How to know if your hookup is falling for you

Signs you’ve fallen for your best friend | According to Korean Dramas [ENG SUB]

Signs you’ve fallen for your best friend | According to Korean Dramas [ENG SUB]27 Jul. 2019
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The journey from Friends

The journey from Friends to Lovers is never simple, but if anyone will stay by your side through all of the confusion, jealousy, and influx of new fluttering feelings, it’s your BFF, right?

We love alllllll K-drama paths to OTP, but Friends to Lovers is one that never fails to make us swoon.

P.S. All titles can be found on the top right corner of the screen, next to the Netflix Logo ?

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Comments (100)
Majbritt Jensen



In my real life story ..I have taken that step become a lover from best friend.
Waiting for D-day...❤

Ayesha Ayesha

Any army???

Aggie Librodo

The clips from Sassy Go Go/Cheer Up hit me in the feels all over again. Such an underrated drama :,)

Min Yoongi

watching this knowing i've fallen for my best friend lmao

Anuska Das

Me who doesn't even have a friend: I NEED TO WATCH THIS

Hanifah Salsabila

I'm far more entertained by the use of the Sims 3 music as background for this video then the actual scenes themselves

Sophia Corgan

What if you don’t have friends lol? Anyone else relate?

Amazing World

5:18 which drama is it?


I appreciate the sims 3 music ?

Michelle Geegee

Step one find a handsome good-looking man to be your best friend

Lucinda M.

Why am i crying ..? It was just heartwarming and I miss that feelings ♡♡

Sumjok Saicha

Stop these non sense. By looking at these you will fall for your best friend just to ruin your friendship ?

Manna Mali

6:18 but he was rejected??

Preethi R

step1 : have a best friend...


Margaret Jeon

The fact that I feel confused if I like my boy bestfriend or not and this showed up in my recommendation is just...

Lauren Lai

bold of you to assume i have friends

Ajeng Nurismi

I totally love my bestfriend then :")


My best friend is good looking. We actually started by dating first but we ended up breaking up. We work so much better as friends lol

Angel Artamesia 2

AHHH ~~ my heart aches for that kind of love.. unfortunately that's not how it works in real life, when I confessed to my guy friend he was super grossed out lol, that was in third grade though # lonely for life

Thomas Malloy

Korean girls are the latinas of Asia.

Aastha Singh

Try doing that in real life
either you will end up lossing a best friend
or you might just end being embarassed cuz he/she didnt even took u seriously.

Kirti Chopra

it was like those multicouple videos


0:00 / 4:07 / 4:29 / 5:26 Fight For My Way
0:03 Inheritors
0:15 / 2:08 / 5:48 Reply 1994
0:32 / 2:47 Reply 1988
0:51 / 3:50 / 5:11 Abyss
1:14 Who Are You: School 2015
1:22 School 2017
1:40 / 2:52 / 4:52 / 6:07 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
1:54 / 3:40 / 4:21 Romance Is A Bonus Book
2:18 / 2:43 She Was Pretty
2:38 / 5:41 / 6:21 My ID Is Gangnam Beauty
2:41 Suspicious Partner
3:00 Something In The Rain
3:09 / 5:51 / 6:22 Strong Girl Bong-Soon
3:15 / 3:24 Dream High
3:33 / 4:37 Sassy, Go Go
3:36 / 4:00 / 5:47 My First First Love S2
5:45 Hit The Top
6:14 Welcome To Waikiki
6:18 Who Are You: School 2015

Manisha Sinhababu

okay I have one questions about " she was Pretty " where ? where is the past tense ? like where is she ugly ?

The Taeza Junction

It's not just according to kdramas but also in real life.?
Great editing BTW?

Nathan Izaac E. Sula

dude!! gu - seung jun is here in high school 2017 !! (cause i really didn't know high school 2017 so i just wanted to comment)

Majbritt Jensen


Thanuja H101

1:59....drama name??

Rica Jane Mendez

When you want to fall in love but you dont have a best friend.

Panda Girl

Me: has no friends

your everyday idiot

bruh my standards are wayy too high because of k-drama lmao

Santhoshi Srinivasagan

Since I started watching dramas I only got many oppas and my expectations for friends also have increased

shrav _lub_for_7mem

The ending is perfect yaa?



Ken Kaneki

I had most of these things happened to me for 4 years. We would always walk together after school since we're neighbors and I was there for her when she cried and had no one else to talk to about the problems she's been having. But in the end she still sees me just a friend and it seemed like my efforts were in vain. It sucks but I already moved on from it.

Santhoshi Srinivasagan

Well I have no male friends lol

Carpe Diem

Signs that you've fallen for your bestfriend: you're watching this video to see signs that you like him/her.


U can only fall if u stop watching kdramas with good looking male leads

luna li

most of these arent even friends to lovers type of relationships


step 1: have a bestfriend whos actually not ugly :/

Tuhina Dey

I saw this and took a step closer ...

And ended up ruining my relationship with my best friend ( male ) .

Asmus Asmus

They made it look so easy saying I like u to ur friend but it so fucking hard. Just to say I haven't done that or I don't like anyone just sayin

Panda Girl


Ashita Srivastava

Fact: These are actually true, if you fell in love with your best friend!
You are definitely gonna relate to these!

Cedric Lopes

Signs that you have not fallen for your best friend?
1) you r straight guy/girl n ur best friend is the same gender s you
2) you r a gay/lesbian n ur best friend is a opposite gender of you
3) you change your gender and ur best friend's gender is ur current gender
4)you r a straight normal ethical person and ur best friend isn't human being
5) ur best friend is ur parent/child n u r a normal ethical person
6) you don't hv a best friend!!!

The Only one

Last one was splendid

Jang Mi

Strong Woman isn't on Nextflix. I can't find it




In kdramas mostly guys take the first step

Jasper Dizon

Step 1: Look good

worldwide. sloth


AxisGaming YT

Q : So, are you willing to take that step?
Me : Thanks, But no.
Q : Come on whats the worse that could happen?
Me : I could die

Shaireen Shams

That "I love you" at the last is so precious ??

Hopelee Lyrics

one of the audios come from the sims3

okay okay

And all of a sudden... you're in friendzone:)

Clara Kim

kdramas have ruined my taste in equitable men. i will never date anyone again unless they are a korean actor that's ten years older than me.

Malek Kechiche

Is abyss worth watching plz ?

Royal Palms

Why is it that the men are always so much better looking than the women? They have such beautiful eyes and facial structure. I think its because they use only women that look white instead of Asian.

Bhaavishya Velivela

thass it
lessggo swoon

Tafseer Fatima

Thank you...i never this much loney (single) ever...but after watching it...i am fawking depressed on why i dont have someone like him?????

Akhila Binu

Oh god how, how in the hell u make these gentlemen so handsome that the girls heart ? would just blast by their one word

Apurva Malwatkar

What to do when you dont even have a guy far from Best Freind

Minmin Oppa

No, I would never take that step. And I hope he does the same thing. I'm happy with us being best friends. I don't need more.

We're talking about kdramas. Of course they'll fall in love ??

Lena Ibald

How to get a bf/gf in real life in just 4 steps..
1) turn off the lights
2) get under your blanket
3) close your eyes
4) dream on

Reoney Madtha

I don't have frnds lol

Borce, Charles Miguel

This one makes my hopes up damn. Now I started to think that my bestfriend and I can be like one of these couples from kdramas, and I can't stop myself grinning and blushing like a fool. HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA


Ruth Tembo

Quarantine has taught me so much, for the last 9months all I've been doing is watch Korean dramas and I'm living for them?. I don't even remember the last time I watched a western movie.

Sufiyan Baig

Plz tell name

Vichithra Athapaththu

You are sooo talented.woow?


Well I did back then, we always bickering and tell each other our story, the first time he realised there's something is when he's drop dead mad at me because I choose to go on campus trip with another guy. But everything is fine in the end, he is now my husband ?

Nymph of Syrenix

Is this why I'm still single

we gonna resonate resonate

i- oh no i've fallen for my boy bestfriend, uh oh

Sandya nanjegowda

Woww I love it how you step by step shown it it's really amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yan yan

Step 1: have a friend


I have one friend who's soon gonna became my lover ??
I don't know what to do with him , he's so cute...
I can't even say No to him ?
Our story is almost like "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju" ??

Eloïse . Pennec

C'était la plus belle vidéo que g vu aujourd'hui

Sania maina

My heart runs very fast when I see Lee joog suk. Can't meet in earth but sure I will meet you in heaven.amen

Susy H.

No Reply 1988 please, still hurts ?

fearless baek

i’m going to rewatch romance is a bonus book??

Divya Chettri

Ma haura Cha.. Sala yasto Kaila pani hudina Korea ma pani hudina nd aaru place ma pani hudina... Haha

BangtanPink in your area

It's somehow easy to become lovers from friends but it's not easy to be friends again if you break up..
That's why I haven't confessed my feelings. I don't want to lose my best friend ?

Prakriti Baidya

i don't think i will ever get a boyfriend cos dramas has set the standard for my boyfriend very high

bts is life

I don't have any guy friends ??

Dominic Centeno

Sims 3 music is making me nostalgic

Nana Hoisa

Sign you have fallen for your bestfriend : watching this vid

Hemalatha muralidharan

Comment section of kdrama videos are really funny and relatable ?

Holland Rainbow

I have no guy friends.


He doesn't love me back????


Why am I watching this my heart is fluttering so much I can’t handle this


I love the last I love you


"will you take that step?"
me : "hAaHaHaHahA tHankS bUt nO"

Pooja a

Can we just appreciate this video for a second. Like it's reallyyyy well made?

Sairam Vittali

No ,I won't take the step

Grace Chen

Im sorry did they use the Sims 3 loading screen music??

rock roll

yo, dont make me cry.
this was so sweet.

Lily Grace Gemparo

Yo im scared to take the step AGAIN
But bous just keeps confusing me

6272 Kavya Mishra

Step 1 : Have a Friend
Step 2 : Have a Friend that looks good

Hanani Shamsuddin

Its so hard to be with a bestfriend :(


I like you l like you l like you .... and then l loooovvveee yooouuu

How to LOSE MARLIN! tips from an EXPERT (at losing marlin)

How to LOSE MARLIN! tips from an EXPERT (at losing marlin)23 Jan. 2021
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After crashing our last

After crashing our last barcrusher in the last tollgate classic tournament, this time we really thought we had it all together. We THOUGHT we were well prepared and knew what we were doing........needless to say we were WRONG! Didnt crash the boat into a rock, but almost as dissappointing.

Comments (2)

I know nothing about game fishing but when an albatross bites through your line while hooked up you probably know it's not your day! Crazy. Thanks for the debrief on that. Valuable lessons learnt for all forms of fishing.

Liquid Sessions

Hahah love the video thanks for the content

3 Hidden Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You (How To Know If He Loves You)

3 Hidden Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You (How To Know If He Loves You)13 Mar. 2018
1 841 593

“3 Hidden Signs A Man Is

“3 Hidden Signs A Man Is Falling in Love with You”


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In this video, Clayton is going to talk about three signs that he's falling in love.

If you're searching for signs that a man is in love, you're probably coming from a place of feeling a bit anxious, that you're beginning to fall for this guy and you don't want to make a mistake and get hurt and you're wondering whether or not he's on the same page.

The point of this video is to help move you from being inside your head, down more into your body and your heart so you can begin to relax and let go. You begin to go with this experience and allow it to unfold in whatever way it needs to unfold and have the most fun possible.


What happens with any human that's falling in love, we get to a place where it begins to feel like a crisis point.


However, there's also another side of falling in love that is quite terrifying and when this emotion isn't necessarily expressed, if a guy's falling in love with you and he's not necessarily expressing and saying I love you what very well might be happening is that this emotional experience is going to come out in these interesting ways.


What happens when someone falls in love and what creates that honeymoon stage is quite literally there are chemical reactions in our mind that cause us to begin to drop judgment.

We start to see our partner in a way where it's almost like we're seeing them through these rose-colored glasses. We start to see them in a way that just bring love and acceptance to them.

Love begins to dissolve the boundaries and the judgments that we have about other people and they cause us to step forward and want to merge with that person.


Because love tends to rip us open involuntarily to a new level of vulnerability, it can be unsettling experience for men, primarily because men don't typically have the same emotional capacity or expression as women especially if they're raised in a traditional society.

And what that means is that when he's with you, there's a certain level of fragility to him. There's a certain way that he is perhaps maybe stressed out, or he's getting triggered easily. He may become jealous. He may become kind of possessive. There could be a clinginess that occurs as well. There could be an anxiety that is there.

These are all signs that he's getting attached to you, not necessarily, that you're doing anything wrong but rather that he's beginning to move into a certain place of vulnerability psychologically.


Let's start with a wide connection of what that looks like. What that means is that there are multiple places, multiple categories in his life where you begin to see more of.

What that might look like is he starts to introduce you to his friends. He starts to show you off to his family.


Within this depth of emotional connection, I'm going to call this awareness and Consideration.

What it means is that there's a certain amount of awareness. There's a depth of awareness that he is beginning to have about you, about the things that you like and want, perhaps him being able to do things for you without you even asking for them, maybe there's some type of thing that you mention in passing and suddenly he just jumps in and ends up doing it on another day, and what you are completely surprised by is how close he was listening to you.

There is an uptick in his presence when he's with you. He's really focused.


Click on the link:

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Comments (100)
Crystal of Twin Star Enterprises

Thank you for this

Linda Villani

Clayton, it is a delight seeing you again. And your in-depth information is always very “on point”....

Emma Alvarez

He does none of these.

bsc nyc

ad:oh! why am here again...???

Tabitha Tierney

There’s not a man out there like this!


Emotions and feelings are NATURAL..faking expression is dangerous....

Camila Cestari

Where are you from?


You heard it here first-Falling in love is a crisis!

maye C

I love this! Thank you ?

Besiana Vathi

Finally some intellectual love advice

Carla Corsini

All good info but my favourite part was when you said “oriented”, and not orientated. Thank you.

Jackie Rowe

Run for the hills

Lo Lo

I love your calm soothing voice I could listen to you all day

Marjorie Felizarta

Rinita G.

He may also start watching videos that I watch ???ha,ha,ha ???no judgements Guys

Mary Grace

I would like to point out that jealousy possessiveness/attachment isnt healthy.

Juliet's Corner

I love this! Thank you.


This is a very good video!

Nove Araco

just share here the thoughts of my male tx saying we are friends not more than a friends but we believed in us too. but we didnt end like we thought. ,,,

Baba Okula

Come to recommend a real love spell caster if you ever need his help;WhatsApp;+2347043423188


I am looking forward to this webinar. I just started dating a guy and I feel he could be the one, but have emotional baggage from previous failed relationships.

Morbid Schmorbid


jaspreet Kaur

o wow thx for giving ideas. ????

Lady Nomaroma

I don't need anymore my work thanks to pyptolmon. xyz
I can finally enjoy life thanks

අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

Electra Moseley

Thank you soooo much

helen rojas

I met this beautiful younger man. He found me on twitter, hes very responsible and loving, but we've stopped talking because I've said something that hurt him. Unintentionally it was done, we are 1000 s of miles away from each other, I cannot forget him. I dont want anyone but him he started calling me his princess and family. But I hear what your saying here says him t a T. I miss him dearly. It hurts,

Dirty Unicorn

what happens when all these things happen but the vulnerability scared him and you're in another relationship so he says he needs space?

Cayenne Carocci

My guy got scared and ran away. He said "I have to focus on my finances and kids". Awesome, so lovely that I'm not important enough to focus on.

Rebekah Wiseman

I remember my bfs first sign - he introduced me to his nieces. He's very protective of them and wanted to wait to do that because of previous bad experiences. After that he included me in his interests - showing me places he liked, offering to let me use his PS4 (he's a gamer), and hanging out with his friends. The next and one of the most significant was when he told me he trusted me. He has trust issues so it really meant a lot that he opened up like that. The last thing I noticed was when he started talking about serious future plans with me. He's a very careful person and very direct so I knew that these showed he's serious about me.

d' Lourdes

Very deep insight of love except people may not be dating just friends

Jeanne !

bLA bla aaaa BLAAAAAAHHHH!!!


Love is choice

Esther Aam

Why always secret with men? Can't they just be honest?

Cindy FromNC


LilG DaKidd

Dont give yo heart to someone like me i wasnt meant to be born in this life im mentally fucked i pray that no woman comes my way wit dat love shit cause i cant feel nothing ???

lynn Gertrude Clark

Thanks alot I appreciate your help, I am like a fish out of water x

Tal Ghow-I

Love is an action word. Romance only is mostly fake intimacy and attraction is energy of possiblities...etc that how I read it.

lynn Gertrude Clark

Brilliant thanks

Gloria Mutoni

so true

Cherie Krausz

Thank you so much. My man was in love with me when he first saw me. He was a customer & I had no idea until he said something one day & only wanted me to serve him over the pharmacist! I knew then something was happening & he chased me! Ha ha.


Loved this video, makes so much sense.


ilkeyou r messages??‍♀️?❤️

Manuela P Muñoz


Art D.

Right On! Good One!!! All makes so much sense.. I guess I'm doing pretty good right now?


Thanks for the video. Right now, have a bf and he did 2 of those things except the last. He said I love you first but I still question his intentions just by his behaviours which seem a little shady. He implies to do things for me or kind of asks but I have a guy friend who jumps right in without even asking and feel more secure with him (dont like him like that). We see each other 2 to 3 hrs a week a couple of days a week but feel like it's not quality time. Like we dont do anything together to feel that connection.

Mildred's Diaries

'genteel ghost gtn. Gg셔ㅕㅎ ㅅㅎㅎ7ㅎㅅ ㅅ ㅎㅎ5ㅇ 6혀 6ㅎㅇㅇ6ㅎ

Cheryl Thompson

Thank you! I found this to be very insightful.

Elizabeth Leland

This is making me cry because I broke up with this man and felt this. I don’t know if we can work through the struggles

Dell Chica

I can never tell if a man is in love, maybe because they never were :(

Travel Channel

So if his bf & coworker ..brings him up in conversation, at my work. Talks "relationship status topics" that were discussed by these two or among other bf coworkers. Yet he & i dont have any contact at all. Lol i have direct contact at work with the bf/coworkers. We need to be friends first.

Issaskar Kautoorora

Love is not really an Emotions but one goes out and get loved or love is ñ doing Charisma thing ??

Donika Tod

Brilliant video. Often thought number 2 is in place, and without 1 and 3, it always ends up badly.

Joe spiritual butterflies

Wow this is what’s happening I just want him to say the three words

Mathy Messy

Wow?? thank u

Zoey k

Lol I hate falling in love even though if I fall I always resist myself no matter how hard it is
So I'm 19 and have never been in a relationship because I'm freaking scared lol I even reject people that I love xd SAD!

Miranda Oliver

Hi his me miranda i love ricky olson

Lily April

He's been texting me for 3years ....dont understand he likes me or love....?

S V Filipina Asian Me!

Where can I find a guy that accepts me that way as you say lol.. I'm 36

Melissa Tobin


helen rojas

Hes 25 years younger than me, but he says he will come see me when the borders are opened,

Rebecca McNallyiiiuiìioothjyyuuhjnnk

Good lord, Andy Peters...I never did get my blue Peter (aka bp) badge.

Not to mention, he does not age..fair play.

This is to the M&S advert before this segment.

Ashraf Mahmood Limbada

Accurate Bro! Thanks it make me understand myself better. In a relationship now without any sex at all. I find abstaining from sex is the best way to build a good relationship before sex.

Elga Yaghubyan

So I saw my old-friend in a dream and all this signs were present for some reason I felt a particularly DEEP feeling FOR him And even in my dream I could tell I was missing him sooooo much That in fact in the past we weren't particularly best buddies ...but now I feel a little different. .. SO i wonder if he actually felt the same-...Because I could tell I only JUST didn't miss him...

Pier Piero

my joy is back to me after a very long time which I my ex separated since I was alone my life change everything about me change a friend of mine gave me an email address and told me that this was the email address she contacted when she was in the same problem so I contacted the email I got a reply he asked me to send him my number so I did he was a man-call Dr. Murugu he caster a spell for me and told me that within 48 hours that my ex will be back for good within 48 hours my ex was back, we are getting married next 2 week, you contact him at Email him at ([email protected]) OR ([email protected]) WhatsApp/call +90 538 069 4285

Phetmanivone thattamanivong

Ok good. Is anyone doing what sign that indicating fadding of love?

Tammy Norman

I have been with this man for over a year he has hurt me and chesting on me he moved to the state that I am in how do I get him to go back home

Lidia Castro

Muito sensato ! Ganhou uma inscrita

Cecilia Bortoluzzi

I really appreciate how Clayton goes so in-depth in his video clips. He truly describes human nature in a way you seldom come across in these kind of videos. It’s very deep and insightful.


Am I the only one who’s been getting these type of videos in their recommendations without even searching for them?Is someone secretly in love with me??


you look really good on camera

Mele Fanaika

John 3:16

Sarah Kittelson

You can have all that, and then over the years the fantasy falls away, and there you are with the person they were hiding from you. Men use strategies to get a woman, the 1st phase of pursuing, and then when they have you....they don't have to do those things anymore...just want you to do what they want. What you want or need is 2nd place. Falling in love doesn't guarantee anything, because its a false and fleeting thing. They are 'in love' with the story they've written about you in their head, and then when reality sets in, that's when the work comes in. If it's worth saving. How to tell if he is a sincere and authentic person is more important, and can you be friends when the passion fades? Because you need to see his character, not his 'game face'. This takes time, and so I believe in not rushing into relationships, and especially not moving in right away. Take your time to figure out the real compatibility.

Joyce Baldwin

What but long distance love me and my boyfriend we text one another all the time but when we frist start talk I mean we connect to we been talking for a year but he for got to ask me was If in a relationship and I didnt tell him but he wants to marry me


I'm a guy and had guys fall in love with me, yuck......

Victory Tarot Divini

I like the uptick of his presence!! Thank you for this video ?

Betty Boop

What does it mean when I man holds your hand and constantly plays with your ring finger?

Peter Shuri

I want to use this opportunity to thank
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kiaho Amin.

He is very busy to make more money
So he doesn't have much time to text to you


Video starts at 2:07

Clayton Olson Coaching

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Aurelie B

I think I found my husband. We met from a dating site during the pandemic. He has those 3 signs and even more. However we been together for 4months and he’s not already talking about marriage and his Grandmother can’t wait to meet me! I pray that God sends you the man that you need not what you want.??

Aimee Pique

A man in love, got angry without reason, got jealous without reason, very insecure, fragile, and even cry. As a woman, when I like a man, i don't make any move or even look. When I'm in love I keep it to myself and cry alone...I don't speak and very quite and no one knows. When Love comes my way it is really complicated and it always make my life in trouble and that's why I'm keeping myself away from it. I don't want to remember it anymore. It's really difficult to feel in love because I will love the person more than myself which always lead into destruction. My life been destroyed because of that feeling. Now that I'm living alone I find God is the only one I have. Bwesit na pag-ibig... magmadre nalang ko aneh duguay....magkagubot jud ang mga pare hahahaah.

Amyah kyra Official

Thanks you for your advice ❤️


My ex told me ifI saw myself through his eyes I would see how beautiful I am.
Nice right ?.... he drove away and went to a hotel with another girl .

Mary Cain

Oh I'm an INFJ I told him it's like a terrifying ecstacy for me.? Yeh I'm having a bit of anxiety about my body shape. I told him he's falling in love with himself again ? Its wide! Worldwide. It's long distant.♥️He's sending me an airline ticket ?. I compliment him on his consistency.

Patricia LeComte

How about u tell me I already know I'm in love with this person but we're both unavailable, I've experienced some stuff relating to twin flame this IS NOT but I definitely believe he's on the tree, or soul tribe person. I see him suffering a bit but I don't want to sound crazy or put ideas in his head, but I know, I truly know what it is but it's totally impossible for anything romantic to manifest.

Sharon George

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Yusra Khan

Hallo Clayton, thanx alot from such a wonderfull tips videos. The way you explane and your tone of your voice is lelaxing my soul. love your jobe. Regards from Norway

Mt Vernon

My boyfriend is acting And I can’t figure him out he went to his mother house yesterday and spent the day it’s like he wants me to know where he is at all time by posting it on Facebook

Faezah Jumahat

Hi Clayton Good AfterNoon From Singapore! How To Knows If A Man Is Falling's In Love's With A Woman He Never Meets Before? What About There Was A Mutual UnderStanding Merging & Wanting To Knows About His Other Half EvenThough There Are Miles Apart? Can A Guy Develops Feeling's Or Crushes For Love's To Be Ripped Off If There Was A Possessive Or Clingy Towards His Woman Or Feminine? Can A Deep -Connection Occurs If He Was At The Far-End Of The World? When To Knows If A Guy's Wants To InCOpperate With A Woman To Introduces His Life's To Get To Knows His Friend's Or Work Related Or His Bussinness-Associates? Does Feeling's Click Between A Man & A Woman Instantly Spot-On?

Jayden Leach

I’m just watching this and Hope this will help me with my crush I’m a boy yes I am gay

juan andrade

is that also apply for a gay couple? i mean 2 guys falling in love with each other?


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Colette Anne Maud

My younger guy is still in awe of me after three years ....He is a one in a million to me ....and I am to him . We are years apart in age and it just works ....

IzzyD 0862

Good advice. I've subscribed to your channel! ??


he is doing all of these but....he has a girlfriend ?



Chlarie Peace

Hi cyton i met a wondrful guy in novermber we look at each other eyes and he holds me so tight i cannot breathe some times i love they he kissses me does this mean he love me or got feeligs for me can you please let me

Chelly YHM

How to know if a woman likes/loves you.
Step 1: search this video in her history (if she lets you touch her phone)
Step 2: idk my own feelings so sorry that's all I got. ?