How to make a shy guy like you


20 Signs He DEFINITELY Likes You! (SHY GUY EDITION)21 Feb. 2017
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Do you have a crush on a shy person (guy or girl) but you just can't figure out if they like you back? You've come to the right place, because shy people have a different way of behaving around their crush that's actually very different than how an outgoing person would act! You've seen my videos on how to tell if a guy likes you, but this video goes into great detail on the specifics of shy guys and girls. Make sure to subscribe to Ask Kimberly and follow me on Instagram and Snapchat so you don't miss the next Q&A:-)

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Comments (100)
VViper Beehumble

Me and my crush are completely diffrent but all of these signs are what he does and i am very confused

No Name

I don’t know if he’s interested or just flirting with me. :(

Mommy lust Ching yu

Kimberly what if guy ignores you at school but he messages you later

Hazelnootje .b

When you said he talks with his eyes so he said that my pjama pants are weard hahhaahah

Mariam Uddin

Am I the only person that, when you see someone's comment getting like 2.6k likes, clicks the like button to see if I could be the 2.7k?

Diosa Mae De Castro

My case is.... His brother is my best friend.... But we haven't talked to each other... Then my other friend shout at him and she says that: "hey this girl likes you!" Then after that we became very akward..... We are akward as in really akward.... Then he start to stare at me and i caught him sometimes... And i remember when i'm sitting at a row chairs in the school gym...and we are just few in there ...then he sits 3 chairs away from where i was sitting......... His friends never reacts when I'm near but he is the only one who reacting.... I'm always seeing him around the campus... I'm hanging out with one of my boy best friend at my class... When i saw him at the window...i caught him looking at me but he look away.... I also experienced having a long eye contact with him but i'm actually the ones who always cut it...and this is the last evidence i have...i enter the school canteen to get my water bottle(i'm always puting my bag there every dismissal time).. Then i go out... Then i started talking to my boy bestfriends(because i have a lot, they are actually manier than the girl best friends i have) then i notice him looking at me at the school canteen's window.... But the thing that i knew is the fact that he has another crush which is not me ...and he keeps looking at me...he never look at my ig stories... so i'm wondering why is he showing some interest on me in person??? does he really like me or he is just a player dude??...can you tell me guys the answers to my questions...sorry its long as hell sorry for my grammar mistakes as well....

bruh lmao

meanwhile my crush doesn’t have social media cuz his mom won’t let him

Nola Watson

This is me

Michaela Coffey

ok so i asked my crush a question and then he started to answer and then he was like a blushing mess and then i was a blushing mess then just qazjhbnsinxjdebxcuedhznw this isnt really working
how can i avoid thissss

Mavis Demas

What is the best way to completely get rid of my shyness, and finally get laid with my crush? I read many good opinions on the internet about how exactly Troplusfix Dating Secrets can assist you get laid by hot girl. Has any one tried using this popular dating manual?

Joslyn Spille

I have a crush on one of my best guy friends who is shy. I can be shy as well whenever I’m around him...but he is also very sweet with me! He also likes me back, but he doesn’t know that I know that he has a crush on me.


35 never had a I just randomly cry here and there im waiting to die

Charlotte Smith

There's a guy I like, we haven't spent that much time together, but he's really sweet online (he's not a total tec person so isn't online a lot) But he remembers things I tell him from like 2 weeks - 1 month previous..
I spoke to a close friend who told me he may be shy to want to go forward with me but I'm not 100% convinced if we are in the friends zone or he wants more, I don't see him too often and feel awkward asking him over FB!!

Dr. Sabita Mishra

Omg omg omg he does 17 f these things and i m still not sure lol?

Kylie Smith

Okay so my crush is really shy but he always...
Get a stunned look on his face when he sees me
Responds to my texts right away
Approaches me in person even though he’s really nervous
Is always super compassionate with me and listens to my problems
Waits until we’re alone to try to talk to me
Compliments me all the time
Has told his parents and friends about me
I’m so confused OwO

Tiffany TJ

My crush dose practically all of these things

stacii doesnt exist

man we both shy ??
And it’s sooo hard for me to say “ hi “

Victoria Lester

He shows a good deal of these signs and actually approaches me fairly often in person but I'm always the one to text first and once he even left me on read?

tiff fitzy

"shy guys are very specific breed' ? Im dying?

Good Fortune

Red lipstick would look good on her

Samantha Matautia

How do I let a guy know that before I want commitment I just want to date


Ok so here’s the thing everytime I’m in the room he stares when I’m not looking and he knowingly bumped into me the other day and he gets shy and smiles when I’m around but he never goes out of his way to find a way to talk or do anything that would get him closer, does he like me or is he not sure?


You should do a video like where it's a shy guy but also like popular and we don't talk at all and if we do we are emailing and not really talking


I felt like I am the shy one cause the signs mostly happened to me.....

bruh lmao

Sign 11: doesn’t work for me my crush is black ?

Saige Wasson

What if you both are shy

Lizette Moreno

A shy guy sits next to me in my physics class. Rather than stare at me, I feel like he avoids looking in my general direction. I can’t tell whether I annoy him or whether to give him the benefit of the doubt since he was assigned the corner seat (and I’m the only one next to him). I’d like to think that maybe he’s just uncomfortable and nervous around me, but I have to call his name several times for him to snap back into reality and notice me... Why is crushing on someone so bittersweet! ( ´Д`)

Shannon Lane

For #16, I think that happened to me today! (My crush's name is Jake and his friend is named David.) Jake's friends are in our Biology class, and one of them sits behind him (I sit diagonally behind Jake, so David sits pretty much next to me). Before the period started, David was pushing Jake's seat. Jake got super embarrassed, and said, "David, stop!" While laughing and smiling at me. I said, "What are you guys doing?" While laughing, and smiling back at Jake. Jake also is looking at me more than usual, in Algebra and in Biology. And, a few weeks ago he wore this really nice jacket (but he doesn't wear it anymore). Could this mean anything?

moon princess

I see my crush in the hallways a lot more and my heart be like: djffbfhcbfhbfhifbvkhfvbgjbgbjg

David Thomspson

This is so right.It sucks being shy,but you can open up to the right person just fine

Alice B

“you guys are right because shy guys are a very specific breed” HHAHAHAHAHAH SO TRUE THO


2:24 that's what I do to my crush
I'm to shy to talk to him so I just walk past him alot ??

Payton Smith

Who else yawned when Kimberly said they never yawn or look at there phone around you?

Raymond Bernal

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Lotte Hood

I did number 3 sooo much

Reba D.

Lmao he doesn’t like me

Catherine Meinen

all i realized watching this is im the shy one!! ?

Zainab Hussain

My crush is so shy that he never came out of mother's womb...he is unborn ?


No.18. Grooming
Me: cries in school uniform

Midknight 74012

Shy guy here. My gracious, this is so true! I remember back in high school, I sat close to my crushes. It is unfortunate for me none of them panned out. I would be so over the moon if a woman asked me out as I am often too afraid to initiate. I try to overcome my fear, it is not easy, and if a woman can take the goose walk out of it instead of me, I would be so very happy.

Sierra Betzy

The guy I like is like a mix between being shy and outgoing it just depends more on the outgoing side tho anyway last Saturday we played volleyball with a group of people and someone recognized me and asked me what my name was and then they were like oh yeah didn't you wear a black shirt!? Tbh I didn't remember but then my crush was right there and he said nah she was wearing a pink shirt haha I couldn't believe it! He remembered the color of my shirt!

Edit: I forgot to mention that this group of people play volleyball just for fun every Saturday


Bro look who’s not single now , thank you sop much ?

Mila H

I’m shy but my crush isn’t he is like really extroverted so I don’t see how it’s gonna work ahah

Karen Boaitey

Why are you watching this, you’re gonna finish it and still think they don’t like you, smh.

Kbunny 99

My answers ⬇️
1. Pretty much a weird intense look lol
2. He doesn’t do social media
3. Doesn’t ever bump into me
4. Hasn’t come up for party’s lol
5. Like I said he doesn’t do social media
6. We only talk in person tbh
7. He’ll kinda do whatever and dose go with the flow
8. We both talk normally now but in the beginning yes
9. No we’re always staying on topic or something like that
10. We sit one person in the middle or beside each other
11. Never blushes
12. Never on there phone or yawns
13. Never uses my name
14. We make eye contact a lot
15. I’ve never noticed this but I don’t think so that he has ever given any hits like this
16. His friends are my friends so they are normal plus we are all joke around all the time
17. He’ll give me one word answers when I ask about school or his day
18. He’ll tell me about his workouts ?
19. He’ll dose like when I had a test on Monday and he asked me the next Sunday
20. When I decided to help out in the kids church he decides to do it too but when I don’t he won’t ether

Allysha Duncan

This video accurately describes me especially the part where she mentions it’s hard to have a conversation god I really struggle talking to people ?

Cat Crafter

Omg lm not shy I’m just shy around my crush and it’s true that l walk around his seat ALOT


It happend I actually yawned a bit while hanging out with my crush, even though I really like him... ops

Blaze _yt

Kimberly!!! There is a guy at my church and he said he loves someone and his sister said he told his parents who he likes and she said her parents where talking about how i looked like my six year old sister to him..we where playing video games and i died and he said “ wow that was the best player In the game” I think he was playing...ive been watching specifically these types of vids on your channel..he has done MANY of these things and still does but I’m scared!!! I have very low self esteem and if he doesn’t I don’t wanna have like depression or something bc im ugly ..ive liked him since i have met him..what do i do?!

theirs nothing

Hits diff when, you dont have classes with him, not even friends, doesnt notice you.♥️?


Ok I think I’m the shy boy....??

Elizabeth Brewer2006

Would remembering when, were and what city you went on vacation count?

IMA _ fended

Omg almost all of these things are true?

Ivebeeenthinkntomuch :l

I have two Instagram accounts (one for art and one regular) and he follows me on both and him and my best friend are the first people to like any posts or view any stories. It’s kinda of like rush moment and it was one of the first things that made me think he likes me

lizzie nixon


Anushka Gupta

This is not what he does! This is what I DO!! Sitting a seat away from him, intense stare, going out of my way to be in the same class with him, red face, out of the blue lines, friends teasing, using his name all the time.. EVERYTHING!!!


your mouth is weird


So the guy I liked walked right in front of my desk today just to sit down at his seat. But the thing is there was nothing blocking him from going another way back to his seat and he just basically went in a circle. What does this mean?

Jaylyn Lofgren

I'm a super outgoing person and my crush is super shy, he will sit near me on the bus but never next to me and always stares at me. Also his friends have told me when I was walking by that he likes me. (He lives right down the street from me, so I always see him)

Rebecca Cowan

How should I go about letting him know I like him? I am 90% postive he likes me

Yum Taco

Oh my god there’s a shy guy that I think he likes me in Instagram but I’m not sure like he is always the first to watch my stories and the first to like my posts I have started noticing him lately because of how awkward he is around me????‍♀️ it’s so cute like it’s my first time to get liked by a person that actually takes relationships seriously ahh I feel blessed ?? but I hope he never changes ??

Shouta Baby

I’m super intensely shy I get flustered hella easily being in social out stands it’s hard for me I get overwhelmed in big crowds I like binging Netflix and rocking out to tunes I dance in private I don’t show people that I’m shy I act up like I’m tough but I’m not I’m also short I’m really embarrassed when complimented at all?

Paris London

I am dating a shy guy. I am the most outgoing person? we have a interesting relationship


Why am I watching this; I don’t have a crush

Susan Farrell

Can you make a kind of "sporty guy" addition please :)

David Thomspson


Sara k

I went on a rant about my little pony in front of my crush? (I ramble alot when nervous) so I doubt he likes me lmao but he did find it amusing and didn't leave so ???

Kaila Allen

That was rubbish. YEA. cuz and u just assumed that I have social media.

Victoria Ouellette

How funny would it be if you crush was watching this too ?

Brenna Ellie

I think he likes me


Me: Wants to talk to crush online

Online: Good luck finding her

Me: ?


My friend asked my crudh do you like he and he said “ Dunno tbh“?? Wat does this meannnn

Rudy Vance

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_SparklyUnicorn 14

Would out of the blue statements count as this...
Me: Talking to my friends about dance tryouts.
Crush: Gets into my conversation
Me: ???

Faithmyrrh Tamura

Hope you will get a crushback?

Kaila Allen

OMG. YEA. Like if you have social media. Also like if you don't. ?

Anja M

Am I the only one that sees this in 2020?

karolyne lanay

Is it wrong that I feel exposed? But also I'm the one putting all the effort so idk anymore...


How could a shy guy like me if they do not exist IRL?

Flawless Llama

Umm the guy sits behind me in classes and he always tries to get me mad by taking my stuff or just playing with my hair and if I ignore he would start pulling my hair untill I react... I few times even slapped him but It was more like baby slap cause I dont wanna hurt him but whenever I "slap" him he just smiles and he calls me Fluffy and not my real name and everyone I mean EVERYONE IN MY CLASS even the chemistry teacher thinks we are a couple. ;-; I dont think he likes me BUT STILL is there ANYY chance I could attract him or something? PLEASEEE write in the comments or tell me a name of any cool video.?


This is helpful,but how do u know all this stuff??

Puyang Melay

my crush is so shy he rarely followback girls on instagram he only had like his guy friends and some celebs, my roommate is a good friend of him but he didnt follow her back. however im not even a friend of him but he suddenly followback after i followed him for a few months. AND WHATS WORSE IS THAT HE UNFOLLOWS AGAIN WTF WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM

T Sz

Now when you know he likes you can use him.

Fernanda Lozada

So my crush stares at me a lot and he gave me a nickname and smiles a lot but when I'm with his cousin and his cousin's best friend he plays around with his cousin's friend a bunch who is another girl. He grabbed a water gun and he squirted the girl and his cousin but he didn't squirt me and he threw a ball at the girl and his cousin and hurt her but not me. It's really confusing because he uses emojis and texts me when he can but hes a very different person when we are face to face. I try to say something funny in a group with him and he laughs and his face gets red and he doesn't really talk to me directly that much but in the end when I leave a party he waves goodbye and says goodbye and says my nickname and shows a total wholesome smile. He's a really sweet guy and I just want to know is he just shy but likes me or does he like the other girl?

Jo Jo

I know someone likes me.. But what do I do next.. Help


What does it mean when he gives you signs that he likes you and answers right away on Snapchat but then leaves you on delivered

itsyourbebesitha rosales

What shy guy don’t like

Rosey Posey

lol my crush is NOT shy at ALL!!!! but i'm shy tho. XD My crush is funny! One time he said that instead of flowers at his grave he wants an APPLE PIE!!! Whaaaaaaa He's coo coo lol

Will Levey

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Faye-Louise Paton

I think my crush really likes me he always blushes at me he won’t talk to me in real life but texting he sees it then replies a few hours later

Derpy Derpstein

One of my former crushes had a crush on my too but i didnt anymore and these are the signs i could suddenly see very clearly
1. Answers text right away. While im typing hes already online.
2. Act super awkward irl

And honestly for a shy guy these are the only sign you really need

Sophia S

My shy crush doesn’t like physical touch, like he tapped someone when he wanted to know what was happening, then got hand sanitizer afterwards..

Tj Stamer

O-o I came here to see if I’m being to obvious and I am.

Sophia Key

ik this was made 3 years ago, but what if he like bobs his leg up and down when he’s around you?

Zoe H.

I'm so ticked. I was at homecoming, it was the LAST SLOW DANCE, my crush comes up to me, stares at me, then my guy friend asks me to dance. My crush then told my best friend that he was gonna ask me to dance.

Nowara Shanta

I’ve been there ?

Molly Winterton

my crush is very reserved. So he doesnt really share things easily.

Aden Holt

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Donia Schaaf

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Sophs Crafts


My crush : what’s your favourite chocolate bar

Me : uhhh bit random


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Shy guys especially can

Shy guys especially can be sooooo confusing...but reading body language and indirect communication via. texts is simple if you know what to look for! ♡ If you like a shy guy, here is advice for how to make him your boyfriend!! Also....Welcome to my channel!! I have a ton more relationship advice videos on this channel, here is the playlist for "Relationship Advice for Girls"

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Comments (100)
Spirit Of Legend

Stop exposing us ?


Wow this is very true


Girl likes me but I'm too awkward and I'm afraid if i talk to her she thinks im a loser

ploy swag

He laugh with other girls and I'm jealous.But when I started to talk to him, he just become a different person

Alexia Gallegos.c

Bro the guy I like is shy and I’m shy and we always get shipped together can I get some advice ? he looks at me in class but we’re friends and if he doesn’t like me back it would ruin it ??


A lot of this is true about me except the "do nice things for her" and "no eye contact."
I would do nice things for my crush but I'M TOO SHY TO DO IT and I feel not having eye contact with someone you're talking to is disrespectful so I'll never do that. But accurate video overall ;)

Tallie Whitiker

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Justin White Buffalo

I’m a shy tween I’m 12 I have a big crush this girl named Abby she was in my social studies class in my group I have a best friend named Paige I told her to keep giving her hints of who had a crush on her because she was in each and every class with her but then it was a day before the last day of school and I wrote her a note saying instead of having weird thoughts about each other can we just be friends cause I told Paige just to tell her so she hasn’t responded the note and I guess I don’t get a response till this fall..

Pancho Escobar

That shit hurted


I have no crush.
What am I even doing here?


this didn't work.

Lacey Simon

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Than Oliver

like you mentioned. i am a whole different person online vs in person.

Jaden Sargent

I'm shy around girls

Grayce Mccoy

I read many people keep on speaking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets. But Im not sure if it's good. Have you ever try this popular dating course?

David Pefd8

Boys we been exposed hide

Than Oliver

i am shy, but once you know me you would see i can be funny.

Vimal Raj

Hi I am a shy guy I like this girl but I am afraid she won't like me back I did send a risky text like I compliment her hair in a text .

Vimal Raj

I am a shy guy I came here because I want to know that my crush a girl to notice me !

Lloyd DoesGaming

keeps checking off the list, gets to fidgeting oh crap gimme my 2016 fidget spinner


wow 9yrs later, hi

Chloe Rotherforth

I’m a shy like shyyy girl ( I think I have social anxiety but anyway ) this guy isn’t shy and he’s not popular but idk how to get him to notice. Me

Vonwarner Videos

Shit now I’m creepy


We both shy so I have stepped up :)

Rebecca Bailey


Alexia Gallegos.c

And shy guys are so cute ?❤️

Quote Master

Shy guy here.... Oh no they knew everything about us...where to hide now


I'm very shy. Even one of my teachers were trying to make me friends.

Alison Mitchell

Will a shy guy ignore you on social media?
This one person recently added me back to social media.
He was watching all of my instagram stories....
Suddenly, he stopped. The day I posted a flash back Friday story on instagram which included two pictures of me, one current and one from some years ago.
After viewing those pics, hes stopped watching my stories.
He is super busy, but I have noticed in my feed- he has been active on Instagram.
He is purposely avoiding watching my stories. Does that not indicate he doesn't like me?

Homare Tokutomi

I’m very shy guy at high school and have crush on one of popular girl in the school and I’m super scared to confess her so what should I do?

Cee Dee

There is this person name Reid and he is tall and has brown swooped straight hair. Like really tall with blue eyes and he is just like this. But I'm like everything she said a typical shy guy is. I AM SCREAMING FOR HEEELLP?

gdrg blah

To any girl watching this is the most true video I have ever seen LOL


Bruh, is it weird to like a girl who acts like a Tom-Boy? I've sat next to her for the longest and I've only just started talking to her (Introvert Life smh). In group activities, it ends up just being me and her doing everything together and we work pretty well. I'm now looking at her differently (In a good way) and I think I'm falling for her (Although she has mellowed down and less Tom-boy-ish)....

Jaden Sargent


Virgen Barton

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Amina Trujillo

Does Troplusfix Dating Secrets really work? I see lots of people keep on talking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets. But I'm not sure if it is good enough to get laid by hot girl.

Lullaby Spanish ver.

I remember watching this in middle I go again lol already graduating high school and I still don’t know when a guy likes me ??? I tried talking to him but i just walked away and i couldn’t even look at him in the eye..

Virgen Barton

Its still amaze me just how a lot of people don't know about Troplusfix Dating Secrets despite the fact that a lot of people become badass with women with it. Thanks to my personal buddy who told me about it. I have totally get rid of my shyness, and finally date my crush.

Beatrice Brem

Shy guys are mostly handsome


Im now almost 35, and became an otr trucker. Im consigned to my fate, i just randomly start crying doomed to be alone

Tully Mitchell

I have a crush on a really shy guy but I pretty much only see him for a short time in the hallway during class change, any tips?

Aaden Hayes

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Thank you for having some goddamn common sense... Most girls I dealt with don't realize i'm shy and don't know how to deal with it and I end up blaming myself. I thought it was a fairytale to think girls should actually try to make you comfortable around them...


Okay, someone judge this situation because a sis really need a helping hand rn.

Soo, I’ve liked this random guy for quite a while now but I’ve never talked to him before. I only know his name but thats about it.

I started seeing him around campus when i realized he actually goes to the same college as I am. I often started seeing him in hallway that I usually walk to which never happened in the first couple weeks since school started.

Whenever I see him or walk past by him in the hallway, I’d always, always see him go through his phone right away when he passes me. Usually, when i see him in distance, id see him casually walking but when he passes by me, he’s literally look down on his phone even when his friends are talking to him. This is the one thing I’ve always noticed about him because I lowkey glance his way.

Also, this might sound creepy but i observe his behavior and this one thing is usually what I noticed about him. He takes a deep breath when im about to pass by him and he looks away immediately. Like, what the eff sis? Do i smell bad? ??

I dont know, it’s just probably me obsessing over little things. But i literally feel like something is going on IDEEEEKE


ight, i got friendzoned after telling someone I got a crush on her and that's when I become shy)))))


I'm a shy guy do u want with me??

Navaeh W.

Okay I was looking through the comments and jeez a lot of guys watched this. One day I swear my crush is gonna watch one of these, see my posts, and figure out i was talking about him. I think he know my username soooooo. Whoops? And also, yes, i see alot of the signs from him here. I'm shy too so this is harder than i wish it was. At least we are texting more... (If you are my crush reading this and you have seen the other posts on other crush videos....hi... i like you....)


Its like chess but know they know every move im about to make.


Yup this is me

Jaden Sargent



My heart has been turned into stone


Well said! Kind of sad too, theres this girl I like but EVERTIME I see her or she comes near me I freeze. I think shes shy too because we can text the day away but face to face (yikes!) Things get super quiet and I feel like she dont like me.


6:15 - Not always true, though them acting different around you (possibly in the way she described) can have a high chance of them actually liking you.
The personality of the one they are talking to affects how they will respond to that other person, unless of course the other person may be doing some acting in which they won't be responding in accordance with the other's personality.
If currently, you are doing a little acting, that's fine. Just later down the road, in whatever type of relationship you may have with them, you may want to pull out your real personality, and that could mess with things in a way that might not be as positive. Though if you pull in your personality into the relationship over the course of that time (the time leading up to later down the road) it can work out better, or at least it may have a better chance of working out good, since they may have gotten comfortable with the personality you were acting with, and that personality may be really different than your actual personality. So I guess if you must act, don't act too differently from your actual personality.

Of course, this is also just how it would be with me, this may not be the same entirely for everyone.

Also one tip for if you are acting a little, or planning to, try to add in a little of their personality, or add a little bit of their general level of enthusiasm to how you interact with them. Though, adding their level of general enthusiasm can be ify, since how they act with other people may not be how they actually feel inside. Try to free their actual personality, or at least try make them feel comfortable talking or interacting with you, and in time they will most likely open up to you.

Also Lol, all these other comments are 4-3 years ago. And I'm just now commenting this now .


I THINK he likes me back but I'm still not sure. I talked to him today and it went well. Still not sure tho. ?


Vid starts at 2:50 btw

bow hunter

Or your like me and are ugly as fuck. And girls won't touch you with a 30 ft pole.and a pair of tweezers.......

케이팝 노르웨이 덴스Kpop dancers from Norway

Lizzie I need your help, I'm a shy and introverted girl. Mostly shy around the boy I like but when around anyone else I get easier able to speak but not around the one I like and I have confessed to him that I like him. He seems to be more shy than me but also introvert. We have more things in common than what we don't so I am the one always texting him and asking about common interest. I have not said or hinted anything directly to him that he is the only one I like but I could tell he misunderstood one of my guy friends that he does not wanna meet him so isn't that obvious that he might have been jelaous? Anyway I actually need an answer on this text he sent me after I asked him to hangout which never happened because I ended up confessing to him. Did he mean him and me with our friends or someone else he were going on a date with? He: Gotta go we're going on a date. Me:*confused and thinking* I wrote to him: good luck, as in have fun with that person whoever they are. Then he only read the messages and I ended up asking: are you trying to confuse me? Him: No I'm just busy. So I wrote: okay. Then I confessed to him. He wrote okay. I am still confused at this so what do I do? Do I like him onesided then?

tina 101

I’ve had a couple classes with this guy and he stares at me but won’t talk to me. I’m always smiling and talking to people but he never talks to me. I thought he was mad at me but I think it’s just because he’s nervous.

molly vlogs

Jj 26 me to

Mighty Jay R

Damn. Putting us out there on Main Street huh?

Jaden Sargent


Piqachu V&BTS ARMY 92

How about if i x get much time to talk to him and we just start talking. However, i cannot see him anymore to talk more to each other after two times as he is away and he might not be in the same workplace next year.

I might made a wrong move. I asked for his permission to save his number and then 1 week later i try to text him. He do respond. The conversation is going well pretty okay but still through text i can't really figure out. After that, last week, we talked again when we saw each other. Before rest time runs out, i quickly asked him if he is okay if we (me and him) get together and watch movie sometime. He x make excuses like "oh, i usually busy, x have time" instead he said let him know when and he told me what he is usually free. Sunday last week, i am not someone who likes to go out suddenly so i text him and plan the watch movie thing on this Sunday.

We planned the venue and time, also the movie but its not confirm yet, both of us need to reconfirm the plan as other things might get in the way. After that, the conversation don't really end there, we texted and replied each other (not every 5 minutes though) until well its time to sleep. We x texted or replied each other every 5 minutes but the communication is going pretty okay until its time to sleep. He is not much of a texter so we x text every single day.

I think i made a wrong move when i asked him to get together and watch movie as u said its too much but at that time, i was thinking: "i only have the chance to talk to him for two times more at work and that is it. If i don't asked him to get together and watch movie or just eat and talk, i might missed my chance of getting to know more about him".

Note: I do realize that it could be more than friends (dream come true though) or just friends but still at that time i thought "asked him to hang out or get together or u missed the chance to even be friends with him and he seems like a guy who have his own personality instead of repeatedly copying others".

I might have made the wrong move to asked him out so that i don't missed the chance to know him more as friend or more (if more, then a dream come true) but i don't know either in this case where i only get to see and talk to him two times at work and then he would in different workplace.

Narissa Kissoon

To me, if you like a shy guy then you should look at his eyes because i just think your emotions show in your eyes so if you see that he's like looking around a lot and his "eyes look shy ? " then he probably likes you like you can just feel it. His eyes can look shy and you can just see it in his eyes :)) ??????❤??❣?❤❤


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Anubis IV


Anime Tiddies1806

I wish more girls could be like you

albert nyorkor

You have being studying us throughout your life. You are our Scientis.

Ray Johnson

Yep pretty much eye contact nope


Don't take everything solely to heart, some things work best as just advice.
Think about it, but don't only follow the advice.

Ray Johnson

Sweating when talking to new people✅

j.c man

I wish my shy crush saw this maybe give her hints that I like her


1. He says hi (if he's not extreme shy)
2. He almost looks at you
3. Looking down, he smiles after he looks at you
4. He closes up around you


The guy I like stares at me for like 20 seconds

Pavel S

Im a good looking shy guy, accurate 100 fucking percent!


I'm not shy I'm just trying to master the ability to levitate

Yasmine Ware

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Elisa B.

He stares at me and sneaks glances. When I catch him looking we lock eyes for a split second before he looks away. When we sit together for class he is super nervous and fiddles with his shirt and hair, always fiddling with his hands too. When I directly talk to him, he looks everywhere but at me. He also makes funny noises in class to get my attention so when I look at him, he stares at the teacher as if he didn’t do it. He also is super confident around other girls but is always quiet and nervous around me. He doesn’t do “favors” like this video mentioned and hasn’t talked to me online. Does he like me or should I move on?

albert nyorkor

This is not right. Why are are you exposing us?? We need help.


great vid

F and A Sisters

No offense but this is just a load of crap

Jozalyn Duryea

what if he shows all the sighns except texting i need help because he wont even look at my chats

Jaden Sargent

Oh go crazy ah go stupid

Jaden Sargent

Fuck this shit I'm out run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jarek ramos

Im a shy guy that likes a shy girl and i think she likes me back


Ladies and gentleman, they got us

Brayden Rightmyer

Jesus this is so accurate, I like this girl at my school and there’s not one thing you mentioned that I don’t do, well done

Jaden Sargent

Oy I'm a boy yo ??

Jaden Sargent

I'm the real ghost rider ?????????????‍♂️

k. lel

but he'll probably think I'm creepy or something when i smile at him..


Why the fuck is this in my feed 7 years later.


Why are you exposing us shy guys

River Pearson

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James Kearney

I was a hot guy in school buy didn't know it. I was shy. Very shy.

Leslie Cantrell

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Unbearable Suffering

Its a good video but she left out a crucial fact, shy guys dont get women! come on guys go out there and be CONFIDENT!

Nestor Liberty

Does Troplusfix Dating Secrets (search on google) help me totally get rid of my shyness, and finally get laid with my crush? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular dating secrets.


Lol almost all the comments are from like 3 years ago? I fell very alone in this comment section?? 2019 anyone??

Jaden Sargent



Here in 2020

xPink Angelx

Vid starts at 2:49


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How to tell if a shy guy

How to tell if a shy guy likes you? Here are signs that a guy/girl shy may like you.

I know there's bunch of these videos that are out but honestly, I highly doubt these people were once shy themselves to my extent that is. I use to be that person who people thought didn't even talk. You think I'm kidding here but I'm not. I use to I would say more than your typical shy Asian guy to the point where I could go a whole day without opening my mouth.

From my own experiences, here's my own take on how to tell if a shy girl or guy likes you and how you actually get that person to talk to you.


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Comments (21)
Jamaican Rain

You are really good at making videos. :-D AND you are smart, just like other people I know! The blushing is a hard one - I am one of those people that I know myself that I'm blushing, when I do happen to blush, but other people - they see NOTHING different with my face.

s sss

u talented bro

Charity Mills

i like ur glasses dude?


what if a guy turns his back to me whenever im coming towards his direction.... but hes not mad at me, i dont get it?


You're funny, wtf. ??

JR Alli

haha that 0:35 scene transition was so smooth. nice videos man.


Omg I laughed throughout the entire video!! ???


I need advice, I have a crush on, he seems like a good person but, I don't know how to talk to him ;(


Story time : in science we're doing experiments. My teacher was showing a demonstration.
Crush : do you wanna work with me?
Me: .... sure ...*Yes I finally have a chance to be with him *
Teacher : if you want to get a higher level, you have to work BY YOUR SELF
Me: ~ * I hope he won't work by himself *
Teacher: what do you want to do .. ( teacher talks to me)
Me : ummm umm
Crush: I'm going to work by my self
Me: *W.T.F. ... NOOOOOOO *
Teacher : oh ok ... can you work with Cora (teacher talks to me)
* Cora is my friend... and I ALWAYS work with her ... I DO EVERYTHING FOR HER . ' Cause she always needs help '
Me : * fuck *
Realised I'm in the friend zone.. a bit ... what's your story about getting friend zone

Claudia Nopethat'secret

ok this is weird I'm not the type who don't know if a guy likes me but this time it's reaaaaally hard. There is a extremely shy guy he barely speaks with me, he is just staying and hear his sister and I speak about stufs and stare at me until I look at him , then he look down or something else and smile while I speak but don't say too much . Just vocals and that is super frustrating !! Like he likes me ? My friend says that She caught him staring at me :)) and the thing is when I said hb to him he left me a very long messege, and he comed next to me when I was staying alone wathing a voleyball game and HE JUST SIT on the chair while his crew was far away . If he don't like me than I quit ?? by the way I apreciate that you maked this video about shy guy and shared these real facts about shy guys

s sss

the transition tho

Davia Lawrence

my crush is Asian and his friends say he's shy but he always stares at me when were in the same room and if were leaving lunch i noticed he walks out the left doors so i decided to go that way bc his locker is near mines and ever since he goes the opposite way and stares at me when i get to my locker we've only spoken once to me tho and his friends told me he dose like me but too shy idk wtf to do ???

family jovanovic

Date me okay lol !♥?????☺????????

María José

You're cute haha C:

Mattie Davis

U funny. Lol


All the signs are there(the ones you just mentioned b4 i told him except the Red part,lol), yet he doesn't or didn't do a move?? I even told him through text(that I like him) and I am shy as WELL!! We're still friends and he offers to help me on stuff, we even hung out alone, and he includes me in his plans, but nothing :/ . I already decided to give up a while back, I've come close to getting over it, but that hope is still there. I JUST WISH HE WOULD TELL ME IF HE"s CONSIDERING IT OR NOT... that would help. Just say No TO ME, ALREADY!!

k pop lova

another dope video! I like it a lot!! good job! and I have got a little question for you too. so there is this guy that I like, he is an Asian. I don't know if its just me but I always seem to see him. and he doesn't talk to me or anything but my friends tell me that they see him staring at me and they also told me that his friend has something on me cause he stares too.. one time we were walking with my friend and my crush and his friend came to us. and his friend was like'' hi, this is my friend kevin'' and he also told us kevin's fb name but my crush didn't say anything he just kept staring at his phone. after that, my friend also introduced me, when she said me name, he looked at me, nodded and left.  can u tell me what to think??? thanks! love u!!

Aria scarlet

nice video bro. u got a new sub

Uzumaki Hinata1

I have a crush on a shy Asia guy I don't know how he feel I'm just confused ok he stare that me a lot in hallway and everywhere like I was walking up the stairs he stop and look and I look back I start walking up he kept look up and down up again that me and my friend told me he kept look that me and after school he stare to and like every time he see me he shut up or when he staring he look on the ground and get shy

s sss


Jay Jenyl Ramos

what if a shy guy didnt add you on facebook or text you. but he always stares at you like almost every minute.