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I have a FETISH!! How To Express My Sexual Kink To My Partner?

I have a FETISH!! How To Express My Sexual Kink To My Partner?20 Dec. 2015
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.. fetish.. kink..

.. fetish.. kink.. call it whateva u want.. as long as it doesn't hurt anyone it is welcome in my world. ʘ͜͡ʘ What is ur fetish?


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I am sooo grateful to have you with me on this crazy journey called life.

My deepest gratitude to my wonderful little family, my amazing crew and my guardians and angels. I am sending you all my love.

Much love, Adina ♥

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awsome 1st question on video much respect

J-Hood Actin'RealRude

hey love. I ordered the secret ceres. Its saying it was shipped. you sent me an email saying I should have it 12/21 or 12/22. however, I don't have a tracking number. please email me. [email protected] I sent two emails but no response. Im sure you been busy. plz let me know something soon. thanks love.

Assad helayhel

i have a foot fetish on girls is casual isn't it...plz comment

popa andreea

My fetish is a cute girl who is absolutely dying to pee but she has to hold it. Weather it's a long road trip with no gas stations, a meeting at work without breaks or a huge line for the ladies room at the bar. Her bladder getting larger & larger until it cracks its skin apart is really nice.

Christian Fountain

I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate what you are trying to do with this channel. Even a video as short and to the point as this one can really change a person's sex life and help them dramatically to make them feel more comfortable about sex and enjoy it more.

Shiny Sunglasses

Is Adina like, German or something?

Skylar Holmes

Adina is like a mom lmfao gives best advice

BlackMetal666 Forever

Lucky for me, me and my bf are pretty weird and freaky people so we have A LOT of stuff in common


Is foot fetish ok?

Aubrey Barnes

+Adina Rivers I love how accepting and caring you are towards other people. I love to watch your videos and learn more. Hearing your soothing voice makes my day.

Liv XX

Hi adina,
I've been speaking to this guy on and off for a year we've been on a couple dates but its never really gone anywhere he still seems into me by how flirty he is and I'm into him but whenever we arrange a date he seems to not be into it or cancels ? I'm so confused what does this mean? love Olivia x

Cool Guy

I always wanted to Hang a Man hating feminist... weird fetish huh??


What's a simple explanation for a fetish

Valeriya Bovsun

This is the second video of yours that I watch and it feels like you are the sweetest person on the planet. You make it so comfortable to watch your videos on not so common topics which is amazing. Love your accent btw?

Ja D

It is fantastic how great in touch you are with yourself. Thank you for sharing and helping :)


Hey Adina, i have a question. When i'm with my man i often find that because i have such an abundance of nervous sexual energy, his touches, no matter where, are extremely ticklish. Even though we laugh about it and he understands my sensitivity it causes a barrier. I want to be touched and all that fun stuff but often i can't because the tickle is so strong. Any tips on how to get past it? Thanks xxx

National Voice

Yes , i have fetish
Always i try to make a moment of happiness that keep happy of my partner.

Joey Diaz

Hey adina my name is Joey. I have a question,and a recommendation for a video that I noticed you haven't done yet. Or maybe you have,I'm talking about women's underwear a.k.a panty's. what do most women prefer thongs,G strings or regular granny panty's.what are the health benefits,what's more comfortable etc. And importantly what do you prefer, I'm betting you rock a thong lol. just a suggestion maybe we'll see this video soon. Thanks in advance keep up the good work homegirl.

Just Slightly

What is a Fetish?

Alex Alford

I have a foot fetish.Sadly most people think a foot fetish is creepy and I think the main reason is because most people find feet disgusting and also I think they only think of the people who have a foot fetish that are actually creeps instead of thinking that there is normal people with a foot fetish and it makes me mad.


new gril hot ??

උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග2


I'm into furrys.=P Thank you for the advice. Hahahahahaha; )

Rocky Williams

Thanks, for the great video. Can you publish a detailed video on yoga and exercise on good sexual health? Some of your videos do have small clips but it would be great to see a video dedicated to exercise. Also I saw that you do naked yoga on the beach, can you also show benefits of doing naked yoga may be a video would help? thanks for the wonderful videos.

jacqueline_h 07

I don’t have a fetish.. is that bad?


Where have you been all my life Adina?!You're my spirit animal. I love your spiritual approach on love, health, sex & happiness.

Bu K

Whats cross dressing ?

Michael Rafter

I'm really intuitive. My real problem is that I don't love people the right way. I want to love people the way you do unconditional love. Im really trying to eat better an be a better and a smarter person. Nobody will date me. I have always be told that I had some stupid learning Disabilities which turns outs that totally rubbish. As I'm most likely a Indigo Adult. I'm almost 23 and can't have a relationship I feel helpless worthless. I really need help I see you are almost finished your courses well done I love you. I love the type of person you are I'm a Leo I was born on the 17 of August 1993.??

Maria Veneziano

Adina, my current boyfriend has trouble keeping his penis erect during sex. I'm not sure what to do. Could you please give me some advice?

Carla Valente

Adina, you shine like a star, a beautiful one, in this world. Thanks for sharing your light with us <3 Much love, like you say. Kisses from Argentina :)

Ingrid Aspeland

I really love your videos, and your vibe. Can you make a video on heartbreak and how to deal with it. How to get over someone? How to prevent heartbreak? I feel so broken and all I want to do is cry. Hope you have some tips.
Much love ?

Gerardo Arzola

well I've already explained my kinky fetishes with my wife and she isn't down for it very much. I have such some weird fetishes to.

Charles Holland

I'm a crossdresser too. and I have a pee fetish. where to find a lady? lol

Pale Babee

Sometimes I feel really stressed and anxious, and watching your videos make me calm down a lot. I learn information I never knew, and your voice calms me down. You're beautiful and you have a beautiful soul ❤️❤️ also I have a "kink", I love being submissive, I am a bit into ddlg and petplay

Daria Dragomir

Violu' din Vaslui !!! ???


Hey Adina, I was wondering what contraception method do you use? And what would you recommend to someone who is rather on the natural side of living?


My princess is back! Yay :p


I love you Adina ❤️


A question for you, Adina:
Do you get sexually aroused by having your feet massaged and/or lovingly licked and kissed?

Naomi Paulusma

Does someone know where she got that top from? I love it !


My fetish is totally disgusting and abnormal haha kms

Krista Evans

I love everything you talk about in your videos! There needs to be more intimacy and open conversation. So much fear in the world is hurting us, holding us back from expressing ourselves and being our most honest and true selves. Thank you for all the love you put out into the world.

Liz Simon

My boyfriend likes really soft sensual sex but I like it rough. It's hard to be sexually open with each other because we're basically opposites


Where is she from?


It's so cute to hear you say certain words in English!

valantis christodoulou

how you made the backround lights? i love it.i wish i had a room like this..

J-Hood Actin'RealRude

Hey Adina I got my tracking info. thanks so much but I did have a personal concern. when u have time can you plz plz email me. [email protected]


I have a foot fetish and IDC what anyone says about it anymore

Gerard Mc garry

Upon selecting the correct person tocommunicate with my desire is to enjoy multiple orgasms together if and whenever possible love ❤ from arium verdij Felix solix I wish ? to make the right actions (that is not all always practical or possible) that is one reason why I think womenare better then men is they are better at expressing their feelings(usually among each other only)than silly mensuch as myself arium etc I will ? say more with my true loving ? partner thanks adina Gerry (arium)?


Was wondering why there weren't fetish/kink videos on this channel. Can't wait to watch! :)

Clorox Bleach

cardiophile and omorashi fettish

Swag Master

This is off topic but I love you so much and the message you portray to people, I think it's so empowering what you are doing and you put a smile on my face all the time after watching your videos!!!????????????


hi adina. One thing I really hate is anything sticky. This tends to be a big problem with sex in relationships. I tend to hate the feel of sperm on my hands, body, hair and mouth. This is especially hard for me if I give a blowjob or a handjob. Is there anyway of being able to keep myself sperm free while being able to keep my partner turned on. I haven't used condoms that often because for things like blowjobs they don't tend to taste that nice and sometimes break. Is there any advice you could give me and ways to keep myself clean especially with my hair and hands because it is often a pain to get out. Thanks

Cool Guy

seems like women can only make a name For themselves if they sexualize themselves. Why am i not surprised

Gary D. Ford

I have a question Ms. Rivers I am not trying to be funny, not trying to be a pervert, not trying to get on your nerves as well as anybody AT ALL is it wrong for a man to ask a LADY for SEX as well as a lady to asks a MAN for SEX?

Jessica hebb

Will u do a video about your fetishes? I just think it would be interesting.

Lisa Demmel

I have a question.
I've been curious about having a threesome with my boyfriend and another man. My biggest fear is opening that part of me up to someone else. Do you have any advice or tips?

Benjamin Barnett

i have a fart fetish


You and your channel are awesome :)

Ron Ruddick

Eye contact and talking...

Dhurvesh Soni

Good 1


Can you make a video on ballbusting and how do it safely, thanks.. :)

Sarah Melvin

I really love your open mindedness so I thought maybe you could help me. I am a girl but I'm extremely uncomfortable with vaginas, like even my own. I get all squeamish just thinking about them. How do I get over that? I feel like that holds me back a lot and if you could give me your input that would be amazing

Serenity Renee

what u could answer is how can people tell when they have lost there virginity cause that is a question i see alot

Regan Crofts

Adina, you have some very good advice, thank you for sharing your knowledge
Blessed Be


+ Adina Rivers | MTinySecrets; I don't have a fetish per-say, but i do need a woman with no inhibitions!

Happy Jhappy

what kind of light are those?wow

Sarah Jean

Adina help, my boyfriend and I are getting serious. Im only 16 and I really like him but I want to save sex for marriage. Im so confused with what I want and don't want. Am I too young to be in love?


Hey Adina me and my gf are in love with each other to the point were the Frase " I love you" dosnt quite cut it are there another ways we can say it or express our love for one another love you videos keep up the amazing work ❤️

Lauren Coghlan

I have been in 10 relationships and in everyone i have been cheated on and lied too? How can I deal with this? And sort it out? What am I doing wrong? Im scared to trust everyone now:( What hurts is when im told who it is, Then seeing they are more pretty than me..?? Please can you help?..xx

Nabila Lakhani

Plzz do a video on how to keep mouth breathe fresh and good smell before kissing

Yolanda Salayandia

how did I get here

Emma Lee

Hi Adina, you probably won't see this but I really hope you do. You know so much about sex and explain things wonderfully and I really look up to you because the things you talk about I could never talk to anyone about. Anyways, this is embarrassing to ask but does sperm hurt your teeth? I know odd question but all the research I've seen has been giving me "yes" and "no" and my oral health is really important to me but so is making my love happy. You seem to know the history about sex and everything and you're my last hope. And if anyone has any thoughts on the subject please fill free to let me know. <3<3<3

Madi Mo



You have such a laid back way of looking at things that I really admire ^_^ Adina is my spirit animal.

Victoria Hammond

Hi Adina, I'm 24 years old and I'm still a virgin. I've dated only a few guys but I haven't been in a real serious relationship. The last boyfriend I had was almost 5 years ago. I feel that guys don't want to date me because I'm not "experienced" enough. I don't want to wait too much longer but I don't want to regret who I give my virginity to either. How will I know when I'm really truly ready? And how do I explain to a guy about my virginity without scaring him away?

Julian Olivares

You really help me out, I’m 15 and have a gf but don’t know how to tell her my fetish’s into now, hope this works thanks

Ema Millones

My fetich is raping school girls while hissing like a reptilian in her ear then reciving a small loan of a million dollars

Gooster 1

I heard something once and I love it.
When talking to your partner or potential partner about your kinks and fetishes, approach it as an invitation not a demand.


But what if one's partner reacts negatively when disclosing the cap or that fantasy? How can one have a comeback emotionally? And this is not just with a fantasy but during small or intimate talk.

Stefanie von der Thannen

I have only found out about you today and this already the 4th video that I'm watching. I think you are doing an awesome job at your videos and that you are perfectly made to talk about this topic that many (including me) are very insecure about. You are so nice and understanding and I just really like you, your account and your videos.

Sabrina Cd

I am a cross dresser as well and I love my girlfriend ;)


adina u rock very respectful...


How can ladys charm guys to like them? :) Xx

Gabrielle Whitesides

I am a girl and my best friend is a guy. We have been having casual sex and it is helping our friendship grow stronger. How do you feel about casual sex?

Christianna Taylor

I'm into bdsm but I see it as normal

Ahmed elghreeb

i love u adina :)

Sebastian Kaye

+Adinarivers Thanks for the content you share here with everyone. I appreciate it. Its just that in this particular video you don't really give any tips or advice.. no specifics.... but thanks for trying.

ROBY AnkDark

I don't think I have any fetish...maybe I really I don't know what is it..can you make me some examples of fetish?

David Mess

1:37 never thought of that word like that

Alayda Jade

Adina do more pillow talks

Grace Rosen

i have a thing for hands. i dont know how to tell my partner because that means i have to explain my kink and i cant explain it at all. also, bringing up the daddy kink and BDSM can seriously turn off a guy if hes not into it and it makes me nervous to bring it up and if i do bring it up, how am i to go about asking if he or she is into that?.. help me please Adina! xx


I have a belly fetish, I just really find guys stomachs hot....

kristine barnes

Hi adina, I have a pillow talk question for you, my partner and I have been together a year now he used to have insane sex and quite frequent and now all of a sudden I've been feeling not so into sex, not so into experimenting or anything like that. I am still very much in love with him I just can't seem to get in touch with that side of me at the moment and it is starting to out a bit of a strain between us :( I guess I was just wondering if you had any advice to help me change this? Thank you adina! ??

Filipa Campos

Congratulations! I think that you are very brave and faithful to yourself by sharing your videos. Sexuality is a very important topic and is covered by taboos, after all, we born with it, is part of us :D ( sorry for the bad english, I'm not very good)

By the way, are you brazilian? You have a funny accent XD


My fetish is vore and inflation :3

Seher S


Diana Gerling

I love your channel! Your videos have helped me explore my sexuality. Idk if you've been with a girl before but do you have any tips for lesbian sex? It would really help if you can make a video on it thx

Ahmed B

I think it's best that you choose the partner with compatible fetishes with yours. If you are a dom, look for a sub. If you're a masochist, find a sadist. If you like licking feet, find someone who likes their feet to be licked.

beauty craft

Your partner is lucky.

Lino Lium

How do I tell my partner that I'm asexual?
I'm okay with kissing and cuddling and all that stuff but when it comes to sex.. That just disgusts me.
We have talked about sex before and she's super supportive and tells me it's okay that I don't feel ready and we can wait as long as I want. But how do I tell her that I NEVER will be ready? I'm scared she will break up.. :(

Finding Out You Have a Fetish | William Lee Martin

Finding Out You Have a Fetish | William Lee Martin23 Jun. 2020
44 206

Comedian William Lee

Comedian William Lee Martin on finding out you have a fetish!

Taken from my latest standup special, "Standing in the Middle"! Watch the full special here:

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A little about William Lee Martin:

With his signature cowboy hat, boots and Texas drawl, it would be easy to lump the blue-eyed, 6-foot-2-inch Martin into the category of “another guy doing country act.” But don’t be fooled by outward appearances, as his on-stage persona is no act – his middle-America storytelling is as genuine as it gets.

Drawing from real-life experiences, Martin’s vibrant routine reflects life as a husband, father, and friend. And that authenticity is connecting with mainstream America, crossing culture lines and social status boundaries.

But no matter the topic, Martin’s gentlemanly wit, and charm prove he’s no dummy, redneck, or hillbilly. His humor is sharp, original and occasionally laced with sarcasm and innuendo, but without the overt adult language prevalent with so many in today’s comedy landscape.

Comments (13)
corysixx Akuroku_13

Holy cow im early

Kenneth Atchley

I would love to come see you live I live in Paul's valley Oklahoma are you going to have anything in the surrounding area?

Carla Austin

He can take what should be a little crude and make you laugh and identify with it. He's hilarious.

Joffre Cueva

I wanna puts tile in the kitchen 2

Jose Torralva



Did he used to go by Cowboy Bill Martin??

E. Zurb

Funny guy but through his jokes he's teaching the next generation of men to be simps.

Gerald Wilson

Good stuff right there, great Video!!!

Eli B

I think this is my favorite skit. No matter how many times I’ve watched this...I’m laugh/wheezing!

Carla Austin

You're hilarious but a tad adult.

Selena Mae


Eclipse The shiny umbreon

??? you never cease to make me laugh amigo

Joan Bowden

William, u & every other man on ? has trouble w/ measurements in the bedroom! ?


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