How do you know someone is the one

How To Tell if Someone has Blocked You on Xbox Live

How To Tell if Someone has Blocked You on Xbox Live8 Jun. 2020
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Comments (49)
Shadow MrDNA

thanks (my best xbox friend blocked me thats why he got randomly unfriended)


simple and to the point. Thank you!

Gulainau Mackinaw

So like does all of them have to happen? Like how about if it’s only one?

Shorty Films

I'm still confused on whether or not I'm blocked because I can see some things but not their achievements and feed


Wow so my best friend that I no joke helped so much in life blocked me because their damn friend lied about me :(


We used to be childhood best friends but then we grew older and he moved away and I remembered his xbox gamertag and tried to friend him but sadly he blocked me and I'm going to go cry now


So question. The person is showing up offline, but still on my friends list and if I go to their profile I can still see everything and nothing is hidden. Such as their achievements, who they follow/added as a friend, etc. Am I blocked?

Climacool Gaming


TTS Fish

My friend blocked me on xbox,for legit no reason. I asked him on snapchat why, but he ignored me and blocked me on snapchat as well. :(

Matteo Mastantuono

Yea she blocked me cuz of her boyfriend F



Melissa OcanaXD


J. Núñez

And everytime I tried to add him that exact message appeared thanks man

Lovely Sweaters

My girlfriend blocked me...

TheTurtle YT

He blocked me......

Marthiea Brown

My friend and me got into a fight but he didn't like me anymore and then i went to see if he blocked me he did?

Brady Narcovich

I got blocked

Kailani Kayednce Thammavong

Wow he blocked me ?.


I got blocked cuz I said rdr2 was better than mc lmao


Bro some kid blocked me and my school friends play with him and ignore me for no reason...

Its me Fart hands

Gotta block trolls daily

Sir DayQuil

Damn. I’m sad now, we had so much fun playing too.


Thanks man, blocked by my shithead cousin, we used to be so close then we stopped talking to me I don't know what happened

XboxPCandlife J

I was just playing today with my friend then she said she had to go but then she blocked me ?. I don’t know what I did wrong?

Jack Jarjis

Thx u helped my friend on ark. Betrayed me so I’m quite sad

J Dykeman

I made a stupid joke and he blocked me I’m really sad ?


My friend in 4th grade blocked me bruh

Ferni Jimenez

Anybody here tryna be my friend and do casino hesit daily we do ur then mine then yrs then mine we will keep our 85 percent

Itz not val

Damn bruh I got blocked-?

XDE Puddles [OLD]

i literally did nothing to this person, and yesterday i didnt see them on my friends list, and so i went to my messages, and clicked their name, then it said i didnt have them as a friend, and then so i added them and it said i couldnt. i did literally nothing at all too lmao


Thank you so much


If they blocked me can u send them a message and will they see it or no


Damn after so many years together ?


What if they unblocked u

Acnl & fnaf vids

I have a question so my freinds appears offline and I’m not in his list anymore
But I can still see his profile stuff his freinds and his achievements I also un freind him and added him back I didn’t get that error messges so has he blocked me?


Okay so i un added him and added him back and it let me but he’s always offline and it says he has no friends, clips or games played also his pfp keeps changing do you think he blocked me?

The Duck Clan Official

mine did and for no reason. he always had problems with ghosting people


Damn???i thought my xbox was glitching or sum. bc my other friends it says their online and everything worked cuz i can unfriend and friend them and send them messages. 2 ppl blocked me for sumwhat and it keeps saying they're offline and every time I send a message they don't get it and they don't reply back and whenever I try to add them as friends first thing that pops up sorry we can't save your changes try again later so I was like yep they blocked me???


Could someone text user:benlego10 to actually use the block button for a PROPER reason. He was my only friend and blocked me because I I was annoyed with him bcus in a nutshell, I couldn't play Xbox for two weeks. Log back on. Plays with. I get mad (which he didn't mind before) and told me to leave. I text him asking why he wasn't acting like a friend to me, but then he blocked me. He was my only friend and now I have no purpose playing on Xbox.


I got freaking scammed on rocket league

•• Lynx ••

I can’t believe my girlfriend blocked me.

J. Núñez

Very useful, I was wondering why it said only Offline


Wait question if they blocked me are they still able to see my messages or no?


i txted someone on xbox and it wasn't mean at all it was pretty funny but the next day there gamer-pic was gone and if i tried to go into message it says can't get your messages rn come back later. Does that mean someone has blocked me? Idk there xbox name cuz it was blank. Is it some bug or is the account private or something?

Spicy Aleks

What does it show if your in there party?

Video Press

This actually helped


I blocked my friends since they are so rude and just roast me for no reason. I stay hidden with people that are actual good xbox friends.


wtf he blocked his entire friends list


My friends are blocking me for no reason ?

How To Know Someone Is The ONE For You!

How To Know Someone Is The ONE For You!12 Dec. 2019
23 177

Welcome Back To Our

Welcome Back To Our Channel!

How To Know If Someone Is Right For!! In this video we are talking about how to know if the person you are dating is the right one for you! Remember if it does not make sense don't try to make it make sense! Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below and don't forget to subscribe!

Dre's IG: @itsdresmith

Bre's IG: @breannaaponte

Couples IG: @worththeewait

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Comments (42)
Aalaya Cooper

Appreciated this word!

Meesun Vang

I love you guys so much. Thank you for this

Devin Jones

Great Video Guys....God Bless

K W Daughter of Zion

God bless you both☺️

Nessa Naturally

I had a guy I met online but I ghosted him once, then twice then a third time. I was so busy chasing this other guy who couldn’t answer my questions about the relationship and who would stood me up on planned dates. The first guy came back 3 times and I still wasn’t paying him any attention. I almost lost him completely still chasing that lame dude. My confirmation was the fact that when I was chasing the second guy he wouldn’t talk to me for days on end we were talking for 7 months overall. And the 1st guy told me he was done with me and I felt stressed like I was losing something important mind you I like him. He was stressing he wanted consistency and for me to make time for him for me to show that I actually cared. All of this I wanted and was constantly asking it from the 2nd guy who wasn’t giving me time of day. And this 1st guy who after the 4th time of me messing up is actually ready to leave I Decided to act right and be with the smarter choice

Jeovanna Mobley

You guys are such a BEAUTIFUL couple. In all aspects. I found you guys yesterday while trying to cope w/ a recent break up due to the fact that I want to be celibate. Your videos truly made me happy and reassured me that I am making the right decision. Thank You ???

De’Wanna Glow

I’m single and not looking but here I am ? most of my relationships were based off of lust (I’m speaking for myself, not the ppl I’ve dated).. then I realized the feeling I was getting in relationships were soul ties.. soul ties to ppl I wasn’t even married to. I’ve been celibate for like 7 months now ?? God is good!


Yaaayyyyy! My people are here❤❤❤

Leigha Long

Do you believe it is possible for someone to be the one for you if you are not physically attracted to them ?

Pretty Girl Rocks

Wedding counselor???

Lanee Smith

The book you recommended to get awhile back Michelle McKinney Hammond, I received my copy of it today! Can't wait to read it, thanks for the recommendation Breanna! You guys are an inspiration to me, keep up the good work!




Is bre getting help for her drinking problem

Rahma Ziyad

She said 5'4 on a good day ? you sound like me girl, I be like 5'3 and 1/2 thank you very much ?

Tenicia Williams

i am not a virgin but am practicing celibacy and its really hard to find someone who understand and wait ,the guys who are waiting till marriage dont want me because am not a virgin and other guys dont want because i wont put out.what should i do should i just give up and bealone forever


Instead of asking yourself is this person the one you need to seek the Lord for who he has ordained for you and that’s even if he has chosen you for marriage Seek the Lord for his perfect will for your life

De’Wanna Glow

I didn’t expect this to be so real! I love this! Thank you both ♥️

Keja N

I always come here and get a word that I wasn’t ready to hear but that I NEED to hear!!!???

Bianca Davila - Shades of Blooming

Wow, I'm in the beginning stage of my relationship with this guy that I literally have all signs pointing towards him being the one. Everything that you both talked about really resonates because he's been a guy that has loosely been a "friend" (talking on and off like checking in with each other but never a everyday thing/long periods of no talking) in my life for the past 3 years and now... after letting go of a toxic relationship, working through my personal growth journey, and the development of a strong relationship with God, I feel he was brought back to me in such a huge way. Nothing about our reconnection has made any sense yet it feels so right and the more I kept trying to make it make sense it just interfered with my happiness. Ever since I stopped doing that it now feels so right and I never expected this. I wasn't looking for it but I know it's such a blessing. I made the commitment to wait until marriage on 11/1/2020 and he's on board!!! That was so important to me and I officially became his girlfriend on 11/14/2020. I'm excited for what the future holds. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

Qualandria McCoy

Bre is growing so well. Beautiful message ❤️?

Kim Deane

Good discussion guys love you


I want to learn how to do that bun
You two are goals ?
Waiting until engagement is the goal ??

Anais Assi

Hey guys I love these videos but wanted to suggest video ideas where you talk about how you went through your individual spiritual growth and handled friendships or relationships with family members who were not on the same journey as you. ❤️

Aija Diamond

I love how you both allow God to work thru y’all. Also, Dre is so attentive to Bre & such a great leader. God bless ??

Phillip Fornett

Really good information.

Christelle N

Breanna you are so transparent and humble !! You have great qualities and huge strengths!!

Ms Patterson

what is the height of this guy that you didnt realize he was taller than you

Ms. DaniLaB

Lol, the song is “She’s fine too, but I want you.” But go ahead boyyyy.

jeva stfort

“Wait until they make sense”... drops mic. Thank you & Amen.

Aveida Simms

When he said don’t try to make it make sense, wait until it makes sense....a word?


Thank you guys, I believe it’s always great to start out as friends before you become lover. God should always be the center of any relationship. God bless you ????

Orlando Simmons

Excellent words of wisdom and an example of transparency

Anisha mc



When you come across this video after going on a date with a Whole guy - that has A Whole Girlfriend & you had absolutely no idea... ? and you find out at your Holiday dinner party while eating cheesecake. God is def. trying to talk with me. ♥️

Bryana Camille Braxton

Loved this! When do you two share with each other that you thought they were the one? At what point in the relationship


New sub here! I'm loving your content!

Keja N

Preach ??????

Jewelle Williams

heyyy guys wassup.....its funny that this specific thing was just on my mind

Gemeal Phillips

Thank you

Derrica Sykes

At 17:09 Dre spoke directly to a situation that I have been coming out of. I really appreciate the words of wisdom that you both share in all of your videos. Thank you!! I'm so glad God pointed me to your channel!

Jenna R

“Bri trusts me bc she knows where my trust lies”...


True Words Bre and Dre! It's a serious world out there.. waiting is enough. Waiting for the right person is totally enough. It's what God wants for us.

10 Signs Someone's The ONE

10 Signs Someone's The ONE29 Nov. 2016
325 420

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Comments (100)

You're So Koool


Thanks!!Your vídeo helped me a lot!I didn’t believe that was possible find love in another Continent...and Bum!!Happened.I was thinking why and you made things clear yo me.


I literally just listen for your sounds lol idc what you’re talking about ???


ralph you not cold out there?? I seen the air coming out your mouth lol awe :/

Grennan King

aye Ralph bud I love your videos but can i get i heelloo! but u look like a demon bro bro ??your to nice that tells me alot about you?God/jesus bless ?


I love you ralph

Alisha Targaryen

Hey i loveeeeeeee mangoes!! Haha
Love your videos ❤️

Swati's Diaries

He is the one ?

cico in Tokyo

Im italian and i met my husband while i was travelling in my amazing Japan. We met and had love at first sight. Trust me..never happened to me, if i think about that day i still remember every glance, his looks , outifit, eyes..everything he said. I felt the love and something special when i looked into his eyes. We had distance relationship for one year, we didnt even speak same language and i had to learn japanese. Now, after many difficulties we got married and move into new house. I always knew he was the one i needed. Sending u positive vibes and just believer..real love do exist. L.o.v.e

Karen Smith smith

Love it .Ralph Smart your always putting out good advice and vibes.I want to eat more plant based diet as I love animals they are majestic.???✌️?????

Joseph Ugochukwu

What I don't NEED any post from u tube again be careful

Kitty Growl

This really really helped clear some confusion I’ve been having. Thank you, you beautiful man!!!

Jeffrey Goldstein

you have a beautiful energy

Lxve Medz

I can tell this person is wise and has good soul just by the glare in their eyes

Andy Brar

Word up dude they gone ???????

Unending Ripples

My genius, my hero, my mentor, your too much, have a beautiful night.

Dharmasagar-7 Hanamkonda

Yeah true but how do u know ralph? okay anyway thanku for making us know what is what?

Roisa Heart

Big love❤

Denysse Nunez



8:53 i did the slow mo :) :D

bee lyn

What f f he is muslim then,
Muslim don't believe this

Michela Massey

Thank you for this. Blessing to me and blessing to you.

Ali Say

I don't like my therapy sessions being interrupted by ads...?

Annalyn Lee

Slow motion is my fvirite..☺☺?


I think I've met my soul mate but he has sever depression....and asked for space..... it hurts a lot... but I know it's what needs to happen. Hurts every moment.

im allergic to soap

The first sign that u said, I thought I was just being crazy when I saw the thread. Yes it's invisible but i saw it in my dream once. The dream took place in class and it was just him, and me. Everyone's faces were scratched away ( which was weird b/c I always see everyone's faces in my dreams) the red thread came out of chest and into his.
I woke up, I searched up what it meant b/c I didnt know what it was or what it meant. Yes it's invisible but it's called the red string of fate.

Hayden 28

What’s the music

CG 16

I think GOD has blessed me with The one.

West Coast Or Bust

I bet this dude is hell in real life.

Khalil Saad

I found her



gladys florentino


c c

“You’re still scratching your head right now aren’t you” HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS DOING THAT

Deniz Oyar

Why couldn't he just be the one...

Mel M


Mengpeng M

"They are either your lesson or your blessing!" I love that. I know the dab was suppose to stay in 2017, but I had to pause the video and give that to Ralph Smart:)

Em 889

Honestly I couldn’t imagine dating a supreme picky eater. I’d lose my mind

Allison Bennett

You are the best thing on YouTube !

Stephanie Buckley

haha I love you so much!!

marta lopatynska -de- Slepowron

I love this, it's my dream to meet someone vegitian or vegan.

Kay Nicole

What if its a mix, he stands out from the rest


this may be an older video, but as im watching this i am thinking of a certain person and i glanced up randomly at my phone and saw the number 7777! coincidence? ? think not!

Lori Ey

oh gosh! i think i have finally found the one. ?

Aden Valento

i had that, but like magic we vanished from each other.
maybe we both weren't ready..

I believe we will cross paths in the future.
thanks for the vid Ralph!

Erna Wiyati

Thanks very much more than this ???????????

stardust diamond

One love thank for sharing ?


If you or they are unsure they aren't the one!

Unending Ripples

Yea, your very correct sir, in water relationship, couples make love in silence, the feeling is so awesome. You keep smiling all they long❤️❤️❤️??

CeeAli Love

Everything you said was absolutely true.. Thankyou x

QueenRuby GOAT

lol I haven’t found the one yet

Mohammed sahal

Found her?


I love my baby, we have been together for almost 4 years, it started with leaving my bad relationship and he was consoling me while he was on the other side of the world at the time. We both Middle eastern ethnicity, and are Muslim. He’s my moon child/ cancer I’m his Taurus. We are 20 & 21. May our love live together, we argue think we are going to end and don’t. Inshallah marriage! ??

Brigitte N

i m an mature soul mieux vaut etre seule que mal accompagnee

Krissy Canopy

Im wondering.. Why do you do that? What does that mean? Slow motion that side. Ommmm..what is that? Why?

Bodhi Sattva

I promise you, I wouldn't talk to my g/f when i'm on the toilet taking a....

Dr Snehal /Dingi Mali

Thank u Ralph smart for being part of my life ?

Becky Sov

Wow I want to say congratulations couple

Zodiac Witch

Stop it lol

Camilla Oliveira

man... i love your vibes!


Thank you, Ralph, for making us understand ourselves better. You guide us every single day to the right path.

Darksidedoměaine Blind Spot

Ralphy Ralphy Ralphy can i get some love theeeeeere

Exoh xo

I love you lol

Amy Nunya

You’re just great!!!

Lamar Myart

What do you think about MGTOW?

CasualMaster 11

Honestly, you are a very wise man, this helped me a lot, really thanks for the video:))))))

ferry Irawan

Ralph you are lazy to edit your video in slow mo

Vishal Jakson

Great information bro??
I have the same experiences

Marie Inabersh

Thank you

neal tran

why he keeps doing the slow motion?

C.J. Freeman

Ik he cold

Hang Loose Hamburg

This video makes me cry! I miss my beautiful crazy Russian Girl!


Love this video Ralph! Like many many others.

Wendy Deeprose

Your fantastic... The best on youtube ... Thank you...

golden Thakral

I just don't know he love me or not but i love you your energy love love love u r so beautiful soul??? if i ever meet u i like to kiss you on your forhead ❤❤❤❤?????

Marisa Woods

My Wife is the one and she sent me this Video and it is the realest.  Thank you. #GivingLyfe

Erin Corddry

❤️ YOU, Ralph!!!!!


I was in Tanzania 7 years ago. He saw me decided to introduce himself . Wanted to take me out for a drink . I declined. I was married. Six years passed . For me, out of sign of of mind . He found me on social media . Said he never forgot and tried to connect especially for the last two years. Strangely enough that is when I separated. I divorced officially . He contacted me 2 weeks later . Been together for 13 months in a long distance relationship. We have ups and downs . It is difficult to be in a long distance +8h time difference, age difference ( this doesn’t seem to be a big issue ) but he is exhausted by work. It is very difficult to change jobs in Tanzania. The unemployment rate is extremely high .
I am doing what Ralph is saying: intellectual connection vs physical.

Becky Sov

Yes I found that we're twin couples and so funny too!

Amanda R

Where's your jacket

Kristy Burton

Awesome ?

alex martinez

Invisible thread is so real !

Mattie Davis

I love your videos. So inspirational n peaceful.

Tay Ling ling


Harvey Dale

What if she doesnt meet all the signs but some of them?


hi,i reunited with my soulmate,but not in this world,and I cant stop thinking a bout her,the second i looked in to her eyes,i felt LOVE I never felt in my life!!!in that moment I said to her that i dont want to go back!she said that I have to finish with my quest in life,after that I can see her in this world,we talk!we dance!its amazing! LOVE to all of you!!!and don't give up!

The Voice of Reason

Ill always remember "a Lesson or a blessin"

Miss Moldavite Quarts

??thank you

RasHBerry Shortcake shudy


Roisa Heart

Big love❤

Fabulous Marvelous

Slow motion that side. ?????. Ummmmmmm????


#10 is the culmination of them all. ? #SlowmotionToTheLeftAndRight


Thanks a lot for your words I really feel calm when hearing it

The Voice of Reason

Where is this guy at? Not in Philly Ralph

Eternal Authenticity

She’s from Angola ?? , Africa ? and I’m from Dallas, Texas.. it’s a magical connection we have.

Mara Rocha

So where are you ? ??

Fran Cameron

Love your videos....I have been watching you for so many years....Thank you for the work you've put in to help us on this dimension.


You look like you’re freezing

Chinue Phillips

Wow.....that is such a truth?

Fabulous Marvelous

Ralph ?. U Got smoke comming out ur mouth?. Are u cold. By the way. I love , EnJoy all ur channel

Crazy World

Ur so weird