Get a six pack fast

How To Get 6-Pack Abs Quickly with FASTING!

How To Get 6-Pack Abs Quickly with FASTING!2 Oct. 2018
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Long time no see. Good to be back I hope

Iñaki Gurpegui

Thank you for your videos Chris! I follow you since 2016 ??
Would you recommend to play a morning soccer game fasted? I usually eat pasta the night before (just this time a week ?) and then fast during the morning but I think I don't perform at my best, I feel fatigued ?
Greetings from Spain

todd hannah

Thanks for a great video. I bought your course but my computer crashed. Can I log on with my phone or another computer?

Ruaninho BR

I follow you since 2011 and your videos change my mind and my body , thanks for everything Chris! I owe you one !


What do you think about eating back the calories you exercise? Will I see my abs?

Pickle Von CrunchnMunch

this is all well and good Chris - but I've tried it all, and nothing works! I make healthy meals and small portions and space them out perfectly so I never have too much in me at any given time! And lets face it, I'm tired. What can I do to easily get the results I'm looking for?

let the 10 minute rant begin.. again

blah blah blah blah, easy!
blah blah blah blah, healthy!
blah blah blah blah, effortless!
blah blah blah blah, buy my program!!

nitz vision

How to keep shape of shoulders as it is during this fast? .. because during fast you will loose strength and size of shoulders


Should I fast/not eat til I see my six pack?

Ferry Heijkoop

Hey CK, nice to see you made it back. Since you are asking for video topics, I’d like to know what’s your take/opinion on the carnivore diet.


Long time follower here, Chris. Bought your original program and even though it had another focus it worked as hell. Always a great motivator and full of knowledge.

Trying Keto Diet now and it makes it REALLY easy to get into fasting mode, since you are literally NOT HUNGRY (saciety is really something with this diet, you do not over eat). Maybe you can combine those and give an explanation of why that happens, I believe fat-based and low-carb + IF is a killer combo, and sustainable most importantly.

Joel Cannatella Official

Really good to have you back.☺

Deniss Poliscuks

I went to the link 3 times and never got anything in my email. Please help

pakko pax

Welcome back bro

Brian Kenny

You and I have the same stats. Fasting got me my pack!


Where dafuq have you been chris! Always loved your content and enthusiasm towards better health! Keep up uploads coming!

Dan Vant

Welcome back CK, good to have you back, your original TSC Heart of a champion series was the best thing you ever did. Inspired.

AXI Media

This explains why when I ate less 2x front flips were easier

Haithem Jallad

I want to be a human razor blade that slices through obstacles!

Ann silva

Thanx bro


Glad you are back!
I just started back at the gym for powerlifting. What are your opinions on LeanGains's Reverse Pyramid training?


As an IT (College graduate in computer software development) worker, you're entire page in the link is one major reed flag. I' advise everyone to stay away. There is likely some shady marking scheme going on here.


aayyyy my boy CK back

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Fasting is a good deed & an act of worship, but desiring this life out of good deeds??!
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Chris Kruger

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Leno Porto

Key man!! Welcome!

Simon Morgan

one more thing, ideas for future vids. cooking vids are good. your favorite and easy recipes. keep the vids around 3 minutes and include the recipe breakdown in the description section....sorry if sounding too demanding. lol

Naim Cardinal

Glad to see you back, brother!

Todd Boddington

Hey CK. Love your YouTube!

I’ve been looking into BFF for a while now, but never started it. Really want to get my abs to pop, so looking at starting it now. I just have some questions.
1) When I BFF do I only eat 1 meal a day?
2) can we eat fruit any time of the day or only in our eating window?
3) Do you recommend having keto coffee?
4) I work from 3pm -12 am. When would be a good time to eat? Just so I can plan my days.
Thanks ?

Vratislav Pecka – PosterLad

SO AWESOME to have you back on YouTube, Chris!

Simon Morgan

Great to have you back Chris. Most passionate guy on YouTube. Simon from Gold Coast Australia

John S

Dude! Glad you’re back. I’ve followed you since the beginning, I get bummed when you don’t make new videos lol. Some of the old “transformation truths” were life changing for me. Best wishes Chris.

redpilled kell

We’ve been missing you at RJJ, when do you plan on coming back? You look a lot leaner man, did you lose more weight? - Kelly

Derick Louw

Awesome welcome back keep up the truly inspiring work i truly can say fasting and feasting has helped me alot thanks enjoy your content

James Mounter

HI, Chris, I've studied sports science at BA Level at university in the UK with some of the top sports scientists, psychologists and physiologists that are renowned here in the UK and I became a PE teacher in the UK in 1997. I admire what you have done and you speak absolute sense and I do hope you get amazing recognition and success for what you are doing. You are ahead of the curve by a long way. You have motivated me again and triggered me to aspire to be better! I'm 47 now and I have just started to following your program to achieve my goals and get my body and mind back as it was designed! BFF is the way forward! Well done bro keep it up don't stop refining and improving your methodology's.

tejas soni

Hi Chris ! I was eagerly waiting for you where have you been man ?

Mark Coffman

Good to have you back... Quality content!

The Art of MMA

When I fast I feel like I lose so much muscle and sets me back months of muscle gains

Patrick Turner

How do you break a fast properly

J S Hansen

So glad to have you back man! You looking great

Brooklyn J

Took you 7 minutes to say “click on the link below”

Speaking Math with Mr. Campo

Hey Chris , I don’t know if anyone else already asked you this but what is it true that one can get gallstones because of fasting ? Ive fasted a lot in the past and I’m doing it now too but I wasn’t aware of the fact that one could get gallstones. Thanks and I’m sorry if you’ve already answered this question.

Victor Roman

You're back! Chris, your program helped me transform my life. I was diagnosed and medicated for high cholesterol and candida and threw away the meds, the crappy sugary food and started your program and I am as healthy as ever. I'm doing one meal a day since the beginning of this year and I'm feeling great. I'm in my mid forties and still going strong. It's very exciting to have you back. Best of luck!

Bball Life

im 13 can I do this


One question , by fasting do you mean completely cutting food for days or just eating less?

Rawand Chaabi

Dude this video sucks. You only promote your free guide wich is in another location. Just explain it here wtf. Stop making this shit

Basilio Vera Design

I miss you so much chris. Nice to see you back. Lets do It!

Will Ailshie

Good comeback vid,ck

Mohammed Faraz

Can we do six pack work out during IF??

Charles Smith

And none too soon!!! Welcome back! In your absence I am still doing the Intermittent fasting but have moved towards a very carnivorous diet. I remember reading * eat more vegetables than a vegetarian * and perhaps for one of your up coming vids you can touch on the Carnivore Diet.

Great to have you back Chris!!

Fotograma ibarra garcia

great to see you back


Welcome back! Nice new haircut and new house maybe?

Lauren Barnes

How do you feel about bulletproof coffee?


Digging the hair

Fred zaragoza

This guy is awesome ive been following him for four years and has helped me lose 100 pounds everything he says all of the fitness gurus on youtube have woken up and are preaching the same stuff,come back to YouTube chris we miss you information and enthusiasm. Im still following your protocol


Damn, I forgot about this channel! Glad I discovered it again

Ash Khan

Finally your back got some John wick vibes keanu from matrix stuff going on looks like you've embraced vegan ism a bit more by way of plant based... Cool

Nicholas Parella

Finally !!!!! Hell yeah welcome back !


Hello Chris, so I just watched two of your previous videos and this keto diet sounds interesting. You are the one who introduced it to me literally 20 minutes ago lol, so I was wondering....
What about beer?
Do you have to cut it out100%? Or would it be okay to have a few, once or twice a month over the weekend...

Troy Liebelt

So good to have you back CK! Cant wait for whats to come!!

Tyler Blevins

Welcome back Chris, Heart of a Champion!!!


I'm 27 year old male, 5'10 and 164lbs. I feel I am pretty small for the avg person of my stats, but my belly is too fat to really see my abs. I don't drink, and the only sugar I get in my diet comes from milk and whey. I quit drinking milk 2 weeks ago, but have noticed no change in belly fat. I was 174 when I started losing weight. 10lbs down, still look preggo. Do I have a disease? To add more, I am in the gym 6 days a week doing weightlifting and ab training. I also do fasted cardio 5 days a week. Sunday is the only day of the week I am sedentary.


Yeah 6 pack not 8 pack

Gino Martell III

'Six pack Secrets' ??
My man, that name has been abused since the 80's

Patrick Schreiber

Only saw four-pack on thumbnail.

Anthony Williams

How do kids get them faster?

Gregg Jackson

Dude, where the hell have you been? Don't you think you owe subscribers and explanation to where you have been for the past year? You had a lot of people worried dude.

Christopher Dysart

Rumor was you left youtube to start a raw vegan retreat in Costa Rica

Christopher Dysart

I remember when you left YouTube you said you were going to put on a bunch of muscle. It actually just looks like you trimmed down more. Not a bad aesthetic at all, but what changed your goals?

Alex Clark

Hey Chris, it's cold and flu season here in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe you can do a video on how you approach training when sick with different minor illnesses? When you go vs. when you rest. Is it just simply listen to your body or do you have specific ways in which you adjust your training depending on what symptoms you have? Thanks,

Michael Warnock

Welcome back my friend. What's your opinion about ckd?

JB Fitness

Chris Kruger, you're back! Nice!

Joshua Holley

Good to have you back Chris could you on your next video show us what you are eating please ????????

scotty collins

What tha...Where you been homie welcome back ????

Ashraf Moosa

I've missed your videos Chris...hope to see a lot more of your videos

Luke Bergeron

This is a beautiful thing to wake up to. Welcome back Chris!

193001 kiplssd

I think I would need to fast until 2026 to get a six pack ??‍♂️

American Martyr

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Looking good Chris. I really like this new form of delivery. To the point and as always, motivational.

Willy Ghost

Good too see you back on YouTube.

Breakman Radio

Which celebrity does he look like? From the Lincoln Lawyer.


I would have to fast for three years !

Doughnut Annihilator

How to gain strength and size in a healthy sustainable way?