How to make your beard look clean

Beard Q&A

Beard Q&A26 Jan. 2021
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00:00 Start

00:28 why are you not making beard grooming videos?

01:50 What happened to getting a Van Dyke?

03:00 Didn't you want a freud beard?

03:47 How to trim your mustache?

07:31 How do you brush your beard underside?

09:09 How do you style beard?

13:09 What to do with a different color beard?


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Comments (38)
Morgan W

FS ?

Nitish Nadarajan

I think many of your subscribers are from your beard videos on the internet. You definitely need to have a playlist which is for all these beard lovers.
I have watched all your videos honestly just to see your beard in these videos and came across other interesting content in the process.

pata pon

Why not joining the World Beard and Mustache Championship? you have the potential

Corey Johnson

Nice vid.
You’re my beard-role-model.
That being said, you don’t need to put more info out. I think you have already shared enough “beard secrets”.? How many beard secrets can there be?

William Robinson

I listened on 2x !

Rich Gilbert

Nice vid Jeff, You can tell now that you're done with talking about beards. Must be annoying with people just asking about your beard and not much else, there's more to you than just your great beard.


beard again? I prefer not to send you questions if they are not interesting ... if someone asks about a beard they have to watch the beard brand channel ... it has many videos of you talking about a beard .. the first time I saw you was there.... and I'm here because I think you are interesting and I want to know what you think about other things ... your minimalism tutorials, video editing etc ...


I wanted to know more about you and not your beard :( Hope you answer some of the other questions from the QnA submissions

Amaan Shaikh

Jeff I'm really stressed about my urine incontinence and I'm only 18, please tell me what should I do, does pelvic floor exercise really works I'm really worried about this. Please reply

Yogendra Chauhan

Hey Jeff thank you very much. You replied to my question.

Shane Lindie

Man, I totally love this video! I have been following you a long time on YouTube and always admire your unique ability to just bring nonchalant masculinity and class to your videos without trying. You are the essence of Sprezzatura!

Luis Ascanio

You could do a video on your beard routine, maintainance trimm, etc.

Bald Bearded

Buon buon... your beard has always been a thing of glory!

Julian Andre

Yo Jeff glad to see you back posting a lot. Would love to see some content discussing a 9-5 life style vs a freelance or independent lifestyle. I recently quit my job and took the plunge and would love to hear your insight. What are your opinion on things like, daily work schedule, paying for your own health insurance vs 9-5 benefits, retirement etc.



Being an inspiration to grow my beard - I'll always find it interesting to learn more from you! But I also know that you're professionally into photography too, and Google Pixel phones. I'd like to hear what phone you're using now and what your mobile photography workflow looks like; like what do you shoot, how do you capture the photo (app/settings), how you edit and where you post?

Luis E. R. A.

very well said, why die beards? really looks silly....

Captain Jackie

Do you ever trim your beard at home? I mean at the length that you have now, can you even trim it with only a trimmer?

Ben West

For ages I’d try and imitate other peoples beards and would get annoyed when mine didn’t quiet match it. Finally I found a routine that worked for me and learned how to deal with my beard. It doesn’t grow in the same way as others, so I can’t imitate their methods.

Unfortunately I have to keep my moustache quiet short as most of it is thick & wiry and seems to grow vertically out. So it’s either short or my wife receives multiple facial stab wounds whenever we get too close.

Robert Gallegos

Looking good man, also, the camera you use looks very clear

Jack Welson

I agree with every word u said
But, i don't think Eminem dyes his beard tho

kartik chauhan

Handsome as always!!

Brayan Barahona

Thank you answering my question! 3:47 Regards from Latinoamericana.

Dan Mueller

I think we are about the same age. I agree on the 90’s thing...although may be my favorite decade for movies, and some decent music too. Also, nice “uncanny valley” reference! I’ve lost people on that one...

Luis E. R. A.

keep it up Jeff. bring on advises! saludos

Scott Carney

What products do you use in your beard? Also, do you still wash around twice a week or so?


When I think van dyke style I dont think of that image u have. I feel it's more like Pierce Brosnan or the Guy Fawkes look

Larry Field

Do what you love man...everything else will follow


I didn’t realise that you didn’t trim your moustache. I’m always hit or miss with mine and I’ve stopped letting a barber near it as they just cut it right back with clippers.
I toyed with using a dye but I think you’re right. I’m getting old so why have a young beard.

Thomas Irvine

Rocking that patchy beard, I tried messing about to make it look fuller but it was a waste of time, nothing worked and if anything made it look like I was trying too hard. Nowadays I just embrace it, it is what it is and I like it.


Why did you skip all the top questions in that community post? Are you gonna make another video answering those? Was curious what some of your answers would be.

C Mac

I know you get asked these questions a ton. Bravo for answering them!

Fluffy MugiLand

i find it so cool that my beard has a different color then my head hair even though im not old or grey

L Miller

You were my inspiration to start growing a beard many years ago now. I’ve never looked back. Great video like every other you’ve made. Stay safe champ.

Alan Scott

To address where I got the Freud comment from, in a video that you did in 2019 titled "My MINIMALIST BEARD & HAIR Style" you talked about wanting to have a short beard based on "wise and inspiring guys." Around this time you also liked a historical beards post on Instagram that had Freud, Harrison and I forget who else. They had the same beard style that you had in that video, a very "corporate" and short length that I assumed you wanted to keep. I just used Freud as an example of the beard length I was talking about and to make the connection of what I thought you meant and the Instagram post liked. To me, I thought what you had now was more medium length but it could also be classified as short.

Clarence Boddicker

6:45 This

Pazuello Braga

Sempre que possa, acompanhar seu trabalho sua barba é perfeita.


Before you revamped this channel and started the Buon life stuff, I'm sure (unless my brain fails) you had some/few beard videos and that's why i followed you. When I decided to grow my beard I started my research in youtube, luckly the first video I found was one of yours, and you helped me a lot. For me you were (more at that time) and still are an inspiration regarding beards. So it's really controversial for me when you say that now you are not interested in beards anymore when at that time you only did beard videos,. I mean you did more than 20 beard videos and now, I quote you at 1:12, "I just don't think that a video of a beard makes any sense". Really? Where the +20 videos (some of them with 1 million views) in Beardbrand came from then? from non sense? For me that comment doesn't make any sense with all the videos, expirience and background you have on that subject. I know you didn't say this but when you say "it loses it spark", i almost feel it like "I did that because it was trendy at that time".
Maybe you don't realize but you helped a lot of people with your beard videos, as you do with minimalism, and you could keep doing it because you have a lot of knowledge to share. Even in this video you say you keep getting questions, that doesn't tell you anything? Remember that audience changes and is renewed every year. Maybe if your videos were in your channel instead of Bearbrand, you could follow the statistics and see how they are still being viewed.
Also I think most of your popularity came with the beard videos, and I understand you felt you could be a more interesting content creator than just the beard guy, but for me it was kinda dissappointed that you throw all the beard videos away and stop doing them, when you could easily DIVERSIFY. I guess it is understandable that you get tired about the beard questions, maybe you got saturated, you could take breaks or do beard content less frequently, but you got an audience that started with you many years ago, and now you are neglecting them.
I'm not a hater, just hard honest follower, I still love the new content, but I got here for the beard content, I would like to see some of it every once and then.

Thomas Reed

I’ve watched some of your other videos about your beard on Beardbrand. There good!
Always thought you rocked a great beard.

SIKH BEARD TUTORIAL | How to tie a beard? | Sharp & clean look

SIKH BEARD TUTORIAL | How to tie a beard? | Sharp & clean look23 Sep. 2020
8 691
PUNJABI ROADIESSubscribe 438 721

In this video i am going

In this video i am going to show you how i tie my beard.

If you have any questions message me on Instagram: @gurvi.singh_


Vlog in Amsterdam:

Vlog in Düsseldorf:

Instagram: @punjabi_roadies

Beats from:

Comments (48)
Neelu Chauhan


Peter Perez

Hi! Great job on the channel! Have you ever thought about using SMZeus . c o m to increase your subs?!

Dee B

This was like the beard version of with glasses and without glasses!

Simarjeet Singh

veer ji meri thodi problem solve kr doo please
veer jii me simco swift use krda h spray nu use krn toh bad onnu kive htande o wash krde o
hor simco swift vadiya a ki tafit ek or question a beard fall jada ho rhe a oda koi solution please rply veer jii

Charanjit Singh

Vr g mai 1 btl simco swift power hair spray use kiti mri beard de bl vch red red hogy kafi mai 1 vdo aur dkhi c o knde hair spry use ni krni chieda usnl twanu skin di prblm pa skdi h aur dhari umr kolu pale chiti hojyegi mtlb ki dhari jldi chiti hojyegi usnl hun tusi he dso mainu a gl sch h ki ni side eft te simco v krdi h beard nu aur spry v bt spry da fuvara vja h root's vch vjdi h o ja k beard di ana te mainu pta h hun bki tusi he dso mainu vra ki shi h aur ki glt

Jz s

veerji my beard hairs have started turning brown, I'm 20 years of age and don't use any chemicals or gel on my beard yet , i had a QUESTION will this spray damage the hair and can it lead to further more discoloration turning beard grey??

its Aman

Very helpful ? ਧੰਨਵਾਦ

didar singh

Veere oil tan use ne kita

sukhmeet kaur

Here from Inder & Kirat channel!!
Loved best of Jatt boss!
Post more fun stuff so I can back and watch ?

ਸਰਦਾਰ ਭੂਲਰ ਸਾਹਬ

bro tuc ena hairspray use kr rhe o eh aapni beaurd de lyi harmfull ho skda aa..?

i mean hair " white " ho skde aa, ede koi sideeffect te nhi..please tell about it

Harpreet Bajwa

Bohot vdia bro ??

Raman Bhatia

Please dont apply fixers and chemicals on the beard. This is not the way guru ji intended sikhs to be.

Gagandeep Singh

Nycc video ?

RhythmiC DrivE

Bhai ji thata na di vi ek chez haundi ah.......
Thode treke naal vadd time lagu ga....

Harpreet Singh Ghotra

Kichke bro


U ar a handsome sardar I feel some girl might propose u after watching ur video

gurpreet singh

Bro thati nhi tie up krni kya

Sunmeet Singh

Veerji Beard oil tan use ni kita? Yan I missed something? Where did you use beard oil


Veere hairspray da koi bad effect te nhi haega dhaari te

Karan deep S.

When you said jawline" i got youuu this is the video i was lookin for to maintain jawline as well ( jinni ho sake ?)

Sandeep Singh

Pls veer yar video dwkhayo tight patka kida bn skde a , jehda ah video vich disda hai. Thank u


Why is this done in the 1st place? whsts the reason behind it? is there a religous purpose or cultural?

Paramjit Singh

ਪਾਜੀ hair dryer ਰੋਜ਼ use ਕਰਾਂਗੇ ਤਾਂ
ਵਾਲ ਕਮਜ਼ੋਰ ਹੋ ਜਾਣਗੇ
ਜੜ ਤੋਂ ਟੁਟਣਗੇ।

Prince Vegeta

Woah this is something different I have seen regarding beards, looks really smart too. I have few questions out of curiosity
1) Don't you feel like beard being glued to your face and a tension like it can get ruined due to sweat and all ?
2) Does it remain in shape while in rains/heavy winds ?

Mandeep Singh

Sir anyone tell me.spray and fixer not suit . please suggest anyone for beard.

unknow user


Turban On Top

Great tip buddy! I personally use bobby pins to keep my beard tucked in and then use taft. ?

Mr Singh

Veer ji saprey da koi side effect......

Karan deep S.

Veer ji please make another video to maintain jawline while tying beard

Jasjot Singh Kohli

Please tell which spray are u using & can we use simco hair fixer as well

Monty Ropar

Whats the name of hair spray

Mandy jatt



great video bud really helped

Prabhgunn Singh

Sat sri akal thnk u for commenting on my comment
Veerji beard and vadiya moustaches growth layi koi pil dsso

Singh in Germany

Hanji vadia videos, ?, keep it up ??

Gurdev dhillon

Veer g sprey da koi side effects
Wallan nu white ta ni krdi????

Jivtesh Singh

You totally nailed it veeray! Awesome... Was looking for same from a long time. ?

ishvinder singh

Bro mza aagya




Be sure to check out our funny vlogs!!!!
Vlog in Amsterdam:
Vlog in Düsseldorf:

Talvinder singh

Sardari sareya di bas di gaal nhi bohot maintain rakhna penda

Jz s

can we use normal shampoo and oil to wash and condition beard instead of beard shampoo and oil

Amar Nadala


Simarjeet Singh

veer ji simco hair spray is good for beard

Jz s

which city do u live paaji


Can sikhs clean there upper lip on the moustach so it follows the lip line? i see some older sikhs and the hair goes way over there top lip


Best video ever watched on YouTube. Thanku jatta ???

lovepreet singh

Use much more spry.....

Do you lose control of your beard?

Do you lose control of your beard?21 Aug. 2020
4 020

Comments (0)