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I Used Jawzrsize For 5 Minutes Every Day For 30 Days

I Used Jawzrsize For 5 Minutes Every Day For 30 Days21 May. 2019
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In this video I Used

In this video I Used Jawzrsize For 5 Minutes Every Day For 30 Days

Jawzrsize Link: https://amzn.to/2EpoJZM


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Comments (100)
Victoria Rose

It helps when you already start out with a chiseled face ?


I bought this and used it for 3 months...
Gave my two front incisors hair line cracks down the middle..
Anyone using this check now upclose in a mirror and if you do check with a dentist ASAP and stop using these..

Jawad khan

Looks like this dude is a throat goat?

Jonathan Grabban

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Saucey Steph

Dude grew dimples cheekbones and a bigger jaw

Cody Meredith

You sound like an idiot any time you chew you are only using your Masseter muscle ??‍♂️

Omar Garcia

Yeah you won’t see any results in one month that’s crazy. But let me tell you a lil story about this old man and his bubble gum: when I was a kid in good ol Mexico ??, I used to go to this convenient store ran by this ol lady, I say about 65 yrs old, her dad was like 115 years old. He was old but, every time I used to go there to get my candy he used to be there, sitting on a chair most of the time but he was able to move alright, anyways, every time I used to go there he would be chewing on a piece of gum. I asked him one day and he told me it was gum, he told me he loved chewing gum since he was kid like me. That was interesting because gum has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. This guy at 115 some years old had almost no wrinkles in his face, I mean almost no wrinkles at 115. Not only that but he was extremely mental sharp. He Could do math in milliseconds. Everyone used to asked him”hey what’s your secret” he always replied “chewing my beloved gum”. Since I was a kid I been chewing gum as well and at 43 I been told I look like I’m in my mid 20s. I kid you not, I’m still dating 24 and up. I strongly believe in this product but I don’t think you can get results that fast. But in the long run oh make no mistake it will make you look younger.



Joseph Najera

How much gum would you have to buy in 30 days? This tool you can use for several months, I assume... if not longer.. so this may just be an expensive piece of gum that saves you money in the long run. Who cares if it looks dumb using this big ball compared to gum.. you can still use it anywhere like you showed in your montage. Also, you can target those “master muscles” by using it in the front as intended, just position your jaw as if you’re about to spit and chew it that way.


Don't waste your money. This device is not new, every 10 years or so one version or another of this device goes on the market and then quickly disappears when people realize that you can do the same thing with a rolled-up old t-shirt (cleaned of course)- The tighter you wrap the shirt the more resistance you'll get. I'm not going to argue whether or not this works because that's a non-starter. People will believe whatever batshit crazy stuff they want to.


Ok guys i tried it and it works so don't worry... results start to show after 1 week

humans arent real

jawzrsize = healthy ballgag

Riley Adkins

No before and after? #RileyKTA

Smart Geek

It looks dangerous

player GT


Samuel Cohoon

Im bringing a baggie to EDC....!

Dez Briel

I have something for your jaw......


Yer, because dogs use chew toys and they have heaps of hair. So by that fact, if we use chew toys we will regrow our hair like a dog! Fucking... Genius!

If anyone buys this shit product you are dumb as fuck.

David dangerman

just buy a packet of chewing gum

Beauty Made Simple



Chewing gum is bad for your teeth (you bruise them) and for your stomach (you give the signal that some food is coming to your stomach but nothing arrives and you end up with aérophagia)

Yousaf Afzal

Here I found a decent USA based one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/402630393176


backwards cap..........what is this? 2002. Limp Bizkit


Looks like he just made his face uneven

Rebel Xero

Literally got mine 5 mins ago and I got no bite strips included not even a pair

Bernardo Paiva David

"not sponsered"


There is a difference. I like it. I will buy one for beginners and use it like you for all teeth, including the back ones as well.

Jan Pavel

Dude look like my fucking hamster.


It really worked out... looks good. U should invent ur owns

Ale kiosco

is it just me or did a catfish jump out


This product was putting extra muscles on my face. I am a woman so I don’t need any extra muscles on my face / temple area. My advice is for you to chew less on this silicone ball.

yusa taslim

They need to make it smaller

no one

we not gonna talk about 2:59 ??

Dire Wolf

LMAO your jaw became more wider... Fucked up product..


He edited this on inshot :p

Sandy A

I literally had to stop the video @ 0:14 ..... It sounds and looks like he has a mouth full of cotton balls ?

dobri duh



BUTT why did the color of the jaw thing change after u boiled it like wut??

Ken Johns

yes its a subtle change your dimples are more noticeable

Master Vadgers

Bruh. Be mindful you're gonna have guys watching your vids. Can't go gaying on you soon with your lil blinking twinkle winkies

FOr Now


ChiHiro Gaming

6:31 1:36

Joshua Perez

bc you put up butt cheeks in my face you deserve this like

Chevy Lee

Is that Jawthing(?) just for a jaw muscle ? or
is that make your face younger ?

Kim Ulm

Pretty dam smart that you re molded it to fit more in back of your mouth. They should be using you as their engineer to make a good product even better.Thanks for the info.


Great Video.


More Plates More Dates called and he wants his voice back


I just got the blue one but I can definitely notice your before and after, your right side appears more defined and dimply and has a line of definition.


Just use mastic gum instead


old bread >>>> all


If you want to succeed you have to buy a chewing gum and 3x1 day, it worked for me because it happens you use all your muscles

Victoria Rose

He would take some hot mug shots lmao

Genevieve Choghari

You already have the perfect jaw line and face...I was hoping that you were a old guy with floppy jaws...haha...for us old women...but thanks anyway

Miss Darnell Barber

...like can you put an older person on for before and after results like 65...

Hankzey H

You’re either born with a strong jawline or you’re not. Simps

Atlantia Sea

Hey your already sexy as heck! Ur not at all saggy as an over 70's dude. cmon now. lol ha ha ha I'm laughing though.. cmon lets see it then. Jesus. P.s I'm flexin my tongue and biting gently. tensing up lol. Hey I said heck buy the lips then. I'll show ya what I bought on amazon. $4.99 Have fun guys. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06X6GRJHW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Yasmin Akter

Can jawzrsize fix asymmetric face? My right side a bit sagging and its not so wide . Can this product help me getting my right look as wide as my left? Should I chew it more on my right side do right gets developed and it balances it all?


HAF before, HAF after. ?

Karen Guu

it made me nervous that he would accidentally choke because of using the thingy in the back of his mouth instead of the front/outside part

Lee Robinson

Anyone else get the vibe that this douche just wanted to show off his jaw line lol

Shalton Blaylock

I’m not going to lie this shit made that man beautiful no homo. I’ve been thinking of ways to improve my jawline. I think this product is great and needs more sizes to hit all those muscles.


I feel gay

Zain sameer

Me who use laundry clips?

widw oka

It Literally didn't work at all

chloe grace

have any girls tried this? pls lmk hahaha

Ognyan WLR

dont buy this the biting pallets fall even after boiling the ball

Demy 04

4:30 good change of angles, what did I learn? That it all comes to a good angle and that’s it

Robert Salas

show me your before and after when your in your 40s kid


purchase a squash ball it will be much cheaper

Cristian Aldaco

would it be bad if I just went straight Into the 50 pound one? Or would I have to actually buy all the lower weights also?


It's look like photoshop


Chew jazersize less. One minute a day instead of 5 minutes per day.

Abdulaziz Salem

Nice ?

widw oka



Its not like he has a problem fitting it in his mouth - irrespective ??

Matt Bennett

Ive got one of these, it's called food

Ethan Starr

Of course your name is Brett Maverick guessed that before I even clicked on the cideo

Paolina Georgieva

Stop don't buy this I'm from the future and now people have fake teeths because they broke theirs??

Joshüa 115

Seems like it’s gunna give people TMJ disorder

widw oka


Steazy McCheesy

The Crimson Chin needs a bigger jaw?


I have something similar called bubble gum

Scarlet D'Vore

I just stole a cushy baseball from my toddler, sprinkled alcohol on it and bit down on it, while surfing on my iPad... DIY101 for parents. ;)

Janae Dupree

Where are the fat people? Where are the people who don't ALREADY look great? As someone said in another comment, his BEFORE looks like what I wish my AFTER looked like!! And has anyone checked out the price of this little gadget? IT IS NOT CHEAP!!! ? His alternative was chewing a $1 pack of gum every day for the 30 days... I think' I'll try that. At least I'll get a good tasting product for my $$$, and I usually spit gum out after about 5 minutes of chewing anyway (they don't make it like they used to...) and just think, if you mindlessly chew your gum for more than 5 minutes, it's basically a win/win!! I have a free stress ball that I'm gonna chew on for the 5 minutes (x2) a day (NO EASY TASK!! ?) and do my before and after. Great start to 2021, AND I'm gonna start working out so that I don't have a little head on my fat body! ??????? Picture that!! (aw, man, I crack myself up sometimes!) Thanks Brett Maverick!

Antoni Nodd

Well, for 40 years I have tested this with chicken wings and i still look like I’m suppose to.

April Rosario

What in the Caucasian is this shit..... wouldn’t the constant motion ruin your jaw? ?


Dude! GNARLY! Cowabunga Bro! I am so stolked! Catch you on the flip side browski! ?????

Desi Designer

Comment section always is my fav. Place

ninja proxy

yea i can see your jaw line did get longer.

Izzy Taylor

This has got to be the weirdest thing ever

Rodolfo Umana

If it looks weird and stupid but WORKS....then it is NOT weird or stupid

Marcos Issac

Does it makes you skinny as well????


now he looks like quagmire lol

R. A. Perez

There's a more natural way of doing it without the rubber gum erasing your teeth away at each bite. Don't be dumb!


I saw a difference, but honestly I would stop if i was you cause you look like you have some food in your mouth at all times

johny joestar

So fast forward do you look like squidward now?

Yasmin Akter

Also are the results permanent after I stop using it


You are such an unusual person.

Michael Zeygerman

I’ve been using this for a little while and I attack my masters pretty well without putting the chew toy in weird. Just like any other muscle you gotta just use a different angle. Push your bottom teeth out more and focus on the contraction.

Dylan Nicklin

This guy's name would be, "Brett Maverick" lmfao. Thank you for the video Mr. Mav

Firm Jawline and Neck | Model Face Yoga | Face Exercises

Firm Jawline and Neck | Model Face Yoga | Face Exercises2 Aug. 2019
1 842 073
Anna VeronikaSubscribe 438 721

My firm jawline and neck

My firm jawline and neck exercises which I do as a Model to have a tight & glowing skin on my neck and my jawline. You will get a firm jawline and neck when you do my exercises where you only need 5 minutes!!!! to fulfill and you will see fast results.

Let me know if you found this video helpful. xX

See you next week.



My other Model Face Yoga Videos:

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSA9_M4TRzr0GLC1undrqDxciQJEFMLPZ

Reduce Chubby Cheeks:


Get Rid of Double Chin:


Lymphatic Drainage NECK Massage:


2 Minutes Firm Jawline Excercises:


Reduce/prevent FROWN LINES between EYEBROWS




How To Prep Your Skin Before Makeup In 8 Minutes:






How to reduce forehead wrinkles without botox:


How to increase collagen in your face:


Asahi massage for face:


Face Yoga exercises for glowing skin:


Model beauty routine - in the morning:


Relaxing face massage for sleep:


Model Face exercise: natural anti ageing 5 minute face yoga:


Also see you on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anna.veronika.m/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/annaveronikam?lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annaveronikameyer/

website: http://www.anna-veronika-meyer.com/blog/

Comments (100)
Bella Once

Day 1:done


? Gonna try this for 14 days no cap!


? Day 1 ~ Done! Nothing much, I don't feel pain doing this workout at all. Must try!
? Day 2 ~ Done. I'm super lazy today but i gotta keep workin'
? Day 3 ~
? Day 4 ~
? Day 5 ~
? Day 6 ~
? Day 7 ~


? Day 1 ~
? Day 2 ~
? Day 3 ~
? Day 4 ~
? Day 5 ~
? Day 6 ~
? Day 7 ~

Angela Jenner Abbie

I love your neckline

lisa harling

Did this and my face felt it’s been through a work out which is good, do you do this just once daily?

Bob Bobby Bobson

Doing all kinds of workout to try and get a glow up to school lmao jawline exercise, smaller nostrils, fixing my anterior pelvic tilt and abs

Rahaf Ahmed

im gonna do this
day 1: DONE pretty easy i love it
day 2:
day 3:
day 4:
day 5:
day 6:
day 7:

Alanis Oliveira

all of sudden, my mom showed up in my bedroom, and as the same way she went in, she back out...


Doing this for 1 week already and i can see some improvements

I couldn't make up a name so here I am.

Day one : ✔

Katya Schiesser

i’m gonna keep a log of days!!
day 1: ✅

Melody L Pachuau

Lets do this for week and see the result ...
1day - DONE
2 day -
3 day -
4 day -
5 day -
6 day -
7day -


Imma do this and prolly update but if I forget then don't come for me??

Day1:done ✔

noor Fathima

Thank u so much it's so effective ❤️

j k

guys it works, u already built the jawline now to make it stand out like crazy and make it sharp as fuck, lower ur body fat. calorie deficit.

That’s a big No no

Am I the only one who does this with air pods in and at the last past where you like hit your jaw or whatever I keep accidentally skipping the video because apparently I double tapped the airpods

Alanis Oliveira

this changed my wholew perspective about faces and genetics.... i'm realizing now that all my life was a lie

Iqmal Saleh

my notes

day 1 : done
day 2 : done
day 3 : done

Florencia Vidal Godoy

I'm going to do this for a couple weeks and see what's up :)

Day 1: DONE✌️

Sarah Shelumiel

I tried this for 2 minutes and started to see changes in the face...?

...Of those who were sitting next to me ?


Wow Emma watson + Cara Delevingne collaborated and sat down for a face yoga video!

Andrianna Quinonez

Gonna do this for 1week to see if I see a difference.
DAY 1:✔️

Iqra Malik

I will give you update.
Day 1 ✅
Day 2 ✅
Day 3✅
Day 4✅ I'm getting jawline but not quite clear yet?
Day 5✅ ? Getting jawline

Tabinda Jamal

Video starts at 0:23

Camila Tovias

Day 1: i cried after this cause im so ugly but im ok now ? but i did it!

Carpe Diem

Aw. You are so cute. ? Gonna give it a try for sure.

Iam gay

I'm gonna try this since I have a soft jawline:
Day 1 - done

Zaara Amin

Hello! I will be doing this for 10 days to start, and I promise I'll update!

Day 1: Done, I could feel a stretch. I did it in the morning
Day 2: Done. You can definitely feel a tightness when doing it.
Day 3: Done, no difference yet obviously. I decided to do it 2x a day.

Olivia Falcone

I’ll do this and a some other videos of hers everyday until I get real results I’ll update every week.

Week 1: no changes
Week 2: I see a bit of difference
Week 3: I definitely see changes
Week 4: I see so much difference omgg

Sheesha Ma

Dear Anna, I really want to try this because I want a sharp jawline but I have a really slim face and I don't want it to be slimmer! In fact I even want a chubby face ! Will this exercise make my face slimmer ? Thank you :)

prithila karim

Please do a video on reducing back neck fat.. Love from Bangladesh ❤


Going to do this for a week from now, I'll update you guys ❤️
(also following anna's double chin & chubby cheeks exercises)

DAY 1 : Done ⟢ (twice) I took healthy diet too, like cornflakes and stuff so as to make it more effective.
DAY 2 : Done ⟢ (twice) I can feel my chin & neck contract, there's that little pain.
DAY 3 : Done ⟢ (once, could do only a little chubby cheeks exercise) I can see tiny pinch difference in my jawline. Its like it is getting structured.
DAY 4 : Done ⟢ (twice)

Erden Dereli

Like to remind me !!!
This is my schedule , I'm doing this with 3 of her videos:
Day 1 - Done
Day 2 - Done
Day 3 - Done
Day 4 - Done
Day 5 - Done
Day 6 - Done
Day 7 - Done ( After this one week my face changed a lot i think)
Day 8 - Done
Day 9 - Done
Day 10 - Done
Day 11 - Rested
Day 12 - Done
Day 13 - Forgot
Day 14 - Done
Day 15 - Forgot
Day 16 - Done
Day 17 - Forgot
Day 18 - Done


can someone write out the exercise i don’t understand how to do it

Tropical Mia

Doing this every day for 2 months, I’ll share my results (there aren’t really and sharp jawlines in my family so I’m curious to see what happens)
Day 1: ✨

Pamela Ruiz

I’m doing this for a week, I’ll update
Day 1: done:)


we’ll see if this does anything to my face...
day 1: done✔️
day 2: done✔
day 3: done✔
day 4: done✔
day 5: done✔

Silvia Lockers

What is your height and weight??

Carolina loves Hazza.

Day one: finished??


gonna post this here. wanna have chalamet's jaw line ugh or atleast just a nice appearance lol.

Before: i have a fat cheeks and has no jaw line. I want it to be lean and atleast have shadows onit when taking side pictures.

Day1: ✅ i took a picture so i can see some changes next week. If i have hahaha
Day2: ✅ i nearly did not do ot but ended up doing it. I want those jawline of yours if i cant have chalamet's ?
Day3: ✅ idk but my nerves when doing 3:05 lightly hurts. I think i'm having progress (?)
Day4: ✅
Day5: ✅


Angela Jenner Abbie

my face was once like that

Mah Noor

1st day done ill definitely forgt next day LOL


Day 1- Done

Aiman Syafiq



You are so pretty ?????

Csenge Kondor

Okay. I will do these exercises for 2 weeks. Let's get started!
Day 1: Done:D
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:
Day 7:
Day 8:
Day 9:
Day 10:
Day 11:
Day 12:
Day 13:
Day 14:

Remind me to update:)

Kiara Tonii

Okay, everyone doubting this. TRUST ME, I did this for the past 5 Days and I never head anything like a jawline and now suddenly I have a Jawline!!! No a very prominent one, that’ll take time. But judging how I didn’t have ANYTHING at all. Until 5 Days ago it’s CRAZY!!

shubhi singh

so I am trying to do this and see my results....
Day 1 ✔️ My double chin is feeling bit of a strech
Day 2 ✔️ Today I am not feeling anything just a little sensation on my double chin area. I hope to see changes soon....
Did it one more time today....
Day 3 it was sunday so totally forgot ??
Day 4 ✔️ I feel that my face is adapting changea slowly.... Will check before and after pictures after day 7

Carly Ortiz

thanks to this video i dont need a surgeon, i look amazing, thanks!


Great I'll try this ??


I’ll try to do this daily so let me just leave this here :>

day1: done !

sophie coulthard

you look like emma watson you are so pretty!

• Rachel •

i have been doing this for almost a month now and i can tell that there's quite a big difference, recommend totally

sam not osa

okay lemme give it a try ; i'm updating every day and telling you about the results.
day 1: ✔ - i felt really stupid doing this, but i'm really looking forward to the results of this.
day 2: ✔ - still feels weird, did it while spanish class.
day 3: ✔ - i can see a little change, just little, but it's there.
day 4:
day 5:
day 6:
day 7:

Kirah Merritt

will this help with a double chin too?

Christabel Ralph-Ash

I’m gonna try this twice a day for a week hopefully it works ?
Day 1:done
Day 2:done
Day 3:done
Day 4:done
Day 5:
Day 6:
Day 7:

Brunella V.m.

I love your face routines! I can feel the exercise in my cheeks and jawline??

Kloe Cadyy

Trying this for a week
Day 1:✅
Day 2:✅
Day 4:✅
Day 6:✅
Day 7:✅
Day 11:✅
Day 13:✅
Day 14:✅
Day 15:✅
Day 16:✅

Kloe Cadyy

Anyone here cus they wanna have a sharp jawline like madison beer

Doodle Nerd

me doing this for entire day
my fbi agent: ???

Hasrat Kaur

I am gonna try this for a month. I hope this works✨.

Dynamatic eye

Oh my god it was so cool I felt like It gave a change cause it was a bit hard and felt like i was actually exercising specially with that tongue movement wow thanks so much I will do it everyday and have a tight jawline

Emma Morgan

Day 1: ✅ hurt a little more than I expected
Day 2:

noor Fathima

Thank u so much it's so effective ❤️

Anna Veronika

NEW VIDEO - Collarbone Exercise

Tomhxo Lyrics

Day one: ✅
Day two: ✅
Day three: ✅

Kpop Enthusiast

Day 1: done
Day 2: done
Day 2: done
Day 4 : done
Day 5: done

Nish B

God bless u

Itsmelainee_ 123


A. Č

It's my 13th day doing this,andd here I have results in my neck .My collarbones are good and it's so nice.I see little change in my jawline too,I will continue to do this.

Adım Su, teşekkürler.

Gonna do this for a week?✌
Day 1/ done?
Day 2/
Day 3/
Day 4/
Day 5/
Day 6/
Day 7/

Riya Benny

Thanku so much...u give such a gud nd beautiful vibe....❤❤❤


imma do this everyday for a week and see the results
i really hope it works!!?
day 1: done ✅
day 2: done ✅
day 3: done ✅
day 4: done ✅

Batool Fatima Khan

1st: I yawned loudly and realised that I was stretching my neck was too much lol ... when I was doing the “heeeee” part I burst out laughing at my own reflection in the mirror! ... but great exercises .. its day two and i’m already seeing a difference!!!

Florence Carter

does this actually work cause i wanna know ?

Potato Beans

I want to know if u have lose weight and have achieved this jawline with all this exercise???? And for how long have u been doing this???

Nicole Lovegood

trying this for 10 days, I'll update
DAY 1: done ✔
Day 2: done ✔

Kendra Miller

I’ve been doing this once a day for the past 3-4 weeks and have seen a huge difference, You should definitely give this a try.

سیدہ ونیزہ کاظمی Vaneeza kazmi

Moin,i’m gonna do this for month,one time in a day.
I‘ll update:
Day 1:Done
Day 2:Done it’s not hurting at all.
Day3:Done(Really see the littel bit difference)


I will do this exercise for 1 month and see how it goes

DAY 1: nothing but my jaw kinda hurts

Emily Kadosh

Your so pretty!

Swarnita Bhirange

Do we need to follow a particular diet for this...???


gonna do this for a week lol
day 1: did it twice
day 2: again, i did it twice, this time i actually felt the stretch
day 3: did it twice, i’m starting to see a slight difference
day 4: did it twice, my jawline really appears sharper now, my sister actually noticed

Samantha Interiano

I will do this for a week (ib: itz Numaaa)
DAY 1: Done
DAY 2: i forgot
DAY 3:Done

Hana sh

I'm gonna be honest with you, because am also curious about the results.?
Day 1: done?


Beautiful. Thx

Mog kush

? even doing that you look gorgeous


i’ll tell if it works , my right side of my cheek is fat asfk & i wanna fix it
day 1: yeah i can feel something in my cheek
day 2; feel the burn

julia julia

Ohhh thank you? this is working really fast. Ty

home family

Results every week,
I’m doing this video, collarbones video and the reduce chubby cheeks video

Day 1: DONE/ did every video 1x✅
Day 2: DONE/ same as day 1✅
Day 3: DONE/ same as day 1 + double chin ✅
Day 4: DONE/ same as day 3✅
Day 5: DONE/ only did this and the chubby cheeks but still something✅
Day 6: didn’t do it❌
Day 7: DONE/ same as day 3✅

Susmita M. Maiti

lol i learn german at my school...i love your accent tho!

Kpop Enthusiast


nora 80

doesn't stretching the skin on your face this much cause wrinkles on the long run?

charishmatic me

Meanwhile me , watching her and doing these exercises simultaneously, hoping to get results within a week .. ❤️

lets die

hi so i gotta do this for like maybe one month bc my jawline literally doesnt exist and i need a glow up so bad omg so i hope this works shsbsbdbdbdb ill update every day!!
day 1 : did it once

Mie Mathea Hammersland

omg ur so sweet

Aatikah Qazi

checking to see if this actually works. (please like so i don't forget to do it!)

week 1
day 1: ✔

Mazharul Haque

Can these exercise give us a permanent result??

Aya Bedawı

is that good for double chin?


Day 1: ✅ first dayyy
Day 2: ✅ seeing small results already ?

noelle marie

i’ve been doing this for about 4 months and it has been AMAZING!! someone made a comment to me the other day that I had an elegant neck !!

5-Minute Workout to Get Strong Defined Jawline

5-Minute Workout to Get Strong Defined Jawline20 Jun. 2020
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How to get a bold and

How to get a bold and well-defined jawline? Eating right and being physically active are a few examples of good habits that can help your body stay fit and young. But this is also true for our facial muscles which tend to lose their firmness as we age.

If you have a double chin or chubby cheeks, there’s no need to rush into plastic surgery. There are exercises that can help you painlessly and naturally look younger. Unlike cosmetic procedures and injections, facial exercises act as a mild, yet effective toner that improves circulation, strengthens your muscles, and produces long-lasting results. Here's a list of the best exercises designed to help you get rid of double chin a get a strong jawline.


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The Neck Curl-Up 00:00

The Fish Face 0:49

The Jaw Flex 1:12

The Tongue Twister 1:35

The Air-Blowing Exercise 1:58

Chin Lifts 2:25

Smiling 2:48

The Outward Jaw 3:25

The Jaw Drop 3:25

Vowel Sounds 3:40

The Platysma Stretch 4:12

The Collarbone Backup 4:37

The Lion’s Yawn 4:55

Resistance 5:19

Mewing 5:39

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Shameem Tc

But he have no perfect jawline ?


Me being a girl wanting a jawline ???


and then your chin got stuck sideways haha


Bright side is foolishing people's un-bright side. What foolishness.


Your artist don't have

Ashok Kumar

Thanks ?

bhanuka samarasinha

How many times a week must
work this exercise????

Kiefer Pagute

0:52 ᴛ- laughs

vs gun

Plz we need the same video but for women.

Aryan Singh

I am doing this exercise twice a day and 2hrs of chewing

Today I have completed my one week so I am going to upload my results so you can see the results

1 Week : I rearly see my jawline little bit defined but double chin was still alive

2 Week : it's been a two week one side of my jawline is being little structured my cheeks are hallow but the double chin was still alive

Week 3: No changes at all It's just waste my gonna jump on vlog jawline result

Nabin ******

Sorry but it doesn't work on this guy.

Panther Ent.

Just stretch every muscle in ur mouth and neck. ?


this SEEMS PREEETTY akward and ridicoulous. just make situps. It TIGHTENS that too but just additionally.


I feel like my face getting chubby when I’m doing it

Anmol Sahu


Mohammad Zaid

How fast will I see the results?

Boom Boom

My jaw is so sharp that i have cut a tree

Ventsislav Doychev

How long does it take to get a strong jawline. I have 10.2. BF

Ahmedyoussef Elgtari

I wanna make some new friends
My Facebook : Ahmed Youssef el Gtari
Love u all

The Mazhar Perspective

This can also be called How to be a Fish?!


Hi Everyone, I started this yesterday I’ll be posting in two weeks to let you know if I’m starting to notice any difference see you on the 21/09/20

Preety Shelar

For women's??

Adnan Raksha

You can't hum and breath through your nose

John Chef

I have a big problem with my jawline

Cen Tauri


Yoo no need to say thanks i did this for myself??

C Rodica

So many!

Eco Ron

How did you get Michael Cera for this video?? LOL

john sven ph

Day 1 se ya next week

Trendy Gamer

reps ???

Elek Spricc

Not even 5 days in and the improvement is noticable. Thanks bro

Raju Oragala

Which age members can do this exercises? Please tellme any one

Szymon Ablewicz

Do u have to do each exrcise for 5 minutes everyday, adding up to a 1 hour jaw workout? or do u just have to do 1 for 5 mins everyday? anyone?

DEEKSHITH chirammal

Bro pls reveal yourself


does that really work?

People factified

I did all these exercises for 5 days and could see a slight change

Giga Tvildiani

This is what i wanted

Anwar m nadaf Anwar

DO NOT DO THESE Exercise Only Chew chwingam

lila baqiri


Özgür Akçin

Do you guys tried it and had a consequence, does it make a real diffrance ?



Sanjay Chhetry

Why the person on thisa video doesnt got a nice jawline

Arham Bhansali

plot twist: The guy showing practicals is the owner of bright side

Alpha Beats

Eating chewing gum is not ok...it may make jaw injuries...

Abel Picon

I’ll do this everyday starting tonight, two times a day, along with drinking water and cardio, I’ll be back in two weeks to update practice.


ill do this 1 time a day for a week along with drinking water ill tell u results after

David Gumpad

i tried staring the ceiling until one lizard fall into my mouth . report!

Kent Arbonida

What is reps?


I still have a bad jawline

Norman Neverland

Brasileiros sairam do canal incrivel e chegaram nesse


I’m gonna start today and I’ll do it twice a day I’ll be back in 2 weeks

Yran Pelagio

i challenged myself to do these exercises, i started doing this, nov. 24 2020, its really working, ill try doing these exercises untill December 31 to see my glow up

Sway Side

I’m going to start this!! I’ll keep y’all updated!!

ori yossef

can someone tell me if this is working?


and then your chin got stuck sideways haha

BhaveSH ChaUhan

How to make my face size bigger cause its small so help if you have ideas

Manish Kumar

You deserve more dislikes

Umang Doble

Jaw dropping video??



Franklin Clinton

Did this in front of my family they thought I m turning into a zombie

Zen Phoenix

I’m not first

I’m not last

But most importantly

When Bright Side uploads I click fast


Я не один русский

Owen Johnson

boutta look like Steve from Minecraft

Sai charan Bim

Who ever watching in 2020
??Lol this video also uploaded in 2020

S k404

What about round face shape?

مـهب آلريح

?الله مصلي على سيدنا محمد ?وعلى ال سيدنا محمد ??

Sahitya Raj

In how many days it will take

sifat Qadriya Razviya

5 minute m workout


How many days do I have to do this

Mr udaya kiran

Chew a gum its enough ✌️

David Agbodji

It won't work...try to exercise over all your body and stay fit ... that's the only one way... some one born with perfect jaw line... that's thier genetic...This is the real fact

Sanjay Chhetry

I will be here in 30 days !
Don't forget to remind me guys for the results! I will describe you the whole journey of mine

Shambho Kanekar

Who is watching in 2025


I feel phking ridiculous, but it works ! Thumbs up !

Christian Magana

I can't do the fish face?


This reduces double chins right?


What features make a man attractive? What do you think, guys?

Alice Bradley


Anurag Karn

From today I'm gonna do these all exercise and surely give the results with proof after 2weeks.

madhur saigal


Manju Pant

Waba laba dub dub..

Reggie Anderson

Also reduce salt intake


Me going to the comments to see if people actually had success with this, and then realizing that the video was uploaded a day ago...

Raaj कपुर Singh

I like to see this vid my dear ?

Rani Soni

Can girls do this?

Rainiel Reyes

The second exercise takes to long to get done or am I doing it wrong? he said to hold it for 5 secs and repeat 20 times then do it on the other side as well, then after completing one set repeat 10times. So that's 5secs x 20 x 2 x10reps = 2000secs = 33.33minutes. Minimum of 33.33minutes if done without rest.


Thankyou can you please do video for uneven jaw...

krishna yadav

Please make a complete video on mewing

Jordan Morrow

Am I the only one who can’t do the fish face one

Moirangthem Biten

Hey yo bro make another video about eyes attractive in men


Thx now i can cut trees with my jawline

Rohan Mahajan

Regarding fish face, is it 10 reps, each rep consisting of 20 times on both sides?


I'll start today, in 30 days or 2 weeks i'll be back and share the result

Audrey Irsyad

Thank you <3

Isabella Quezada

U guys should pair this video with Susana Yábar's jawline videos! I have a great jawline now when it was basically non-existent before. It took a month tho with cardio and drinking plenty of water day

Rocky Kumar

Is this exercise worked?



Obito Hatake

Your se ond exercise it's like liproll



NiGht PanTher

2:06 ???


T doesnt look like these exercises work on you