizard..


1:10 oh my gosh were those mice? That's so cute :)

Jerome Lenovo

how can a woman show vanity if you offer a kidney stone ring ? You can't brag with a kidney stone ....


the one with the cleaning products was the best

Sophia M

A snake and mice? Heck I'd appreciate that, my husband just says we have too many pets already.


snakes are cold blooded you sick bastard don't bring them out when it's literally WINTER


Why did so many men get animals? What are you gonna do with them afterwards?

Shahbaz Ali

The one with the snake was not good. She should divorce him.


This isn't funny, it's just a bunch of jerks abusing animals.

Nelly Malone

Most of these were childish and gross. The only creative one was the cleaning products one.

Woken Indian Indian

This is lame stupid acts by the husband who hate their wives ..they could have given banana or coconut as gift or be creative,,not insects n lizards like 2 yr olds

Rameshwar Poudel

"We can make a belt out of it" He nailed it. The comment of the year.

Triniti RayAnn

I love how the lady was so chill with the bugs?

Panda Scribbles

“Honey you don’t like it????” ???

Keeping Up With Kennedy

Why did she pick up the chicken foot tho lol

Meeran Fakih

No animals were harmed while making these clips

JB Films

The last one was funny lol, we can make a belt out of it

Evan Ouk

Wtf only the cleaning products was funny. These guys are psychos

Michelle Labelle

I wouldn’t think this was funny tbh


Yeah, jokes at the expense of animals are always funny...


Was that Rebecca at 2:04 from Pawnstars???

Shade Jackson

I was hoping one of them would give vagiclean

Siddha Kanthi

Is it just me or are woman scared of reptiles

Danny Newton

Warning: the following video contains wife and girlfriend betrayal, please proceed with caution. Thank you

Crishna Nag

So disappointing that people treat animals as objects. They live and breathe - this is plain cruel

Thommy Jeffery

I’m gonna start the I gave my ex wife a terrible gift tradition.

Drew G

We can make a belt out of it ????

Alexis Starc

Lizard?? My husband gets one and he gets it back right on his head.


the finger was the worst gift, lol

chimneyfister 6969

How about a positive std test

Rose Bayliff

If someone ever did this to me, their ass would be out on the street lol


I wonder how many of them got single after this



Mychee Ving

Dude I obsessively watched the snake channel and Taylor's YouTube videos at some point. Wanted a snake but was going to settle on a lizard. Before that phase, I wouldn't have cared so much but now.. she just threw it on the floor!! ???? Poor thing.

Natalie Duran

That snake really would make a nice belt


The finger and most others were pranks, but I wouldn't have laughed at the dish washer soap or the beetles if I was them haha


1:10 1:10 1:10
1:10 1:10 1:10
A rat!!

Manish Singh

How to sleep on couch for no reason

Lucky Singh

I'm the only one who's thinking about heart attacks

Ania Shirley

Hey, but snake was quite content when he got his woman as a valentine's gift

Alaneth the Red

Worst gift: a bathroom scale

I challenge you to think of one that’s worse


Ha! My husband wasn’t even trying to get me a terrible gift and succeeded. ?. A “toilet tattoo.” This was a sticker that went on the lid of a toilet. Nice huh?? ? ????

Jay Az

If I Gave My Mom A Terribel gift she would freak out
Oh Gosh And I Should Laugh Really Hard It Will Be Funny lol

Silver Kyo

Do you not wanna get laid, this is how you NOT GONNA GET LAID


Lol I know my boyfriend wouldn’t do that because he’s more afraid of bugs, mice, or snakes then I am. And if he ever did do it I would throw them on him ??

Frederik Juul

I feel bad for all the animals especially the snake?

Gladson Kbiji

We could make a belt out of it
I died

Nila Achmadi Channel

And the last one left her daughter and she almost got hit by the door ???

Discontinued Channel

Are the straights okay?

Audrey II

If I recieve a snake i'll be very happy.

Zhang Jasmine

Wth is wrong with these guys

Vinoth 45

Play 1:23 in 0.25x speed ?

Anthony Peters

I gave my wife a girlfriend for valentines... I'm single now and she's married

Rudra Baku

Someone please tell me what happened to the poor gecko?

Afota Anderson

? The snake one killed me

Catalina Martinez

Matt Damien hahaha that guy deserves a prize

Amy Zorah

This isn’t funny


why are they afraid of mice and lizards they're cute af


Now im actually scared of marriage cause of the last scene, idk what my future wife will do ? help me lol

nature is beautiful, nature is life

Snakes are ADORABLE. Idk WHAT shes screaming about

Girlfriend's Valentine's Day Gift From Another Man @Hodgetwins

Girlfriend's Valentine's Day Gift From Another Man @Hodgetwins20 Feb. 2018
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Keith and Kevin Hodge, the Hodgetwins, are famously known for their comedic commentary, fitness tips, and relationship advice on their YouTube channels TwinMuscle, Hodgetwins, AskHodgetwins and Hodgetwins Vlogs.

Comments (100)

YEAHHHH! "Tidal of this Emayo" makes a return!!

Nick Polymer

Ive been thinking you always said
"tanya sent this email"
Now, I am awakened. Lol

Mr. Wayne

Give it to her real good and creampie and walk away yeah.........?


That's not his girl

Audrey New

gaps them even wider

Don Corleone

The best friend probably creampied her an took her to get some PIZZA with extra mushroom TIPS


Most men will have thoughts about just leavin the nuts hanging out, watch who your girl hangs with especially if she's hot. its not the guys fault if she cheats it's the girl and your own fault, keep them in check bois.


Move awwwn man. MOVE AWWWWWN!

you know who IT IS



We doing better than you


He's my heart....I will whole heartedly smack the fuck out of u!!! YEEEEEAAAA

Sevana Oroujian

Excellent ?

Jasmine H

tideu uh dis emayo or tidle of this email


Mental problems AHAHA

Tally Jones


Jessie J

"Valentimesday" He's so cute

Brandon Patterson

He the side nigga clearly. Leave her man. Facts

Luckie Wun

Drop that bitch

Brian Egona

This guy is a dunce ?

Sean Aboim

“Friends” with the opposite sex whilst taken 99.9999999999999999% of the time will end in a train-wreck.

Roland Del Cielo

sorry guys ..... I have a female friend ( no sex ) exist and can work, however I wont buy her Valentine day gifts .....that would be creepy




"Tired of this email, or Title of this email."

Snipers Range

He pumping and she's screaming ???


Friend is just a codename.

Ben Woodliff

Basically the guys insecure as fuck, gotcha.


Record her giving you head. Send that to the other guy. Then dump the bitch

Gabriel Santos

Move men .. Move the fuck on ..

Franchesca Marcelle

This guy is the side bitch and he don't even know it???.

Tony Reed


Richard Coulombe

If you have a good women you will be tested. And today it's easy for someone to connect. Fuck the internet ?


ValenTIMES day. haha

T Marginau

Their country ass accents make reading subtitles hilarious! Apparently when they say "we jumping," what they REALLY mean is "we dumped"

Jovel Williams

Valentines day is fucking over.

David Fonseca

Man I hate guys like this, who are afraid of their own shadow... can’t leave her alone! He’ll start wondering about all kinds of adultery... man FUCK! you...

Alexandre Monteiro

That Intro was DOPE Straght up

Rachel Sip

It's NOT his gf and it sounds like a good ol' fashioned flip flop between two guys that she's not sure about. The guy sounds like he's more into it than she is.

Emm W

Walk the fuck away!!!!!!!!!!!

Hede Gaard

cut yo damn hair you look like some hobos

Kim MinRi



Ay we cominoo washing dc

Entertainment Geeks

I swear if my girlfriend ever did that.


Lmao nice how you used Larry for an example ??

Julian Fitzsimmons

Just accept the fact that she's not your girlfriend and just use her for sex and only sex. Take the emotions out of it and for the love of God don't get her pregnant


This Man Need To Be 100% sure Is he Gf before going saying thing like that just find new gf them easy to find On That It's Cheeseburgers Time ?

Jon 23

This nigga mental ??

Joshua Tunis

Rofl forget this bitch


reads title .....
is this story about me? LMAO
Hears the details Nvm.
I sent a chick a Valentine's Day gift that I am super best friends with LOL. Her Soon-To-Be Husband got so pissed off he came over and tried picking a fight with me. I love the woman as a sister, not a fuck-buddy. Our feelings for each other are simply family-like. I am not the only one either, even my wife loves her like Girlfriends, and she even sent her a V-Day gift.

peter thomas

Leave her and just go find you another woman. Y'all relationship just gone get worse.


Oh, my?



Tyrone Gaskins

Hodgetwins hit the hammer on the nail never and I mean never get into a relationship like this he only 2 months in get out while it’s still early I don’t fuck wit chicks wit male friends especially when they defend him and or chose this nigga over y’all relationship she ain’t shit lol and never will b lol


Dont fall for that best guy friend bullshit. Man up. Say hell no or gtfo girl

Ortega Kinkade

I wud luv to knock you 2 the fuk out!!

OG Datto Watto

Keith rocking that mophie juice pack. I got one to bro

Bob Jackson

You ain’t nothing but a side nigga walk away never look back dude. She doesn’t care about your feelings you deserve much better!


This guy is a dreamer he ain't in no relationship with the girl because she damn sure would not be taking no photos with her "friend". THOSE TWO ARE FUCKING.




Lmao “this dude might have mental problems “ ???

Hansim Nah

“Doin better than you mane”



Rivia Wolf Edits

Anyone remember this happened in Malcom in the middle with Craig and Lois LMAO

Pc_On_ 6’s


Brandy Cannon

Keith you're cute but stop being a camera hog and a bully.... Kevin take you're space up front ...

Brian Adams


Dan Mo

dump her ass or get a side girl yourself cuz shes prolly doin somethin shady

Yasin Jamal

is this really ur gf? man seriously?

m hussn

Why am i paying 2.99 for hodgetwinstv when these videos are more graphic than those!

Davide Pannone

That is most def not your girlfriend.


I so love these guy's!! As much humor as they put to thing's...they are "REAL"


Hmm I've been in this similar scenario before. There's nothing you can do. Forget about her and move on. Don't wait a couple weeks thinking she'll just change back to the way she was before this "best friend" came around. Because that isn't happening. If she's not letting you bust down her throat anymore, that's when you know it's time.

Cerated Sign

You're transparent, only 2 people would send this email, an idiot or someone who's in love with this girl and doesn't want to let her go. I'd say you're the second one, here's your solution.

Undeniable fact, this girl was attracted to you at some point but thats fading fast, shes slowly slipping away and you gotta short amount of time to reinvent yourself and be more attractive, style, haircut, routine, hobbies, how many times you go out a week, who you're going out with. Be more masculine. If she was EVER attracted to you at some point (which she should have been since she was your 'girlfriend') , then when she see's you putting all that effort into other girls or just you bettering yourself then she'll get jealous, that spark attracted her to you in the first place will come back and want you back. Goodluck toyou


Can anyone imagine the twins in their 70's, 80's.... sitting on the porch arguing? ???


We are doing better then you man xD lol

Ramon Peters

Bruh. Dude clearly ain't your gf doing all that. Y'all just fuck buddies.

uhh MXK

CUT YOUR LOSSES... -Kevin Hodge

Johnny Judo

So we all gonna act like Kevin didn't just said he fuck an underage girl?

B renegadde

I literally have this same thing,I been dating this girl for couple months and she Is telling people on snap to buy her big teddy bear like ain't just take her to the movies the other day,she could just asked me.

Darth Snyder

Wtf how many red flags is this dude gtfo of there.

Kelvin williams



Love how he starts reading by saying, "Tired of this email..." Oh wait, it's "Title?" WTF? I like "Tired" better. LOL!!!! XD

Robin Lundqvist

I’d either beat up the other dude with a baseball bat or leave that girl

Cindy Tuber

this guy is stuuuuuuuupid !!!!!!!

wrectum terror

What a blue pill simp. MGTOW forever!


Always makes me laugh when someone says, "There are billions of women out there" like a guy can just go up to a random girl and say, "You're my girlfriend now". Yes some guys can do that, but most can't. That's why guys stick with a girl even if she treats him like shit. He might not be able to get something better.

Mark Fraser

How do you send them an email

Mr Knoxville

This nigga is the side nigga and don't even know it lmao?????

Jœ RuSalem

Washin DC

YouTube man Swagroy21

Kevin savagly says "Doing better than you man"

Dylan Magner

Been watching the twins for years now but this whole thing about girls not being able to have platonic friends is bullshit, my two longest friends are both women and I haven't fucked either of them, and I've had my fair share of one night stands and girlfriends. All these guys in the comment section sound insecure as hell to me like maybe every other girl they dated cheated on them. This guy's situation is fucked up and a bit weird but most people with a bit of self confidence are able to play/have relationships and maintain friendships with women. Love you guys but you always come across as jilted and sore when this topic comes up in your videos

Steph Powell

Valen'Times' day? ⏰?


Damn this dude is a side chick...literally

Anginette Johnson-butler

Girl bye!!


“When your messages become shorter it’s because someone else’s messages are becoming longer...”

GCTFilter snake

Yup, time to leave buddy... This friendship will lead to something that will break you're heart. In times like this you have to her some level of threat for her to think about, either allow his behaviour to happen or let you walk out of her life. Dang buddy this is serious

Jay Mark

This man fuckdd up as soon as he was okay with his girl being "best" friends with her ex that she done fucked already. Nooooope red flags everywhere

Snap Snap

I think he’s the friend

Darwin Junior

Tidah o dis emayo



Marsden Clarke

In the Caribbean a dude like that is a called a gyal clown