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How To Shave Your Head With Straight Razor | Bald Head Shave

How To Shave Your Head With Straight Razor | Bald Head Shave27 Jan. 2016
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in this video learn how to

in this video learn how to shave your own head with straight edge razor , Bald Head Shave by @core83cutts follow him on IG, for products go to http://www.ezbladeshavingproducts.com

music by Y&v Lune


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I only like the feeling of my head if it has been shaved against the grain.




OMG!! Yo this looks painful. All those cuts jeez!!!!

Linda Sua

promoting yourself isn't teaching


Dont try this method as it can cause cuts


Commentary would have been much better than the music, couldn't watch it all as a result


This was overly dramatic

Rich rich


Michael Cervantez



Daequan hair

Hanks De

If your using a Straight Razor for shaving your head, would you shave against the grain?

Dan Lund

Thanks for this. In one minute I learned more than most websites talking about using a straight razor for head shaving. I normally use a safety razor and I'm trying to change to straight razor for head shaving to keep my safety razor from clogging so easily. This video is helpful for a newbie.
Again, thanks.

Mugshot Marley

No good shaving with the direction of hair growth you will still have stubble on the head

noel rivera

bloody mess

Harley Cooper

My way but different I used clippers then normal razor then used a safety razor..splash some menthol on your head god damn that feels good for the rest of the day nice n cool

Peter Hopkins

I think I'll just stick with my trusty Phillips electric shaver.

Adam Atkinson

You fuckin yourself up bro


I'm not bald, but every summer, or right around this time, I shave my head. I'm kinda afraid to use a straight edge lol.

James Ross

Got some skills there bro. Think a saftey razor may be better for me

Strickly Skillz Barbershop

Fire ?????


@howtobecomeabarbertv i think you did a pretty amazing job. it's hard to cut your own hair with a straight razor. those knicks happen even when you go to a barber it just depends on how delicate your skin is. i would probably cut myself way more than you did cuz i get these little bumps on my head when my head is growing then they go away when i shave with my fusion 5 blade or dorco pace 6 6 blade which is amazing.

Ash Cain

anyone else find this mesmerizing to watch?
i love shaving my head...
so therapeutic.. but a weekly ball ache at the same time lol

sirtifi barber

Bruh! You're bleeding. Septic powder ?


I shave my head, but only during the summer time. I want to try the straight edge, but I don't know if I'd like it or not. I might go to the shop to have it done first. However, my head is extremely sensitive. Especially on the back of my neck area. I use clippers for the back of my neck, which helps with not getting bumps. I don't get them bad to begin with, but I get them. I would love to have a bump free neck.

Brandon One

The key to shaving is glide never press.


their is blood on his head 10 out of 10 job!

Mr 1980s

Head looks disgusting

baris saglam

So satisfying to watch.

Marcel Freitas

The man is a Pro....I wonder i I could do the same without a few cuts.......well done

Ry Clique

Mad nics

Robert Matthews007

that looks like a go od razor to use very nice do you know the make of it at all. And great video as well thank you so much. :)


I did my first head shave with a shavette the other day and loved it. I used Personna blades in my Parker SRB shavette.


He got a shiny bald head hahaha that skined

Chris Brewton

Real men str8 raze against the grain. #Justdoit


This is why I jus use clippers and give myself a low cut, razors bring bumps, cut etc jus ot worth it too me lol


Everytime I have my head no matter how close it is I can still see where my hair used to be 5oclock shadow..anyone know how to get rid of that???


How was the growback though? Any Ingrowns?

onol chakraborty

I uso a straight razor and I shave at the same way it's the best without going against the grain you have smooth shave no razor bumps and razor burn for after little bit of practice every one can shave great video bro

Mixture Tv

You must bald your head once every two year.

Da Stig

I highly recommend a Turkish barber In the UK. They practice on balloons. The best skin fade you will ever get.
Just wait for that good one who is teaching the rest. If you see somebody say, no thanks im waiting for this lad. That's your man


What brand of shavette is that?

Dima koulikof

My bald head appreciate this

Black _

Gross to watch! You bloody head fool?

Antonio Thornton


ramiro martinez

yo Jay u think u could make a vid on wut to do if u cut sum1 either on the head or face much appreciated

TheSTRatigiSt__ officiel

Seriously? Take your time. I was trying to get a nice hot shave with one of these one time, and I cut myself bad. I just use gilette razors, or safety razors with bump patrol shave gel, and it works great!




how to comb your hair with a butter knife


got some speed there how about adding a flame pattern that would look killer


With this blade, can you shave up in the back? It looked to be very effective going down, but with the fusion blade I use now, I have to go up in the back.

A Beggin

Woh, you made that look effortless. No doubt it took quite awhile to hone that skill.

Put the lotion in the basket

Hmm... Judging by how many cuts you gave yourself I think I'll stick to a safety razor.

Robert Gray

Homey u gotz it going on with that manual dexterity good job great dome

winter mcswain

Vvvvvhhgjgy you find y to be riding f
d.ndd I was up his fhhdfikkfg falling
Bald head scallywag ain't got no hair in the back

Mo Gregory III


Kyle Kelly

there is at one comment saying he should stick with a safety razor my brother shave he head once with one of my de razors he ended having over 20 nicks. He is extremely skilled with the blade.

J.D. Leslie

I use a 5 blade disposable razor and then clean it up with the straight. But haircuts are still cheaper. You will burn through blades keeping your head clean and shiny. But there are worse vices.

Daniel Callaway

I remember years ago shaving my head with a razor sharp buck knife. No shaving cream, water, or a mirror. Luckily I only had one small cut right above my ear, but would I recommend anyone else doing that? Heck no


I’m a bald chick who shaved my own head...been thinking of trying a straight razor ?

Frederic Biondi

Good technic bro!


Niggas Nicks

Greg McAteer

While it's interesting to watch, would have been super helpful to show what you did ahead of time...wet head, hot water, hot towel...etc. A little description about the stuff he put on his head. Maybe something about holding the razor...angle, grip, etc.



carlos jamil

clean ?

Judi Oneil

Your head is bleeding

Malcolm Kirksey

what song is this


well……after watching this video,I think this is not the best for head shaving. stick to my de razor

Andrew Ritz

Your hair looks like when my son mows the grass ........ PATCHY

Nonna Yurbuzness

what did you apply to your head prior to shaving.

Mike Mejia

so no warm water in the beginning?


Dang, he didn’t wet his head or nothing. I’ve tried this, and I have the same product. It takes way to long for me.

Charles Rutterbush

Just watching you do something does not make this a "how to" video.

Consumed Informer

I would bleed to death if I used a straight razor on my head!

Sun shine

Nice. ?

sumit bisht

I peel my head sikin will hair come back or not pls reply

Dremon Mcintosh

bro how long it took u to get this length ?

Tricky The hair

Ok here hoping I don’t Vango myself


skills crazy skills

Skullshaver update with new blade version! A must have for shaving your head!

Skullshaver update with new blade version! A must have for shaving your head!8 Oct. 2019
50 964
Videobob MoseleySubscribe 438 721

We check out Skullshaver's

We check out Skullshaver's latest blade technology!

Order your Skullshaver Gold here: https://amzn.to/2Mlky4e

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Cold Gecko

Dude - Your a fun natural reviewer. I really enjoyed learning about the product with your honest review. I have zero experience with shaving my head -- but thinking about it. You need to learn about the difference between models though.


My skull shaver is great. The only issue was always the cleaning of the 5 head system. Ordered a new 4 blade head thanks to your vid it will be back in use! Apparently the difference in the blade packs is for fine or coarse hair... Would be helpfull if that was a bit clearer on the Web shop. I think the platinum comes with two types of blades.

Pepe Pepe

Let me ask something the butterfly doet the same the skull shaver or you see something different between one and the other one ?

Starch Wreck

I have a full head of hair. Why am I watching this?


5:20 was my exact reaction when I discovered it. A huge upgrade to the older model. It’s those little things that make it so much easier to deal with.

Ian Morgan

You give one hell of an entertaining endorsement Bob! ?

Sean Wieland

No more microUSB which is the most flimsy connector ever. USB-C for every new gadget!

Colonel Mark Julifs

I'm gonna have to buy 1. ?

Bodhi Sattva

What are your thoughts on dual foil shavers like Wahl or Andis in comparison to Pitbull?


LOL I shave my head 4 times a year, Dont think I need one of them.


Nothing better than winding down and watching a video from Videobob. Keep up the great job sir

Ian Wilson

About 2 weeks ago my good lady bought me the Pitbull Skull Shaver Gold as a surprise gift and let me tell you this is a brilliant piece of kit, nice and light and really easy to use and as a matter of fact I actually enjoy using it ❤️??


Don't say pain and azz in the same sentence, i get jealous.

J Black

That room looks 1800s


would you recommend the 4 or 5 blade?


Will the new head fit instead of the 5 head or do I need to get whole new unit ?

Gary Anderson

There both the same shaver but the platinum comes with a case an a few other things an it’s chrome, but the Gold is the same shaver just comes in black.

Stuff Matty Cooks

Bought one of these and it works great.....BUT after 6 months it will not hold a charge and the company wants me to send it back AND pay shipping too. Not exactly convenient when I use this tool to shave my head every day. What a BS product. Complete junk and a waste of money with a crappy warrantee replacement policy. Don't waste your money on this product. This company does not stand behind their product they make it completely inconvenient to replace it. Absolute garbage.


Well it’s great that your not shaving inside your Rolls whilst driving. Perhaps the difference is that you can get your name engraved on the expense one. Yes/no? lol ?

Raven star2018

I had the pit bull for a year and a half and it’s been bril and was so relieved when I bought the forte blades and cleaning is a doddle,they don’t like to much pressure as it bogs down on the blades.love your reviews and the humour ?

Jim Mzik

Bob, like me, has got a BALD HEAD!


Good review. To all the negative reviews Everyone will find some kind of issue or they won’t like the way the shaver is built. No perfect shaver out there even the $300 and up priced shavers will have issues and people will trash those also

Sunny Day

I enjoy your reviews. Just wondering why you film them in a brothel? LOL kidding.


As your sitting at the stop light next to a guy shaving his head sitting in his newly painted Rolls Royce Phantom... HAHA I so love Texas!

James Ozby

The Pitt bull gold is the truth. I love it.


Bald guys UNITE!

Jason crute

its interesting the pitbull has a no return policy on amazon. Also pretty sure this guy gets paid by them.


The platinum is $100 more because.....

1st World Problems SOLVED

Shiny looks rich?

In Hawaii

Bob have you ever accidentally hit your eyebrow you got pretty close a few times

Rafael castro

Hi what cream or oil do you use after shaving.

Alex R E

I didn't know these existed. I will get one, it looks so much easier than what I've been using.


The Pitbull platinum comes with a travel case, rinse stand, travel lock, wash indicator and longer warranty. Silver = 1 year warranty, gold = 1 year 6 months warranty and platinum = 2 year warranty.

Willie Anderson

After hearing all the hype, I finally bought a skull shaver... I was soooooooo disappointed with the results!!!! Shit stopped working after two days. I called customer service several times and kept getting a voicemail for about a week straight,. I finally got through and asked for a full refund. I bought a Panasonic Arc 5 to shave my head, SUPER THUMBS UP!!!!

Pete Bowen

Thank you Videobob! Good information!


Huh, an honest review.


MAN I needed this review. I have been looking for an everyday shaver for a while now as I am balding but the hair i do have likes to grow back fast. I really like when I get a fresh baldy (literally no hair on my milk dud shaped head) and I want them to last longer between visits to the barber. I've seen so many of these shavers advertised on social media I was having a hard time figuring out which one to get. Thanks to you, sir I will be getting the skull shaver gold and I'll be sure to use your affiliate link. Appreciate you. Also subbed to the channel. Gotta check out more of your videos.


Never heard of the brand name or see 1 like that Bob, looks like it does a good job on your head though! looking good Bob! Nice job! By the way Bob love your wall paper looks great! I gave you another like Bob, THX for the video!

MATTY MOBBS. Aka one life on instagram

Can’t see it mate

Dollar Menu

We need more videos!!! ?


The different blades are for different hair types, forte, baron etc, see their website for info

DeeJay ReGg

I've been seeing this device pop up on my Facebook timeline for a while...Your review step it up for me and I'm going to purchase one....Thanks!!!

Chris Smith

Looks like it gives a nice little massage too ?

LV Wallace

I can’t give you a comment about it when I haven’t tried it.


Their products are ineffective and their policies and personnel are punk. It does not take it down to bald at all. It takes forever to get any result. They also have verifiably sent out used units. Unreal. They have an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau. I also made a video product review warning people to not buy anything from them.


14.03 Or you can used it any where you want!! Lol..

Michael Lucantonio

I watched a few "reviews" on this product. Yours by far, was the most entertaining and relatable. Will definitely check out more of your content.

John Greene

Nice and smooth and shiny. :)

Zippo Varga Small Engine Medic

Diggin it Bob! Full head of hair here, but I've been shaving my head for over 15 years with a razor. This looks like the ticket to get off the blade! Thanks much for sharing! Zip~

mike roberts

Well if video bob is happy, all is well.

Fique 84

I clean the blade using soap and it corroded.

Rick Lane

You remind me to Shel Silverstein :)


"Use it anyway you want" (blink eye) LOL


Good afternoon, I was thinking of buying the machine but I have seen that they all now come with the 4 heads, I read very bad reviews about these heads that said they caused redness in the neck ... how was your experience?


It al already unavailable on Amazon.

Ted Morente

ive never used an electronic shaver, so the hair collects inside? I wont have to worry about having hair on the floor?

Jim Mzik

I couldn't get the GOLD PRO (sold out) but I got the Silver and am buying the Forte Blades to replace the Carver it came with. Not that they're bad but I want the best ones for my BALD HEAD!!!

Dave Norris

Great review!!! Thank you!!!!


9:45 "I'm not a paid endorsee of any kind", proceeds to provide affiliate link where he gets money if you buy it. True, not paid to endorse, but obviously you can profit from people purchasing it which is not a whole lot different in my book. No hate, just pointing out facts.


The number of blades might have more to do with how sensitive some peoples skin is. I go towards fewer blades, supposed to reduce likelihood of ingrown hairs which I get often :(

Antonio Vita

Is not like a fusion blade right ?


I bought an Asa Vea 5 blade from Amazon for $ 49 . 4.75 star rating. I just started the total bald head look during this covid-19 nonsense. I've had it for 2 months and I use it about twice a week sometimes three times and I'm more than satisfied with it. I started out with clippers and a razor blade and I didn't like that at all. These floating heads are so comfortable they don't irritate your head at all. No more barber shop for me. Hey it paid for itself already.

G. Casey

Bought one just after watching,


Heads up ppl, don’t buy this pos shaver! I had 2 of them and neither one held a charge more that 1 day. Checkout their BBB rating. It’s an “F”. Just a heads up

Lance J. Reha

On your recommendation, I got mine today. Thanks!

david ryan

Another idiot paid to promote a useless product.

J Black

3:04 ?? right

Hubert Humphrey

I have zero interest in shavers but I watched just because your very are fucking are awesome.. threeeeeeeee!!!

Marc Miller

I bought a pitbull gold on the 20 Dec. 3 motors died by the 22nd. Had to take it back yesterday, the 23rd. First stire that I went to no stock. Very pissed off, I went to another branch. Only available in Shaver Shop here in Australia.
I emailed Skull Shaver and so far, no response.
Great customer service? Yeah right. Seems like they just don't care about their new market in the Southern Hemisphere.
These units have only just been available here for 2 weeks.

Britts Prints

@ 5:12 the joy you had ???

Martin Neps

Video Bob you have to do me a favor let me know where I can't purchase one of these thank you very much Please comment back thank you very much


cheaper one has 600 milliamp battery, more expensive one has 1400 battery.


@videobob where the Rolls at?

Biggie Fitz

I may have to get one of these.

LV Wallace

Where do you purchase the pit bull gold skullshaver

Jason Miller

I have bought three of these effing things since Nov 2017. The last in May 2020/ it doesn’t run today. As good as the product is to use it BLOWS for quality


12:50 VideoBob imitating Mike Brewer

Adi Dragan

Now I'm a broke bloke, so I went the cheapo route and got their Palm (50$) shaver and a separate 5 blade replacement head (thank god they're interchangeable) and all I can say is I am very happy with the results.


Did you have the Bluesmobile in Minnesota recently?

If it wasn’t you, someone did a very good job duplicating it....

Elizabeth Marie

Your review encouraged me to buy for my very picky husband - hope it is as successful for him as you

B Frog

Thanks I'm going for the gold!

Gam's Luv Lounge

The major difference between the Platinum and the others is the Platinum comes with a 2 year warranty. All the of the other razors, Gold and Silver, only have a 1 year warranty.

Steven Plaskett

Only Bob makes watching head shaving interesting ha ha

OO Luta

HAHAHAHAHA...I felt it when you said most bald guys have a mustache and goatee.

Steven Gregory

Hi video Bob first of all great videos.
Was just wondering if you could do a video about how good the rolls Royce suspension is by maybe having a cup of water on the centre arm rest,or maybe something more dangerous.
Just an idea on something different for your rolls vids.
Keep up the great work.

Richie Lombardi

Loved the video, but wish you said something on blade life? I didn’t understand the charging system. I don’t have a computer to plug in their charger. Can it be plugged in a wall socket?

Bodhi Sattva

USB C would be nice too. ?


You are an interesting man. I like your your presentation and, of course, the information provided. Cheers!

Em Zo

Just got my Pitbull Gold shaver and I’ll never use blades again

Bill Hamel

looks like a good product i have motorskill problems going on cant hold a razor anymore so thanks for the up date when i receive mine and try it ill send a comment. thanks again

Modern DIY Projects

When I read "Skull Shaver" I thought you had been kidnapped by some Amazonian Tribe and Lost your head! But really, I never knew this existed. I thought most people just used the Norelco.

Joe Shirley

Platinum come with a cleaning dock and travel case. Nice razor, I think I will buy the gold version.

Ian Muessig

@5:12 = the simple things in life that almost bring a grown man to tears lol. Happy they redesigned those blades, so much so that I'm considering giving them another try. I loved the concept, design, and handle... But I HATED those old 5 head blades. Never fit my head properly to get a consistent cut and impossible to clean.

Robert Stewart

Post more review videos. You're hilarious and I love your take on things.

Rolando Perez

They listen to you.

Rick Lane

Knock knock... you ok??

Maple James

I did, I got about halfway through this thing and realized I'm watching a guy shave his head. At his desk.


Just so happens that I do shave my head. Will look into this company


I might be going bald for a while come spring time. I'm going to be donating over 12 inch's of hair to Wigs For Kids and when I do, I might do St Baldricks at or around the same time. Last time I had my head shaved was in 2007 but at the time my hair was to short to donate. I know it's kinda hypocritical doing both but I figure what the hell.

Cav L

I'll buy a gold one