Female masturbation addiction


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I wanted to honest about

I wanted to honest about how I can overcame by 10 year addiction and tell you the story of my journey with it. If this is something you want to be overcome, you can. There were so many times I thought I just could never do it, but I did and all I can say is my faith in Jesus helped me the most.

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Comments (100)
Miss Victory

I needed this. Thank you so much for your wisdom and transparency.

Immortal Fool


Ife O

I started watching porn either at age 10 or 11. I'm 30 now and it is difficult for me to completely stop. I would never call myself an addict. I think watching porn at a young age influenced my choice to start becoming sexually active at age 14. I'm still very ashamed of how much I sexualized myself during my early teens.

Anthony H

“There is no place for shame in your life” ?❤️??

Kurt Wagner

“Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now; Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:4-6‬ ‭KJV‬

Paul Sheedy

https://www.strive21.com Try this 21 day challenge to purity, it has helped me. you can do it and redo it to help you.

Melissa Rubio

Thank you so much! I am so happy that you are speaking about this. You inspire me to do the same. Someday I hope to share my story as well.

Individu Noir

Why you watch porn before ?????? You are crazy ? Or ?

unkown Gay

I think it is no coincidence, that I hit a brick wall with pornography then I finally decided to see a therapist weeks before the realization. I pray that I get over this, but I ask ya'll pray for me.

Kade Beasley

This is so full of amazing wisdom and goodness! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your story! God bless you sister ❤️

Moshe Newsletter

Many women are going through the same problem but they blame the man for not having a vibrating penis or get bang up for 2 hours without ejaculation which is done by viagra pornstar professionala... Even penis dildos that are 15inchs is not healthy for your vagina walls, it actually ruins the urethra and allow to much out side air to enter which result in foul smells..


Was this video re uploaded because I remember watching this around 2018/2019 but it says uploaded 8 months ago?!??

Karen Carter


Emmanuel Daniels

Hello, hope you good and congratulations for overcoming. My question to you is how did God do it, like be practical if you can. Because i am an intercessor, so when i pray i pray, i kid you not. the devil knows and one of his weapon against me is porn and murstabition, and it's been a while for me as...i stop like for 2 or 3 months, but i am back there. My triggers though is that i live with my finiace and we had two beautiful kids age 5 and 3, so. My trigger is her, since we not married and can't engage in sex because we not married and i know one can say but you have kids and you live together hello!! But the word tells us ''Be holy for I AM holy'' Ephesians 5:1 says be imitators of God....and as a chrisitian i know perfection is perfect otherwise God wouldn't demand that of us Matthew 5;48 be ye perfect, as your father is perfect'' that was Jesus talking.

And i know that within the believer's community we have covered such sins with grace, but Romans 6:1-2 is clear that we can't continue in sin simply because ''Where sin abounds, grace abounds the more'' such scripture has been preached wrong but i am not here for pastors anyways i had to read the word myself everyday to understand it better. But here i am still dealing with this issue, i don't know what to do please help.


Thank you for sharing your testimony because everyone needs encouragement and help. inneroutergrowth.com help me and it will help you.


thank you

Aham ejelam Ruth

Thank you. I was really struggling with this thank you for coming out to talk about something that is so branded with shame. I really hope to come out like this. God bless you

Keziah Obiri

God bless you for speaking up ???

Steven Chanda

For those who would like to be part of a Christian group so as to be helped, please reply and the group will be formed...learning from the video is important but accountability, praying and having Bible study as a family consistently as an individual and with others with no shame or fear really helps ?.

The group's link is below:


This is a Christian WhatsApp group that I was led to form by God and if you would like to join, please feel free as it is a safe space ❤?.

Pretty Cakes

You’ve really really inspired me to stop I have been battling this now for years I was introduced to it by my cousin at such a young age and it has truly scared me I only go and watch it when I’m sad or feel hopeless I just want to break free and stop and fix my relationship with God I just want it to go away I cry every time I relapse I want to break freeee

Chantelle Sutton

Jesus is so amazing ❤️

Thank you for sharing your testimony and thank you for the encouragement!

I needed this, love you girl ?

HELLO it's me

(This is gonna be super long but please I'm begging you to read this because its taking me a lot of courage to write out my story and tell someone what happened to me) Im 13 years old, and I've had an addiction since i was probably 9 or 10. I grew up in the church, my father is a pastor and my mother is in the choir so i have known about God from a young age. It kind of started out of the blue and my earliest recollection was when i was in the car and i started rubbing my legs together because it felt "nice" down there. It was just like that for a while but then it wasn't satisfying enough so i moved onto touching myself.

Keep in mind i still didnt know what sex was at this time. But after a while i heard the word porn and searched it up on the internet and found porn sites and began you watch and it made me feel something down there again, and soon i was masturbating to it more and more over the years multiple times a day. But it was only recently, (maybe late last year) that a repressed memory cane up and i suddenly remembered a time that i shared the same room with my brothers. I remembered waking up in the middle of the night or in the morning with no underwear on and my lower half being completely naked. And my underwear would be discarded somewhere in the room. When i ask my brothers about it they said they didn't know anything and i only believed one of them. I was probably 4 at that time. And then i remembered the night were i woke up to my brother doing 'something' to me down there but i didnt say anything because i dont think he realised i had woken up.

I never told by parents. And another repressed memory came up of when i my brother said he wanted to play a game where he puts his 'thing' in mine. He put the tip in and it hurt like hell (i was only like 4) so i told him i didn't want to play anymore and left. After those memories came up i realised what type of porn i had been consuming and it was all incest, or with a forceful nature or ones where the female partner is unconscious or lesbian porn or i would always try and find ones with really young girls. And it started to make sense. Why i was so turned on by incest and young or unconscious girls, it was because they were like me. And why i was tured on by lesbian porn was because they treated eachother respectfully and both parties were satisfied in the end, and it was concentual. And why i had liked forceful bdsm kind of porn was because the girl was being used like i was. I have always struggled to form bonds and relationships with Males because of this. And it wasn't the only time i had been sexualised or sexually harassed just the other incidents were not repressed.

At the age of 12 realising that you have been a victim to sexual assault and harassment and possibly even rape(i was unconscious for most of the times it happened so i dont know if i was just touched or raped aswell, i also dont know if it counts as rape if he put the tip in and i let unknowingly let him) but realising that was so painful and is still painful and im even crying writing this. But from the pain and the shame, i just went harder. Masturbating more and harder and watching porn more aggressively just trying to find a release to my pain.

Even now i still do it, but im praying more and i really am trying to let God help and heal me but is so hard and im so scared. This is the first time im telling my story to anyone and im terrified that ppl won't believe me or wont read this and it will remain in silence but at least i can say that i tried to look for help

Gabriel Boisvert

Wonderful. I had only seen men speaking about porn addiction, thank you for sharing <3

Emma Mae

The greatest restraint is the fear of God.


I overcame my addiction but now I have to clear my mind. I don't know if this happens to other people, but I started to sexualize everything and then being afraid of being sexualize and constantly I wanna get out of that mindset but it seems so for away. I am afraid of not being the girl that I was once.

the black capitalist

just goes to show women like pornography just as much as men.

Pat Bailey

I can relate. I have NEVER and I mean NEVER felt love and what being made love to by a Kingdom man is like, oh but I will, because like you, I now know the truth. I thank God for truth and for his children who are willing to tell it. The truth will indeed set you free!!! satan has many weapons to destroy God's people and pornography and masturbation is the most profound and subtle way that he keep God's children from being more like God and in bondage and held hostage by their own lust. I know there is a star in your crown for this message ... you did this!!!!!


This woman needs a TEDTalk on this topic.

Rachael Omonuk

Thank you so much❤️

Francesco B

6 grade wasnt right. They need to wait till engagement for knowledge of this. Or later.

Aysha .S

Bless you my sister ? wish you all the best ☺️

Ethan Thomas

Why don’t you guys just stop watching porn?

Mona Love

Accountability! I learned about that from Kirk Franklin’s porn addiction story. I’m a little older than you (26) but as a woman, it’s very empowering to hear you speak out about it. I was about 15 or 16 when you was ten. So that was the age where I first gained internet access in my house. When I was 10 I had to go to the library to use an internet. Only about 50% of people had internet access in their homes. So when I was 15 I was very intrigued by the images I was excited bc for the first time I felt “normal” bc I was stimulated. Reading through these comments it’s really sad how many of you GenZ kids are struggling with porn additions. This is why we need STRONGER blocks, congress needs to step up. Thanks for sharing your story. ????

jo jo

Loved this video .it came at the right time. Thanks for your transparency .

B Riley

Your a great lady, no child deserves what you went through, it's not your fault. You were a child. You've brought tears to eyes. X

Cindy Love

I have been addicted to porn over 20 years now and lost my marriage over it. Therapy didn't help me. its A life addiction

Will Harms

Hi I'm a little late finding this I guess but I'm also 22 years old. I needed this video because I've been struggling with this for about a year. For me I think it was also curiosity of how things work I guess. I think it's something that effects my happiness and I'm struggling with finding a way to stop but I know it's unhealthy so I want to find ways to distract myself

Ora Franc

OMG ten years old!!!! ?

Stylez Major

I lost my best friend literally on my birthday to a herion/xanas overdose.. me and him would drink and do blow together and at the time I thought it was fun staying up, the girls' the madness.

But after a year of doing that I RELAZIED ITS STOLE EVERYTHING THAT I WAS! I decided to get sober after I lost my friend, and I am finally making music and loving life again.

Recovery gives us new life. I just put out a video last night SEARCH STYLEZ MAJOR LOST IN A HIGH, its a song of me opening up to levels I never have before about losing a friend, my own addictions, and losing my dad to the same thing. I am at 36k subs now as an indie artist and would mean a lot if even one of you from this video came and listened to my story, thanks yall STAY STRONG, LOVE.

Andre Bonaparte

This was one of the realest conversations about what MANY women struggle with, thank you for your honesty. Men have sisters, daughters, girl friends, and wives, that we often refuse to see their struggle because we don't know how to help women who have the SAME emotions. It requires honesty, vulnerability, testimony, guidance, and most importantly... GOD.

Steph and Bri

Thank you for sharing your story

Carolina Christian

Your channel is suddenly an awesome resource for my channel. God bless you!

ked Duff

Porn is not just a problem for Christians. It messes up every one....either a lot or a little.

Lisa Plan

Im.in the same boat i was depressed at 11 as well

SpongeBath ShitPants

Quitting porn is extremely difficult compared to quitting other addictions. I think this is because, unlike other addictions, porn addiction is deeply intertwined with the reproduction part of the brain, and reproduction is one of our strongest primitive instincts. Your brain doesn't panic quite as much when you quit other things; however, when you quit porn, your brain thinks that you've gone from reproducing multiple times a day to zero times a day. It's going to severely punish you for this because it thinks you've suddenly given up on your biological imperative. This is probably why PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) seems to last longer with quitting porn than it does with quitting other addictions. I've seen several anecdotes on the NoFap forum in which people said that quitting nicotine and alcohol was infinitely easier than quitting porn, and there was even one person who said that it took less time to recover from quitting a cocaine addiction.

clayton G

Dude wtf


I was addicted to porn too. I need to let it go and love myself. Also more sleep time is really great for my health.

Lauren Willard

This is amazing

Anh Canu


Riza Mae Laureta

This is my testimony of the Loved of God and the second coming of Jesus Christ. I'm Filipino sso I'm sorry if i get wrong grammar and spelling...

The Lord Jesus Christ and the The almighty God was real! Way back 2018 I'm 16 years old I suffered to anxiety, nervous and loneliness because I don't have friends in my school. Every night my anxiety attacked me, I can't sleep my heartbeat was fast it's so scary because I think i will get heart attack because of that. First man that i run to is God not my parents they even don't know that i have anxiety that time because i was shy of telling them my problems and situation cos I think they might not understand me for the reason that no one in my family experience anxiety even me I don't know yet what's going on with me, my mind was full of bad thoughts and my heart was filled with resentment and sadness. But I keep it to myself and to God only. I always pray in the night I suffered to anxiety for 6 months thank God he takes and heal me fast❤️my connection with God gets deep he is my best friend?but there's a lot of things happen to my life but to make my long story short i will only tell here of what God show me and prophecy me of WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE SECOND COMING so after that, i dream 2 times of the second coming i saw Jesus going down from the heaven with a thousands of Angels that was morning I saw him wearing white robe and with the crown he was in the front of thousands Angels blowing their trumps everyone got scared and staring at him while others are running screaming even me i got scared , the second dream was the earth was dark all i can hear was thousands of people are screaming they are drowning cause the earth was filled with water and darkness I saw a Big man he carry me i saw the people crying, screaming asking him for help they are drowning cause the water are going up to the sky but on Jesus the people are so small and the water is just on his foot he is sad and so I am he's crying he's lifting some people that i know who accept him as the Lord, i said to him help them they are drowning, but he said Daughter, it's too late they didn't repent and accept me when there still a time. I am so scared, The earth is so scary so dark only i hear is screaming people, drowning people. Please repent and accept God lord Jesus Christ so we all be saved in the end times. Amen.


What if porn is demonic but yall don't think the unclean spirits exist? .. oh and the rest of the entertainment too... and half of the churches... and most of youtube... ? please order our steps .

yasmin rozier

Girl you was STRAIGHT preachinnnn I had to run around the room.

S. Pakhrin

Where were you when I was 14 ?

Cal Woodward

Day 3 of no porn/masturbation for me

David P

Are you married now. And Kids ?

Lau Da


Naomi kamanga

I'm really thankful for this,this video is everything.

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xiani symone k.

Listen I completely connect to this so deeply . ❤️ so much freedom in saying this I’m sure and I’m happy for you , I want that kind of freedom too .


porn causes depression


I'm on my sixth year. ?‍♂️

Noelle Duba

Thank you so so much for being vulnerable and giving such a real example of how to overcome this.

Lau Da


Douglas Asante

Jesus died on the cross and resurrected three days later so that we can be made right with God or reconciled back to God, because our sins separated us from God. The wrath and punishment that was suppose to be on us for our sins, was on God(Jesus) in human flesh. Death(Hell) is the punishment of our sins because God is just but we can receive eternal life(Heaven) through Jesus Christ alone. Repent and trust alone in Jesus Christ for he is coming soon to take his people who are saved. Jesus will give you peace and joy if you trust in him. Don’t ignore this message cause this might be ur chance to get with right with God and u can die today and u might be heading to Hell, but I want you to go to heaven. If u got any questions lmk

DE Visuals

I’ve been watching porn since I was like 8 years old and I’ve turned into an addict over the years. I’m 20 years old and I’ve used porn as a coping mechanism for so much shit .. I need to feel right again so I can quit watching it. I’ve failed many intimate moments due to porn I think.

Infinity McQueen

Thank you ma’am for this from a 23 year old woman ??

Riley Corbett

“God is love in that he taught me how to love myself” wow. wow.

Crystal Rubeiro

I love how you are doing as God says...your weakness is your strength & he can deliver you from anything ❤️ you have inspired me to do my testimony on my channel. Thank you

prince_of_ genre

Very helpful awesome thank you


What she’s saying is the exact same thought process I was going through including music, addiction, covering eyes from seeing porn-like scenes or characters

Alexis McVay

Great video ❤️ subscribe to my channel https://youtu.be/4EyR9Qe5FdE

Silver holly

I started watching at the same age and for the same reasons and am 16 now this helps a lot and is very inspirational


I wonder what us folks who don't believe in the invisible man in the sky are to do....

Zsa Zsa Jenkins

This was so powerful and I am glad to hear a woman talking about this. This needs to be talked about. So many things were so confirming to me.

•Taeils Sausage•

thank you for speaking about this

Roi Yeu


Khalid DontPlay

Porn @ 10??? ? I gotta check my younger siblings more closely...

Lianna Pfister

23:15 woah

Greg Dobbin

Thank You for your honesty and vulnerability!!❤️

Zero Victim


chris codling

Lol what I found funny is that when girls watch porn, men can no longer satisfy them. But when watch porn they can get erections when there with an actual girl. So porn does damage both ways.

Jeff Navarro

Thanks for this really great talk....I'm happy that you mention Christianity, but also that you have real explanation and practical advice and not simply half an hour of "Turn to Jesus!!" It's really important to understand and talk about the social implications as well as the brain science.


Join this community of believers to help overcome these addictions. https://chat.whatsapp.com/DCkHuSzyePDI2hHcT7ou0Z

Apithanie Fraser

'COME AS YOU ARE' by Emily Nagoski. A very enlightening, myth busting book on sex education from a female's perspective. Please leave shame at the door and take the proper steps in educating yourself in matters of sex and intimacy because society is doing a shocking job of creating understanding for young ones. If this book isn't quite right for you then search for others. Education is KEY.

Sarah Gaib

This video should be sent to those ignorant pp who said that masturbation is good and pornography is good,to this moment I remember when I asked someone that I was addicted on pornography and masturbation and he told me it's something normal and u could select a specific time in the day to do it,then I just said that you can't put a certain time to masturbation because you don't know when you'll become horny,the only way to survive is not to do it,as she said HATE IT.

Courtney Daniella Boateng

To all you amazing people sharing your story ♥️ thank you so much for your bravery and being so open.

For anyone looking for someone to talk to about their addiction here is a link to affordable online therapy options (non-faith & faith based):

These links are affiliated. I will receive a commission which goes towards supporting my channel and content.

Christina Dejene

Thank you for this

Karissma Jackson

I’m addicted .

Actual Random

Is porn that deep? People probably have worse addictions to youtube, Instagram TikTok. You watch porn like once a day for like 10 minutes at most bust and done lol. And I doubt many people spend money on porn either.

Lisa Plan

2:05-2:45 hearing this was a relief i feel better about my internet addiction your the best ?

Jon!e Lumansi

This is amazing thanks you for reaching out

Andy T

Courtney D
Beautiful skin.

Aaron Jones

POWERFUL! Yes, pornography distorts our view and does a BUNCH to damage our psyche. I thank you for sharing your story and I pray you would continue to receive healing & covering as you bless others.

Moshe Newsletter

Im a black Ethiopian man that really appreciate your honesty... Not enough women that's honest like you...

Kentring Manic

Obrigado pela sua presença, esperamos que seja
útil Espero que você possa tirar uma soneca a
noite toda lloro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli.9


Join this group of believers to help each other grow on the word of God and break these addictions. https://chat.whatsapp.com/DCkHuSzyePDI2hHcT7ou0Z

[π] MybelovethChild [π ]

You hit this on the nail! Women do struggle with this as well. !!!

Xau Thu

A la verga.

Jose Hernandez

They are not going to stop me from breaking my porn addiction.

Quitting Porn 16 Years Later | Porn Addiction

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Comments (96)
Shawn Tilluck

There are many persons suffering with Sexual addictions, sexual abuse, and sexual confusion. Please share this blog – (https://sexualintimacyhealth.blogspot.com ), to help them understand what they are going through and help them heal. Thank you.


Just come across you today I don't no you but I'm very proud of you for having the courage to talk about this subject I'm going through the same shit too and I am stuck in a vicious cycle glad to no that I'm not alone and hopefully we can beat this x

Gnocchi mit Pesto und Feta

Thank you so so much for opening up about this! You are so brave, true and honest! I admire that so much.

todd bedusek

We all crave intimacy with the right person,which im still waitng for ,thought i had that with my ex

Hem Gharti Magar

Damnn your struggling with porn addiction too? Fuck man I'm going through the shame shit too. I've come to realise that as you spend more time on things like porn and weed and alcohol, your soul slowly dies, your spirit dims and that's really sad. Our life is so precious and we waste it on things that make us feel empty. I just want to say what a beautiful person you are and I really like how open and genuine you are. God bless mate ?

Nina K

I'm about to turn 23 and have a very similar story, i remember starting to watch porn around the same age as you. You're not alone & i'm sure a lot of young women are/used to be addicted as well but no one likes to talk about it. I really feel you when it comes to wanting to feel real intimacy with someone. It breaks my heart to admit that, but i feel like i never truly did share real sexual intimacy with anyone, cause I sabotaged myself into thinking that i have to perform like a porn star in order to have sex or that I have to be mainly focused on pleasing men while having sex. My ex boyfriend really helped this toxic pattern of thought to grow as well. While watching porn I usually turned it off before reaching my height, cause then i preferred thinking about more innocent & romantic scenarios in order to get off which shows two things; this is what i truly crave but sadly i needed extreme porn in order to get to that level where i could focus on my personal fantasies. I really think that I should continue my journey of quitting porn & even stay celibate for a while in order to get to experience my natural sexual energy for basically the first time in my adult life.

Jahvin Royall

I was surprised but awesome video keep grinding your a awesome inspiration

369 369

Fasting will empower and clear your mind to get more control on yourself

Automotive Man

anyone can help me I am struggling with it very badly I don't know how to quit that shit


The thing about sin is that it leads to other sin. Lying to cover up the porn you sought after, for example

todd bedusek

How does this effect women?


New year im here 5 days in...2021 IG OMOSGOD BEEN IN SINCE 2007 IM 26
I agree my parents didnt know Direct TV had that in 2004...I WATCHED since then i found a VHS...Porn made me smart to find a way for my bad habit amazing you blamed it on fella.

100 years ago

Today I am going to defeat porno. ?????

Gary Artist

Thanks for your bravery, nevr thought of women having this affliction. You describe exactly what evryone is goin through. Good luck to us all.

Omar Diaz

This is how my addiction started...its bitter sweet to have someone that understands. Stay strong and mentally free.

#LoSLakersFan 28

Do you ADHD?

todd bedusek

Frequent urination destize d junk

Blue North

You're really brave. Thank you for talking about this, it's really important.

Maria Edgar

7:17 is true. I have such desires in bed that my ex did not want to do it but he did it because I kept on asking. It's good in the moment but the pain after all OH MY GOD. Bruises on my body were so bad. He would blame himself about my pain when I was the one asking for it.

Being addicted to hard-core is the worse.
I tried to be mormal but the problem is that if I don't experience any pain, I don't feel satisfied at all. I will go watch by myself just after having sex while he is sleeping.

I am doing my best to stop because I feel dirty. It makes me angry and moody.

spiritual eco-syndicalist hero of the working class

Porn can make you so numb to actual sexuality. It is destructive in any way. It makes both men and women think they should have to behave in or look a certain way. The beauty of sex is whatever two consenting adults agree on, nothing more or less. Most people watch porn about things they would never enjoy or even dare to try, and that overstimulation is destroying us.

Instead of treating each other as objects, men and women should use the internet to open up about insecurities, fanatsies and wishes.

Ntokozo Zoe

So glad you shared this, I needed it, one other thing you need to know is that you’re not alone and you’re brave ??

Steven Chanda

For those who would like to be part of a Christian group so as to be helped, please reply and the group will be formed...learning from the video is important but accountability, praying and having Bible study as a family consistently as an individual and with others with no shame or fear really helps ?. Awaiting your response.

John 14:26-27
[26]But the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, Standby), the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My name [in My place, to represent Me and act on My behalf], He will teach you all things. And He will cause you to recall (will remind you of, bring to your remembrance) everything I have told you.
[27]Peace I leave with you; My [own] peace I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. [Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed; and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled.]

God loves you unconditionally ?.

This is the group's link:


The Feels

I love the courage you have. Believe me you are not alone in this. Thank you so much for speaking about this. I feel the same as you and I unfortunately am not brave enough to open like you but you inspire me keep working on it. Thank you

Decem_Unos Quattro

If you check out porn hubs statistics on porn, the addiction to or just binge porn addicts must be bad.

What surprised me is how porn stats are recorded and collated.

Imagine being proud of showing the world this sleazy and creepy industry.

Trying to normalise it.

It shouldn't be normal thing that people do.

I think humanity needs to get rid of porn.

Anybody who produces porn and people who watch porn are being exploited.

Prostitution, child porn, human trafficking.

Its an ugly side of humanity.

Your right it desensitizes people to real sex.

Your dopamine receptors are burnt out.

I'm beginning to think that this is a global agenda as a means to depopulate the world.
Porn makes sex ugly because you cannot love another human being.

You cant touch them.

You can't hug them.

You cant cuddle or hold hands.

And one feels dirty, degraded, and one starts to lose the ability to enjoy real sex.

I don't know if you can ever get off porn once you become addicted to it.
Try to get off porn and never go back.

Well at least you have a partner and hopefully he's understands and is supportive.

Make sure you hug, kiss, cuddle and hold hands.

All the lovely things about a relationship.

Its nice to eat fish n chips in the car and the beautiful things about a relationship.

Anyway don't beat yourself up about it there are probably millions of people in the same boat.

I wish millions of women would form a huge group and take steps to ban porn.

Its not healthy for humanity.

Its particularly bad in India where I've read some of the most shocking sex crimes.

So damn aweful they're unspeakable.

Anyway take care and nofap.

Ms. Perez

Please continue making videos on your journey. I was one of those curious kids as well. My parents used to cover my eyes when there was a kissing/sexy scene on tv. That just made me even more curious. I would not be able to get my mind off the show or movie and since I too had access to the internet, I would look up all kinda of stuff at night. It all started with girls gone wild, cinemax, hbo, then porn. I learned how to delete my history on my computer at a young age. This has become a problem in my life. I always have the urge to watch porn now and get off wherever I am at. Its embarrassing admitting to it. I worry that I might get in trouble one day. Now I know I am not the only one out there. I wish there was more women willing to talk about subjects like these on here. Keep vlogging??.

Liam Kennedy

Hey thanks for making this vid. I'm on a similar journey and it really helped hearing from some one else who is also trying to make things better. I definitely related to what you said about how porn can mess with your sense of intimacy and self worth. My hope is people can regain some of that by quitting. Go well! I admire your self-awarness and honesty. Would be awesome to hear how you're getting on some time.

Andrew YoonJoo Lee

Try Covenant Eyes, it helps you quit porn with your friends and filters contents on your devices. It's been very helpful to me. Here's the link to a two-week free trial: https://covenanteyes.com/refer-a-friend/?refer_a_friend=u398655
Don't lose hope, you can be healed!


Being stuck in a prison is exactly how I feel, glad you mentioned that. I'm 22 now and being using porn since I was 10 or 11. In the past 2 years I've decided to actually better myself and try to quit. I've found that opening myself up to the people around me recently has helped me to focus on my long term goal and their support has really been a strong motivation for me to keep going. My best advice for anyone struggling would be to open up to someone you can trust and who wouldn't judge you for who you are. The worst thing you can do (speaking from experience) is to battle this alone, cos it can really fuck with your head if you keep these emotions bottled up. Keep strong people, no nut November is coming up and it'll be the first time ever that I'm going to try and complete it.

Yahawadah North Star

Thanks for your testimony,you are brave,I pray for BLESSING FROM NOW ON,YOU SEEK THE FATHER FACE,REPENT ??????

Humbertico Jorge

Okay I went to the principal office I was afraid and then I told him I was going through addiction and then I told him I want to repent for my sins and then we prayed so we were done praying I left school went home what's in my room then I watch it again I don't know what to do anymore God is mad at me for God is mad at the world

Timothy Carter Jr


John Cena

I am 34 and started from 15 years old. And can't stop it


So glad I stumbled across this video! I can relate to you so much! I’m almost 35 years old and I started watching the soft core stuff on the 500+ channels as well when I was 12 years old. I’m very proud to say that I’ve quit other addictions that were plaguing me over the years but porn is the last monster to take down. I’ve been trying to quit with many relapses for about a year and a half now. I feel I’m getting really close to taking this beast down once and for all. Lol. I think it’s so great to here a woman’s perspective on this because I feel some women are ashamed to admit they too have this addiction. The more we all communicate about this addiction the more we will help people heal from this. Thank you so much for sharing your story! If you ever need support or just someone to chat with hit me up! [email protected]gmail.com

Ma Wi

Read the entire article; specifically the part regarding pornography.

todd bedusek

Makes you tired lethargic acne,frequent urination,back pain

Marc Dupuy

Thank you for sharing your story, it helps me a lot in my process to leave my porn addiction behind and accept the influence it has on my life. i wish you the best. marc from france

todd bedusek

I feel broken


Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability!
You’re SO brave.
It’s good to hear a woman’s viewpoint for once. ❤️
Yeah it helps me...I quit alcohol 43 months ago, not a huge deal. Then pot, even easier. But porn is MUCH more difficult. It’s next to go, for sure.

Just know that you are doing great things for people by telling your story.

romen home

this was touching.. porn can drive you to despair..it did to me...i have been free since jan 1

Just Me Ashley

I’m so happy that the few times I’ve come across porn I’ve always thought it was hokey and cheesy and made me laugh. I couldn’t take it seriously and turned it right off. I’m THANKFUL that’s how it went for me. I hope you all can get well soon!


I stumbled across your channel because I too am quitting cannabis and masturbation/porn and live in LA lol. Finally at age 27 i think I’m coming to grips with this.. taken about 2 years to fully commit with on and off Attempts. I almost feel the porn is worse than the weed. Really fresh perspective to hear this from a woman.. So crazy how you can feel so alone sometimes on these journeys and don’t even realize people are going through the same.


My soul is dying from my porn addiction. I feel imprisoned. Been watching since I was 12 and I'm 23 now. I want out So badly. Everything you've said I've felt. I hate this drug. So hard to quit cause almost every show and movie has it, and it comes on social media in some form often enough. This addiction is more deep rooted than almost any other behaviour I have

So happy to hear a female perspective on this.

Tiquel Baret

Thank you! That numbing feeling is so discouraging. It makes you feel like you aren’t connected or broken mentally and emotionally. I found it looking for quarters in my moms purse. I want your channel to get big and don’t feel ashamed because you gave a lot of us a voice!

zayne barnes

thank you I'm making a video about my addiction too


I'm seriously thankful I didn't have internet as a teenager, we were lucky to catch a late movie on Cinemax with nudity.

Joshua Pugh

Thank you I've just come to terms with this a few days ago. Sadly it may have ruined my relationship with my Fiance. She found it on my phone last week and is disgusted with me. I haven't told her about this yet I'm scared to because I know it will for sure be the end of us. I'm getting a therapist and found a app that helps keep you accountable that I'm gonna try I just need to ask one of my friends for help with the app. I'm looking for a support group that I can go to as well kinda like AA. It feels good that I'm not alone with this


I've recently given it up as well, its takes awhile for your brain to go back to normal. Thanks for sharing Keep it up!

Luiz Alberto Costa Valente

You got some courage girl. I am 32 and for me it has been almost 20 years of porn, 3 times a day. Today conventional porn doesnt even arouse me anymore. I wish i could talk to someone here who could help me with my problem, just to know that this struggle is not mine alone

Surreal Content.

I love you ? thank you for being so vulnerable ?

Albert Henrique

This video help me a lot.
I'm struggling with this .
Thank you from Brazil Fio ???

seeker jay

Big up girly..


Thank you for being brave enough to make this video. I have this problem, so I just wanted to see if I could find some guidance in YouTube. There’s pretty much nothing. ? (specifically for women).
But I know so many of us struggle with this. It’s so important to open the conversation and help each other, because clearly, this isn’t something beneficial.

Enmanuel V6

Listen to this subliminal affirmations trust me this took my urges away for the most part and go me to the point where when it came up I had the will power to say no to it. https://youtu.be/qL4o405GRYI




Ive gone long stretches without porn. Then I usually relapse and fall into a pornhub hole one night. Then usually end up watching vids about quitting porn.

I get to where I feel good. Like I don't need it. But sometimes it resurfaces for a while.

I can say that with my last gf I almost never fapped or watched porn during our relationship and it made me more intimate and sensitive. Been watching porn since a very young age and always had issues completing the task with a partner. That goes away when you avoid porn.

Not currently dating so makes it more difficult. But I still do well for long stretches. Relatively... usually a few weeks, relapse, a month relapse... ect.

cindy duran

Pray read the bible

aaliyah uwu

not the hbo after dark-


Ive been watching porn for 29 years. Im quitting it right now because it makes me feel like shit, after watching it im disgusted with myself. There is a way to quit. Stop masturbating while watching it. Masturbate with the old traditional way, the natural way that nature promoted to us.

Cash 4low

Kids porn is not good don't search it don't watch it.

chris Mirwnitis

I have big problem like you say i feel like im in prison i watch porn i masturbate end after this i feel realy bad im 31 years old single never have girlfriend before i thing if i find some day partner i stop porn im sure lonlines send people to pornography

Faye not Faith

No Nut November challenge anyone?

Cash 4low

The lamp not the backround looks like the I on Pixar.

todd bedusek

My brain wont heal ,still in a flatline 2021


Good for you girl. I support you 100. Pornography is killing people. Porn kills love. Love you for your realness, tenderness, strength & vulnerability. I have videos that changed me and my desire for porn. Message me I’ll send them to you. Please message me. Trust me. After years of deep pain through using porn I’m changed.

it's that one kid

What kind of porn ???

Humbertico Jorge

Pray for everybody


Idk if you're ever going to see this but everyone has something that their hiding of course your not the only one and its ok ?

Christina Congleton

Dude, I've been watching your videos for a week or so, catching up on your journey, and I can't believe how much we have in common. It's so refreshing to hear another woman talk about this!! Im literally the same girl!! I started with the cinemax after dark and now it's just become something that gets me off too easily, whenever I want and whenever I want to escape. I'm currently looking to stop smoking weed, and cut out the other negative shit in my life. Just wanted to let you know that I can't even imagine how hard this was to film, and I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. I recently freaked out bc I suddenly remembered that I told the internet I was a drug addict last year in a video. It's hard to be open, but I'm proof that your words are doing a great thing. I'm proud of you ?

Leif Scott

I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Storm Chaser

I'm confused still as a man. If the Bible says that "whatsoever you ask in my name, you shall receive it" how come we still struggle with this over and over? It seems some get delivered so to speak and others pray and pray and pray and yet still watch it. This effects both sexes equally but I'm tired of the struggle. really tired. If god is so offended by sin, why not remove this sin from the person?

Grizzly Rick

Through Nofap you will find your way.

Mo Barrett

I’ve got the same lamp ? <3 ikea

You’ve done a lot of digging into porn addiction. Everything you say is spot on about how messed up porn is for people and society.

And brave of you to come out with this. You’re NOT the only girl with a porn addiction. It is just another lame societal thing here where everyone thinks it’s just a guy problem.

Porn addiction is as real and as serious as a heart attack.

You’re right, lots of lives have been ruined, and are continuing to be ruined still.

and same story here with myself: the birth of dialup internet and being a teen—the emergence of hardcore streaming porn.

Some people are more susceptible to abuse porn when unconsciously they are using the porn as a drug to alleviate other problems. I was medicating with porn unconsciously to get away mentally from a rough childhood. Little did I know the toll it would have! Yech!

If only time machines existed!

Porn is a Recipe for disaster. Let’s hope this changes.

We are basically living in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Desmond G

Listen, Zeke Vikalen takes a faster, safe procedure, plus you decide what's the best procedure to suit your needs. IDK you may might wanna search for him when you have had it.

Jose Martinez

Sister I know how you feel,I am a man but I too struggled and went through the same battle but I know one thing and one thing only Jesus loves you God is willing to always accept you through Christ but most importantly through your trust in Christ and your repentance trust in Christ and repent of your sins repent dose not mean have Guilt or remorse no no no repent means The WILL to make A CHaNGE

Kurt Wagner

“Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now; Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:4-6‬ ‭KJV‬

Jill Robin

I feel you on every aspect of this video. Thank you for making this, seriously ❤️


Please keep giving us updates

Humbertico Jorge

I am 20


You sound incredibly stressed or tense. Are you seeking any kind of counseling for the underlying issues that drove you to this area?


this surprised me ngl, anywho nice video fio

Dirg Ramsey

So can you watch rated R movies when going through withdrawal?

Morbid Girl

I was never addicted to porn, but I was addicted to smoking. As a woman, I've been told that smoking addiction and porn addiction are men's problems. That's why women don't talk about their addiction to porn. People should realize that both genders struggles with pornography. I'm glad you talked about it!

Princess Pat

Good luck with it. Ive struggled with it too and ive been doing nofap. I think for me it was initially curiosity that led me to it until i got addicted. Its sad but i thought porn could teach me what real sex is about but no. I beleive education is important on this subject and dinging into your feminity will help.

The Inner circle

Just also a matter of time until rapists and sex offenders start blaming their addictions to pornography because of their horrible compulsions

Doug Zembiec

Porn isn't damaging you. The church is

todd bedusek

Fio is straight up gorgeous

Humbertico Jorge

I just finished watching porn

Ben Swartz

At 19 I’m deciding to officially quit I have to I HAVE TO I don’t want to be married and having kids and still watching

todd bedusek

Tms therapy

Colombian Flag

You're very brave porn addiction is no joke.. it will rewire your brain.. basically you can't function without wanting to watch porn at all times... may God bless you.

anonyme86 anonyme

I wish i never knew internet and porn. It destroy sex lives and social interaction like a virus.


Porn is worst than a nicotine addiction

Giulia Dici

Brave Girl!

Estevan Mendoza

Everybody want to quit porn, but they don’t have the balls to do it. If you quit, then later you’ll be a badass in life.

Jose Martinez

The will To change is true repentance and trust in Christ

Steve Loren

Ong how did I find you just now. You are artistic, you are vegan and you have/had a bad relationship with porn and weed. Strange soulmate