How do you know if you have sexual tension with someone

5 Types of Attraction You May Experience

5 Types of Attraction You May Experience1 Jan. 2020
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Do you currently have a

Do you currently have a crush on someone? Are you in love? How about the interest in the psychology of attraction? Even though we are not here to discuss the science of attraction and how attraction happens in the brain, we are here to discuss the five types of attraction: sexual attraction, romantic attraction, sensual attraction, aesthetic attraction, and platonic attraction. Which of these types of attractions have you experienced so far? Are there any we missed?

A platonic relationship is a close relationship between two persons in which sexual desire is nonexistent.

Sensual Attraction is the desire to have physical, but not inherently sexual, contact with a specific person.

Romantic Attraction is usually assumed to be bundled with sexual attraction, or that they are one and the same.

Sexual attraction is pretty self explanatory.

Aesthetic Attraction is the pleasure in the appearance of a specific person in the same way you might find a piece of artwork or pretty scenery.

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Script Writer: Reneé Everhart

Script Editor: Kelly Soong

VO: Lily Hu

Animator: Karen Fong

YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

Are there any other attractions that we have missed out in this video? How many of these did you already know about? Do you ever feel confused about how you are attracted to someone? Are you perhaps aromantic? Or asexual? We have a video just for you on the types of sexualities as well:

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May Yume

What do you do you do when you are platonically and romantically attracted to someone?

Madeleine G

I've always been confused about why I couldn't just be happy in a relationship. Eventually I realized that I just never felt romantic attraction towards people. I still felt all those other forms of attraction, but I couldn't build that romantic connection with people because it just wasn't there. Guess I'm aromantic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Doreen Doreen

What does it mean when you are attracted to someone but have no sexual desires or feelings towards them?? It gets confusing and how can l define such an experience???

theforce .for

Hello, first of all, I'd like to say that I love your content, your content has helped me A LOT and I'd like to proceed with the next messege.
I'd like to help dubb your videos in spanish, I am fluent in English and Spanish, and I'd like to share your videos with people I love and apreciate, I'm going to post this same comment in every video of your's that I see to show my real suport, this is the #6 video in which I post this comment.
See you later ;)

Sandro Amiranashvili

Seems to me that most of them can be generalised in some clever way, cuz distinct difference between sensual and sexual attraction cannot be made, in my opinion


i have a question, is it possible to be asexual and only be 10-13? (i’m not gonna say my exact age) cause i think i might be ace but i’m not sure because of my age...

Lavender Flurries

fun fact: i thought i was romantically interested in two of my best friends, but those turned out to be moreso platonic relationships.


ha ha
didn’t experience sexual attraction ever?
damn never thought about it before


I would like to add attraction to intelligence

Fatmah Mirza

Emotional attraction


I feel like sensual attraction is more expansive than people define it. They tend to focus on the tactile aspect (touch) while sensuality involves things that engage all the senses. Sensual attraction could involve being drawn to someone's voice (raspy, low, musical, etc.), their form (slender, broad, tall, stocky, etc.) and how they move (graceful, languid, abrupt etc.), their smell (fragrance, natural, environmental, etc.), and so on.

Ramieverse !

This is why never understood "Same sex attraction". As in attracted how?
" Attracted" is wanting to date, marry then bang them?
Or "Attracted" as in being drawn by their looks/charisma without pursuing an actual relationship?
Because i never had wants to marry or "do it" with anyone, but im fine with deep meaningful friendships/romance

Giulia Schneider

I came to the conclusion that I've never felt Sexual Attraction towards someone during my entire life

idk are you a Turkey or fire chicken

I never feel sexual attraction even with crushes


this video: exists.
Asexuals: Aces Assemble!

I don't know how to name myself

And that's how I realised I was on the aromantic spectrum. I always fought that because I felt sensual attraction towards someone it meant that I was in love or had crushes on a lot of people (even my friend) but now I understand that it wasn't the case. And it makes a lot much more sense to my life too !

Ellizabeth Kane

THANK YOU for this!!!!! This is awesome ?????

I’m just a weeb named bee UwU

This is a greAt resource video for me right now because I’m coming out as demisexual and my friends keep asking me questions that this video answers!


that's really enlightening, like omg i just understand so much things about me now!! that's amazing, thank you so much!


And I'm still trying to figure out what attraction is. Honestly, I ain't got a clue and I never felt anything for anybody, maybe aesthetic attraction, although I'm not sure.


I feel attracted when my BF lightly touch my hands shoulder or Waist but i don't really Sexually Attracted to him... I m Confused ... What kind of Relationship in I am?

Veniamin F

Thank you for making this video. It was always hard to explain all of this to myself and I feel better now after watching this.
It’s so sad when romantic and sexual attraction do not align with each other. Like, I’m a girl and had boy crushes since I was a kid but then suddenly fell in love with a girl friend. For 5 years I had strong romantic feelings towards her but never even thought about doing anything sexual. Even now my first relationships ended, partly because me and my girlfriend never managed to develop genuine sexual attraction towards each other. I honestly feel so broken and keep wondering if there are any people like that here in this comment section? Tell me I’m not the only one :(

Your pal River


The Other One7

I legitimately knew what all of these meant, but tbh this video was super helpful and I am proud to say that.... yeah I’m extremely pansensual

Brynna Norris

I'm still confused

SpiegelRoseHikaru AT

Phewww... Now I'm feeling confirmed & reliefed!!!
I thought about this kind of "Love" and somehow knew, that there are differet kinds of "Love". But I couldn't pin it down, so thx for the good aswears!!!


Still can't tell what's platonic. Anyone?


i feel like a lot of my attraction is aesthetic. sexual attraction is so over hyped up we are brain washed. honestly i’m still confused about my sexuality i think what my attraction really is. but this did help a little. I have never been in a relationship in real life only online and online it’s not even a real one that i have been wanting. can someone help???? idk i’m a lesbian or is it just aesthetic attraction.

SAB739 ‘

I feel platonic attraction with my best friend. I didn’t know attraction could be subdivides in so many various ways

Zee Ro

lol when it asked what you think when it comes to attraction, i thought of pokemon moves ????

Miss Flower

How I experience attraction most to least:
Platonic (I don't get close to anyone to form new deep relationship but I'm really close to two people)
Aesthetic ( once in a while someone will check off the imaginary check list of what is supposed to be appealing to me)
Sensual (rarely because I don't have anyone to be sensual with, but I like the thought of cuddling up with someone)
Romantic and sexual ( I don't feel these attractions)
What are yours? ?❤️?✨

2:00 am 1/29/2021

Siddhant Das

I feel asthesic atteaction for john wick

carlos pimentel

Kudos for the video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you ever tried - Miyebastian Sexual Scrimshank (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is an awesome exclusive product for triggering sexual chemistry with a lady minus the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my good mate called Gray after many years got astronomical success with it.

big toes

Oh my god I can't believe that my friends actually wanna hang out with me. Like, they actually think I'm so cool and wanna be friends with me THAT'S SO COOLsbsjsnsjjsjs You know unless they're all faking it -


Alterous attraction is one you missed! Its very confusing

燐ちゃんO P P R Ø R E R

I should show this video to my friends and family who don’t really understand my sitution as an asexual person.

I’m panromantic, meaning I could have a romantic relationship with someone, no matter what their gender is. I don’t care about that. That way, I do feel romantic attraction.

There are some people I just want to be friends with, although this is an attraction I haven’t really thought about. I have just made friends.

If I ever get a lover, I do want to be near them. I want to hug, cuddle, hold hands, maybe even kiss idk. So I feel like I can definetely feel that type of attraction, but it’s nothing sexual.

Aesthetic attraction, I feel this so much. It’s not people only, but also pictures, scenery, nature, whatever. So this is a clear yes. Some people also look very appealing to the eyes, but there’s nothing more - they just look nice.

Lastly: sexual attraction. I have never been able to relate to adjectives like «hot» and «sexy», I just don’t. When I had a boyfriend, my friends asked me «what’s the dirtiest thought you’ve had about him» and I thought about it, and I noticed that I hadn’t thought about anything dirty with him. I told them that, and they were very surprised and didn’t believe me.
I was with him for 4 months, and I never had a desire to have sexual contact with him or anything like it. In fact, us hugging was enough affection for me. I felt comfortable with that.

I realized that something was up, when my friends talked about wanting to get «railed» by this and that person. I saw «sex education» series on netflix, and it greatly shows how someone want to be sexual with someone else. Also other teen series where that was all they wanted. I get it’s a series, but it’s based on teens thoughts and actions - and I’m supposed to be able to relate to this, but I can’t.

Lastly, my mom did seem a bit surprised when I said to her «everyone cares about sex, I don’t get the big deal». She was surprised, yep. That’s how I came to teh conclusion I’m asexual. My friends still don’t quite get it, but that’s fine. I don’t get them either, lol


One of our team members have a message for you here:


Honestly, in my case, platonic attraction is way more intense than romantic attraction.


I have such a hard platonic crush on a co-worker. I have a hard time making friends since most people find me weird and unapproachable and I am scared of rejection. We hardly ever talk besides the usual teasing at work. I had a best guy-friend before who started ghosting me after a while (my guess is he fell for me) and I am soo afraid this will happen again.

Mellzinha 02

I've never had any so i get so confused about my sexuality! I'm almost sure im Bi, cuz i can see myself in a relationship with both a man and a women and being happy! But because I've never had crush, and don't notice anyone like that i wonder if it counts or if it real... Some help would be appreciated!

unknown the procrastinator :3

"5 Types of Attraction You May Experience"

me: laughs in demibiromantic asexual

Another Shittyaccount

Aesthetic attraction is literally every crush ever

Tan Jin Wen

I came here just to know am I merely attracted to someone or is in love with them

Khadiza Bhuiyan. Random

Yeah that’s true though. No-one really teaches you about other types of attraction except sexual attraction. Thus, makes us believe that the word attraction means something sexual :-|


Beth Little

"Romantic Attraction is being attracted to someone romantically." awesome, thanks. that super cleared things up :)

Kyla Ligayo

romantic attraction for girlxgirl hehehe

TatzRules Yay

hears romantic attraction

Aromantics: is this a pigeon?

I.M. Carolina

What about emotional and intellectual attraction? My romantic, sensual and sexual attraction often come after I've realised I'm attracted to how the person thinks or express their feelings, and also what they think and feel. I need to feel in tune to someone on that level before I can get deeper.

Su Jai

I'm pretty sure I just feel platonic and sensual most of the time (I'll cuddle you to death!)
I'm really really confused about romantic attraction tho, I can't seem to differentiate it from platonic ones
(tmi, but I am also crushing on my classmate but my bi gaydar seems to fail me ;-;
It's just something I've got for sporty 'bad girls' with short hair, she doesn't even notice me ??)


I have different kinds of attraction towards different people except for sexual attraction.. still haven't reached this


I've been confused lately becuase I don't know if what I feel are actually romantic or platonic feelings towards someone.

I'd do love to be sensual with someone and cuddle, hug maybe kissing (still thinking about that one) but I don't want a romantic relationship, I don't like going on dates and stuff...

Elif Erbaş

ı am really confused right now

Andrés Sánchez

i think this explains why i like to kiss my friends

Slim Shady

What about emotional attraction ?


So I’ve just realised ive never felt romantic attraction in my life... sensual, aesthetic, and platonic attraction rule my life


"Number six: Magnetic Attraction. This is when your polarity is either the opposite of someone else and you are physically pulled together, or the same as theirs, and you are physically repelled."

Sarah Levine

Have all five for someone I’m no longer with right now. Hope that with time I’ll get to pursue it again ❤️?

jellysplish !

I feel all of these ? EXCEPT SEXUAL ???

Multorum Unum

Where my fellow ace's at?♠️


I think I have a platonic crush on my best friend lamo- I left a shirt at her house after a sleepover and when I got it back and it smelled like her and I wore it everyday until the smell wore off- hold up I sound like a psycho- I’d like to hug her all day but I don’t have a sexual attraction to a n y o n e. I don’t want to have a romantic one either, but maybe I just really loved her as a friend.

Feliciano Reyes IV

i wished i knew this kinds of atttaction before..


Finally, I want a SENSUAL relationship. Not sexual. I want to hug, cuddle, maybe kiss on cheek but I don’t have to have sexual relations with anyone. I think I might be Asexual. But I want to love a woman, so lesbian? I’m not so sure though, still pretty young but I’ve never had a crush and when I think about a relationship it is pretty much EXACTLY what you explained. This has really helped I think. Thanks

Miguel Aveiro

So here I was thinking I was experiencing sexual attraction when it's actually sensual, romantic, aesthetic. I can get sexual attraction, especially if I know the woman first. It just depends on how I feel that day. It sucks when even the other attractions just fade away on some days. It makes me think "do I still like her? What's going on?"


ooh i have 4/5 for somebody. i wish i could have platonic attraction for them too but theyre too nervous to just hang out with me.


Is there a such thing as attraction to personality. Somewhat like aesthetic attraction, but you appreciate how someone behaves rather than how someone looks, and you don’t necessarily want to be in any kind of relationship with them?

Allie Cat

Oh thank god, as a Demisexual, I started questioning because I see pretty strangers on social media. Good to know it was only aesthetically attractive.

Fatmah Mirza

Intelligence attraction

tuff puff

I like this a lot. Thank you.

aries dayle

Aromantic gang. Lol had so many squishes and always thought that it was love. Lol

worthless person

I crave sensual attraction very much.. since I'm not great with sweet and comforting words. hugs,kisses,hold hands is how I would pour all my love and feelings towards my partner.. I would feel so great if I could give so much love and comfort for the person I love

Bookish Writer

What about emotional attraction?

אביטל שטיימן

I dont thin I have ever been sexually attracted to someone..idk maybe it's bc I dont have much experience

Jessica Brocious

This definitely helps. With my best friend, I have this weird urge to like cuddle and hug and stuff but I'm not sexually attracted to her (anymore at least) but it always feels weird to just randomly hug someone because that's not what people do. Now I see that its just platonic and sensual. Nice to have words for it

Jack Carroll

The only attractions I get are romantic and maybe sensual. I don’t feel comfortable thinking about doing it to someone. I might think about it at some point but then get grossed out by it. I have romantic attractions to my crush but nothing else.


Am aesthetically attracted to Liza Soberano.

Anne Gaelle

Sensual attraction is weird ... Like " hey I wanna hug you / Kiss you / Hold your hands " but let's not have sex. Thank you for clearing that up !

Life Genius

Very helpful video. Thanks! It's given me a very good understanding why Im attracted to certain people. I've been dating a guy for the last 3 weeks and I'm definitely attracted to him, but didn't understand why. At this early stage of dating, I am sensually and aesthetically attracted towards him which is drawing me into him. However, if we carry on dating, if could lead onto romantic and sexual attraction. Im just wondering if we can academically or intellectually attracted to people too? Sometimes, I am completely bowled over by some people because of their imense talent ??

This is Not Ashley

Aesthetic attraction mean that im lesbian because i thought i was just admiring girls

Rae Aquino

a lot of people must be aware of this to avoid misunderstandings ??

Doodle Nerd

question ?‍♀️
does fuzzy feelings count as romantic attraction or physical attraction? pls somebody answer this im questioning my sexuality ;-;

Ana Catharina Duarte

This helped a LOT

Phong Huynh

I see food, I'm attracted to the food.

Ava May

We must end the romanticization of sexual attraction.

LY Affirmations

Now I finally understand that something like aesthetic attraction too exist, thank you so much!

Andy with the skills

sexual attraction
"Laughs in asexual"


00:47 Platonic
01:20 Sensual
1:45 Romantic
2:15 Sexual
2:38 Aesthetic

Isabel Crespo

What exactly is the difference between romantic attraction and the other attractions they talk about? I don't get how its specifically different

Habeebah K

What about intellectual attraction?

Demon Ascended

My friend Sammy is Asexual, specifically identifies as Ace of Hearts as they are Panromantic and is in a Polyamorous relationship with a girlfriend and boyfriend and they themselves is Gender Fluid. They are like a puppy that always loves cuddles, hugs and kisses and they are very affectionate towards their partners, friends and family.

Honestly, getting a hug from Sammy is the best thing ever because you know it’s 100% pure and genuine.

Bryan Shaw

0:39 trust me, it gets worse if you have OCD. It's a nightmare not knowing what attraction I have in a certain moment, on top of my OCD thoughts doubting my conclusion


Thanks for the video, you did a great job explaining all the different types of attraction. I have been confused because society makes you think, that if you have any sort of attraction towards someone, it is sexually. I have know a clearer understanding about my feelings.


This was really helpful. I was so confused about if I really experience attraction or if it's just admiration. But I think it's just aesthetic attraction cuz Im never aroused by looking at a person or feel like I want to be involved sexually ??? And I think the feeling I experience with crushes is just sensual

I Want Sleep


sare joy

I'm a highschool student who's knows that one of my biggest aspirations in life is to get married and have children. Yet I don't feel any sexual attraction to anyone. I feel all other types of attraction. Am I crazy??

Maggie Luv Tacos

What is really "romantic things"? I mean, If cuddling, Kissing, etc aren´t on that spectrum, what romantic activities are? I always get confused with that...

vivid dream

I felt an aesthetic attraction towards my student teacher as he's very handsome. Talking and seeing him over months made me fall in love with him.....fxxk


if "squish" at 0:57 was a nod to how platonic crushes are called "squishes" in the arospec community, i salute you, psych2go <3

Amanda W

What about emotional attraction

legend of miep

i just realised that all my childhood crushes were platonic.. can anyone agree?


This makes so much sense! I’m ace and I was very confused about my romantic attraction but now I know I’m heteromantic and I’m just aesthetically attracted to both women and men.

How to Build Sexual Tension

How to Build Sexual Tension30 Jan. 2019
122 301
AskToddVSubscribe 438 721

Not knowing how to escape from platonic conversations and create sexual tension is one of the most common, and most harmful mistakes in game. There are tons of techniques for this, but fundamentally, one needs to be prepared to take a risk... and one needs to become comfortable with the tension that has been built.

Comments (100)

tbh i had this awkward pauze when we were talking about something what emberrased me, but i owned it! it might be uncomfortable for you but a woman really aprecciate that! , she will even call you out and you can be really honest about it and not caring about what you've done, maybe you feel that way but its full honesty. she will really like this!, and she'll follow trough automatically or say anything about it.

I do have this with a amazing girl! and it was going fully natural and unconscious!

Veronika Strickler

Why do the girl's friend pull away the girl although she is clearly into me?? Biological reason?

daniel ferreira

Presence is the key

The Gheist

My only issue has been sexual tension avoidance. I don't really fear rejection, its usually obvious to me when a girl is into me, some of the time they say it.

Back in high school, two seperate girls, at two seperate times, basically called out or brought attention to, the attention I was giving them. They did it in a playful, sexual tension noticing way. Ironically in both of these scenarios I was casually making conversation with them, until they had to move, and I found a reason to continue sitting near them to continue conversation.

For example : "oh you're sitting next to me again because you like me right?"

I was basically showing blatantly that I had a thing for them, and they were into it, but in both instances I backed out as soon as I heard the question.

All I had to do was say yes in some clever way, or even just say yes.

Hasn't gone away either.

Saul Bravo

Which cities are easier to find a date?

terminate with extreme prejudice

a lot of guys can't handle that big matzoh ball hanging there


i searched how to deal with rsd how it showed me this

Value .3xp

Not sure if I would be the only highschooler able to find your clean work here on YouTube but

What's some advice you could give highschoolers when it comes to "game" aside from the sex part? ig idk

ngweshih a

How to make a girl chase me

Luan Barbosa

Todd What do you do when you Fail at any escalation? I always see adivice here geared towards introverted guys that never make a move, I am the oposite I sometimes Escalate either Physical or Logistical to early and if she rejects I feel like the set is never the same again. You and your coachs always succed at the first time on the escalation so I never learned how you guys deal with this kind of situation, Can say what should I do?


2:16 manz went full lightskin

Patrick Yao

Question: Hi Todd, you're an advocate for leaning towards attraction game vs comfort game because attraction game is usually used to spike the girls emotions and can be used to demonstrate high value. However, I have been told by other reputable coaches that comfort should be the primary focus compared to attraction since attraction is fleeting and does not develop trust since the girl might not see you as a real person and just playing games, hence more flakes etc. How would you resolve this confusion into a more coherent perspective? Thanks

B Ch

wedding crashers video!

Zack Cash

I've been called out as an adult a few times. It happens.

Dark psyde

Takes so long to get to the answer, why can’t they give the answer then explain? Lol


Can you shit test a girl? :D

Kacper Kacperski

what do you think about people who have problems with building relationships with others, who dont have friends?

A plus health life

This is exactly what I talk about in this video:

Max Mustermann

Is it true that you have a girlfriend since a few years and are a father?


How the fuck did I get here from looking up a song on the Undertale OST?

Israel Haddad

So how do I get a girl that friendzoned/I am friend with?


If you want a great sexual tension moment just search on youtube "Sebastian Stan Sharon Stone", he builds up sexual tension in to max levels in front of everybody.

Matthew DHB

Bitting around the bush as much as possible

nafis ahmed

So what do you do after you created that sexual tension?


Great info!

Alex wood

What is a Good open/close ratio in daygame? Tom torero says it is 1/30


How do you keep a girl from saying 'I only have sex with a guy that I am in a relationship with' or how do I get to keep it friends with benefits?

kool kid swagger life

How to build sexual tension? Decide your going to. decide this is going to be a interaction with sexual tension and your going to play to win and when you do build that sexual tension sit with it

Matthew Wan

Todd, mad respect to you. Your content is gold. Keep up the good work mate!
Question: Can Beta males win? Or should I say can Betas get the same sort of desirable results like Alphas?
Applicable to those who have trouble transforming into full Alpha.

Suzanne Di

WHO KNOWS THE BEAT IN THE END???im looking OOKING FOR 2 years now

De'Marcus Jones

How do I respond when OTHER GUYS shit test me?

Adams Omede


Boris Flores

What do you mean in emotional first and logic second ?

Marco Mayoral

Take the risk ??

King Cease



You have no clue what are you talking about.

Redwan rexz

What do you do when you stop yourself from taking action when you get scared not talking bout approach anxiety I am talking bout after all the game is done but can’t take action to the point where u have sex

b L

Are straight guys really taking advice from this dude? I’m gay so maybe I’m not the best person to speak on this. IMO, sexual tension is just something that exists PURELY based on physical appearance. If she’s not into you, there is zero sexual tension. Trying to ‘build’ it just sounds creepy and fucked.


I have a question guys. I have tried to approach some girls in a bar lately when I have been out. I usually go for girls alone, in example 2 girls alone.
I feel like I am being high value and not nervous at all but after 2 min the girls usually leave even trough I feel like they are like 5-6. Do you guys have any suggestions when this happens regularly? Sometimes they ask who and am with and I have some cool friends with me, but I like to go on my own and do my own thing in the club without being dependent on them.


No but seriously, how do you game if you're ugly. I really don't know what else to do.

Nicolas Hermundstad

I got two dates booked in this week. I mos def need to build sexual tension. But sometimes I think it's scary to go for the kiss on a date, especially on daytime with no alcohol involved.
Need to get that fear technology game going. Some balls deep action.
Wish me luck


dude exactly what i needed to hear. literally choose to do it haha as a man i have this type of influence. thanks man, great vid


the girl not feeling the same way about you will only happen once in a blue moon?? i feel like that's the standard when i go out and talk to women lmao

Andrew Bechtol

I just realized that if there is that awkward silence after something kinda sexual is said, then that forces her to fill it in and she can either ignore it making it more awkward for both of you or go along with it!

Toveer Video Productions

How to hold your frame when you say a joke or joke around? Not laughing at my own shit is a struggle, Im sure not only for me... Any exercises, perhaps from standup comedians?


Todd, there's this girl in school that I use to always talk to in class. She was always making conversation with me. We talked once a week in class for about 2 hrs. So, I decided to ask her out through text and never received a response.

A friend of mine later found her on ig and saw that she was engaged. So that really took me by surprise, because she never mentioned a fiance when she talked to me. We flirted at times, so I thought this was a sealed deal. I still see her at school and make eye contact with her, but dont know if I should approach her? Could you please give me some advice as to what to do?

Thank you


This is Bull shit. You are still scared and worried of what the woman is thinking of you, you are still scared of rejection, you will never be successful with women. You are teaching men to be afraid of what women thin of them.

Bold Introvert

Gotta love that sexual tension baby. Thanks as always, Todd

Adams Omede

2:00 2:08


How do you respond in text game when she is replying but showing little interest? (One word answers, etc.)


Another question: What if she calls your bluff on "willing to walk away" and you actually end up walking away? (in a scenario where you have plenty of social capital) How do get out of that stalemate? :(

Alex Wang

How to game women who don't communicate in English well?

Abe McGee

with the #MeToo movement in full swing, I say you don't take the risk.

Mikey Maine

Funny how he keeps popping up and i keep clicking Because its the shortest one

Max Mustermann


James Bradley


Juani Valmaggia

The Ringer, good choice Todd

Sava Nedev

What are your thoughts on spirituality/letting go?
How does this mesh with game?

Abraham Rocha

How to practice evaluation?


Lolol i had a hot girl kiss me on my neck and i was still afraid of rejection and ran away ? im so stupid

Ryan vtec

I talked to a girl about gspot stimulation she got all weak and quiet. Did I create sexual tension
Then a month later I told her I wouldnt fuck her if she was spread eagle on my bed. She got soo pissed.
I asked to hang out and she said no and friend Zoned me

Check that Show

How to Create a Sexual Tension

Sidney Mayer

How to deal with her male friends, that cling on to her and were DEFINITELY friendzoned?

CaseyFixter Fixter

Question for Todd "what's the most times a girl has mentioned her bf or told you she has a bf before the interaction lead to sex?"


Subs in español please

ben arellano

Take the risk, embrace rejection. Do her a favor and make her feel good.

kool kid swagger life

Sexual tension basically if you are think of the girl in a sexual way and youre willing to express that and not run away from it once you have expressed it You've created sexual tension

Patrick Vanegas

Guys, learn from a mistake I made on my last date (where at the end the girl told me she has no romantic interest in me)... I made her laugh the whole date by joking around and it was a really great time. BUT, I wasn't leaving room for silence, i wasnt teasing her sexually, and i was playing it safe. Yes, humor matters, but its the TYPE of humor that will get you thrown in the trash!!!!!

Andrew Bechtol

Girl: so after that i was really wet... guy: wonderful wether we’re having

Starving Nerd

This hit me so hard, the part about not taking risks and avoiding future rejection. I met a very pretty French girl this week at a park. I was at the park because my boss had decided to drive to this park to have lunch before going back to the office after we visited a construction site. She was an Au Pair and the conversation started in a very natural and friendly way since we were sitting in the same area and she had the dog and two young children of her host family with her. She was actively engaged in our conversation. When I saw my boss start walking back to the car from where I was sitting, all I did was say that it was nice to meet her and left... no contact info exchanged or anything

This would had been a very convenient opportunity to push myself, she was not someone from work or my social circle, if she had said no to an offer to hangout I would have never saw her again and not had to experience any awkwardness from the rejection. But I still bitched it... fking kill me

J Hunk

3:08 to 3:30 ....another way Todd's talking about his 'putting off fire' analogy

Todd is the most underrated gentleman amongst all gents talking game. The Clark Gable of game




02:33. Almost EXACTLY what happened to me in the 1st grade. I think it may have scarred me for life. 03:20 is what I have to get into my skull.


Hey Todd love your content, I used to have game like 6months ago then all of a sudden I kept 2 emotionally draining girls in my life alittle to long (5months) sex was too good, and now i lost both of them and every girl since i haven't been able to pull, gotten 5girls to my bed since and nothing happens and I'm beating my self up over it I know I shouldn't but I do. Send help?


This dude looks like he dates your 14 year old sister

Ronin JoLin

2:39 LOLOL!

Mad Wolf

Guys who take that risk in my opinion tend to be more attractive in the long run. Especially with a well built up sexual tension well.

Mike Hersnt

Agree with your point bro, if you keep thinking of getting rejected you're creating lesser tension as time goes by. Do what you gonna do and keep building that sexual tension 'till you get laid.
As always, great video bro!?

Van Gicos

This is one of my sticking points

Mustafa Cetinkaya

Hey todd, just a quick question about the push pull method, i was faced with the perfect opportunity to "push" a girl away by saying something a little mean in a teasing way, but i was afraid of it backfiring and her feeling hurt and retaliating with saying something hurtfull back, how do i get over this, or do i interpret this as her applying the same push pull technique


Hey Todd, I am studying abroad in Barcelona, and I am doing a homestay where I am unable to bring girls back because of my host parents. What are the best ways to pull back to her place? Thanks

Tom Hocking

Todd pissing off all the gay boys by saying "youre supposed to like girls as an adult, it would be weird if you didnt"



T Hansen

Have you got any advice which is different and aimed at teens?

Vardas pavarde

Wierd I actually play higher risk game maybe to much on text but I catch myself doing it in person to person

Walter Stein

How can you deal with girls you already know for a long time (no friendzone), isn‘t it awkward to suddenly do game on her after you never did it for a few months/years?

The Nomad Punjabi

What to do when you tried to open a woman. And she didn't hear you. Do you keep doing that until she does or you give up?

madni gul

How to go for the first kiss, and be sure not being rejected.

Ayon Podder

U r so funny


2:39 make sure you're not eating when you get there.

A Romero

What's the best way to build sexual tension in the work environment without crossing any lines or getting in trouble?

Lachlan RPK

You just gotta hit her with the splash ?

Vardas pavarde

If you leave it like in mins while in person dude it’s creepy probably


This man made me risk it all ?


There is also sexual tension when I go grandparents house. What does that mean?

D. Huntley


Sexual tension is a no go if a woman doesn't find you physically attractive according to HER own preferences. ??

Jary Hazard

I think that guys don’t like that awkward pause after sexual tension happens is because in GAME we are taught that whenever something goes KINDA wrong, you’re suppose to change the “topic” so it won’t look like your easily influenced by her?
And that you’re alpha. Thus the confusion.

Mentor My Life

Building sexual tension should be the number 1 focus during an interaction.

Luke Foster

3:01 Todd is a homophobe confirmed!!!!

Abhishek Shende

How to have a one night stand or make someone your fuck buddy in a way where she is open to it and dont want anything more than that?

Why Sexual Tension is (Almost) Everything In The Beginning. How To Get A Guy To Like You

Why Sexual Tension is (Almost) Everything In The Beginning. How To Get A Guy To Like You25 Jun. 2017
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Everything About Why He Ignores You And Want To Do About It Here -

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My name is Elliot Scott and I am a dating coach that is going to teach you how to get a boyfriend and attract the guy you like. I am going to teach you numerous ways to attract your crush and get him to fall for you. I have helped thousands of women all over get the guy of their dreams. I am going to tell you how to find out if a guy likes you and the signs that a guy likes you. I also will teach you why men pull away and what to do if they pull away.

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I cover a lot of the following: How to get a guy to like you, signs a guy likes you, how to get a guy back, how to get your ex back, how to get him to like you again, how to get a guy to text back or text faster, and many more.

I am no way a professional or licensed. This is all just my experience, knowledge, and opinion.

One more thing: I don’t want you to ever think I am trying to blame you or gaslight you into thinking something that isn’t true or actually happening. My intentions are to give you another way of looking at things and to help you question what is actually going on. My intention is to give clarity and insight. You don’t have to agree with that is being said.

Comments (100)

You're saying get the guy's brain racing but you're not saying you have to sleep with him within a couple months, right? Just want to be clear on what you're saying.

Tiy Machuca

this is so true!!!

Sall Grey

Lol, I love your bluntness. You’re great at curving your video/talk to where you’re not “objectifying” women. I’m just bummed that somehow the term objectify got turned into something negative. I think being objectified is ultimately a compliment, because nowadays some of these women are so damn crazy fanatics that they’re even lucky a guy will even look at them. And because objectification is a biological need to procreate, which is normal and natural. So then, as it should be, it’s on us women to say thank you and either give the guy a shot, or say thanks but no thanks.

Nina Coleman

Love the hair, love the location change, killing it!

J Gujral

You're really funny in how you explain! Everything you said is so true and makes sense.

Black Swan

That meow though


Yes we do! MEOW!!! ???

Harry Rawlings

so would that be sexting or no? I feel like if you sext with a guy before you're serious he won't take you seriously

Jacee M

Hi Elliot! Just want to speak to all ladies out there. First of all do not have sexs ever until your ready for marriage. Take it from me in my younger days i had sex and it ruin my life. Like elliot said we womens have a lot of redflags that turn mens off. We put out to soon and whine. Emotionally we call text to much chase them and not give them enough space. And if they or players you or wasting your time with them. Been there done that. They won i lost because i had to many red flags so they either gotten married or just found somebody else. I had to learn from all my mistakes. As of now no sexs unless i just happen to find the right guy and marry someday. Am not looking for nobody after so many bad experiences with the wrong mate. Doing my own thang and being cautious and taking care of me and enjoying my life and not letting any guy in my life until am for sure he is from god. So waiting is hard but it takes patience before getting your reward in the end. Rush to fast you might run up on a player and cheater who just want your body. If we all would just wait and not give in no matter what guess what then we win and they lose.If the man can't wait then the hell with him. Let him leave if he want to might hurt emotionally but it will be worth it.

Lily Banana

You're so funny! Caveman and "for the love of God" and of course your hair ?☺️??you can't fake attraction is so true!


Mountain goats!!! You are so funny!!

Anna Freeman

and there are those who wait til marriage for the sex

Safiya Ali

"mountain goats"?


Hello Elliot! My question around this subject is : how can a woman build that sexual tension with a man, given it's the begining and we are long distance? I recently met a guy and we got along really well, but we we only went as far as making out. He lives very far away from me (6 hours train) but we keep talking. I don't know where this is going but I'm trying not to worry about that, we're still getting to know each other. The thing is: it's not easy for me to go and meet him, and neither for him. So, how can I keep him interested and build that tension when all we can do right now is talking? Should I give up right now or should I keep going? He is interested right now, but maybe he's not aware of the difficulty of the situation, and I'm not sure he will still be one week from now, given that guys are much more physical than us...

F.M. K.

haha I love you, man! :D

Alexandra Levon

Man you are the best

Gillian Lewis

Mountain goats lmao ? hahahahaha

Tiy Machuca

this is so true!!!.


Well I know a guy who’s been with his girlfriend for 3 years now and she still won’t have sex with him. And she isn’t waiting for marriage either, she’s just so scared but he stayed with her. BUT he’s also not the best looking and he’s really weird and kind of mean so his chances of having other options are not that high so I don’t doubt that he loves her, I believe he does but he probably doesn’t think he’s gonna find anybody else either. There is just nothing sexy about that boy and the way he talks dirty to her “I wanna put my banana in your split ?? but I wish them the best.

Lubie Szpinak

I've got the same opinion and I'm a woman, if there's no chemistry/ sexual tension on date, there's no hell way that i'm gonna meet this gay again.


Yeah they’ll be making a “deep connection” lol 3:28

Ana Castaneda



My guy did wait a few months for sex but this was my first relationship and I was a virgin and he had only been with one girl so in some cases I think a guy WILL wait for sex especially if he's not out there dating tons of other girls. He said I was special and worth the wait. Well that was 5 years ago and now that's over... entering the dating scene again is hard! I met this one guy who literally dry humped me on the first date, refuses to take me OUT on any REAL dates says we should just go straight to "cuddling" I'm like ummm wtf? Haha. I think he is super horny and sexually deprived because he lives with his mom, probably doesn't have the best dating prospects.


I am an Asian and my late husband and I had long relationship for 5 months and a half
writing to each other and we had the connection before we met and got married after twi weeks we met. We were married for almost 26 years!

Raisa Arce

You can usually tell a guys intention by the way he persues you

Julie Oliphant

The other ladies are better. I feel sad and alone.

Tracey Nowell

I love this white backdrop. It looks so polished and it highlights your presence.

Patricia Earley

Well I been talking to this guy for several months now never met yet in person due to living a longer distance apart.We do have strong feelings and finally we will meet in a few days.I'm a bit nervous because I think he might expect to have sex since we been in contact this long already.I prefer to get to know him in person first even though seems we know each other already?

Jewel For Jesus

cat meow at 6 : 15


I am ridiculously sexual, very high drive and passionate but I don't like this. I don't want to have to cater to men sexually first, in order for them to be interested in me as a person. That doesn't make sense. If we only want to fuck it's fine but otherwise, wtf.

Enid Martinez

Listen up ladies! This is definitely the Truth!

Brooklynn Mcloud

Good content on the channel overall. But that’s not at all what cavemen’s dating or sexual habits were like ?

Maria C.

You are so funny. I love your lighthearted and common sense approach to explaining the intricacies of attraction.

Aileen Kelly

I love your video it has taught me so much.


You are so anoing with yours, what going on everybody

green eyes

Elliott you're brave lol. But you're right

saset sasha

Sexual tension is the best thing between males and females. I am a woman and if that doesn't exist then I feel men are as boring as my sister. lol

Claire Slater

Here's one for you Elliot....Men come to love through sex while women come to sex through love.......Yes or no

The Unspoiled Princess

I can't wait to tell a man I can't have sex with him because Mountain Goats


Love it! Thank you!!!

Grace Kalinowski

This guy has no idea what he’s talking about

Marti Paul

I like the new hair ( it might not me that new, I've just been absent ?)

Christina Gurrola i wasnt wrong to give head third date. Lmao


So we have to tease them? I’d rather just put out Hahahah much easier. Ok just kidding ??


OMG Elliot-your eyes are absolutely gorgeous!!!. You usually have on your specs so I couldn't see beyond the glass. You're a hottie tho-specs or not?

Sparkle Evenmore

It all depends on the level of attraction between the couple as well. I was talking to a guy for about four months until I realized he was bullshitting me; he said he was in the middle of a separation/divorce and attracted to me but made no physical moves even online and made no attempt to break the barrier and meet me. I broke it off when I realized he was lying to me.

Lisa Cullen

Going on date 5 tomorrow with an awesome guy, we talk and build repoire and i also flirt alot and give him just a bit more physically every date...this has been working and I sense Im driving him crazy but in a good way ?

sim sim

what are you saying that i have to dress provocatively? why the fuck should I, this is the superficial

Eileen Probus

I understand this concept.

Stephanie H.

Omg this one has my cracking up. Mountain goats.

Miss Beads

These are excellent videos. Thank you


I love your honesty !


My last bf and I waited two months to have sex.. if a man can’t wait that long, that’s absolutely ridiculous. Maybe that’s not what you’re saying... we had been building on the sexual attraction during that time we just didn’t go all the way.

0 8

I ask u Eliot Scott;I ask u this to help a friend;I think especially on line we must be prudent, as there are a lot of delinqients and sex abducted,so it is better to check if the guy is good intentioned,plus they have so many easy girls around, that they end up just having sex with them all and changing partner fast generally, in any case i ask u this kindly for a dear friend of mine, that has not the courage to ask, but need an hand; if a girl has been too cold with a guy on line as she was internet phobic,nd she has not created any emotional connection with him,so he has moved to another, plus she has made him think she is not pretty enough, but she is missing him so much,at this point is there something she can do to have another chance and show her best to him? ,could u make a video about it? thanks, and could u make another video making guys understand that they should wait enough to make the girl understand he is good intentioned ?,as really too many depraved,thanks much if u can do some videos about thse topics.

nickyannajones 70

men do wait. what are you talking about? YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE SEX TO EVEN GET A HUSBAND. and I'm talking even in today's age. we didn't have sex til we got married. I dated a guy who dated a lady who wanted to abstain for a while and he did and they dated. what?! I'm not saying I want to go that route again but if I met someone and began to care about him and he wanted to wait hell, ID wait, even to marriage. I'd have to feel him up first to make sure he had something to work with later but I'd wait. Ive known many men that wait. don't reduce men to being sluts folks. the more we do that the more people buy into it.


No, its not foolish at all. Where it gets dangerous is when sexual attraction is very powerful, but two people are not on the same page when it comes to other needs. It can get very volatile if a woman doesn't know how to manage the situation. This is where emotional stability and wisdom is beyond valuable.

Janne Rodsten

Can sexual tension be one-sided? Is it there if I feel it, or how do I know...?


Hmm, i actually just drove a guy away doing exactly that "mistake", he litereally tokd me it feels like I just want to be friends, i thought it was going great! LOL.. But part of me thinks that I migh have "weeded out" someone who is more fixated on sex than me as a person and I think he is a "low ego" man.. I might be naive and have nothing to base my theory on, but could it be possible that the good guys stick around and get to know you first before getting sexual.. I don't know

Lina Moss

It's not only Asian countries are conservative & Wommen has a moral!
Rep. of Georgia or Armenia & many old European countries eastern or western still are very traditional!
American men are not Husband materials. age 27 to 47 still are big baby's...
videogame's & big boys toys are more important then a realy family oriented Wommen.
This are 75% of men like that.
women are not try out materials; who come old counties.
they are real strong women.

Bijou Seredetia

Well, this explains me as a white woman who behaves like an Asian woman... lol. I’m so closed off. ? And I attract Asian men.

Mei Mei

Omg ur so right


I didn’t have sex with my boyfriend until after a month of knowing him, some may consider that too soon but we couldn’t help it bc the sexual attraction and tension between us was so strong that I just couldn’t wait anymore, plus I was a virgin and I wanted him so bad.
We had sex, he was gentle with me. And now it’s been 5 years and we’re still in love and together ?
Our chemistry is on point! It’s just the moment we met we had an instant connection like we were meant to find each other eventually! We literally have sex everyday sometimes twice a day lol.. we can never get enough of each other ?

Juliet Ngweno

he left the car!!!!


Elliot was very clear in this video when he mentions that we must create sexual tension.However many women here are assuming he is speaking about having sex right away. Come on! watch the video again, what part you dont understand??? Creating sexual tension has to do with the way you look at him, the way you speak to him, the way you touch him, the thing you tell him, the way you move, etc... We all here are adults and should know the difference between creating sexual tension and actually having sex!!!

Cindy cinn

I deleted my comment bc im sick of her and her games wish people could see thru the shit she hands out

Marlene Bragelman

I agree 100 percent and I am 73 years old. We women need to let the man know she thinks he is hot and not just tell him. She needs to show him.

Tharsa K

Elliot what are you talking about? Guys don’t typically commit once they’ve gotten what they wanted. A couple of months is not long to put out. I thought you said that in one of your videos?


Kudos to Sandra m down in the comments section.. I'm European myself and I find it too difficult to date here in the states. I like a guy, we start talking for about 2 weeks, then my bday comes and he doesn't wish me well, distances himself and treats me like a complete stranger, goes Mia for days, only to come back and hit me up with "I'm drunk (horny)" WOW

Armanda Kwiatoski

What if...big if...there woman that think like men out there?! Then the man gets all weird on her.
Why are you getting dressed?
Why are you leaving?
Can I call you later?
Guys don't usually ask because they could care less.
If you are brave enough to ask..."did you cum?"
If you have to ask???
She will lie
Don't do that to yourself or the female you just wasted her time.
I'm just being straight with all of you.

Ginger Girl

I think you are my new celebrity crush, lol. Anyway, this may be a different sort of question, but do you have any tips to I guess "flip" the sexual tension? Usually I have no problem creating that tension but with this one guy I've known awhile (best friends I was friend zoned but recently progressing) there's definite attraction etc but he's the one creating the tension, being kinda hard to get etc. Would like to do the "pull back" a little bit thing without seeming standoffish to encourage his pursuit without killing the moment and having one of those "I wish a little more happened" times, as there has been both in our history. Thought it might be a good video topic for some of us on another angle that have more of a male-like drive so are unique in that.

Amy Aydt

I get what he is saying... guys are very visual. You can build sexual attraction/tension and not sleep with the guy. but if there is no attraction sexually then right... he will lose interest. I am Catholic and there are Catholic men that are strong in their faith and will wait till marriage to have sex.. but the sex appeal and tension still has to be there

Rose Olivas

Lmao I love how blunt and real this video is !!!

Jelizabeth Petrie

This is timeless advice! Not. To. Be. Underestimated. ❤️????

Crystal Riley

get on that!!!!! haha

ana maria

mountain goats xDD



Raisa Arce

Make him invest and then you put out ..that way u secure the bag .

Gosia Grzesikboessen



Basically, women have to tease and play games. I've always known guys only invest in women based on whata discussed but when I told my female friends, they scoffed.

Elizabeth Seiden

I have a crush on my personal trainer Luke. It's hard for me to talk to him cuz he's the strong silent type. When I get p.m.s. I get an attitude. When he came up to me at the gym today I was very surprised. I said hi, n kept on walking. N he just stood there after saying hi back. For me there was a ton of sexual attention. However I'm probably just fantasizing that he's got the hots for me too! ???

Priscila Peterle

Hey Elliott! I love your videos and I think you give some pretty good advice overall. However, I have found some of your advice to be contradictory. For example, in one video you tell women to wait at least ten paid dates until they sleep with a man and in this one you are saying that you should sleep with them early on because "men aren't going to stick around" if you wait a "a couple of months." In another video you say that if by the sixth date a man will not commit to being your boyfriend then you should move on and in other videos you say that you shouldn't bring up being in a relationship and just "go with the flow" or "play it cool." This is conflicting advice and it just doesn't really make sense.

Tiffany Moore

I talked to a guy on and off for about 7 years. We never had sex, there was constant sexual tension between us. I regret this deeply. I should of just called it off if it wasn't going anywhere. Instead I continued to talk to him and we continued to not have sex. Lol I had been celibate and single for so long and wanted to wait until marriage but I found out waiting that long with someone does more harm than good. There was too much sexual tension that I could not fulfill and I should have just ended sooner.

Silvia & Markus

Women excrete high doses of bonding hormones during any sexual activity whilst men won't. Women get therefore chemically addicted to men. Men are most of the time clueless about it and not at any fault. Talk to men about it and see if they sympathise. If they don't run away as fast as you possibly can as it means they are not capable of empathy.

Khadijah Brightmon

You're kind of fly guy....

sandra m

There's plenty of dudes that can wait. It doesn't have to do with religion. It's just that American culture is so sex driven that chivalry is dead. I've traveled to many countries and found that men just prefer to wait and see the value of a women first before they jump in the sack. They might be wanting to get laid in their minds for sure, but are gentlemen for the most part if they are seeking something real. I made fast moves like that in Germany with a guy there and he was not used to it at all. And many of my German male friends also told me that it's not common for them to seek sexuality right away. They prefer to see where the relationship will be going to first. So, sorry, but American dudes are over the top with their boners. Ladies, if you're looking for a gentlemen, you're just going to have to find a European or Asian dude I guess haha ;)

Nina Joe

I love you Elliot ?

Jennifer Skye Phoenix

Apparently I am only sexually attracted to assholes. :(

scooter Mcscoot

So tell me when men say u look like u would be a wild f%&k what the he'll does that mean .I am not a girly girl I work with all men driving a truck .no makeup no fancy cloths .my wardrobe is coveralls a hard hat and work boots and mud .Oh ya not afraid to put anyone in there place .I get u look like a wild F--k or what do u think of friends with benefits. I just say no such thing as friends with benefits someone always gets hurt .It really just baffles me .

Big Sexy Hair

As a woman, I have to agree with this video, hiwever it does go both ways, if there's NO sexual attraction from the start, I don't care what you do or say, that we'll not go far. there is a right time and place for when sex is involved, however that attraction and intensity has to be there from the getgo. ?

Kate Cana

Elliot this is BRILLIANT!!!!! I've been talking to a guy for the past month, I don't like him but I really just want him for a good time, so I put out fast. Now I have him blowing up my phone, trying to take me out on dates, take me shopping, all this stuff. It's crazy because I didn't want a relationship with him, and now he wants me like crazy!!!

Anna Phongsavanh

I dunno what he's rambling about.

Kayla Brown

I went for a date and there was this connection and we liked each other so he said he wants to see me again and everything went well..we were talking for a week til the second date and twice he said to me he had a dream about me and what I’ve been doing with my mouth ..excuse me but if a guy say he wants relationship then telling you sexual stories about you then I start to think that he’s a liar and he’s after sex only ...

Maja L

You aren`t 100% right ! There are some guys they do not want to wait that Long but they are guys who will ... when he is attracted to the Girl, he will wait couples months

Tonzo Wall

I think Elliot is speaking from experience, and lets face it, he aint that experienced. Ladies, how many men do you know, or have you met,
that speak with a piece of metal in their mouths? I mean, God love him, he is but a baby with bum fluff.

blaze girl

this is sad ? what amazing skills you have to make these women believe this horse shit

Rachel Ramirez

There ARE. Too men that will wait for a few months .. Yes be sexy , ... At least get that aids test ..

Natalie Nunya

That moment when I guy says he is attracted to a woman's mind first lol ? who you trying to fool boy!!


Thank you. I love how clear,right to the point and raw you are. Thank you,I really appreciate it. It helps me a lot.

the forg

You have an ad b4 your own video? Lol


I think some people (e.g. here in the comments) don't understand that building sexual tension doesn't mean having sex or being explicit about it. Sexual tension is that look in the eyes that is a second longer than the usual, an ephemeral touch, a quick-witted debate, ...