Healthy expression of anger

Is There a Healthy Expression of Anger? ~ Day 7 book reading by Sue Dumais

Is There a Healthy Expression of Anger? ~ Day 7 book reading by Sue Dumais7 Jan. 2019
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Chapter reading by author

Chapter reading by author Sue Dumais from her book "Stand UP Stand OUT Stand STRONG ~ A 30 Day Guide to Navigate Life When the SHIFT Hits the Fan" (recorded for her 30 Day Challenge in January 2019)

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Healthy Expression of Anger - Streets of Rage S2 E15

Healthy Expression of Anger - Streets of Rage S2 E1511 Jan. 2021
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We break through to the Y

We break through to the Y Tower, looking for recompense against the Y Twins who have set our city against us in their bid for control over others. But the final straw is our friend Max, apparently under their thrall and forced to fight against us! Cherry , Floyd , And Adam gameplay in stage 10

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3 Different Expressions Of Anger In Relationships And How To Deal With It

3 Different Expressions Of Anger In Relationships And How To Deal With It10 Apr. 2019
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In this video 3 different

In this video 3 different expressions of anger in relationships and how to deal with it, you learn about 3 destructive expressions of anger and what you can do to avoid it damaging your precious relationships. Number 3 is something most people are not aware of and is causing a lot of broken relationships.

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Chris Shepperd

Great job giving examples but not leaving us hanging. Anger has an expiration date. So good.


Stress relief is swearing

Adriastic Way

Oooouch! All three are destructive! But in my opinion Emotional rage is the most hurtful among the three.. Just sayin', I've been there several times, I even remembered my mom a couple years ago, she never punish us verbally neither physically, but when punishment comes by emotion, it really makes a person really paranoid. But I do agree with you Bro., that anger has to have an expiration, it shouldn't last. God forgives those who forgive.

Mr. Butterfly Speaks

Thank you for giving us info regarding anger issues and how to deal with it.

Ivana Sei

I have learned a lot from this video, now I know the differences in how we express out anger. Thank you for this educative video.

New Thing

Such wisdom. God Bless You.


Thank you for this dear! Happy vlogging!

Firebrand Tv

I once read an article on the silent treatment being equalised to emotional abuse. Better when a person lets out the anger than holding it in. This was interesting to watch. Blessings!!

Tracy Ensley

Excellent message! The passive anger is the trickiest to deal with - the withdrawing in particular.

Jeryl's Kitchen

I totally agree. holding on to anger can result in physical and verbal rage. We also do it by becoming distane to other people. Thanks for explaining. I think quite a few people express there anger by these theory. we should not go to our bed angry. Its distructive to our relationship and our self as well

JAVAAID - Coding Interview Preparation

Good one #JAVAAID

Sasha Hairinfinity

Great message

Bunny Bouncer

Very educational!

beautiful bible quotes

In your anger do not sin......very informative video. Thanks for sharing