How men can look younger

6 Simple Ways To Look Younger Than Your Age

6 Simple Ways To Look Younger Than Your Age27 May. 2016
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6 Simple Ways To Look

6 Simple Ways To Look Younger Than Your Age

1. Keep yourself hydrated

Yes, it is a proven fact that drinking sufficient amount of water is the natural way of taking care of your skin and health. Water flushes out toxins from your body which helps to control wear and tear of your skin. So the next time you are thirsty, try to have water over other carbonated drinks.

2. Clear the makeup

Of course, makeup helps in hiding the flaws on your face but do not go overboard with it. Too much makeup can actually make you look fake and you know this ladies, men really do not appreciate too much makeup either. Do not forget to remove the makeup with the help of a good cleanser or baby oil before sleeping.

3. Always wear a good sun block

If someone has ever advised you to invest in a good sunscreen, then that is indeed, a perfect advice. The maximum damage done to the skin is because of exposure to the sun. Exposure to the sun results in premature sagging of skin and also culminates in wrinkles, two things which are concrete signs of aging.

4. Stay fit

The best way to look young is to maintain your fitness levels. No no, we are not asking you to spend hours together in the gym. Fitness is all about eating right and maintaining a regimen of daily exercise.Try to balance a healthy diet with some amount of exercise, whatever suitable, everyday.

5. Avoid stress

This may look difficult to do but then if you can master the art of keeping stress at bay, early signs of aging may also stay away from you. Too much stress has a bad effect on our body as well as on our skin which makes you look older than you actually are.

6. Have a good sleep

If you are not getting the right amount of sleep, it is bound to show on your face. You must realize the changing needs of the body and give it enough rest to keep yourself away from an aging skin.

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Chaudhry irfan

This women's voice kinda freeks me out,:-*


Nice & helpful video. plz GOOD & HEALTHI look tips more video send.

Suzy Halilovic

Blah blah blah bullshit

Muhaimin Aufar

This is why the Kardashian good very good

Puspa Lohani

boring sound

Arthur Chan

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Maria Christina Conmigo


Robin Robin

Boring !

kajal bhagat

It will not work for me because I am naturally ugly...

David Pennock

Im sorry ..i fell a sleep , she on Xanax?

Diane Slate

Stress free is way to be

Abdullah Hussain

You talk so slooooooooww

eva avi

Not true i never drank that mich water but i look young
I look 10 years younger then my age
Its just the way i am

Ami Beriah

Lov ur voice, lol

Prasad Vayangankar

Instantly look YOUNGER,Have PAINLESS wrinkle reduction,
Enjoy EASY wrinkle-free complexion,Have Better MOISTURE RETENTION

Anak Muda

just drink water and eat lots of vegetables

Mr Cobbler

U too mam seem sick

zana zulkifli

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Simo Pro

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Janet Elvira

Is the narrator a robot?

Morel Christian da-COSTA

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Naresh Maharjan

There are a few tips for anti-aging treatment at home
consume a variety of grains, fruits, and vegetables
Do exercises instead of watching TV
Use Sunscreen.
Stop smoking
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World's Best Whistler

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here's a few tips for anti-aging treatment at home
eat a mixture of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables
Do exercises instead of watching TV
Make use of Sunscreen.
Reduce stress.
(I discovered these and the reasons they work on Daijon youth plan site )

Lester John Talde

man im 19 and i looked like im 29 wtf

David Kilgallon

Great vlog, looking younger isn't easy, find out how you can look 10 years younger with these simple tips

Margaret Nicola B

I can do all these things to look younger, but stress is unavoidable in my life. Being stressed out is the worst for your body.


Want to look and feel years younger just click the link to get the secret. @t


Avoid drinking soft drinks.


for men to maintain skin younger shareany content.

Jayashree Sreedharan

ur. voice. is. boring

Pooja Verma

stress is really affecting me

sri santh

Play eat healthy sleep its enough

Michelle Singleton

Stop smoking,Stop drinking,smile in be helpful.surround yourself with people that have respect for themselves in you.Have a sense of humor??


Im so sad cause im only 11 and my friends and teachers says im matured

miniaxe gaming

well...sleeping is off for me

oba Abdo

? how to be younger than your age
Here is the solution ??

Ishika Singh

Just sate up nonsence

Atti Vamp

Robot is right !!

itzz_Poison_ FF

Me 12 years old look like 40
I don't wear makeup tbh and drink water is the best thing and sleep well and staying fit that's what I do :)


nobody else was slightly disturbed by the robotic, monotone voice ?

harish kumar

how to look younger naturally (only 5 step):

All about Charchha

my age is 19 and i look like 25 then what i do to look younger?

Mary Ann Buna Cruz

I dont do make up ,and i ate fruits and veggies everyday ,im 35 years old ,Most people guesses me still in middle 20s to late 26, its kinda amazing for me but insulting sometimes

lil jaja

She sounds like kourtney kardashian

Xiao Hong Chen

The voice tho

Sarah Abu-Nada

Have a good sleep?...

At me its 1 am

Anita Carter

Don't underestimate a great nights sleep‼️??????????


1. Don’t smoke cigarettes or do hardcore drugs
2. Stay out of the sun
3. Hydrate

studio taza

Steps To Looking 10 Years Younger

June Juuni

I'm 14 but people always said that im look like 10 ?


for men to maintain skin younger shareany content.

winnie blessing Nabasumba

l love beauty hacks

Tips to tricks

There are several tips for looking younger at homeeat a good selection of grains, fruits, and vegetablesExercise instead of watching TVMake use of Sunscreen.Reduce stress.(I learned these and why they work on Daijon youth plan website )


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Nice video. I've been using a new system and it has worked remarkably when it comes to my skin repair! You can see my video about it on my channel

Violeta Milenković

There are several things for looking younger at home
consume a mixture of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables
Exercise instead of watching TV
Use Sunscreen.
Try to reduce stress.
(I read these and the reasons they work on Daijon Youth Plan website )

Kritika Rai

I always argue with my mother...... after that m stressed

Zubair Dar

Its very very hard to aviod stress!!!

Novak Novak

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More trAsh. .

i don't wear any makeup anyway.......i believe in natural beauty

Sadiq Mashal

Amazing Facts!! This is really helpful.


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magic is fun

Your voice is like a boring grandma

Maria Christina Conmigo

I want to be 3

Archana a

Do You Want to Look Younger. Please check out a very effective method here.

Hannah Montenegro

Dont use makeup make up can make your skin look old
And always wash your face with warm or cold water
And always drink water try to avoid soda have a sleep and exercise also plsss dont be stress and always angry ??? my opinion only

Natasa Veljkovska

here's a few ideas for looking younger
eat a variety of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables
Exercise instead of watching TV
Make use of Sunscreen.
Try to reduce stress.
(I learned these and why they work on Daijon youth plan site )

My Love Diary

Thank you For this info ???

The chosen one

here's several things for anti-aging treatment naturally
consume a mixture of grains, fruits, and vegetables
Do exercises instead of watching TV
Make use of Sunscreen.
Stop smoking
(I discovered these and why they work from Daijon youth plan website )

Antony David

Beauty Tips for Looking Younger

I'm a idiot

I'm 11 but look 15

pavel mihai

here's a few things for looking younger naturally
eat a good selection of grains, fruits, and vegetables
Exercise instead of watching TV
Make use of Sunscreen.
Stop smoking
(I read these and why they work on Daijon youth plan site )

Mahnoor Khan

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated
2. Clear The Make_Up
3. Always Wear A Good Sunblock
4. Stay fit
5. Avoid Stress
6. Have A Good Sleep


sorry but sunblock is not good instead i use coconut oil and drink plenty of tomato juice and i love exposing to sun

Play Games

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anuska mishra

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Lexo Aurumtin

5. Avoid stress.

But how? I have a tons of things to do.

Jontrex 15

I look young for a 15 year old. I look like a 12 year old compared to other teens.


You sound high or sleepy lol

Cheyenne Colin

“Too much makeup can make you look fake and you know this ladies. MeN dO NoT aPpReCIatE ToO MuCh MaKeUP EiTHeR

Wearing the amount of makeup I’M comfortable with and not giving a shit about men’s opinions keeps my skin lookin young, fresh and glowy sis! Level up!

Mahat osman

I'm short what i should do?'

Stephanie Mitchell

great video

H.K.Shyama Kumari

I have spent months investigating treating effects of getting older at home and found a fantastic resource at Nirca fresh look (google it if you're interested)

sweetheart Sakura

I love this simple but good advice. The only problem is I feel sleepy listening to her voice...sorry!

Junior Miranda

When your 12 and your already feelings old

One Pun

But doesn't sunblock help highten the rate of cancer?


Avoid using tanning salons. Never smoke or chew tobacco and avoid excessive drinking of alcohol. Avoid using illegal drugs.


Why using professional models? Look so fake


Hi, just wanna share this experience of mine by just following this:
"5 Steps to look Younger"


Idk why im on this video when I already look young for my age! I'm 24 yet i ALWAYS get mistaken for a teenager. Everywhere I go I either get carded or some authority figure assumes I'm a minor, idk whether I should be flattered or insulted

Ankush Manaktala

you can use this product for making better skin that makes you look younger. url:

Nsikak Iwok

here's several things for anti-aging treatment at home
eat a variety of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables
Exercise instead of watching TV
Use Sunscreen.
Try to reduce stress.
(I discovered these and the reasons they work on Daijon Youth Plan website )


This voice is too hideous for me. Girl bye

The 5 Best Simple Tips to Look Younger TODAY - Dr. Anthony Youn

The 5 Best Simple Tips to Look Younger TODAY - Dr. Anthony Youn4 Sep. 2019
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Comments (100)
Ric Owens

Should we be brushing our groin area too???? #hmmm ?

Ayec Burgonio

Dr Youn thanks for the tips and you look greqt

Luciana Silva

I love Dr. Youn, he is charismatic

Ана Буљешевић

I use the brush ?


Hi. What’s your email address, thanks

Angel Truth

Drink water with the monks on mountain Fiji

Maria Perez

Thanks for Tip Dr. Awesome.

Avril Haynes

Thankyou for the tips?

Moumita Aich

I have very much sensitive acne prone skin.and also I have spots of acne.So how I maintain my skin and how I get healthy looking glowing skin?...

Arti Vedi

What about face

Mihri Omar

Thank you ?


Yay!!! Thank you! Just subbed!

izele rahila

Can you please traduit Arabe...???

Augusta Yarteh

Aw nice teaching. Doctor yun this is a professional teachings Dr. That brush good to scrubes Back quickly. Thank you so much Dr. I love all your teaching sir.

Sokhom Ing

Thank you Dr. Youn for all the helpful tips! ?

Rosalind Rambo

Is drinking water really good for u? Why do I bloat and feel miserable after drinking? Help! I love water but hate the way it makes me feel.

Andrea luna

Well, no things droop and sag, and no peppermint e tract or brush can help. It's the professional operation that can give people that extra push into feeling better. Also including any type of physical activity.

Georgeta Pop

Can u teach us step by step 1 week beauty routine? How about all those differents masks? How when and how other to use them in between daily creams? I even have overnight mask often should I use replace it with then regular night cream ? How about facials? How about those masks that u peel off after dry?And all those electrical masks? I have so many things for beauty but not sure how often to use all...can u make a very elaborate day to day routine and what should be using and how often? Also as we know a face can have many issues but a cream is only taking care of one issue so how I will integrate the other creams in the routine? For instance my skin needs anti aging cream,brightening moisturizing ,and whitening all at once.should i apply creams for all this at once or i should do it one by one on different days?I have products from Lancome .for moisture, one is for revitalize and one is for I integrate all of them at once? Or should I finish one and then start the other one?

Sahn Song

I'm going to try the last tip from this video. I used that dry brush in the shower about 2 years ago..... lol i didn't even try to look up on internet!. Thanks to my recent interest in skin care i have now gained useful knowledge on how to take care of my skin! Thank you for sharing the tips Doctor.

martha nguyen

I love your videos.
Could you talk about Madonna skin products?
Roller face (infrared light)suppose is very good, different than other roller's face. Is true?
Refa carat vs Mdma roller face?


Thanks dr very informative

Arti Vedi

These weren't holistic at all.incompletistic!!

Isabella M

I think good sex is the ultimate anti aging

Demenyi Robert

What is your age?

Severious Black

The best thing
Accept your age.
Change is the basic law of nature.


What i found out that works on me is to do oil massage on your
face every day. You can use any kind of oils

Ritika Ritu

What are your views on oiling your skin before showering?

Missjamaican Flowers

Thanks for the video ❤️

Cat Lover

Helpful. How old is he???

Millie Weigg

Hi Doc!!!!
I love your interest on trying to explain us How to live better!!!!
Thank you só much ❤️

Anuka Rai


Maanne Maru

Thank you Doc???????

Dr. Nasira Nasir


Forever Wild

IDK how to tweeze eyebrows... and everything is closed lol

Vive Malasia

Trick ? To look? I want things that make you younger ! Healthier .

Ellie McCarthy

For the exfoliating one at the end, wouldn't brushing towards the heart be more related to the fact that that is brushing against the natural direction hair grows, so it prob lifts more dead skin etc, rather than the fact that it is in line with the lymphatic system?

TC Heart Daikoku

Blessed day watching from Japan


PROOF that Holistic medicine is a JOKE.

Camelia Rusu

How can avoid shuger and hunger of grubbing shuger

Nawari Hilwa

Do i need to get allergic then take some injections and go to hospital just to make my lip bigerby this irritating way ..why do i need to irritate my self !!!!.

Sonali Thakur

Nice tips ?

rullence 2

Thanks doc! ?

Well Being

Why Americans are so mad about being young and looking young? they are really psycho...these poor people never felt the real happiness...


Amazing the effect of the tea and potatoes!!,, BIG THANKS !!! ??✨??✨??❣️❣️❣️????

Kha Lê

Does anybody know the book's name at 0:49

Ketty Corvington

Great info and very pleasant??

Angel Truth

Face massage?


Let's not 4get sunscreen.

Edna Serna

New Subscriber ?


I have at watch his videos on 1.75x speed ?

v bharathi

Plz tell best cream to dark circles

Saul Contreras

Lifting the soft spot in the back of your mouth can also help you sing higher.

Ams Tyquiengco

Thanks doctor!!!

Lisi bigmama

Thanks Dr.

Kesha Kellogg

I got rid of my dry brush when I heard Dr. Dray (a dermatologist here on YT) advise against it because it contributes to thickening of the skin. I'd love for beauty professionals to do a congenial collab and hear them hash out the science!

Shidduch Photographer

Sorry, I love your videos but I don't agree. Keep your eyebrows thick. That's what makes you look young, because older people having thinning eyebrows. I wish I hadn't tweezed them because now they're not as thick

Sky Azul Lopez

Nice beauty tricks from a real doc. Hehehe. I like the eyebrows tweezing.

Yet Li

Want to look younger?

- Healthy Kidneys
Eating more black beans and black sesame seeds.
Rub the lower back everyday. Keep the lower back warm.
Practice Qi Gong
- Blood Circulation
- Resting
Have enough sleep.
- Eating Healthy
Eat more vegetables
- Relax the mind
Helps you sleep better
Improve your mood
Increase Qi flow, and that can help unblock some of your meridians.

Kidneys are very important, because Qi (life force) is stored in them. People with healthy kidneys have stronger bones and teeth, look younger, more dark hair, and better memory. Blood circulation is also very important, people with poor circulation will become physically and mentally weak. Resting allows the body to heal. Eating healthy food provides good nutrients for the body to become stronger and healthier. Relaxing the mind allows the body to function better.

Earn dollar bangla

Too good video

Hector Jacobo Bendahan

I like your videos with great content. Thanks for your time also to share great content, tips and tricks.



linda albano

How do you get rid of sleep lines that form next to the nose

Sridevi Mahapatra

Thank You Doctor

Brownskingirl Bowens

Can you provide tips on how to smooth rough skins in the vaginal area between the thighs?


I'm envious of your skin, Doc. Handsome too.

Maya Turmoil

Eh, you can get retin A and vitamin c face cream from MastoorA beauty. That is what will give you results. I'm done with potatoes and kitchen items all over my hair and face

Torsha Burks

Drinking alcohol has nothing to do with your skin. As well as your diet. It's a myth. Using proper cleaning techniques and products are the key.

Shilpi Rajan

U r great sir........ ?

Kevin Loder

Are organic boar bristle bristles good choice?

laura nabi

Thank you so much dr!! Very helpful tips I’ll try them all.

Odisseia Etc

Vitamin K2 is great with vitamin d3.

Nellie R

Im 58 and since a teenager Ive always used simple tips to look healthier. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Sharn

I dont care about looking young. I jz wanna marry u Dr youn..❤❤.. Will you marry me, my lovely honey bunny????❤❤❤❤????☺☺.. Waiting for your reply..

Odalis Odalisca


SAAD Shaikh 1315

Explained very well. Thanks

Sam Boriboun

B born asian

Sharifeh mansouri

Hi can you talk about why the woman lost hair and what l doing

Gracem CK

What is the best moisturizer to apply our body and face. Thank you for sharing this informative video.???

ayesha khan

how old r u?

sarah michelle

Is it wrong that I find him really cute? If he wasn't married and I lived in America...sigh

Pedro Libra

5 best simple tips to look like a chic.


Wonderful Dr... I'm from Kerala, India

Toyia Di Lisio

Dr. Youn , I need to See You I'm 62 and my Cheeks are dropping . I need to Fly to Detroit and was Wondering if you could do it in 1 Day . Thanks ?


You are superb

Pamela Nadel

Who would give this video a thumbs down?!

Jeet Singh

Logo is really appealing.

Ana Cris

Avoid alcohol, drink lots of water, eat your veggies, exercise, de-stress, pray. ???

Andrea Santiago

Hi doc your so handsome ???

Liên Kim Phan

Amazing! Thank you very much doctor!

Moumita Aich

I have sensitive acne prone skin..So can I use any homemade boiled rice water or boiled potato paste on my fece.....Or Yougart and honey pack?

Sharon Margaret Stewart

Great tips thanks ?

Koujou Yamaguchi

How to look younger?

Use filter for your photos.

Brownskingirl Bowens

Thank You.

Aisha Farooq

Quick question, can you please give some advice about Hyperpigmentation due to Hirsutism?
I have dark skin due to hyperpigmentation starting from my neck due to hair removal and it’s spreading upwards towards my face.

Thanks in advance!

Pheng Yang

Smartphone make u look younger.


I found by myself that tongue lift thing and that helps a lot....tho had no idea a doctor would recommend that

Swati Sachan

Any medicine to treat back acne.. i am 33 yo.

aya allah Morgan

Thank you

izele rahila

عافاك دير لينا الشرح باللغة العربية...الله يرحم الوالدين ??


I have lots of baby hairs on my legs that won't shave off. Other Derms told me to use lotions to get rid of bumps. Hasn't worked. Dr do you have any thoughts ofn this issue

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Comments (93)
Leroy C. Reed


Jedd Mohlenkamp

My pops has 6 pack abs and he is 75 lol.. he is in better shape than me!

gus mangas

your voice in russian channel better than this dude

Gokul Basnet

The one i was waiting for. Thank you ?

adam collins

'Make you look homeless', lol.

nowew owkelw


timestamp for his hair dye reveal?

Dev The Legend

Great Video Antonio, really enjoyed it.

Elijah Guevara

Wow, most of my closest friends are only a few years younger than I am. Next to my age (prefer not to say), the difference almost seems drastic.


Im 38 and have to show my ID all the time to prove my age because people don't believe I am over 28

Jay Power

My dad drinks lots of water, works out every day, and eats a balanced diet. He looks fantastic. Myself and my brother also keep him on his toes! Great job again Antonio


AND TIP #1 - If some of your eyebrow hairs arrived where you're going 15 minutes before you do, then perhaps it's time to trim them back a bit.

Aaron Ramirez

Again, amazing video! Thanks for the great advice

Ishraq Haider

- moisturiser: purpose is to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture.
- serum: lighter than moisturiser - purpose is to cater to a certain skin condition/type/issue. and like you said, they are more concentrated. want something even higher? your answer: ampoules!
- i am not a pro on skincare, but i have never come across a wash/peel off mask that is used after a moisturiser. if that's the case, washing off will pull out some of the moisture/serum etc. it should be the step after washing!

Will Powell

You're as young as you feel, as I've gotten older I have started to appreciate acting my age. I used to dress like a teenager all through my 20s. now I've turned 30 I like dressing that bit older, less casual more business casual and being a dad and acting more responsibly.

Mike Thomas

Another great video, thanks.


I'm 39, when I turned 36 I woke up and felt like garbage. I was a 330 lb, 3 pack a day smoker that was always eating junk food. my knees were weak, I was always tired and lethargic, I couldn't breath even when i was sleeping because of the smoking. it was bad. I quit smoking on December of 2017, started cooking my own food in mid 2018. II really began "dieting" by August of last year, counting calories and carbs and since then I've lost 70 lbs and haven't smoked a day since December 22 2017. I learned how to cook by looking at YouTube videos, which helped me experiment and try different things. I enjoy it. it keeps me off the couch when I get home and I spend hours preparing my meals to eat at home and at work. by the end of the year I should be around 240, and by next year I should be back to my college weight. I'm not the same guy I was. I'm super active now and feel so much energy then before. I don't know what to do with myself half the time. I feel great and have been told that for my age I look really good, so yeah. in the last couple of months I've trying to improve the way I dress and come off and I started watching Real Men Real Style as well as several other YouTube personalities to improve my style. these kinds of improvements don't happen over night, it take time, discipline and patience to develop but believe me they work.


Avoid stress, and manage effectively if avoidable.

Mohamed Ali

Thanks Antonio! , am going to translate the content of your video for my father into Somali language to make sure that he understands the importance of self care.


You are right about how deceptive sleep can be. Recently, I started getting blocked nose symptoms and didn't realise that they affected my sleep until my dad, who's a doctor, observed me sleeping and told me that I would regularly jump out of deep sleep.
When you know the problem, tackling it becomes so much easier

Art Lego

60 yo male and Right now I'm feeling so down and I don't have any interest.

Meet Patel

Metal storm

People don’t stop playing when they get older - they get older when they stop playing.

Antonio, this is another great video, but I have watched multiple previous videos of yours so I am basically already doing most of these things ... I lost 15 kg ( around 30 pounds ) and I feel much better, eat better and look better. So yeah, thank you for everything, your channel is amazing, I love it and I did improve my life a bit since I started watching it

Tanmay Fadnis

Very very Informative tips, Thanks, Antonio :)


I did this and now I look like a toddler

Gary Benedict

Antonio you wear an awesome watch to bed Does that help your sleep ?

Dr. Omar . insights تاملات

Great. Thanks


Very informative ?


Hello from Russia)

Hamz Awanman

I'm 20 and look like 45 + that's why this video will be helpful

Derek Stalker

Antonio I am 58 and I look 35

Fuzail Mayo

antonio you should study about Pakistani men style tell us how to wear them pls

Jose Cervera

Products are STEEP probably another scam like scentbird.

Richard Walls - Career Dev & Finance

Exercise is the absolute best strategy - if there was ever a fountain of youth, that would be it.

Sheikh Khaled

Antonio used FaceApp for the thumbnail ??

Yash Vashisht

#1 Tip to look younger is Subscribe to Real man Real style

Leo Sigman

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is just what I needed, just when I needed it, and just how I can use it! Always looking to do things in new or better ways. You reminded me to re-implement Charlie Hoehn's book, "Play It Away". Always looking to do better preparing my meals, and you reminded me of my Ukrainian Grandmother's Borscht: (according to my mother) 2 big pots on the back burners to provide "antifreeze" for the family of 5 in Russia. I think it would work the same in Wisconsin.?

Arslan khan


Akash mccullum

Working out really makes us look younger!

BTW iam 12

Stephen Holtom

I'm going to be a bit contrary and say moisturizers are all much the same IMO. It's good to use one, sure, but little is gained by spending more money on a fancy brand. AIUI there is no external cream that will rebuild or protect collagen.

Derek Johnston

Being optimistic is spot on-when you are happy and smiling you look younger.People who are always moaning and complaining look older.They are best avoided or they will start you moaning too.

Rahul R

Any one watching during lock down in kerala, India....
Sir.. i am a great fan of u.....



Jose Omar

Great video !

Jeff Sanders

I am 58 years old, work out six days a week (weight lifting, running, calisthenics) and today I am the strongest and happiest I have ever been. Happily married for 32 years too. Sure, life has all kinds of problems (I have had my share of heart break), but I just remember that I am the biggest problem I will ever face. No one has ever shown me a picture of what a 58 year old man is "supposed" to look each day I draw my own picture and write my own story. God is good, and life is good.


Great guy. Great channel.

Adrian Zara

Antonio, thanks for this video... it's just for me (I'll be 49 in a couple days)!!
Best regards from Buenos Aires, ARG.

Shimmi Shanga

“Hang with younger people”
Pedos: So I’m not really old and creepy?


Your daughter is your duplicate ??

Mr. Flegler

Great video as always!

الدولجي MASR AL3OZMA

Iam getting forty soon and i really look like 26 years old.
I do not smoke and i avoid pollution



Get to the dentist, nothing says old like a busted grill.

Alen N

Just don't get married


Any tips for busy with work married people with kids?

O. Shawabkeh

I will add to keep learning, read books and maintain an active mind.
We notice how people in their 50/60's once they retire how rapidly they age and look older. At least in some regions.


I am 23 and I look and feel like shit

Umar Maqsood

I'm the first one


Antonio, the prices of your products are very high for those who get wages not in dollars. I'm Russian, and 75$ for me is a 1/4 of my month salary.

woodstock16996 II

"We don't stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing."


Great advice. Thank you

Ragnar Bluechip

"Enjoy life"... Sir, I'm married

Kenneth Titley


Yashmeet Singh for your best guidelines.

Youssef HEGAZY 2

I basically I don't want to be like the old men in the Irishman

b phillip

I heard a lot of good tips in here and in the comment section.
I don't usually toot my own horn, but I am 41 and I look quite a bit younger than that (people telling me I look in my 20s still).
My add on tip are to limit your alcohol consumption to a bare minimum (or avoid it all together), although who doesn't enjoy a good drink here and there, I know I do, but its not every night or even regularly.

And for me this second tip is the absolute key thing, I DO NOT SMOKE., never have.
I will concede though that genetics sometimes enter into it as much as good self care, but like you attest, if you take care of yourself and keep at it, your working well at it (my uncle, 84 years of age this winter suggested the same thing "limit your drink, do not smoke, eat healthy food, keep fit, you should be good", talking to me though he suggested that "you belong to a long lived family so if you keep yourself well, its not a certainty, a guarantee, but you could live to your 80s or your 90s because I have and your 2 Aunties did, take it one day at a time", that's off topic, but really, he's looked pretty much the same for about 25, 30 years, a white haired old guy, but a well kept old guy - anyhoo).
Thoughtful video today.

- Bradley

(my username is "b phillip" but my given name is Bradley, I know, weird, there is a backstory to it that I won't into)

Ultra Store

Feel younger and look healthier

0 tips

Nainan Mathew

on point video.
be grateful and be the light house in times as such.
Vitaman bby
moisturize soo true.
love the baground and Shirt. (hope the baground making you feel at ease haha)

what did you miss if anything at all...
personally more of dog I think could have been introduced in the video just my personal opinion.
point being helps the video be more laid back and...


5:37/14:32 Am I the only one that think he looks better and younger with that kind if casual hair ?

Kenny Dakvaily

Remove toxicity from your life, negative people drain you out energy.and make you sick.

Ramchandra Krc

Hey Antonio I really like the way how you talk you talk in a simple way and you English is very good and also your grooming routine is on point even though you are older you look very smart to maintain the same and all the best

Tagon min myat

Hey, I check the email. I sent you an email. Can you make a video on a day in the life of antonio centeno?

Awesome Err

I'm 25 I'm already feeling less invincible than I used to so just started Tiege Hanley level 2 to prevent crows feet for a few more years ?...?


What if I don't have any interests,also being a fulltime caregiver leaves me 45 minutes to an hour each day to do something,any suggestions?

Judith Catlett

Good video and information


Health body, mind, and soul is important for a long and happy life.

this user

drink water... a lot of water.

adam collins

Botox, teeth whitening, hair dye. Eat ok, exercise.


Awesome video Real Men Real Style..You give some real tips ...

Phills Fashion

Excellent comparison I totally agree sometimes I find my self taken my self too serious This videos gave me a wake up call I love the advice be Passionate and Great-full . And take care of your skin ?.

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0:30 - *
1:40 - Play and have fun
3:12 - Be passionate
4:16 - Be optimistic
5:21 - Shave or groom your beard properly
6:46 - Have a skincare routine
7:46 - *
11:52 - Exercise regularly
12:30 - Pay attention to your diet
13:27 - *

Umar Maqsood

Give me heart antonio


Skin? Stay out of the sun.


Somebody has to drive the safety Vic!


Hang out with younger people, especially college girls. That keeps the testosterone levels high.


Fantastic tips, as I'm defo in the category of being in my early 40's but looks about 50.

Jonathan Tuba 2

Spend time with younger people. That gives you the attitude of a younger person and makes you seem younger

Youssef HEGAZY 2

I missed the good old trailer, I love how you review Up as an example, it was a hit classic... But as for the video, after I finished it, I can see that you really know your stuff, great job, Mr. Centeno!

Edit: intro, I mean intro

Primal Edge

2:50 someone's Agile...

Yuri Yeleyko

My wife steals Vitaman's skin protector and eye zone all the time. Now she started to steal shave oil because it's superb for her face. Hope after shave balm stays with me:)

Brent Testerman

Wow! Your boy is getting big! Right on.

الدولجي MASR AL3OZMA

Smile alot and laugh... This helps facs skin to stretch and not to wrinkle.


Вареники з картоплею , та з зажаркою цибули... Мммм... Ням,ням!)?


I found eating properly helped my skin and whole body greatly.
Avoid vegetable oils(lowers omega-6 fats)
Avoid omega-6 fats
Avoid sugars
Avoid processed foods
Avoid grains & starchy foods
Do eat vegetables,
Do eat grass fed meats,
Do eat wild caught fish.
Do eat saturated fats. Look for fatty cuts of meat.
Fast 20 hrs a day for increased growth hormone. It also keeps insulin down for metabolic health, and gives me diet flexibility, so i can have pizza, or ice cream, fries.. on occasion, without major issues.

Doing this lowered my inflamation, eliminated my arthritis, keeps my weight down and seriously boosted my brain function, and the fat is great for keeping skin hydrated.

Rob Felts

Great stuff Antonio, as always!