Girl jerking man

Man jerking off in public.

Man jerking off in public.9 Feb. 2015
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Man jerking off in from

Man jerking off in from of a lot of people.

Droga coño.

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jeremy Crowder

People need too mine there on damn business

Jourdan Jefferson




Jordan Cooper



no shame in hi game

Kavari Burgess

my friend was jerking of on the field trip to Washington DC and this girl caught him and turned around fast


Ewww that guy had a shut stain in the back of his pants


I mean, atleast use a stall, it's better then jerking off publicly in a mall

Mr. Eminem

Let him enjoy his company bruh... Mind your own God damn business

ginia doritos

thats extremely fucking ignorant to record that .

Dylab Bryan

I subscribed and like keep up great. work



Bubba Clapped Them Cheeks

Let him not ffs. He already homeless lmfao

Caviar Hill

I hope at some point people will stop being so prudish. it's just sex.

self help my way



Why don't you wait until you get home?

Hot jerk wants to be my rebound | Japanese Drama | Switch Girl!!

Hot jerk wants to be my rebound | Japanese Drama | Switch Girl!!2 Apr. 2020
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AsianCrushSubscribe 438 721

i found my crush all up

i found my crush all up on another maybe i should get all up on someone else?

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By day, Rika is prettiest, most popular girl in school–but as soon as she gets home, she flips the switch & unleashes her true form: a gassy, sweat-suited nerd. But when a cute new guy transfers to her school and finds out about her “off-mode,” can she keep him from outing her secret–and win his heart?


Mariya Nishiuchi

Renn Kiriyama

Rikako Sakata

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Switch Girl!! スイッチガール!! | AsianCrush

Comments (100)
CreativelyLove byChrist

As an anime fan I'm loving this. It must be wierd for non anime lovers

Ngapwang Konyak

Please do upload full movie.

Yona hime-sama

i am loving this ~ awesome drama <3 <3


Nika actress gives all in. She doesnt mind "making faces". some actress are so awkward to watch like they consciously want to look always pretty

Chuckie Chan

She look like sana from twice in the thumbnail,and in some angle


Don‘t know if i should support this love story. The character should leave them both tbh. Neither the guy who cheated on her or the guy who blackmailed her :/ (not an good example for youngsters). Ps; My opininon to this short clip (nothing against the actors only the story itself, but there are some cute scenes not gonna lie) didn‘t watch all the movie :)

AM Nigma

I can't even begin to explain to ignorant people why the acting is like this. If you don't like it, then just don't watch. I'm getting tired of these comparisons.

Wowow Wewwe

I rlly like the main lead's acting ^^ like srsly her versatility between 3:27 5:38 and 6:22 is no joke - sis carrying the whole drama

WildDubious Commentor

she is funny....

Shakira Aishah


Nigerian Slave

3:38 bro beat the duck out of here smh


The acting is too exaggerated for me.. ugh. I understand that it's anime-style but it's very weird to see it inbperson


Nika kinda reminds me of Nao from Good Morning Call

Crying over Dazai . com . au

Ren is so handsome I cri


Honestly the best friend looks a lot better than Nika...

Kiki the pupper

The girl is so good at acting tho :O

Radha Chatterjee

Man! she can make really ugly expressions

Petr Kot

Как называется фильм? Заранее благодарю

Kliyah mee

Is it just me that I find Masamume more handsome than of Arata?

Kim Saya

Drama name please

Tia Melancholy Jeoncockity

Masamune is better with her and I’ve only seen few clips of this drama on this channel ?

Ruoy Luos

8:01 and 8:30

There r the same men enter the mall..


Im sorry but hot jerk legit looks like a woman...? If you into that then by all means but not my thing.

David Turner

I became a new fan I like the movie too Kawaii

fatimsyomell _



Omg this is soooooo cheesy and cringe, acting is over dramatic and corny, the facial expressions are exaggerated and overdone and their voices as well. They are trying waaaay to hard to make this a live action anime which just makes it super cringey. Anime is anime and it works, you can't make it a live action and expect it to work ?‍♀️

Emanuelle Caroline Araujo de Lima

Como se chama este dorama? Alguém pode me dizer?

Sooya Han

she looks like Sana

。Ve Mothwa。

Their expressions is too much n cringe, looks weird when real life people make those faces like in anime lol?

Glory Okafor

Definition of extra

Crystal desu

I'm used to 2nd lead concepts being better people than the main lead after watching J-drama for 5 years without watching any other kinds of dramas (K and C) so I don't have 2nd lead syndrome at all.


That chic looked completely demonic.

Ichiki773 Karin

උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමගf

do something about it

In my country they won't even let u into the mall while wearing school uniform (during day time ) .
These people went to a hotel .

charlote avery

????? ????➜

I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirli ❤ ? ?❤


So cringe omg




masamune is better for her

•Røsy Sńøw•

God That Sneaking Up Thingy Made Me Wake Up In The Hospital

Esha Ara

Is it just me or the actress is super pretty? Like gorgeous ❤️


They nailed the very dramatic aura like in the manga. Some people may find this weird if you havent read it. Personally, I find this quite great because it matches so well in my opinion. Of course, the manga makes me laugh more but this still has me laughing.

Theresa Yu

Sorry!.. na didistract talaga ako sa kilay ng lalaki.. ahit na ahit ang peg ehh!.. ? pag hindi nag sasalita.. bakla nakikita ko..

YourMusic Net

8:54....WHY!!?? ???????

Aleara Yert

what is it called?

Ishi _

cringey but im still watching this


I dunno but I ship Masamune and Nika

Chiara D. Italy EEL

Name of this drama please?

Channel xxx

18 +++
HD 4Kオンライン—————————————————————————— ———— >>
{{ }}
————— >>>>> <<<<< —————

උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග.........

Rabiya Suleiman

Why are all the guys in her life so shitty


Masamune:open arms ready for hug*
Rika: straight up slaps him*.

nicole bahmei

Hugs in Asian dramas are like equivalent to having sex with someone

Spicy Noodles

Oof I find the actors of Arata and Masamune attractive that I already searched for their Instagrams and I’m like shxujehfiencosk.?

Ginger Berry

What stupid crap is this?

Moonlight Paw

Her acting is good. She sound heart breaking when she call his name and look like she want to eat that girl at 3:40 was just amazing.

Dark Princess

I gotta admit but Japanese ain’t good looking like Koreans. Is it because plastic/cosmetic surgery is more common in Korea? Because Japanese are natural.

Queen Manicad

She’s so fvcking cute tho!

Alisha Paris

Girl.... why do u like arata? He has acne all over his face and has messy hair...... u could do better honestly


It's cringey how they act and how much they resemble anime from expressions to actions. But the plot is very interesting. And yes I do have in mind this was from years ago.

YourMusic Net

Well that girl was disguisting to "steal" she knew from beggining and yet....
Let the boy choose immbicile!

Elina Coraline

I don't care how cringy this is, i still think its damn funny lmaoo.




I feel like I’ve seen this but as an anime???


I used to have crush on Masamune ?


this reminds me of Kakegurui and not in a good way...


Masamune: reaches out for hug
Her: slaps him
Also her: Maybe its actually really fun to hang out with Masamune ☺️

Mary Joe

I have only watched snippets of this series but it's somehow ridiculous to see how full of himself that arata is. He's not even that handsome to be acting like that. I don't know what other talent he has.

draws kim

Mesume Is so cute omg ???


arata was such an oblivious idiot in the drama it was so annoying lmao. i like masamune personally


Lol she need some sleep she got bags under eyes

Ichiki773 Karin


Danny D

I need the soundtrack of this show on my phone but can't find it anywhere ugh

Lisa Nguyen

Comments: Second male lead syndrome
Me: Our girl here slammin a hammer into a voodoo doll cursing the thief doe

Sheep Tea

8:57 she really just SLAPPED HIM

inha Lin


Lawrence Orr

That was so good, the girl was terrific.

Vitoria Soprun

What is name of that doramaaa


their voices sounds like when i dub manga in my mind

Asian Commenter

If anime was in real life, this would be it.


Basically live version of an anime

Quynh Huong

Am I the only one enjoy this drama?! I find it very interesting when they bring manga expressions into real life.
Why people complain about the acting while it's a LIVE ACTION??


8:57 she did homeboy wrong????

Tequila Core

Correct me if I'm wrong but that other girls outfit, isn't that what middle schoolers would wear?

Chiam Hui Lie

Her smile is so cute and i love her personality too

Julia Yi

That is weird

nicole bahmei

Japanese dramas are so different than kdramas I kinda love it it’s like anime but real life

Hujaji Blamble

She is soooo extra ?

Let Me Dream

You know... in a situation like that I wouldn't blame the girl. I'll blame the guy for letting it happen.

Chelsey Dela Cruz

Real life anime is hard to watch

alice jung

Masamume : let's hug !
Her : Not today bich !

anacuriosademais emi

Cara que homem feio esse Arata e o vilão tb! Mas pelo menos é engraçado.?.?

Hidayah Hadis

I find it really fun and interesting because i first watch the female lead,she being a really ladylike girl but in this drama i watch her other side. It's really funny tbh


The actress is so metal really acting like metal

ジニ Jini

It's so fun reading the comments when you already read the whole manga xD Don't worry guys you will not get second male lead syndrome as Masamune ends up with someone else (SPOILER)

It's Nino ;)

Santi Sex

? ??? ?????? ???'? ???? ?foto video x
? ???? ???? ≔⫸

MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

Zeva Sala

Just call him a asswhole ??

ChipSmooch SM

10:15 Me: kiss, kiss, kiss babe,touch, touch, touch babe ??

Get Em!

The acting is horrible!

abhishek singh

Keep busy in new crafts

Priya Khawas

Is it a drama, movie? Whats the Name?