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A compelling /detailed illustrated guide on how to kiss someone, and give them a french kiss- for all occasions. well demonstrated tutorial for education purposes and also giving a humorous kissing guide

In this kissing video, We tackled HOW TO KISS SOMEONE . It showcases how to passionately kiss whether its first time kiss or just to perfect kissing skills to wow that someone special. stay tuned we have on the channel more kissing videos to come - all catering for our relationship corner. we got your back !!!!!

Here is what you will learn in this video:

how to kiss someone for the first time

3:10 what is the definition of a good kiss

3:48 types of kisses.

04:24 how was our first kiss.

04:52 building a rapport before kissing.

05:40 how to get consent to kiss someone.

06:35 how not to bite someone during kissing

07:15 Therapeutic touch -introducing body contact.

08:47 can women ask men for a kiss.

09:50 how to Introducing the tongue slowly

11:23 Build your way up to share more saliva.

12:14 how to use your hands to aid your kissing experience .

14:18 -how to be gentle whilst kissing.

15:28 What lipsticks to wear (ladies).

17:06 how to keep your lips soft

18:12 How to be in the moment/ how to create the kissing environment.

19:25 give and take kissing feedback

pls comment below the video- what is your own idea of a good kiss????

Hope to chat, interact, acquaint with you all. Please feel free to subscribe, like, and comment- chat soon xxx


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The Milambo Tan Family

This is Soo informative introduce your tough slowly bit at a time this is great Holding the face I Guess I gonna use my hands be gentle before u bite enjoyed this video I use matte lipsticks for sure true it doesn’t transfer or come out I love it ruby u right keep lip soft


no dont ask me when u wanna kiss me just go for it. asking makes it akwared

Phil -Can Vlog

Thank you lovely sweet couple for all tips and knowledge in this video..

All Things Rufy

Goofy couple amazing ?I wouldn't ask ? ? ? but there's body language you can tell ? ? if a man is after few dates asks me passionately "can I kiss you?" is OK but yeah chemistry... Be in the moment ?I'll leave them gasping for more ?loved it ?

The Milambo Tan Family

I can’t ask a man if he can kiss me I can be shy wow that’s a great French kiss Soo nice

Lilac Glo

Hey beautiful couple! Great content! Fantastic tips and illustrations there! You must have had fun filming ??. I absolutely love you guys! You’re so hilarious! I’ve laughed so much! Really enjoyed watching ??❤️❤️

The Milambo Tan Family

Chris is funny kiss that can lead to dululududo hahaha this is great ,consent to ? very important illustration u make me laugh but it’s true this teaching u have done

African Bella The real talk!

We are laughing but to be honest this video is so helpful there is a lot of people who dont how to kiss.

Poze Rec

I’m happy to be here and support this awesome channel New subscriber?

The Milambo Tan Family

Hello guys I love this topic really let me French kiss this man here hahahaha it’s good it’s an educative video

Life Seasoned

French kissing ???? congratulations

Paola Luis

Lovely and such a learning video, mama and papa bear ??

Scottish Wifey

A lady asking to kiss a guy hmm its awkward to me,the use your hand kiss?ya'll are so cute,dont choke him oh?lovely couple I like how ya'll be your self

Parenting Abroad

You're so free spirited sis. I love your laughter and the chemistry between you two is evident. Hahaha 9nch tongue? I also love the face holding.

Sire Marczela

This is so romantic


Lol hu let the dogs out. Intro kiss hehehe zvazvinhu malevels

From Tanzania to Norway

So informative guys, 9 inch tongue no 9 yard ???? am litelary dying laughing, so fun watching you guys, o ghosh i gotta work on my kissing game thou ??? so what happened after all these 21 minutes? Tatararataraaaaaaa ??????

AngerManagers Productions

Hey hey sis Tammie

From Tanzania to Norway

Ladies and gentlemen, Tammy and Chris presenting to you a viral kissing vid of the month, omg how amazing is this video, thank you so much guys, tarararataraaaaaa wait am coming ?????

The McLaren Family

A compelling /detailed illustrated guide on how to french kiss someone, for all occasions. well demonstrated tutorial for education purposes and also giving a humorous kissing guide

Pls ??????? ????? -what is your own idea of a good kiss???? . how was your first kissing experience did he bite you or did you smash teeth together? hahaha

Scottish Wifey

Yup definitely trow any cheap lipstick away cos when u kiss someone with it stains that person..this is educative because joke apart not everyone can kiss properly..

African Bella The real talk!

Nine inch??.you so funny guys.

From Tanzania to Norway

Oå Tammy your makeup looks amazing! ❤❤

Chris Mclaren

Love you darling Tee x

Sharon and the Family

You two go like kissing chaii... This was well illustrated and explained let go and practice.. Papa bear do you like this type of kissing??his expressions when you are reading the illustrations I die ??

Kezia Selestine

Lol ? you guys are funny and cute, ahahah the kisses lead to what

Schatz Kim

Learning something over here. Happy family.

Joseph Bonganay

Hello! So sweet couple enjoy . new friend here to support you. Take care and keep safe always.

African Bella The real talk!

Body contact is really so important!

Michie Boo

You go guys you have mastered the French kiss and at this point you are ready for something more ??✅ you go gentleman lol

Elaine and Dennis

so adorable!

she Kenya tv

Waoh can't wait to see this nxt time make long video


my favourite couple

Parenting Abroad

I should have watched this first. For me just kiss me dont ask, I'm also bold i can kiss first.

Scottish Wifey

Well illustrated and u channel lots,keep the videos coming

Michie Boo

Lol introduce ?? I am cracking up at this point lol 9 in or yard you guys need this now ?? yes control things Lord help me or help us ?? so do you guys do lizard kiss ? Eg stick your tongue in and out of your partner's mouth at a quick pace. ?? yes go without ?or use honey ? and hope no? visit Lord I am loving this video thank you for this you have done it all stay bless

JamDung my views

Yes sah, what you say French kiss 101


13.47 thats more like it mmmmmm yummy . learning oooo the ear one

Looney Mooney fun times, travel & toy reviews

Kissing is awesome ?❤️️ MMwwwahhhh ?

mergirl2000 Dunne

Dat kiss was hot!

كلام هنعوزه فريد farid

I enjoy watching

How To French Kiss Someone For The First Time | Easy Life

How To French Kiss Someone For The First Time | Easy Life21 Dec. 2020
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